Wes Annac – New understanding of Time changes the way we see the World – 3-10-15

time-slowing-672x372From Earth We Are One, March 9, 2015

It turns out Doctor Who was right: “Timey-wimey” is, indeed, a bit “wibbly-wobbly.”

Scientists have confirmed, several times, that the speed at which time passes is both variable and malleable. We can speed it up. We can slow it down. In fact, you do so every day without even knowing it.

Now, before we explore the concept of time we need to first explore the concept of gravity. We would appear to experience gravity two-dimensionally: up and down. However, Gravity is not two-dimensional. If you were to drop a bowling ball off of a tower, it would fall down to the ground. If you were to drop a bowling ball off a tower in New York City at the same moment your Aussie friend dropped a bowling ball off a tower in Perth, both bowling balls would fall “down”—but they’d also be traveling in opposite directions. They’d be falling “down” as well as toward one another.


Earth’s gravity pulls all objects—from all directions—toward the center of the planet. We define “up” and “down” based on that gravitational pull and relationship to the center of earth. If you were to jump into a big underground drill and travel to the center of the Earth, you’d reach a point where there was no more “down”—only“up.” “Down” doesn’t exist at that point—at least in terms of the Earth.

All physical objects are manifestations within a Gravitational Field, and it is even a tiny form of Gravity that stuck those original particles to create the Mass in the first place. Mass creates gravitational force.  The more mass an object has, the more gravitational force it exerts.

Now, let’s take a step off the surface of these planets and explore what’s going on in the space around them. Our moon is held in orbit by the Earth’s gravitational pull. The Earth circles the Sun because of the Sun’s massive gravitational force. That’s all basic stuff we learned in fourth grade, but here’s where it gets Wibbly-Wobbly: Gravity also tugs at time and space.

In his 1905 special theory of relativity, Einstein asserted that space and time were not two separate phenomenons or entities. Instead, space (height, width, length) and time (forward? now? backward?) were mixed together in one continuum—woven together in one fabric. This single continuum of time and space has come to be called “spacetime”—the physical manifestation of all space and all time.

I think of it as a soup. The noodles and vegetables are as much a part of the soup as the broth is, and together they have combined to create the entire wholeness of the soup. 


Think of space-time soup this way: If you’re standing alone on top of a hill waiting for your significant other to wander up, you can point in an infinite number of directions: up, down, left, right, in front of you, behind you, slightly up-left, kinda down right, and so on. You can see and define the three physical dimensions of our universe. But if you stood perfectly still, you’d still move forward through time. Now eventually, your significant other would appear. In the space whilst you waited, You would have been traveling—while standing still on a hill—forward through time and on into the next.

In 1916, Einstein updated his special theory of relativity to account for gravity. Einstein’s first theory of relativity defined time as part of the physical world. (By “physical world” I mean all the aspects of the universe that exhibit as matter or energy—you know, that whole E=mc2 mass-energy equivalence thing.) This new theory of general relativity postulated that if time was, in fact, part of the physical world then gravity should affect time as well as space.

Scientists have confirmed this to be true several times since Einstein first put forth the idea. Using highly technical experiments and incredibly-sensitive instruments, people much smarter than I have been able to prove that gravitational force alters the speed of time. The most accessible example and proof of this phenomenon, I think, comes to us from the clocks aboard our nation’s GPS satellites.


There are a few dozen GPS satellites floating high above the Earth. Each satellite carries an atomic clock that, when on Earth, is perfectly precise and in sync with Earth time. However, when lifted to the less dense gravity of the upper atmosphere, the satellites’ atomic clocks speed up.

Were an observer to fly up to one of these satellites and watch the on-board atomic clock, he would see no difference in the length of a second. It would still be that familiar tick, tick, tick of Earth seconds. At that level of gravity, he, too, would be moving faster through time and would therefore see one second to be one plain old second. But, from here on the Earth’s surface and from within our denser gravitational field, we can see that the seconds pass a little more quickly on the satellites.

Time is slowed by heavy gravity. Just as it’s easier to swim through outer space, than it is through the atmosphere, than it is through water, than it is through rock, time moves more quickly through lighter gravity. Time passes more slowly on Jupiter than it does here on Earth. And, as the impatient clocks on the Mars rover prove, time passes more quickly on Mars due to its lighter gravitational pull.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. “Gravity” is the same as “gravitational force”—or G-force—or acceleration. Therefore, as Einstein explained in his famous “twin thought experiment,” objects in motion experience greater gravitational force (G-force) and therefore travel more slowly through time than objects that are standing still.

Therefore, Einstein said (and physicists have since proven), if two 20-something twins with identical heart rates were separated—one stayed put on Earth, and one traveled away from Earth at light speed for six months and then back for six months—the traveling twin would be one year older, and the stationary twin would be in a nursing home gumming Jell-O.

Time for the traveling twin was slowed by the gravitational force created by traveling at light speed, and time rushed forward—though rather boringly—for the twin who was left behind. And, most interestingly, throughout the whole experiment, each twin experienced their own heart rates as nothing but normal the entire time.

time really is

The implications of this discovery and still-relatively-new-model-of-thinking are staggering. First, and most importantly, move your bed to your basement and your evil twin’s bed to the attic you’ll get a longer night’s sleep and outlive the thieving bastard. Secondly, if time is affected by gravitational force, and we can create gravitational force through acceleration—whether in a rocket or a merry-go-round—we can control time.

If we can control time, can we now claim to be time-travelers? And if so, where’s all of our TARDISES?

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Wes Annac – The Voice Within – Love is at the Root – 3-10-15

Credit: Anshsaransh.blogspot.com

An intuitive message by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

There’s an innate force that everyone can tap into, and this force goes by a lot of different names.

Some people call it the inner voice; some people call it the higher self, and some people call it universal consciousness. No matter what you call this omnipotent force that can express itself through you if you successfully transcend the mind’s overbearing influence, it’s very real and it has a lot to offer you.

If you’re willing to open up and see beyond the mental constructs you’ve created for yourselves, which can inhibit any real or genuine progress along the evolutionary path, you’ll realize that life is nothing like you’ve been led to believe.

Search for the Metaphysical

You’ve been taught to believe that nothing exists beyond your conscious understanding or, if it does, it hasn’t yet been discovered by the greatest scientific minds who unfortunately search for things that can only be seen, heard or felt with the physical senses.

You’ll never discover anything metaphysical if you’re unwilling to search for it, and your society’s fixation on all that’s physically knowable or provable has kept you from understanding or even coming close to the things that aren’t.

You have a lot to learn, and a small percentage of your planet who retain powerful positions of wealth and influence have peeked beyond the veil and work tirelessly to cover up anything that doesn’t serve their agenda. You’ve been lied to by the people in power for centuries, but now, people are starting to take a stand and make their voices heard.

The increasing social action you’re seeing all around the world is helping initiate a new paradigm in human consciousness where mankind learns to come together to address the greatest issues your planet faces before you can move into the light, and with the planetary changes you’ve heard so much about will come an increased understanding of the spiritual nature of your existence and the things that you can accomplish.

Telepathy will be an aspect of your new world that some of you might have trouble understanding, mainly because it’s been treated like science fiction in your society.

Credit: Eckankar.org

It, along with so many other spiritual concepts that you have yet to fully understand, will open your minds to the idea that there are various, highly spiritual realms beyond your conscious understanding that you can tap into and begin to explore.

As everyone explores their spiritually rooted abilities and the things they can now achieve, a revolution is sparked that empowers the common person to discover what they’re capable of and how they can achieve the goals they set for themselves once they realize they’re infinite.

Infinity Comes with Challenges

Being infinite doesn’t mean you can instantly achieve whatever you want, and you’ll have to expect some difficulty as the planetary consciousness continues to rise and you become aware of abilities you once thought were pure fantasy.

You won’t be able to develop your spiritual abilities instantly once you become aware of them, and some work will be required for anyone who wants to develop their telepathy or anything else they’ll discover when the collective vibration reaches a certain purity.

Your motivation to explore the amazing things you can do will likely rise as you realize that you’ve been misled about your true purpose and the things you’re capable of, and no matter what you do to bring yourselves and the world around you into the light, it won’t be very helpful or significant if you don’t routinely practice.

If you enjoy channeling, for example, you’ll have to practice it routinely if you want to hone it to a point that you can use it to awaken or uplift others.

The same applies for writing, music or anything else, and while some spiritual teachers discourage consistency because it can point to an overbearing association with the illusion, you’re encouraged to be consistent when it comes to your creative work or anything you do to help others understand themselves and the spiritual nature of their existence.

Consistency isn’t your enemy, nor are any of the other qualities you’ve been encouraged to stay away from. The ego isn’t your enemy and neither is your material world, and you’ve come to this place to use the abilities you have at your disposal to assist in your collective evolution.

There’s nothing wrong with working hard or staying creatively dedicated, and as long as you can take some time to sit in silence and contemplate your lives and the true nature of your existence, you’ll never feel spiritually or creatively depleted.

You’ve come to earth to do as much as you can to help others understand that life is nothing like you’ve been led to believe, and while the ego or anything else you’ve come to earth with isn’t your enemy, you’re still encouraged not to let the ego influence you too heavily.

You don’t want it to influence you to the point that you censor yourselves or halt your creative flow, and hesitation is one of the biggest enemies of true, genuine creativity.

Especially when it comes to spiritually inspired creativity, you’ll want the rigid ego to have as little influence as possible in the things you bring through or express. You’ll want the mind to be open and the heart to play a very big role in the things you do and express, and when you can use the ego without being used or controlled by it, you’ll be on the right track.

You’re the World Changers

Credit: Turquoise-energy.com

This message is being brought through for a show that has to do with extraterrestrial contact, and one of the biggest secrets that’s been kept from you is that you’re the spiritually advanced forces who’ve come to uplift the earth. This doesn’t mean there aren’t benevolent (and malevolent) extraterrestrials out there, because there certainly are.

Beyond their existence, you’re the forces who, from various planets and higher realms, made the decision to come to earth and assist in the planetary restoration that’s taking place.

You’re the angels, archangels, extraterrestrials and ascended masters who are tasked with uplifting the earth and everyone on it, and you’re encouraged to empower yourselves by understanding just how significant of a position you’re in to make some real and lasting changes.

By ‘making changes’, this voice refers to making others aware of spirituality and the necessity to change the things about your planet that clearly serve the people in power over the rest of your society.

A lot of grassroots changes will likely be made as your collective evolution picks up pace, and everyone who’s discovered spirituality and activism (among other things) is encouraged to work as hard as you can to raise awareness and bring your planet into the light.

A lot could be said about the various spiritually evolved extraterrestrial races who exist beyond your planet and have taken various measures to protect the earth and other planets who would’ve been adversely affected by acts of war your governments are responsible for.

While there’s nothing wrong with focusing on them, and in fact, you’re encouraged to if you want to understand your planet’s true situation, an even better approach to your spiritual evolution would be to realize that you’re the forces who’ve come from various higher realms to help the earth and its people evolve.

You’re capable of so much more than you realize, and telepathy’s only of the abilities you’ll discover as you continue to raise your vibration. You can wait for a higher force to change things for you if you want, or you can recognize that you’re in the most significant position to make a change.

With this in mind, you can start making all of the changes that need made before you can enjoy a spiritually evolved society that understands the unity and uniqueness of all life.

A Purely Holographic Reality

You live in a purely holographic reality that responds to the thoughts and actions you put into it, and your beliefs really do determine how you experience it. You’re all encouraged to return to love, the center of everything, and sit in that still, meditative, contemplative space for a while.

Credit: Conniearnold.blogspot.com

You don’t have to complicate your minds with all kinds of beliefs regarding your planetary ascension, and when it comes down to it, the purpose of your spiritual evolution is to encourage you to reenter that sacred, silent center, where you can explore your consciousness and enjoy life.

Everything is meant to bring your back into your center, and this includes the various beliefs about extraterrestrials.

You can advocate every spiritual belief under the sun, but it’s all useless if you haven’t found your center and you don’t make an effort to stay there. Your center has so much to show you and help you remember, and when you connect with it, you connect with Source.

You connect with the greatest force that’s ever existed and ever will exist, and you’re all encouraged to make this connection and strengthen it to the best of your abilities, which, as you’re starting to discover, are as infinite as you.

With all of the spiritually inspired things you can now do, staying connected with your creator is more important than ever. Do your best to stay connected, even when you face stressful situations that bring you down, and know that you have all the love, support, guidance and nurturance you could ever need.

All you have to do is sit in silence and connect with the spirit within if you want to receive this support and nurturance, and remembering that love is the root of everything you’re doing and everything you’ve discovered will help you greatly along your journey.

You’re free to believe or advocate whatever resonates with you, but at the end of the day, always remember to return to love. Always remember that love is your sacred center and it can carry you into a higher vibration with ease.

Keeping this in mind will help you along your sometimes difficult journey, and remembering to express your inner love to everyone you come across will help you enrich the lives of others who’s minds have been spiritually dull.

Love and freedom are more needed on your evolving planet than ever, and when you realize this, you can become the loving forces your planet so desperately needs. Any beliefs about extraterrestrials or anything else aside, you’re beings of pure love and you’re on earth to share that love with everyone around you.

Keep your love shining, and remember to do your best to enrich the lives of others when the opportunity arises.

Let your light shine and your love flow, and encourage yourselves every day to do the work you’ve come here to do. Your work can increase in potency from here on out, but only if you’re willing to stay committed and routinely practice your creativity, thereby expanding it.

You’re infinitely loved by every greater force who wants to help you evolve, but you can’t feel this love if you don’t remember to express it to others as you go about your day.

Take it Easy

Everything you’re doing comes back to love, so remember to take it easy on yourselves and make a routine effort to explore your sacred center, where you’ll find more love than you’ll know what to do with. Exploring your center will help you in your times of trouble, difficulty or creative frustration, and the more you fill up your cup with your inner love, the easier it’ll be to flowingly express your creativity in whatever form works for you.

No matter how you express it, remember to put your heart and soul into it and always be thankful for the opportunity you have to uplift yourselves and the rest of your planet.

Remember to call on your inner voice, your higher self or whatever you want to call the higher aspects of your consciousness you can connect with, and know that in calling on them, you’ll eventually merge with them and become fully functioning evolved humans.

Share freely.

I’m a twenty-one year old writer, blogger, musician and channel for the creative expression of the Universe, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

I’ve contributed to a few different spiritual websites including The Master Shift, Waking Times, Golden Age of Gaia, Wake Up World and Expanded Consciousness. I can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter, and I write a paid weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to for $11.11 a month here.



Wes Annac – We Long to Know Our Creator – 3-5-15

Credit: Yogabrains.com

By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I’ve said before that I think every form of desire is a shrouded desire to connect with our creator, who we came from and will eventually return to.

When we read spiritual texts that talk about praising ‘God’ or wanting to know him/her in a deeper way, our minds are usually drawn to the hateful, biblical god we learned about in the Old Testament. Our understanding of God changes once we start to become aware of the spiritual nature of our existence, however.

We might even stop calling our creator ‘god’ and adopt a new label, as in my case. I prefer to use the terms ‘Jah’ or ‘Source’ (or even ‘love’) when I talk about our creator, but a lot of old fashioned spiritual teachers prefer the familiar term ‘God’.

I’ve had trouble with some material from spiritual teachers, and I think the outdated term ‘God’ has had a lot to do with it.

Worshipping God or praying for salvation might sound like an Old Testament concept that doesn’t sit well with modern spiritual seekers, and it can be hard to bridge the gap between modern spirituality and the spirituality of enlightened teachers whose understanding of Source is different from ours.

While I don’t recommend any form of unhealthy or imbalanced worship, once we become aware, we do long to know Source in a much realer and more refined, authentic way and we might even start praising him/her.

I’ve only received small glimpses of the higher states of consciousness we can now explore, and what I’ve seen and felt has made me want to shout my love for Source and this infinite creation from a mountaintop.

I want to grow closer with our creator than most of us have throughout the multiple lives we’ve likely spent here on earth, and fortunately, there have been (and continue to be) plenty of teachers who can help show the way.

We have to chart our own course if we want to experience the unique process of spiritual evolution, but there’s nothing wrong with taking the advice various spiritual teachers have given along the way. Again, I’ve had my share of trouble with material from spiritual teachers, but I’m learning that we can take their advice with a grain of salt.

We don’t have to believe everything they tell us, and disagreeing with certain viewpoints (like the idea that we shouldn’t care about our bodies because they’re impermanent in the big picture) doesn’t keep us from enlightenment because we’re meant to find our own way and cultivate our own philosophies.

In the course of doing so, however, we can take the advice of learned spiritual teachers who know a thing or two about Source, love (which is almost the same thing), meditation and consciousness.

Credit: Epitemnein-epitomic.blogspot.com

Here, we’ll hear from Sri Ramakrishna about the idea that all forms of desire lead back to the desire to know our creator, and subsequently ourselves, in a more refined way. Once we get a taste of spirit, we’ll chase after that omnipotent high until it becomes a constant, assured aspect of our existence.

There are plenty of things we can do to increase our spiritual receptivity, and while no spiritual teacher would probably recommend what I’m about to say, some people use psychedelic substances like cannabis to elevate their consciousness and communicate with God.

As long as we choose a path that works for us, there’s no reason we should let others convince us we’re wrong for choosing it. No matter what path we take, we can be assured that glimpsing Source and spirit will cause us to devote ourselves to enlightenment.

I feel more devoted to enlightenment and spiritual evolution than ever, and I’m realizing that while we can take the advice of other spiritual teachers and seekers, charting our own path based on our experiences and the practically insatiable drive to know Source is the most helpful course of action.

Ramakrishna tells us that most people don’t hunger for Source until they’ve gotten the earthly experience out of their system.

“Most people don’t feel any longing for God unless they have once passed through the experience of wealth, name, fame, creature comforts, and the like, that is to say, unless they have seen through these enjoyments.” (1)

We don’t long to connect with the Divine Mother, he tells us, until we’ve satisfied all of our material impulses and we’re left with a drive that the material world can’t satisfy.

“A man does not feel restless for God until all his worldly desires are satisfied. He does not remember the Mother of the Universe until his share of the enjoyment of ‘woman and gold’ is completed. A child absorbed in play does not seek his mother. But after his play is over, he says, ‘Mother! I must go to my mother.’” (2)

Once we open our heart and free ourselves from material attachment, our inner search is endless.

“You will feel restless for God when your heart becomes pure and your mind free from attachment to the things of the world.” (3)

A lot of us are feeling more and more restless by the day, and little do we know, the liberation we seek is right at our fingertips. All we have to do is explore our consciousness routinely, and like I’ve said before, creativity is one of the best ways to do it.

I enjoy writing about enlightenment because it temporarily satisfies the drive for a higher state of consciousness. True spiritual understanding can’t be found in the scriptures, however, and like Ziggy Marley says, “not in the books did I find, but by searching my mind”.

Spiritual texts are still helpful and valuable, but they’re incomplete without the dedicated inner work that really takes us where we want to go. Searching within is the most potent way to get a real and lasting glimpse of Source, and the picture will become clearer as we diligently explore our consciousness.

Source alone gives us the restless desire to expand our awareness, Ramakrishna tells us.

“It is God who makes him restless for spiritual life. … When that restlessness comes, man longs for God.” (4)

Credit: Mightywarrior-mightywarrior.blogspot.com

Even though it’s possible to seek Source from the confines of the earth, our true search doesn’t begin until we’ve passed through the desire for worldly things. Ramakrishna explains this further by expanding on his quote about the metaphorical child who wants his mother.

“The fact is that one does not feel the longing to know or see God as long as one enjoys worldly objects. The child forgets everything when he plays with his toys. Try to cajole him away from play with a sweetmeat; you will not succeed. He will eat only a bit of it.

“When he relishes neither the sweetmeat nor his play, then he says, ‘I want to go to my mother.’ He doesn’t care for the sweetmeat any more.

“If a man whom he doesn’t know and has never seen says to the child, ‘Come along; I shall take you to your mother,’ the child follows him. The child will go with anyone who will carry him to his mother.

“The soul becomes restless for God when one is through with the enjoyment of worldly things. Then a person has only one thought – how to realize God. He listens to whatever anyone says to him about God.” (5)

We’ll seek the Divine Mother and Father when our ‘play’ on earth (i.e. our drive to feed the materialistic beast) has come to an end, and some seekers don’t know that we can end our play right now by focusing fully on Source and sharing the inspiration that results with everyone who’s becoming aware.

I know I already quoted Ziggy Marley, but I’d like to take a quote from another song of his, entitled ‘Jah Will Be Done’. Keep in mind that ‘Jah’ is another name for God or Source, and the name is championed by the Rasta crowd.

In that song, he says, “every day is just a day to sing your praises. And every day is just a day to give you glory”.

Those lyrics reflect the feelings of someone who’s connected with Source and wants to deepen that connection, and they go to show that getting an initial taste can cause us to chase after that higher perception, which nothing on earth can satisfy (except nature, in my opinion).

I appreciate Rasta culture, because Rastas stand as examples of people who value their creator and their spirituality over worldly things.

In fact, most Rastas preach against the material comforts that Babylon (i.e. the powers that be) offers, and they encourage discipline and a natural lifestyle that’s rooted in love and respect for the earth and our creator.

Credit: Meetville.com

An intense yearning for Source, which I’d imagine most Rastas have, is all we need to connect with him/her, Ramakrishna tells us.

“You must cultivate intense zeal for God. You must feel love for Him and be attracted to Him. … Yearning is all you need in order to realize Him.” (6)

Ramakrishna also affirms my musing earlier that reading scriptures isn’t enough to know Source.

“One’s spiritual consciousness is not awakened by the mere reading of books. One should also pray to God. The Kundalini is aroused if the aspirant feels restless for God. To talk of Knowledge from mere study and hearsay! What will that accomplish?” (7)

Keep in mind that everyone ‘prays’ to Source in a different way, and some forms of prayer aren’t traditional at all. I feel like meditation is a potent way to ‘pray’ to Source and subsequently connect, and I also use things like music to maintain that connection.

There are plenty of things we can do, like writing reports about enlightenment or other spiritual subjects that interest us, and as long as they get the spirit flowing and they help us feel closer with our creator, there’s no reason we shouldn’t embrace them.

We come closer to Source with every spiritually inspired thing we do, and I’ll always recommend getting out to nature and connecting with Source by connecting with the earth. Some spiritual teachers might discourage connecting with the earth, but in my view, it’s one of the best ways to stay connected with our creator.

We’ll all maintain a lasting connection with Source in our own time, and for now, let’s continue to practice the things that elevate our consciousness and help us maintain the connection, even if only temporarily.

Our connection will only be temporary if we don’t keep up with our creative and spiritual practices, and the more dedicated we are, the closer we’ll grow with our creator, who we’re learning is a God of pure love.

Growing closer to Source entails growing closer to love, and this is one reason I recommend getting out to nature and strengthening our love for the earth. Love is the ultimate form of art and creativity, and those qualities are exactly what we find in nature with all of its unique natural creations.

Credit: Galleryhip.com

We’re encouraged to connect with Source in whatever ways work for us, and once we’ve found that connection, maintaining it is essential if we want to stay open, aware and receptive to the voice of spirit.

I think writing about spirit is a great way to maintain that connection, and Terence McKenna encouraged us to use writing and other forms of art to maintain the deeply spiritual essence that art’s always been meant to embody.

If we do, we’ll maintain a potent connection with Source that’ll start to amaze us if we continuously pursue it.

We’re given plenty of help from various spiritual teachers, and as long as we can remember to use discernment and chart our own path, we can benefit greatly from their advice and anything else that helps us feel aligned.


Wes Annac – Enlightened Quotes – Seek God First – 2-10-15

God Is Love 2


“The constant desire for health and prosperity, which is so much harped upon in modern spiritual organizations, is the way to slavery. We must seek God first and then find health and prosperity through Him. Beggars get only a beggar’s share, whereas a son of God gets his son’s share. That is why Jesus spoke of seeking and knowing the kingdom of God first.

“When that is actually accomplished, then health and prosperity will be added. The acquirement of wisdom and everything else that the soul of man needs will be received as a matter of his Divine birthright.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

(Paramahansa Yogananda, The Second Coming of Christ. Three vols. Dallas: Amrita Foundation, 1979-86, 1, 42.)


Twin Telepathy – Is there a Special Connection – 2-8-15

Twin BrainsWritten by Guy Lyon Playfair, New Dawn, Waking Times, February 7, 2015

Is there a special bond between twins? Can they read each other’s minds? Are they telepathic? If you have been hearing questions like these being asked regularly but have never found an answer, look no further. The short answer is – yes, and no. Let me explain.

As Orwell famously observed in Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” So it is with twins – some them are indeed more identical than others. In fact, the term ‘identical’ is misleading. The medical word is ‘monozygotic’ (MZ) for twins originating from a single zygote or fertilised egg which then splits into two (or more), those originating from separate zygotes being termed dizygotic (DZ) or fraternal (non-identical). Yet although MZ twins are commonly referred to as identical, there can be wide differences among them. Probably the most important one has to do with just when that original egg divides. Usually this takes place a day or two after fertilisation, but division can take place up to twelve days later, or in the rare case of conjoined (‘Siamese’) twins, not at all.

Although the study of twin telepathy must be one of the most under-researched subjects in the whole of science, it now seems likely that the later the division, the closer the bond. Researchers at the University of Indiana have studied thousands of twins and have noticed that the later they divided, the closer they become after birth. So it seems likely that this is the group most likely to experience telepathy.

There are twins who have never had any experience of it, as described by ‘Alex’ on the multiples.about.com web site: “As an identical twin who knows many other twins I can tell you for a fact that twins don’t have telepathy. Any that say they do are either pulling your leg or attention seeking. I’d appreciate it as a twin and a human being if you stopped spreading lies.” As many other messages on this interesting site show, not all twins would agree with that and might well accuse him of spreading lies.

True, I have met twins who are not particularly close, and are not at all telepathy-prone. One told me that he sends his brother a Christmas card, but that’s about the only communication they ever have. Another admits that she is not even on speaking terms with her sister and has no contact with her, telepathic or otherwise. Yet I have also met the father of twenty-something-year-old daughters who, he assured me, had never been apart for more than two hours throughout their lives. And an item in a London newspaper not so long ago described the lives of a pair of twins in their forties who still sleep in the same bed. Clearly we have a very broad spectrum here.

Interviewed in 2002, one of the Californian supermodel Barbi twins commented: “We have that twin thing going on. Wherever we are in the world, we kind of know what the other one’s doing.”

“That’s right,” her sister chimed in. “It’s instinctive. It’s a twin thing.”1

I have not yet been able to interview the Barbis, alas, but I have met and interviewed dozens of twins of all ages, also mothers of twins as young as three days, and the evidence that there is indeed a twin thing is voluminous, although I seem to have been the first to produce a volume devoted to it, first published in 2002 and now reissued in a much enlarged and updated third edition.2How this came about is quite a story in itself.

When Telepathy was Taboo

It began in 1975 when Ross McWhirter, editor of The Guinness Book of Records, political activist and one of the highest-profile twins in Britain, was shot dead on his doorstep by IRA terrorists. When I heard the news on the radio I immediately thought that if twins really were telepathic, Ross’s brother Norris should have reacted in some way to this tragic event. I knew that telepathy seemed to work best when the message was some kind of bad news – pain, depression, sickness, death – and what could be worse for a twin than the murder of his brother?

A few years later I met a man who worked for Norris and knew him well enough to ask if he had reacted. The answer was no – he hadn’t. So that seemed to be that. However, I kept noticing items in the press about what looked very much like twin telepathy in action, and luckily I kept them in what soon became quite a thick file. This prompted me to give a short talk at the 1998 conference of the Society for Psychical Research in which I appealed to members to do some research into this long neglected subject. Later, one member – and only one – said he would be glad to do some experiments with twins if he could raise the funds. That was Adrian Parker, now professor of psychology at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. More about him later.

The previous year I had been hired as consultant for a TV series hosted by hypnotist Paul McKenna and asked to come up with suggestions for material to be included in it. My first suggestion was for a live demonstration of twin telepathy in the studio. I had no idea how this could be done, but luckily Paul liked the idea and just said “Yes, we’ll do it.” Thanks to his producer Mike Johnstone, an Oxford science graduate who wanted things done properly, we did it and were able to show what I believe is the first live demonstration of telepathy of any kind as it happened, and with a polygraph chart to prove it.3

At about the same time, I happened to meet Norris McWhirter’s son Alasdair, and was very intrigued to hear that he had been with his father at the moment Ross was killed, and yes, Norris had indeed reacted, and quite dramatically, but had wiped the incident from his mind and genuinely could no longer remember it. I immediately wrote down his account and asked him to approve it, which he kindly did, and I duly published it with his consent. It was then that I decided that this subject needed thorough investigation. Nobody seemed to have done it before.

I began in the draughty basement of the Royal Society of Medicine beneath their library, where they have a whole shelf of books about twins, at least a hundred of them. I spent the best part of a day looking at all of them and finding that almost none of them even mentioned telepathy, while those that did either dismissed it out of hand or pointed out, quite reasonably, that while anecdotal reports of seemingly telepathic experiences were quite common, there had never been any proper research into the subject, so it was too early to draw any conclusions. None of the authors concerned seemed interested in actually doing any research themselves. It soon became clear to me that telepathy was taboo, something you just don’t talk about in scientific circles. Sadly, it still is.

To give just one recent example, in 2000 the Nobel prizewinner (physics, 1973) Brian Josephson attracted a storm of protest from his fellow scientists when he declared that there might be a connection between quantum theory and telepathy. Then in 2010 he was invited to speak at a workshop in Italy on ‘Foundations of Physics’. At least he thought he was, until he got a message from organiser Anthony Valentini informing him that: “It has come to my attention that one of your principal research interests is the paranormal. In my view it would not be appropriate for someone with such research interests to attend a scientific conference.”

What can one say?

Experiments and Studies Involving Twins

In 1979, a major twin research programme got under way at the University of Minnesota, aimed at studying twins who had been separated at birth and reunited later – sometimes much later. This made it possible to assess the differences between genetics and upbringing, or ‘nature and nurture’ as it is often known. What the researchers found was that there were often remarkable similarities between the twins’ personalities, likes and dislikes, skills, hobbies, etc. – indications of what is known as concordance. They never found any evidence of telepathy, however.

There were two reasons for this. One is that they never asked for it. I have interviewed a British twin who spent a couple of weeks at the university being questioned by a battery of psychologists and studied from head to toenail. The only thing they never asked her about, she told me, was telepathy. One member of the original Minnesota team, Dr. Nancy Segal, has repeatedly and publicly proclaimed that there just isn’t any convincing scientific evidence for it, which may have been true in 1979 but as we shall see is no longer true today.

The other reason is that her opinion was of course based on her study of separated twins, whom I would not expect to have much experience of it, if any, because telepathy seems closely related to strength of bond, as between mothers and babies or dogs and their owners. You can hardly develop a bond with your twin if you are separated at birth, and sometimes do not even know that you have one.

The Minnesota programme received wide publicity, and somehow Dr. Segal’s repeated denials of the existence of telepathy have given the general public the impression that it doesn’t exist. I had a taste of this taboo response myself when I went along to King’s College, London, to visit their twin research unit, one of the largest in the world with about 10,000 twins on their register. I wondered if I could get access to their mailing list and send out a questionnaire?

“What about?,” the lady at the desk wanted to know. I muttered something about “biological correlates of empathy,” knowing what to expect if I mentioned the taboo T word.

“What’s that, then?” she asked. I explained that it was what some people call telepathy, to which she immediately replied that the unit was not interested in “spooky stuff.”

Luckily, she was wrong. A couple of years later, in 2004, the unit polled all its twins in its annual newsletter and asked them if they had ever felt “the ability to know what was happening to your twin?”

The results were surprising. Nine thousand twins were polled, and the unit received 5,513 replies. Of these, a minority of 45 percent said no, but 15 percent said yes, and a further 39 percent thought it was at least a possibility. This was probably the largest survey of its kind ever, and it was encouraging, although clearly a more detailed questionnaire was needed. I only heard about it five years later, and in 2009 suddenly everything seemed to happen all at once.

It began with a story in the Manchester Evening News on 23 March which described how a fifteen-year old twin was having a bath when her sister, downstairs listening to music, suddenly had the feeling that, as she put it, “it was like a voice telling me that your sister needs you.” She did indeed, because she was having an epileptic attack and was in the process of drowning. According to the paramedic who arrived just in time to save her, if her sister had not rushed upstairs to her aid, she would have died.

The story was picked up a couple of days later by The Times, which included a quote from Dr. Lynn Cherkas from the King’s College unit, who had been responsible for the survey mentioned above. She proved to be quite open to the idea of ‘spooky stuff’ and had already come across instances of apparent telepathy. I managed to get her in touch with Adrian Parker, who was promptly granted visiting scientist status and given access to the unit’s material. He was also invited to its annual garden party, where he was able to do some informal testing and undertake a more detailed questionnaire with many of the 200 or so twins who attended. Suddenly, twin telepathy research had become academically acceptable. Yet sympathetic as they were, the King’s people didn’t have any spare funds. Parker was welcome to use their premises and their twins, but he would have find his own financing.

More good luck just when it was needed – Parker was able to find it from a Danish TV company and arrange a controlled experiment at the University of Copenhagen, again using a polygraph to record the reactions, if any, of a twin in another room who was subjected to various surprises such as an electric shock, a pile of plates being dropped behind their chairs, or best of all, being asked to plunge an arm into a bucket of ice-cold water. The polygrapher, who had no idea what was going on in the other room was then asked to mark his chart at the times when there was what looked like an unusual fluctuation. A second polygrapher, who was not present at the time and had no idea what the experiment was all about, was asked to do the same. Both picked the right spots twice as often as they could have been expected to do by chance or guesswork.

The experiment was repeated, this time in London at the King’s unit, funded by the ABC News Nightlineprogramme, and results were similar. Parker and his Danish colleague Christian Jensen duly wrote up their two experiments and submitted them to the journal Explore, which published them in 2012 and 2013. They were the first of their kind ever to appear in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.4

Twin Telepathy: The Evidence Mounts

This was more than 230 years after the publication of the first reference that I have been able to find to twin telepathy, when John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, wrote in his Journal for 2 April 1781 about a woman who had a twin sister “between whom and her there is so strange a sympathy that if either of them is ill, or particularly affected at any time, the other is so likewise.” Yet although there were occasional references to this strange sympathy over the following century, most notably in Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Corsican Brothers (1844) and by scientist Francis Galton, who made a rather half-hearted attempt to study twins in the 1870s, it was not until the publication in 1886 of Phantasms of the Living, a massive tome by three founder members of the Society for Psychical Research, Edmund Gurney, Frederic Myers and Frank Podmore, that any case histories were written up in detail and checked for accuracy.

Even so, it was to be several more decades before any psychologist found the subject of twin telepathy worthy of attention, with the exception of Chicago zoologist (and twin) Horatio H. Newman, who included a chapter on it, believed to be based on his own experience, in his Twins and Super-Twins (1942). From that day to this I have only been to track down sixteen papers on twin telepathy from peer-reviewed journals, nearly half of which were by Adrian Parker and his colleagues. Of the rest, only three were of any lasting value.

The first (1961) by three psychologists based in Toronto was useful although for various personal reasons they never actually got down to doing any experiments. They did however do some original research, questioning a total of 35 twins on their experience of telepathy and finding that twelve had had some.5 This figure of around 30-35 percent has shown up in all surveys of this kind to date, including those done recently at King’s College by Parker.

The second (1963), by a pair of ophthalmologists from Philadelphia was very short, but attracted some attention since it appeared in Science, one of the world’s leading scientific journals. They claimed that when alpha brain rhythm was artificially induced in one twin, the brainwave chart (EEG) of the other one showed the same rhythm at exactly the same time.6 Despite their plea for further research in this area, the only people who seemed to hear it were a team from Rockland State Hospital in Orangeburg, NY who reported successful results in 1967 using a plethysmograph to measure blood volume, and were able to conclude that “in a physically isolated subject, we have observed physiological reactions at the precise moment at which another [twin] was stimulated.”7

Both of these teams published print-outs of their chart recordings that, as one of them put it, “show how obvious the reactions are,” yet once again research ground to a halt, and more than forty years later we find the serial psi-debunker Professor Richard Wiseman declaring glibly that “twin telepathy is due to the highly similar ways in which they think and behave, and not to extra-sensory perception.”8He was confusing, perhaps deliberately, telepathy with concordance.

An example of this was given me by a mother who noted that her twins’ baby teeth both fell out at the same time, which she thought was amazing proof of telepathy. I assured her it wasn’t. They were both eating the same food at the time, and since they were genetically identical, it was quite natural and predictable that this would happen.

A very different incident that was not predictable was described to me by another twin-mother in which one of her girls was bouncing around on a trampoline when another child landed on top of her and bashed her in the eye, raising a large dark bruise. At the same time her sister, who was not on the trampoline, suddenly developed a bruise in exactly the same place. It was slightly smaller and lighter, but it was unmistakably there. The mother had the presence of mind to take photos of the two together right after the incident, which she kindly sent me. They were later shown on ABC’s Nightline programme, on which the second twin clearly stated that she hadn’t felt anything at the time of her sister’s accident. I could give many more examples of incidents like this for which concordance is no explanation. This is the kind of evidence that critics such as Nancy Segal and Richard Wiseman simply ignore.

It is also a particularly well witnessed and recorded example of what makes twin telepathy different from ordinary telepathy, which is sometimes referred to as ‘mental’ telepathy, since it only involves impressions, images or perhaps words in the ear. Twins go further – they receive physical sensations such as pain, which can even leave visible marks on the body, as in the case mentioned above.

It can get even more mysterious, as when one twin has the pain but it is the other one who has the medical problem or has had the accident. A mother has told me how one of her boys complained of a severe pain in his kidney, yet after an x-ray doctors could see no sign of anything wrong with it. Fortunately she took his brother along although he had not mentioned having any pain, and it was found that he did have quite a serious kidney problem that needed immediate treatment. It was, she told me, not the first time something like this had happened.

Clearly, we have a lot to learn from twins. I have collected quite enough evidence, much of it at first hand, to show that communication at a distance can take place and can be seen to take place under controlled laboratory conditions. Yet, as I said earlier, this remains one of the most under-researched subjects in all of science. The reason I usually hear is that telepathy is obviously impossible since there is no known mechanism that could explain it.

There was a time when the idea of the earth orbiting the sun was out of the question, as were claims that meteorites fell from the sky or continents drifted apart. Such attitudes are still with us – it is barely twenty years since the heroic Australian doctor Barry Marshall disproved the dogma that stomach ulcers were caused by ‘stress’ and showed, after infecting himself with Helicobacter pylori germs, that this is what caused most of them, and that they could be cured with a week or so of antibiotics. No Nobel prize has ever been better deserved.

“The concept of a germ causing ulcers was like saying the earth is flat,” Marshall recalled later. So, to some, is the idea of thoughts, let alone actual physical symptoms, travelling across space. And with attitudes such as were shown in Brian Josephson’s notorious ‘disinvitation’ still prevalent in the world of scientific research funding, it may take some time to prove that they do, and to force us to rethink what we know of biology, psychology and physics. Whoever manages to do that, as now seems quite possible, will also deserve a Nobel prize.

Are you a twin that has a telepathic connection to your twin sister or brother? Then author Guy L. Playfair would like to hear from you. He can be contacted via email at guylyonplayfair@o2.co.uk.

About the Author

GUY LYON PLAYFAIR began his writing career in Brazil, contributing to The Economist, Time, Business Week and the Associated Press, also spending four years in the press section of the US Agency for International Development (USAID). He then joined the research institute founded by Brazil’s leading parapsychologist, Hernani Guimarães Andrade, and began to explore the “other side” of Brazilian life as he described in his first book The Flying Cow, which became an international bestseller. Since his return to London, where he now lives, he has published eleven books on a variety of subjects, including poltergeists (This House is Haunted) and hypnosis (If This Be Magic). His most recent book is Twin Telepathy (3rd edition, 2012) in which he summarises 15 years of research into this hitherto neglected subject. He is a council member of the Society for Psychical Research and frequent contributor to its Journal.

Guy L. Playfair’s classic book Twin Telepathy was first published in 2002. It was enlarged and updated into a 3rd edition in 2012, and can be purchased in paperback or ebook via www.amazon.com orwww.amazon.co.uk.

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Wisdom with Wes – An Active Weekend – 1-31-15

Snapshot_20140731_2We can use the weekend as a time to rest and let ourselves be a little lazy, or we can take it as an opportunity to be even more active and enthusiastic than usual.

It’s easy to give in to the temptation to rest when the weekend comes around, but it might be more worth our time and energy to increase our activity.

Some people want to rest on the weekend because it gives them a break from the oppressive or mundane realities they constantly face during the week, and they enjoy having the freedom to do whatever they want. There’s nothing wrong with this greater freedom, and in fact, it’s something we all deserve to enjoy – not just on the weekend, but all the time.

With greater freedom can come greater responsibility, however, and to get the most out of life (and, specifically, our weekends), we might want to continue to be active, even when resting sounds like a better option.

We’re learning about the benefits of staying active and keeping as positive of an attitude as we can no matter what we face, and staying active during the weekend might increase our vitality throughout the week.

If we break out of our shell and go out of our way to be active on the weekend, it might give us more incentive to reclaim our freedom and stay active throughout the week. Like all things, we have the choice as to how we want to act, and no greater force can make us choose a specific path.

Everything’s up to us, but certain choices will help us feel better in the long run. I think staying active is definitely one of those choices, and we can embrace it if we feel motivated enough. If we do, we might make life more fulfilling than it was when we were comfortable being lazy.

What will you do this weekend?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac 🙂


Wes Annac – Staying Active helps us Stay Centered – 1-24-15

 Credit: Mojofeet.com

 Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

It’s very important to keep our fire lit right now, and the alternative could be the unrelenting sadness that vies for our attention. It doesn’t take much to inspire ourselves, and all we need to do is look around at our world’s current situation to be motivated enough to want to contribute.

There’s so much we can do, but we’re the only ones who can make ourselves do it all. If we’re motivated enough, we can accomplish a lot of revolutionary things in our short time on earth. Or, we can wallow in the pits of despair, depression or general laziness.

If we do, we’ll find in the end that we didn’t properly utilize our time here and we might wish we could go back and do it all again.

Those of us who’ve had trouble feeling uplifted can find our centeredness in the form of the work we do to bring humanity into the light. We’re here to raise social and spiritual awareness and subsequently raise the collective vibration, and our work can uplift us just as much as the people who find their way to it.

When the mind is an open receiver for the energy and inspiration of the heart, there’s no telling what we can do. We’re as infinite as we let ourselves be, and the extent to which we’re willing to open our minds and let the heart influence us will, in many cases, determine exactly what we get done.

It’s so easy to feel low or depressed, and for some of us, it almost seems like a preferable alternative at times. It isn’t, and as we’re learning, it actually traps us in an inactive condition that could cause us not to do anything significant to advance humanity’s evolution.

Some of us can have a hard time reaching an uplifted space, but motivating ourselves to contribute to our conscious revolution in whatever way we enjoy might be the cure for the downtrodden feelings that try to influence us.

Staying active in the name of humanity’s advancement might help us deal with the times when we don’t feel very great or uplifted, and needless to say, our work will help others who go through their own difficulties and sometimes look for a way not to escape them, but to ease them; to make them a little better.

We can not only uplift ourselves, but every socially or spiritually aware person who struggles with negativity. It always helps to remember that we aren’t really meant to ignore, deny or hide from negativity, but to face it and the things that feed it head-on so we can eventually transcend its overbearing influence.

The creative among us usually use their creativity to help confront and ease their negativity, because they know that creatively embracing it is one of the best ways to transcend it. A writer, for example, could write about the things they’re going through that are causing them to sink into despair, and a musician could write a beautifully sad song.

Both of these creative routes are great ways to confront our negativity, and the worst things we can do are ignore it or directly feed it, with full knowledge of what we’re doing. I’ve tried both routes, and I can say that they don’t help nearly as much as directly or creatively embracing our negativity, airing it out, and transcending it (at least for the time being).

Life on earth seems to entail a rehashing of the same negativity we’d thought we worked our way through. If the same negative situations or circumstances pop up that we’d assumed we were done with, we can monitor our reactions to them to determine if we really got past them or if we only temporarily transcended them.

A little time can make a big difference, and we can move on from a negative issue that plagued us only to find that it still affects us just as heavily a few weeks (or even months) later. It’s a difficult dance to do, and it requires us to take a serious look at ourselves to determine if we’ve really gotten over issues we assumed we did or if we’re still in the same hindered frame of mind.

If we find that we are, all we can do is try to move forward. We don’t gain anything by feeling bad about our perceived lack of progress, and the best thing we can do is accept the circumstances and do our best to work with them. It isn’t always easy, but it seems to be the most helpful way to go.

One of the biggest lessons I’m learning right now is of the importance of keeping the mind open and staying in the heart as much as we can. It sounds like a cliché ‘spiritual blogger’ recommendation, but it’s helped me a lot, and hopefully, it’ll help you too.

We’re all different and what works for one might not work for another, but I’m starting to see how helpful emptying the mind and letting the heart use it as an instrument for its expression can be. We’re left with no conflicts or desires when the mind’s an empty vessel for the heart, which is a very helpful state of mind to reach.

To be free of conflict and desire is a goal most of us strive to attain, but the mind’s self-created negativity will surface every now and then and make it difficult. This is why staying in our heart is so important, and the love and spirit really seem to flow when we don’t endlessly stress over issues we’ll find aren’t so important in the big picture.

We’re learning to use love and spirit to empower ourselves enough that we don’t give in to our own negativity, which we’re meant to confront and transcend, but we’ll have issues every now and then despite how hard we try. When we do, we’ll benefit from getting out of our own heads and letting our love flow without issues or complications, but it takes some discipline.

We’ll eventually reach our destination, and for now, we’ll have to keep fighting the good fight and striving to embody love while refusing to give into the mind’s constant desire for attention or stimulation. We can handle every problem we face from a centered perspective if we stay in the heart, so let’s continue to do so in the face of every attempt to keep us from being the active, vibrant, alive spiritual beings we’re here to be.

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I’m a twenty-one year old writer, musician and blogger, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

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Wisdom with Wes – External Hatred = Internal Hatred – 1-20-15

Snapshot_20140731_2I wanted to talk about a quote from today’s Voice Within message:

“Things will get easier when you can see that you have no more internal or external enemies to fight, and even the forces who strive to keep you down can be exposed and brought down from a purely loving perspective; the perspective of one who has no real enemies and has found pure peace and contentment within.”

Some conscious people are more than comfortable hating the elite, because they feel like it’s their duty as rebels. It makes sense to want to hate them as we expose and bring them down, but we’ll maintain the same divided condition that’s gotten us to our current point if we do.

We don’t need hatred in our society anymore, and we only need rebellion to an extent.

Rebellion’s healthy, especially in this day and age, but it can cause us to put up walls within if it’s taken too far. We’ll eventually rebel so heavily against everything we think is ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ that we won’t have any allies on our side.

We might even rebel against the darker aspects of our consciousness we’re uncomfortable shining our light on (which was also mentioned in today’s message), and when it comes down to it, we’ll keep ourselves from any real or lasting inner peace.

It’s possible to talk about the elite without hating them, and as naïve as it might sound, we can even love them. We can show them as much love and compassion as anyone else, and any incapability to show them love says more about us than them.

Yes, they’ve done a lot of horrendous, truly dark things and we shouldn’t forget their heinous crimes, but we have no reason to let them steal our inner peace. They’ll win if we let them rob us of that, regardless of whether or not we eventually bring them down.

The game we’re playing here on earth is more spiritual than physical, and the best way to bring down the elite is to consistently embody a higher vibration. They thrive on the vibrations of fear, hatred and chaos, which is why they’ve created so much of these qualities in the world.

Even when it comes to bringing them down, let’s not let them steal our peace, love or spirituality.

They might have taken a lot from a lot of people, but they should never be allowed to take those from us. They’ll only succeed if we let them, and however hard inner peace can be to sustain, that’s exactly what we’ll want to do if we want to decrease their power and influence.

Can you show love and compassion for the evilest force who’s ever walked the earth?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac

2015, http://cultureofawareness.com


The Spirit World Chronicles – A Fourth-Dimensional Perspective on Source and Jeshua – Written by Wes Annac – 11-7-14 – Part 3/3



Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Here, I’d like to look at how fourth-dimensional souls see Source and Jeshua, who’s believed to be aligned with Source in a way that most seekers haven’t attained.

Jeshua apparently maintains a closer relationship with Source than most of us, because he lives in alignment with the sacred spiritual laws that eventually deliver one back into Source’s loving arms. As we’ll learn here, a lot of fourth-dimensional souls understand Jeshua’s greater connection with Source, and they don’t worship him.

Jeshua’s only fanatically worshipped in the lower realms, and our perception of him and Source will purify as we continue raising our vibration. We’ll eventually grow to appreciate Jeshua without feeling like we have to worship him, and a lot of seekers – on earth and in the higher realms – dutifully follow his guidance without worshipping or praising him.

We’ll learn how fourth-dimensional souls perceive and understand Source before we hear their perspective on Jeshua, and in our first quote, Mary Bosworth outlines an answer she was given to a question she asked about Source.

“We had asked some question concerning their conception of God, and were told: –

“‘He is not limited to personality, even to the degree that we who are spirit are limited. If it were possible, I might explain a little more fully, but you could not at present understand. So try to be satisfied with the knowledge that God is present to the remotest part of the universe, and that God is a God of love and justice and mercy. Never doubt this.

“‘The more spiritual we become, the nearer we grow to that blessed spiritual presence, and the more nearly we approach, the more our spirits are filled with love, awe and reverence. Be content to serve with the love of God in your heart, and sometime your knowledge will be perfected.’

“And again: –

“‘It would be difficult for you to even realize the absolute existence of the Creator of all things. Material form is not his, nor perhaps spirit form even, as we know it. But His influence is everywhere. Be content until your soul is illumined with further understanding.

“‘We here do not see God as a person, or even as a spirit. That vision belongs to the spiritually advanced and illumined ones of higher spheres.’” (1)

An unnamed spirit teacher tells us that Christ is among the purest expressions of Source’s consciousness.

“’By what name do you speak of this Power?’

“‘No name other than the Most High, the Great First Cause, or Loving Power, or other expression of confidence and loving worship. Christ is the greatest expression of that confidence and love, and we look to him as our teacher and elder brother.’” (2)

A lot of religions have told us about the awesome and all-loving power of the Most High, and Christ possesses this power because of his close relationship with Source. We can all attain this close relationship, and all it takes is the willingness to open up and embark on what’d be a very long journey of personal and spiritual exploration.

Many of us could become ’Christs’ in our own way when we’re in a much higher state of consciousness, but we have a lot of time and effort to go still. Christ definitely seems to be on his own level, as our fourth-dimensional sources have outlined, but there’s no reason we can’t reach this level if we were dedicated and focused enough.

Claude Kelway-Bamber tells us that most people’s perception of Source as a man in the sky is quite distorted in comparison to the truth.

“We on earth with finite minds often visualize or think of God in a finite shape or form, as a man, because to us that is the highest experience of life manifest. You can imagine that is limiting God.” (3)

It’s a very outdated way to perceive the Source of all existence, and it seems silly to assume Source would have to be a human. With all of the different and unique creations we see on earth, it seems pretty assumptive to think that our creator would be a grumpy, judgmental person.

Humans aren’t inherently enlightened or spiritually evolved until we gain a glimmer of awareness and flow from there, so why would we expect our creator to embody our form?

It seems much more fitting that Source exists beyond all of the physical creations we have here in the lower realms, and as our consciousness and perception grow, we’ll see that Source is far, far beyond our ability to fathom his/her form.

Just because science can’t measure Source doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t exist, Claude advises.

“God is not known to science, because science can’t measure or classify Him. But that does not show there is no God. It is the same with many things in the spirit-world.” (4)

The idea that Source is an exalted human who requires sacrifices to stay happy with his creation is misguided, she shares.

“Christ’s followers claimed His death as a sacrifice for sin, for they naturally looked upon God only as the people of their day knew Him – that is, as a tyrannical Jehovah whose altars ran with the blood of sacrificed animals.

“As man evolves he gets nearer spiritual truth, and we know here that this is infinitely greater and more wonderful than anything ever yet told. One realizes the presentation of God usually taught on earth is utterly incorrect.

“He is not a glorified, mortal sitting on a golden throne, not a vengeful nor jealous God – not, in a way, even a ‘personal’ God to be propitiated to grant special gifts to a favored few. He is not finite, but infinite; but, because it is so difficult to realize so vast a fact, we feel on earth we want to locate and limit our idea of God to bring it within our understanding.” (5)

As Claude also tells us, Source is ‘everywhere and in everything’.

“God is everywhere and in everything: in the trees, in the flowers, in the air, and in the sunshine. God is all good, all beauty, all purity. God is not limited, nor existing only in the seven spheres, He is also in the space beyond, for He fills all space.

“The whole Universe is of God; the Planets revolve from the power of God within them, touched and supported by power without. God is creative, from Him all life springs. Elemental man is a manifestation of God-power through form, which in the lower creation is manifest in a different way, though he can deteriorate to less than they.” (6)

If any of us strives to know Source in a greater way than we have so far, the best thing we can do is to look all around us.

Look at the beautiful nature Gaia provides us. Look at the things around us that clearly point to some type of omnipotent spiritual creator, because there are a lot of things on earth that simply can’t be chalked up to physical, creator-less evolution.

There’s so much joy and beauty on this evolving planet, and recognizing this will help us see that our creator’s present in everything.

We could never be separate from Source, and in a sense, we are Source. We’ll discover that we contain our creator’s essence as we continue to evolve, and we’ll eventually be back in Source’s pure and undistorted realms, where nothing that we recognize in this reality will exist.

Things will be far, far different in Source’s realms than they are here on earth or in any higher realm, and as we’ll learn throughout this report, reaching this place requires giving up our identity-based perception.



Concluded from Part 2

As Judge Hatch tells us, Jeshua represents ‘the paradigm of the spiritual man’.

“Jesus of Nazareth is a reality. As a spiritual body, as Jesus who dwelt in Galilee, He exists in space and time; as the Christ, the paradigm of the spiritual man, He exists in the hearts of all men and women who awaken that idea in themselves. He is a light which is reflected in many pools.

“I wrote the other day about Adepts and Masters. Jesus is a type of the greatest Master. He is revered in all the heavens. He grasped the Law and dared to live it, to exemplify it. And when He said, ‘The Father and I are one,’ He pointed the way by which other men may realise mastership in themselves.” (1)

According to Mary Bosworth, Christ exists on a much higher and less fathomable sphere than the fourth dimension, but he’s still there as a guiding, brotherly presence.

“Christ is exalted to the heavens above, but he is as the elder brother and the guide of us all on this plane.” (2)

I’ve always had this feeling about Christ too – that he’s a brother or a spiritual mentor we can turn to at any time for love and assistance. Even though he has a greater link with Source than almost anyone throughout creation, he’s one with us and he’s willing to assist us in our journey back home.

Even though Jeshua incarnated on earth with an overflowing well of inner love, Mary Bosworth tells us, the evil that’s common here held its ground and eventually (and temporarily) prevailed.

“The hope for the future lies in the philosophy that Christ brought to earth and which here is our rule of life. Christ was the apostle of love and patience, and he desired to deliver the world from evil through the power of love.

“But evil held sway by reason of its long continuance and growth, and was too strong, as it has many times since been too strong, to be overcome by spiritual power. But the time is coming when the Christ love will prevail, and wisdom and love together shall rule the world.” (3)

If we can follow the basic philosophy of loving one another instead of fighting and bickering, Christ’s purpose for being on this earth will have been attained.

All it takes is for everyone to open up to the necessity to live in love and cease feeding our former ways of division and war, but even though this seems simple, it could be much more difficult to manifest on the world stage.

Most people seem very stuck on their preconceived notions of reality, and if they could just see how much pure love exists beyond our conscious understanding, I’m sure they’d quickly align with this love and cease everything that continues to keep them from perceiving it.

Helping us mend our ways was one of the reasons Jeshua came to earth to help enlighten us, and whether he’s here or not, we can act on his teachings and love one another.

In our final quote, Mary Bosworth tells Charlotte Dresser that Christ isn’t necessarily one with Source – he’s more of an instrument for Source’s expression.

“”We believe in the Christ, in his mission to earth. We look to Him for guidance and inspiration. But we do not worship Him in the same way he is worshipped on earth.

“He wishes his example of peace and loving service to be followed, and it is our joy to follow his example here. But he is not afar off on some throne of glory. He is more like an elder brother, more like a bright and shining example for us to follow.”

Question: “’Do not some place Christ as one with God?’

“Yes, we have many such, and they are confused and disappointed at first. But they finally come into the true appreciation of the purity and loveliness of his life and character, and are contented and happy.”

Question: “’I wonder if Christ would approve of all the Easter worship of him?’

“No, we think not. To follow his example, to make each one’s own life a blessing to others; this is the religion he tried to establish, and which [he] hopes will at last become the religion of the world.” (4)

If we can follow this basic ideal, we’ll have little difficulty bringing ourselves, each other and the planet around us into the light. We’re given a lot of assistance from various facets of the Company of Heaven, but Christ works especially hard to spread the light on earth.

So hard, in fact, that he incarnated here a few different times to spread the simple philosophy of loving and respecting one another.

His most famous life was when he came here as Jesus, and I personally think he might’ve come back as Haile Selassie (former Ethiopian emperor), but I’d imagine he’s taken even more incarnations on earth that might not have been as famous as his life as Jesus.

Jesus is the name most people know him by, and we might be very surprised to discover the various other roles he’s played here on earth.

Again, he’s been famous for some of them and not so famous for others, but he’s always strived to help us see the importance of love, respect and unity. I’m sure he’s also told us a lot about the importance of knowledge – both physical and spiritual – and we can follow all of his teachings without needlessly worshiping him.

Instead of worshipping the messenger, let’s listen to the message.

From what we’ve learned here, it seems like most fourth-dimensional souls have a very clear understanding of Source and Jeshua, and it makes sense that they would.

They’re closer with Source and Jeshua than we are, but they still have a lot of work to do and a lot of dimensions to traverse before they can convene with either one of them purely. They can apparently communicate with Christ, as Judge Hatch mentioned, but I’m sure they won’t purely perceive him until they reach a much higher state of consciousness.

As usual, the more open and receptive we are, the easier it’ll be to open up to Jeshua or any higher-dimensional soul who’s helping us evolve, and in the end, we’ll be very glad we opened up and requested their assistance. Self-empowerment’s always important, but it helps to have a brotherly guide by our side.