Conversations with St. Germain via Goldenlight – BRICS-Led Coalition of World Leaders – Raising their Consciousness to Focus on Planetary Harmony, Peace and Well-Being – 7-22-14

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Hello dear St Germain was just reading about Bretton Woods when I heard you start talking…

Yes I was beginning to say that the world is shifting away gradually but steadily from the US Dollar which is quickly losing its status as the world’s reserve currency. The world is changing and world leaders are waking up and shifting away from reliance on the US dollar or anything US-related for that matter. The world is tired of the US-led wars, bullying and aggressive dominance and the leaders of the world are all seeking alternative solutions to US dominance, aggression and power.

They are beginning to see that a large percentage of wars are being created covertly by the US and that no one wins in war, there are only losers. Nations are devastated, people are devastated and the earth is devastated. World leaders are beginning to raise their consciousness now, just as populations are, and wanting to create solutions that benefit all instead of harming all beings and financially benefiting the elite.

The new BRICS bank is a huge step forward in this direction of shifting consciousness, and soon world leaders will begin to work cooperatively for harmony, peace, and prosperity for all rather than for empowering the cabal and elitists of the world. They will begin to cooperatively and harmoniously look for solid solutions to poverty and disease and are swiftly realizing that with the formerly powerful cabal out of the picture, the world can actually be restored to harmony, the wars can stop, and the healing of the world can begin.

Large humanitarian projects can now get off the ground without cabal interference and siphoning of funds and the Great Repair of the world and humanity can begin. The BRICS-led coalition is at the forefront of this movement to bring the planet and its population into harmony once again. The main objective is to disempower the dollar and the cabal and bring the world back into balance. This is the task set before all who join this coalition which represents a shift in consciousness from darkness to light, and from service to the elite, to service to the planet and humanity.

These cutting-edge world leaders are realizing that we are All One and that war, poverty, and disease affects us all and affects our planet… So the kinds of things they will be finding solutions for in the coming days are cleaning up planetary contamination, assisting world populations in building cooperation, health, well-being, and making sure the basic needs of humanity are met, so that spots in the world that have severe drought and starvation can be healed and helped.. They are looking at the global picture now, with the disempowerment of the US-led cabal the utmost priority on the list. The shift away from the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency is the first step in this new paradigm of enlightened world leaders taking every measure possible to create a better world of peace, harmony, love, and well-being for all.

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