The Pleiadians via Ishante – Interdimensional Travel through the Blue Pearl

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Over the past week I have been camping out in nature and meditating in an attempt to experience what the Pleiadians have been teaching me about the blue pearl. I can honestly say that it is as magnificent as it is mysterious. Words can’t describe the peace and bliss that is felt as it begins to expand in your 3rd eye area. Yet to hold it steady in order to pierce through it was quite a challenge for me. Thankfully I have made some progress, and hope to one day raise my vibration enough to be able to fully merge and journey through it.
In closing, whilst I am grateful for everything the Pleiadians share with me / us, it is my strong belief that our ascension as a species is an inside job, and not something that is going to happen to us or for us. As the saying goes “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” and whilst channelled messages are helpful, always trust and rely on your own internal guidance and intuitive intelligence ~ Ishante

The Pleiadians

Greetings to those of you who have joined us once again in this your now moment.
Let us continue:

The blue pearl exists in the centre of your crown, and is closely connected to your pineal gland. As you start to meditate, you will first begin to move through various layers of self in order to activate yourself into awareness of its existence within you. This is the first step; acknowledgement of its existence, for you can’t think a thought (create a thought form) without the possibility of that thought then being realised, of becoming actualized. This is for the simple reason that ALL is you, there is no out there, all of creation is within you, inside you. That is how truly exceptional you really are.
We have digressed…

As you move through the various layers of self you will begin to experience a shifting of colours within your 3rd eye area, first red, then white followed by darkness as you move more deeply into your meditative state. This can be challenging for some, but we wish to reiterate that there is nothing to fear in this state. It may last for some time, and that’s okay, just relax and breathe into it. The darkness will eventually give way and take form into a black dot that will seem to pulse as it moves forward into your vision. This is a really good sign, and we suggest you just let go and allow it to take form.

Shortly afterwards a small indigo spark of light will appear inside the black dot, followed by blue. Some of you may just see blue. Initially it is about the size of a small pea and the blue colour will intensify, becoming almost electric as it expands forward and grows within your vision. As it pulses, you will notice that it looks very similar to the Helix Nebula in the constellation of Aquarius. The edges are indistinct and hazy, just like the cometary knots of the Nebula.

Allow it to expand and pulse until it eventually becomes crisper and more defined in focus. Once it does, try then to consciously hold it in your vision. You can do this just with intent. If it begins to pulse again, that’s okay, just focus on your breath until it becomes clearly defined, and try again.

What you will see before you is a round to egg shaped electric blue opening or portal. It is a doorway, an entry point to other dimensions, alternate realities and timelines. As you become more familiar with it you will begin to feel and sense that this is who you truly are and have been all along. It is a blissful joyous state, your natural state. Surrender to the joy and just allow yourself to merge fully with it.
The journey from this point on is entirely up to you.

In years to come it will not be uncommon for you to be sitting at a gathering with friends or family and have to excuse yourself from the table to answer “a call” to travel and meet with someone. People will think nothing of it, as it will become a way of life. Eventually as your bodies become more crystalline in nature you will be able to take them with you, and the method in which you travel will also change as you become more familiar and comfortable with your 12 chakra energy systems. This is what is in store for you as you continue to raise your frequency, and clear miasmic distortions from your energy fields.

We speak to you now in linear terms, yet please know that all is happening in this one moment, and we are already enjoying heartfelt and open contact with a vast majority of you who are learning the ropes, so to speak, of interdimensional travel and teleportation.

Once you have seen and experienced the blue pearl, share you wisdom and mastery with others if you feel guided. Create meditations to support people so that they too can learn of its existence. We are all here as guides and students for each other.

In loving service to you all at this wondrous time of you ascension ~ The Pleiadian Collective