Steve Beckow – On Being Human – 9-14-19 – Golden Age Of Gaia

Steve Beckow – On Being Human – 9-14-19 – Golden Age Of Gaia

“You are a special species of Humans that have taken over from Cro-Magnon Man, and have been genetically engineered to allow for a speeding up in your evolution. That we would say has been particularly successful and the proof lies in how many of you now stand in readiness for Ascension.”

Steve Beckow –

To the people who are going to be delegates, may I share a few thoughts?

Thoughts on how the galactics experience terrestrials, in their own words.

If you agree, please fasten your seatbelts because we may hit a little turbulence.

Before I go there, can we establish the origin of the species we’re talking about?

The species we call homo sapiens was apparently engineered by the galactics, who were probably helped by the celestial legions, including the Elohim. SaLuSa tells us:

“You do not exist by some freak of nature and are not the result of natural selection, but purposefully and lovingly created to exist in your environment.

“You are a special species of Humans that have taken over from Cro-Magnon Man, and have been genetically engineered to allow for a speeding up in your evolution. That we would say has been particularly successful and the proof lies in how many of you now stand in readiness for Ascension.” (1)

So when we’re called children of the stars, the name largely fits. Our star family are in fact  our parents and ancestors and we’re literally their children – as far as the physical form goes!

And now they’ve come to celebrate our graduation from Third Dimensionality. Of them Matthew Ward says:

“Of the innumerable other civilizations in this universal family, many are advanced consciously, spiritually and technologically far beyond Earth’s current population.

“Members of some of those civilizations are the ancestors of Earth’s peoples, and they are assisting the populace and the planet in myriad ways—some are in spacecraft surrounding Earth; others are living among you. (2)

If we’ve established that the family is rejoining us after a very long time, then could we discuss some of the difficulties they may encounter in meeting with us?

These are examples of what the galactics actually say about our Third-Dimensional condition, forms, and beliefs.

The Arcturian Group tells us that “the human condition, with its worship of the intellect, is in actuality the bottom rung of a very high dimensional ladder.” (3) Ahhhhl-right.

“Without being disrespectful to you,” SaLuSa confides, “you are more like babes in arms – but within a few years you will have achieved full consciousness, something that is beyond your present understanding.” (4) Aha. Babes in arms. Hmmm….

“In some ways,” he confessed, “you are amongst the least advanced life forms. But that is of course changing right now.” (5)  The least advanced, huh?

Hmmm…. Hard words to hear for some.

The Council of Nine explain what the difference in dimensionality calls for from those who come here to help us.

“Since we exist, live, and function in the Fifth Dimension and higher, it takes tremendous effort on our part to descend into the heavier and, might we also say, highly polluted atmosphere of your planet now.

“Each of us who does make short landings has to undergo a thorough cleansing process before we are allowed back on our mother ships where we reside, so as not to contaminate our own living quarters.

“We do not say these things to shame you, but to let you know that there remain some differences in our living environments that make it difficult for both sides to come together as one.” (6)

Try to imagine the galactics’ situation.

Michael and the Angels speaking through Goldenlight tell us that coming down to our vibratory level carries risk for our star family:

“[Humans] must raise their vibrational frequencies to a high enough level that they can resonate on the same frequency as these higher dimensional beings.

“It is too much of a risk for them to lower their vibration to yours… this is why you could never see them before.” (7)

The risk to them might be a need for rest or convalescence or something similar after spending time with us.

Therefore we can predict that the people that the delegates meet with will have gone to great trouble to make themselves available to us. It may not be a pleasant experience for them, no matter how historic and joyful it may be for us.

The bright side is that our position at the bottom of the dimensional ladder makes our future unlimited. It’s all up from here.

And, as Michael reminds us, this generation brought our full potentiality with us in this special lifetime:

“Every single being upon this planet at this time has brought the fullness, the totality of their soul’s design to the planet. They did not leave anything behind.

“So you are well-equipped to take these steps of action, each of you in your own way.” (8)

The bottom line for me is: I appreciate the price the galactics pay in coming to meet with us.  I feel grateful that they’d be willing to pay that cost to work on our behalf. And I feel the need to be sensitive to their situation to minimize discomfort to them.

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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL via Meredith Murphy – You, In your Human-ness ARE THE KEY – 3-7-16

AA Michael

Archangel Michael –

Hello Divine Ones,

Thank you for being with us. We are quite excited about this conversation today, for the time has come to have a very direct conversation in a way that we have not yet had with you. Recently we have offered specific suggestions for working with your mind and your habits of thought and patterns of being, so that you might open up more capacity to think freely, to feel more open to think freely, and therefore to have different experiences from within your humanity.

This kind of movement is an essential part of your evolution because you, in your humanness, are the key to the ascension of your life. What we mean by this is your soul is not within you to take over and do it all. Your soul is within you, offering you energetic nourishment. Pure, clear consciousness, so that you might use this energetic stream of all that you are to remember and to tune yourself into alignment with your essence and use that alignment to create your life with that joyous flow.

The point here is not to become your soul in a way that eclipses your human life. The point here, is to learn to feel your soul presence within you and to recognize it as a pure clear energy that is you, that gives life to you, that is your essence, and to use that energy to guide and steer yourself. To use that energy to know yourself. To use that energy to support and energize your life, and to know that it is the source of your being and your connection with All that is.

As an embodied aspect of your soul, you are ever-expanding awareness. You provide the soul a vehicle to have different experiences, and you enrich the fullness of your being. The vehicle of your life is an amazing experience of expansion for your soul. This is true, really from the very beginning, without you doing anything. Just having the ability to be here, in a body, and perceive and experience this amazing this planetary field, and your amazing intelligent body, is beneficial and expanding to your soul.

Your body, like you, is fueled by the essence of your being. Your body and you are innately aligned in intention and aspiration. You as consciousness experience the world, and it’s richness and all it presents gives you ideas. You see what you like. You discover from a very early age, that you have your own preferences. This occurs naturally as you in your uniqueness live and encounter life. As you encounter life, you discover what you like, what you don’t, and as you grow and develop, you make adjustments based on what you like, and what you don’t, and what you think will get you more of what you like.

Sometimes these adjustments are based on separation. Sometimes these adjustments are coming from within. They are wise and insightful. When they are based on separation, or they’re fear-based, they typically involve shutting yourself down in some way. Any kind of adjustment that shuts you down in some way creates problems later.

In our many conversations with you we offer many ideas for working with these kind of congested energies and patterns so that you might clear them. These more limiting ideas were beneficial to you in the moment in which you chose them, but to perpetuate them is never beneficial. It’s only beneficial to be present in the moment and choose from the present.

From a more elevated vibration in the present, because you’re ascending, it’s much easier to choose more empowering ways of relating and being and participating. Learning to clear the congested energies is beneficial.

Your life is a means of experience, and it’s always changing. You are always changing, and your experience of life is always changing. What you are translating as experience is always changing because your vibration is dynamic. What you translate and perceive as experience is based on your vibrational state. What you translate and perceive as experience is always changing because your vibration is dynamic.

You are translating life based on your dynamic frequency state, and so what you translate and interpret in one moment may come from an elevated clear energy state, and in another moment may come from a distorted fear-based energy state. You experience the full spectrum of all of this.

Now, our message for today. There is no need to get this to always be some perfect way in order to have a wonderful life. Do you know this?

Do you really know this? Do you realize that you can feel free and happy and enjoy all the different dynamics of your life by simply seeing the big picture of the game, and knowing your soul here for the experience of it all? Some of it will delight you. Some of it you will wish you had not tasted. If you want to be happy, if you want to be free, choose to be happy, and choose to be free. Choose to think and notice in ways that give you the feeling of being happy and free.

You may say, “Oh, Archangel Michael, I don’t know how to do this”, but you can choose these qualities as important to you, and begin to discover how to feel them more often.

You can make these feeling states your priority.

If you want to be free, and you want to be happy, then choose those feelings. Choose to think about life in ways that make you feel free and happy, and give up logic and conditioning, and the rules, and expectations that you’ve learned before that are in any way contrary with this. Just let them go.

Feeling states are a manifestation of thought-forms. Learning what perspectives and ideas make you feel free and happy, and giving yourself permission to think them is how you experience being happy and free. It’s really that simple.

None of the circumstances or situations in your life have the ability to make you feel less happy or less free unless you invest in them and give them that power. Unless you decide that they –circumstances or situations – are what makes you feel happy and free. You may wish to change circumstance and situations, but regardless, they will have no ability to change how you feel unless you invest in them, and decide that your happiness and freedom comes from them.

Yes, it’s nice to feel free, and yes, it’s nice to have money, or a wide open afternoon where you can do whatever you want, but you can feel free without having money, and you can feel free without having a wide open afternoon.

You can decide you want to create more money, and you can decide you want to create more free time, and all the time that you’re choosing and learning how to create more money and create more free time, you can still feel happy and free long before you’ve discovered how to create more money or how to create a wide open afternoon every other day.

You are always free to think what you want, and you can realize that all the things that feel limiting to you, and that feel like they’re pinning you down and holding you back are just circumstances or situations that you have invested in as having the power to make you happy.

Now, we want to say something that’s really important, so please take it in. Discovering you are a soul living in a human form does not make life perfect. It does not give you the experience of never feeling challenged, or never feeling that life goes up and down.

You are not here to have an arrival into some blissful state of being and never feel anything else. Please, if you want to start to live fully and freely, give up this idea of a destination, of an arrival. This idea of an arrival in which your human life no longer has all this variation, there is only one way to arrive that way. It’s death. It’s not life. If you want to have a sense of arrival in your human life, then die. If you want to have a sense of adventure, then live, and if you intend to live, which we sense all of you do, then expect variation. Expect that you can always choose to think differently, and look at life in ways that feel good to you.

As you all know, it’s always possible to find something to smile about. It’s always possible to find the silver lining in any moment. It’s always possible to find a way to make things different in your experience. Making things different is not the same as having a specific feeling.

We want you to start disentangling this idea that circumstances and situations create the way you feel. They don’t have to, although they might have for a long time, because you gave that power away. You are free to feel the way you want right now, and then to create the life you want from that state of being.

Imagine how much fun it might be to go about learning and facing the challenges of life, feeling the way you want? Feeling the way you want now, not waiting for some moment, not denying yourself the joy of that feeling until you’ve accomplished some certain thing, but instead choosing to feel that way now and enjoying that feeling state as you go about the experience of creating your life.

We’d like you to think about this today. We’d like you to think about how you might further untangle the way you want to feel from the things you’d like to create. Not only is it beneficial for manifesting to feel better, but it’s just self loving.

If you want to feel in particular ways, make those feeling states a priority, and use those elevated feeling states, because we assume most of you would choose elevated feeling states, use the experience of those elevated feeling states to create a happy life.

From that happy life learn and develop in the ways that interest you, but start to disentangle the idea that circumstances and situations create your sense of freedom and happiness, and take back that power, and be the sovereign beings you intended to be.


I am Archangel Michael

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Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – Releasing the Habit of Being Human – 11-5-13

Arcturian Message via Suzanne Lie:

Releasing the Habit of Being Human « Golden Age of Gaia.

The Arcturians

In order to return to the higher frequencies of reality you will need to release your habit of being human. YOU are not your human body. However, YOU are wearing your human body. This body is not YOU. It is merely the form that you must wear in order to engage in third dimensional life.

You do not even wear this form when you sleep and enter the fourth dimensional astral plane. You do not wear this body when you meditate and experience higher frequencies of reality. Of course, you do save and protect this body so that you can return to the third dimensional experience. Therefore, you would not sleep in the middle of the street or meditate while driving your car.

Your Multidimensional life involves both the physical and the meta-physical realities. Your Lightbody remains nestled within your High Heart and force of kundalini while you are engaged in the physical, and radiates out far beyond your Earth vessel when you attach your consciousness to the meta (beyond) physical world.

To live eternally in your true form of Light, you will need to unconditionally love, forgive and accept your Earth vessel so that you can transmute it into Light. Some Ascended Masters maintain an Earth vessel so that they can return to Gaia and assist Her in Her Ascension. Many of you will do the same.

Since your Lightbody resonates beyond the limitations of 3D time and space, you can connect with your myriad expressions of Lightbody in the higher dimensions and return to your physical form a second before you left.

In fact, many of you are doing just that, which is why you often have a lapse in your short-term memory, experience dizziness or the sensation of disorientation. You are also likely having glimpses from the corner of your eye of something or someone that quickly moved past you, but when you look, no one is there.

These experiences are because the veil between the physical illusion and the higher worlds is thinning. The holographic reality is beginning to blink out for just a second. Therefore, you “think” you see it, but there is no physical proof of that perception.

Calming music can greatly assist you, just as it assists plants to grow and to heal. Calming music ignites your imagination, which is your fifth dimensional thinking and higher creative force. Whether you know it or nor, you are in the process of releasing your attachment to the illusions of your 3D world that is perceived through your physical brain. As you release your habit to believing that 3D perceptions are “real” and re-route your perceptions into your Multidimensional mind, you will regain your innate “mind-over-matter.”

However, mind over matter is only useful if you have conscious control of your thoughts and feelings – your personal energy field. Now that your higher perceptions are online you are very aware of the energy field of persons, animals and even things. However, you can only be aware of energy fields around you when you are aware of energy fields within you. When you are aware of your own energy field, you have constant feedback regarding your mental and emotional state of being.

At first you may feel as though you are always depressed or anxious. What is really occurring is that you are attached NOT to your human vessel, but to your true Lightbody. Your Lightbody resonates to a much higher frequency than the physical form that you used to wearing. Therefore, your Lightbody may feel too intense, too fast, erratic and even unstable. These sensations make you anxious, which over time, will make you depressed.

Actually what is erratic and unstable is the level of consciousness. In order to “wear” your Lightbody you must realize that you are no longer limited to your physical form. In fact, much of your depression is how your physical form feels when your wear it. Then, when you return to the true form of your Lightbody, you may feel anxious because it feels so different.

You have not yet adapted to this frequency of form. If you had always driven an older model slow economy car and suddenly were asked to drive a very fast racecar, you would likely feel unstable, insecure and nervous. Furthermore, your 3D consciousness is frightened by this change and reminds you “Your Lightbody is NOT real.”

This message also creates anxiety or even depression. What if you are crazy and all this Lightbody stuff is “just your imagination”? Well, it is your imagination, but your imagination is REAL. Your imagination is the fifth dimensional thinking that operates your fifth dimensional Lightbody. The racecar has a different engine/brain and travels on different fuel/consciousness than your old economy car. In other words, the bar is rising as you move into the “new normal.”

This new normal feels much like those new pants you bought because you noticed you lost weight, but you did not lose that much weight – yet. But you will lose that “weight/mass” because you are slowly transmuting into your body of Light.

The timeline to which we are presently speaking has chosen to have a gentle and gradual Ascension. This version of Ascension requires great patience, but there is minimal destruction. Of course, the forces of darkness are still trying to instill fear into the masses but, since they can no longer start wars, they are restricted to finding good wounded people to program to go on a “shooting spree.”

These acts of random violence are the expression of the remaining need for violence by those that are so dead inside. These lost ones must experience and create violence in order to feel alive. However, as your civilization continues to ascend, these greatly wounded humans will be identified and healed before they act upon their own inner anguish.

On the much lighter side of affairs, more and more people are getting off the fence and choosing to take the risk to believe in a brighter future, rather than remaining lost in the fearful indoctrinations of the past. Furthermore, as more people move into higher frequencies, the fearful messages, horror shows, and violent entertainment will lose its appeal. This violent input is only enjoyable to those who have not tasted the glory of the higher Light.

Once these unfortunate ones have their first exposure to higher frequency energies in their body, they will quickly lose interest in the short-term rush of fearful adrenaline. Adrenaline is meant to give a “move away from” or “prepare for battle” message. Without any experiences of the “moving into” and “preparing for bliss” of the endorphins and other psychotropic chemicals in your system, adrenaline at least makes them feel alive.

It is only in a low frequency of reality that fear is the proof of existence. The flow of higher Light and the over-lighting of the Galactic and Celestial forces are slowly entering the consciousness of those who have not yet awakened to their Multidimensional Self. We know that many of our Ascending Ones have also been battling fear. We want to remind you that you are “feeling” fear-based emotions. You are “releasing” them.

We recommend that you expedite this process of releasing old, archived fear by filling your form with Unconditional Love. Words and intentions have great power; so all you need do is calmly say to yourself, “I love you Unconditionally.” It is that simple.

Try to remember to make this statement frequently. In fact, put aside a day and decide that while you are awake you will remember to say “I love you Unconditionally!” once every hour. We know that sounds like a lot, but think about how many times a day you chastise yourself. At least once an hour, we would guess.

If you can catch yourself EVERY time you say something negative to or about yourself and replace that thought with, “I love you Unconditionally” it would greatly expedite your return to Self. Actually, you have ascended. The fifth dimension resonates all around you, but your perceptions are still calibrated to the third dimension.

Hence, you travel in darkness when it is actually high noon. Your main enemy now is NOT the forces of darkness, but your addiction to the habit of third dimensional thinking. Once you are feeling free of your third dimensional habits, thoughts and emotions, you will easily “find the time” to connect and remain connected to finer and lighter realms of your true Lightbody Self.

Soon, you will no longer need to “escape” to the higher worlds. You will remember and consciously experience that you are ALWAYS in the higher dimensions, as well as your daily life. Even though, you may not have had enough “time” to realize it, you are no longer limited to one reality. You physical form is only the lowest frequency of your true Multidimensional Self.

You will accelerate the recovery of your Multidimensional memory by reminding yourself that that “Higher Being” that guides and protects you is YOU!

YOU are the silent inner call and comfort that emanates from within and above.
YOU are the Light you seek and the peace for which you long.
YOU are the Higher Self that controls your Earth vessel.

Release your ego’s need to control and embrace the FLOW of your Self. You can release your ego needs by loving yourself Unconditionally. You know your ego is like a child – it can be patient if it is happy and has something fun to do. Therefore, find “time” to have fun and to be creative. Break the third dimensional mold of “working hard to be a good person.”

Working hard never made you a good person. It only made you tired. Then, when you were tired you were often short with your Loved Ones and impatient with yourself. Your body is like your family pet – it needs to be loved, fed, exercised and groomed. It cannot do those things for itself. You must take care of your ego.

You have lived with the misconception that your ego will take care of you and believed that a strong ego would assist you to be successful in your difficult world. However, your ego resonates to a very low, survival-based state of consciousness. You do not want to just survive any more. You have had the taste of freedom, happiness and even bliss.

You no longer need to go to great lengths to “make someone love you” when you already love yourself Unconditionally. Unconditional Love means that you are totally lovable right NOW. You don’t have to get thinner, richer, smarter or when you have more security. You have all the security you need within the knowing that you love yourself Unconditionally.

If you find it too difficult to love your self Unconditionally, call upon your higher dimensional expression of Self that is entering your dreams, creativity, exercises and experiences of fun and relaxation. In order to release your addiction to being human, begin by releasing your addiction to “being better.”

Your consciousness is perfect right now! Your Self was perfect when you were born and has been perfect all along. It is only the illusions of your third dimensional life that have made you feel “less than.” We realize that many of you have had many very difficult experiences in your life so far. However your life in the higher frequencies is not difficult.

In fact, many of you have “survived” your difficulties by connecting with your Guides, which are actually YOU in a higher frequency. You no longer need to resonate to a frequency where there is difficulty. Of course, the challenge is that you need to BELIEVE you can expand your consciousness into your Lightbody in the higher dimensions in order to be conscious of the fact that YOU were always there!

When you are remembering to love yourself Unconditionally, please remember that YOU are the ONE who loves You – Unconditionally.

We send you Unconditional Love,

The Arcturians

Arcturian Message via Suzanne Lie: Releasing the Habit of Being Human « Golden Age of Gaia.