Polona – Experiencing Source Love


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

How do we experience Source Love? And can we ever love “too much?” It is very simple actually. Source Love always flows through us first. It does not truly depend on the external situation or a person. Sometimes we wish to limit the amount of how much we can actually love in order to “fit in” or to energetically match something/someone else … and so we limit how much love can flow through us. This happens because we take all the external circumstances as a reason to limit ourselves and the flow of Source Love. But remember this … no matter what the external response is, and no matter how another reacts to our expression of Love, we need to continue to open our Heart and love unconditionally and through our purity. Source Love always flows through us first, so when we direct/project our Love expression to someone or something outside of us, we actually love ourselves, because we can only love through our Self. Of course, this does not happen in the case when we do not love from our Source Self … which is not true Love anyway. But when we do, it does not matter how the external will respond to it. What matters is the amount of Love that we are willing to embody as a conscious vessel of Divine Love … that true Source Essence that we all originate from.

So let us not limit the amount of Love flowing through us and let us rather continue to open up to it more and more … and embody the limitless … the infinite and the eternal principle of true Love within the Truth of One!

Within Divine Love, Polona