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Saint Germain – Separation and Duality – Energetic Changes – Channeled by Méline Lafont – Awakening To Higher Love

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Greetings, in the most exuberant energies I embrace all of you in this joyful timeframe of the Now. As is always the case, every Now moment contains an enormously intense frequency of opportunities which will make itself known in your “disillusionment process” also referred to as the Awakening. Afore-mentioned opportunities contain enclosed nooks with intentions and creations which one can continue to bring onto this world in order to gradually further the process of disillusionment and, by the same token, to create a more genuine Reality.

All too often one still fails to grasp the patterns which would impart inspirations that could move you ahead in your evolutionary process and in your awakening. Instead one is rather enclined to disregard and divert them away from you because every difficult process is linked to a certain amount of pain or seen as painful. You never have been told or requested to make all of your transformational processes hard or to every time go through a tough time in your reality and experiences. This is only due to your own perceptions and your creations which make your life so hard to bear at times.

Illusion and duality are both a very strong energy that can thwart your ability to change, to renew and to evolve. You cannot evolve when you do not work through that illusion/that duality and bring change specifically to those energies pertaining to them. All density is now in the process of shifting into a formless energy which contains more light and as such becomes a more fluid substance. Energy can take on every form and can settle itself in a specific thought pattern and a specific thought form.

Illusion is a direct result of the thinking and knowing of the ego self that is convinced that something is as it is whereas the Reality is the heartfrequency which can measure itself against the unconditional, being at one with All That Is. Everything just is and nothing else. Energy is everything and everything is energy. You yourself are made of the exact same energy for you are an energy source which has taken on a lower frequency in order to be able to experience and to reflect density.

Now we have arrived at an era where Truth and Reality will take precedence over illusion and density. The blocking game of separation and the legalisation of rules and the overall controlling of you are all over and done with and they will meet their demise under the pressure of their own rules of power which are also applicable to their own regulations. The separation and her inherent duality will also systematically come under a lot of strain on a daily and even an hourly basis because the matrix pertaining to this separation and this duality has just lost her frequency zone and vibrates in a lesser capacity with reference to the new energies and the creations of humanity. It cannot escape the higher frequencies which are taking it into their energies, for everything is one.

The thought forms of humanity are smashed to smithereens now because one can notice that no single thought form can leave its field unaffected. Everything that is sent out as a thought will be transposed immediately as it were into the reality of its own frequency zone, which vibrates in harmony with the self image and the belief of that thought. Furthermore, everything that is sent out as a thought will become your reality, a fact that will bring many of you in dire positions and in utter disbelief combined with a feeling of defeat whereafter one is likely to stagnate.

There is no more room for self pity, no longer time to preserve the belief in doom or gloom nor can you any longer be a victim of circumstances. The time has now come to fully realise and accept that everything is a creation of your Self, and this on a personal as well as on a collective level. No more room is left for trials and investigations my friends, there is only the NOW and the dwelling in every Now moment of your Being and giving yourself the gift of flowing along in the current of Life and of Being in full surrender and in complete trust.

Nothing is as powerful and as liberating as the notion of how you can be yourself in the fullness of your glory, of your love, for this truly is all that you are supposed to be. And how do you find that out my dear friends? Ah, allow me to clarify that for you in this most precious of times. Not! You do not find it out, you are it and you only need to be it. Be the glory, be the freedom, be your own expansion, be your inner serenity… dwell in a constant state of Being where everything that surrounds you doesn’t influence you, doesn’t disturb you, isn’t connected to you but a place where you are everything and everybody on the spot. This is the power of creation and of manifestion!

My dearest friends, never would I allow you to get caught in the illusion, in the duality but sometimes a Master must let his chohans/friends seek out their own answers because this contributes to their own life lessons and gives them the opportunity to surpass them. Nothing is given freely into your hands for finding your own answers is precisely the challenge of this life and is the way out of this duality, by your own creations and by the personal process of selfdiscovery, exploration, growth, unity and love.

Leave all forms of separation and the classification of things far behind you now and learn to enjoy every Now moment on your wonderful world. Learn from the events in your life and always get the best out of them. Do not seek answers behind everything that will come up, leave the thinking through your brain for what it is and learn to live by your feeling nature, by inspiration and by simply being without any explanation whatsoever, without needing further information. Information can be disorienting because it gets you out of your own center through activating once more the human thinking processes.

Learn to manifest yourself based on unconditional love in which the frequency of the light has an unidentified quality that can only be felt through the heart and through your essence. There are no levels, no separations, no denominations, no disturbances, no multidimensional descriptions, no parts … everything just is! The human concepts are now dissolving and disappearing and that in itself is an integral part of the transcendence of your current personal old reality. Gradually you will begin to feel how you are soaring through the impulse of your Being and various other realities will begin to merge with yours, as you will constantly be dwelling in different multidimensional aspects of your Being.

Enjoy the upcoming closing energies of the autumn equinox; believe you me, this portal will reach tremendous goals, once again we have made a quantum leap in this whole process. At present, a certain number of issues are clearing themselves out on your world, nothing to worry about though as everything is just as it is supposed to be. More and more, many of you will reach more refined energies which are no longer manageable for others who are standing reluctantly at the gate. Even that will shift in due time as even on the inbetween world the pressure is mounting because of the timelines merging into one timeline whereby they loose their power of discord increasingly.

Profound choices will have to be made now which will not always be the most easy ones but rather the most important ones as this is a very productive and fertile time to evolve onto that unity and refinement.

Respectfully and with all my love for your Being, I Am Saint Germain.

I AM That I AM

 Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Andy Bojarsky – My Higher Self: How to Heal All Relationships – Awakening To Higher Love



Awakening To Higher Love

Thank you to Lakshmi Bhatia and Master Sai Baba for their insight to this posting.

Everything in this Universe is nothing but electromagnetics.  Your heart is electromagnetic, your heart beat is electromagnetic, your prayers are electromagnetic, your emotions and your thoughts are all electromagnetic, and everything is an electromagnetic frequency.

Every two different individuals at any given time that are interacting with each other are vibrating at a particular electromagnetic frequency.  So what happens when you become awakened?  How does this shift the energies between two individuals and what happens then to that relationship?

When you have awakened, your frequencies are being lifted higher; they are being moved into a higher, more purified energy vibration.   This is the vibration of light.  As you ascend and awaken, you get closer to the higher light frequencies.  From your physical eyes, light is the purest frequency that you can see.

That is why you talk about the golden ray, the violet ray, the platinum ray, and all the different aspects of light.  So say two people are vibrating and they are initially in tune with each other and both are vibrating at a frequency that is aligned with their frequencies and then something happens and one person just shifts his or her frequency.

The other person is still continuing to hold and vibrate at their original same frequency because they have not seen any need for them to shift or change – the miracles that have happened to you have not happened to them.  So the other person is comfortable just being where they are.

You go off on this amazing journey and you shift your electromagnetic frequency to a higher level and when you come back to that old space where the other person is at, they know that you do not fit in anymore.  They feel uncomfortable.  So what is happening electromagnetically in this case?

Whenever a higher frequency of light comes into your electromagnetic field, it begins to disturb any of the lower frequencies which are not aligned to that higher frequency because it is trying to shift the charge of those lower frequencies to get it into alignment with this new higher frequency.

And that person with the lower frequency does not like it, they do not want to go there, as they are not ready for it yet.  And then you think why are they disturbed when it comes to you?  I have not changed.  Why are they so mean and judging towards you?  Remember that each time you have more light and you go back into their lower frequency with your higher frequency space, it is scaring them immensely.

You are communicating to them electromagnetically that you now have a higher polarity than they do, a higher frequency and this is automatically going to shift and change them.  But change is scary for most people.  So at a subconscious level, they begin to get scared.

Then they build their defenses and they come into their fear zone and when you are fearful some people will begin to retreat but most people will be aggressive and most people will tend to attack.  It is the flight or fight response.  And this is what you are seeing happening in your lives.

You will have a lot of opposition in your life as you continue to shift your vibrations.  This happens a lot when there are two strong energy fields between two people.  You can have a very strong negative field; you can have a very strong positive field.  Both are strong fields.  This is why we talk about light and dark, night and day, life and death – these are the polarities.

In this physical universe, polarities are there because without the polarities, you cannot have one without the other; you cannot have light without darkness.  So you have these two strong fields.  So say you have two strong people.  Both of you are very strongly integrated in your field. You are at opposite polarities (polar opposites) and now you are interacting with each other.

Each one is chipping away at the other.  Whoever holds on to the denser field will typically tend to pull in the other, but not always.  This is why you are told in spiritual terms that you have to protect yourself when working with these lower fields and you have these energy shields.

Why? Because sometimes people with a lot of issues also have very strong fields of drama, negativity, judgment, criticism, etc…and they can drain you out and lower your vibration and shift you into their field and you finish this interaction with them and you feel like a train wreck and you do not know what happened.

You may not be able to hold your field in the face of their fields.  But this is what is happening between any two individuals on this planet.  It is a game of electromagnetics.  The one with the stronger field is going to be OK.  So how do you have the stronger field?  One is through conscious intent.

When you go into any of these spaces, the first thing is to consciously align yourself and ground yourself.  Do this by seeing this golden column of light coming and place yourself in the double pyramid – bring in the gold and bring in the platinum and place the violet flame around you because violet transmutes.

So if a lower vibration is coming from anyone, it will hit the violet flame and it will transmute this lower energy that they carry.  See a column of violet light and place it outside your home front door before anyone with a lower vibration comes in and give the intent that this person will walk through this violet flame and they will enter the home so that whatever they have absorbed which is not light will be outside the home.

Before you interact with anyone that had dense energies, put them in so much of violet light and ask St. Germain to do all of the electromagnetic realignment so that you are allowed to go into that space and it does not take a toll on you.  You must go into the space of non-duality as the higher spiritual truth is that we are all One.

As long as you see them as separate, you are still operating in the field of duality.  So if you want to master this, you have to move into this zone of non-duality.  So go into this space and see them, not as your husband, a father, a wife, a child, but as loving souls and beings of light.  There will be times when you have to interact with people who are difficult.

See their sacred heart and talk to their sacred heart in your mind.  So see this beautiful sacred heart in them and talk to this sacred heart.  This will help you see them as light beings.  Tell them telepathically that you know they are the same Divinity as you and today you will operate from this space of Divinity and not the lower level drama because you choose now to let go of all of the lower drama.

Have this conversation in your mind.  Also, remember that perfection is not selective.  Everything is perfect.  You choose to define something, like this is good, this is not.  This is you and your duality.  It is all perfect and it cannot be any other way.  All is Divinely perfect at all times.

Tell each soul who you are struggling with that you know who they are and tell them that you appreciate what a difficult role they have chosen for themselves in this lifetime.  And speak to them from your heart.  It maybe that for the first time in their lives at a soul level, someone recognizes them.

And someone will recognize this painful lifetime they have taken on for all of your lessons that you are learning.  And just thank them for everything.  Tell them that you know where they are and what they think about you is OK – tell them this.  Tell them that you know it’s where they are and it’s what they need right now and that’s OK.

Tell them that you are slightly at a different point in your journey and this is OK too.  And that you respect them and where they are and that hopefully one day they can understand where you are and it’s all about love.  This was the message of Jesus.  His main lesson was love, love, love and more love.  This is the Christ Consciousness.

So see the other person operating in love and you do the same.  When you do this from your heart, no more of the judgments or criticisms can even touch you because you will only see them in that sacred heart as they are just another embodiment of Divine love and then you know you are free.

You have healed yourself and removed all blocks and attachments holding you back with respect to all of your hard relationships.  You are now back in your heart space.  You are love again and love is the highest energy vibration there is!  Be LOVE!!

Love – Andy

Awakening To Higher Love

Magatha from Agartha – The Human Brain’s molecular adaptation in frequency – As Channeled by Méline Lafont

brain and

My beloved brethren of Earth, what wondrous times you are living in at  this present moment. Stunning shifts are slowly entering your reality bringing to the fore and disclosing once more several issues, for let’s get clear on this : the times for change have duly begun!

There is no more time for playing games nor for investigating how to further proceed in life thereby continuing to give the old room to linger on. Now the time has come to allow the wonderful world of Ascension to unfold in such a way as to achieve a global metamorphosis in your collective reality. That is to say that you’d better make room for everything that you will find important in life … amongst which is the Christ consciousness and experiencing your own growth in consciousness referring of course to the process of Ascension.

The human brain now undergoes a molecular adaptation in frequency enabling the brain to begin to function more on another level, another frequency whereby your spiritual and etheric gifts will be enhanced and where you will be able to cope with them within your consciousness. In other words : both sides of your brain will be brought into balance again whereby a greater whole of your entire brain will function within this reality.

Your brain will, amongst other things, offer you specific functions as possibilities which you have not been able to use consciously or in an Earthly fashion ever before. We are referring to telepathy, telecommunication through wave patterns which are invisible but which are nonetheless received and translated by your brain. We are also talking about the zooming into frequencies and the intercepting of a broader frequency range such as lightwaves, colours, energies …. The brain will for instance begin to function more in your physical vessels than before.

This is the precursor of a huge shift in your living – and in your inner world for why should the brain have to adapt if it were incapable of functioning or not going to be fully used? Indeed, this is a sign. Many of the brain waves will begin to broaden and will begin to function with higher wave patterns and dito lightfrequencies pertaining to a higher level. Because of the fact that this is being activated and because your vessels are preparing themselves for and adjusting themselves to this process, your head will come under a lot of strain and will experience things such as a pressing feeling on the crown of the head, a tingling sensation on the skull and on the scalp, an alternating vibration in both halfs of the brain whereby one half can vibrate separately from the other.

In certain instances there can also be a rather numbing feeling in the brain indicating that a deeper activation is done in the pineal gland situated in the center of the brain, which is secreting a special hormone when it is encouraged to work or when it is activated . Do not worry too much about all of this for it is like restarting the ‘engines’  in the brain where everything is being reset momentarily.

The Arcturians are in charge of these activations and they are highly skilled to do so, they are the experts so to say! To remodulate the brain can take some time and energy out of the daily energy level of a person. These things take time and imply necessary steps but it is all done for the higher good of that individual. We, the Agarthans, have just walked out of this process and we work together with the Arcturians to a certain degree so as to reach more individuals and help them wherever we can.

To remodulate the brain implies the biggest transformation the physical vessel can experience because up until now everything of your physical body still functions through the brain. Can you even begin to imagine what the possibilities will be for a physical body to convert into a lightbody once that this ingenious brain system is fully converted and activated? This will definitely give rise to much changes not just in the brain but also in the heartcells. Moreover all the cells in the organism of your physical body will continue to undergo reforms until this body will be more and more capable of capturing the light and holding it.

To hold the light is necessary for the transformation of a cell into a lightcell, thereby enabling the crystalline lightbody to take its shape in expectation of a transformation into pure light. The physical is always the last to adapt to the light and to transform. However, now that your physical bodies have reached this stage it can only mean one thing and that is that the time is at hand for this physical reality to finally be converted in a more light-filled and pleasant reality within the heart where everything will remain within reach for your consciousness!

Growth is underway and the dispersion of the light is already a fact! We joyfully look forward to the current and the upcoming times as tensions are palpable at moments because none of us know how things will work out for humanity. And this can only mean that you have now reached a frequency and a timeline which has never ever been reached before with a planet and her population!

The inner Earth is peaceful at this moment even though there are some etheric and physical shifts taking place in tectonic plates in some areas of Gaia. Because of those shifts in tectonic plates a lot is released and liberated on the etheric as well as on the physical reality and that is now unfolding. Mother Earth is in the process of shaking off Her physical vessel resulting in afore-mentioned effects. Agartha is ready to jump in where necessary. So keep your cool, remain peaceful in the heart and think, feel and send always love, no matter what.

Magatha of Agartha

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Awakening To Higher Love – Andy Borjaski – 46-100 Questions and Answers on Energy and Healing

Re-posted from Awakening To Higher Love

Q. 46. What is energy healing based on?

A.  The structure of the human body.

Q. 47.  What does the unseen energy body do?

A.  It interpenetrates the visible physical body.

Q. 48. Does the unseen energy body extend beyond the visible physical body?

A.  Yes.

Q. 49. What is another word for the unseen energy body?

A.  The etheric body.

Q. 50.  How deep does the etheric body extend beyond the visible physical body?

A.  4-5 inches

Q.  51. What does an energy healing utilize to heal the human body?

A.  Ki energy.

Q.  52.  What does an energy healing involve to heal the human body?

A.  The manipulation of Ki energy of the person’s body.

Q. 53.  What exactly is Ki energy?

A.  It is the life force or vital energy keeping the body healthy and alive.

Q. 54.  How exactly is a patient healed?

A.  The energy healer projects Ki energy to the patient thereby healing the patient.

Q.  55. What are the three sources of Ki energy?

A.  Solar, ground and air Ki energy.

Q. 56.  How is ground Ki energy absorbed?

A.  Through the soles of your feet.

Q. 57.  Is ground energy absorbed automatically and unconsciously?

A. Yes.

Q. 58.  Does walking barefoot increase the amount of ground Ki energy absorbed by the body?

A.  Yes.

Q. 59.  How is air Ki energy absorbed?

A.  Through breathing.

Q.  60.  What are energy centers of the etheric body called?

A.  Chakras.

Q. 61.  Is air Ki energy absorbed by the chakras (energy centers) of the etheric body by breathing?

A.  Yes.

Q. 62.  Is more Ki air prana absorbed by the lungs by deep and slow rhythmic breathing?

A.  Yes.

Q. 63.  Should you avoid short and shallow breathing?

A.  Yes, more air Ki energy is absorbed by deep, slow and rhythmic breathing.

Q. 64.  How is solar Ki energy absorbed?

A.  From the sunlight.

Q. 65.  How can you absorb solar Ki energy?

A.  By being in the sun (but not too long though) or by drinking water that has been exposed to the sun.

Q. 66. How else can you absorb Ki energy?

A.  By eating fresh food.

Q. 67.  Is there more Ki energy in fresh food or preserved food?

A.  In fresh food.

Q. 68.  Do people with a lot of Ki energy tend to make people around them feel better and more livelier?

A.  Yes.

Q. 69.  Do people who are depleted of Ki energy tend to unconsciously absorb Ki energy from others?

A. Yes.  Do you know people that tend to make you feel tired or drained for no reason?

Q. 70. What exudes a lot of Ki energy?

A.  Trees.

Q. 71.  Should you be around trees?

A.  Yes.

Q. 72.  What should you do if you are sick or tired?

A.  Lie down under trees and request the being of the tree to help you get well.

Q. 73.  How can you absorb Ki energy from trees?

A.  Through your palms so the body tingles and may become numb due to the amount of Ki energy absorbed.

Q. 74.  Do certain places have more Ki energy than other places?

A.  Yes, they are highly energized places.

Q. 75.  When do people get sick?

A.  When there is bad whether as there is a decrease in solar and air Ki energy.  That is when they may feel mentally and physically sluggish or become susceptible to infectious diseases.

Q. 76. Is there more Ki energy during the day or the night?

A.  During the day.

Q. 77.  What hours of the day have the lowest Ki energy?

A.  Between 3-4 AM in the morning.

Q. 78.  Is every person surrounded by and interpenetrated by an energy body called the etheric body?

A.  Yes.

Q. 79. Does the etheric body mirror the physical body?

A.  Yes, it has a head, 2 eyes, etc. and it looks like the physical body.

Q. 80. What is the living energy body made up of?

A.  Etheric matter.

Q. 81. Through what body is the Ki energy absorbed and distributed through the whole physical body?

A. The etheric body.

Q. 82.  Where does bioplasmic come from?

A.  Bio.

Q. 83.  What does bio mean?

A.  Life and plasma.

Q. 84.  What is the 4th state of matter?

A.  Plasma.

Q. 85.  What are the first three states of matter?

A.  Solid, liquid and gas.

Q. 86. What is plasma?

A. Ionized gas with positive and negative charged particles.

Q. 87. Is plasma the same as blood plasma?

A.  No.

Q. 88. What is the bioplasmic body?

A.  The living energy body made up of invisible subtle matter or etheric matter.

Q. 89.  What helps to see the bioplasmic body?

A. Kurlian photography.

Q. 90. What are meridians?

A.  Invisible cosmic channels through which Ki energy and bioplasmic matter flow to be distributed throughout the etheric body.  This is just like the physical body having blood vessels through which blood flows.

Q. 91. How are meridians broken down?

A.  There are several major ones and thousands of minor meridians.

Q. 92.  How does Ki energy flow?

A.  Through the meridians or channels flow Ki energy that nourishes and invigorates the whole body.

Q. 93.  How does acupuncture work?

A.  It uses needles to manipulate the vital energy within the body to cure the ailment.

Q. 94. How are needles used in acupuncture?

A. Needles are used to redistribute the excess Ki energy in the body to the affected part.  The congested Ki energy in the diseased part is redistributed to other parts of the body.  The blocked meridians or bioplasmic channels are cleansed or opened by directing Ki energy to the blocked meridians.

Q. 95. What is reflexology?

A.  Same as acupuncture but the healer intentionally or unintentionally uses his or her excess Ki energy.  This excess Ki energy is directed to the acupressure point which goes to the meridian or bioplasmic channel and then the affected part.

Q. 96. Does a healer need to be proficient before they can be a good healer?

A.  Yes.

Q. 97. What does it take to be a proficient healer?

A.  Any healthy person with average intelligence, an average ability to concentrate, an open mind and a certain degree of persistence can learn to be an energy healer.

Q. 98. What does it take to be a proficient healer?

A.  Practice, patience and time.

Q. 99.  What is the inner aura?

A.  The luminous energy field which follows the contour of the visible physical body and extends beyond it 4-5 inches.  It is the bioplasmic body that interpenetrates the visible physical body.

Q. 100.  Do auras differ from person to person?

A. Yes.  They differ in color, character expressing the health, emotional and spiritual attributes of the person.


About Andy Bojarski

I am an Usui Reiki Master energy healer offering energy healings to anyone that is interested.

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Meline Lafont – My Higher Self – How to Master the Toughest Relationships – Awakening To Higher Love

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Thank you to my beautiful friends Lakshmi Bhatia and Master Sai Baba for co-creating and inspiring me to write this posting. This so resonated with me and has helped me completely understand all of my relationships and has given me internal peace. I hope it helps all of you. I am sending all of you my love and many blessings…
Many souls are now awakening. They are seeing a change in their energies and consciousness levels. A lot of people are having relationship issues with their loved ones. One of the most challenging parts of your journey is that when this awakening starts for you, it has this remarkable ability to completely shift your most personal and intimate relationships.

This especially includes the relationships with your parents, your spouses, your boyfriends and girlfriends, your children and your siblings and close family members. How do you cope with these changes when the ones close to you are judging and criticizing you and do not understand you as they are not yet awakened?

You have been on this journey for many lifetimes. So how do you handle these intimate shifts in your personal relationships? How do you cope when your energy and consciousness rises and everyone else’s stays the same? What do you do when you no longer resonate on their lower energy level?

Please understand that you need to be centered and grounded and be at peace knowing that all is working out perfectly and nothing in your life is a miss and it is exactly as it is meant to be. Remember that you would not be who you are at this moment in your life if you did not have all these people in your life playing the parts they have played and are continuing to play. Each of these people are playing a part in your life. All is perfect.

The secret to transforming these tough relationships is to fully understand and accept that you are in the presence of master souls – these are the people in your life that you are having difficulties with. Yes, they are master souls. This may be hard to accept for you. You may think, how can this abusive, hurtful, mean person be a master soul who is hurting me?  Yea right, sure they are a master soul.  But it is true.   

These souls could include the difficult, judging, and criticizing father or the abusive husband or the loving mother. Understand that when you chose to come back to this planet in a physical body, you wrote the script of your entire life. You decided what you wanted to experience. And then you invited your closest soul members to come and play different lives, and different difficult learning parts in your lives.

One soul plays the part of our nurturing and loving mother while others are the spontaneous and beautiful angelic children, others are angry judging and abusive family members, etc… you have invited all these master soul beings to come into your lives, who may be now very critical and judgmental or non-supportive.

So you have asked all these beautiful master souls to play different roles for you in this lifetime so that you can learn all those lessons that you have to learn – who you want to be, how to learn to be compassionate, to learn not to be judgmental because you know what it feels like to be judged, etc…

Each of these people are mirroring back to you all of those lessons that you need to learn about yourself. It’s only by learning to see this and knowing this that they are NOT the roles that they are playing and that they are only playing the script that you have written to better yourself in your learning and growth.

When you see this, and when you can accept this, you will see them for who they really are; the beautiful loving souls that have agreed to help you grow and learn these lessons. This will totally transform your relationship with them when you see this. You will then feel so much love and compassion for them as they are powerful master souls who love you so much to do this for you.

After you attain a certain level of mastery, you then become souls that help others to continue on their journey.  You are probably one of these souls right now.  You help each other this way as we are all One.  And in some of those roles you take on the not so nice roles. This is the greatest gift that you are given by these master souls because they have chosen to also be judged and criticized in this lifetime by others.

They may have chosen to not have people that understand them or have emotional confusions which may keep people at a distance from them. Or they have chosen to do things that make people not like them so much. When you see this, know that this is such a gift they are giving you as they love you so much to want to do this for you. When you realize this, it will completely shift the energies in this space for you with respect to them.

When you see this, there will be so much love that will flow between you. This is the point of understanding that their soul had a contract with your soul. When you reach this moment of understanding, your contract role with them is done as that soul contract is fulfilled. Understand this important fact:

Whenever there is drama in any area of your life, it is because your learning is incomplete. The moment your learning is complete, the drama will automatically cease.

From a higher perspective, all of this is the human drama with this veil of illusion you are in. When you are engaged in drama, you are continued to be ruled by the law of karma of cause and effect. When you rise above the zone of drama, then you are no longer bound by the rules of karma of cause and effect.

When you are engaged in drama, you are continuing to create and receive karma but when you understand this and you rise above this, you are no longer bound by any of these rules. So do not operate from the state of being a victim and being powerless. Do not judge and feel that your life is not perfect.

If there is anything that is disturbing you in your life, it is only because your learning is not yet complete. So look at every person and relationship in your life that is bothering you. Ask what is it that you are meant to learn more of.  Accepting people for who they are and continuing to send love and healing is a lesson.

Things will then start to shift and change for you when you realizing this. Watch as people become nicer to you and more relaxed around you. These tough people in your lives are master souls who are playing these really difficult roles in these lifetimes. When you see this, you will learn what you have come to learn with them and the energies in that space will completely shift.

And then you will be ok with that person. Remember, these people are playing the parts they are meant to play in your life. Love and respect them without any expectations. These powerful master souls can play so many different roles in your life. When you see these beings for who they are, and not the roles they are playing, you will come into a deep space of love and gratitude for them.

Tell them that you are really sorry for what you have done to them consciously or unconsciously because you know who they are now, these master souls. Thank them for being in your life. State your truth. You are here to learn the lesson of unconditional love. Lose your fears of losing the people you love because each of you are making a choice to hold a space of unconditional love for them.

There is no loss. And they at a soul level can make whatever choice they need to. So hold each of these people in love. Choose unconditional love over drama or turmoil. Allow them to make their choice as well. Many of you go through on this journey and it is not easy. Your spiritual journey is one of your toughest journeys and as you grow in light.  It will be the people closest to you who will not be able to take your shining light.

You become like a lamppost and if you are a lamppost on the road, it is the area under the lamppost which is always in darkness. Know that it is the people closest to you who will not be able to see your light. This is why your greatest challenges are with the people that are closest to you, the ones in your life.

So choose not to engage in drama and if people have anger, look at them and see them for the love that they are and love them for who they are and you do not engage in this drama as this is not your drama. Have this mental conversation with yourself and they will stop as ego cannot fight without the fight of another ego.

Continue to stay centered and the storm will pass. You lose your center when you feel like you need to explain yourself, defend yourself, and judging the situation on yourself, and you will have the same patterns of drama continue and karma will flow as your lesson is not yet learned. Avoid this. Hold the space of love, the unconditional and non-judgmental space.

So be aware of people that are master souls wearing different master caps depending on what you need to learn on your journey who will keep mirroring this same lesson back to you until you finally learn it.  Be in awe of all of this that is being taught to you by these people – no longer in fear, no longer in pain, no longer in hurt. See this from your spiritual space even though they may not see it.

This will bring you internal peace. Talk to your plants, the angels, the guides and masters and animals if need be about this, if you have nobody to talk to who understands you. This will keep you in a positive and balanced space. The human challenge is the most difficult for you because in the higher Divine space, you are accepted, loved, and guided.

And it is in the human space that you are constantly challenged. But this is the contract you chose. And it is perfect exactly the way it is. So detach from every role and every drama that is there in your life. If there are roles or situations that are acting out, immediately step into your space where this is not your drama and do not engage in it.

If this is happening in your life, then there is something more you have to see. What is it that you have to see in this particular situation? Maybe you need to send more healing to these people. Maybe you need to continue to mirror unconditional love to them. Maybe you need to hold them in love and compassion.

Maybe you need to work on cutting the karmic ties between you and that person. It is not your role to worry about anybody else’s karma. It is for you to completely go into that space of forgiveness and understanding and love and seeing that all is perfect, and that all is love. So learn your lessons and learn to love everyone unconditionally. As love is all there is and you are Love.


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Andy Bojarski – How to Invoke and Use the Violet Flame – Awakening To Higher Love –

Violet Flame


Awakening To Hgher Love

Hello Everyone.  I have made a short video on how to invoke the violet flame.  This was shown to me by Saint Germain a while back during one of my energy healings.  Please scroll down to view it.

It is very effective and it can help you transmute and transform anything that does not serve your highest and best good or anything that is not of the highest and purest white light.  I am sending all of you lots of love and many blessings as always…

Also, please feel free to add your name to the love bomb meditation list.  You can do this by leaving your name and where you are from in a comment below.  Click HERE to read about the love bomb meditation and to view the list of participants.

Andy  –   I am an Usui Reiki Master energy healer offering energy healings to anyone that is interested.

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