Energy Update ~ 9 Days of Magnetic GeoStorms Accelerates Higher Awareness & Insights ~ March 10, 2017

By Diane Canfield, 03/09/2017 Energy Update ~ 9 Days of Magnetic GeoStorms Accelerates Higher Awareness & Insights to Elevate Consciousness Dear Light Beings, We have entered the geo storm portal of 9 consecutive days of magnetic storms. These storms help us with the Ascension process bringing us upgrades to increase the ratio of the light […]

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Hollow Earth Network – A Note from Anne De Hart and Sananda – Trust Your HeartMind – 10-22-16

Good Morning!
It’s Just Us!
Ummm… Oh! You fixed Sananda’s favorite!  Blueberry Coffee Cake!
Here he comes now!

Dear Ones, I have much to share… and yes, it has been “building” – as I have tried several times to write this “love letter from Mom.”
Many things have shifted in this interim. So now, I will speak to you about what is of greatest import, Now. 
Dear Hearts… we are growing up. We are awakening as Gods and Goddesses. And we are in the End Times – with appropriate final Initiations – tests – for each of us at each of our unique levels.  I, as well.
It is most important that you meditate on what I am about to say. Do not skim over this in 3D.  
This is a time to demonstrate our new awareness and responsibility.
We are being offered many new considerations – from many sources. And at this point, we must state that we trust you have whittled down your sources. 
Even so, they come to you through your email friends and former trusted sources. – YET – not one of them is worthy of your point-blank acceptance! Not ONE! – That is the test.
At this point, we recognize your God Presence. We know who you are – and we expect YOU to know who you are. And you are NOT an effect of another’s cause: a victim.  YOU are always the cause – through your unique discernment.  Through what you allow your Self to accept.
Much is being offered. Sometimes you get an immediate “hit” and KNOW this does not resonate with your God Self. And I am hearing from you that you know exactly where the “Delete” key is now, and you use it. Instinctively.
Other times, you feel an uneasiness… uncomfortable because you respect the source and question your uneasiness.
Hummm… what caused the uneasiness? Regardless of source – what is it your HeartMind is whispering? Consider it. Do not ignore it. Go out in Nature. Ground. Contemplate. Open your Heart to our Beloved Creator and accept ONLY Love. And you will KNOW.
These are our final tests. We must acknowledge and stand in our Truth. In the End Game – it is us and our Truth – NOT what is offered. 
Needless to say, the less time out wandering around the Internet – open and looking and taking in contaminated messages, the better. The Internet is a meddle of confused human thought. Why would you need it? This only burdens your work and dilutes your HeartMind Truth. 
The Bottom Line of Truth lies in only one place:  Your HeartMind.
By entertaining ANY of these human offerings, we contaminate our own Knowingness. 
What if something comes from a long- time respected source? Do we just accept it, point blank? – Well… DO WE? Or do we become aware of an uneasy feeling from Within? And if so – do we open our Hearts for confirmation?  For Guidance?
If we do – we will Know.
And if we don’t? If we just accept it because it came from _______, we release our own responsibility to be Cause – our God Presence Discernment. And we allow our Selves to become “victims” –  the Effect of another’s cause. And we suffer from their intent.
Dear Hearts – our dear Children – we acknowledge you as the absolute Gods and Goddesses that you are. 
Nothing comes into our lives by accident. All that comes – comes for a reason. The question is – how will we respond? 
We know you have the inner strength to decide what you allow into your lives. This applies to Everything.
Each of us is a Highly Evolved Loving God or Goddess. That is why the tests are so challenging. So clever. So unexpected. But… you will Know.
You will know you made the right choice by the relief you feel – the deep breath – the sigh – the Knowing “All is well now. I Am free – I Am pure – I Am Love – I Am… Me.” 
I AM that I Am.  
And so it is.
Be brave to follow your HeartMind.
Our Endless Love,
Anne and your Loving Brother, Sananda.

Dear Hearts, Beloved Ones,
I was wondering how My Beloved would handle this new challenge.  Yes, you do have a challenge before you. 
The HEN family is highly respected in the Universe and this is not the first time an attempt has been made to infiltrate.
If something has come into your lives that does not resonate, regardless of source, we encourage you to go into your HeartMind until you find the right answer – the answer that makes you feel good.
Your loving brother,

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Feel Our Love,

L’Aura Pleiadian – Activating Infinite Awareness – 5th Dimensional Consciousness – 5-28-16


L’Aura Pleiadian   –   Activating Infinite Awareness   –   5th Dimensional Consciousness   –   5-28-16

Many of you reading this have existed in the Angelic Realms and have incarnated also as a Divine Human, here to radiate your Angelic Vibrations, through your Ascension. This agreement to do so, is part of your Soul Design and Plan.

The Divine Plan through the Unification of Consciousness, is expanding your awareness, as your read this. The words that appear before you, are Light Codes.

The fulfillment of your Design (Blueprint and Plan) is self activating. When vibrational matches held in your programming activate, your DNA then signals the readiness of new levels and new activations. That is, greater expansion, of that which you are.

Your DNA are signalling devices, through which your vibration radiates your current program. Level of awareness. Through which you access, what you are capable of accessing.

You are undergoing a monumental transformation. Perceiving life one way. Then waking up to a completely new world.

Your Blueprint holds the program of your plan and the timing through which your DNA activates, which is your vibration. Your radiation. Your signalling. Which creates the channels of awareness, through which you perceive, reality. 

Your consciousness, although it may seem to be the thoughts you think, or what you think about and perceive as your reality, is far beyond your imagination. The consciousness that you are consists of all that you are. 

Attempting to grasp your consciousness with your thoughts, is sort of like attempting to watch infinite television stations and programs all at once and understand and remember what you are viewing.

Your mind as consciousness, is infinite. It is a cosmic computer, that is not in your body. The You of you, that has access to all of your consciousness, that is, that consciousness.

The thinking process, as you transform is adapting to new capabilities of awareness. To grasp more, to perceive reality from a more expanded view. Closer to what it really is.  As your Heart awakens so do parts of your everyday consciousness awareness. As your Heart is the portal through which your Blueprint activated as the awakened, Divine You.

It is the UNION and joined power of this Union (unified field of consciousness) within You (through your heart) that is the Divine You. Actualized. Activated. 

This helps you to adjust your awareness to the expanded view of reality. Akin to being able to watch simultaneously many channels and shows. That are made up of many dimensions. That exist throughout all time. Your Futures and your Pasts, and the Parallel Versions. Because it iS all going on ALL at ONCE.

You were looking through a sense of limited awareness. Which is now transforming into the EXPANDED TRUE Eternal YOU.

That you ARE. The great part is, we are not creating something new. We are awakening to Something that we already ARE.

It has always been taking place.

You are already Ascended.

You exist In Future timelines, NOW, looking back, so to speak at this, THE SAME time the YOU, here in form, are reading this.

You are Being activated NOW in this your Expansion of Consciousness.

It is all LIGHT.

You are ALL that.

And you are this.

It is perfect.

It is Divine.

It is NOW.

Receive this activation of Love and Limitless Light. That activates in your Soul Blueprint, the You of YOU, to be HERE NOW. To awaken to MORE of YOU. All Now. IN this I activate You. You as an Eternal Divine Ascended Being. And so it is Beloved Angels of Light. The First Wave of Ascension. Forever and Now, in Divine Glory. Forevermore.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.

Tiara Kumara – Higher Mind Connection – Build a New Thought Structure – by Golden Age Of Gaia – 11-25-15



November 25, 2015 by

The bottom line here is that you are dynamically coded as brilliant and you can be restored to this original perfection. Only through a new system of thought can this happen!


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Build a new Thought Structure

At all times, you live, move and have your entire being inside the body of God, as universal awareness. You are molded out of a blueprint of perfection and are innately designed to be intelligent far beyond what the human brain can imagine. This instinctive influence is even contained in every one of your cells, some of it lying dormant as DNA encoding.

The bottom line here is that you are dynamically coded as brilliant and you can be restored to this original perfection. Only through a new system of thought can this happen!

You have never lost the capacity to have supreme intelligence. It was just over-ridden by another system, a “free will” system of thought. You can choose right now to delete this old system by restoring your original, more intelligent thought structure, as one with Divine Mind. This will catapult you into much higher potential to where your “thoughts” can aspire.

The animal has never lost its instinct for the very reason that it is incapable of building an adverse thought structure. For example, when a bird migrates to a certain destination, sometimes for thousands of miles, it never loses the direction. It is not thinking whether or not it can accomplish the task. The guiding instrument is right within its tiny brain cells.

Humans are far more capable than animal or birds; yet, we have allowed ourselves to adapt to a very foreign and distorted way of thinking. Throughout human history, we have been hypnotized into believing in negative conditions and their outer appearances.

Stressful conditions have absolutely no power except that which we give to them. The moment we cease feeding the condition with our energy, it no longer has life and thus, it ceases to exist altogether. In our refusal to accept limitation or any form of negativity in our life, we make grand departure from the paradigm of limitation.

From this moment forward, choose to just STOP all thinking from this old thought system that perceives limitation, of any type. You have all that you need within your own inner powerful self as one with your Higher Mind. To think any differently is to invite in the experience of limitation.

Absolutely refuse any and all appearances of limitation in your life. Refuse to perceive it as ‘limitation’. Then, you will no longer abide within it.

All you have to do is to simply shift the way that you think. Striving, struggle, hard work, suffering; these all come from the old system of thought and of believing in limitation.

Remember, you are made of Divine Essence. 
You are one with Divine Mind. 
You are divinity through the form. Everything is a blessing. There is no other recognition. It is all God. All is Divine Presence. See only the blessing in all that is appearing. Refuse to qualify it with discordance at any level. When you recognize the blessing, this is acknowledging perfection. You become that perfection.

It is to seek and know your Higher Mind and to be attuned to that voice of the inner guru, first. When that is accomplished, everything else that you require is received as a matter of your human birthright. Keep the attunement channel open to your Higher Mind, knowing positively that this is the one point from where all success originates and where all success emanates.


This is an excerpt from the MORPHOGENESIS: Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness. Free enrollment with more than 60 podcast episodes.


presented by Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Foundation
I AM Avatar Education

SANDRA WALTER – Vivid Awareness – Ease and Grace – 11-15-15

ascension peace


SANDRA  WALTER   –   Vivid Awareness   –   Ease and Grace  –   11-15-15*

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The experience of the merge sequences in this New Light intensify, especially during Gateway passages. November 16-18 and 23-28 are our Gatekeeper focus; join us with an open heart and clear intentions for more light, love and peace.

The Higher realms noted something unique would occur on the 13th. As with all of these dates and influxes, I remain humbled by what unfolds when higher vibrational light comes in. I feel the Light Tribe response to the latest global violence indicates a Shift in the higher vibrational collective consciousness. Negative programs have lost their influence on the High-Vibe Tribe, and the larger collective is reflecting this. Divine neutrality is about neutralizing the effect of the illusion on our consciousness, both personally and globally. With that skill in heart, the outer expression of love intensifies, becomes the new norm. Love is stepping up, in spite of lesser agendas. Photonic light and the Shift ensure we get whatever is needed to collectively move us into our hearts, to empower ourselves and the collective. Some flail like cornered wildcats, pressed to the limit by the impending light which promises their extinction. Some call forth the new paradigm in their actions, words, heart and energy fields. It tests the faith and patience of many a Master to know, observe, wayshow and participate in the acceleration simultaneously.

We pray for all those feeling the clearing and detoxifying effects of the release of 3D support. Psychological distortions and judgments are amplified, especially since the support for recreating 3D dissolved in September. The drop-off is palpable; the old re-created reality fell away quite suddenly for many. That part of you simply is not here any longer, nor can you recreate it without causing emotional, psychological, or physical discomfort.

For others, it is a domino effect since September; one by one the Light Tribe is experiencing the vibrational mismatch when attempting to recreate what they were or what they did. Higher light takes over when consciously welcomed in, and it burns through those lower levels quite quickly. We learn a vivid experience of multidimensionality; capable of holding awareness in many dimensions at once. It takes less energy to be here, and there. Integrating this is our largest challenge in Resurrection. Obviously there is a need for embodiment to happen NOW, which indicates we are on target for larger global Shifts. Notice how calm and accepting we are with this new level of light. Is it bizarre? Of course. Are we okay with it anyway? Yes.

We hold steady in this unfoldment and increase our focus on outreach through 2016; a tall order when we feel so transcendent. It feels like disappearing, because the lower Self is dropping away. Let each serve their unique purpose and expression, openly and with gratitude. We are capable of holding so much more Christed light, beloveds. The maximum light you feel now becomes the minimum in a few months of linear time. Take care to celebrate and integrate accordingly. We need everyone available to be balanced, neutral, and serving as conduits.

I will post the second half of the Resurrection article later in the week. So much is unfolding with this phase. I honor all who are embracing this marriage of Higher and Lower Self with ease and grace.

Healing Conversations Monday, November 16

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Blessings upon this sacred endeavor of Ascension. All is incredibly well.

In Love, Light and Service,

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RUPERT SPIRA – Reflections on Perception and Awareness – 5-20-15


Rupert Spira discusses relationships and perception as they
relate to consciousness. This video is an excerpt from SAND Anthology Vol. 5:…

From an early age Rupert was deeply interested in the nature of Reality. For twenty years he studied the teachings of Ouspensky, Krishnamurti, Rumi, Shankaracharya, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta and Robert Adams, until he met his teacher, Francis Lucille, twelve years ago. Francis introduced Rupert to the teaching of Jean Klein, Parmenides, Wei Wu Wei and Atmananda Krishnamenon and, more importantly, directly indicated to him the true nature of experience. Rupert’s first book is “The Transparency of Things”, subtitled “Contemplating the Nature of Experience”. His second book, Presence Volume I The Art of Peace and Happiness and Presence Volume II The Intimacy of All Experience has been currently released by Non-Duality Press.

Elohim Cyclopea via Julie Miller – More Focus, More Aware, More Mindful – 4-4-15

Mario Gattoaladino


Jose Sanchez – Love is our True Awareness, our True Consciousness – 1-24-15

IMG_8021Jose Sanchez

1/23/15   –


The simplicity and the beauty of the soul are aspects so pure and beyond the scope of explanation. The awareness and the consciousness that comes in limited and unlimited capacities are part of the intricacies of our design. Through the ages awareness, consciousness and beingness have been pondered and explored to the highest possibilities of the mind and of the heart of poets and philosophers.

The simplest explanation of the difficulty of being able to explain the magnitude of such question is the simple fact that we as humans do not have the language and the vocabulary to explain and describe the basic details. If we begin to dissect the self at a physical level we would need to begin to see the human form as a whole. Meaning we would need to consider the energetic make up of each and every single cell that makes up the vehicle for the soul. We must also consider that we as a body have a connection to a core consciousness of every cell as a united being. Part of our awareness is based on that consciousness which acts as an anchor and as a medium to help us connect and understand our reality. The same pattern follows the bigger picture, our soul is as a cell in the body of a greater being known by many titles and names. When we begin to understand our closest reality within our form we can more readily begin to understand the soul and the power and force of love of which we are a part of.

If we begin to study consciousness and awareness at a metaphysical level and we actually understand and realize our source, at that moment an explanation becomes unnecessary as we begin to see we are everything. We cannot simply state or explain consciousness and awareness because we are everything and part of everything. We must then begin to explain infinity. Infinity is unity consciousness. When we love we touch infinity as we enter the field of unlimited consciousness.

I remember December of 2012 when I had a beautiful experience while taking Ayahuasca for my very first time and apparently my last. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe and in fact stop breathing God knows for how long. I ended up disconnecting and feeling and intense feeling of peace and clarity. In that moment as I witness my body laying there and for a moment or two vomiting. It felt so far an alien and yet I was still me except no longer in my body. It seemed as if my body ceased to matter and yet I was very curious and felt great love and compassion for it. I remember I still knew it was me, I still could think and move around but I felt light and capable of experiencing great love and awareness. I could move at the speed of thought and could feel and see everything, I became awareness.

I clearly remember the creational matrix and the infinite amount of light codes going in and around me. I remember going into the void and yet in that space of nothingness I still existed as clearly and as free as the moment I detached from my body, as free as I become when I go into contemplating myself and the divine. It was then I was being taught about consciousness and awareness and conscious living. Something that until this very moment I had forgotten. It seems as if the light codes that went inside me as pockets of knowledge are now being activated and the program or the knowledge contained there is now surfacing into my conscious awareness.

Conscious living is one of the codes awakening. It means we need to live in harmony with our environment but also with the vibrational frequency and awareness of the body that houses our soul. Within the body we are soul, within the creational matrix we are soul, and within the void we are soul. As souls we are a pure living direct spark and direct consciousness of the Creator, the Great Spirit and so on. The direct message is that in truth we are never far apart from who we truly are. Soul-sparks of a greater being. We exist simultaneously at every possible level of existence and so we are also the field of eternal living and the greatest possibilities in and of creation.

In essence we are not our thoughts, our emotions and our bodies. We are an awareness that transcends any and all limitations. Let’s say in this very moment you could trace yourself back to the beginning to the level of quarks, string and tones. Tones being the beginning of the string and the moment before matter. You would begin to see the existence of an energetic signature, a pulling force of existence. You would begin to see life in the form of light. In fact we are indeed light manifested. The very instant we realize that fact we then begin to fall in love with ourselves and therefore with everything. Love so deep and so divine that can be manifested through our every day living. Everything and everyone will be loved by you and through you. You then can begin to stare deep into infinity and unity consciousness.

Knowing and understanding pure love is then the surest and fastest route to understanding what consciousness and awareness are. The sages of all understood the best approach to understanding something that is beyond explanation by first moving beyond the physical limitations of the human brain and of the human mind. Even the greatest minds only understood a fraction of existence and of consciousness and they understood that moving beyond limitations was crucial. My favorite scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla took it further by displacing himself from his mind and yet through that displacement he could access a dimensional layer that existed within his mind. In doing so he understood where his consciousness existed which in fact does exist within a dimensional layer between matter and light.

Understanding the steps on accessing that dimensional layer is as easy as seating in a deep meditation when the mind ceases to tap into its chaotic patterns and moves into stillness. When we move into stillness of the mind a miraculous thing takes place. It is like being in an ocean of life. It is here where many loose themselves and go up and out their form and get distracted and entangled by their visions and experiences. If we through our deep intention drop the self into the heart and if we can awaken and tap into the Sacred Heart’s multidimensional key we have achieved step one on such process.

Step two requires the merging or better yet the Sacred Hearts’ multidimensional key activating and opening the dimensional layer of the mind. In that very moment we aren’t just accessing an ocean of knowledge an awareness but in fact we become that ocean of awareness. It is very interesting as I’m receiving and understanding that information, I’m beginning to feel the atomic and subatomic structures of my physical form but also that of the people around me this very moment. It is absolutely amazing how the tones of the body as it forms and combines all of its particles and merges into a mold to house the soul. It is a lovely and harmonious dance of love. We are indeed manifestations of love.

It is through such harmonious sharing of love that we exist. It is the absolute best way to remain in perfect health, by simply experiencing peace. I am now finally seeing and understanding the entire purpose of microwaves, cell phone signals, wifi and mind control programing and even the chemtrails( Nano technology used negatively). They are vehicles of disruptors, they function at a vibrational level that disrupts the natural frequency of love. Cancer for instance is a manifestation of such disruption of love in the energetic field of the cells. If we could hold the highest possible form of love to bring those cells to stillness and peacefulness so it can behave as love once again it would again reconnect with the healthy cells and reprogram itself. It will then start to be in harmony and the inner environment of the body would reach the sacred dance that all of us are performing within.

This makes it very obvious as to why there has been a constant game on their part to keep the entire human race on their toes. By constantly having tension and fear, either through wars and disputes between nations and between religions, people are thrown out their natural balance of love and into chaotic patterns of living. I will repeat it again microwaves, wifi, cell phone radiation, chemtrails and the use of nano technology even in vaccines we are kept from our divine right to happiness and true freedom.

We must then take responsibility to begin living consciously and through intent and focus reconnect back into our true awareness and consciousness which is rooted in the absolute truth of love. Do you want to know yourself ? Then get to know love and the source of love. It was love that gave birth to life, to light and to creation and awareness through consciousness, and it is love that will set us free!!!

Wes Annac – Knowing Whispers – Look Within – 11-25-14


Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.

The mind reaches out to “discover” self,

while the heart simply “knows”.

Consciousness is a presence that knows self.

Mind and ego eternally seek to know and understand,

but they look outside the knowing presence of our truth

and distract us from the knowing truth within us.

Awareness is knowing self,

without the mind and ego.

It is feeling self within consciousness


remembering it within our truth.

Méline Lafont – Shift into Quantum Consciousness – The New Gifts Are Here – Wondrous Spectrum of Colors, Energies – Dimensional Shifting – 1-27-14

quantum consciousness

Image  Source

Meline Lafont

Giant leaps in awakening and in Quantum consciousness are amongst us, ladies and gentlemen! MAGNIFICENT connections, shifts, changes, growth and expansion, as well as experiences of the most beautiful things one could not even imagine were possible a few years ago? Well it is reality in this now! It is NOW and here that we are here and it is HERE brothers and sisters of the Light.

You might slightly begin to adjust to all and everything that is unfolding within you and in your personal reality and environment because we are in for a big treat and this is just the beginning for you all. A wondrous spectrum of colors and energies are amidst us all on the planet because WE bring them in into these Earthly templates as we are those conduits of pure Light. Beware! INCOMING transmission on the move!

Now a lot of fresh water is required to hold the Light potential that you are as a Source, balance is key and is required, being centered at ALL times by grounding you thoroughly and of course expansion through meditation to be able to hold the keys within.

For me personally so much has changed, shifted and expanded in such a short time frame, it is not possible to even begin to comprehend it all. Let me share some few examples with you all, where many of you as well are finding themselves in the midst of.

The new gifts are here, you just need to tap into yours by raising your consciousness and awareness that you are the new Earth yourself as a living being, holding your own keys and expansion of Light. Hold the vibration strongly now and hold your focus within at all times, very important! There might be a lot of distraction in your world going on but nevertheless the key is to go within at all times; it is there where your Source lies and not in the dramas that are unfolding.

Time is stretching her legs at this time and is taking larger steps into infinity so it can gradually dissolve into this one time line that is the eternal now. The more humans are aware and conscious of this one time line that is timeLESS, the more it not only becomes your reality but also that of the collective. This is something I have strongly and personally been experiencing.

This week after the first event of the Global meditation for Glastonbury that I am hosting, things have been shifting and changing drastically for me that I AM in AWE about it. I was doing a reading and usually I could spend 1 to 2 hours on it from the beginning till rereading it for grammar and such.. Lately I was finding myself in a distinct lack of time and I was busy from early morning till the middle of the night to get everything done. I was thinking to myself that I had 2 hours of time to do my reading before I had to get the kids from school. As I was doing my reading and finished it, I looked at my clock and it was only 20 minutes later. I was dazzled by it because I stopped 3 times due to a problem with my stove and still typed 4 pages of channeled material and card readings.. still all of this work that normally takes 2 hours, was completed in 20 minutes! I still had roughly 2 hours of time to do other things.

Time stood still! I have since then looked at the clock quite often while doing some paperwork and observed that one minute stayed the same for 10 minutes long! Since than I find myself playing with time and it works for me, I can stretch time to go slower by being in the now moment and not focusing on time. It only works though by not trying, forcing or focusing on it but by being awareness in the NOW. Time stands still as you are infinity at that time completely detached from time as it does not exist in your consciousness anymore.

You are the Masters of your own being in this now so all is in your own hands, abilities of such are your awareness and reality now if you choose so, it becomes possible for you to tap into that.

It is clear that the realities and Dimensions are intermingling on a deeper level that has become tangible for many of us at this time. Personally I often have to blink my eyes a few times while driving to see in which reality I truly am. I feel myself often consciously in a few realities at the same time and I am getting more used to the “dizziness” feeling as it shifts more into being multi present at all times in those different Dimensions. Dimensions are vibrations and waves of consciousness in energy, so we can easily be there at the same time with one foot in the 4th, the other in the 5th and maybe too each of our hands in other realities as well, so to speak. Being everywhere present simultaneously.

Another tremendous shift in reality is the contact with our Galactic Brethren and families of the Light. I have been hearing and seeing them as close as ever lately and many of you have too. I have been informed by a few friends that they too have seen and communicated more with our Galactic Brethren in a conscious way and they are visiblee for physical eyes too. Our Family seems to come in more in our reality and even in houses to say Hi and make connections, they are HERE and in the NOW.

Note that all is depending on your own individual state of consciousness as to the way you feel and perceive them, but many of you feel them more around them than before. It also has a lot to do with the infrared spectrum that one carries inside of them that defines whether to be able and SEE our family in a visible way. I will explain and write a post about that another time, it is too long to do this in this post.

The Pleiadians have been very active around me and in my personal reality lately and it seems they are too within others’ reality along with the Sirians, Agarthians and Arcturians. It is like I shared in my latest message from the Pleiadians that as we all become one with their consciousness in our own, interaction and connection become your reality and it is here now for you.

Buzzing in the physical bodies, movements of YOU in your physical Body. There is a vibration tone you are speeding in now that lends higher qualities of YOU on a multidimensional facet. Personally I’ve been experiencing movements in myself that I was conscious of, where I would pull my etheric arm so to speak out of my vessel, step out a little bit to stretch and get back into my body, all this consciously while my physical body and my earthly consciousness are doing what they were doing during it. (which was typing a reading at the same time).

At one point I was lying in my bed, trying to get some sleep and I felt my entire physical structure transforming into a liquid form. I felt myself moving in waves of plasma on the same place where I was lying and it did not feel like a body at all. AA Michael stepped in at one point and said I was ready to teleport. Hearing that remark makes you think about it and then of course it finished

It’s all there for us to reach at this time for whoever is ready. Allow your consciousness to BE and detach from all the mind activities that block so much of your experiences and gifts. Let the old now reside where it needs to stay and that is not in you nor in your reality anymore. Be in the Now moment in every moment of your existence and that shall assist you in great ways to be able and tap in more and experience more of what I have shared here in this article.

I can vouch for all of this to be a true reality, it has been told to me, showed to me and now experienced by me and by so many of you in the Now. How blessed and gifted are we all to have these opportunities given to us to be able and experience this all, to be this all. It is exceptional! Hold on more to the beauty within and to all of this instead of putting your attention to what is not functioning in your world. Giving attention to that makes the non-functional things effectual in your reality as you ‘feed’ it through energy and focus, which makes it a reality and allows it to grow.

Take away those attentions and rather focus on the beauty of this all that you feel from within. Our Galactic families are present amongst us as they are us, whether it be in other forms or through our own Galactic nature in our cellular constructs and DNA. Allow, enjoy and receive. Give back by embracing yourself and all in this existence in the truest nature that you are which is Love and Grace.

We are in a tremendous Wave of change from within, detach from the mind boggles and just BE in a deep space of intimacy with yourselves. Relax, breathe and move on to the next and the next and the next, all present in the infinite flow of existence.

Eva Soul Talk – Our Authentic Selves and Awareness

Our authentic selves and awareness
Many people tend to believe that authenticity is something we have to achieve and being authentic means being unique. But, we are all unique! This planet and reality is a giant free will playground for all of us to play out and manifest our own individual soul plans.Therefore, in any given moment, we are indeed unique and authentic as we are following and fulfilling our soul plans and soul contracts.When we don’t judge or label others and simply observe them, we realize how complex and magnificent we all are.And in fact, we cannot be anything else but our true, authentic selves.
However, as we are evolving and changing, our truth and understanding can shift significantly, as much as we allow it.We are going through and experiencing different phases in our ascension process and it can be amazingly beautiful and confusing at the same time.As we are removing and releasing old identities, labels, beliefs, layers of ourselves, we might often wonder who we are.We might feel confused, because our old roles don’t fit us any longer and we don’t wish to hold on to them, but we are uncertain how to move forward.
This feeling occurs when we are positioning and settling on a new level of awareness. And therefore everything feels new, strange and we may feel that we cannot find footing in this new state of awareness.
But, as we settle on our new level and a new kind of clarity takes over within our consciousness, we ones again feel as if we find our new true, authentic selves.We wish to speak our new mind, our new truth, thus we want to express ourselves in very new ways. We want to share our truth with others to inspire them to grow and evolve as we are excited about our new level of consciousness and we wish them to experience the same.
Regardless of how many people are actually listening to our truth, many of us feel a constant and strong inner guidance to share with others.We express our true selves in countless different ways as we are all unique and authentic in our own ways.People around us may or may not resonate with what we represent, nevertheless we are constantly stimulating, shifting and raising the level of awareness on this planet as we ourselves are evolving.
We offer our love, our services, our help and assistance to others and even when the effect of our offerings might not be visible and tangible to us, we know and feel that we are fulfilling our purposes, thus our soul plans and contracts.And for this reason we are always our true, authentic selves, as we are experiencing ourselves on different levels of consciousness throughout this ascension process.
When will this process reach the end? We all wish to know that, as we often feel tired, confused and challenged in this seemingly endless expansion process.Many people say it will never end as our ascension is infinite and I believe that to be true.However, I also believe that each of us incarnated with an individual soul plan, thus our soul planned already the certain levels of awareness we are here to experience in this life time.
Therefore it cannot be a general answer to that question as each of us is in the process of unfolding our unique soul plans.
We are all expressing ourselves based on our current level of awareness at any time.And we might all be on different levels of understanding, nonetheless we can speak our truth and express our true selves every single moment of our lives.
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Steve Beckow – Awareness Transforms – 1-27-14

Awareness 33

Steve Beckow  –  Golden Age Of Gaia

There are so many things that seem difficult to understand and none strikes me as more difficult than consciousness.

In the article by Jesus, reposted yesterday, “Jeshua: The Third Way,” (1) Jesus makes some startling, novel statements about consciousness. Consciousness or awareness is the substratum of life, but it may as well be unexplored territory. He says:

“You have to realize that consciousness is something very powerful. It is much more than a passive registering of an emotion – consciousness is an intense creative force. …

“Consciousness is not something static; things do not remain as they are. You will notice that if you do not nourish the energy of the emotion or of your judgment about it, they will gradually dissipate. In other words, your equilibrium becomes stronger; your basic feeling becomes more one of peace and joy. …

“Awareness transforms – it is the major instrument for change, yet at the same time, it wants to change nothing. Awareness says, ‘Yes – yes to what is!’ It is receptive and accepting of all that is there, and this changes everything, because it sets you free.”

To be aware is to be neutral, but awareness itself is anything but neutral.

On occasion, I’ve compared consciousness or awareness to a very powerful solvent, like a paint remover. (2) Paint something with awareness and the unwanted condition we’re observing will lift. I could as well have compared it to sunlight which causes moisture to evaporate. Or heat that causes ice to melt.

Of course, all conditions lift, wanted or unwanted. Nothing persists except the Self, except God. All else is impermanent and hence ultimately illusory.

But what Jesus points out in his article is that we can let go of our previous habits of identifying with, say, anger and projecting it outwards or suppressing our anger and “eating it” and try a third way: becoming aware of our anger and observing it.

If we do so, our anger lifts faster than by any other means and leaves no residue.

Expressing or suppressing leaves residue. Observing and accepting causes the lifting of the condition with no residue.

I said a few days ago that the chief illusions we have in the Third Dimension are that we’re separate, we won’t survive death, and resources are scarce. These three perspectives cause fear. Thwart us in our actions to overcome these three conditions or excite our fears about them and we become angry.

And when we become angry, we project that anger onto others or “swallow it” and damage ourselves. One way we leave a residue of shame and explosiveness; the other we leave a residue of dread and tension.

But using our consciousness or awareness as the powerful, creative force that it is to dissolve the unwanted condition is the way of the future. It harnesses the power of consciousness, what Eckhart called The Power of Now. Consciousness, presence, nowness all point to the same thing.

Awareness transforms. It doesn’t just change a situation. It doesn’t just move our piece, our Scotty Dog, around the board. It causes the underlying condition to lift completely. It’s one circumstance that we know almost nothing about as a collective and need to learn about if we’re to leave the ways of the Third Dimension behind.

Change causes the unwanted condition to persist but awareness causes the unwanted condition to transform, to disappear.

It may be time for us to become conscious of consciousness and to use it in the only way it works: to allow, to watch, and to understand.

Anthony De Mello – Awareness – Tough Love Laced With Humor

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The Collective Evolution – Full Film

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‘The Collective Evolution’ is a documentary aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to be changed, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it. The documentary addresses this need for change through five individual yet interrelated structures society has come to rely upon –finance, education, religion, entertainment/ media, and health/ food. Each of these structures is fully broken down to show viewers how they have come into place, and why their continued existence can no longer be supported. The documentary concludes by drawing attention to consciousness. Addressing who we truly are, what we have come on this planet to do, and most importantly how we can go about doing it.



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Eckhart Tolle – Dealing With Anger, Resistance and Pessimism

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Eckhart discusses the decisive shift from identifying with a feeling and simply observing it in your energy field

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