GAUTAMA BUDDHA – The Golden Sphere – 11-9-17 – Era Of Light



GAUTAMA BUDDHA – The Golden Sphere – 11-9-17 – Era Of Light

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence I am graced with the presence of Gautama Buddha and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message to share with you all:

Beloved of the Golden Sun of the Infinite One, how art thou now transported into another golden sphere—a sphere of memory that does become a Reality only in the Eternal Now. For the mortal cannot capture the infinitude of a presence of a once-manifest Golden Age so long past, now forgot.

Memories of long past where the lands were plenty and there was no separation in the hearts of men.

Tell my children this….

It is I Gautama Buddha and I have come through with love and peace.

Connect my dear children to the Golden Sphere of the Great Central Sun for this will truly connect you with the Divine Beauty that you behold. The Kingdom of Bliss that once was and shall be once more… It is time now dear children to enter into Divine Union. For it is time that we set our focus, our intention on the inner peace in our lives, the inner joys and the unconditional love. There is no room for the essence of duality within your hearts.

I welcome your evolvement, I welcome your learning, and I welcome your love and light to the hearts of those anchored on your Earth at this time.

Why not join me in this now an hour of your time to connect and reflect on my presence for I will fill your heart with the Golden Sphere. It gives me great joy that we are facilitating the Divine Union of Twin Flames at a grander multidimensional scale for all have been called to this light and love have grand work to do to anchor this love and this light upon your Earth. It gives me great joy to announce that many will come forth into Union with the Twin Flame as they too will also connect with the God Flame.

As you connect deeper with the Golden Sphere of Light you will feel the subtle vibrations of pure Love and Light of the Great Central Sun activating you bringing you into a greater awareness.

For out of the Great Central Sun The God Star Sirius many activations are coming forth with the new energy that is being outpoured in this now.

For it is now time dear children that the Krystos Energy is now being ignited within you all once more… For Yeshua once said that the Christ will be coming forth once more and indeed it has for in this now the Christ is within each and everyone of you and the we are on a mission now to ignite and enlighten and awaken all children upon the Earth once more….

Be the gardeners in the lives of the people around you plant the seeds of light and of love. For you have the tools now to do your work. However great or small every little step counts.

As you walk upon your path of knowing you will encounter many challenges upon your way. For we are still within great challenge as we are awakening the Souls from their slumber.

Beloveds we are aware of the great struggle of duality that still faces many hearts at this time… we give you great strength…. Blessed ones, the shadows creep and fall across the unsuspecting soul. No matter what plane of occupation, whether the etheric or in dense Earth, once one has entered the decision to be in relativity, a relative good and evil based on a position and a defense of one’s right—“my right”—from thenceforth, beloved, one can calculate neither the plummeting nor the ascent. Something apart from oneself must report the goings and the comings—the rise and fall of the soul.

Therefore dear ones be of courage… for you have been chosen… to focus on your right and being the light… in a soul’s darkest hour… you have been called to service and in coming forth to service, you have already learnt the mastery of surrender..

Expansion is the key to your Soul Evolvement upon your Earth at this time. We are anchoring a fresh what of energy to assist you in your growth and expansion.

Timeline shifts are upon you all at this time. Take great courage to connect and to shift. Connect and understand the mysteries of life… connect dear ones with your essence. Your essence of love peace and understanding.

Do not limit yourself to time be focused on the now. Be focused on the present. Are your timelines affecting you now? It is time to release, to renew, to move forward.

You are the creator and co-creator of your realities, be empowered in this now to focus on your path and your goals for your ascension and for your work and path for humanity.

It is now time to move forward upon your pathways with ease and grace…

I AM Gautama Buddha and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Buddha via Genoveva Coyle – Letting Go of the Need to Be Right – 10-6-17



Use that energy to remain in your heart and maintain that peaceful balance, so you can hold the loving space and support others while they are going through their downs and fears.

Greetings my dear ones! I am Lord Buddha and I come today to bring you love, stability and serenity at this time of turmoil.

Sit with me in stillness and allow me to fill you with that joy and bliss that flows in naturally when you stop the racing of your busy mind, when you lift yourselves above your feelings and thoughts, when you float with the love and the light.

Certainly, there will be some clouds here and there, white and dark ones as well, but you don’t have to get on board and ride with any of them. Look at them with neutrality, see the good and the bad as being part of the life game. Gently push them away and then just be and allow the world to be what it is at this time!

Trust that you and everyone else are where they need to be at this present moment, and stop trying so hard to make things happen in a certain way or at certain speed. Sure your intentions are good and loving, sure you want the conflict and war to stop at all levels…in your family, in close communities, and throughout the entire world…but the lessons need to be learned and experienced by the ones that have chosen a certain difficult path.

Understand that you just do not have the master plan and do not know what is for the greatest good of all involved…and this is exactly as it should be.

Can you accept this and let go of anything that you have to do? Can you be at peace with the world as it is in this moment, and then in the next moment, and then the next one, knowing that you are already home?

It is the most difficult task for you to sit and do nothing, or so it seems to you, while you get nudged by your ego and by the outside world.

Do you have to spend so much energy to be right? Let go of the need to be right, let go of the guilt when events seem to go the wrong way, for you might be surprised at where the growth and expansion come from.

Use that energy to remain in your heart and maintain that peaceful balance, so you can hold the loving space and support others while they are going through their downs and fears. Sending love and strength to your loved ones while they go through their rough patches of growing is the same as sending love and good intentions to the ones in the war zone going through their chosen collective lessons.

This is not sitting and doing nothing; this is way more effective than attempting to solve a problem that is not yours and so delaying the learning, even if the challenging events happen to be occurring in your backyard.

Everyone gets frustrated in the end since no one appreciates when the opportunity to move further along on their path is taken away or modified in any way.

Every being incarnated in these times of chaos and transformation, each and every one of you, are extremely powerful beings that have waited for eons for this moment in the evolution of Planet Earth and the human collective to come down and bring that unique and great contribution to the ascension of Gaia and the human collective.

Whichever way they contribute and assist it matters not, for you should be focusing on whatever is draining and lowering your own vibration, not on analyzing and trying to understand everyone’s divine plan. That which slows you down needs to be purged and released and that includes judging the ones that are opposing you in any shape or form, for they are great catalysts in the speeding up of your growth.

Let go of the need to expose and punish them if they seem sneaky or if they are unfairly playing a rough game. You have your peaceful and loving tools to work with. Let go of the need to be rewarded and acknowledged for your good behavior and sportsmanship.

Move on to the next level of your path with ease and grace. Hang on to nothing and then face every new task with love and curiosity. Be content and joyful in every moment, knowing that you are guided and loved always. Trust that the world is safe as it is, for indeed it is, regardless of the recent happenings.

Be the peace and the love beacons. Be the silent examples for others and know that this is the teaching of the Nova Earth.

Everyone is free, everyone can find that invisible door back home into the heart of the Source, but they have to follow their own clues and go at their own pace which is carefully monitored by their higher selves. Hold the light high so they can see it better, hoping that they choose the easy and less painful way out.

And be there for them with a kind smile and a warm embrace, whenever they seek your acceptance and assistance, just the way we are always here for you.

Congratulation for joining the light elite of the masters. Congratulations for your valor and selfless service!

I will leave you now with my peace and zen. Farewell!


» Source – Channel: Genoveva Coyle

Wesak 2016


TRANSCRIPT: LORD MAITREYA – We Are Fabricated from Love – 6-24-15

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TRANSCRIPT:  LORD MAITREYA   –   We Are Fabricated from Love   –   6-24-15

An Hour with an Angel

Linda Dillon – Channel for the Council of Love

Graham Dewyea – Host

Steve Beckow – Interviewer

Steve Beckow: We welcome Lord Maitreya back again this week to continue our discussion of unitive consciousness and unconditional love.

Lord Maitreya: And welcome to you my beloved friends and followers, my fellow journeyers. I am Maitreya. I come to you as Buddha, as Buddha of Love, as Buddha of One, as Buddha of All, and I call, and I beckon, and I speak yet again to the Buddha within each of you. For you are bright stars, incredible beings, mighty spirits, masters in form.

So, you do not need, my friends, to look so desperately to me, for I am with you always. But also look to one another. We continue this discussion of what it means to truly be in unity; in the unity of heart and heart-consciousness, of mental and emotional unity, to be in absentia to fear, to be in absentia to judgment, and to embrace and embody all beings in all forms, all kingdoms, all energies upon this planet.

We have left our last conversation in speaking about the hidden fears. And, I am knowing, not assuming, that you have had the opportunity not only to mull over, but to truly integrate, anchor within your sacred self, the nature and the energy of what we have spoken of previously.

The human race grows, ascends, shifts, becomes, expands, at an incredible speed — in your definition and in ours. You are washed, you are cleansed, you are fertilized. You are nourished by the Mother. And you are nourished by the entire Company of Heaven, of which I am proud and honored to be a part.

So, in this, it also means that you are prepared in all parts of your being, not only to relinquish fear, but to relinquish limitation, to relinquish this limited definition that you have had of your own sacred self and of the capacity, the role, and the function of humans on planet, particularly at this time.

So, I welcome you. I welcome you, my fierce peaceful warriors of blue, magenta, gold, russet, orange and red, silver and grey — it matters not what ray you carry or how you define yourself, because in that wonderful kaleidoscope of diversity and of uniqueness, we are all One. It is one of the most grievous illusions that there is any form of separation, of isolation, of abandonment.

So, beloved friend, dear Steve, where do you wish to begin this day?

Steve: Well thank you, Lord Maitreya. What I’d like to begin with is asking you, if you can for us, knit together these two concepts of consciousness, — and you could call them universal love if you like — I prefer the term transformative love. But, how do they relate together for people who, like us, are just emerging from third dimensional consciousness and can’t quite get the link yet? What is the way in which they are linked, or one, please?

Maitreya: There is a propensity, and one that I quite admire, but there is still a propensity in the human condition — and I use that term very specifically — to wish to define love. So, is it unitive consciousness? Is it transformative love? Is it divine love? Is it romantic love? Is it filial love?

What you try and do in some of these descriptive terms — which I fully understand — is you are trying to separate out, to give descriptors to the various forms of love that you feel and experience and know, rather than simply jumping in feet first, head first — it matters not — into the love.

When you take away the limiters: ‘Oh, this is romantic love. Oh, this is filial love. This is parental love.’ When you take that away and allow yourself to simply be engulfed, transformed, fully engaged in every chakra, every meridian, every fiber of your being, then what you are doing — ipso facto — is in fact being the love. Because you cannot dive in, embrace, or engage — truly engage — in the love without becoming part and parcel of that love.

Now, does it transform you if you truly allow it to, if you surrender to it, if you welcome it, if you determine yourself, your free will, and your choice, to be it? Most certainly — beyond your imagination and even beyond what you think is inspiration.

Now what is the bridge? Let us talk about what is the bridge, say, from where you are sitting or standing, or pacing today in this realm, which is figments, fragments, whispers of the old third, the renewed third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, and far beyond — what is the bridge that takes you from where you are to the acceptance of love? Because, that is truly the question.

When you begin to acknowledge, and accept, and enjoy the knowingness that you are part of All, not merely upon your planet, but everywhere. Now, in your framework I do not necessarily anticipate that you will — well, some of you will, but most of you do not want to immediately explore how you are part of the eternal, infinite spectrum of time and space even as you know it.

So, when you get to the point where you are accepting, and enjoying, and participating, that you are part of all of humanity, this entire collective in all its array of colors and behaviors, and prejudices, and glory, and virtues, and that you are part of the carpet, the furniture, the cement, the Earth, the trees, the kingdoms, the animals, the fairies; when you recognize you are part of this Company of Heaven that you refer to so often; when you understand and again begin to enjoy — the joy is a factor here — that you are part of the Mother/Father/One.

When you have come to this point in your consciousness, and what you and we have termed this unity or unitive consciousness, then you have already done all the preparation, the clearing, the shifting to the higher realm where you can be, accept, and be proactive in the creation mode or simply the state of being, the love.

So, you may think of, because in many ways this is a thinking conversation, although I am working on many levels with you, but this is the thought pattern that you can understand of how you get from where you are this day — and that includes the entire range — to where I am inviting you, to where you truly are and have always been, and where I am welcoming you back to remembering, and inhabiting.

So, think of it in this way — you want to do quantum physics, but you haven’t gone to grade one yet. So, first you learn and you remember one plus one equals two. Then you learn to multiply. Then you learn algebraic equations — which are rather useless, (laughter) but nevertheless — you progress to a point to where you are having the foundation to understand the quantum physics, both abstractly and practically.

So, as you are traveling in the unitive spectrum, what you are really doing is laying the foundation to BE the unitive consciousness, because that is a precursor and part of the love. But it is also the homework, if I can put it that way. Is this clear? Because I want you to practically understands what I say this day.

Steve: Well, both practical understanding and deep understanding result, eventually, not right away perhaps, but result in realization. And it’s realization that opens the door, is it not? But, I wanted to just comment on something you said — I don’t like interrupting you, so it’s about ten minutes ago now — it sounded like you were saying we just have to BE the love, we have to enter into the love, jump into the love, and that reminds me of Sri Ramakrishna saying: “Jump in the lake, walk into the lake, dive into the lake, it doesn’t matter how you get into the lake, but just get in.” And, am I correct in thinking that the Company of Heaven is not stressing technique, and discipline, things like that, but simply being the love?

Maitreya: Yes. Now, in the human — and now I speak in generalities — in the human journey, in the diversion in what has often been called that scenic detour to the old third that humanity took, there was a period of time in re-learning, re-integrating who you are, and that is particularly true in the Buddhists, but in many traditions, that the discipline was part of the process.

Now, like many things, the humans took it to the extreme. Now, not that it did not have benefit, but, as this brilliant being has suggested, jump in the lake. Wade in, dive in, get thrown in, if necessary — but jump in the lake!

Get into the love! What you have come to think of as discipline, which even has its own negative construct or reference points, has been rigorous, many situations arduous. The feeling that if you do not adhere with discipline that somehow there will be punishment or lack initiated, is not true.

Discipline is simply intended to be part of practice, consistent practice — that is it! So when you consistently focus on the unity of All, of BEING in the Love, allowing that water to seep into your skin and into your soul, then you are doing exactly what is required.

You have made it – oh, and we have cooperated – a multi-step, difficult journey. And if you miss step 53, you have to go back and start all over again. And that is absurd! Do you really think that we are that unjust, that the Mother has no sense of compassion, or even a sense of humor, that we would require you, or in any way, punish you?

Punishment has been perfected by the human race, by the human mind and ego, not by Mother/Father/One. And so, if there is a discipline to be adhered to, it is the discipline of practice and belief that says: “No blame. No shame. No fear. No anger. No lack. No limitations. I am worthy. And all I have to do is to accept that I am constructed, I am fabricated — my skin, my tissue, my tongue, my eyes are fabricated — from the essence of creation and therefore the essence of love.” So, stop separating yourself. Please.

Steve: I think there might be a lot of listeners, Lord Maitreya, who hear you say that we are fabricated from love, and they listen to that and say, ‘Well, how can that be? What is love that you can fabricate something from it?’ Now, there’s all kinds of dimensions that love goes through before — well, I can’t say that for sure — but, I was going to say before it reaches the third. But, I don’t think we understand how we can be made from love.

Maitreya: And what I say to you, not as a riddle, but to deepen the conversation — which is rich — is to say how can you not be fabricated from love? You have many scientists, some who are brighter than others, who will say to you, ‘You are created from the matter of the stars.’

And is that not delightful? And where, and from whence, did the stars come? Now you have quasi-scientific understanding and research. Your scientists are only just beginning to fully acknowledge and recognize the fabric of dimensionality, of expanded-dimensionality, and inter-dimensionality.

In fact, your creative people, your fiction writers, your movie-makers, your cinematographers are in many cases further ahead than the, what I would call, the concrete scientists. But I am not trying to avoid your question. I am giving you the framework within which your understanding has been constructed.

Now, we have spoken — I have not, I believe it has been St. Germaine, but it matters not because we all speak one truth. Think of it even when you create a new being, a body, a child, a baby, and you say, ‘Yes, but there are many children that are born and they are not born of love.’ The energy of that copulation, the energy – and this is why you say, ‘But this is an unwanted child. Can you imagine such a term, such a grievous term, an ‘unwanted child?’ And I do not mean that you do not have freedom of choice, you do — but let me continue . . .

When that being comes into form, when that soul — that is an agreement from your higher self, your twin flame, the person you are copulating with, their higher self and their twin flame, the being that is coming into human form, their higher self, their circle of advisors, as you would call them, their guardian angels, their pod, in consultation or previous, long-ago, prior approval of the Mother.

How that morphs into form — yes, we know all about genetics — but, what is that spark that in fact creates life? Now, I am not, nor do I wish to be, associated with any Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or any other form of religious dogma.

Let me be clear — that spark of light as a soul chooses — it is a decision and an ignition of love. There are many times when there is copulation and such ignition does not take place; not because there is not love between the couple, sometimes there is not, it is violence. It is rape. It is abhorrence. But, there are many times when it does not result.

When the spark of love is inserted, what you think of as that life-force energy, your life-force energy is love-force energy. And it is in that ignition; it is in that spark, that it can begin to achieve what I would call materiality, form, substance. But the essence is the love.

It is the love of all beings involved, conjoining, particularly the soul coming forth and saying, ‘I will be the love.’ Regardless of what you think of the whole realm of karma — and there has been much written and much said — there is not one being, upon this planet or elsewhere, that does not come forth with the absolute, anchored belief that they will be love, that they will experience love, and that they will be loved. Not one.

Now, does this often go awry because of the disillusions, circumstance, free will, choice? You have a nice long list. But the truth is the spark of creation — it’s not just an expression of love — it is that energy of love taking form.

So, when you are in your body — whether you are 13, 43, 63, or 93 — you are still — no matter what you have done, no matter where you have traveled, no matter what denial mechanisms you have very sophisticatedly developed — you are still carrying that spark of love, and the desire to love, to be loved, and to BE the love. It is the essence of creation.

Steve: Well thank you for that. But it’s so hard for us to understand, I think, because it’s not only the essence of creation, but it’s the building blocks. It’s the solvent. It’s the glue. And it’s very hard to encounter this one thing — love — and see it play so many roles and functions, and some of them entirely opposite to each other. It’s the glue, and, it’s the solvent. So I have to say, I don’t understand, as much as I enjoy experiencing love, I don’t understand love. I can’t, I can’t . . . Are you any closer to understanding love, after all your years of looking at these questions deeply?

Maitreya: Yes. And how you arrive at understanding love is when you allow yourself — not only to love or be loved, not only to have the experience, because it is beyond experiential — when you BECOME the love, you are closing the circle and the unity, because you are becoming reunited with Mother and with the love.

It is not so much to be explained as to simply BE. So you look for words, you look for explanations: ‘Tell me what love is.’ And we speak in riddles to you because we tell you that there is nothing that love isn’t. And you say, ‘Well, what about the terrible torture? What about the child that is hurt and ill and hungry? What about the woman who is tortured or abused by her husband? How can these be love?’

And I say to you, with the deepest sadness, which is different than human sadness. None of those things are love. Those are human creations attempting to deny love. But it still comes back to love, does it not?

Steve: I’m not sure. You’ve said that they aren’t love, but everything is love. So, I guess I don’t need to understand, but I think of understanding as the first step towards realization. And the next step would be to experience it, and the step beyond even that would be to leave experience behind and realize it. So, . . .

Maitreya: When you wish to understand it — let us be human and practical – think, beloved light workers, and why we call you love-holders, think of how you feel, how you operate, how you exist, when you feel that you are quote end-quote, “in love,” how you feel when you think that you are loved.

Now, why, in your human understanding, you feel fabulous, you feel excited, you feel energized, you feel that you could climb mountains and swim across oceans. And there is very little that you would not do to maintain and sustain that feeling. That is you coming to know and understand love.

And when you feel that the love is fading, or that it has not been true, or it is not the fullness or the magnificence that you were hoping for, then you feel desolate, disappointed. And the reason for that is you are looking outside of yourself. But that is part two, shall we say, of the same conversation. But an understanding. Simply think about how you feel when you feel that you are loved and lovable, and you are in love.

Steve: So, opening your Christmas presents or . . .

Maitreya: That is correct because it is an expression of, “I have value. Someone loved and cared enough to buy me a little something.” Whether it is a new Jaguar, or a pair of gloves, or socks — it doesn’t matter. It is the feeling that you are cherished. And when you don’t feel cherished, you feel unplugged. You do not have the same level of creativity. You try and distract yourself by staying, quote end quote, “busy.”

I do not tell you things that you cannot relate to you — all of you — and understand. So the first piece of understanding, in a very human way, love, and that is why you try and define it. That is, ‘Oh, now I am in romantic love. Now this is my forever love. Oh, that is the love of the Mother. This is my parents’ love. This is my love for my sibling or my friend.’

You try and define it, but it’s all about the love because it is the love that makes you feel alive. And it is when you do not have the love, however you are defining that experience, and that will grow and is growing every day. You are doing well my friends: Let me make sure I am telling you that.

But when you do not feel the love, then you feel like, ‘Life is boring, life is not worthwhile. I will keep myself busy because I do not make the choice of suicide. Oh, yeah, and I promised the Mother that I would stay, even if I am not in my creative, creation self.’

So start with that; with the evidence that is present in your everyday life. How do I feel? Do I think more clearly? Am I more creative? Do I smile more at everybody on the street? These are expressions. And the reason that you yearn for it, that you want it, that you work so hard — because you do — to maintain it, why you are so reluctant to give it up, is because you know at your core level, in your heart consciousness, you know this is what defines me. And you cannot see it. You cannot measure it. You cannot touch it. But it is in the air you breathe and the water you drink — and you know it.

So your understanding — in a very human, right-now way — is not limited. And that is why we have taken the entire year to speak to you about sacred union, sacred partnerships, to elevate in every form of relationship — including, and especially, with your sacred self — why we have said to you, “Let us elevate this, let us take this innate knowing, this innate desire to expand, to the next level!”

Yes, because the Mother has designed it. But also because you, and especially when I say, you, I mean you who listen this night, I mean you light workers, love-holders of sweet Gaia, you are ready — you are ready to expand more fully into the love.

Is that practical enough for you?

Steve: Oh, that’s very practical. Now something you said a couple of minutes ago suggests that there really is a much finer plan afoot to irradiate us with love — if I can say that — than simply a third wave of the Tsunami of Love. Can you tell us what steps are actually being taken to raise and elevate the human race through this irradiation of love? Take us into more detail than just saying the third wave, please.

Maitreya: Yes, I can. And with you, of course, I bow to the Mother. Now let me give you, again, a practical example: If your prime minister or chancellor or president declares a situation. Let us say, for example, that all armed forces are put on high-alert because there are massive sightings of star ships in the sky, so everybody is on high-alert all over the planet . . .

Now think of it in terms of how we work — and I include the Archangels, the Angels, all the Masters, all the Ascended Beings, the Enlightened Beings, you name it — when the Mother declares — which is the way you will understand it — that she is not finished yet, that the humanity in the ascension process has not reached a level of love integration enough to a quotient where it will be sufficient for the final leap and integration into not only the higher dimension, but a dimension that is vibratory frequency compatible with your star brothers and sisters, with us, with the Angelics. When she makes a declaration of this magnitude — and by the way, gets to work — do you think that we simply sit by and watch her? Oh no! We are all on full alert!

Think about it: If all your armed forces, if every corporation, if every school child was put to work on a project, what this would mean . . . Well, my beloved friends, we have all been put to work on this project of love. So, each in our own way, and our own unique expression with the qualities that we demonstrate —because we love to — are working with you.

Now the umbrella of this is anchor, your term irradiate, elevate, shine into the darkness, create peace on Earth — there are so many ways. But, what you are doing in the very air, not only that you are breathing — think of it in this way; think of the air that is touching your skin in this very moment that we are talking, filled with love. Think of it, every time you get in the bath or the shower, the rain, or have a glass of water, a cup of coffee – filled with love.

There is nothing that is surrounding you — and in this way I speak of the collective — that is not being infused, elevated, attuned to, love. We have never been so busy. You think that we simply float around on clouds, except for Michael, of course, who is very busy. But, that is not the case.

Steve: [laughing]

Maitreya: We are all fully employed. We are working, in your terminology, we are working long hours, over-time, because the Mother’s desire that you know what we are speaking of this very day — this is a part of it, your air waves are being filled with the attunement of love.

Steve: Could you give us some examples of what — I was going to say people, I don’t even know if I can use the term people — but what the Company of Heaven is specifically doing? I know that Archangel Michael is visiting the battle fields, and doing other contributions to his peace initiative, and I know what Raphael is doing, and Gabrielle, but what about the Masters? Can you give us some examples of what they are doing to fulfill the Mother’s mandate, as it stands at this moment?

Maitreya: St. Germaine is igniting, and shall we say torching: He is igniting and destroying issues of lack, limitation, and particularly working with Archangel Uriel, and being part of the crew that is anchoring the Mother’s gifts of greater clarity and purity. You know that there is a move afoot — yes with a hearty circle — but there is not one human being that on some level is not having their core issues bubble to the surface. The night, the nights – and this is particularly true for light workers, regardless of what appears to be external, or visible, physical circumstance – the nights, the darkest nights of the soul, are dissipating.

And, St. Germaine is igniting — in the heart, in the mind, in the core — the I AM presence in each person. So what that, in practical terms, means, people, humans, whether it is the head of Chase Bank, or IBM, or a head of state, are re-evaluating what they see.

As the old disappears, there is a new light emerging in them. And they are re-evaluating what they really want to do with their scope and their power of responsibility. And some are choosing to completely redirect — we would suggest that what you see as massive resignations, is not always due to some exposure of illuminati or cabal — it is a redirection of heart. So that is what St. Germaine is up to.

Lao-Tzu is working on — very intensely — on the healing, the physical healing, and the mental — again — healing of humanity. And, he apparates very often.

Serapis Bey is taking thousands upon thousands upon thousands every day through his balancing of Alpha and Omega. Again, the balancing — what it is doing, in practical terms, is balancing what you think of as personality, ego, heart-consciousness, and the physical realm of behavior.

People are being assisted, beyond your imagination, to be their Ascended Self. So they are letting go of the debris — yes, it is being washed by the Mother’s Third Wave — but we are all inside the wave and we are in your homes, your offices, your beds. We are working . . .

Steve: That’s incredible. Thank you for that. I need to ask you a question before we run out of time. I promised a listener that I would ask this question. There’s been a report that the Iraqi army is all together disbanded, that they just laid down their weapons and walked away.

And that, on the one hand could be good, but as long as ISIS is roaming the countryside, it also could be bad. We don’t know how to interpret whether there is truth to the report, and if there is truth to the report, what it all means. Can you help us with that, please?

Maitreya: Stand back. Be the observer. Now Michael has suggested to you — and yes, we will say on his behalf — the peace initiative is not completed as yet. And he will not rest and paint the sky until such time as it is, and that is true for all of you who are committed.

And it does not matter whether you are blue or orange — he has suggested to you, he has promised to you, that the time would come when many, and of many nations, would simply set down their arms, and this will be done in a whole variety of ways.

Now, who is most likely to set down their arms, not necessarily as an expression of defeat, of terror, or even of compliance of a hostile force? Those who are sick and tired of war, those who desire to create a nation-state, a planet that is honoring of love, honoring of the responsibilities that they have in very productive ways to their family, to their community, and yes, to their nation, to their culture.

Those that will lay down their arms are those who are in that place of greater yearning. They are the most easily reached because they are not so volatile and in the emotionality of chaos. So, do not simply look to Iraq: Look to China, look to Korea, look to the United States of America.

Steve: I think the question on everybody’s mind is look to ISIS. Is ISIS going to be laying down its arms?

Maitreya: They are being worked on. As you know, they are very intensely being worked on, not only by Michael, but by the Mighty Archangels. Mohammed himself is working, speaking directly in dreamtime, and to the minds of the ISIS leadership.

You can look for a softening and a laying-down, because in the — can we say — the removal of the Iraqi army — now there are two things: They can be the hoards of Genghis Khan and keep going, or because they do not have the pressure to struggle against anything, they can stop.

Steve: Hmm. Are we laying any bets on which it’s going to be? [laughing] We don’t know, do we?

Maitreya: I will always be backing Michael. He is far more powerful than any leader of a military group.

Steve: But you had to respect free will up ‘til now. Have we passed a divine deadline whereby you don’t have to respect free will any longer?

Maitreya: We are respecting free will, but also know that free will — thanks to your little group — is beginning to grow. And, as free will becomes in greater force, so does the realization that free will does not necessarily want to be destructive. It wants to be in alignment with love. Now if that does not bring this discussion to full circle, I do not know what does, dear heart.

Steve: Absolutely. I think what one of the lessons I take away from what we have been talking about so far, is just how easy it is, and yet not easy, and that is simply to BE the love. It’s easy to say, not necessarily easy to do.

Maitreya: It is not easy to do. And I wish to say — is it the most natural state of being? Yes. It is who you are. But as you tear away, as you shed the skins of illusion of who you think you are, of who you have been programmed to be — that is the part that is not easy.

You are stalwart. We cannot even begin to tell you how impressed we are. Do we all jump to it when the Mother says, “Let’s go!” Of course we do. But Sweet Angels of Light you have as well. It would be an error of a magnitude that we do not wish to leave you with; you have truly complied, applied, and continued on.

Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes. And will you, with us, be victorious? Beyond any shadow of a doubt. Because we are united, we are unity consciousness, we are united in our hearts, our minds, our souls, and we are united in the very fabric of the Mother. No other outcome is possible.

Steve: I hear the music in the background and I regret that we must draw to a close. Is there anything you would like to say in closing now, Lord Maitreya?

Maitreya: Go with my love, all of my love. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Buddha via Linda Dillon – Compassion and Wesak – – 5-3-15

buddha_lotus01Buddha via Linda Dillon

I am Buddha. Thank you for calling to me as I have been calling to you. There are many of us who can speak about this time and undertaking of peace.

For it is not simply the purview of Archangel Michael, although we all bow to him as we bow to the Mother and Father and One and All.

I bow to the spider and the ant, to the moss on the rocks, to the stars in the sky, and I bow, my friends, to each of you.

I have known of the tragedy and the perils of war, and, the tragedy and perils of separation. I have learned not only that these are choices but also illusions. I do not need to explain this further to you, my friends, because you have come to a place of a knowing, of a wisdom that we share; that the only path is not a path of struggle but a path of peace.

Does that mean that there will never be an obstacle in your way; an obstacle that you, in your wisdom, have created and placed in the way? Or that the Mother, in her ultimate wisdom, has placed in your way? Or that humanity, in their desire to maintain the status quo, has placed in your way?

Of course it does not mean there will not be obstacles. Sometimes you will walk around the obstacle; sometimes simply roll it away; sometimes you will even blow it up…St. Germaine can always help you with that!

The journey includes the obstacles that are but nothing…nothing. The obstacles are part of the journey, but the journey is not about the obstacles; the journey is about your service to the Divine Mother.

Your journey is about your divine service and your commitment to your sacred self and to each other. You do not live alone on this planet, you never have, and yet the journey is a sole journey. You can only take your journey; you cannot take another’s path. You may contribute, you may minutely participate in another’s journey…and one would hope it would be in a sacred union way, although that is not always the case.

But you send compassion, you hold the wisdom, and there are moments where you share insights. Those insights are not based on what you think or feel or your opinion of what another should do. Your insights, your wisdom can only be based on the sacred teachings, the dharma, on the Universal Law, and what you have come to know through your journey.

That is what compassion is. It is a sweetness and an understanding (albeit limited) of what another is experiencing and a sending of Love to aid. It is not assuming another’s undertaking; as I have said before, that is highway robbery. Know that as you send compassion you also receive it; you also receive it from me, from Jesus Sananda, and from Lord Maitreya, from Shirdi Sai Baba, from many.

This is a time, Wesak, in my tradition, for the renewal of sacred vows. You say, “Why? Why, when I have committed to this path and to the Mother and to the journey, including the obstacles, long ago; why would I need or choose to recommit my vows?”

It is a deepening, it brings you to a more profound understanding of what it is that you undertake, and your capacity, not only to go forward but to bring many with you…not pushing and shoving or pulling, but guiding.

What you committed to two years ago, ten years ago, one thousand years ago, was one thing, but you are wiser now. You may not always feel that but I assure you, you are wiser, you are more deeply integrated, you are more unified, and in the purest sense of the word, you are more powerful.

The energy that has been released around the planet (Nepal, Oregon, & Chile) is the power of leadership as guardians.

Yes, as the Mother has said, there is a new breed, ‘Guardians of the Truth’, ‘Guardians of the Path’. It is to gently serve, not through the amassing of riches or followers; adherents or monks, not through the adherence of what used to be known as power.

What you are calling upon, and receiving, is the power of One and the power of Love and that is what I give you. I give you the power of compassion.

One of the most tragic situations of humans is that they believe themselves, not only to be overlooked or unheard, but to be misunderstood. This is a belief that other humans do not understand who they truly are, that they do not credit them, they do not acknowledge them, that the fullness of their being is not seen, that they are misunderstood.

Compassion reassures and the power allows your heart and your eyes; your physical eyes, not merely your third and fourth, but your physical eyes, to be open to see where there is human suffering, whether it is because of war, or the war within, or the war amongst.

There is no room for battling tribes, families, communities, sectors, factions; it is all a distraction from the journey at hand.

So, in compassion to others and in compassion to your sacred self, use this power to know when to lead around the obstacle, through the obstacle, to roll the obstacle away, because it is illusion. It is simply something placed in your path that you may learn more deeply the truth of who you are.

I am going to help you as well; and I give you, each of you, my blessings during this time of Wesak. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon, 5/2/15
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Awaken the Buddha Nature Within – admasambhava11 – 10-17-14


During the time between yugas or eras there is a transition time called a rishis period.   There is much debate at when this period begins and ends, but many of the astrological markers in the Vedas, Kalachakra Tantra and Hebrew literature are actually occurring now.  The Kali Yuga is the darkest and shortest yuga cycle.  Many Vedic astronomers will claim we have 427,000 years remaining, but the ancients monitored both minor and major cycles.  We really do not have to wait another 427,000 more years before the rulers of earth become plunderers.  The great shift of the ages is upon us right now and that is why you have been bombarded with so much false information, and the world outside seems to be getting worse.

In some ways, the fall in consciousness that occurs during the end of the Kali Yuga helps attract some of the darkness here.    Human faith and hope are one of our greatest qualities, so don’t be down on yourself too much if you have placed faith in some guru or galactic saviours racing in to change our situation.  The higher worlds would simply not interfere this way and a guru should not accept visa or mastarcard. Change will ultimately be up to the souls incarnated here.   People are starting to awaken to the fact that a hidden hand has controlled much of the world for far too long.  However, much of the alternative message is also being controlled and censored.  People are constantly given dates, timeline of events and all sorts of wonderful promises that always fail to eventuate.  People usually begin to loose hope during this second awakening stage.   Many feel compelled to warn others, but it is kind of like running into a kindergarten and telling all the kids Santa Clause is a fraud.

All this side show is just another way to take your eyes of the real prize and that is attaining enlightenment.  It should not be waved around like a carrot, but perpetual bliss is the destiny of all sentient beings.  You are not some tweaked down strand of useless DNA that can proceed until you get an upgrade.  In addition, the soul that dwells within you is already divine and does not require alien technology to shine as bright as a billion suns.  No amount of yoga or siting can purify your soul any more than it is right now.  Most of our defilements come from the mind and body only.  The mind, body and soul are just not in the proper position for you to experience full consciousness.  What if there was a way to shift this inner orb of god light much sooner so everyone could attain enlightenment through their own efforts?  Everyone has what it takes right now  to attain full enlightenment.

All the avatars, old souls, star seeds, and drifters came here to help change consciousness. We will not manifest a golden age if we are not talking the steps to awaken the Buddha-nature within right now.  Have you ever noticed the pictures of orbs being taken with digital cameras all over the world?  Look closer and you will see a Buddhist/hindu dharma wheel in them.  Then you will see smaller circles and each of these is many lifetimes of knowledge.  This is your own personal dharma wheel of samsara.  It does not matter if you call it the atma, spirit, soul, god spark or Buddha nature.  It attaches to the lower chakras many months before birth.  This is why your heart chakra hurts when you grieve.  Also when you get scared you place your hand over this area.

When you see a halo over a gurus painting it is simply a person that has shifted this orb from the lower chakras to the crown chakra.    This is where a more complete meditation technique like kriya yoga or vajrayana are extremely effective.   It is very important your ultimate meditation focuses on the region at the base of the spine so this orb can be shifted.  However, what if there were some other factors that are crucial to attaining full consciousness.  We knew much about the hidden yoga in our past and it was hidden intentionally.

Have you ever taken a few  minutes in nature and realised that we are already living in the eden.  The only thing that needs to change is our consciousness.  Once global consciousness changes the golden age will begin to fully manifest.  Enlightenment is an individual responsibility, but it will come much sooner if you know how to breath natural prana deep into the base of the spine, and understand the mysteries of the Kalachakra Tantra.

The Kalchakra Tantra was a separate teaching Shakyumuni Buddha gave to the first kalki king.  This King of shamballa recorded the teaching and shamballa became an inner world of enlightened beings.  Like most surface beliefs and teaching the original Kalchakra tantra was lost and we only have an abridged version now.

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The ONLY cause of suffering is “not knowing the true nature of reality”. Self realization and the means by which we come to understand the ultimate nature of reality is vital to true happiness.

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If Jesus and Buddha were to meet, they would recognize one another as fellow prophets because they were teaching the same truths.
Both stayed in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights and were tempted by evil, Jesus by Satan and Buddha by the demon Mara and his daughters.
Jesus’s original teachings promoted peace and turning the other cheek, passive resistance rather than armed insurrection. Marcus Borg, a Christian and Jesus scholar, focuses on this basic aspect of Christianity by selecting a range of quotations from the Gospels and pairing them with parallel sayings by the Buddha. For example, whereas Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the poor, for yours is the kingdom of God,’ Buddha said, ‘Let us live most happily, possessing nothing; let us feed on joy, like the radiant gods.’ It is surprising, to a reader familiar only with the Bible, to find how similar the words of the two religious leaders actually are.
When we compare two ancient spiritual traditions like Buddhism and Christianity, what we see is a striking similarity between the narratives of the founding masters: in the case of Christianity, Jesus Christ, and in the case of Buddhism, the Buddha. I see a very important parallel: in the very lives of the [founders] the essence of their teachings is demonstrated. For example… the essence of the Buddha’s teaching is embodied in the Four Noble Truths: the truth of suffering, the truth of the origin of suffering, the truth of the cessation of suffering, and the truth of the path leading to this cessation. These Four Noble Truths are very explicitly and clearly exemplified in the life of… the Buddha himself. I feel [it] is the same with the life of Christ. If you look at the life of Jesus, you will see all the essential practices and teachings of Christianity exemplified. And in the lives of both Jesus Christ and the Buddha, it is only through hardship, dedication and commitment, and by standing firm on one’s principles that one can grow spiritually and attain liberation. That seems to be a central and common message.
Apart from that, there are few similarities, apart from living a simple life.
Buddha searched for the way. Jesus said “I am the Way”
Buddha searched for the truth. Jesus said “I am the Truth”.
Buddha searched for a reason for living. Jesus said “I am the Life. No one comes to the Father, except by way of me.” JOhn 14:6

Both claim royal descent;
Celestial bodiest announced the birth of both;
Both were tempted by the devil;
Both experienced supernatural events after the devil left;
Both were said to know the thoughts of others;
Both helaed blind men and claimed that the affliction was due to a previous sin;
Both required desciples to renounce worldly possessions;
Both had a disciple who walked on water.


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♥♫.• ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥¯`♥❥ DIVINE FEMININE ♥ ARYA TARA
“All beings, desperate orphans lost in samsara wilderness from the lack of faith are nurtured and enlivened by the vast panacea of the milk of your unconditioned love. You prayed and praye3d to emanate in countless feminine manifestations to create Triple Gems appearances for all beings , leading them to pure lands beautified with unfading trees of turquoise leaves. Wisdom mother of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, great Liberator Arya Tara …” Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche in Offering praise from the White Sail: Crossing the waves of the ocean Mind to the serene Continent of Triple Gems.
OM SVASTI In Spring 2000 HH Thinley Norbu Rinpoche (1931-2011) asked me to follow Yeshe Tshogyal and Mandarava, to nourish all pitiful (and all fortunate ) beings . May by Rinpoche´s sublime aspiration we all A-bide with immeasurable Buddhas. Visual Dharma — spiritual Guidance in 3rd millennium DIVINE FEMININE is a Praise to female qualities of Wisdom, represented by Wisdom Dakini like Mandarava and celebrated on each 25th lunar day every month and on every 8th lunar day, dedicated to Medicine Buddhas and Arya Tara. As it is said in the hidden Treasure Equalising of Buddhahood : Perfect Buddhas arise from A. Therefore we see Rainbow spheres /Thigle with A shining in this Visual Dharma. Source of all feminine manifestations of Sambhogakaya & Nirmanakaya is Dharmakaya Buddha Samantabhadri , Diamond Light shining in the sacred symbol A. When we remember the Sound of A within ourselves we turn our awareness inward and rest in Natural Sound of Dharmata (Chönyid kyi rangdra(, hearable in the Rainbow sphere with A in ourselves. In this way we can continue on the Path of Liberation Ati Yoga Dzogpa Chenpo.