Cosmic Awakening Show – Brad Johnson, Adronis – Healing Emotional Pain

Deprogram the Programming – Conscious Matrix Communication

Brad Johnson


In this video, Brad Johnson speaks on the beginnings of how programming has been initiated, influenced and understood throughout the dawn of humanity, and how to evolve past the program so that you are neither a victim nor a victor, but an equal that has transcended the programming game.


Brad Johnson – The Thought Matrix – Accessing the Akashic Records

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Brad Johnson speaks on what the Akashic Records is, how one can access it and the nature behind thought as well as how our own innovations and ideas manifest within reality.

Brad Johnsoan – How Long Will You Continue to Deny Your Greatness – ConsciousMatrix .com

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Brad Johnson speaks on how through the beginning of our lives, what we have been exceptional at achieving is believing in our own unworthiness and lack of value. The time has come to turn it all around by going within and acknowledging the strengths, skills and natural abilities through our own uniqueness that makes us true beings of greatness.

Brad Johnson – Incognito Extraterrestrials and the Intervention Protocol

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This video will require a pretty open mind. Brad speaks on his beginnings of how this work unfolded for him and speaks on the outline of the intervention protocol. This is then followed up by further information relating to incognito extraterrestrials: who they are and why are they here on Earth.