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New Year 2020 Predictions

ASHTAR – The Time is Near – 7-18-19 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age Of Gaia


Bright Star sends us this channeling:

You have waited so diligently for our meeting, which is now well underway. On our side, everything is prepared for finally meeting you on your beautiful planet, spiritually known as Gaia.

You may have wondered why it took so long. Know that the energy must be right for us and you so that our interaction can take place without harming each participant’s energy field.

Now the energy fields are set and the required levels have been reached!

We will neither tell you how the meetings will take place nor do we say when. The reasons for this are obvious: No interference shall be possible since each meeting is tailor-made for the group that meets.

Just know that it will not take place in dream state but in your real and everyday life.

You received some inputs on how to prepare for such a meeting, if you are one of the “early delegation team members.” More meetings will take place on a wider scale and with much more people from Gaia at a later stage.

We want to emphasize that, basically, you do not have to prepare in any way. Know that you are well prepared; otherwise we would not have chosen you.

You don’t need to ask for the meeting. You don’t need to mediate for the meeting.

Do you prepare for a meeting with your friends or loved ones? Your answer will be: “Yes! I put some nice clothes on and make myself ready.”

This is not how it works with us.

We’ll “take you as you are” because for us, again, your outer appearance is unimportant but your field of energy is – and this is now compatible with ours.

In summary, we are prepared and so are you.

And we are on our way to your shore. Feel inside of your heart and KNOW that the time for our meetings is indeed here!

I am your brother, always!

Ashtar and his team


Jessica Delmar — Abe
Published on Jun 7, 2019

Message from Ashtar Command to the 144,000, light workers, light holders, starseeds, star beings incarnated on Earth, and others in the collective. Disclosure is coming as further awakening, awareness and resonance. Phase 2 of the 144,000 missions are to set those dominoes up to fall.

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Commander Ashtar Sheran – Earth Liberation Update – 3-31-19

Higher Self

Published on Mar 31, 2019

Commander Ashtar Sheran, Earth Liberation Update

Sharon’s Original Video is here:…

Sharon Stewart and Ivo of Vega. Vegan ET team, with lightworker Sharon here on earth and Ivo above earth as Galactic Federation sub-commander, channeling much-needed information to lightworkers on their roles, 5D Ascension and on becoming Galactic Humans.

Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar – February 14, 2019

Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar – February 14, 2019


ASHTAR SHERAN – New Year’s Message 2019

Higher Self

Published on Dec 31, 2018


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Sharon’s Original Video is here:…


Sharon Stewart and Ivo of Vega. Vegan ET team, with lightworker Sharon here on earth and Ivo above earth as Galactic Federation sub-commander, channeling much-needed information to lightworkers on their roles, 5D


Ascension and on becoming Galactic Humans. Check out Sharon’s Book! From Beyond this World: Information from beyond the Veil of Amnesia

Repost: Time for Manifestation of Divine Government on Earth – Message from Lord Ashtar via Elizabeth Trutwin – 5-18-17

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Lord Ashtar

In a Connected Universe, within the One Consciousness, you are functioning as a person with free will on Planet Earth. It is necessary that you invoke from your Consciousness to others on Earth to set intensions with all others in their Consciousness to work together to shift the paradigm. All on the Planet are playing their role within All That Is to Ascend Earth by doing the will of the Creator, Mother-Father God who created all of you. Earth’s Ascension effects all the near Planets, the Solar System and Galaxy and billions of other persons you have yet to become aware. This is done by invoking Divine Government and fulfilling the Master Plan. Awaken to Serve Spirit.

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Greetings! This is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin

Who are the Masters of the Master Plan? They are the Ascended Masters. Some have never left their Body. They have been on Earth through the ages and have come to serve in significant times to help Humanity get through the Grand Experiment which is now coming to an end. Some have incarnated on Earth repeatedly as helpers. I, Ashtar have had one incarnation on Earth as Pocal Votan. I wrote the Popol Vuh. You may have seen a carving of my Land Speeder?

I work closely with Sananda on the FlagShip the New Jerusalem. I also work closely with Archangel Michael, who is commander in chief of our Solar System. He has been in charge of the hierarchal board systems and governments, the one who Guides the Masters of the Master Plan. He is in alignment and attunement with the Creator in guiding Earth home.


The following is a partial list of Masters working thousands of years on the Master Plan for Divine Government on Earth with me and the Galactic Federation: The Inner Plane Cosmic and Planetary Ascended Masters : Beloved Presence of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, (As the Creator, Mother-Father God), Cosmic Council of Twelve, Twenty-Four Elders that surround the Throne of Grace, Mother Sekhmet, Tom the ring-tail cat, KOS,the Mahatma, Melchizedek, Metatron, Archangels Michael and Faith, all Elohi Councils of the Light of God, Archangels of the Tree of Life, all the Archangels and Angels of the Light of God, Hyos Ha Kodoish, Paradise Sons, all The Monads and Oversouls of the six billion Souls incarnated on Earth at this time, Great Divine Director, Melchior, Lord and Lady of Sirius, Lenduce, Vywamus, Lord and Lady of Arcturus and The Arcturians, Sanat Kumara, Atlanto, Adonis, Archangel Sandalphon, Helios and Vesta, Ashtar and the Sananda, Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva, Moses, Akhenaten, Serapis Bey, Asthar Command, Archangels Jophiel and Christine, Chamuel and Charity, Gabriel and Hope, Raphael and Mother Mary, Uriel and Aurora, Zadkiel and Amethyst, Elohi Hercules and Amazonia, Apollo and Lumina, Heros and Amora, Purity and Astrea, Cyclopia and Virginia, Peace and Aloha, Arcturus and Victoria, Mahachohan, Allah Gobi, Lord Buddha, Krishna, Babaji, Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar, Lahiri Mahasaya, Zoser, Dr. Lorphan and all The Galactic Healers, Platinum Angels, Sai Baba, Rama, Lady Masters, LadyHelena, Isis, Horus, Osiris, Quan Yin, Lao-Tzu, Pallas Athena, Portia, Vista, Lady Nada, Lakshmi, the Six Buddhas of Activity, El Morya, Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, El Moyra, Djwhal Khul, Office of the Christ, Office of The Divine Mother, all Initiates and Disciples from the Synthesis Ashram and all Seven Ray Ahsrams of the Christ, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda, Saint Germain, Eagle Command, Celestial Command, Order of the Golden Robe, the Mountain of Mt. Shasta, the Earth Mother, Dolphins and Whales, Pan, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, the Devic and Nature Spirits, the Elemental Kingdom, Ganesha, the Manifestation Council, Divine Mother, Silent Watcher of the Cosmos, Lady of the Sun, Lady Liberty, Lady of the Light, Venus, the Native American Master Elders, Hanuman, Multi-Universal Logos, Interplanetary Confederation of Love and Light, the Extraterrestrial Guardian Alliance, Tribunal Council of the Galactic Command, the Goddess Lodge, the Christed ET Lodge, the Eastern Masters Lodge, the Occult Western Lodge, the Entire Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, the Core Group and Friends. What it takes time to understand is that some of the names on this list are one and the same. In other words, some Masters have incarnated on Earth and their Atma came in to represent several roles on the list. Earth’s history spans billions of years.

Spiritual government on Earth requires those as Representatives of Earth Citizens working together with Earth Citizens interacting with and cooperating with each other. All living on Earth make up the body of Christ Consciousness on Earth. You all are citizens which make up that body. Will you be a poor citizen, ignoring your responsibility to check on the functioning of government? Will you be a helpful citizen interacting with and supporting the good in government? There are millions working in all forms in governments all over Earth right now. They have not made themselves known or will they until they have accomplished their missions of changeover. They are in roles as administration, law enforcement, international agents and many others. The Masters who are guiding and guarding Humanity to become part of the spiritual government as Galactic citizenry are concerned that you understand you have an active role and are expected to participate in spiritual government in order to achieve it. This is how the paradigm will shift. As you invoke the Masters to help you be a helpful representative of the spiritual government for Earth, it speeds your Planet to changeover and invokes the implementation of Divine Government on Earth in the form of Disclosure and the simultaneous announcements of NESARA. The National Economic, Security and Reformation Act. This law brings the New Atlantis first to the United States and then to all on Earth, in a manner of months. St. Germain is the Master overseeing all aspects of The Master Plan, with Lady Master Nada and Sananda. Each Master has their own role in this Plan as do each one of you in my Ground Crew.


St. Germain has not left the Planet in hundreds of years. He has had a major role in the last few hundreds of years going back to Queen Elizabeth I in the roles of Sir Francis Drake and Roger Bacon. He set things in motion then and eventually worked with the founding Fathers of the United States as they Declared Independence from the United Kingdom. He also worked with another attorney later known as Ghandi in India’s Independence from the United Kingdom. Now he is in charge of bringing back the original Constitution of the United States which is safely kept in the Bruton Vault. Understand there has been cooperation between the Masters and citizens of Earth for hundreds, even thousands of years to go through the necessary steps leading to the new Golden Age on Earth.

We offer our assistance and guidance as you make the necessary changes in your own life to see the Plan to fruition. We respect and honor you for living in the challenging conditions you have and in return we ask you honor and respect what we can offer to work in closer and closer cooperation with you. Check in daily to see how you may be of service. Make us a daily part of your lives. Meditate and invoke our presence in your lives. The Masters can transmit joy, love, power, justice, truth, peace, harmony, protection and the understanding and application of Divine Law. Those in the Celestial Realms are here reminding you to attune to your specific lineage of the Masters and take up your responsibility in earnest to help Earth and to serve her citizens in every way possible. Call on the Ascended Cosmic and Planetary Masters to help you accomplish your mission. Those who have been in direct interference with the Master Plan are in a downward spiral and soon they will be required to leave the Planet as she heals and is created new.

Many of you in past have volunteered to help Earth through the last several hundreds of years of the Master Plan within the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, Freemasonry, and the Theosophical Society. Their work has always been done completely in secret. That continues to be true today. That is why there is so much disinformation and misinformation about Extraterrestrials, about disclosure, the banks, governments and conspiracies. Those of you connected to the Masters have researched and come back to center with the truth. The Freemason lodges established in early America were vital in the military and political success of the Revolutionary War. St. Germain was then and continues to be Guiding that part of the Master Plan.


Many Countries leaders have been guided by St. Germain in the birth of the Republic of the United States. They played their role at significant times since the Revolutionary War to be certain America reached it’s destiny to help them in return at this time of changeover; England, France, Spain, Russia and Germany. The deeds of each of these have been recorded on the memory of Spacetime and disclosure brings the information about the Cosmic Masters helping the Plan as well as the crimes committed on Earth which will now be resolved with NESARA Law. It is all in Divine Order.


This message today is to remind the Ground Crew of the importance of daily engaging with the Divine source of inspiration, through meditation, to begin each day receiving your mission for that day and taking the difficult steps of maintaining your connection to source to accomplish the Master Plan. The small steps of all involved lead to the big accomplishments which have been so long in the making. Have the wisdom to turn away from internet stories designed to keep you in dark. In secret, between you and the Masters, daily go into the source of Light and Be in Service, follow your Guidance and we will get there together. End the time of guileless following and become a warrior of light in the Ascension of Earth. Salut! This is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 20, 2017. © All Rights Reserved. An Invitation: Many have benefitted and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking please email me at eltrutwin @ It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session with video Skype or telephone. And you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. SANANDA’S INVITATION THROUGH ELIZABETH TRUTWIN: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this moment. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked beth to offer her services for one hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda, to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the Light.~LORD SANANDA Please book here.

ASCENSION ADVANCEMENTS – Commander Ashtar via Natalie Glasson – 10-20-18 – via Golden Age Of Gaia



Audio versionVideo version.

I extend my star greeting to you, I am Commander Ashtar, the overseer of the Airborne Ascended Master. It is our purpose to evaluate the process of ascension and to be present in any area upon the Earth or inner planes where healing or awakening is needed.

We travel throughout the universe of the Creator and around your world as well. We can be in many places at the same time as we connect into the unified energy of the Creator, meaning we see ourselves not as individuals, instead as able to connect into and embody any energy within the Universe of the Creator.

I, Commander Ashtar, wish to share with you some insights from our ship of tools that are available to assist your ascension now.

Thanks to

Ascended Master Unified Network of Light

The first tool I wish to share with you is the Ascended Master Unified Network of Light. This alignment and flow of energy was created by the first Ascended Masters to ascend from the Earth and release themselves from the rebirth cycle. The alignment and flow of energy has been energised and magnified, manifesting powerfully for Ascended Masters and any being of light to connect with and benefit from.

When you align yourself with the Ascended Master Unified Network of Light you connect into the unification of all Ascended Masters, their united consciousness and connection with the Creator. You are able to draw upon the wisdom of the Ascended Masters and access their enlightenment, bringing new understanding to your existence and ascension on the Earth.

When experiencing the Ascended Master Unified Network of Light, you will feel a deeper sense of oneness, wholeness, connection, unity and harmony with all aspects of yourself, those around you both physically and energetically as well as the Creator. This is a beautiful opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be connected and unified with all that is the Creator.

‘Commander Ashtar, I invite you forth to work with me. Please align me with the Ascended Master Unified Network of Light. I wish to access the alignment and flow of light from the Ascended Masters upon your starship. Please transport me to the appropriate chamber.

‘Assist me in downloading the Ascended Master Unified Network of Light into my Soul Star Chakra, flowing throughout my being into my Earth Star Chakra as I focus upon a pure white light with hints of pearlescent. Please support my experience with the Ascended Master Unified Network of Light. Thank you.’

Allow yourself to imagine the pure white light with hints of pearlescent following into your being as you breathe deeply and receive, allowing yourself to enter into a new state of unity which has always been present within you. This process will not only allow you to connect on a deeper level with all that is the Creator, it will also heal separation within your being allowing a greater state of healing and harmony.

Light Innovations

Upon our starship, you have the opportunity to enter into the Light Innovation Chamber to enhance your ability of creating from your soul new manifestations of light for yourself, reality, the Earth and even the Universe. This is an opening to bathe yourself in supreme light vibrations and frequencies, to fill your being with light so that your soul glows with happiness.

Your soul will then share with you new ideas and understandings of all that you can manifest from light to support your current existence. With a simple idea or intention, you will discover within the chamber that light takes form and manifests creating beauty and truth before you and within your being. Then there is simply a need to ground the light manifested into your being and the Earth, by anchoring it into your Earth Star Chakra.

This process and experience allows you to create situations, experiences or objects in light first even when you feel stuck or it seems impossible to manifest in your reality. It is an opportunity of creating healing and freedom for yourself as well as Mother Earth. Light creations can be formed for personal use or healing of the world.

Some creations do not even need to be put into actions by you, they can be created and energised by you and then gifted to the Earth, for the most appropriate people to accept and bring into physical manifestation. An example of this could be to create within light a way or intention for all human beings to have clean water or an invention that allows equality and love between all beings.

There is so much you can create and gift to the consciousness of humanity. Then you may see the results in other parts of the world.

‘Commander Ashtar, please transport me to your starship to the Light Innovation Chamber. I wish to receive the supreme light present within the chamber so my heart and soul sing for joy. Assist and support me in recognising within my being and soul that which is most essential for me to create in light. I am open to new ideas and intentions to come forth into my awareness.

‘As they do so I gift them to the light and allow them to take shape and form before me. Support me in then placing the manifestation within my Earth Star Chakra and recognising the positive impacts upon my being. If it is for the world, let it be gifted to the consciousness of humanity and Mother Earth. Thank you and let it be so.’

This process allows you to connect with your intuition and inner guidance, trusting in yourself, your connection with the light and ability to manifest. When intentions and ideas are created in light they have an opportunity to manifest at the physical level. The more light workers create within the light realms, higher vibrations of light will be able to anchor into the Earth as well as new openings for the Creator to be present and fulfilment to be experienced for all.

Light and Consciousness Imprinting

Light and Consciousness Imprinting is a beautiful way of working with the ascension waves and new vibrations anchoring into the Earth to aid transformation for all. New energies are always downloading into the Earth and humanity.

Within the Light and Consciousness Imprinting Chamber you can access these new energies and imprint them into your being, into objects or crystals in your home, into situations or experiences, in truth anything that inspires you or feels guided. Imprinting is akin to downloading, however, it impacts the receiver at a deep core level, therefor must be treated with care and by following your inner guidance rather than your desires.

‘Commander Ashtar, please transport me to the Light and Consciousness Imprinting Chamber so I may experience the new ascension energies anchoring into the Earth, receiving them within my being. May the most appropriate ascension energies imprint into my being creating positive loving transformation, freedom, love, and ascension.

‘I am guided to imprint the ascension energies into……………………………………. to (give a reason or outcome you would like to manifest). As I focus on this please imprint the most appropriate ascension energies available now. Thank you.’

First focus upon receiving for yourself. Then when you feel ready hold your focus upon the being, objects or crystals in your home, situations or experiences you have been guided to anchor the light into, imagining the light frequencies penetrating and creating transformation.

This process can be experienced numerous times as each visit allows you to imprint into your being the latest energies vibrations, ascension activations, and enlightenment. It is a positive way to remain aligned with the ascension shifts taking place daily.

Please feel free to visit me and the chambers I have shared with you as often as possible, they are open for your use. I only ask that you use your intuition and the expression of your soul while being present within the chambers to guide you.

With star light blessings,

Commander Ashtar




COMMANDER ASHTAR – There are Many Signs of Liberation on Planet Earth – via Council Of Love – Channeled by Genoveva Coyle – 6-12-18

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There is great positive movement towards regaining freedom of all sorts and towards the reinstatement of the sovereignty of human beings. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! I am Commander Ashtar, I am your brother and family, I am your friend. I come in love and I come in admiration for the progress that you are making steadily, for the ones looking with the lenses of the third-dimensional view it seems that there is not much happening.

Thanks to

Nevertheless, even these ones can see that there is great positive movement towards regaining freedom of all sorts and towards the reinstatement of the sovereignty of human beings and every creature that is living on this beautiful planet. But for us, and for most of the awakened brothers and sisters that are currently incarnated in physical form living on planet Earth, there are many progressive signs of liberation by the exposition and demolition of the old structures that had only one agenda – the enslavement and diminution of the spirit of the human being.

We are here watching you with pride and admiration because we see how deeply you are reaching in and removing the outdated false grids, while at the same time you are able to touch and uplift everything with your trusting and magnificent hearts ~ hearts full of love and compassion for everyone and every being that was ever created by the Mother/Father/One.

Sure there are moments when you feel tired and a little overwhelmed with the assignments given to you. Sure there are times when you question yourselves slightly and your ability to work efficiently at so many levels. And this is when we come and extend our love, our energy, and support. This is when we send one or many of our boots on the ground – star-brothers and sisters of yours, of course – to assist you energetically or in other more practical ways, for we have you looking into the sky to see our ships as we wave to you.

In other words, we guard you, your homes, and your families; we are always closer to you than you can ever imagine.

Sometimes we take you on our ships and into the heart of the One to strengthen you, to assure and re-assure you that you are extremely loved, and that you and your earthly families are never given more than you can handle successfully. Yes, you do work undercover still and that needs to continue for some time. But at different level, at the visible and more practical way of living on Earth, there is more good news.

The time when new and vital information is to be released to the unawakened human beings is here, and you are the ones who will bring forth these messages. The time for the new tools, that have the ability to make everyone’s life easier and more independent, while living in this free will world, is here. And it is you, the ones listening to this message in this forum and beyond it, through whom we can bring them so that you can promote them safely and properly.

It is you that we can trust, knowing that you would utilize them only for the highest and the greatest good of all, and not for the benefit of the few privileged ones.

There is wonderful progress and I salute and support each and every one of you for your stalwart work and invaluable contribution.

I will leave you now but know that we are with you. Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


Thanks to

ASHTAR via James McConnell – For All is at Hand Now – via Intel Dinar Chronicles – 6-17-18 – via



I AM Ashtar.

I appreciate the time I that I can be with you to share this meditation, to share these many messages that we have been bringing forth over the years. Many more messages yet to come. But as was said earlier in your discussion time, messages that come from within are the most important. The knowing that you have within is the most important.

We bring these messages, we bring these nudges to guide you to move you along in your path but it is the going within, it is the journey within that matters; has always been so, is now, and always will be this. Always look for the journey. Look for what the moment brings to you, the very moment that you are in now and the next moment that you are in, and the next. For that is what is so important. Not to live in the past, not to only look toward the future, to be in the ‘Now’, the perfect now. For it is perfect just as you are each one perfect as you are.

No one, including us, are higher or lower than anyone else for we are all one together. We are all in this together.

You have heard some time before when we spoke of the dominoes that would begin to fall at a certain time and a certain vibration once that was reached. Well those vibrations have been reached now and those dominoes are now to begin to fall. One in particular is about to fall and to contact the next one and the next one and the next one. It was always said that it would take one to begin the process. You are very close now to that ONE falling.

You will know it as it happens. Not all will see it at once, not all will be aware at once, but those of you that have been acclimating to these energies, that have become aware, that have awakened will know this as it occurs. I am certainly not going to say exactly when or how or what. You will know it as it happens.

You have prepared for these times, these moments for a long time now not only this lifetime but for many lifetimes. And for many lifetimes previous to you even coming into this planet, this evolution, you have been preparing for this. For it has been said, many of you have had experiences elsewhere; have crashed systems elsewhere; have volunteered many times before.

But this particular time that you have volunteered for now, this is that one, that one time now that you have wondered along the way, ‘Why did I volunteer for this? Why am I here?’ Well my brothers and sisters you are about to fully find those answers now. You are about to hear fully why you are here, what this is all about, what you are meant to do, your various missions. They are about to begin to unfold dramatically now as these next days, weeks and months move along.

The time is now. The time is now for you to reach down deep within yourself let go of the past. Live in the Now. Be in the Now. Reach down deep and pull out that love that is deep within you, those memories that are deep within you that are guiding you along that are bringing you to these moments.

For all is at hand now. We, in our ships, are waiting the signals to be given. We have been in many different phases throughout this ascension process and through your transition here. Many phases we have moved through, many parts of the plan. And we are nearing the end phases now which will signal the times when we can more fully be with you.

Many of you are beginning to see us in the skies much more often. When you close your physical eyes and you open that third eye and allow that third eye to roam freely and let go. Then once you have done this you open your physical eyes. Now through your physical eyes you see with the third eye, you see through your imagination, through your imaging ability. See what was not there before. You see what others may not see. For you now have the eyes to see and the ears to hear only if you allow it in any given moment.

I Am Ashtar. I leave you now with peace and love to continue to share with one another. Share the light, be the light, be the love that we all are.

Channel: James McConnell

Source: Voyages of Light



ASHTAR – Allow These Energetic Bursts to Heal You – via Galaxy Girl – via – via Love Has Won – 6-10-18

Earth Energies

Image Source



Greetings friends! It is I Ashtar with the Galactic Federation and we are hovering in your orbit in this ever present now, watching and being of service to your evolution as a collective. The individual part of it is up to you, and we see our ground team performing as professional athletes, who, even thought they thought they were beyond exhausted, found the inner knowing and motivation to push through the final entropy burst that would allow their successful victory.

The light is well on its way. The light is here in many respects. 6/6/18 was a big energetic day for humanity, and many of you felt the upgrades, for they were many. Be gentle on yourselves and nurture your healing. Allow these energetic bursts to heal and accept it deep into your heart of hearts, that part of you that perhaps needs the greatest healing of all. For being embodied on Gaia, who was a lower dimensional world, is no small feat. It is for the bravest of us, and we thank you for your self sacrifice.

Much is zooming ahead despite the current news casts, best to pay them no heed for they are fluff designed to conflict and confuse. Use these moments of cosmic energies and power to develop your own inner knowing, your own internal compass and you will never waiver from once you have found it. For you will know it is your own blessed higher self who is guiding you, who has been your voice of reason and conscience since you were but a child.



It has been the nature of humanity to forget. And now it is your nature to remember. For a new way of doing things is evolving here on Nova Gaia, and it is the pathway of love, of bliss and of reunion with all aspects of yourself that need healing so that you can find your own wholeness. It is this oneness that we Galactic Federation members try to exemplify with everything that we do. For a united front in perfect unity of cohesive action is quite the formidable force to the dark-lings who are in the process of fleeing or trying to, and we are simply in the clean up stages of this process.

We too look forward to the disclosures, the landings, but mostly we look forward to sharing with you and helping you remember what you have forgotten. For it is the time of the great awakening from slumber, humanity, and you have been asleep many of you for quite some time. It is time to wake up wrapped in Source light, in love, and blink away the cobwebs and nightmares and awaken into a new reality of sunlight that doesn’t burn, of moonbeams from a real moon, surrounded by your soul family and ‘mythical’ friends who I assure you are quite real.

I am Ashtar. It has been my pleasure to connect with you this day. Salut!

~ galaxygirl


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Message from the Pleiadian Collective, Ashtar, Sananda – 4-29-18


Pleiadian Collective, Ashtar, Sananda 4/29/18

Greetings and warm hellos to humanity this day, this precious now moment. We are the Pleiadian Collective, summoned here today to speak with you on behalf of the others. Our message is one of light, of peace, of unity consciousness and of renewal. For much is happening in the hidden recesses of your world that need not be mentioned at this time, for they are disturbing and must remain in secret for awhile. We are here in full force and in our full support of humanity, shielding you, protecting and guiding when asked. We are polite and only assist when asked for we much respect and acknowledge and uphold / honor your free well as a species, for this is of utmost importance.

Thanks to

We respect your freedom, while others have not, and thus, the quandary. For free will is a tricky thing, it is precious but when it is abused, it can be disastrous. We are intervening on your Gaia to avoid another situation like Maldek, the fourth planet in your solar system that was destroyed long ago by greed and pain. We are here to assure you in strong force, in solidarity amongst ourselves that this will not happen with Gaia. She is a jewel of this universe for all of her ascension and descension and now re-ascension journey. She is a remarkable soul, tremendously brave and she has been tremendously wounded in the process and we are here to assist her, along side humanity, should we be requested.

We have known humanity since the beginning, since your beginning, since the beginning of what the word human really means. Many of you are of us, are from the Pleiades, are here today to seed this Pleiadian higher consciousness deep into the crystal core of Nova Gaia and to help things along, so that this project reaches its conclusion and new beginnings can begin. A new expansion of the human consciousness is exciting to behold and we feel like proud parents on graduation day, yet many of you don’t know that you are indeed graduating, for you are so caught up in the matrix, the process, and have been kept so separated from your heart space.

The time of separation is long past. The time of renewal and reconnection and reestablishing your memories is here now, in this precious moment of this now. And we say this with tears streaming down our faces for you have done it, humanity. You are nearly there. Together with Gaia you are pushing through the final hurdle, the last push of the birthing process – the most painful push too, we might add. Please know that help is more than just on the way, it is here and we are among you, waiting to reconnect with our family of human form again. Yes, we were involved in your creative process. Yes, you have untold strengths packed within your DNA deep down that you have not yet realized and we are excited to observe your discoveries of this. You are masters and your powers are now returning, being returned to you – not that they ever truly left – but that you forgot to look for them, being so busy in your earth lives, in the matrix of all matrices. Ug. We long for a new day just as you and we are here for you, humanity, to behold the newness of you and of your planetary mother, Gaia.

Be ready for the new, be ready for the change. You are this change, as are the precious children that are now coming into your field. They are the leaders of the new world, truly. Let them lead you, learn from them. We are the Paleiadian Collective. You are not alone, and you are loved beyond measure.

This is Ashtar of the Galactic Federation. I salute you all for your hard work and tireless efforts in the planetary clearing that you have all been working so hard on. Whether consciously or subconsciously, it matters not, for you have all been doing it and doing a tremendous job. I know that your many questions are burning and there is so much to relearn and re-understand. I assure you, there will be time for questions and answers, there will be time for the learning and rediscovery of your planetary origin, the Pleiades and several other systems, and your resulting history. You are near a portal as you may know, and Earth has always been prime real estate as you are right near a highly desired, coveted super highway for intergalactic travel. This may seem like an impossibility to you, for your news has not told you true news for such a long time and your history has been so twisted. But I assure you the star beings, the visitors, the ETs – they are all real. Your Bible and many other holy books and stories of myth and legend mentions them. They are real, and played an integral role in your history, either to benefit you or themselves. We are cleaning up the place, scooting along the dark entities who wish to stay, but their lease is up and they are being redistributed! They are being reassigned for repurposing and Source is working with them. Humanity must be allowed to be free. Humanity must understand their past in order to understand their future, and of course the present mess that they have been in. This will quickly evolve and elevate as the consciousness rises dramatically and what a ride it will be!

I am Ashtar of the Galactic Federation. I look upon you all so fondly, with such love, you are true warriors of love. Keep your vibrations high for as this galactic pulse comes you will not want to miss any moment of it. It is the journey, the experience that you signed up for. Experiences consist of little moments all lined up. I know you are weary, but I encourage you to not miss any of these precious moments that are in front of you now. Bless them, transmute them if they need it and be the radiant light beings of the universe that you are. I see the Christ in you. Some of you are afraid to let your light shine for you have been so wounded. That is an old chapter. You are writing a new one, yes? Continue to do what you are doing so well and we will clean up the little messes here and there before we begin further involvement with your species. I am Ashtar. Be at peace.

Hello friends, I am your Sananda. I am here today with my brother Ashtar, standing alongside on the bridge of the New Jerusalem. And we are looking down with tremendous love and support for you, our friends and family of the light, of love, who have made the sacrifice to serve by your very being here, wherever you are, in your moment, your Earth life. For if you were not where you are, doing what you are doing, who would be doing it? You don’t have to be a tremendously famous leader or have an “important” job to be holy. Not in the least. That is the old way. Being holy means being infused with the light of the Christ consciousness, walking the path of the master, talking with me if you choose, for we will have much to say once the veil drops and you can see all that is around you. But yes, the game has gone on far long enough and we are ready for the reunion. Time is stretchy. You are continually choosing your timeline and your reality. Choose it well. Choose the highest, the best, the brightest, the most redeemed timeline of perfect love. Choose peace. Choose me. I am always here for you.

I am your Sananda. We have traveled many a dusty path / road together, you and I. You will remember. Ascension is the constant re-remembering of who you truly are, and have truly always been but are re-remembering, rediscovering. For your are Source light in form. That is your higher self. Pray within, not without. That is the great confusion, misdirection of energy. No. Source light is within you, friends. It always has been. It is the crystal seed atoms of the Christed consciousness that infuses your very DNA, your very self. And as we all have this can you not see and appreciate that we are all one? That we are all a glorious web of light? A fabric of luminosity?

For we are all one Source light in the process of ever creating, ever expanding, ever learning and relearning yet more – more of itself, more of yourself, more of all that you came here to be. We are one. You are risen. You are rising. You are ascending. And yes, you are weary. As you should be. You have been doing hard work. Rest in me. Stay with me awhile and be comforted. We’re all in this together. You are not alone, unless you choose to feel that way. Your twins are here, your families are here, and you are surrounded with tremendous support. You are so loved family. I am your Sananda, your brother, your friend and fellow journeyer. Be at peace.

~ galaxygirl

Ashtar & One Who Serves – We Are in The Final Stages Now – 3-31-18 – by Rose Rambles dotorg

Lord Ashtar and One Who Serves

as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our

weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ

on March 25, 2018.

(Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there […]

via Ashtar & One Who Serves ~ We Are in The Final Stages Now ~ March 31, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg

ASHTAR COMMAND – How The Event Will Unfold! – by intel dinar chronicles – via Elizabeth Trutwin – 3-28-18

DUANE:   Source Link   –   This channeling may have been in 2016  –  Pres. Obama is referenced   –   The information seems to be correct.   (RV / GCR Update for 3-28-18)




ASHTAR via Galaxygirl – 2-11-18


ASHTAR SHERAN – Situations will cause Mass Awakening of the People – Good news! – 1-28-18

Published on Jan 28, 2018

Ashtar Sheran is channeling an urgent message! Let’s help Earth to be a better place! Get Light on this video. Welcome to Light Hands of Light channel. Share this video to help your family and friends. Our goal is support Earth and Humanity to get more counscieness. Stay up-to-date: Please subscribe this channel. Let’s practice the gratitude: Please like this video. Follow us on facebook for more videos, texts and new materials from the Cosmic:

ASHTAR – No Memories After the Great Transformation – 2-2-18

Image result for ashtar

Image Source

I think the time has come to step out of this old 3D thinking of being victims day after day. We listen and believe the same stories from different people over and over. Playing small is not why we came here. When are we going to realize the truth of who we are and take our rightful place on the New Earth. If we refuse to step up, we will be sent to another 3D planet which I think of as Hell. Your choice, chose wisely. By BonniB

Published on Jan 27, 2018

Ashtar Sheran is channeling an urgent message! Let’s help Earth to be a better place! Get Light on this video.

Welcome to Light Hands of Light channel. Share this video to help your family and friends.

Operation Disclosure

Our goal is support Earth and Humanity to get more counscieness.


ASHTAR – Reclaim The God Spark

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Published on Nov 1, 2017

Channeling – Reclaim The God Spark – Message from Ashtar for October 30, 2017 – Galactic Federation of Light – Greetings! I want to take you on a journey today of the New Jerusalem, a ship that has piqued much interest of late, for it is fast approaching and the time draws near. There is much bustle and excitement in the air here for we long to become reunited with our brothers and sisters on the ground, the ground crew, our family. For we have been separated for so much longer than you realize and the road has been a long one… Channeling : A natural communication between a human and aspect of the Creator that can be expressed in numerous ways. = = Sananda = Love is our new reality =

Ashtar / Upcoming Announcements Will Shock Many Across The Planet

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Vero Verius 

Published on Nov 5, 2017

Ashtar – Upcoming Announcements Will Shock Many Across The Planet – November 04, 2017 – channeled by James McConnell – LORD ASHTAR, COMMANDER OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT – I AM Ashtar. I purposely did not share with the James early enough that he could post this, for we waited until the final moment before deciding whether it would be myself or another that would come through. But based on those things which are happening now, based on all of those occurrences, all of those shifts and changes that are happening even now as we speak here it was determined that I, as Ashtar, would come in and speak with you. Because it is important at this point as you as the workers and the warriors and the light bearers, all of you that are moving this whole ascension process forward, all of you that came here to do this, to move about your missions. And as you have heard many times you are reaching the finish line and that is certainly true… What is Channeling?
Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities, or even animals and pets. A channeler is very similar to a language translator or interpreter. They allow themselves to sense the non-verbal communication from another being and then translate it into human words… = = = = =… =

Commander Ashtar and OWS via James McConnell – The Paradigm That You Have Come To Understand In This 3-D Illusionary World Is Coming Apart … Is Coming Down



Ashtar and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on November 26, 2017


I AM Ashtar.

These times that we can be together are very fulfilling times, not only for us but for those of you that are awaiting these many changes that are coming, that some that are already here.

But as always, we always caution you to not look only to the future but to be in the present moment now. For that is all you have. You only have the now. The past will soon be forgotten in many respects. The future has not yet been written. But each and every moment of your life you are preparing that story that is yet to come.

And know this: as everything around you begins to crumble, everything that you’ve known begins to fall apart in many respects — it is not to spread fear, certainly, for we would never do that — but it is to let you know that the paradigm that you have come to understand in this 3-D illusionary world is coming apart … is coming down.

Each and every day it comes down just a little bit more until one of these mornings you will awaken and a paradigm that you have known for so long will begin to fall into your rear view mirror and more and more will be forgotten because you will have moved through this transition, through this ascension process. You will have come into those higher vibrations that have been spoken of for so many, for so long now and you will know that you have finally arrived at what Sananda has called the finish line; what others call the new beginning, the New Age of Gaia, the New Nova Earth. All of these things are yet the same.

But you yourselves are not going to be the same, not the same as you have always known yourselves. For those of you that are the light workers, and many are now becoming the warriors, the light warriors, the ones that are ready to take action, the ones that are ready to move forward. We share the Sword of Light and Truth which you will all be holding.

It is not only Archangel Michael that carries the Sword. He has entrusted the Sword to all of you now as well. You will all be carrying this forth. All of those up here on our ships are in preparatory mode to move at a moment’s notice as soon as that signal is given. We are expecting a great deal to occur in the very near future. Much is about to shift and change.

You are receiving much information now. Many truths are coming forward and those truths shall indeed set you free. In order for those truths to come forward takes more of you, more of you the light warriors, ones who are sharing the light now. It takes more of you to bring this about, to bring these truths to come forward. Because you are the audience. You are the ones these truths are meant for now. You are the ones that are in the awakening stages. You are also the ones that will assist others in awakening.

You have heard many times without you we would not be able to do what we are doing. And without us, you would not be able to do what you need to do going forward.

Expect now in the next days and weeks a great many things to come forward, many truths to be revealed. Some from unexpected places; unexpected ones to come forward. You have already heard of a few. More are coming forward. More are going to bring information, information that has long been in the shadows is now coming into the light just as all of you are.

I AM Ashtar. I will be with you very much so in this coming Advance. If not more physically in person, certainly as a consciousness to be with you. All of my peace and love be with all of you.


Om Mani Padme Om. Om Mani Padme Om. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to continue in this process, to continue to bring you along in these many ways that we are doing. And to prepare you for much that is coming, not so much just this coming weekend in your Advance, but in many things that are coming forward, many things that are going to happen.

But as you know that, it is not that you do not focus on the things that are now, in the moment now, in the moments that you are in, to find that joy in every moment now. Because this is what you have now. This is your life. And every moment of your life you are creating that which is going to be the future of your life.

So continue to move in the direction of spreading the light wherever you can because that is your mission people! That is what you came here to do. Each and every one of you that are on the phone or here in person, each and every one of you came here to do this, to spread the light.

This is why you are here. This is why you are still attending this group and being a part of this because you are the ones that are being trained in many respects to be the ones that are the emissaries, the way showers, the ones to go forward and share the light with all that you come into contact with. And yes, the James is correct, you are going to be receiving this from Sananda this coming weekend when he is going to be sharing much more about the Twelve Tables and your relationship to these Twelve Tables, these Councils that are going to be formed in the coming times here. So we would say be ready for that.

We would say be ready for a great deal more than that. Many experiences, many happenings, many fun things that are going to be shared, and even a show or two is going to be there for you to keep you amused, to keep you awake, and to keep things rolling along. We are going to have different types of experiences that are going to be had for this.

You have questions now for One Who Serves?


Q & A

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.
“Believing is seeing!”




Archangel Michael / Ashtar / One Who Knows / We are Moving Now in Full Force – via James McConnell

Image result for AA Michael  -  ashtar

Archangel Michael



ASHTAR via James McConnell – ANNOUNCEMENTS COMING! – Will Shock Many People Across the Planet – by Era Of Light – 11-8-17



I AM Ashtar,

I purposely did not share with the James early enough that he could post this, for we waited until the final moment before deciding whether it would be myself or another that would come through. But based on those things which are happening now, based on all of those occurrences, all of those shifts and changes that are happening even now as we speak here it was determined that I, as Ashtar, would come in and speak with you. Because it is important at this point as you as the workers and the warriors and the light bearers, all of you that are moving this whole ascension process forward, all of you that came here to do this, to move about your missions. And as you have heard many times you are reaching the finish line and that is certainly true.

And as you do this it is time for you to take up that mantle of the missions that you came here for. Those moments are here now. It is not that they are coming in the future: they are here now. You are here now.

This is the moment when you are awakening and helping many others across the planet to awaken as well. Because it is all about consciousness. It is all about the movement of consciousness; your consciousness as well as all of those around you and as many as you can begin to assist in these endeavors to move through this transition. And a transition you are all moving through.

As we from our ships look down and see all that is happening, all that is changing, we do see the Earth in a different way. And we see Gaia as she is birthing into a new understanding, a new higher frequency herself. And as she births into this new higher frequency so to do all of you that are here on the planet as well. Again, as long as you can resonate to this frequency, as long as you can be in that frequency and be able to move along with it, that is the important point. Because if you cannot, if those that are not able to, they will not. They will not move along with the frequency of the Earth as she is moving into these higher vibrations and into the Fifth and beyond dimension. In order for you to do that you have to be resonating at the same frequency.

Now that is not to say that those of you that came here to volunteer to be a part of this, not that those of you will not be ready because you are all being trained to be ready for this. You are all being prepared ahead of time so that when those moments come you will be able to then turn around and assist others who are not quite acclimated, not quite ready to handle these energies. And there will be much confusion at that time. And you will be there to assist in helping them to let go of that confusion and to understand that all that is happening is happening for reason.

All that is happening is happening because it is being orchestrated. Nothing is being left to chance. You must understand this. Your entire life is being orchestrated by you and your higher self and all of those that work with you and within you are assisting in this entire process. So you are never alone. None of you are ever alone.

We, those of us of the Ashtar Command, those in the Company of Heaven, those of many of the Ascended Masters and the Agarthans and all that are assisting in this process all of the beings of light that are working with this. Even those that are simply here to observe are assisting in this process as well. Just as those of you that are not quite taking action yourselves are assisting in the process because your very thoughts as they shift and change are also shifting the consciousness as well. So even to the smallest of you, even to the ones that you feel are not making a difference… you are making a difference. And this you must understand.

Yes, we do ask for certain ones to step forward when those callings come to you and now it is time for you to take a certain action. Yes we do ask you to do that. But those that are not ready for this or are not even meant for doing this are also taking action just simply by their thoughts, their feelings, their understandings and their knowings. Their awareness. Awareness does lead to movement of consciousness.

And this you must understand as the James gave earlier he was prompted to do this just as the Charles has many times prompted to do and share what he shares as well. Because all of this is a process, my friends, my brothers, my sisters. It is all a process that you are all moving through and all of you are a part of this process no matter how great or small you might think that your participation is here. It matters not. Just as those of my Command there is no greater or lesser ones that are working in this as well. We all have our parts to play and you all have your parts to play.

But I tell you now that as several important announcements are coming forth they are going to shock many people across the planet as these announcements come forward. And this is what you are preparing for and have been preparing for in all of your awareness of everything that is happening both outside of yourself and within yourself. So be prepared now. It is time now to keep those seatbelts fastened. Things may get a little rocky, seem a little rocky to you, but that is not to be a fearful … anything to fear here it is only that you be aware and be ready as these shifts and changes come forward because the time is here now!

I AM Ashtar. I always enjoy these times that we can be together, I can be with you. And as many have said we are all looking forward to those times that are coming where we will be right there with you in front of you. Our ships will land in many places. Yes and even in some of your backyards this will happen and this is what you are being prepared for as you move through this transition and as you continue to have these advances that you are moving through. Not only those advances that are called the Advances but even knowing that each and every day and moment of your life is an advance.

I AM Ashtar. All of my peace and love be with all of you.


» Source Source – Channel: James McConnell







REPOST – JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY – We Are the Light of Love – We Are One – Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – from 12-4-15


JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY   –   We Are the Light of Love   –   Nous Sommes Unis   –   Ashtar On The Road Teleconference    –   12-4-15


“Greetings, my Fellow Citizens of Planet Earth! 

I am President John Fitzgerald Kennedy of the United States of America.

And the dream I dreamt has never been more alive than it is in this moment for, you see,

when I was the President, I had the dream for the World!

But as the leader of what was deemed to be, at least one of the most powerful countries in the World,

I had the vision that I could make great changes. I had the vision for bringing the World to Peace!

And while, yes, as President, I had to make decisions to stand up,

and sometimes to send military personnel to places where wars were

going on; nevertheless, I held fast to that vision, as did my brothers,

my family, and many, many citizens of the World.

I was regarded with mixed feelings.

There were those who felt that my human side was a bit excessive,

shall we say, but that is of no consequence,

because my legacy to the World was not of, third dimensional vibration,

but rather High Dimensional Love! 

For it is only through True Love, Unconditional, Compassionate, Forgiving –

and, yes, with Gratitude for the wisdoms gained –

that true Peace on Earth can be accomplished.

And this was what I chose to further, because I knew that I had a Mission!

Now my father thought that that Mission lay with my older brother,

but he left his body, and it fell to me.

This is not the first time that this kind of an event has happened on Planet Earth.

But I did get elected to the Office of the President and there was not a day when I did not confer with my brothers and others who shared my vision.
And, yes, I knew about the space programs

and, yes, I knew that at some point the Ashtar Command

and our Galactic brothers and sisters would be able to come forward

to help make the Peace and to help keep the Peace! 

For I knew that it was not the few who were at that time

seeming to be in charge,but I knew that there was a vast company,

ready to come in and be of assistance and, indeed, I gave permission.

That is how I was taken up on the ship and a clone was put in my place

on that day in Dallas. I still live in my body!

And thanks to the technologies that I have been able to avail myself of

while on the ship, I’m in pretty good shape for someone my age –

a human that is – and I shall return,

because there are many that I have special connections with – Love Connections!
There were many who recognized the Light in me,

and they began shining their Lights even brighter.

And there were those who lit the candles and the Eternal Flame

to let me know that we do share this Love, this Connection, this Light.

And so you see, even though it might seem as though my life was cut

short, my legacy has lived on and grown even stronger and more radiant!

Now I do not give myself full credit or, I should say, the totality of the credit.

I give the credit to you, my Beloved Fellow Citizens!

I honor each and every one of you, and your lives.

Some of you are back for the second time since you lived when I was President.

I honor you for your commitment, for your quest, your determination

and your accomplishments in bringing in the Light,

keeping the visions of Peace on Earth in your Hearts and fanning it into this beautiful flame which is predominating in the Hearts of Humanity!
“Do not be discouraged! Do not be deterred at all in your Missions.

For I promise you, I see the Lights of all of you, and I know that you and those who are committed to this Worldwide -below, on and above –

have joined together in the greatest assemblage of Light Beings

and Light Workers ever seen, and that you are successful in

accomplishing the Mission of bringing the World into the Light,

the LoveLight, the Higher Dimensional Destination, which has always

been the promise that you made long ago and far away.

And I was among you then!
And so – and so, my fellow citizens. It is to keep the Lights bright.

It is to SHINE THE LIGHT for those who are in charge of making the various Announcements that will truly open the doors to the Golden Age!

You all so deserve to enjoy it, not because of what you have done as much as because of Who You Are, Beings of Light, Beings of Love.

So stay the Course and know that I am with you in my Heart, and that I share the LoveLight with you!
You know, there are many events which are called events of terrorism,

which are taking place in the World.

It is to shine the Lights of Love upon ALL involved with Compassion.

There is a Great One who stands with me now.

You know him as Sananda.And there is a quote that has been given to him, or ascribed to him, which is Truth.

And it is to apply to all, and that quotation, of course, is Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. 

Well, I tell you, Beloved Fellow Citizens, it is for all of us to forgive – ourselves and everyone else -because we all share the same energies, the same knowing!
And for those who insist upon remaining in the dark, it is to steadfastly

shine the Light for them as well, that they, too, may come Home.

And if they choose not so to do, let them find justice, but send them on

their way with only Love and Gratitude for what they have taught,

because they are teaching the World right now that violence is what the World wants to end!

The Consciousness is calling for Peace on Earth, and that Peace is found in Love!
So let us celebrate together the return to Love, the lighting of all of the flames, or the candles.

Where once I stood in a place in the country of Germany, and proclaimed for the World to hear, ‘Ich bin ein Berliner.

I now join with you in saying to the World, all of the World, ‘NOUS SOMMES UNIS!   And so it is!
“Thank you, my Beloved Citizens, Fellow Citizens of Planet Earth.

We travel the Path together.

We are the Light that we have been waiting for!

Peace unto all and Joy and, most of all, Eternal, Unconditional and High Dimensional, Divine Love. Thank you!Namaste!
* Joseph Kennedy, Jr
** Robert and Edward Kennedy
*** The Eternal Flame is on JFK’s grave in Arlington National Cemetary
**** “I am a Berliner”
*****”We are United”
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, November 24, 2015.

© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2015. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.
Source:© Ashtar on the Road Publications 2004-2015. All rights reserved.


ASHTAR – WE’VE TURNED A CORNER – BE YOUR DIVINE CREATORS – 10-9-17 – by We Signed Up For This – via Susan Leland

Image result for ashtar


Ashtar:“We’ve Turned A Corner – Be Your Divine Creators!”
“Greetings, Beloved Family of Ashtar On The Road!  If this is your first time at one of these gatherings, just sit back, relax and allow your energies to soar so that we come together in a group of Love and its Light.  There is so much benefit, whether you have thought about this or not, there is so much benefit that our coming together gifts to the entirety of Planet Earth, and it really is wondrous to be here in person, as you say, but everyone who joins in by listening to the recording of this event is also making that same contribution.  And what is that contribution?  Why, it’s LOVE!
“It’s increasing the Love vibrations of the world.  And that is critical because it is, as you have heard, very important that we be in a high enough vibration that our Galactic brothers and sisters can come and join with us in our missions and we can, in turn, support them, because it’s all one mission.  It’s all about getting there, you know.  So do not underestimate the importance of your presence here, whether it be in this moment or in the moments to come.  We want you to know how very important you are and how very powerful you are!
“Now, that is going to be a major topic for us in this gathering.  And we have some ideas for implementing that empowerment for you to feel for yourselves and as a group, a family group.  However, there are a few other comments I would make first having to do with the fact that as you have just heard, there are more and more coming from other places to Planet Earth specifically to serve and bring their technologies.
“You know, the Dark Hats don’t want you to have these technologies.  They want to keep them all for themselves and, frankly, they want to use them for, well, let us just say, for destructive purposes, bringing destruction to you and to all of Planet Earth.  And they just aren’t going to get away with it any more.
“Now, we have curtailed their activities in large part and as you just heard,* there are plans on the drawing board to continue with this curtailment.  So it is important that you step up and join in the support, the energetic support.  Oh, I know, I know, you can’t travel across the country to join a group that is doing this or that, but you can join them in Spirit.  If there is a group, for instance, that is going to meet with some officials somewhere to enlighten them, to teach them, to show them in some way that their destructive ways that they, after all, have learned from someone else, need to be, let’s say, channeled into more loving purposes.  And it is happening worldwide.
“The obvious fact that, for instance, the activities of Monsanto and Syngenta and Bayer and the big companies like that who are all out for the money and while they’re at it, they like to do a bit of genocidal activity as well, they cannot be continued.  They must be DIS-continued!  And if they do not allow themselves to be opened to listen to what the people have to say about it, then, you know, they’re headed some place where they can no longer do the destruction that they’ve been doing.
“Now, it is very important to lose the anger. Get rid of it!  Don’t go there.  If you can stay out of anger, you’re going to be much more effective in assisting with the – let’s just say – the disappearance of the restrictions and so on and so on that have kept you down, literally down, in 3D.  So, clear yourselves first and then do focus or meditations, however you want to say it, on these things.  Because, if you come into any kind of a focus with anger or resentment or any of the fear-based emotions, it is not going to be nearly as effective as if you come in with clear heart, loving heart and a peaceful overview.
“What I mean by that is that you’re not allowing your knowledge of what they’ve done or anything at all about them to diminish in any way the Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude that you are directing toward them.  And when you come together in a group of two or more, it’s that much more effective.  So, yes, if you want to get a group of people together, for instance, to welcome in the Sasquatch, Bringers of Peace, this is entirely appropriate to do.
“If you want to get a group together to send Love to Mother Gaia and all of her Kingdoms, this, too, is entirely appropriate.  So bring it together however you choose to do, whether individually or as a part of a group.  And you’ll always be part of a group when you are sending energy for these purposes because this is happening worldwide on a variety of topics, and you will be joined and your efforts will be supported and strengthened as you participate.  So I do want to encourage you to join.  You don’t need to – I mean, you can sit in your chair.  You don’t need to go anywhere and join in.
“And more and more people are finding that when they do this they are joining in with an energy of Love and Peace and a knowing that all is well, a kind of a calming effect is what it has.  And meanwhile, of course, all of those who are going about the business of clearing, cleansing and restoring are that much more supported by the support they have from YOU.
“So I want to officially announce, although we’ve done many things before along these lines, I want to officially announce that we are moving that much farther into the Golden Age and that the Ashtar On The Road Family can do more among its members who desire to help make an even bigger difference.  By being here, you’re making a difference.  And by doing something tomorrow and the next day and the next, you continue to make that difference.  And I can only tell you that the Universe and all of the Beings of Love are so appreciative of what it is that you are doing.
“Now, I have said that we are moving that much closer into the Golden Age.  And this is true.  As we move together along the road into it, it is that you yourselves will be lifted up more and more and thus you will be reaching out your energy fields that much farther and helping others to come along.
“Now, this does not have to be your primary goal, but I’m telling you that it’s a scientific fact: The more you broadcast the progress that you’re making, the Love that you’re bringing in, and the progress that you’re making toward the Golden Age, the more you are sharing that with the World and the Universe beyond.  And you are being observed and you are being thanked, because you are a leader and it’s very important.
“You don’t have to go stand on a street corner and pass out flyers telling everybody about the Golden Age.  You can just be you broadcasting your loving energies as you move down the street, and that will do it – just fine and dandy.
“So!  We are on the verge.  As we have said, we’ve turned a corner.  And among the attributes, this journey is that you find yourselves newly empowered and I want to emphasize the empowerment to be the Divine Creators that you came here to be.  Because, just because we get into the Golden Age doesn’t mean that your job is finished.  Oh, no!  You’ve got a lot of living to do, living the Golden Age lifestyles and that lifestyle is one of being a creator, a Divine Creator.
“Years ago you had a television show.  I used to think it was lovely.  And I’m not talking about the situations that humans got into.  I’m talking about the woman with the twitchy nose because she could cause things to happen by twitching her nose and that was being a Divine Creator.  She knew she was powerful and she did what she could do and so on and so on.  It’s not important to remember what went on in those programs.
“Now, just imagine!  All of you have a twitchy nose and you can start utilizing that or anything else that you choose, any other part of you, any other aspect or attribute of yourselves.  That is your Divine Self, expressing itself.  Most people use their hands.  Fabulous – whatever you choose to do!  Use it!  In some of you this attribute has lain dormant for eons of time.  But here you are, ready to wake up and be the creators that you came here to be.  And there’s plenty for you to do.
“So clean up whatever last bits you have to clean up and let’s move together on the Golden Age road knowing that together we shine the lights so bright that the World cannot help but see.  And most of the World, at least, will want to follow right along with us as was always intended that this would take place exactly the way that it is.  It’s all perfect, it’s all Divine, it’s all Love.  And so it is.  Salut.”
* Tara & Rama Report:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, September 26, 2017.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2017.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

ASHTAR COMMAND – Predictions for 2017, 2018, 2019 – by Galactic Federation

Ashtar Command

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ASHTAR via Susan Leland – Leaky Boats and Luxury Ocean Liners – 9-27-17 – by We Signed Up For This



“Well, Greetings, Beloved Family! We are so overjoyed to be here with you once more. These Gatherings are getting more and more High. Of course, I’m talking about the energies that you bring – the vibrations, your consciousness, your Hearts and all of you! Of course, you are a lot more than what you see when you look into a mirror. You know that. You exist on many levels and you have many, yes, parts, particles, and so on and so on.

“But what is happening is the great coming together and that is taking precedence over any kinds of individual self-realization in the sense that what is happening when you do your self-realizations is that you understand the importance of joining in Oneness. Now, we’re not talking about just joining in any club or group or anything like that. We’re talking about High Vibe, High Dimensional joining with all of the LoveLight workers Worldwide and beyond!

“You heard about the ships.* They’re pretty big. They have to be to hold everybody that they’re going to be holding!. Now, we know that there are some disbelievers among those who are scheduled to be taken aboard these ships, after they are – let’s just say ‘processed’ on Planet Earth. Nevertheless, it’s getting more and more real to them. They’re finding out more and more that they really don’t have any place that they can run to. We’ve locked down the Planet, you know. They can’t escape. They can’t get off Planet Earth. We’ve cleaned out their underground spaces and places, and so what is left for these original archons, if you will, is simply to stand in the Light.

“Now, most of them aren’t going to do that willingly – but more and more are! And there’s always that Light at the end of the tunnel. It’s there for all of them, as it is for all of you. This is the time during which all of Planet Earth is in its final moments of cleansings, clearings, and so on and so on. And, yes, the dark hats have added to the severity of it, but it’s a way of getting it done quickly.

“Now, you know I don’t give dates. It’s been a long time since I gave dates. Back in the days when I first started speaking through this Voice, I had a lot of things that I was here to talk about. But my primary message has always been Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude in any, any possible way that I could get it out there!!!

“And we’ve had some serious moments and we’ve had some fun moments along the way. I was reminded the other day about the leaky boats. You see, the dark hats have been in leaky boats ever since, well, ever since they got here, really. They just didn’t know it because they thought they were in the big ocean liners beside the leaky boats. But the Truth of it is, you’ve been the ones who’ve been there! I told about that the very first time I appeared in public. The Lightworkers have been asked, as I did then, to throw life preservers – you know, those white donut things on ropes – to everybody in those leaky boats. And there has been some acceptance! Those who have accepted – that’s a rather simple picture, but you get what I mean, have accepted the offers. More and more are!

“Our goal, of course, is to bring everyone into the Light. That’s not going to happen. But as soon as someone accepts a life preserver, we read their fields. We work with them to bring them to the Light and, yes, we can give them a place on our big, shiny ships, beautiful white ships glowing with energy of Love but, of course, they have to be in a place where they will not be in any way able to be a threat to anyone else on the ships, because these are the Lightworker ships.

“Now, that was simply a picture that I painted when I first appeared, but it’s a good one. It’s a valid one. It’s held up – and so it is very important for you to paint your own pictures! Do your own creating, but in some manner or other, open your Hearts even wider to welcome these ones, so at least to bring them the comfort of the Love that We All Are, because in this way they can see that they do have an alternative path. And, of course, the more who come to the Light, the more High energy that creates, and the faster the Planet moves up!!!

“So if you needed a reason to join in Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude for these ones, there you have it, because we’re all here to participate in the moving up of Planet Earth. That’s why you’re here! That’s why I, and our trillions of ships are here. So let’s just get right on with it, shall we?

“And, oh my goodness, have we got some wonderful, wonderful adventures in store – experiences, adventures, whatever! A lot of you have memories. They may be buried in your subconscious, but a lot of you have memories of being Ashtar commanders. And why not, because you are!

“And where do you think you spend your sleep times, anyway? Do you ever wake up a little tired in the morning, or your brain feels like it’s been stretched a bit, because you’ve been doing some kind of calculations or piloting, or whatever? Well? Check into it if you wish. We’ll validate it for you. You’ve all got boarding passes anyway. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a title or not, just come on up!

“Now, we are moving up into a Higher level of living lifestyles. We’re calling it the Golden Age, because that’s a good way to describe it. And there is so much in store, but I do want to take this opportunity to remind you all that we’re not there yet. Well, you probably know that! That’s no mystery! We’re close, but most of you, I will say, in this wondrous Gathering, have a little bit farther to go in the crocodile tank. Maybe go down a little bit deeper into the darkness, and then come on up into the Light that shines for everyone, for all time, in the Golden Age!

“Now, some of you may be feeling a bit in despair. Don’t! Some of you may be feeling a lot alone because we understand that your families may or may not be supportive. Well? Just reach out to each other! You don’t have to know each other on the third dimensional level. Just reach out! Call in your Ashtar On The Road Family. It’s a pretty big group. Call in Ashtar. I, Ashtar, and the Mentors are here for you! Call in your guides, angels, anybody that you want to, and surround yourselves and lift yourselves up in the energy of Who You Really Are, assisted by the energies of all those you bring in.

“That’s a really good way to get yourselves lifted up, because the more that you do that, the more you will bring about permanent residence in the Higher Dimensions where you are completely up, up and away from third dimensional Planet Earth -because, you know, it’s not going to all disappear. There is an alternate location where it will continue on for those people who simply aren’t ready. And that’s no judgment, that’s just the way it is!

“You, Beloved Ones, came to move up, to move on. If you have a dear friend, a neighbor or a family member or somebody that you’re concerned about, don’t be! They’ll get there in their own time, at their own pace. You know, there are some people who just haven’t really lived the full 3D, Planet Earth experience, and they have more to do. Love them and let them go! That’s the best and the most freeing advice that I can possibly give to you. And above all else, we treasure Freedom!

“Alright! Well, we have quite an interesting message coming from St Germain,** moving us further into the Higher Dimensional atmosphere. So let us continue on and bring in St Germain so that we can all enjoy, and I do mean ENJOY! And do not be put off and dismayed – this is not what this is about. It is not his intention to do that. Some of you may be shocked. That’s all right! Just let it settle in and you’ll feel the wisdom and the ultimate Peace and Freedom of what he brings.

“Thank you, most Beloved Family, for being here with us in our Ashtar On The Road Gathering for this day of days! And so it is. Salut!”

» Source – Channel: Susan Leland

Ashtar ~ Do Not Be Distracted From Our Mission of Love! – 3-5-17

By Susan Leland Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – February 28, 2017 “Greetings, Beloved Family! That was a most inspiring report!* And in case you have any questions about it, remember – IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE!!! Now, I will start by adding some additional information about Mr.Trump. You all know what he’s doing, because he is attracting […]

via Ashtar ~ Do Not Be Distracted From Our Mission of Love!!! ~ March 5, 2017 — roseramblesdotorg

Ashtar via James McConnell, February 12th, 2017

I am “Ashtar”. It is seldom that I come though this one, James, only two times before as we find it. That is for a reason. The one known as “James” is much more attuned to “Sananda”. I am here now, in this time and this place, this moment because many of you, most of you are attuned to my energies and are a part of my command. The Ashtar Command.

Yes, my dear Rita was correct; I have many ships at my disposal. Many millions of ships. We are all standing outside of your atmosphere, watching and waiting for the moment to be given, the signal to be given. That we can begin to uncloak our ships. That we can begin to move down. To be a part of what is being called first contact.

That time, as “Sananda” has spoken of is nigh. It is fast upon you now. Many of you are feeling a sense of anticipation. Some, even for years here. But in these last days and weeks many of you have felt this anticipation rising. You have been feeling that something is just around the corner. Something is just outside eluding you at this moment.

You know that so many things are happening behind the scenes. Preparing everything for the moment, for the times where we, as the Ashtar Command, can be a part of this process. There are many of us preparing for this. This is what we came here for.

Many of you are up in our ships as well in your multidimensional selves and in your dream states are with us. You are preparing along with us. Preparing the time for when we can introduce ourselves to the world. The world in that moment will be transformed beyond your imagination.

I tell you now, as “Ashtar” and as “Sananda” looks over, we tell you, you are on the verge now of a great many changes, of a great many instances to occur. The mini-events leading up to the greater one. To the one when “Prime Creator” says, “NOW”. When that occurs you will all be ready. You will all be ready.

You have been being prepared. Even those who do not know it yet, you have been. Deep within you the energies are stirring. Your chakra centers are expanding and growing. Your Pineal Gland is reawakening. Your DNA is being adjusted. It is being reconnected.

All of this is happening NOW. Not in the future. Not in the past but NOW. You are in this moment now. It is time for all of you to reach back. To understand who you are. Truly who you are. You are not just this body. You are the consciousness within this body. You are the God Consciousness within this body, the Source Consciousness. All have this. No one does not have this.

I love you deeply. All of you. Even those who are so close to me and yet so far. I reach out my arms now to you, to those of you who know me well. I reach out my arms now and envelop you, feel your emotion, your love and the ONE-ness that is you.

All of my love be with all of you even those who are not attuned to me at this time. I assure you that in the not too far off future we will all be attuned together.

Pease and love be with all of you.


Ashtar – Together, We Are Moving Into Peace – 01-2017


Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, if you were not on an up-note before President Obama spoke, I shall tell you right now that the consciousness of all of those who were engaged in listening, watching, and otherwise taking in what he said, rose exponentially!

“Let’s keep it High because what happened was, it reached out all over the World and beyond – this energetic upliftment, this spiking of the consciousness – because there is a recognition of the Light that he is and of the Light – the Beings of Light – who travel with him.  And you can be rest assured that that Light is NOT going to go out,  or even dim!!!

“It matters not whether he has the title of President or Ex-President, he is a Great Leader!  And if you had not realized it before, you have had an opportunity to do so.  And I shall ask that you find his speech and send the reference – or the link* to it – to everyone you know on your e-mail list, and Facebook, and everywhere.   Let’s get it around the World even more than it was during the moments when he stood before the people and spoke from his Heart, because he spoke Truth!

“And yes, we were all there, and yes, we intensified -deliberately magnified – that energy, so that it would reach even more strongly, powerfully, and lovingly into the Hearts and minds and consciousness of all.  Now, he’s not done!  He’s just getting started.  He is a Galactic personality, however you want to view him.  He knows that, yes, there have been many, many accomplishments, many of them unknown because of the controls of the press.  And many things that he spoke of in his speech have the rest of the story hidden.

“We shall say, from the very beginning of his term as President, that yes, he was welcomed by the out-going President Bush, but it was Bush’s father who took him into a room and berated him and called him all kinds of names and threatened him, his family, his loved ones, and set the tone.  So he has done a remarkable and a magnificent job of conveying Love and Truth, despite the fact that he has been under the control of the ones who want to control everything, the ones that I call the ‘dark hats.’  And yet, with Grace and the Love of all of Humanity, and indeed all of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms, he has managed to keep that spark, that flame of Love burning even brighter, and this shall continue!!!

“There is no need for anyone on this Planet to go into any kind of fear or anxiousness about what is unfolding.  I have stated this before, and I stand with The Mentors and all who come from the Realms of Light to assure you, most Beloved Ones, that WE HAVE EVERYTHING WELL IN HAND!!!  The dominoes are falling exactly the way they need to fall to give maximum benefits to you and all of Planet Earth – below, on and above, and from there, out through your Solar System, and indeed your Galaxy and the Universe beyond!

“Planet Earth is in the midst of changes – so many that even if you just think about one, you will find that it is all in a kind of order, even those moments that seem to be chaotic or even violent -there is a reason.  And what is that reason in one word?  It is called ‘Truth!’  And the big reality of the Truth showing itself in all areas of your lives is, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

“We are here to partner with you.  We cannot carry you into the Golden Age.  We can assist and help and support you in infinite ways, but it is a partnership.  And we are so grateful to you for stepping up and volunteering, as it were, to be here at this time, to participate in the most sacred of partnerships!  So let your voices be heard in whatever ways you can.

“Despite some efforts to shut down the Freedom of speech on the internet, that will not happen!!!  Use it! Speak up!  And if you can do more – do so!  Be creators.  Be in charge. Come together in community and look at what is fundamental, what is most important.   We will say, it is most important to come to Peace – the Peace that is energized by Love, make no mistake of that!  We’re not talking about the peace that gives you what you want at the expense of someone else across the World.  We’re talking about the ‘Peace That Passeth All Understanding’ that is FOR EVERYONE, with an equality to it because it is all based in Love and all that Love creates!  The community of Humanity must come into that Oneness of understanding.  It is fueled by Love, it is energized by Love. This kind of Peace cannot exist where there is not Unconditional Love and a willingness to come together!!!

“So we shall leave it with you, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Ashtar Commanders, Ambassadors of Peace, Ambassadors of Healing, Ambassadors and Teachers, and all of you Divine Ones who are so appreciated for having the Courage, the Vision and, most of all, the Love to come into the human bodies that you occupy.  Remember we are with you all the time!  And reach out to us with your ideas and your visions.  We are here to support you; we are here to uplift you; and most of all, we are here to love you!  Together, Peace is not only possible, it is absolutely mandatory and it is the direction that Planet Earth is moving in and will reach!!!  And on that you have my Word – and so it is. Salut!

» Source

CHANNEL PANEL, A Show of Unity with Kathryn, Christine, Meg – ASHTAR, AA MICHAEL – The #800 Numbers have been Released for dispersal – These funds will be spread out to Humanity by our Lightworkers – Lightworkers,Galactics One Family – Security During the Transition – 8-18-16 –


Kathryn E May, Channeler



The hour draws near for when the floodgates of true Prosperity are forevermore opened wide.

To be specific, the hour approaches for the GCR/RV to begin with the release of 800 numbers to Dinarland.

Ashtar comes to bring us his tips and insights on how to best enjoy this magnificent time.

With surprise guest St. Germain!!!

Kathryn, Christine and Meg

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