Healing Frequencies – Brain Waves – Cleansing Vibration

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Listen with Stereo Headphones:

This frequencie will cleanse your entiere Brain, Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra and activates the Pinal Gland your brain will go in resonanz with the frequencies
and you might feel pressure in different parts of the Brain and Forhead when this happends ask the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christs name to burn the blocked energys and your negativ thoughts caused also by karma to burn it all away , with his Fire and white Light .
The Crown Chacra correspondes through nadis also with the Base Chacra and the Third-eye correspondes with sexual Chacra in other words you might feel getting rid of some negativ energys there as well .

The brain is mostly overloaded with all kinds of radio micro waves and electro-smog but if you where injured through an accident you might expierience some very nasty pain in your brain if you cant stand the pain just stop the video and proceed to a nother time .
The more you meditate with this frequencies you will expand your brain capacity and conscious-awareness the thired-eye will be opend and you will be able to see into the higher dimensions do not wonder if this happends because this is part of our evolution process !

This Optical Illusion Lets You See Your Own Brain Waves



20130822-125248.jpgThe pinwheel-like drawing above is nothing but black and white lines. When you look at it the right way, though, something strange and beautiful happens: it begins to flicker. You may think it’s just a regular old optical illusion at first, but actually, you’re looking at your very own brain waves.

To see the optical illusion takes a little bit of work. Look at the pinwheel shape and then stare at a spot that’s just a few inches away from it. When the pinwheel is in your peripheral vision, you should start to see the center flicker, kind of like a really bright star does. The effect also works as an afterimage. So once you find a spot that gets the flicker going, stare at it for about a minute and then look at a blank white wall. You’ll see the inverse image of the pinwheel, flicker and all.

In a new paper, neuroscientists Rodika Sokoliuk and Rufin VanRullen argue that the flicker you’re seeing is actually a physical manifestation of your brain’s alpha waves. Alpha waves were the first neural oscillations detected by Hans Berger, the inventor of electroencephalography (EEG) – hence the name “alpha” – and represent rhythmic changes in brain activity. Typically, they cycle at a rate of about 10 Hz, or ten times a second. That frequency is partly how Sokoliuk and VanRullen made the connection between the flicker and the alpha waves. Asked to compare an artificial flicker with the one in the pinwheel, most subjects of their study selected one with a frequency of 9.1 Hz.


The Power of Sound Frequencies – Change Your Brain Waves

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Mary Rivas, Guest Writer
Waking Times 

Can we enhance our creativity, intuitive insights, memory, intelligence and health by altering our brain waves?

Yes. The ancients understood that sound can help us alter our consciousness and unleash mind powers that are normally not accessible to us in ordinary consciousness. Anthropologists who have studied ancient shamanic rituals have found that shamans, for example, have long used the rhythmic sounds of drum beats to induce altered states of consciousness. Scientists have found that specific drum beat frequencies can produce theta brain waves, which match meditative states.

In a nutshell, there are four recognized brain wave ranges: Beta (14-30 Hz) is present in normal waking consciousness; Alpha (7-14 Hz) in states of relaxation; Theta (4-7 Hz) in meditative states; and the slowest, Delta (0.5-4 Hz) in deep sleep and profound meditative states. The most recently researched brain frequency is Gamma, which is the fastest, about 30.0 Hz and higher. Why are brain waves important? You can use sound to positively alter your brain wave frequencies and produce specific desired results.

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