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Bill Ballard – Clearing the Self of Imposed Quantum Debris From Our Field – 2-9-14



Feb 9, 2014

Some reflections on Quantum Mechanics and OUR OWN generation of the field we experience as life… Its not being done to us.


Ralph Ring on Lisa Harrison and entourage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fumO0…

BILL BALLARD – So What Does End Times Mean – The 7 Years of Tribulation – The Shift – 12-5-15

Thanks to 2012: The Awakening



Published on Dec 5, 2015

So what is the End Times? What does that mean to HUE-man-it-y and me??? What was this all about? What is meant by the Great Tribulation and the 7 years of The Shift? What are the 3 Waves of Ascension? What is Nebadon and What does being a Michael mean?


The Great Awakening shifts into the final year in 2016 and now is that time…. Pretty darned cool whats going down eh? haha….


bill ballard

Just found this video after publishing my above:
Welcome To The 11th Dimension – Documentary https://youtu.be/Ez1aDzwllT4

BILL BALLARD – Wesak, 3 Energetic Upgrades in One Month – 5-3-15



WOWZERS! WE have had 3 Full Note Frequency increases since first of April. From 1992 to 2010 that would happen every 18 months or so… then since 2010 every several months until 2012… and they happened every few months then…

Now in just this one month, 3…. My body is fatigued as Im integrating all the energies. Yes I am grounded… my diet is fantastic. I get plenty of exercise and sun as well as all the water and minerals I need… This level of how fast this is coming in as this month… Can it keep increasing at this rate? Whew!

Here are a few feelings I have been experiencing and hear from others going through the same process levels I am….

Much LOVE!

Bill Ballard – Sensations of Ascension Initiations – Archangel Michael Words of Wisdom – 4-7-15


In speaking to Meline LaFont this morning as she described her Ascension Initiations I was in memory of when I had the same descriptions of what I was experiencing. In this video my Archangel Michael side of me comes through describing my own (bb) physical ascension initiation process and how it feels, as well as cutting through all the BS (you know what that is short for), “Belief Systems” out there as others finally achieve their Shakkti initiations and opening their crown chakra. It is at this time one is finally receiving messages of Ascension and all the fun begins. There is a process of Transfiguration of the physical vessel that unfolds as one takes their initiations which is similar for all. It is known as the “transfiguration” process of the physical vessel.

Much LOVE!

Bill Ballard – Getting Real About Ascension – Obsession About -The Event, RV, ET Landings, New Age Deceptions – 9-18-14


Ok guys… Check and see if you can watch this now. I had to change some Youtube settings that had been altered for me inside my Administrative Settings, Password Protected YouTube Account…. ha…. It looks as the videos are working now from my side the way it was originally posted. I have already posted this vid 4 times as I tried to do my usual length messages…. Lets see if this one works now.

When it rains, it pours. There was a post yesterday about New Age deceptions, about the RV, ET landings and all these false messages about dates and other such things that New Age Channels of 4th Dimensional level (at the highest) are bringing forth. Persons keep following these messages, many times because it makes them feel good…. Which THAT IS GOOD…. But not how reality works as that can very easily backfire as those events and dates don’t play out as was told by those who channel the messages. Always there are excuses and persons pardon those who brought forth such.

The downside to that is that persons have put so much energies, THEIR OWN ENERGIES into those dates and events and future potentials that they are counting on to change their life. When it does not happen then they get very down and depressed as THAT INDIVIDUAL was being ir-response-able to their own personal mastery… They gave up their power, energy and personal manifestation mastery….

It will be wonderful as persons finally realize that the power resides within self. One MUST master their own thought, emotion, and spiritual diet in order to develop their personal mastery…. NO ONE is coming to do this for you…. There will be NO PODS that can give you the LIGHT as well as take out that resistance (which requires mastery) that keeps or neutralizes one’s personal manifestation powers…. As a co-creator god…. It is up to the individual to realize what is going on here and that EVERYTHING outside of one’s own heart IS THE ILLUSION…. Ha…

Sooner or later the collective of humanity will finally get it. I don’t worry as that is what all this chaos is all about as NOTHING will change from our focusing on the exterior, until and unless each and EVERYONE changes their OWN INTERIOR… aka… HEART and perceptions which generates their reality. The User’s Manual for this Earth Transportation Mechanism we inhabit is only found inside your heart…. Only there will one master how this works….

With LOVE!
Here is a GREAT article about this New Age Deception…. I highly recommend reading this… Its good!

Lightworker Bill Ballard – Everyone Is A Gatekeeper – 9-9-14


A Lightworker commented on Sandra Walter’s last post on my wall, “What IS a Gatekeeper?” Well, truthfully WE ARE ALL when we choose to focus on magnetics and moving energy from the higher realms to use for New Earth Construction. Here are a few of my feelings on that subject.

Happy 9-9-14 Gateway. 5 Years ago today Archangel Michael called me out to go public again… whew

The Meline LaFont video from a year ago that was my Lord Metatron Initiation, which you can see the “encodings” being downloaded and caught by the camera:

Sandra Walter’s newest post on Gatekeepers which spoken of in this video:

Ascension is a personal choice…

Aisha North’s Newest

Bill Ballard – Ascension Update – Positive Timelines Abound – Humans Awakening With Earth – Witnessing Syncs – Reflecting on June 2014

Bill Ballard – The Puppeteer Inhabiting the Puppet – Levels of Ascension – 5-18-14

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The energetic constipation going on from the Spring Equinox until the Scorpio Full Moon has finally cleared and shifted. We have reached a new level of vibration as well as coming into the final Gates of the 7 years of transition, aka the Great Tribulation. We have passed these Gates and are now in the back stretch heading into New Earth.

There are so many masters consciously walking on the planet, and each at their own level of initiations as they go through their ascension process… each in their own time, or now moment. The 2nd Wave of Ascending Masters is now fully established on the planet as persons awaken and become the Puppeteer Inhabiting the Puppet… ha

The 3rd Wave of Ascension are those persons born during the time of ascension, since 1992 as they awake and move into their mission on Earth… Together we shift the reality for the collective as we ascend the Multi-verse…

Did you think this was going to be easy? Hehe


Bill Ballard – Ascension as a Process of Manifestation – Quantum Energy Generator – We are the QEG – There is No Zero – Understanding the Interplay of Dimensions – Consciousness Directly Related to Sacred Geometry – Everything is Electro-Magnetic – 3-5-14

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Hey Hey Beautiful People!

Well This past week has been pretty intense. The learning curve has been amped up in a most intense way. Things I believed to be true are not and even my own world of what I thought IS, is not… haha!

Many of us have been hearing of the QEG or Hope Moore’s descriptions of the Quantum Energy Generator. As I listened to last nights radio show with Ralph and Marsha Ring and a wonderful panel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FqzT… as this show was posted I was already listening to and being blown away mathematically by Peter van Runt’s interview of Roman’s description of Cosmic Math and Sacred Geometry… http://youtu.be/QQjrLBSate8

Whew… That hit deep and as I watched I learned all I believed was true from what I found in school was all wrong… haha… Back to first grade for me!

I have to say that Fernando Vossa’s focus on consciousness is also in full alignment with all I have known and brought forth on my own journey…

Check out the 2 shows as both these are mind/consciousness expanding…

Bottom line is, as the message came through in my vid… WE ARE THE QEG in physical form… What Hope is bringing forth is the material manifestation of the QEG for the dimensional transition!

Cary Ellis and Dave Stewarts Radio show yesterday on similar subjects http://www.blogtalkradio.com/expandin…

What a trip! What a Ride! Look how fast all is forming and changing!


Bill Ballard – Energies and The Event – There are Many Potentials for That – 1-17-14

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Check out Meline’s Global Meditation below. Let’s do it!



Bill Ballard – Integration, Fusing of Incoming Energies into Physical Form – 1-12-14

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There has been a great shift in the energies these past days. It is integration and fusing of the higher levels of self, LIGHT Quotient and those frequencies into the physical atomic and cellular structure. ISON’s energies are upgrading and changing the H2O of all consciousness as it comes through. I have not had words or understanding that I could relate to others in video format these past months and until yesterday I was not fully understanding or relating to that which I feel in my own field. I have fused with it now.

It is interesting that happened 22 years to the day after 144,000 of us joined in unified focused thought and doing our ceremonies, the Wheels within Wheels mentioned by Ezekiel in his book chapter 1 so long ago… That it has taken 22 years now to bring our planet and humanity into a shift was not something I could relate to then… Most of us felt we would be off 3D Earth by 1999… but isn’t it funny how things shift as we are ALL ONE… The rest of the collective of humanity did not want to be left behind… hehe, and that was what 9/11 was all about, and more. So Thanks Team Dark for that!

I also thank everyone who has been working with me on the High Energy Exchange which allows me the funding to do projects I manifest… That is working well…

WE-l-come to 2014 and New Earth my dear other parts of ME!



Bill Ballard – Water Powered RV 3D Printed Mobile Homes Can Change Humanity – 12-17-13

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I was joining with Lisa M Harrison, Brian Kelly, Bob Wright and so many others on the OPPT OPAL Tour in Panama City Florida this past week. We do have ways to change humanity and the collective as well as destruction and waste of Mother Earth’s resources simply by changing the way we live and think with off the shelf technology, and RIGHT NOW! I have had the idea of 3D printed Solar paneled/water fuel cell driven Electric driven mobile homes which is quite feasible RIGHT NOW!

In addition to what was spoken of here, a Navy Seal friend, Tom stated to use a bladder sewage system as they do on Navy Ships where Methane is made from decaying fecal and plant matter which on submarines is used to cook foods or heat with… This is a fantastic idea which I didn’t mention in the vid. Also a vertical Aquaponics area inside the vehicle using a tubular sky light could provide some foods or herbs grown inside the vehicle. Do you see the potentials and possibilities here? They are only limited to our own ideas and integrating them into a system. This can be repeated globally and manufactured anywhere to help humanity off and out of the slavery system they currently live in. FREEEEEDDDOMMM as Mel Gibson so eloquently stated, haha!

If these “mobile homes” are produced and we have areas of land say from 100-1000+ acres that has orchards, organic gardens, aquaponic fish ponds, vineyards and such where persons can travel to and have community of other persons using such “3D printed, Water Powered Mobile Homes” to gather at and help perpetuate, we could take persons off the grid feeding the banks, Petro companies, Detroit’s wasteful vehicle manufacturing, mining, all the need to mine or cut down forests or the need to build such limited housing we as humanity currently use, as well as the need to work to “earn” the right to be here on Mother Earth to Live… no more jobs and taxes necessary which is how the false economy works in the first place… No more bailouts of the banks and all too big to fail complanies (misspelling intended).

WE could just stop playing the game and have ALL WE NEED… WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY RIGHT NOW! It is time to gather our ideas, resources and what we have to contribute to make something as this happen.

Humanity could be truly free from the system and being enslaved as it has been and we could easily clean up Mother Earth thereafter bringing her into a pristine state of being.

This video is on my vision which I expressed to those persons in OPPT and the OPAL Tour this past week. If you have comments, links, thoughts, dreams on this subject please leave your comments below!

Happy HolYdays!

Bill Ballard

I am now helping others on a personal level with their Ascension process. Here is my video discussing the High Energy Exchange… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZOfhL…

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Bill Ballard – Incoming Energies – Personal Experience of Lower Vibration – 12-17-13

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It has been 4 years now I have held a higher space of frequency and vibration which when lived in that way is a state of grace with no accidents or other things that happen in one’s life while in that state. This weekend I allowed myself to come down to what I used to live in, for a while as I was seemingly grounded by the energies of others who I have been with these past weeks, but culminating this past weekend. I allowed myself to fall into the “old” Bill Ballard and play 4D for a while to experience and gain a great appreciation for having reached the higher levels of my integrated self.

It’s a good thing to sometimes allow a fall back into lower vibrations to see just how far we have come and also to appreciate what we have achieved in our ascension process. Yes, I can lower my vibrations in which I then, stutter, stub my toe stumble round or have other accidents, think about things rather than feeling them and going with the flow, to try to figure things out in my head instead of just reading the field and channeling the energies of ALL THAT IS… haha…

That was a fun experience, but only for a while… It really made me be thankful for that state of grace and perfection as the ego steps aside and higher self lives through this being which makes everything so very magical! Stepping out of grace for a while, just as we have since the Fall of Atlantis as a collective fall, as we pull back into those higher levels we have such great appreciation. You cannot KNOW the LIGHT without experiencing the Dark…

That was part of what the “Fall” was all about. NOW… Where we allow our consciousness to reside and how high of a frequency and LIGHT Quotient we choose to hold, that is a personal choice… The choice is to live in Heaven or Hell… and THAT IS A PERSONAL CHOICE!

Happy HolYdays!

Bill Ballard

I am now helping others on a personal level with their Ascension process. Here is my video discussing the High Energy Exchange… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZOfhL…

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Bill Ballard – 11-24-13 Collective Unified Focused Intent – Awaken Humanity

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WE have a GREAT opportunity right now with these incoming energies for a long term Global Collective Intent Event. Please join me from now until New Year’s 2014 in a focus to “Awaken the Collective of Humanity”. The Cosmic Waves incoming, as well as Comet ISON’s energies and how that is effecting Our Sun as well as ourselves sets the stage of Super High Vibrations we can more readily focus to shift the Collective Consciousness, into their awakening and ascension process. Let’s do this together! It takes us ALL!

Persons who follow my work KNOWS their thought and emotions, as well as their frequency and LIGHT quotient is what readily creates/generates their reality. It does not simply happen to us. Abraham Hicks just did a wonderful video weeks ago speaking of this exactly. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OIVg…

Comet ISON was bright enough yesterday 11/23/13 to be seen through the clouds where this photo was taken. It was posted on Spaceweather.com http://spaceweathergallery.com/indiv_…

With yesterday’s Aion Portal Alignment and Cosmic Heart Activation Meditation that such large group joined in to participate in, there was a wave unleashed last night around the planet. I did check spaceweather.com and all links I know of showing cosmic ray measurements… None was found to explain the intense wave that was unleashed after that meditation. It could have come from ISON interacting with our Sun, which so many of us also feel. It could be because of both the meditation and ISON too… Who knows… But the wave is very intense and increasing this morning.

Comet ISON may indeed be the Blue Star Kachina spoken of in prophecy as to the Super Large and Bright Blue Corona it now possesses. It will be coming towards Earth during the time of this Global Focused Intent. Please join me and gather others to participate… Please let this event have no affiliation to me, other than this video… OWN IT YOURSELF IF YOU WISH TO WRITE OR VIDEO ABOUT IT… Add your dreams and vision to this also.

If you have not fully “activated” your Heart Chakra and are not yet in that perpetual state of bliss… What a perfect time to do so… That IS what the previous 40 Day Events have been all about.

Please join us… Please spread the Intent… now until New Years and thereafter… Let’s begin this wave of Intent now and let it grow as others join in during this most sacred time!

Happy HolYdays!

NEW UPDATE AFTER POST… A Solar Merkaba formed and was filmed around our Sun yesterday…. THIS IS COOL! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=…


Bill Ballard

I am now helping others on a personal level with their Ascension process. Here is my video discussing the High Energy Exchange… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZOfhL…

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Bill Ballard – 11-12-13 – 3D Ego, 4D Spiritual Ego – In relation to 5D-6D Ascension

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Lightworker Wayshower Bill Ballard – A Vision Quest – New Monetary Energy Exchange – 11-7-13 – (Not Recommended For Most People)

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Brother Jimi Hendrix asked, “Are you Experienced?” Well, quite certainly, I AM! I found that I am perpetually in the frequencies I so was seeking during my vision quests of the 1970s and 80s. I have not done one since the early 90s until this past week. I found I am so very “there” now. The experience last week showed me all the spiritual work of chakra activations, initiations and LIGHT BODY EXPANSIONS into my layers of Higher Self has all paid off and the magical mushrooms can no longer take me into higher frequencies. IM THERE NOW which was my intention for so long.

In this video I describe the experience I had with a friend, and what I felt from her as she had a 2nd experience where I felt I had no need to participate other than guiding her through.

During this past week I also know that it is time now for me to begin helping individuals for a monetary energy exchange to support things and some luxuries for my experience as we wait for humanity to collectively go through their ascension process. I have not been asking for anything other than donations until now as my focus has been to create a world without use of $$$. But, my level of energy I have to offer is at the leading edge of LIGHT and Higher Dimensional Frequencies in my personal field which is in the leading edge and greatest abilities from most any others on the planet at this time.

As we are in a holding pattern waiting for the collective to go through their individual ascension processes which may take some time to come, it is time to use my abilities to help others teaching the ways in the New Age industry, so I too can have some of the pleasures of life I have been holding myself from these past years while I kept my focuses strictly to Mother Earth’s clearing and ascension process. That is done now and it is time for me to work with other individuals for monetary energy exchange.

Ascension Guide Bill Ballard – 10-8-13 – Birthing the New Earth Collective – Seems We Are in Limbo Presently

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It feels these past days, almost 2 weeks now, we have been in a holding pattern with the birth of New Earth and the Collective. I see it like some of us are located on the head, those of us who have been going through our ascension process for many years now. In the birthing process, we certainly have “crowned” meaning that head is out of the birth canal, while the rest of the body is still being birthed. Although we are coming through the birthing with “eyes wide opened”, our shoulders and arms are still in the birth canal, while the legs and feet are still in the womb… Kinda like those who are consciously going through our ascension process in relations to those who are still asleep in whats going on with the Collective of Humanity at this time. It will take a while until the whole body of humanity is fully birthed. With that, it feels as if we are in a holding process waiting til the collective is birthed… or that is my experience of the energies Im currently feeling.

Bill Ballard – Surf’s Up – 10-1-13 – Major Solar Filament Eruption – CME Will Hit Tomorrow – Commentary On Our Dimensional Shifts

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Hey Hey Beautiful People! WE have a massive CME coming in tomorrow from a Solar Filament that erupted the evening of September 29. This one is HUGE! The data that is incoming is shifting as it gets changed. It does not look like this will affect our satellites or power grid system as the speed of the eruption is so slow… BUT, it is a Photon Event designed especially for us! Along with the planetary alignments currently happening, as well as the drama that is unfolding within humanity, this should get quite interesting!

For those of us who have been doing our clearing, rewiring, and the basics of ascension, this will be another Spiritual Rock Crusher event, or a time where we have an ability to incorporate more LIGHT into our field, expanding our LIGHT BODY into the 5D…. For those who are still in 4D brain/ego, this will be a time where that will be getting crushed up and more chaotic, again…. Ha! We will see what unfolds! It is certainly Divinely orchestrated!

As you guys know my LIGHT BODY is quite visible in these digital videos. In this one, if you set the vid to full screen and tilt your monitor back, you can clearly see the LIGHT levels of intensity my field is emitting. It is like LIGHT being emitted from a star…. Hence my Native American name “Walking Star”. Also you can see where those electrical lines of force emanating from my electromagnetic toroidal field from my “activated heart chakra” cause the fence wire to disappear behind me or reshape the wooden boards in the fence behind. I always find that interesting.

Wishing everyone the most wonderful experience as this CME hits these next days! What an opportunity to initiate changes within ourselves!

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Meline Lafont, Bill Ballard – Ascension Is Happening – Amazing Energetic Shift Felt

Meline Lafont – Lightworker

Bill Ballard  –  Lightworker

Lightworker Bill Ballard – Update of Energies – Fall 2013 Equinox – 9-24-13 – Previous Fall Equinoxes

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This is an update of my personal experiences of the Fall Equinox and the water healing ceremonies that Kim Bright and I did here around Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant. As the message was flowing, what came back to me was how each Fall Equinox since 2009 was so very special in my personal ascension process. Stories came up and out of all that as this video unfolded…. What a fantastic time to be alive!

BTW…. Here is that 11:11 Album I mention in this video. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/11:11_(R…)

Lightworker Bill Ballard – 9-18-13 – GateKeepers – 2013 Fall Equinox – Full Moon

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Ha… Its 11:22 as I begin typing this about today’s video. And the video is 29:29 in length too… What a trip the numerology is, HA!

On September 22, we are finally coming up on the end of that 9 month gestation period as we are birthing Mother Earth and the collective of Humanity since the December 21, 2012 Shift of the Ages. The Fall Equinox completes that cycle. What a wild ride this has been!

It is interesting to hear so many GateKeepers having gone through similar Lord Metatron integrations and initiations these past days, just as I did that was caught on video with Meline LaFont. I am hearing persons planet-wide tell their stories. Those Metatron energies are only increasing and being recalibrated within my field as my frequency raises and LIGHT Quotient expands within.

So many of us are hearing messages that the Avatar Energies are coming through to Earth during this Fall Equinox of 2013 for those of us who have been really working on Self. I am hearing similar messages across the board from various persons. I do welcome it so.

I can only say from personal experience I am in a constant flux and being rewired in my field. Holding the focus of that you wish to create is key as we all know.

Several wonderful videos and messages have come out these past days and I link them below.

Sandra Walter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o80yv9…
Bashar https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature…
Matt Kahn… this is REALLY GOOD! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrPmDr…
Magenta Pixie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51obcz…
Anna Merkaba http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpre…
Denise LaFay http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2013…
Jill Renee Feeler http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wim4xU…
Palona Somorak http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_eX4G…
Ronna Herman http://lucas2012infos.wordpress.com/2…
Jennifer Hoffman http://enlighteninglife.com/release-s…
Laarkmaa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz0gMv…
Selacia http://lucas2012infos.wordpress.com/2…
Daniella Breen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9AnfA…
Arcturians http://awakeningtohigherlove.com/2013…
Teal Scott http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqWgcn…
Max Igan http://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.co…
Lisa Renee http://www.isabeaux.net/news/display….
Joe Eigo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPF1S1…
Lisa Gawlas http://lisagawlas.wordpress.com/2013/…
Caroline KA http://starlightinfo.wordpress.com/20…
Alexander Del Sol http://waverider1.wordpress.com/2013/…
Lucas http://lucas2012infos.wordpress.com/2…
Hollis http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com/2…
Galactic Free Press Newsletter of current news http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreep…
GFP latest video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BChkSl…


7-30-13 Bill Ballard ~ Passing through the 7-29-13 Stargate into Our New Earth

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Do you “feel” it? Yesterday’s Planetary Merkaba formation in the stars of 7-29-13 was truly amazing! The energies today are still so very strong and watching the various stages that led up to NOW has been something to both witness and participate in. WOW!

I had many experiences that led up to yesterday with the bringing back of fractals of “SELF” that were in various timelines throughout history, in various dimensions, and who were parts of me that needed and MUST come home to the “I AM THAT I AM” or ME to enter this next stage of my personal ascension process an my own sovereignty… With that, it seems that not only karma has been cleared but also memories of those times, the story has seemed to disappear… WOW… Did the Akash get rewritten because of that? Whew… so much has happened and so little time has passed this will take a while to digest.

In the next stages of the game, now we are truly in NEW EARTH, I feel that so many of us who have been focusing on bringing down the old 3D world and those controllers so ascension on a collective basis could and would unfold, we are now free, IF WE CHOOSE to go to our next levels of being… That would be fully re-member-ing our Avatar abilities and getting reacquainted with that we have already done, but forgot so long ago… As we do this, that experience of us doing so as individuals will go into the consciousness grid and Christ Grid for all of humanity to also draw from… New Earth will be Heaven on Earth… and it’s now time to create it…

For persons who have felt the shift and feel confused somewhat now… you’re not alone! I too have some recalibration going on as so much has shifted within myself. I am not fully certain of my own abilities at this time as it all gets restructured… it’s a process and know that this will take time to come back into feeling normal… nothing is normal at the current time.

Of course there is still healing going on, and especially as humanity wakes and goes through their processes on an individual basis… For those of us who have been clearing the energies previously as we have done this… that process and help will be ever so easy in comparison to what we have already experienced… a cake walk… The difficult thing maybe to step back into our Avatar abilities, OR that may also be a cake walk too… Anyway… It’s Time! HA!

Bill Ballard
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Bill Ballard – 7-14-13 – Ceremonies and New Firmament for New 5D Earth – My Fractal

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7-3-13 Bill Ballard – Integration of Light Being and Angelic Self – Holding Paradise Energies

pearls2u·196 videos

were brought home to this being, and karmic contracts were voided to become truly sovereign again, I went through another initiation process integrating those higher parts of me.

Many of us are going through this process right now as I see so many talking about their experiences. It brings so much JOY as that means the Duality Experiment IS TRULY OVER! IT IS DONE! Finished and completed!

Now we are integrating the New Earth Energies, the Energies of Paradise, of the Mansion Worlds of this Galaxy. Those new frequencies each of us are channeling into Mother Earth ARE the Coordinates of where Earth (and our local universe) will re position itself through the Anterion Stargate, the Middle Star of Orion’s Belt and in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy…. WE COLLECTIVELY ARE THE COORDINATES OF THE OTHER END OF THAT WORMHOLE GENERATED BY THE PLANETARY MERKABA WHICH WILL BE IN THE STARS AS SEEN IN THE ASTROLOGICAL CHARTS OF 7/29/13! Do ya realize how BIG THIS IS??? Haha!

My message is to stay completely focused on holding those frequencies from now until that time. I see so many others who have also stepped through this doorway and have integrated their higher selves into their physical bodies, which is keys to the coordinates of where Mother Earth is going!

This is what we have always waited for, for millions of years… Here and NOW!

With Such Expanded LOVE for ALL THAT IS!

Bill Ballard

Lightworker Bill Ballard – Live Your Greatest Dream – Your Life Is the Ultimate Expression – 5-22-13

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AS I go to post this video, I see the time parameter being 13:13:31 on 5-22-13…. How interesting those numbers are and especially with the topic I am discussing in this video of Living Your Dream Life…. Many persons work all their life to pay for their material stuff, with the concept that the person who dies with the most toys wins… I beg to differ on that subject as it is the person who has had the most magical experiences is the one who wins.

This morning I was told an old friend.  He spent his time worrying about not having enough, about his fears and about all those things the Illusion of the Matrix intends to lead us into… Even with our time together for years and so many discussions , the concepts I hold never seem to break through to him. As I look and remember, even my own father and mother spend their life working for that time of death, but in a material way rather than spiritual. And too, my own daughter is so much older than me.

To me, living your dream life to its fullest, never limiting yourself or your beliefs and creating the majic you so wish to experience is by far the best way to live life and set an example for others to follow. It is our thought and emotion which creates our individual lives. As a collective it is the same that creates our collective experience we have while here on Earth. Many of us know that in order to change Our Mother Earth we must change ourselves first… And then together we bring into manifestation the New Earth which is a product of our collective thought and emotions….

Fun Fun!


Ascension Guide Bill Ballard – Geniune Clearing – Victim Consciousness

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Since April many of us have been doing some MAJOR CLEARING for our own selves as well as for humanity. How we experience this is due to our perceptions and whether we are looking at the situation from the old stand point of the glass half-FULL or half empty. Personally I choose to look at my situation as a champagne glass full and bubbling over. That makes it so much easier for me to clear out my quantum field of the magnetic emotions.

I am seeing some persons who are working on clearing, but in the same old way of victim consciousness. That seems to give this state of poor poor pitiful (Pity Full) me… and they are going through the same thing(s) again and again without different results.

In my experience (for me) I had to learn to change my perceptions of that which I clear and seeing it for the best, and also from a higher perspective so I can understand WHY I had that experience… The question IS, can you give that not so fun experience you are wishing to clear, your gratitude? Can you see what you learned from it? Can you give that person who gave you conflict your unconditional LOVE, even though you didn’t like that experience? Can you see the clearing (REAL CLEARING) from that higher state of being, from the highest vibration you can hold rather than hanging on to that traumatic experience and constantly reliving that because you have not changed your perceptions about what occurred?

There is a huge difference between actual and true clearing and torturing one’s self in that state of reliving that which they experienced…

We EACH create that which we experience. How we view that experience will create our present experience… Be careful as to how you choose!

Clearing or Re-Living the experience…. There is a fine line there we each MUST MASTER in our Ascension process!

Bill Ballard – GateKeepers – Current Earth Energies – Glad April 2013 Is Over

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Wasn’t April’s Energies Fun??? NOT.. haha! WE just went through some MAJOR clearing of old energies, memories, Karma and crapola to clear from this planet… With that we have entered a much more refined and higher vibrational frequency for all to experience who wish for that experience…

It takes the clearing to allow for Higher Light and Dimensional Vibrations to be experienced on Earth… The GateKeepers have been guided to their missions all over planet for this transformation, transfiguration and resurrection of Mother Earth and Ascending Humanity… Sometimes those energies we feel while doing that is not so fun because of the extreme higher LIGHT as well as the lower vibes that must be transmuted.

Sandra Walter did a wonderful video on this she published this morning. Here is the link so I won’t have to repeat the same messages that so many of us are getting at this time… http://youtu.be/qCFqqrSTjOs

Thank you to ALL Gatekeepers and Lightworker Light Warriors around planet who are consciously working on the Awakening and Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity!



Bill Ballard 4-10-13 – Purity of Increasing Vibrations, Energies

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Since the Global Water Healing ceremonies Ginger and I did last week the energies have been ever increasing here in Florida. Along with those increasing energies from the crystal beds below here, the water tastes different and more electrified coming from the tap from our well where I am currently living. The water tastes like when you energize it yourself via focused LOVE, but that is the way it comes from the tap now.

Others are telling me they too were called to do water healing ceremonies at the same time we were. This is a global effort many of us are doing, and sending LOVE TO ALL WATER above, on and in Gaia. How wonderful the connections we each have when attuned to our higher dimensional states of being. Remember the ceremonies we did continues and is an ongoing connection and sending LOVE to the waters for healing and purification that anyone can join in and do from anywhere you are on Mother Earth.

My feelings of these incoming and expanding energies are to such a degree it is becoming difficult for me to relate to the world in the way we knew it and did it before. These past days it is a feat for me to carry on simple conversations, which are simply for the sake of communication with another. That old way of speaking as it requires some mental focus and thinking about the BS of small chat which I am moving away from more each day… No more crap chatting now… ha. Soon, telepathic communication of concepts will be more aligned with my being rather than the small talk we used to do… How pointless that old way seems to be becoming now.

My messages are now to hold the vibrations of these incoming frequencies and anchor them into Mother Earth. There will be many upheavals to society as we knew it, and coming very soon. It all MUST collapse to build new and soon step into New Earth. This collapse of the economy, banking system, governments and military is a must in order to completely awaken humanity to who they are, what has been going on and to build new. There must be a transition period, but hopefully that will not take long…. As it gets crazy, holding the new energies and peace, keeping balance is what many of us are being called to do now. Sending LOVE AND LIGHT to Humanity.

What GREAT times we are living in people! We have been waiting on the completion of duality a long long time… and it is unfolding now!

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