Astral Projection – Doorway to a New Dimension – 1-14-14

Author: Jerry Gross

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Are you ready to explore other dimensions of human existence? Jerry Gross explains where astral projection – or out-of-body experience – can take us, and the amazing world that awaits us there

The concept of astral projection has been around for a long time, but until today, it has been hidden from most of humanity. Now, with the aid of astral projection, new levels of knowledge and power enable us to discover the answer to Man’s eternal question about life in the physical body. Death takes on a new meaning as we begin to realize that it is only a transition to another dimension, or place of existence. By learning to astral project, we can learn many things about ourselves, and unlearn many things that were previously thought to be true. This leads us to the realization that our physical bodies are only a part of our entire selves, and there is more to our existence than meets the eye!

In our limited awareness, the reality we live and breathe on earth, with its beautiful landscapes, mountains, rivers, streams, animals and insects, can be compared with the petals on a flower. What we see is not the whole flower, but only a part. This is because man has lost touch with the use of his own mind. He concludes, erroneously, that the physical world is the only reality there is. He believes that his life as an individual has only to do with the flesh body of himself, and concludes that the physical world is solid and real because his senses tell him it “feels” solid and real.

The mind has abilities that go beyond the five senses of the physical world. The petal of the flower that we now experience is the material world or physical plane of existence. It has a specific vibration, just as all creatures on this level vibrate at the same rate. Because of this, regardless of where we go on this level, all things take on the appearance of being solid, material objects. Just as the colors of the rainbow show the effects of the different vibrations of light, and the melodies on the piano show the effect of the different notes, so, too, does the entire universe contain various octaves, or rates of vibration. These universal harmonics comprise the different levels of existence.

So the earth plane we live on is only one of many dimensions. There are other spheres that we describe as being above or below us. Actually, they are not really above or below us, but rather at all times around us, permeating all things. Astral projection allows us to discover that the people and objects existing on these other realms can be just as solid and real as any object on the earth terrain. And if we happened to be in another level, looking back “down” into this region, we would view an earth that was not solid. Right now, at every instant, we are living, coexisting with, and walking through people and objects of another dimension! When a person astral projects, he or she can see these other frontiers.


When we were born into this physical world, we were provided with a physical body to carry out our duties. Astral projection allows us to project “out of the body” and into the next plane of existence, which is the astral plane. When we do this, we are in another body, which is called the “astral body.” We already possess this astral body, just as all other people, animals, creatures and everything on earth possess an astral body.

The astral body has some amazing properties. Unlike the physical body, which is held down by gravity, the astral body can overcome this limitation by the effort of thought alone. While out of the body, we can not only walk around as if in the physical, but also soar above the trees, or go out into space. Another property of the astral body is that it cannot be injured. One of the greatest fears while on earth is pain or injury. While out of the body, this normal human reaction can be unlearned, because there is absolutely nothing that will cause damage to the astral body! In the next dimension, fire, knives, guns, falling from great heights, electrical shocks, disease, wild animals or being run over by a steam roller can do no harm. Many people receive lessons about this in their dreams. Watch for them, because you’ll discover that you always survive – don’t you?

In this next level of existence, which all of us can visit, there are many familiar things, such as cars, trains, planes, and highways. Everything that is on this earth right now comes from the astral plane. Many people get this backward. They think the astral dimension was molded from earth. The truth is, the earth was fashioned from the ideas and discoveries which originated on the astral.

When we are out of the body, communication is accomplished by thought. Another word for this is telepathy. In other words, it is not necessary to move our lips in order to be heard, although we can do this if we wish. Sometimes, when we hear what we think is just a thought, this could actually be someone communicating to us from the astral.

This next plane of existence has been sought after, researched, and argued about by philosophers and religious people from time immemorial. Until now, it has remained elusive and has evaded discovery to all but the most diligent. The individual who looks within instead of without, who looks to correct his own imperfections, and who treats others as he wishes to be treated will have the door of discovery swing wide open for him.


When we begin to explore this, we must first overcome the obstacle of fear, which will present itself in many forms. The fear of death, pain, injury, the unknown, evil, devils, hell and Satan may loom up before us. We must conquer our own fears head on, and they will rapidly disappear.

We are mental creators, and out of the ether of the next dimension, we can create that which we wish around us. If we are convinced a devil is out there to trick or deceive us, and if we have already pictured in our minds what this devil looks like and what he plans on doing, we should really not be surprised when our worst fears are confirmed. The devils we create become real and solid in the next dimension because we created them.

In the astral plane, we can meet those we love, or that which we fear. If we have no fear, we won’t meet fear. It’s as simple as that. So we can save ourselves trouble by putting nonsense like that out of our mind. Remember there is nothing that can harm us while we are out of our bodies. This teaching of fear has held people in mental bondage long enough! Its exposure is sure to cause a fury in those who have become trapped in the habit of their own thinking. We must release ourselves from the death grip of fear and set ourselves free.

In the astral plane, we can also visit our loved ones who have passed on before us. We can then ask them face-to-face how they like their new surroundings. We can see schools and universities, and may even find ourselves in a classroom, listening to a lecture.

This is also where we can discover the history of the world, and the history of our lives. The “Hall of Records” contains our present lives as well as our past. In it, are recorded our accomplishments and our failures. We can meet our spiritual teachers – which the churches have termed our “guardian angels” – and we can ask them for advice and guidance on our problems.

The astral plane is a vast dimension of existence, and contains life in abundance. It does not operate by the very same laws of the earth plane, and so many things that are quite impossible on earth, are quite commonplace in the astral. Mind over matter is common. Colors are more beautiful, and we may experience endless fascination with new and exciting things that there are to see and discover.

For many centuries, the teachings of certain churches have been that some things are mysteries and are not to be questioned. Eve eating from the tree of knowledge and the subsequent expulsion from the Garden of Eden was sighted as proof. This erroneous interpretation was made by those who were ignorant, or by those who wanted to keep the masses of people in subjugation. Man’s redemption in the final analysis will come from his knowledge of himself and his love of his neighbor, not from his ignorance.


The astral plane contains many things that are not on earth at this time. Some of them may appear in the future on earth, and some are from the earth’s past. Many different types of animals that have become extinct on earth exist in the astral. Remember, there is no death.

Astral projection enables us to use the part of our mind that has been dormant or sleeping. We can wake up this part and put it to work. It is called the subconscious, and it can be used to give us the knowledge we need to find out more about ourselves, our purpose on earth, and our relationship with God. Most people think of their mind as only that portion they recognize as their conscious mind, or waking mind. It has been said that the mind is 10 percent conscious, and 90 percent subconscious. We can learn to expand this 10 percent.

Everyone goes to the astral plane at night while they are asleep. Think of this! Astral projection takes place without a person even being aware of it! As strange and hard to believe as this sounds, it is true. To begin exploring astral projection, pay attention to your dreams each night. Eventually, you will come to the realization that you were in the astral plane, but did not realize it.

When we take the first step, of allowing for the possibility of multiple dimensions and astral projection as realities, we can then focus on ways to understand, explore, and actually experience these things. In doing so, we can open the door to an amazing and expansive existence that was heretofore beyond our wildest imagination!

Author Jerry Gross was born with the gift of leaving the body at will. As a well known out-of-body teacher and practitioner, he holds workshops on astral projection in the United States and abroad. For further information, or to schedule a workshop, contact: Jerry Gross, Search and Prove, 2590 Trading Post Trail, Afton, MN 55001-9799;

Astral Travel Adventures – A True Tale

By Pat Pfeffer

My mother told me a few years ago that I was a weird kid, for she never had to send me to bed while I was growing up. I would always tell her when I was done for the day and off to bed I’d go. I laughed and asked, “Do you know why?” She shook her head so I told her the truth of the matter.

My night time activities were far more real and exciting than being “in the body” during the day. When my head hit the pillow, I’d literally take off. I’d stand on the edge of the bed, launch myself out the window and my adventures would begin. I would soar over roof tops, sometimes peering into windows and could travel long distances in a blink of an eye. Frequently, I would land and mingle with the people I found myself amongst. Often they were speaking foreign languages which I could not understand. Usually I was alone, but occasionally was accompanied by either a cat or a dove perched on my shoulder. On one trip it was both. Sometimes I would hear the most ethereal gorgeous music during the trips.

I could see the people, but they could not see me…for I would constantly test that fact. I would board a bus and ride around the city I was in, or take a stroll through a building of interest. Mostly I loved flying above the terrain and looking down at our beautiful earth. All of my senses seemed to be heightened in that state and the music and colors were unbelievable.

What frustrated me the most was my inability to stay aware of how I re-entered my body. One night I determined to make a great effort to see how that was accomplished. I was always aware when my trip was about to end for I’d begin to feel a drain of energy. It was like a sudden weakness or a tug drawing me back to my body. This night I found myself losing momentum while flying over an open wooded area and suddenly I came upon a large construction site. A huge masonry building with walls about 20 feet high not under roof yet. I slowly settled into the unfinished interior and my last thought was, “Oh nuts, now what do I do?”

I never succeeded in discerning how I re-entered my body, but just continued to enjoy the nighttime adventures.

Years later, one evening a spiritual studies group meeting had to be aborted because of blizzard type weather. There were only four of us there in lieu of the normal twenty who attended. One was a hypnotherapist, so we began an experiment. My parents were spending the winter in Florida, so our goal was for me to pay them an astral visit to see what was happening there, record my impressions at this end, then call them for verification of where they were and what they were doing at that exact same time.

I left my body flying due East from Ohio to avoid the weather and followed the East coast down to Florida. When I arrived at the parents’ house, I found that my aunt and uncle were visiting them. Uncle had a cane leaned against the side of his chair (he did not use one), they had just finished dinner together, pop was watching TV, mom was doing the dishes in the kitchen. I tried very hard to get her attention… even attempting to pull on her dish towel as she held it in her hand, but she remained unaware.

In a phone call to them later, mom verified to a T all that I saw on that trip. I gave her no clues other than asking where they were and what they were doing on that night at that time. Turns out that Uncle Vic had sprained his ankle and that explained the temporary cane.

Apparently there’s much more to this three dimensional experience than meets the eye.

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