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The Seer Almine describes how to release the tension of linear time from the body, and access the bliss of your being that, for the most part, is obscured by resistance to life in your day.

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ALMINE – Living as an Ascended Master – Pathway to Ascension with Almine, Part 7 – 12-1-17

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Published on Feb 9, 2012

How does one live as an Ascended Master and what can you expect? Almine delves deep into this subject and also touches upon: No point of arrival. The known, unknown and the unknowable. Destiny of Ascended Masters. Compressed time. Balancing doingness and beingness. The true unknown and experience. Odes of Solomon and Esdras. Belief systems and miracles. Programmed behavior. Innocence and living in the moment. Cooperation with life. Meridians. Life force center. Opposition to life. Black magic and imposing your will. Linear time and tension. Chakras and resistance to life. Shame programming. Changing within to change without.






Have you ever given it a thought of how it will be when all of this ends …..

And you wake up in a young body without any ailments, attachments, parasites ……

With your own mindset sans the bad memories that could have clouded your new existence,,,

They will have become a part of the CC Living Library of past everything that did not make the grade of the Original Intent of the New Now

And will be accessible to All who wish to perhaps re-visit their old experiences of living in a 3D reality…or for a quick reference, if needed, of past emotions which no longer serve the new reality of yours ….

Will we now be wiser…make better choices….

Will we now create with responsibility…and with Love…the main spark emotion…

Will we form relationships based on compatible energies of love and respect…

Will we honour others that will seem different in their choices to ours…..

Will we love…honour…and take care of nature this time around….and thank it every day for the wonders it will bring to our lives……

Will we love truly….without judgement and expectation…in mutual freedom….


Yes…we will…

Cause the New Existence is also waiting for Us to spread our wings….to let it blossom with us and for us……

To let us live out the Original Intent to the full….

So that when we look back at it one day…… will return to us the love received…..

Total bliss….

May it be so.



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Archangel Michael – The Difference Between Love and Bliss ~ 11-15-16 — roseramblesdotorg


By Steve Beckow, 11/12/2016 In this excerpt from my reading with him on Nov. 5, 2016 through Linda Dillon, Archangel Michael distinguishes between bliss and love. His definition of bliss being a state of being and love having the ability to take action exactly fit my experience: When in bliss, I simply wanted to sit […]

via Archangel Michael ~ The Difference Between Love and Bliss ~ Nov. 15, 2016 — roseramblesdotorg



By Indra, Wake Up World

Thanks to

Note from the editor: In June 2016, our dear friend and long-time Wake Up World contributor Indra Love passed away. She left behind a legacy of love, lightness and insight, and remarkably, in the months leading up to her death, also left a great deal of unpublished written material in our care.

Indra wanted us to share these writings far and wide, which capture in detail the fundamental philosophies and teachings of her work — and we feel the time is now right for us to honor that wish.

This article is the first in a series of unreleased articles by the late Indra Love.

Indra Love - SunsetLearning how to follow your Bliss Instinct lays the foundation of expanding your being, opening your body to your soul’s communication to experiencing yourself in your fullest potential. Following your Bliss Instinct is not specific to any particular area of your body, however, it is something that takes you from all aspects of your being and brings focus to what is required.

As pioneers we are bringing about energetic shifts for the entire planet through our inner work, and we need to understand the mechanisms of what is going on. Why are we even in a place where we feel disconnected from Bliss in the first place?

Making The Mold

The answer to that question can be found in the early molding of your personality as a concept. When you enter this world, the concept of who you are has not yet been formed. You are connected with your pure essence, and you know on a deep, cellular level that you are bliss. As you grow older, input from your native culture, your parents, and society shape the notion of you, and there is a “natural” emphasis on you being a separate person defined by certain defining traits.

The definition of you happens through the selection of the concepts available to you – you have a choice to be either good or bad, aggressive or soft, rude or polite, etc. However, although it may look like a choice, it really isn’t. What happens is that you are exposed to a number of concepts that you automatically accumulate as you grow older. That accumulation is what we know as personality, but none of these concepts of who you are will tell you that you are an amazing being that is connected to the entire cosmos through your body.

If you focus on your body, you will realize that a lot of who you are is a completely natural process. Your lungs expand and retract without you having to tell them, your heart beats, and your skin sheds old cells. If you did absolutely nothing and just allowed your natural impulses to be what they are, you would realize that who you are as a being has intelligence flowing through it. There is not much you need to do to keep your body functioning.

The reason we “get into trouble” is the fact that most of the concepts we are exposed to will define us by notions much smaller than our cosmic self: This is your name; these are your parents; this is the school you go to; you are good at sports; you are bad at mathematics. These are typically the kind of options you have – a narrow set of labels that define the person you come to believe is you, and so all of a sudden, you go from being everything to being something.

Within the limiting framework of these labels, you are rewarded for some things and reprimanded for others, and the concept of “I am me, not you” starts forming. With the sense of separation comes also a sense of insecurity. Potentially, that which is not you could threaten or harm you. It has the capacity to cause you pain, and a need arises to feel secure and lash out when that security is in danger.

You see what is happening? You are slowly being jammed into a certain personality type, and it is all taking place at an age when you don’t really have the consciousness or self-reflective power to decide whether it is something you really want. Before you know it, your true nature – this intelligent energy flowing through you – is replaced by something artificially created by the surroundings you were born into. It’s not that you did something wrong or you should have known better. This process, that sometimes I like to compare to a vector, is part of our heritage on this planet. It is like being onboard a ship, which was originally going in a certain direction, but at the very beginning of the journey, set off on a degree that was slightly off. If you stay on the ship long enough, you will end up somewhere completely different than what you had originally planned.

Deeply and instinctively, you are aware that the way that you are headed is not aligned with your true nature, and it is for this very reason you try to return to the bliss – to that place where you feel happy, content, and free. However, in our quest for happiness, the world outside – the inherited cultural programming – tells us, “Oh, if happiness is what you’re seeking, maybe you need to go to church! Or maybe you should go back to school and get yourself some education, so you can land a job that will earn you lots of money. Or, how about you get married and have some children before you get too old? That will certainly make you happy.”

Of course, the list of suggestions on how you become happier is endless, and both you and I know that so is the list of solutions and “aids.” Everywhere we look we see a litany of ads for drugs; drinks; products; and health, brain, and beautification remedies that are all designed to make us happier, healthier, wealthier, sexier, and slimmer, enticing us to follow what is normally considered the route to happiness. But truly, the path to happiness has absolutely nothingto do with anything else than you realizing that you are happiness. That you are the bliss.

The moment you go back to your true nature, opening yourself up to the flow of bliss, you will feel it streaming into your life!

Ritualized Bliss - Detox Rituals for the Utopian Body

Knowing When You Are Aligned with Your Bliss Instinct

Being able to tell when you are aligned with your bliss instinct is simple: You feel good.

The Bliss Instinct is your true connection – to everything: to your higher self, to your truth, and to your life’s purpose. It is your connection to everything that is coherent and makes sense on a genuine, deep, palpable level. It is true sensibility for a soul. Anything else, which is not in alignment with your Bliss Instinct, is not sensible to you, and you will end up feeling tense, annoyed, unhappy, and frustrated or plain old bad doing something that is not in your truth. Through your body, your soul will constantly try to send you messages saying, “Something is not connected to the everything that you are – stop! Turn around; change direction.”

When you feel good, there is no confusion. This is your YESresponse: a sense of calmness, relaxation, peace, euphoria, or clarity takes over. What will surprise you—even if you have difficulty trusting yourself at first—is how quickly you will feel your bliss take over as your guide. You may feel that the chain of events leading up to your meeting a certain person has a magical tone – as if the universe were conspiring to move you in this direction.

On the other hand, if you are feeling resistance, contraction, or any negative sensation, these are signals of a NO response. Similarly, if you feel numb, or you don’t get any response from your body, the answer is NO. If your body is not feeling a full-fledged sense of joy, the path you are considering is definitely not worth pursuing. But never stop checking in with your bliss instinct because sometimes a “no” simply means not yet. The timing may not be right.

The body’s messages will come in a myriad of shapes and forms and can be anything from hypertension to a sore throat, to a swollen ankle or lactose intolerance. Maybe you’re thinking, “How can this possibly be my soul’s way of telling me to change course?”, but as you go deeper into your body, you will discover how these seemingly conditions are perfect reflections of the choices you make in your life and whether or not they are in alignment with your true nature. The disharmonies you experience in your physical reality, however minor they may seem, are directly related to disharmonies in your life (of which you may or may not be consciously aware.) Luckily, your body will tell you; the art lies in listening to your body, and learning to interpret what it is saying to you.

To be continued…

About the author:

IndraThe late Indra Love was the founder of the Full Spectrum Bliss®, a teaching organization dedicated to raising consciousness by incorporating scientific, metaphysical and ancient teachings on “bliss” to enhance sex, love, beauty, health and longevity.

With a background in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Communication, USDA and CDC funded graduate research in Ag and Applied Sciences, and corporate experience in both healthcare and not-for-profit organizations, Indra, along with a team of like-minded people, devoted her life to teaching, research and development of the ultimate tools for human health, happiness and evolution — all of which can be achieved by following the “physical instinct of bliss”.

Recommended articles by Indra:

LADY NADA, LORD SANANDA – Towards a Blissful World – via FRAN ZEPEDA – 7-7-16

divine emergence5.jpg



Greetings Beloveds. It is with deep heartfelt joy that we enter your consciousness to deliver you a message this day.

Much has traversed in your world. Much change has taken place and, beloveds, you have gained such momentum in your Love Offerings and in the rise of your individual vibrations. You are becoming so adept at raising your level of vibration and your consciousness that it (the rise) may not be as detectable by you as in early days of your ascension process.

You are much more comfortable in this new plateau of high vibration and consciousness. You welcome it now with open arms and it shows in the glow of your Beingness and in the acts you choose to make, and in the overall feeling of joy and bliss that many of you feel in spite of all the chaos taking place in your world now.

And beloveds, please understand that this chaos is necessary. It is necessary in order for the world to make the changes it needs to. It is necessary for the rise in consciousness in the general human collective, and it is necessary in order for you to discern how you want your world to be.

So beloveds, take it all in stride. No, you don’t condone the violence; no you don’t condone the mayhem, but you know deep in your heart that the world is changing in consciousness as a result of it. And it will not always be necessary for these great lengths to occur for there to be positive change. You are reaching a critical mass in this current state of affairs, a critical mass in the form of a wide chasm between separation and unity/oneness in order for the world to shift in the other direction of sustained Unity Consciousness and Oneness.

You are coming along nicely. No, the apparent state of the world is not pleasant; yes, it can be very disconcerting, but know that you are making great progress in expanding the Light and Love that is becoming so prevalent in your world as we speak.

And beloveds, do not worry so much about your role in this. Know that if you keep yourself within your heart consistently, and always aspire to choices of higher vibration, that you are contributing to the deep transformation of your world and subsequent high vibration and consciousness, so that living in the higher dimensional consciousness will become more stable and permanent the more you address your intentions as such — of Love, Light and Peace to prevail in the world.

And in such is the makings of a Blissful World for all to partake in on a much more striding and consistent basis. You are making your way towards a beautiful Blissful World within, in spite of the happenings in your outer world, and as the universal laws dictate, you will thus be a significant contributor to a Blissful world for All the more you hunker down and stay within your heart of Hope and Bliss as much as you can, paying as little attention as possible to the outward signs of chaos and violence, which are just following the order of what must be before the world stabilizes and harmonizes, always keeping to raising your own vibration and consciousness with intentions to spread Love and Light to all.

And Harmony and Balance thus are becoming extremely important to feel and strive for within, in all things — in the way you take care of your physical body, (and your light body as well, as you continue to merge with your soul), in the way you conduct your business, in the way you treat others (and yourself), and in the way you think and feel on a consistent basis.

So ask yourself: “What does harmony and balance feel like? What does it look like? How does my body feel when I have achieved it? What are my thoughts when I focus on Harmony and Balance and Bliss? How exalted do I feel when I pay attention to finding the neutral balanced place in all things that come into my consciousness? How does my body feel at this state? What are my feelings and thoughts and focus in this neutral balanced state?”

Allow for creative loving thoughts on how to serve others while feeling accepting and allowing of all that is taking place. Get used to being and staying in this neutral balanced loving place that many of you are achieving in spite of the chaos and disconcerting happenings in the world.

In the process of striving to achieve your balance again recently while the chaos and violence has stepped up, you reached deeper into your heart and soul to find harmony and balance, and this has naturally contributed to a higher vibration and consciousness in the world, allowing the state of affairs to move further towards homeostasis and balance. Even if you don’t feel you are witnessing this, know it is happening beneath the surface. And beloveds, all things must rise to the surface eventually.

So maintain your hope and your intentions for a loving, harmonious, blissful and peaceful world, while keeping your balance in spite of many opportunities being presented to throw you off your center. You are fine-tuning your ability to stay in balance and harmony in this manner, and that can only translate to good and wonderful things for your outer world.

It is with deep praise and love that we address you, dear ones, and please know this as Truth, as we tell you: That you are making much progress within your transformation of yourself and subsequently of the world. You can count on this.




Received July 3, 2016 Copyright © 2011-2016 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message on your blogs and websites, provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included. Any other use of this material is prohibited without written permission.

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Steve Beckow – The Movement from Drama to Bliss – 3-11-16

Bliss Train


Steve Beckow

I’d had a hard day yesterday and today wasn’t looking much better.

But at 11:00 am, steeped in the words of the Company of Heaven (I’m writing a series on the rising energies), bliss overtook me.

Did I jump into the lake? No. Was I pushed? No. Did I fall into it? No.

It arose in me.  Where did it come from? I do not know. I wish I did because I’d go there and camp out.

But it utterly and instantly wiped from my memory all traces of upset.

Surely the movement from drama to bliss, from trauma to love is divinely ordained. If our purpose in life is to know ourselves as God, and God is bliss everlasting, then our movement from 3rd -Dimensional molasses to experiencing these wonderful states under the influence of the rising energies must be part of the Plan.

Train 11

But that has implications. Anything that “isn’t” of God (what isn’t of God?) takes work to create, maintain and transform, is that not the case? But that which is of God does not.

So we should indeed, as our sources say, be able to practically fall backwards into these divine states. And take no energy to maintain them.

Alas, that isn’t the case and the difference between vision and reality is the residue that we’re clearing (core issues, conditioning).

Nonetheless, it follows from this that bliss is our natural state. And if you’re still with me (because bliss extends one’s attention span dramatically, as you can see), then it also follows that it isn’t that bliss abandons us; we abandon bliss with our patterns of resistance. At least that’s the way I see it.

Ethnographic observations are coming to me rapid-fire. About bliss, I invite you to notice the way it facilitates the very act of knowing (or thinking one knows, perhaps). I am knowing one thing after another after another, faster than I can record.

While bliss is divinely ordained and takes no work to create or maintain, it cannot be commanded to appear. It can be desired. But it comes when it wants to. It’s its own master/mistress.

Another noticing.

I just got off the phone with a friend. I noticed during the call that, when in bliss, my speaking is gradually becoming like my writing.

I used to say to people wanting to become writers: Write as you speak. Now I’m seeing myself speak as I write.

Why is that? Confidence, relaxation, happiness?

There’s something even weirder happening and I don’t know how to explain it.

Being a writer, publishing a blog, doing other things – they lead to a role being created. The individual then chooses to become that role, become that role a little bit, or not become that role at all.

I notice that I’m choosing to become my role. Firstly, I’m coming to accept that roles are necessary if we’re to take concerted and committed action such as building Nova Earth will require. Secondly, I’m becoming reconciled to being responsible for my role.

Bliss allows this. Without bliss, I’d be a confused and hysterical, complaining and controlling 3rd or 4th-Dimensional person. With bliss, everything is beginning to smooth out and I become reconciled to personal responsibilities. Oh yes, and the complaining goes away.

Bliss does not prevent the mind from working. The mind is simply quiet if I’m alone in my room. But in society I have negative thoughts and judgments which, if I resisted them, would drown my bliss. That’s why I say I take bliss outside and come back without it. My judgments close down the space in which bliss resides.

Basically I just want to share this space. I want to share about it. I wish I could give it away as one does a piece of fruit. The Arcturians had it right when they said that anyone who lands up in this space simply wants to share it. All aboard the bliss train!

Steve Beckow – Will Not Quit – 2-22-26

Sacred 14Steve Beckow

I’m so filled with bliss today. It just will not quit.

And all along, I’m learning new things about it. Here’s a few.

I really discovered the value today of sending one’s blissful energy down into the core of Gaia.

I carried that out, really intending and really using my creative imagination.

I was on a city bus and outrageously blissful and I didn’t know what I could do to keep to myself away from dense vibrations without losing my bliss by resisting.

I went inwards and began to meditate on the bus. I was guided in my meditation to take my bliss and send it deep down into the core of Gaia.

I found that, the deeper I sent it, the more anchored I felt.  I saw, at the level of realization, that the degree that I felt anchored in life was directly proportional to the depth I sank my blissful energy into the core of Gaia. I had an experience of it and a realization (which is of course made easier by bliss itself).

It wasn’t until I saw how stable and satisfying it felt that I saw that I had been ignoring the whole field of bliss’s depth. I’d been thinking of bliss as only soaring aloft. But it has a whole different quality when sunk down into the Earth.

That showed me that the way I was thinking about bliss limited it. It also demonstrated that I could use some mentoring in managing bliss because I don’t have a user’s manual.

As I walked along the street today, I felt myself suddenly overwhelmingly grateful for this ongoing experience of bliss. And I heard myself say that from that moment on I will do nothing that impedes the flow of bliss. The days of my ratty behavior are over. Why would I want to jeopardize this?

[The next day…]

I learn something new about bliss each day I’m in it. I emerged from a meeting of a team I participate in absolutely swimming in bliss.

And on that occasion I learned to allow bliss to sweep through my body and transform every cell. I allowed the cells to lock in the memory of bliss, to allow themselves to be drenched with it and colored by it.

Now I feel bliss, not just in my head region, but throughout my body.

And again I send bliss down into the core of Gaia to be anchored there. That increases my sense of substantiality – in a gender-free way, by the way. I cease to be a featherweight, flighty, afraid.

At this moment I feel love for all the world. And that takes me to a door that I cannot enter and continue to write after.

I choose to continue writing. That’s what I’m here for. The rest can come later. There’s more territory here to explore.

Bliss is no respecter of paradigms, belief systems, interests, etc. It will as happily borrow from one as from the other, to make a point. It may bestow itself on someone adjudged to be not worthy of it. It may withhold itself from someone adjudged to be worthy.

Bliss has to be of another dimension. Third Dimensionality cannot exist in bliss. Judging is gone. Hating is gone. Anger is gone. Anything harsh is gone. It definitely feels like a new dimension of experience and it definitely does not include the old.

In bliss, it’s as if there’s no room for negative or unwanted emotions.  That’s one way of seeing it.

You could say that bliss drowns out the other emotions. You could say it lifts one above them. One could use various metaphors. What they all have in common is that, while one is in bliss, unwanted emotions are gone, absent.

At the same time, it allows me to exercise my will and experience any emotions I have a compassionate desire to experience. I have some manoeuvring room.

For instance, it allows me to experience a modulated degree of righteous indignation when I hear that pensioners in an American state had their pensions cut in half as part of an elaborate scheme to claw back pension funds in America. I was not aware of the organized attempt, but it sounded plausible from the article.

In any case, I watched the rise of righteous indignation and saw that it could not get near the core of me. I experienced it out more on the peripheries of my field of awareness, as was the case with transformative love and unwanted feelings. Both transformative love and bliss keep unwanted conditions away, but, of the two, bliss is … what metaphor will I use? Denser a love medium? A more resistant barrier? A significant obstruction to unwanted conditions? Unwanted conditions cannot penetrate the bliss that surrounds me at these times.

That being the case, it was no problem for me to release the emotion back into the Ethernet, the Great Beyond, the Void.

Right now, I feel drunk on bliss. Usually, when I feel this way, I have trouble walking. I’m almost reeling. That’s the report from my inner gyroscope.

As long as I’m seated, I feel wafted aloft on a river of the finest, gossamer waves of bliss. I’m floating down the river as one would on a great salt lake, remaining on the surface without effort, without concern.  All I’m aware of internally is the flow of bliss. I have no desire to be aware of anything else or to be anywhere else.

Exactly this outcome was what Archangel Michael said motivated my guides to measure out bliss. Too much and I’d stop writing, he told me. And I agree. Much more than this and I may … not stop writing … more fail to remember it. Who I am. Where I am.

So I’m surfing – getting out into the water but only as far as prudence and alignment (1) allow.

STEVE BECKOW – The Impact of Bliss on Knowing – 12-18-15

music vibrationSteve Beckow

I’m swaying to the music at my neighborhood Starbucks, which is like an office to me.

The bliss returned at 1:30 this afternoon. Now at 2:30 I’m blissful enough not to hide my enjoyment of my music without caring who sees me. I’m gradually coming out of my shell, my hidey-hole, around bliss.

But what I wanted to record here is that bliss has a remarkable effect on a person’s ability to know. I’ve had my profoundest realizations under the impact of bliss.

For instance, the 1987 vision of the total journey of a soul from God to God established for me that “Enlightenment is the purpose of life.” (1) That whole experience was steeped in bliss. In it, the realizations were coming fast and steady and I knew that bliss was the reason.

It was bliss that allowed me to look upon the figures in that wordless movie and say to myself, “That’s the Father, Brahman.” “That’s the Christ, Atman.” “That’s the Holy Spirit, Shakti.”

Of course longtime readers will recognize those statements as the seed concept that allows for the integration of the spiritual teachings of many religions – creating a cross-cultural view of spirituality. The fact that Father, Son and Holy Ghost = Brahman, Atman and Shakti is the Rosetta Stone of religions for me.

Aldous Huxley called the cross-cultural fundamentals of spirituality the “perennial philosophy.” Others called it the “ancient wisdom.” It’s the truth underlying religions, what their originators were really pointing at before their followers had a go at their teachings.

Today the perennial philosophy is freely available to us from channeled sources and a plethora of ancient texts now sold at bookstores throughout the world or available on the Internet. But their availability is a recent phenomenon.

On two other occasions, bliss spurred realization. Both were about the nature of Light. In the first, in 1986, which I called the Flame in the Heart, I broke through to the transformed space of bliss. What caused the breakthrough was recognizing that love and light both came from my heart.

And I also saw that I’d been seeing the advent of Light in a certain way all these years. Breaking through to this space, I expected to see a brilliant and discrete Light, the Light of the Self, the Christ or Atman. But instead all I saw was … well, just what I saw, but ever so much more vividly and distinctly.

And then I realized that what I saw was Light. Light did not have to be brilliant. To think otherwise is to limit Light.

As a follower of the path of awareness or consciousness, I realized I might never see a brilliant Light (although others will). I aim to deepen my awareness of exactly what’s before me – we might add nowadays, on whatever dimension I’m operating on at the moment. We get what we expect to see.

It isn’t a question of one viewpoint (Light as brilliance and Light as what we see) being right and the other wrong. Both are right, depending on the person, their path, and their expectations.

But it isn’t that insight that I want to draw attention to, as interesting as it was, but the accompaniment of bliss, which made the knowing possible. If I had not been experiencing bliss, I daresay I would not have realized what I did about the Light. Bliss heightens everything – whether the senses of the seer or the sight of the seen. Bliss unfolds our capabilities so that we have a wider net, a finer discerning instrument, and contact with higher inspiration.

On another occasion, in around 1990, my wife and I were … well, let me be discrete … but at the exact moment when I was feeling love, I was also aware of Light and I instantaneously tracked both love and light again (as in the Flame in the Heart) back to my  heart. (2)

At that moment, I experienced another explosion of bliss that left me unable to remember my own name but knowing with certainty that I was God.

I called that experience the Silver Bullet.  It certainly anaesthetized my lower self for the duration (about an hour).

Again bliss was what I found myself in and then, under its influence, I realized that I was God. (3)  I knew that with the same certainty that I know I have a hand. Bliss was the midwife and catalyst of that experience as well.

Add to the earlier discussions, then, this research note that bliss, to paraphrase the Bible, brings all things to remembrance. As a result of these experiences, my working hypothesis has become that bliss brings about the unfoldment of our innate capabilities.

STEVE BECKOW – Profound Inner Peace, Ineffable Bliss – The Shift is Now in Progress! – 10-10-15

Wild SCENE, People, Creatures, Mansions -- Pablo A


Steve Beckow

Alexander del Sol experienced Ascension in 2013 and wrote in with this account of his experience.


Alexander del Sol, “Profound Inner Peace, Ineffable Bliss — The Shift is NOW in Progress!” On the Cusp of the Wave, March 26, 2013, at

(IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Process that we have been going through is universal for ALL people on Earth at this time.  The Paradigm Shift is planet-wide — if not even greater in scope.

However, each sovereign individual human BE-ing is having a unique experience of this Shift, based on both their specific circumstances in life, and the particular perspective and attitude which they choose to adopt in any and every given moment, and at what point in The Process they find themselves of course.

Self-comparisons and ‘rankings’ and such are simply . . . . . perpetuating the Illusion, to put it nicely.  Please just let it go.  ALL of it.  Now.  Choose Unity Through Variety instead, Humanity as a stunning mosaic of oft-bewildering, but always fascinating, manifestations of be-ing and do-ing here.  Thank you!)

Over the past week or so, I have been experiencing, and maintaining, the deepest and most relaxing Inner Peace of my life.  I have also been experiencing frequent bouts of ineffable, pure states of Bliss, even feeling waves of ecstatic chills running up and down and throughout my body.  And this has had NO ‘external’ cause, is happening at NO particular time of day, has had no connection whatsoever to my immediate circumstances or situation.  None.  It is spontaneous, magnificent, and utterly overwhelming!

The Paradigm Shift, the beginning of the Golden Age of Gaia, the Earth Changes – whatever you’d like to label it as – is INDEED in progress, actually in its latter stages of completion . . . . . for those who choose to experience it, of course.  And I personally have definitely chosen — over and over again — to DO just that, and enthusiastically so!!!  The following excerpt from a new blog article posted the other day (seen here) resonated deeply with me regarding both my own recent feelings, personal contacts with the ‘Ocean of Source’, and the NOW manifesting global paradigm shift:

‘The Feeling of Being, the sheer Presence of I AM, the Sacred Chamber of the Heart, is now a tangible Reality, implanted in the collective consciousness of mankind. . . . . It is the Ocean of the Source Which we all share and which is inherently uniting us as inseparable Oneness and Radiant Love. Such Is the Origin from which each One of Us came, and our remembrance of It is dawning now in the One Body of mankind.’

I truly hope that you all join me in embracing and celebrating the wonderful, fantastic New Earth that we are co-creating together – fully aware of its rapid emergence or not – and share in this indescribable Peace and Bliss that I AM now partaking in most of my waking hours.  BE well, and again please consider striving to adopt the following suggestion as your guiding mantra for and in and through our collective grand and radiant future:

‘. . . . (Let’s) ride like waves upon the Infinite Stillness of our Being-ness, arising and dissolving in That Ocean as a dance of light and energy, our new and ascended body-mind a sacred vessel for the force of creation.’

Alexander RA-Sol, aka Waverider

STEVE BECKOW – Slipping under the Waves – 6-4-15

Bliss 3427

Steve Beckow

OK, now I’m captured by the bliss. I’ve slipped and fallen into the ocean of ectsasy.

I’ll do my best to describe it.

Archangel Michael called it a sense of well-being. (1) Yes, there’s nothing wrong in this space. All is well. All is good.

This space is the combination of every peak moment I’ve had in my life – Christmases, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, first loves, baby births, vacations, all rolled into one and played endlessly, without any one minute being less than ecstatic, enjoyable and sweet.

When I was a kid and milk was delivered to our door in glass bottles, the cream would rise to the top. On summer days, I’d be up before Mom and sip the cream from the bottle, with a big grin on my face. Bliss is like sipping the cream from the bottle.

When I feel bliss, there’s nothing I want. I couldn’t care less about any of the worries that we carry day to day.

Gone is all memory of anything untoward from any period of my life. Gone is my life. There’s only this moment and this moment is sublime.

I’m happy. I’m grateful. I feel all the higher qualities because all of them are subsumed in bliss. Archangel Michael called it the deepest form of connection. Yes, I feel as close to God when I’m blissful as I could ever be and as close to everyone else, although I must say I’m not drawn to company.

I couldn’t possibly make small talk right now. I’d run away from Skype. I couldn’t stop being blissful if someone’s relative died. I’d be judged as inappropriate, insensitive, and selfish. Maybe even locked up in olden times as the village fool.

Bliss has amazingly bad manners. It can be seen as hugely inappropriate. It lives by its own rules and codes and doesn’t care a whit for our closest relative or the regime in power.

It’s like being carried along on a tide of joy. Life could not better be.

I’m led to believe this is the case in the Fifth Dimension. This is what awaits us. And this is what our natural state of being is – not some state we need to attain – but the default, what remains when everything else that hides and blocks this state is gone.

We just need to give what needs to go a royal push.

STEVE BECKOW – We Are the Source of Our Own Bliss – 5-27-15

Crystal 1

Steve Beckow


If my nature is bliss, then many things flow from that.

One is that I am the source of my own bliss and, by extension, we are all the source of our own bliss.

That doesn’t mean that bliss is not to be had from a myriad of circumstances seemingly “around” me, seemingly “external.” Bliss undoubtedly is the sea of consciousness we’re all swimming in.

It means that, in reality, there is no “external. “ Everything is happening inside me, inside you, inside us. In the final analysis, there is no me, no you, no us. At the ultimate level, this conversation would not take place: there’d be no need and no occasion for it.

In the final analysis, there’s only the subjective, not the objective. That there’s considered to be an “objective” is itself the crux of the matter, the root of the illusion.  There’s nothing but God, and, since we’re a part of everything that is, we must also be God.

At the highest levels of consciousness, there’s no separation. And there’s no one to see there’s no separation.

As Rumi said:

“When I have sacrificed my angel soul,
I shall become what no mind e’er conceived.
Oh, let me not exist!
For Non-existence
Proclaims in organ tones,
‘To Him we shall return.’” (1)

No mind has ever conceived of non-existence. No one has ever known non-existence. When someone knows non-existence, that someone ceases to be.

Sri Ramakrishna offers the example of the salt doll that wanted to measure the depth of the ocean:

“Once a salt doll went to measure the depth of the ocean. (All laugh.)

“It wanted to tell others how deep the water was. But this it could never do, for no sooner did it get into the water than it melted. Now who was there to report the ocean’s depth?” (2)

SaLuSa described the ultimate in evolution just the other day: “Evolution is constantly taking place. The ultimate is to return to the Godhead but that is way ahead of you at present.” (3)

The “ultimate” is a “return” to the “Godhead.” But that is “way ahead of you” at present.

At the highest level of consciousness, at the “ultimate,” no other exists than the “Godhead.” The Godhead is a name for God at a level of consciousness beyond whatever thoughts we have about God at present.

It was originally intended to signify the Transcendental One beyond the Trinity of Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, and Child of God or Self. Hindus would recognise that Trinity as Brahman, Shakti, and Atman and the One as Parabrahman.

But I’m giving it a more flexible meaning here. I’m using it to refer to the ultimate and absolute level of consciousness, beyond anything we’ve plumbed in any of our human explorations.

Even if that highest level be a constantly-receding phenomenon, I’m using it to refer to what is beyond that. The Unqualified and Unqualifiable. The Unconditioned and Unconditionable.

But knowledge of that is “way ahead of you” at present. It’s ahead of any being that exists in form or formlessness. In fact “knowledge of it” is impossible because the mere phraseology points to an objective observer and a phenomenon objective to the objective observer.

And, since there’s no existence apart from God, there’s also no possibility of the rise of an objective observer at the highest level of existence.  … Or non-existence.

All is subjective.

Franklin Merrell Woolf spoke of “consciousness without an object.” (4)   All traces of separation there disappear: a separate form, a separation in consciousness, any trace of an existence separate from God, any trace of a separate “me” – all disappear, back into Oneness.

If “I” disappear, well, then….

I cannot say that I’d find myself in yet another, more umbrageous “I” because the “I” that would find that out would not exist.

There would be no one for whom or in whom such a question would arise. There would be an “I.” And that “I” would be All there is.  Beyond That, there’d be nothing existent or non-existent.

Nisargadatta Maharaj – Awaken to the Eternal

trulyhelpful·257 videos

Nisargadatta Maharaj – Awaken to the Eternal

Om Deeksha ◦ Oneness Blessing ◦ Bliss

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Maneesh de Moor and a renowned group of musicians offer a tranquil immersion in the peace at the heart of enlightenment. All are qualified to offer the oneness blessing, the sacred energy that supports the transformation of consciousness and fosters spiritual awakening.

Infused with this spirit of love, Om Deeksha carries listeners on the gentle waves of ten soothing tracks. Along with this soothing soundtrack the video offers a slideshow containing impressiv landscapes photographed on the surface of our beautiful planet Earth.

1. 0:00:00 Moola Prayer – Maneesh De Moor & Sudha
2. 0:09:39 Bliss – Yogini
3. 0:20:26 Jai Radha Madhav – Deva Premal
4. 0:26:47 Morning Praise (Excerpt) – Anandagiri-ji
5. 0:35:40 Invocation of Bliss – Anette Carlström
6. 0:43:55 Interlude – Maneesh De Moor
7. 0:47:34 Om Bhagavan – Maneesh De Moor & Sudha
8. 0:56:13 Chidananda – Deva Premal
9. 1:02:07 Pure Essence – Maneesh De Moor
10. 1:07:49 Guru Stotram – Krishnaraj-ji

Being A Blissworker – The Law Of Attraction – Feeling Good, Feeling Love, Feeling Joy

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Check out Abraham-Hicks “the Vortex”.

I woke up last week to a new top priority – “i want to be happy and be in LOVE all the time! every moment of the day! I want to feel joy everyday.” then, i started to solidify this new reality and vibrational approach to life by listening to Abraham-Hicks “the Vortex” recordings for 36 hours almost non stop.
it’s been a few days and i am FEELING GOOD all the time and when ever i feel something negative I refocus on Love and feeling joy. it takes all my focus. it is my priority. i am now starting to attract my dreams back, and the challenges and blocks to the dreams are starting to dissolve.

What is My Purpose?

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Ask Teal Website –
In this episode, Teal explains that your purpose with respect to what you are meant to be “doing” here in this life will literally fall in your lap when you commit to living life at the mercy of your own joy.

The topic addressed in this video, “What is my life’s purpose?” is very different from last weeks question, which is “What is the purpose of life?”.

Teal explains that if you will follow your feelings of passion and joy, doing nothing more than taking the next logical step, soon you will find that you are doing something which is so integral to who you are that you will say “aha, this is my purpose here”.

You will feel a sense of destiny in this activity because while you are doing this thing which is allowing all that is you to be present in this life, it will take no effort for you to do.

Teal explains that we have been taught that there is virtue in effort. This is not the case. The vibrational definition of effort is struggle, which is a state of resistance. It is this sense of struggle that is your indication that you are currently going cross current to the direction that your soul self is trying to lead you.

If you are doing this thing that you call your purpose, while it may take some form of exertion and dedication, you will feel joy in that exertion and dedication that will thereby disqualify the action from being called a struggle. The hours you spend doing it will instead feel like minutes. You will not want to be anywhere other than where you are.

And so, in this episode, Teal explains that we must be willing to take a risk. We must be willing to take the risk of change and the risk of placing value on our joy. If we take this risk, we are committing to the willingness for our entire life and our entire direction to change. We are committing to our direction changing perhaps several times over the course of our lives.

But only with this commitment is it possible to be truly happy and express your true purpose here on earth.

Anoushka Shankar – Dancing in Madness

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Artist: Anoushka Shankar
Song: Dancing in Madness
Album: Traveller

Divine Qualities vs. Nova Earth

Divine Qualities vs. Nova Earth   –   by Steve Beckow,  of  Golden Age Of Gaia 

Steve Beckow


Perhaps I can begin by saying that, in my view, manifesting the divine qualities in our behavior (walking the walk, instead of simply talking the talk) is far more important in the overall scheme of things than just building Nova Earth

Building Nova Earth is about reconstructing the Earth so that it allows for full Fifth Dimensionality to be experienced. Building Nova Earth means refashioning ourselves so we manifest the divine qualities, reconstituting our societies so they reflect the divine qualities, and introducing advanced technologies so we’re allowed to rebuild the Earth in a way that allows for Gaia’s comfort and our higher-dimensional experiencing.

Manifesting the divine qualities is crucial to life itself as far as we can see into the virtually-endless evolutionary future. Manifesting the divine qualities is crucial to our successful completion of life viewed as an overall journey from God to God through countless lifetimes.

Love vs. Bliss/Joy

OK, here comes another idea.

I’ve said before that we probably don’t fully appreciate the importance of bliss. Bliss causes us to expand. It opens the door to wisdom. Bliss, or you can call it joy if you’d rather, is the solvent that releases us from all our bonds. The more bliss, the higher our vibrations rise.

Love is also an attribute of the Divine but to me love is different than bliss, if difference there be at these refined levels of existence. Love is the attractive force in the universe. The electrons of an atom are held to the nucleus by love. The atoms are held together in molecules by love. People are attracted to one another by love. The planets are held to the Sun by love.

Love attracts; bliss expands. If we look at what it is that attracts us to others and others to us, we’d need to look to love. But if we want to know what it is that brings on expansive wisdom, we’d have to look to bliss.

Love is a horizontal pull; bliss is a vertical push. Love draws us to others but bliss pushes us to new heights. 

A friend of mine pointed out to me the relevance of balance and gratitude to bliss. Her joy arises when she’s centered or balanced. Of course the treasure buried in the field, or the Self, is in the center of that field of the body – the heart. And when she finds herself in the experience of the Self in the center or heart, she feels gratitude. 

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Tantra and Kundalini

According to the philosophy of Tantra, the entire universe is a manifestation of pure consciousness. In manifesting the universe, this pure consciousness seems to become divided into two poles or aspects, neither of which can exist without the other.

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