Bentinho Massaro – ETs – Ascension into 4th Density – Mortality – True Humility – 3-16-15

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Bentinho Massaro

 * – LIVE (3.16.15)

In this session Bentinho answers a lot of questions about the nature of Consciousness, Vibration, Death, Ascension, what 4th Density will be like, what it means to be of service and know true humility not by keeping oneself small, but by going really big and fearlessly expanding into what one is supposed to be here on earth. He also answers some questions regarding his own life, his experience with not being attached to this world and leaving (dying) when it is no longer relevant to be here, and he hints a little bit at his true nature beyond this life.

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Bentinho Massaro – How to Keep Your Frequency High – You Are Loved

Bentinho Massaro

 * – Tonight Bentinho will speak specifically to the delicate art of maintaining higher frequency levels, and explain the difference between being physically focused vs non-physically focused.

In this session, Bentinho will take us into the ability to maintain higher and higher levels of frequency, even throughout Valley experiences. He will explain in depth the differences one experiences in ones state of being when one is physically vs non-physically focused, how to balance the two, and how to maintain a strong connection to the non-physical focus of freedom, spaciousness, all-possibility and abundance.

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*How to raise your frequency and keep it high*

At the end of the session Bentinho wells up with Love and tears as he seems to be merged with sensing the perfection of all beings and the oneness that we are. He urges people to know that they are loved and asks them to see themselves as he sees them, and that if they cannot, trust what he sees until they can.

Bentinho Massaro – Achieving Overflowing Abundance

Bentinho Massaro


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***Achieving Overflowing Abundance (in every way) – Specifically through Understanding the Art of ‘Being Generous’***

Description: Overflowing Abundance, in every way, means to live a life that’s opened up to receive, and give, the infinite life force that creates All That Is. Channeling the infinite recourses of both the physical and nonphysical universe gets easier once you understand a few key mechanics.

Being Generous (In every way) is one sure way to receive, channel, give and experience an unstoppable flow of goodness. The more you give of your unconditional love, whether it be in the form of hosting someone at your house, giving them money, or putting a hand on their shoulder and always being ready to be of service… it’s the vibrational state of ‘Ready to be of service in Love & Light’ that will make your life rich, in every way.

Those agents of consciousness that desire to take care of more of creation, will get more access to its recourses.

Bentinho Massaro – Am I Allowing or Tolerating – Revaluing Creative Imagination

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In this video Bentinho discusses the important difference between True Acceptance (Allowance) and Tolerating things. Oftentimes people believe they are in a state of acceptance when they are merely tolerating.

If your acceptance doesn’t feel overly happy and joyful, it is not true acceptance, it is more a type of endurance.

Sphere of Light Meditation – Bentinho Massaro

Bentinho Massaro

This video is an excerpt from the recorded online weekend retreat “Achieving Happiness and Manifesting Bliss.”