Lady Nada via Julie Miller – Asserting Your Whole Self – 2-27-15

Lady Nada: Asserting Your Whole Self, Received by Julie Miller,, February 26, 2015

Beautiful Bright Hearts, when you consider the meaning of self-esteem and self-confidence, are sometimes confused by their individual meaning or think they mean the same thing? Even though self-esteem does effect self-confidence, they are not the same.

Most of you by now have an understanding of what self-esteem is, but there are a few among you that misunderstand its difference to self-confidence. What self-esteem is, is your own personal evaluation of you self-worth…in other words, how you think of yourself. It is true that self-esteem is primarily based on what you believe in regards to your own personal value and of your own emotional and mental perception of those very beliefs.

Do you think you are capable of meeting personal goals or do you think you are incapable? If you consider yourself capable of achieving personal goals, regardless how long they take then Beautiful Bright Hearts the relating emotions and feelings correspond to feelings of pride or accomplishment. Yet if you believe that you are unable to achieve any of your personal goals, then what you are anchoring is feelings of sadness, helplessness, even despair or indignity.

Self-esteem can be observed in as little as one area of your life, or you can become aware of many instances where your self-esteem is either weak or strong. If you believe you are a good cook, and feel proud of this knowing, what you are basically doing is broadening your experience every time you prepare, cook and serve your meals. Believing in your goodness and feeling satisfied with yourself rewards you more than anyone’s praise.

The dear souls that have healthy a self-esteem often demonstrate self-respect, self-love, integrity for themselves and a great knowing and acceptance of their whole self. They are not striving to be perfect, they are striving to be whole and complete. Sometimes dear souls that demonstrate a healthy self-esteem come across as self-centered. Their ego gets in the way of their true, genuine light. A little humility every once in a while, that comes when one least expects it, is a great way to re-center and bring forth a more humbled nature.

Self-confidence, on the other-hand Beautiful Bright Hearts is a measurement of the beliefs you have over your own judgment, decisions, skills, talents and abilities. A self-confident individual may also incorporate various levels of any future performance and action that they expect and assume from themselves. Self-confidence is closely connected to being self-assured…it’s about what you think you can actually do or attain.

One of the biggest threats to your personal or spiritual success is your fear of failure or of making a mistake. If you are truly confident with your whole self, then you are well aware of what you can do and what you cannot and you have the ability to apply pure concentrated focus into your efforts to ensure success in the directions you have chosen to walk. Mistakes don’t weaken you, they provide you with detailed information of what not to do.

Even through self-esteem and self-confidence distinctively different, they are also connected and go hand-in-hand, and you can utilize them at the same time. One is not more important than the other; each has an important part in whatever goal you have planned for yourself to reach. In order to truly satisfied, happy and to live full and whole you need to have a healthy balance of both.

The Beautiful Bright Hearts that behave and reflect healthy self-esteem and healthy confidence will be obvious in their words, actions and choices. They are assertive with their abilities and know how far they can push themselves with confidence. They accept that they are not perfect, because perfect is not what they are aiming to reach…as they are aiming to just be themselves, fully complete and whole in all things.

Self-confidence and self-esteem if often lacking in many areas of your goals. So often you fight what you are wanting to become out of fear. The moment you relax, your open yourself to encouraging outcomes and new possibilities. Adversity will always affect your self-worth, but it is up to you for how long the duration and to maintain a healthy mental attitude. Confidence can be increased through positive actions you take that will lead you towards successful completions and outcomes. It is your successful outcomes Beautiful Bright Hearts that provide you with ample reasons to approve yourself which in turn will increase your self-esteem—one side harmoniously feeds the other.

As we prepare to end this week’s transmission take some time to think about when you have experienced high or low self-esteem or self-confidence and determine how it differs from now. Can you easily determine that it is your own self-esteem that raises or diminishes your self-confidence? To achieve in anything, you have to believe in the goals you have planned for. You will be greeted with obstacles that are meant to try to distract you, but if you are fully focused and aware, you will make room for changes if they apply to what you are doing, then carry on with your goal until you are done. The more you believe in yourself, the more success you will have. I know this, God definitely knows this, now you need to believe that you can.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller