REPOST -LORD SANANDA – AFTER THE WAVE – WHERE ARE WE? – BELIEVING IS SEEING – I AM THE HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS – Speak Out Your 5D Expressions – Going In and Out of Portal, Feeling Bliss on Your Return – Launch Yourself into the High Frequency – Meditate on Moving ino Other Dimensions – Physical Illness does not belong in Your Body – Good Health: Create it in your Consciousness ( Believing Is Seeing ) – 10-4-15

Sananda True


We are in Transition!  

Sananda’s message both inspires and motivates!  Sananda presents us with a special request.

Well… did we ascend?  All 2.3 billion of us??

One-Who-Serves gives energetic and empowering responses – Ashira completes the colorful picture.

How do we use these portals? – How do we address physical pain? – Allowing the Dark to change, or leave.

How do our Twin Flames fit in? And when?  

What is “The New Disclosure” and “After Disclosure” or “AD” –  Mentors now and AD.

More about using the portals – Union of alternative sites – Which way to go with cancer? – What do I need to know? –

The “New Game Plan,” reaching the world, and how we fit in.

LIVE Spiritual Lesson – BEing Is DOing – Believing is Seeing

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This live video is a hard act to follow — to try to put words to. I meant it to be a break from the domination of mind. Not sure it came out that way, but one hopes. We all see things so differently, but the core is the same. It’s fun to contact That.

The video is also useful in your efforts to de-program or re-program mind the way you want it. So often the programming will vanish on being seen — it can’t handle that. Once we pull out the stops, entering in to our real power and authority as Source robed in flesh — well, nothing much will be able to withstand us…Distributed by