JENNY SCHILTZ – Seeing your way through Patterns and Belief Systems

Seeing your way through Patterns and Belief Systems



There has been so much taking place energetically recently. I will do my best to keep this simple. This has been a challenging but deeply rewarding time as many of us take embodiment to the next level. The best way that I can describe it is there is a “clicking in”. Grounding one’s energy has changed for many as well. It seems that the more we ground our soul into the body, the more we are grounded in the earth naturally. The connection and integration of energies are becoming seamless and require a new level of dedication. It is the honoring of the body, mind, and spirit at all times and allowing yourself to flow with whatever the energies demand at the time.

I have taken the last 4 weeks off to integrate these energies and take care of myself. It has been one of the most intense times as the downloads have been huge and seem to have a “hangover” period attached to them. It reminds me of having a newborn and how sleeping when the baby sleeps is the rule of survival. I am finding that when my energy is high it is time to get a lot done and when it is not, it is time to rest, reflect and integrate. Ideas are streaming in for many but they don’t have the physical stamina to put them in place just yet. Write all the ideas down and when the time is right you can begin the creation process.

There is a balancing and healing taking place of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. In order for these qualities to become stable within us (heart-centered nurturing combined with heart-centered action), we must heal where it has been corrupted. We must see what the belief systems are that created this distortion of the energies and heal it but from a place of love and forgiveness. Observe what is coming up within you and what gets triggered. These are clues to what needs seen and brought into Divine balance.

The more we clear these distortions the more our outer world (your own personal world, not the collective) will begin to match your inner world. It’s when we realize that everything is a message, everything is happening to lead us in a direction of deeper soul growth.


Making sure that you are hydrated is essential in these energies. Often water is not enough as it goes right through you. Adding a pinch of salt (Celtic and Himalayan are great) will help your body make the most out of the water. Pineapple juice has been really calling me as well. In these super high energies, I notice that my skin becomes very dry, the lips may split and oddly enough my fingers will look slightly pruned as if they have been soaking in water. These are my physical cues that more self-care is needed NOW. Look to see what your own personal clues are so that you can help yourself before the energies have you flat out.

The digestive system has been receiving a massive upgrade. This area of our body can hold density and upgrades can be quite uncomfortable. Some will find that their intestines actually ache and food is not digesting easily. For those experiencing this, I recommend the B.R.A.T. diet (bananas, rice, applesauce & toast) or some equally bland diet. Mint and Chamomile tea helped with the bloating as well. Others are finding that the only time the stomach is not aching is when it is full and the desire for carbs, meat, and other dense foods is high. We are so highly individualized with where we are in this process and there are no right/wrong answers. Play with your diet, listen to what your body is asking for and throw away whatever belief system is in place that may stop you from honoring your physical form.

Understanding patterns

I want to share with you an experience I had that brought me great understanding of patterns and belief systems.

During a recent meditation, I found myself in a place that looked like a giant warehouse. This woman comes up to me and told me that she had things she wanted to show me. We walked down a corridor and into a large room where a tapestry was stretched across a loom. I saw spiders working the loom and knew that I was being shown the weavers who record the intricacies of life.  (Similar to the Greek mythology of the Fates)

The first thing they showed me was the abundance line in my own personal tapestry. Braided within that line was gold and they showed me that through my life that gold line was getting thicker and bolder. As the gold line increased so did my abundance. I asked what the gold braid represented and they explained that it is my self-worth, self-love, and empowerment. I asked if this was only accurate for my personal journey and was told no, it was relevant in everyone’s life. They explained that when one holds the energy of lack in any form (not loving or caring enough for one’s self, giving too much of self away, allowing others to dictate their reality) that it directly affects the amount of abundance (in all forms) in our lives.  As one steps into their own power, they naturally become more abundant as that is the natural state of being.

They showed me how patterns in our lives look as they are weaved. What was interesting is that at a point in some of the patterns it looked as if the pattern grew smaller, and then flipped. Imagine a ribbon with one side being yellow and one side being blue. The pattern would go for a significant time as yellow, become narrower until it flipped to the blue side and continued on where it could stay narrow or widen again.

What they explained to me is that the flipping of a pattern was duality playing out. That the yellow and blue, while they may look different, are simply the two sides of the same coin. That while we may think we are moving beyond a pattern we may, in fact, be experiencing the other side of the pattern.

For example, they showed me a pattern of Western Medicine versus Holistic medicine. On one side the pattern (yellow) may be that a person looks only to the traditional medicine for health care. Over time they begin to see other alternatives and this makes the yellow pattern become smaller. If the person then decides that Alternative Medicine is the only option for health care, the pattern flips to the other side (blue) and then continues on.

I asked how a person is to end that pattern and was told simply by being flexible and honoring one’s self, one’s own personal truth. At first, this confused me as I can see how many feel that choosing alternative medicine over western medicine is honoring the self. They explained that patterns contain belief systems and when it is the belief system that determines the behavior it does not matter which side of the equation one falls.

Then they showed me a pattern of Doubt and Faith. When one is in doubt, they are running a pattern of disempowerment. They are unable to trust themselves, their connection and often give away their power to others. The flipside of the pattern they explained is Faith outside of one’s self. They explained that is the same pattern as it also leads to disempowerment.

It reminded me of a story where there is a flood and a man is sitting on his roof with the water rising. A few boats come by and finally a helicopter to rescue him and each time he refused to budge – saying that God would save him. He eventually drowns and when he gets to heaven he says God – “why didn’t you save me, I had complete faith in you”. God replies – “I sent 3 boats and a helicopter, why didn’t you save yourself?”

Understand that it is not that it is a problem to have faith in something but when it disempowers you, it is no different than having self-doubt. There are so many systems that people have put their faith in such as religion, government, medical, corporations and financial institutions. Even the savior stories such as the rapture or that aliens are coming to save us is putting faith outside yourself. It is very important to understand that none of what I have mentioned is inherently destructive, yet if you give your power over to it then it is part of a disempowerment program.

As we seek to clear ourselves and become the pure conduit for the soul we have to observe what patterns we are running and consciously see the flipside of the pattern.  Then we need to see the beliefs that keep these patterns running. We can’t change anything unless we can see it in its entirety.

Ending the patterns

They also showed me where in some cases patterns would run over time (yellow and/or blue sides) and it would become narrow over time until it changed to white and then it would stop. I asked for them to explain how the pattern ended. The woman smiled and showed me an example.

The pattern she showed me was mine. I saw where I had a typical western diet (yellow side of pattern) it became narrow as I explored food and its health effects. I then choose to become a vegetarian and the pattern flipped to blue and continued on. For me, being vegetarian was an easy transition, until it wasn’t. About 18 months of being a vegetarian my health became affected. I was weak and ungrounded. My body was screaming for meat but I held onto the belief system that to be a vegetarian would raise my vibration. It wasn’t until I feel down the stairs from a dizzy spell that I began to reconsider. My higher-self asked me if I was ready to let go of the belief systems and honor what my body wants. As I began to eat meat again, I found that I was able to ground the energies much better, handle the cosmic downloads with ease and I had stamina again.

I had to battle within the belief system I had adopted that meat was bad and not spiritual and listen to my body and only my body. I was certainly tested as the judgment around food in the spiritual community is thick. However, the more I disregarded another’s reality for my own, the more I was able to hear and comply with what my body needed. This was the pattern going from yellow/blue to white and then finally stopping.

They explained that when a pattern goes white, it is the person taking back their power by doing exactly what feels right for them regardless of the belief systems that created the pattern in the beginning.Getting rid of the programming is the only way out.

Fear of walking in our power

When we look at walking in our power and really owning and honoring all that we are, fear can arise. The biggest reason I have found is that there is a misguided belief that when one is empowered, they must be perfect.

Being empowered simply means that you are not giving your power away to another person, institution or belief system. It does not mean that you are infallible.CLICK TO TWEET

This belief holds many people in place. The embodiment process happens in stages and as we anchor in each layer our frequency rises. Truth is directly proportional to the frequencies we hold. As we open to more, our truth changes and expands with us. To think that in any moment we must be complete and perfect actually can cause us to not claim our power.

Understand that being empowered simply means that you are not giving your power away to another person, institution or belief system. It does not mean that you are infallible. It means that you give yourself space and grace to make mistakes, learn and then adjust.

Ask yourself “Who is in the driver’s seat?” Is it fear, societal expectations, collective conditioning or your own soul? Allow this simple question to help you see the patterns and belief systems that have kept you trapped.

If you are still reading, thank you, I know that this has been a long blog. I truly appreciate all who share this work and I hope that this finds you well and in constant amazement at the swift changes taking place.

Sending you all love!

Jenny Schiltz

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JENNY SCHILTZ – Seeing Your Way Through Patterns and Belief Systems – 1-28-18 – by Love In Action Now


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Jenny Schiltz ~ Seeing Your Way Through Patterns and Belief Systems — LOVE IN ACTION NOW

Karen Dover – Understanding and removing distorted “belief” systems – 5-25- 15

Karen DoverKaren Dover

Many assume that without a “belief” in something then “something” would not exist and as this is not TRUTH it is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities. ALL JUST IS and this is filtered out by those running the frequencies from which the distorted belief systems manifest from.

Let me explain by example, we do not have to believe in TRUTH for TRUTH to exist, TRUTH already exists and we are breaking down the barriers that we have been taught to create to keep us from said TRUTH.

The lower dimensional frequencies which are taught within the old 3d earth construct at first glance appear to be supportive but they work against us and create the personal prisons that many are now understanding exist. Belief systems are anchored from the moment we take our first breath and are reinforced continually as we live our lives. As the human mind will filter out approximately 90 percent of all information available and keeps only that which matches the belief systems running it is easy to see how we prevent expansion by running beliefs.

It is the beliefs that sit at unconscious level within us that run our human life experience. We may state consciously that we believe X at human waking mind level but if we have anchored a lower dimensional frequency which manifests an unconscious belief called y then y will always take precedent over x no matter how firmly we state x.

Human males and human females run unconscious belief systems that are gender specific and are anchored within the first 7 years of human life. These are the foundation from which we build our life experience. What it means to be a “man”, “woman” , “father”, “mother” etc are all referenced from these early years.

At this time upon the planet many are finding themselves facing these unconscious belief patterns and revisiting “old” scenarios and experiences in order to release these patterns. Only TRUTH can manifest and be taken into the New Earth frequency realities and holding on to the distorted belief systems works to prevent expansion on all levels of our human life experience.

If you feel you have reached a stalemate and are unable to expand or move in your outer waking life then you may have reached the edge of your “prison” walls. In order to dissolve them and move into expansion and experience life in TRUTH it is necessary to release the lower dimensional frequency from within your human vehicle. A frequency works like a magnet, pulling towards it the experiences that match its bandwidth. Therefore to have new experiences it is necessary to release the lower dimensional frequencies and anchor higher frequency ones. As the higher frequencies are out with the bandwidth of the lower dimensional ones we cannot run both within our human vehicle. Releasing the lower frequency then allows for anchoring of the higher frequency.

The belief systems work to protect themselves and this can make them challenging to find. If you find yourself triggered to  “prove” a belief then you have triggered the self policing “barb” that seeks to flood you with an emotional response that blinds you to what is playing out. The stronger the emotional response the deeper the anchoring that has taken place and the more the frequency will work to re anchor except once it has been highlighted there is nowhere for it to go.

The energies of the planet are now increasing to levels that it is not possible for the belief to re anchor so it will sit just under the surface causing intense frustration and often anger as the host of said frequency is driven over and over to prove the belief.

At this time we are asked to challenge all belief systems that we feel aligned with. To understand that just because we may share a belief with the majority of the human race this does not mean that the belief is TRUTH. It simply reflects the depth of teachings that were taught in the old 3d earth created construct.

It is to be remembered that anything that is defined is containing and this definition is triggered repeatedly on all levels of our human life experience. We are not in TRUTH our gender, our culture, our age etc etc. All these labels are merely the wrapping paper we are taught to wrap around ourselves in an attempt to align with what we are taught is required at human level in order for us to be part of the human race and to “fit in”. We exist beyond these definitions and this is the walk we are asked to begin. To begin to understand who we are we must let go of what we have been taught that we are or need to be. We are already part of the human race as we are born into it. The old 3d earth created construct seeks to teach us that we must hide our individuality and our uniqueness but that is why we exist, to express this through our human form.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


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Wes Annac – The Path to Heaven – Freeing Ourselves from Beliefs – 1-21-15


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness


I’m reaching a point where I no longer want to pour my faith into any specific belief. Every belief contains its truths and untruths, and like a lot of people have realized, we can take what works for us from each belief and let the rest fall away.

I’ve been writing about open-mindedness lately, and like I said in a recent article, an important part of being open-minded is being diligent enough not to put all our energy and attention into a certain belief just because it’s more appealing than the distorted religions we’ve grown out of.

It’s obvious that contemporary religion’s been distorted to keep us from genuinely understanding spirituality, but we don’t really help ourselves by embracing other philosophies that are more appealing.

We essentially trade religion for another belief, and if we aren’t careful, we could close our minds just as much as the religious zealots out there who do awful things in the name of their ‘god’.

I think true open-mindedness is the ability not to stay at one spiritual destination, but to observe them all from a balanced, centered point of view. I enjoy eastern spiritual philosophy, for example, but I also keep my distance from it because I don’t want to get lost in it.

I’ll probably continue to present material from its teachers, but that material isn’t very helpful until we can read it from an open, self-empowered perspective. Part of me wants to advocate every belief since they all contain glimmers of truth, and another part of me wants to be distant from them all.

It’s understandable that people would create so many different beliefs around spirituality, but I don’t think those beliefs are as helpful as the things they try to teach us. In each belief system, even if it’s hidden, lies the basic philosophy of love, service and meditation.

Practically every religion encourages us to love our fellow man, meditate often, and realize that we’re God in a lower-vibrational form.

Most religions have heavily distorted their own philosophies, and they teach us that God is an angry man in the sky who judges ‘sinners’ and welcomes the ‘good’ religious people into an exclusive golden city in the clouds. We know better by this point, but most of us have swapped out those distorted beliefs for other, less distorted ones.

The genuine philosophies out there have told us that God isn’t an external authority figure that judges and condemns – it’s the universally loving Source of all creation that can be found within and that, as we continue to evolve, we’ll realize we actually are.

No matter what belief we follow, most of them tell us we’re the creators of everything around us. They also tell us that with meditation and diligent open-mindedness, we can rediscover ourselves as the Source of our existence and fly freely, as opposed to being weighed down by oppressive doctrine that teaches us to search for God externally.

I’m reaching a point in life where I want to flow with every belief – not resisting nor wholeheartedly embracing any of them. They all have something to offer, but in the midst of our exploration of each of them, we run the risk of losing ourselves in their philosophies.

The greatest religion is love, and it can be embraced free of any idea or belief. Together with open-mindedness, love will show us the way back into a higher state of consciousness, and we can maintain a higher vibration on earth without looking to any belief system to get us there.

I honestly think the best way to liberate ourselves is to be free of the limitation our beliefs can cause. Every belief has its upsides and downsides, and some beliefs seem to encourage us to explore our consciousness while, at the same time, giving us a strict set of rules and condemning those who don’t follow them.

Eastern spirituality is rife with rules, for example, and some of them are obviously helpful for the seeker who genuinely wants to attain enlightenment. If full-on spiritual enlightenment is your goal, feel free to follow the fairly strict rules that come with eastern spiritual philosophy.

You might actually need them to find your preferred state of consciousness, but not everyone’s here solely to attain enlightenment. Some of us are here to show the way for others, and admittedly, we can’t really do that unless we have solid spiritual or philosophical ground to stand on.

I study a few different beliefs, and they help me stay centered and embrace certain helpful qualities. I don’t think I could ‘join’ any one of them, however, because spiritual evolution isn’t meant to be hindered by rigid, unbreakable beliefs. Spiritual evolution is essentially a breakdown of everything that no longer serves us, which is necessary so we can welcome things that do.

There are things out there we can’t hope to know about until we’ve cleared the obstructions from our lives, and the best way to clear them is to do the inner work that’s required without leaning too heavily on the advice of certain teachers.

There’s a lot of great advice out there that really will help us, but at a certain point, we have to turn within and empower ourselves. We have to see that we’re the greatest source of spiritual knowledge and inspiration, and as easy as it is to lean on the advice of other teachers, we have to become our own teacher.

There are certain values in having a guru, but I don’t think they’re as necessary as some beliefs tell us. It’s always good to have someone around who can help us step into a more centered or authentic version of ourselves, but when it comes down to it, nobody can teach us as potently as we can teach ourselves.

I think we’ll have to take responsibility for our path and, instead of focusing on certain philosophies that we assume will show us the way back home, understand that it’s all within. Everything we could hope to attain lives within, and it helps to realize this when we don’t feel helped or served by the beliefs we’ve embraced for years.

At a certain point, everyone realizes that their beliefs can only do so much. They offer a lot in the beginning, but after we follow them for so long, they become a hollow shell in comparison to the genuine experience we can gain when we take responsibility and depend on ourselves for our spiritual evolution.

We have more power than we give ourselves credit for, and it isn’t necessarily egotistical to have faith or confidence in ourselves. We can be confident in spirit while having faith in our ability to explore our consciousness, free of resistance to (or embracement of) any concept.

I think it’s important to be confident in ourselves and our abilities, and with confidence and the understanding that we can do anything we put our minds to, exploring our greater perception will be a breeze.

A lot of beliefs out there are helpful in our quest to lighten our vibration, but they can only help us so much and at a certain point, it becomes our duty to explore spirit without external influence from a teacher, a guru or anyone else who claims to have a greater connection than the rest of us.

The people out there who’ve done the inner work that’s expanded their perception deserve credit for their achievements, but despite that some are further along the path than others, we’re all worthy of developing our spiritual perception and, in my opinion, the best way to develop it is to be free of too much external influence.

We’re here to help each other learn and grow, which is why sharing what we’ve learned with others is important, and we’ll all support and uplift each other when everyone’s successfully empowered themselves, thereby lightening the collective vibration and finally enabling our planet to evolve.

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I’m a twenty-one year old writer, musician and blogger, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

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Dylan Charles – The Matrix of Conformity – Top 9 Traps for Today’s Youth – 2-14-14


Dylan Charles, Editor for Waking Times,

More than ever our world needs a new generation of youthful and caring people capable of comprehending the problems we face, while maintaining the clarity of mind and compassion needed to seek and find creative solutions to this morass. For this, our youth need to be healthy, energetic, and free from the myriad traps that our society offers today.

Our young people should be given every opportunity to lead healthy, free, and prosperous lives in our earthly world of abundance, yet the opposite is unfortunately the case in these times, as government grows beyond control, our health is assaulted at every turn, and predatory schemes of all types target us to entrap us in false belief systems and destructive cultural paradigms, such as the wanton materialism and greed that surrounds us.

The broad message to young people nowadays is to conform and submit to norms and phony authority rather than to develop personal integrity, personal liberty and true happiness. Society beckons our youth to imitate others, to compete with others for no end, to pick a team and stay with them till the bitter end, and to neglect the most important virtues in life like spirituality, intellect and compassion.

Leadership for our youth is needed now more than ever, but the wisdom of older generations is rarely coveted as tool for development for the youth. To right this in some degree, here is a comprehensive list of conformity traps for today’s youth, to help them more easily identify some of pitfalls that lie between them and true success and happiness on their journey to maturity.

1. Debt – Debt is the modern form of the slavery of old. The amount of debt in America alone is staggering, and unfortunately the next few younger generations will feel the brunt of this impending disaster. There really is no way for an individual to mitigate the public debt incurred just by being born a US citizen, and right now, each American already owes something between $50,000 and $200,000 to the national debt, depending on how this is calculated. However, personal debt is within the control of the individual and stands as one of the most freedom-limiting and stress-inducing aspects of modern life.

Our predatory lending system deliberately targets young people at an early age to purchase anything and everything with easy credit and credit cards, and there is tremendous peer pressure to live a fabulously materialistic lifestyle. In addition to credit card debt, the amount of debt that young people take on to participate in college is exorbitant, and this system is intrinsically designed to generate heaps of profit for the banking system and the US government, and it unnecessarily saddles young people with life long financial commitments that can weigh them down for decades.

There are many free and affordable options for gaining a higher education nowadays, and with consideration and commitment it is perfectly possible for young people to live an enjoyable life without dependence on credit cards.

2. Materialism and Consumerism – Made possible by access to easy credit and triggered by a predatory marketing infrastructure, one of the greatest conformity traps for young people today is the encouragement to develop a lifestyle centered around the purchasing of goods that people don’t even need to survive. Often, the drive for materialism is born of an encouraged psychological condition that both creates unhappiness while covering up unhappiness. It is a road to nowhere, and the feelings of liberty that come from maintaining fewer material possessions is one of the truest and most attainable forms of liberty today.

Rejecting the consumptive and materialistic patterns that govern modern society is a keen habit to develop so that one can truly discover who they are and what their role is in this world.

3. Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol – Our culture strongly encourages people, especially our youth, to conform to a lifestyle centered around drinking, drug use, and ‘partying.’ While this certainly might be fun to a degree, there is tremendous pressure for young people to assimilate these rituals as lifelong habits, which can shamefully trap a person at an early age, and prohibit opportunities and good health later in life. Furthermore, this is an assault on positive mental and physical health, meaning that over-indulgence early on in life can cause serious health and psychological issues later on. Moderation has become a four letter word in our world, but should be developed at an early age so that one can live in balance with the social pressures we all face.

4. Hyper/Over Sexuality – Primarily a design of the marketing industry which sprang up in the early part of the 20th century as part of a push towards mass-consumerism, our culture is ridiculously overly sexualized and pornographic. Marketers and psychologists realized that sex and sexual images are the number one way to trigger false desires within a person to inspire them to desire needless material objects.

This problem continues to get worse with our insane mainstream media who ceaselessly produces shallow images of lust and hyper-sexuality that chip away at a young person’s self image and esteem, encouraging them to objectify others and allow themselves to be objectified by others. Life shouldn’t be this way, and sex and the human body should be treated with dignity and respect, both qualities that must be nurtured as a person matures to adulthood.

Recognizing the blatant effort to over-sexualize marketing and entertainment at an early age can give someone the opportunity to view these cultural pressures with skepticism and caution, preventing them from getting trap in shallow trap of hyper-sexualization.

5. Mediocrity – We have, sadly, become a nation of the mediocre, and the idea of American ingenuity and exceptionalism has been completely hollowed out. Young people are encouraged to fit in and conform to what others are doing, too often in resulting the over-achievement of the lowest common denominator, which is typically a sincere focus on base desires rather than on the development of virtuous qualities that bring opportunity. Entertainment based living has become the norm and now mediocrity in effort, mediocrity in ambition, and mediocrity in expectation are contributing to severe cultural decline. Human beings are capable of so much and to conform to mediocrity is to miss out discovering one’s true potential in life.

6. Corporate Work Slaves – The education system we have was designed by industrialists and social engineers to produce people who are more suited to be workers than free-thinkers and revolutionaries. More than ever, Westerners live meaningless lives of servitude to corporations, often performing mind-numbing and redundant jobs on an oppressive schedule without ever growing to know what true happiness and fulfillment really is.

Due to the economic stranglehold that a corrupt baking and monetary system has on our society, many people think that the only option they have in life is to get whatever job they can obtain, all too often forgoing self-examination, spiritual cultivation and worldly experience in favor of the false sense of security offered by corporate America. A life of corporate work is not exactly a life of service, and young people should instead be encouraged to set out on a path of self-discovery in search of creative inspiration rather than a mediocre life of commitment to robotic corporate work. The rat race is failing us all while keeping us boxed into the addictive consumer mindset that has dangerous ecological repercussions. Rather than being encouraged to ‘get a job’ people would be better suited to first figure out what they are good at and love, then pursue education and training based on the contribution they’d like to make to the world.

Not all jobs are bad, of course, but the societal design of pushing young people to be part of a frivolous workforce in order to contribute to an overly consumeristic and unhealthy society should be recognized for what it is, a subtle form of slavery.

7. Poor Health & Medical Dependence – The standard American diet and lifestyle breeds stress, disease, unhappiness and dependence on a corrupt health system and pharmaceutical companies to cope. Advertising and marketing are aimed at turning people into unhealthy dependents, but young people should instead be encouraged to care for and strengthen their bodies and minds rather than waste away in sedentary lifestyles consuming toxic poisons instead of real food. Habits are set an early age, and the sooner a person can adopt the habits that breed good health and a positive mental attitude, the happier and more enjoyable their lives will be in the short and long run.

8. Contemporary Consciousness – Human physiology supports amazing potential for consciousness and elevated perspectives. However, and without question, there is a war on consciousness right now that seeks to limit a person’s perception of what life can and should be about. This trap is set by government/corporate propaganda and Draconian laws, is reinforced by the psychological warfare that is mainstream media, and is traditionally looked over by tired religions and aging dogmatic assertions that grant phony authority to anyone who joins an agency or organization that issues fancy uniforms.

By seizing control of the mind and one’s consciousness, and learning to protect one’s self from unseen negative influences, young people can set themselves on an enlightening path that will forever offer solace and reward, preventing them from becoming prey to the conformist fear-mongering that defines modern Western culture.

9. Social Conformity – By far the most insidious conformist trap that keeps young people from developing to their full potential is the pressure that we as individuals put on each other. Seemingly a natural feature of the human psyche, people fear being different from other people more than anything else. This type of conformity has us policing each other on behalf of organizations that betray us all, and is the primary source of dangerous group-think. In these interesting times, when humankind seems to be determined to snuff itself out with its own stupidity, developing the self-confidence and assuredness to think beyond the box should be our most prized virtue.


Upon reflection, it is easy to see how all of these traps are all inter-related and part of a broader matrix of conformity that has the Western world locked in self-destructive patterns and harmful cultural traditions. The youth of today are the world of tomorrow, and it is sad to see so many destructive influences clouding their judgement and confusing their worldview at a time when such tremendous positive energy is needed to bring about a major shift in human evolution.

Perhaps pre-consideration of the conformist pitfalls built in today’s society may assist some in steering clear of the traps that so many of us have fallen in.

About the Author

Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist esoteric arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of, the proprietor of, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. His remarkable journey of self-transformation is a testament to the power of the will and the persistence of the human spirit. He may be contacted at

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of WakingTimes or its staff.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

Almine Wisdom – Beliefs Are Your Jail Cell

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Learn To Discern – Who or What is Programming You

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Tobias Lars speaks on ‘Learning to Discern’ and how to become aware of the energies and information that influence us.

Nancy B. Detweiler – Humanity’s Crossroads – Stay In My Box? – Explore The World?

Posted on June 7, 2013 by Nancy B. Detweiler


Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.


 Humanity has eternity in which to climb out of our box and explore the world … even, the multiverse. We were created as freewill beings and given unending time to return to the One Source.

2013 is simply a year in which many on our planet are choosing to leave the comfy, safe box and expand horizons. For example, what is that light orb in front of the planter? As we can tell from the position of the planter’s shadow, the Sun was behind the camera, not reflecting off the lens.

 Climbing out of the box is a shock … things are not as we are taught. The more we explore, the more disillusioned we become with all of our societal structures. We soon comprehend at a deep level the meaning of paranoid—the tendency to mistrust everything we hear … to seek for motives behind tenets of belief and events that are reported. We have been lied to in all facets of our society—religion, education, politics, pharmaceutical/medical, and military.

 The planetary society is organized around three city-states that place themselves above the law and report to no one. These city-states are: Vatican City – religion, London – financies, and the District of Columbia – military. Our planet is ruled by these three city-states. Their influence is strongly felt in every nation on this planet.i They form the corporate umbrella under which all that we are taught is formulated. Their goal is total control of the world.

 Exploring each City-state is a mind-blowing task, for unbeknownst to us, we have been taught to base our worldview … our concept of God … the foundation of our lives upon falsehoods created to enable these city-states to enslave us. We will explore each one briefly; but first, we must accept our own responsibility in this plan—we allowed the city-states to seize the power they have acquired by using our freewill to choose to remain comfortable in our box … to stick our heads in the sand and refuse to do our own research … to follow through on our own intuitive nudges. We made the choice to take the easy road … to remain in the comfort and safety of our boxes … to not get involved.

 We have also been our own best slave masters by “following the crowd” … by assuming a “tribal consciousness” and refusing to extend ourselves in any way that places us outside the folkways and traditions of our tribe or group of associates. How often do we hear the affirmation, “The family is everything!” “I am very family oriented.” “People would think me crazy if I let them know what I really think.” We habitually give our power away as a means of protecting our jobs, our relationships, our interactions with the world at large.

 I do not mean to denigrate the family as a source of love and support for all of us. But … the family dynamics determine how large a role they can positively play in our lives. Very often, the family exhibits conformity to the lowest common denominator. Thus, a stress on family values can manifest as enslaving family members to conformity to the group worldview, rather than the members being free to seek truth and formulate a worldview that is most meaningful to each individual.

 Now that we know to accept responsibility for our own role in our enslavement, let’s look at each city-state’s part in formulating planetary enslavement. In doing so, I list some—but not all—of the lies of which I have become aware. It is the reader’s responsibility to seek further verification and comprehensive understanding.


 1. A major travesty relating to humanity’s concept of self was the declaring of a recognition of reincarnation as heresy.ii Why do I consider recognizing reincarnation so vital? Just a few examples:

A. Believing in one life to live destroys any opportunity for holistic self-understanding because who we are is a combination of all our prior lifetimes. We are an eternal being of spirit influenced by all of our life experiences wherever in the multiverse we lived them.

B. Our experiences in past lives may be the originating source of dis-ease in our present incarnation.iii Without knowledge of past lives, we may suffer needlessly.

C. A belief in one life to live is the perfect setting for creating fear of death. Humanity is easily manipulated via fear of death.

D. With only one life to live, humanity can easily be encouraged to fear God and the possibility of being punished in an eternal hellfire; thus, manipulated into all sorts of distorted forms of obedience.

 2. Teaching a God who required a violent means of human salvation and who will punish us for our sins. Our concept of God becomes the baseline for our own behavior. Violence becomes engrained in our psyche. We play violent video games and excuse our actions by saying, “it’s just pretend.” We watch violent movies and call them “action” movies. Some get highs by watching violent competition in which people can be seriously injured—boxing, wrestling, ice hockey, football. We ignore the fact that those who are killed in wars are called “collateral damage” in order to camouflage the violence that is taking place.

3. Christians are taught that Jesus is the ONLY SON of God … humanity is simply adopted as sons and daughters. Humanity is unworthy, sinful, and dependent upon Jesus to save us from being punished for eternity in hellfire.

 In truth, all individuals are child gods—Sons & Daughters of Mother/Father God. All will eventually merge back into Oneness with Creator Source via our own ascension into higher consciousness.

 In truth, Jesus is the 16th crucified savior about which the same narrative is related.

 During the eons of our residing on the plane of duality, many Avatars (Great Teachers) have incarnated throughout the world to assist humanity in finding the Way back to Oneness with Creator God.  Even though the fact has been hidden from Christians, many of these Avatars/Saviors have been described with identical terminology.  We have ancient sculptures, paintings, writings, and archaeological artifacts that offer proof of this fact.  Ancient sacred texts have been translated into English.  Some researchers are trained in ancient languages and can read the originals.  Their findings reveal at least sixteen Saviors whose life narratives share the same events as Jesus would later experience:   Krishna of India, 1200 B.C.; Sakia Budha, 600 B.C.; Thammuz of Syria, 1160 B.C.; Wittoba of the Telingonese – 552 B.C.; Ioa of Nepal – 622 B.C.; Hesus of the Celtic Druids – 834 B.C.; Quexalcote of Mexico – 587 B.C.; Quirinus of Rome – 506 B.C.; Prometheus of  Caucasus – 547 B.C.; Thulis of Egypt – 1700 B.C.; Indra of Tibet – 725 B.C.; Alcestos of Euripides – 600 B.C.; Atys of Phrygia – 1170 B.C.; Crite of Chaldea – 1200 B.C.; Bali of Orissa – 725 B.C.; and Mithra of Persia – 600 B.C.[vii]  (Dates are approximate, according to Kersey Graves.)iv


 1. Americans are taught that we won the Revolutionary War and are a free country. Instead, there exists strong evidence that America continues to be a British colony.v This statement also serves as a reminder that we need to follow our intuitive urgings.

 Several years ago, as I watched the Olympics, I felt the urge to verify what I, with my lack of musical knowledge, imagined—that the British national anthem, “God Save the Queen” was the same tune as one of America’s patriotic songs, “My Country Tis of Thee.” I wondered why? After perusing James Montgomery’s article, I wonder, “Is the tune the same because unbeknownst to Americans, we are singing allegiance to the Queen of England?” I think so. Subliminal messages are a very popular tool for manipulating our minds.

2. Americans believe that they own their land and home. If you find someone who thinks he had paid off his home mortgage and owns his property, ask to see the deed. You will find that the supposed owner is actually listed as a tenant. We continue to pay real estate taxes as rent for living in our home. Only those who have traced ownership of their land back to the original grantor and grantee legally possess an allodial videed to their property.vii

3. Whose property are you and I?

4. Our Strawman Account –

5. IRS Fraud: There is no law requiring us to file a #1040 form.



 1. The United States military either operates or controls between 700-800 bases worldwide.viii Americans are manipulated into supporting the military and going to war by false flag events.ix We are taught to fear our enemies, that its okay to defend our interests even though those interests are the natural resources found outside the USA.

2. Citizen Hearing for Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Presence revealed numerous cover-ups from the American people:

 Examples: Secret Space Program

Over 5000 patents for technology that could transform life on this planet for all people are being withheld from the people. This includes the technology for Free Energy.

The U.S. Military is actively working with extraterrestrials, yet denies any knowledge or evidence of their presence with us.


 The list of lies and cover-ups seems endless. But all is not hopeless! In fact, Earth is engaged in a magnificent transition—we and Earth are ascending to higher realms of consciousness. “Full consciousness” will be ours. I Corinthians 13:12 describes full consciousness: “For now we see through a mirror, darkly; but then face to face. Now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”

 At present, we can be manipulated, lied to, and subject to cover-ups. Especially if we give little credence to our intuitive insights, we are left with only our beliefs—what we think is true because an authority figure has said it is true or we have read it in a book, including what we presently call a sacred text. Once we know fully, we will have to rewrite all books, making corrections. There will be ONE TRUTH & ALL WILL KNOW IT!

 So why do I write this article?


 Because those who are choosing to remain in their box and not begin to learn about some of the above cover-ups now will suddenly have the rug (the foundation on which they have built their entire lives) pulled out from under them if they procrastinate. It takes time to adjust to being told that everything you believe is a lie … that all that you have fought for and supported is a lie … to adjust to knowing who you truly are—a child god … and to learn to function in that capacity in a positive, non-egoic manner.

 Earth humans have a lot to learn … and a lot to do because building our NEW EARTH is up to us. Thus, our need to cross the bridge from believing >>> to knowing TRUTH.

 Thankfully, the Ascended Masters and our Galactic brothers and sisters are here to assist us!

 You can choose to stay in your box … but why miss all the fun!

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