OWS & Ashira – Create The Reality You Want It To Be After The Event – by Rose Rambles dotorg- 10-12-16

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Believing Is Seeing!

“One Who Serves”
We were not yet recording? Maybe it’s because I am here (referring to himself as the #2 or #3 OWS and now for at least this session #1) . Anyway, where were we? Oh, yes. Everything is happening here for a reason, people. Everything is happening for a reason. Things are going on exactly as it needs to. You do not be concerned in any way whatsoever that you are going to miss the boat. It is not going to be any missing boat unless you decide to miss the boat. That is up to you.

For all of you who are wanting to move along with the Ascension Process. For all of you who want to be in the right place at the right time when “The Event” comes, when the “Changeover” happens, you will be exactly in the moment you need to be in the moment you need to be it.

Do not be concerned in any way. Do not be thinking about the RV, the money and all of this. That is part of it. Do not be concerned about NESARA being announced. That is part of this as well. Do not be concerned about the major arrests and all. This is part of it.

You see you are the ones creating this. It is your consciousness creating this. So, please get yourselves together. Get your minds right. Create the best thing you can. Alright? Create everything you want. Imagine it. Use your imagination each and every day. Imagine. There was a question earlier, “What will it be like after the “Event”?” And we will say, create it now.

Create what you want it to be after the “Event”. Create the changes. It is you who have created this. It is your creation. You as a collective whole. It is your creation. Create whatever you want. If you want replicators, create replicators. If you want no more money, create no more money.

All of this but understand it is a transition. You are going through a transition process. You are not going to go from A-Z without going through B, C and D and so on. It does not happen this way. Allow for the process. Be in the process and just be that process. OK?

We are ready now for questions. “Ashira” is standing by and putting up with us the whole time here. (laughter) We will see if she can keep up with us here. We will try. This is kind of an experiment here.



ANCIENT AWAKENINGS – You Are Getting Closer and Closer To Accessing – THE EVENT – Sananda, Ashtar, OWS and Ashira – 8-10-16

Ancient Awakenings


“Sananda”, “One Who Serves # 1 and 2″ channeled by James McConnell

“Ashtar”, “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


(Note: these messages were given during our monthly Sunday joint Ancient Awakenings and Hollow Earth Network call over Blog Talk Radio in Phoenix, AZ on August 7, 2016) Also note: only the Ascended Masters messages were transcribed not the question/answer portion. If you wish, you can listen to the audio file to hear that part.



This is “Sananda”. Wonderful, as always, to be with you. To share in these times, in times as things are changing, as your consciousness is shifting and changing. I speak now of the consciousness of the entire planet. Not only to those of you on the phone and those of you in the room here, but the entire planet is shifting.

Of course those who look through their regular, three dimensional eyes do not see this. They do not understand that this shift is happening. As we have said, as many have said, it is for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Those of you have those eyes. Those of you who are opening your Third Eye are beginning to see into other dimensions, other levels of consciousness that before you did not know existed. But yet they are there and you are beginning to shift into those levels of consciousness that give you access to these other realms.

There are many across the planet that are moving in this direction such as you are, that are meeting in groups just as you are, that are reaching into higher levels of frequency to bring about the changes. The changes happen within you. And as they happen within you, I speak of the collective you, as these changes arrive you move higher and higher to these dimensional levels. And as you reach higher and move closer to these dimensional levels you are getting closer and closer to accessing the “Event. “

What has been called and is being called, the “Event”. The “Event” is a cosmic event, a cosmic happening that never has happened before on this planet or any other planet in the way that it is going to happen. But it is coming. It is part of the expression now on this planet, Earth, of the Solar System and of the Galaxy itself. Because this energy coming from the Galactic Central Sun is going to shift consciousness throughout the Galaxy.

It is not only the people on the Earth, the people within the Earth, it is also across the Solar System and the Galaxy that consciousness is shifting. As we have said many times, nothing at this point can stop it. It is what  you call “a done deal”.

Many of you have now heard that a selection of those at the top, those controllers, have been taken out of the picture. Yes, that is true, they have been removed. Those who are their minions, those Illuminati, those Cabal on the planet still seemingly to run the show, I say seemingly because they feel they are still in charge. But they know now that their time is short. They are losing the battle. We know that they have already lost it. They are receding in importance. They know they are losing control each and every day that passes and they know there is very little they can do about it.

Yet, their tenacity is strong and they continue to thrive. They continue to move forward and do whatever has worked for them. I speak of the various families and whatever has worked for them up until now. It can no longer work because there are too many forces of light that have come to bear upon the situation and have brought even more light to those who have tried to maintain control.

So their time is short. Your time is just beginning. Everything is in place. As the Ascended Masters have been saying, as the Galactics have been saying, everything is being orchestrated. Everything is being orchestrated for the betterment of mankind.

Do not be concerned about your brothers and your sisters and what will become of them. That they are still asleep and do not know what is coming and that is correct. They may not have any idea at a conscious level of what is coming, what is already here. But they all know that everything is in shifting changes. All is shifting with the wind and they know at a deeper level that they are part of this shift of consciousness.

I am “Sananda” and I will turn this over to my dear brother “Ashtar” who is waiting to speak with you.

Peace and love be with all of you.



Well, I am so glad to be here today. It brings me such joy to be here with you. It has been a while since we have spoken through this one for this group.

I am “Ashtar”. Indeed, we asked Susan earlier to share her first experience with us because we want to involve you today in one big hug. To allow ourselves to join with you today to raise your energy even more.

Feel our heart as it joins with yours. Feel our embrace. Feel our kiss upon your forehead. All of you, who are hearing our voice, know this connection is for you and it lifts you higher than you have been.

We are so excited about what is happening upon this upon this planet. When we first started speaking through Susan for this group we talked about lights going on, pop, pop, pop, around the world. And now the world is lit up!

You may think, “Oh no…this one is not awake.” You have heard that we have said it is the heart light shining that counts. Not where someone’s mind is tied up with at this moment. But the heart light of each being upon the planet has been awakened. Next is the Pillar of Light that is coming in that will awaken all at the conscious level.

We know that around the world there are groups such as this that are meeting every day of the week. They focus on raising of consciousness and they converse on things you converse about too. However, you have missed the point that you do not need to be doing this any longer because the change has already begun. We see the changes on this planet, in this planet, around the planet and through the System. We are all changed. We are all new beings. New creations.

Each of you is a new being every single day. Someone mentioned that in your conversation earlier. Every day they are a new being. That is so true. We do not think about these things. We simply are. You simply are.

We know that humans like to chastise themselves for areas they do not feel up to par. That is something you do not have to do.  Fear is gone. Self-recrimination is gone. Everyday wake up and see the beautiful sunshine coming into your world, into your room. Be grateful. Be happy.

Think about what happened during the night. There are many of you who are Ashtar Galactic Command Ships. There are many who are working beside me, with me and are mine. Every day you see more and more what are called UFOs coming into this world’s vision. Every day in other parts of the world as well as here. You can see as they are shown on your Internet. We told you a year ago that this would be happening and it is happening. And whistleblowers are coming out in various places talking about what has not been working in this world and how things can get better. All of these are things we could not have told you a year ago because you would not have heard us. You are in a totally different place today.

We are so pleased with where you have come from and where you have come to. And you are but a tiny part of where the whole world has come. We know that there are more things coming but we do not speak of the future world, we speak of the now.

So, once again, let me embrace you in my arms. Feel my heart as it is next to yours. Know that you are cared for perfectly. Know that each day those things you are to handle is part of the orchestration for you in particular and for what is yet to happen upon the planet.

I give you my love in a great big hug. Thank you.


“One  Who Serves” #1

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here. We are to continue to be of service to you whenever and wherever we can. We are going to do something different here with the “Hollow Earth Network”.

We are going to ask you to turn on your heart lights. Just like turn on your heart light song from the “E.T.” movie we find within the James’ consciousness. Turn on your heart light. Everybody. Close your eyes and turn on your own heart light. Turn it on. Flip the switch.

As you are doing this, see everyone next to you doing it as well. Then see it happening all across the planet. If you can lift your body high above the atmosphere of the Earth. Look down and see all of the heart lights turning on. Visualize this. Make this happen. Visualize light turning on everywhere.

There was another movie, an “X-Men” movie where the professor did this with the help of a machine. He could see all of the lights come on. Whichever works for you but see the lights coming on everywhere.

It may be a candlelight, flickering on, in every corner of the planet. If there is a spot of darkness see the candlelight flicker on and fill the darkness with light. The light grows and grows. See it expanding. Until all of the lights come together across the planet. Expanding, growing, merging together.

If you are seeing this from above as we suggested, you can see the light coming on across the planet. Light spreading. One light. One Being.

Very good. Now you can return back to this room, this group. Be sure to tuck yourself into your physical body. Many forget to do this. If you left in your astral or etheric bodies, make sure you tuck yourself back in so that you don’t feel any ill results after. “Come back into a complete state of consciousness and circulation, fully revitalized and refreshed”.

How you all feel?  Feel good? You not only helped yourselves but you helped the entire planet by doing this. Think about all of those listening here in the room, on the recording and on the phone or read these words, all can have a part in this.

This is a happening people! You are a part of this happening. You are part of all that is expressing on the Earth, in the Earth, around the Earth. Know that as you shift your consciousness, you shift that of the entire planet. You are the one. Be the One!

We are ready for questions now. “Ashira” is standing by.

(Question/answer was not transcribed. Please go to either www.ancientawakenings.org or www.hollowearthnetwork.com to listen to the audio file.)


“One Who Serves”-two

I am another “One Who Serves”. Couldn’t let you get away without my jumping in today!

We chuckle about the last question. Where are you from? You are from many different planets. There is no one planet anyone is from, you see? You are truly from a Galaxy, far, far away! All of this stuff that you know from your movies and such. Those movies are important because they move you into a higher level of expression because you are learning from them.

Many of you were shocked when you saw that scene in the cantina in “Star Wars”. You thought of it as fantasy but guess what? It is not fantasy it is real and you are going to come into contact with many of those in the present lifetime. Yes, we are speaking of your present lifetime, now. Not at this present but as you move higher in your Ascension Process you will experience much, much more than what you have come to call home.

This is not your home. You have come from many different systems. You have done this many times and you are going around and around again. You are never going to come to a final destination. You are moving to connect to your Higher God Self. Connecting to your highest God Source but even that is not your final destination. There is no final because all is eternal.

So, I get off our soap box now and give you a little hint of what is coming. We do not like to use imminent and soon but there is an announcement coming. It is very shortly that you will experience a shift in consciousness because of this particular announcement that is close at hand now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am “Ashira”. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share with you today.

I know your heart is opened from “Ashtar’s” visit with you. We know his deep desire to connect with each and every one of you today.

These are times that we are all celebrating. These are times that we are preparing our parties with you. These are times that we are excited about the work you have done. We know that many of you are worried about whether you have done this right or that right. About whether or not you have prepared in the proper way. Are you meditating correctly or being concerned about anything that has to you for your preparedness?

We say, let it be. Let the flow go. You are in the exact right place at the exact right time to experience all that has come to you.

We give you our love and our light. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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ANCIENT AWAKENINGS – LORD SANANDA – THE 3rd WAVE IS THE ONE! – – Message from Saint Germain – 6-5-16



This 3rd Wave Is the ONE!

~ Sananda



June 5 2016

Greetings everyone,

We had another great call with Hollow Earth Network on Sunday with Sananda, Saint Germain, OWS and Ashira giving messages and answering questions. Prior to the call, we had our discussion time with those members present and over the phone with many sharing their experiences from our “Advance” this past weekend. Several people shared their healing experiences and how they continue to still have marked and in some cases extraordinary healings.

According to the messages given, we are now in the midst of the 3rd wave with the crescendo being the Summer Solstice when many more will begin to awaken from their deep slumber and mass consciousness will take another leap forward as well as the rise of frequencies across the planet. So we all just need to hang in there a little while longer and continue to go with the flow. And as they keep saying, “get ready to enjoy the show”!

If you are planning to attend our next Wednesday or Sunday groups whether in person or by phone and have not yet RSVP’d, please do so as soon as you can. A big thank you goes out to Lee Binder from Germany who provided us with a partial transcription which includes Sananda and Saint Germain’s messages as well as one question and answer. The rest of the question/answer session is ommitted but you can listen to it by going to http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com or our Ancient Awakenings website.

Enjoy and Be in joy and get ready to watch the show.

Love and light,


(Note: these messages were given during our Sunday Ancient Awakenings joint call with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio in Glendale, AZ on June 5, 2016)

Believing Is Seeing!




Sananda, Saint Germain and One Who Serves
channeled by James McConnnell

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


This 3rd Wave Is the ONE!




his is Sananda. Always wonderful to be here with you in this way to reach out to so many across the entire planet. These times that you are in now, they are momentous times; they are times that have been in the works for a long long time, and you yourselves know why you are here – most of you know why you are here. You know how long you have been going through these various changes that are happening now.

And as you have heard many times, all is about to change. You are moving up fast on this third wave to come across the planet, that is already on you now. But the major part of it is not yet here, but it is coming. And once it hits, it is going to wash across the entire planet just as the first wave and the second wave did; but this third Wave is THE ONE! This is THE ONE that will bring all the momentum. This is the one that will raise vibrations for all involved, not only the first wavers and the second, but those that are just now awakening and ready to awaken. They will be caught up in this wave, in this tsunami of love.

And many of you now are beginning to experience – many of you that are listening now, many of you that resonate to these words are beginning to experience many changes in your lives. You are beginning to see things that you haven’t seen before; you’re being able to get what have been called the glimpses through the veil as the veil is thinning and dropping. Many of you are experiencing healing in various types, in various ways. And that healing is going to continue, those glimpses are going to continue. Until at a certain point, when what you call The Event, when this happens, the veil will be gone. Healing will be immense and available to all, both energetically as it is now, and also through your various sciences, as the medical science you know now ceases to be as it is and becomes what it can be. It is a brave new world we are approaching, the new Golden Age of Light.

The Guardian of the new Dispensation was going to be here today, but it has been postponed for now, for various events are occurring still behind the scenes, yes… but now beginning to come out into the open. You are hearing many more stories of various personalities out there, that are having their times, their times of travail, whereas once before they had none. The balance that has been spoken of so many times is coming over this planet, and you, the Lightworkers… you, the ones that share the light, you are the ones that are bringing this about… you are the ones that are spreading the light everywhere you go, without your even knowing it in many cases. Wherever you walk when you are out in public, you spread the light, you spread your energies. And those energies, that light moves into the next one next to you and to the next one and to the next one. And the light continues to spread, and an awakening continues to happen.

For those that are asleep will not be asleep much longer. You will notice across the planet a grand awakening is in the process of happening. Many more are hearing the time clock, the alarm clock go off deep within their hearts, and they are awakening from their long slumber; and it is time now, it is time for all to awaken.

And you, you are the catalysts for this. So you have come to do a mission, and you have succeeded beyond expectations in this mission. Many of you came with me a long time ago, and it is now time to reach the finish, for all is about to change.

I will leave you now. St. Germaine will come in and speak about NESARA… that it is also about to unfold. Peace and Love be with all of you. Continue on on this journey of light.



I AM Saint Germain. It is wonderful to be here with you as each time I can share with so many… so many wonderful and loving beings that are primed for all that is about to occur.

You have heard for so long now, many years, of these changes. And you hear often, that these changes are upon you when I tell you now, is, St. Germaine, the I AM presence, is coming over ALL. And these changes are going to be remarkable. You hear, many of you hear about the Republic, and how what was going to be a wonderful Republic of the United States of America, has turned into the corporation of the United States of America; and under the circumstances, that is to be understood. But their time is at an end now. For what has been prophesied is now to be: the Republic that I, myself, helped to foster in the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the forming of this New Republic.

This is about to be announced to this country and eventually to the world. There are but only a few remaining items on the agenda before this can occur. But those that have been stopping this, those ones that we call the “cabal,” have reached their end of being able to hold anything back – their power has diminished greatly, their power over you, their control. For that is what they have been all about is control and power, increasing to more power and more power, but at a certain point they have reached the end of how their power can be; and their power, as they know it, is diminished, and the New Republic or the Old Republic… what was to be… is now going to be.

And along with this is the great new program called NESARA – National Economic Security and Reformation Act. It has been in the planning stages for a long time, has been held back from you, the public, for a long time as well. For several decades it has been in the planning stages, and many times it was about to be announced and was held back for one reason or another. But those reasons, they have come to an end. They can no longer hold it back. And the one you know as the “Disclosure President,” who has always been that Disclosure President, and is still that one. Nothing has changed, even though it appears he has been working for the dark, he has really been working for the light. And at some point you will understand this – ALL will understand this. He has made an amazing sacrifice to be able to bring this about, for in order for all of this to happen, there first had to be a complete breakdown, or a seeming breakdown, of the seeming republic that you have had.

For many are asleep to this; many believe it is America as it has always been and meant to be. But the America that you know now is not the America that was meant to be. The world that you know now, the planet that you know, is not the way it is meant to be. So NESARA is close to being announced, as is the Republic. It is all done in the background and only waiting on that final signal that all has to come forth, and then the I AM presence that all of you resonate to and that resonates within you will come to the forefront, and you will all know who you are and what you are all about.

I AM Saint Germain, and I leave you with all the Peace and Love you all deserve, as the whole planet is about to move through the tremendous change that will be rigged up in your history books for ages to come, and you will know that you were a part of its beginning: the end of the old age and of the beginning of the New Age.

I AM Saint Germain. Peace and Love be with all of you.




Lee: Namasté and thank you, One Who Serves and Ashira, and Sananda and Saint Germain in the background. This is Lee, currently from Lake Constance, southern Germany.

My question is about the Light Healing Chambers. I’m aware that the master-plan is constantly being adapted to the needs and circumstances of each current “Now.” Still, the Company of Heaven has very clear visions.

Do you know and can you please share with us, what the current goal is? How soon AFTER the Tsunami of Love crescendo event, to have the Healing Chambers made available to the general public?


Largely, after The Event, after many of these changes have gone through and disclosure has happened, and all of these things… and there’s our beginning of landings and this…  THEN these Healing Chambers will be open.

But, prior to this, there are already various devices, healing devices, that are coming into the understanding of man here now. They are being released, very slowly in some respects, but they are coming out. Many new technologies are about to be released. So you have those technologies, as well as, once the landings begin and all of this, then you would be able to go up on the ships and into Hollow Earth.

You will be invited down into there, and on into the Cities of Light, as well. And there will be these Healing Chambers, these Crystal Healing Chambers in all of them, and they are meant for you. When you go into them, they are resonating only to you, not to anyone else, so they will resonate to your consciousness. Your consciousness will mix with the consciousness within the device itself, within the crystals, and that all of this, itself, and there will be a healing process that happens, as well as what you hear of in terms of rejuvenation and all of those things. And… to move you along in the ascension process, as well. So all of this is coming.

Yes, Ashira, anything to add here?


Well, we would add that you can visit your Light Healing Chamber now; you can have an energetic experience of healing. You can visit it when ever you feel that it is going to be good for you. Take a meditation and imagine your self above or below – wherever you are drawn – to your Light Healing Chamber; and you can take time to lay in it or stand in it or sit in it, what ever you choose to do, and feel it, these healing energies flow through you, healing you, making you stronger.

This is not that actual experience that you will be having in the future, but it is actually something that you are experiencing, and that you will continue to experience as you use them. It will help you become familiar with this technology, and who knows where that will take you. Thank you.

Lee: OK, thanks for reminding me. And those Healing Chambers, the ones after The Event – when they become available for the deep, very thorough kind of healing, how will we find those Healing Chambers? I mean, there can’t be a road sign: “Next healing chamber in the forest clearing twenty yards after the big oak”?

How will we find them, how will we get there?


You will have your mentors by then; your mentors will be happy to take you to your Chamber and to help you meet all of those who are going to be taking care of you and ease you into that experience. All right?


Yes, and in many respects, they will find YOU.

Lee: OK, that’s alleviating – thanks for that answer, I appreciate that.


Ancient Awakenings





NEWS  –  Your Governmental Structure   –   Forces of the Light are moving against Them   –   NESARA moving forward   –   A MAJOR SHIFT IS COMING   –   You will be meeting your Brothers and Sisters from Inner Eaerth Soon   –   New Mentors wil be coming from the Ships, and also, from Inner Earth.


This exceptional call brings messages through two live inter-active channels:

James McConnell – Founder of Ancient Awakenings and 30-year channel, and

Dr Sue Sammarco, author, teacher and channel for 30 years.


Today we expect Sananda, St Germain, and perhaps a third guest – bringing an expected special announcement.


And One Who Serves and Ashira will once again, participate through our channels in a lively

Q & A.

It is up to YOU! – ASHIRA of the Councilof the Radiant Light – with the Arcturians – 4-21-16

20APR2016-Arcturus-Expect Wonderful Ailia Mira_edited-3


It is up to YOU!   –   ASHIRA of the COUNCIL of the RADIANT LIGHT   –  

with the Arcturians   –   4-21-16



Greetings Earthlings.
We greet you from a star that is close to you and yet in your conscious experience, is known only as light. We know that you are cognizant that there is life in the heavens and we speak to you in that state of inner knowing.
Your planet has opened up energetically and with this, new potentials are in play. Not many humans are living the fullness of these potentials yet, and yet we watch know, it is just a matter of time. We watch with respect and honoring of you and great curiosity and enthusiasm for what you are creating.
The time is now to awaken and express your divine self; the essence that you are. Before this time, Earth was differently focused and so were the inhabitants of this planet. Now Earth has shifted and the movement into Divine Expression is underway. We encourage you, to follow. To consciously shift from exploring the mastery of limitation and into inner knowing, sovereign alignment and flow — liberating Divine Expression.
All that you are, knows how to do this yet you, beloved Earthlings are entirely free to choose to continue to experience and explore limitation or to shift and tune into the ascending planet and follow her lead.
It is up to you. 
As you change your focus, if you were to do so, we would see your whole energy field reorganize. You might feel as if what you were leaving behind, actually became more prominent in your awareness if you were not knowing that as it cleared you would sense it, energetically and know it, as it occurred to you, on it’s way out of your fluid and form-shifting embodiment.
Then, the light would begin to turn and flow, taking shape in new ways. New paradigms of wholeness would open within your field and you would find that you are no longer simple here, and simply human. Experientially you would know yourself as of the stars and of the Universe in a very real way. A way that is felt as much more than an idea.
As you make this shift, most of you will become aware that you are playing at this ascension game from many different areas of focus, including here with us, on Arcturus. Many beings train here for entry there on Earth, and that is how we know you some of you directly; as a skillful master who trained for this and is now turning the tide of your own embodied flow.
You are the beings who are opening up new capacities! Turning the focus of what you elaborate and share and are and explore on Earth from discovering the nuances of limitation to tuning in…and with inner alignment and flow ravishingly exploding into your own potentials as embodied light, truth and love.
The energy qualities of light, truth and love, comprise all things and you are organized in a unique arrangement of these qualities, as is your planet. Your planet is a love-planet. You know this, don’t you. You know that love is where it’s at on Earth. You feel this deep within and when you know this and answer to it you sync up with the planetary field in ways that are very beneficial to your body’s well being and your consciousness expanding into more light.
Given this, we hope you see how precious this moment is. This is a moment in which a whole planet says — oh, yes! Home! Going home! Let me sing my song and dance my dance and flow my flow and be me! Do me! Share me! Shine me! Let me move throughout this creation as all lines merge into the pure timeline of REUNION as ONE and enjoy that. Let me dance it all out while I am here as me and light it up. Make this sky and earth, resonant and resplendent with my exalted presence. Inspiring and tickling others to do the same.
Oh light within me as love and truth. Oh truth within me as love and light. Oh love within me, loving truth, loving light. Fuse me into a new arrangement of particles and being that expresses my divine self, here, now.
The time is now. Let me awaken and be true to all that I am. Let me awaken to the new potentials emerging now and with great skillfulness and joy, for I am here to fly. I am here to sing my song of love and light, truly and with the expressiveness that is me, may I know myself as ONE with this realm. One with all that is here…for it is expanding and ascending and it is going to merge into a more fantastic and yet different and unique Universal arrangement and this time, this moment, this richly ordained and expressive experience will never be again.
You can feel this within you, can’t you.
Awaken all that is within me now that wants to be here, play here, express here, in me, through me as me. Let the light that is, shape and shine as me. For all to see and through this, know the glory of God; the Oneness that is.
Adoni. Adoni. Adonia. I AM. I AM. I AM.
Indeed. Masters, you are. In all that you are.

It’s up to you to choose your orientation to embodiment. To decide what path you are on. Are you spinning everything out into more and more parallel expressions? Are you coming to center…aligning, flowing and expanding into a Unity of Light?
We simply sing the call within: 
Set yourself free! The time is NOW. Be who you truly are.
I AM Ashira, with Ailia of the Council of Radiant Light in collaboration with the Arcturians

THE NEW TECHNOLOGIES ARE COMING! – Adama, One Who Serves, Ashira – @ Ancient Awakenings – 2-23-16

art the key of love painting by korinna 

ART : The Key of Love painting by Korinna


 Found at:  https://paulinebattell.wordpress.com/2016/02/23/the-new-technologies-are-coming-adama-one-who-serves-and-ashira-ancient-awakenings/


Believing Is Seeing!


“The New Technologies Are Coming” – Adama, One Who Serves and Ashira

“Adama” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on February 21, 2016)


I am “Adama”. Wasn’t this a special gift you had today, was it not?
Planned but beyond knowing. We will tell you that it is but part; it is the new knowing of the technology that is coming to you.

This type of technology has its presence throughout the world. These types of technology are coming to you faster and faster now. This group will find many amazing things that can be done when you go home.

The technologies that you are seeing are old technologies. The technologies that you are hearing are exciting and things that we have enjoyed for a long time.
We want to say that this one who brought this today is an emissary. He is showing his gifts although he does not know exactly what they are. But that too will change as the near time come. We say that we are happy for you because this is another one of those things that is promised to you and which you have.

Thank you.


“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you.
You have a saying do you not? “There are no accidents”. Certainly that is the case here in this time and this moment and you have a new friend who has come on the scene here. He brings a technology that is ancient as “Adama” has said. It is certainly from the Lemurian times and the Atlantean times.

It has a frequency that it carries that is beyond most of your understanding at this time. But I t is the new technology. It is the new understandings that are coming. It will replace those frequencies that you have available to you now. We have been saying this to you, that the three dimensional devises you have in your understanding and realm will no longer work. These types of devices will replace them.

But this device particularly is making a transition here. It is transitioning those negative energies that you have now in those various devices and it will move those frequencies into higher frequencies to allow you to subsist with those devices you have now.

This is a transition, the next step. It is an evolution. Just as your bodies are evolving you are moving through an evolution. You are moving through a “quantum leap” in evolution and you are going to continue to have this leap here.

These particular devices that are coming out now and many more of these as it becomes easier to come out with these devices whereas before they could not. They would not have been allowed or held back in some way or in some way they would have been killed for their devices so they would not be brought out.
But that is all changing now. You are moving into a new process, a new time here where these will be released more and more and more. This is just the beginning here. There is so much more coming. There is so much more that is not yet begun to be released yet but it is coming.

You have heard of the replicators. You have heard of many various devices. Much of this comes from the Tesla Technology that has been in the past. It is being brought out now. It has been used by the secret government or the secret societies or things of that nature and they have been using these for some time. They did not want you to have them because if you had them, just as this one can cure diseases or protect you from having diseases, if they stayed in this vibration they could ward off this kind of thing.

We have said that you cannot have this in the higher vibration. We have been saying this and saying this. You, your bodies, are moving into a new vibration yourselves and this type of device will assist you in doing so.

That is our message here. Now for questions for “Ashira” who is standing by and ourselves.


Question: Was Nicolai Tesla killed?

He died of natural causes but he was moved into the direction of being ill in his later years because of, many ways, a broken heart. He was not allowed to bring into the world his inventions which he so much wanted to do. He was held back in many different respects, in many different ways. Does this answer your question?

Question: Do you have contact with Kathleen?(asked by the new member who brought the device to the group about the ancient one from Lemuria that gave the information to build the “crystal plate”)

We know of whom you speak. Not direct contact here but we certainly know of this one. She is ancient. She has been around for a very long time. She has come to you in that respect of what you have said and she is standing by, you might say! She is ready to assist in this process as it moves on. This is yours and her endeavor together.
Any other questions here?

Question: I feel that I am doing what I need to be doing but that I am not fulfilling a mission at this time. Can you help me understand?

Dear One, you are a man of action. Seeming that you do not have the opportunity to act at the moment seems to put a bit of slowness in your movement. We know this about you and we know that you are verbalizing something that many in this room, many on this call and many who read this feel too.

We know that you are moving forward in the consciousness and the thoughts that you have. We know that even though you feel as though you are in a low spot in the moment you can once again contribute to the greater whole. The greater, who at the moment is consciousness work, my friend. It is sending those good thoughts. It is sending those feelings of well-being onto the greater consciousness, the mass consciousness.

We know that is not the kind of action you are accustomed to seeing and accustomed to being but it is appropriate for the time. It is appropriate for the time, my friend.

So, bid yourself a little longer in this state. Not to be feeling depressed or feeling down at this time. Take the time to enjoy your loved ones. Take the time to do the work you are called to do. Take the time every moment to be in gratitude. That will be of assistance to you at this time.

“One Who Serves”
Please understand, Brother, you have so much to look forward too! All of you do. But what you are stating here is what many are feeling here at this time. They are feeling enough is enough! They are feeling enough is enough and they want to get on with it. They want to move ahead.

There are those who feel fine within the moment and we tell you always to be in the moment. Not to be focused on the future and what is going to be although that is to be glorious. But to focus in the moment, in the every now moment that you have. Because if you do not, you will miss the moment that you are in. You see?

So, be in that moment. Be who you are in the present time and allow for the different types of feelings to be there and don’t be too concerned if you are not finding your purpose or finding your way because you are. You are finding your way. You are all living your purpose in the NOW. You may not believe so but you are. Even in just being a member of this group and becoming aware and awakened in many respects and allowing us to offer guidance and training and all of this, to move you ahead in your Ascension Process.

All of this is important. All of this working with consciousness and group consciousness and city consciousness and country consciousness and world consciousness. You are doing all of these.

Do not be concerned that you are not doing enough. You are all you need to be.


Comment: I wanted to share that if we are helping or loving one person that spreads around the world.

That is correct and very well said.

Question: I received that I was to open up to receive this past week so I was in a state of reception. I received the joy and energy and that might be helpful too.

“One Who Serves”
Yes. Always know that if you are feeling less than you would be at any moment, ask for help!

Ask for our guidance, our assistance. We are all there to help you. We are all
there to help you in your times of need, whatever they might be.

Call out our name and we will be there

Question: I was struck by the member last week who went through a gateway. I was not going to call upon my guides and guardians. If I call on them, is it OK to then go through the gateway as I am drawn to it if I am protected?

“One Who Serves”
That is the optimum saying there. As long as one is protected. As long as you believe and feel that you have protection.

The gateway is there but it is not something to be trifled with. It is not something to go willy- nilly through into “never-never” land. Just allow yourself to experience whatever you need or want to go through but know that you have guidance and ask for it. And certainly, always have the light. Does this answer your question?

We are going to bring up again for you to read. It is the “Emerald Tablets’ by Thoth, the Atlantean. And it will be very beneficial to you, this talk of going through gateways and portals and what you need to be concerned about with this.

It is not something that you take lightly. It is NOT something to go and play with. OK?

Question: Does your spiritual maturity and frame of mine change your experience?

“One Who Serves”
Very much so. Take someone as yourself doing it and someone as the Cabal doing it and you can see the difference here. The one going through as the dark forces will need more of that.

Going through as Light, you will need more of that. Like attracts like. Vibration. We speak always of vibration, raising your vibration and the more you do the more easily you will move through these experiences. There are many of those types of experiences that are coming for all of you.

Question: I have been looking for a new home to move to and do not seem to be getting the guidance I am seeking. Can you help?

“One Who Serves”
OK. We will do what we have always done with you.
Know that you are on the right path as you are asking. But it is not only in the asking you are looking for something more profound to come to you. When it does not come, you believe you are not receiving. But you do not think you are receiving because of constant chatter in your mind which we have told you many times.

That chatter is very difficult turning off. You are receiving answers. You are receiving answers to your questions when you ask. You are receiving answers but you only feel you are getting the answer sometimes. Those times that you are, are moving you in the direction you need to go at this time.

But we would add to this here that it is certainly for you and for everyone here, go with the flow. Be in the flow of the moment. Be in the flow of the energy. You will be in the direction you need to be. “We can show you the door but you need to walk through it” (quote from the Matrix). It is there. Just open your third eye. You are not so good with your physical sense but open your third eye. This is why we bring it up.

Question: Is it true the more powerful we are the easier to manifest?

“Óne Who Serves”
The more powerful you are? Yes. Certainly. It is “believing is seeing”. Is it not? And the more you believe it the more you will create it. The more you create it the more you feel that power within you. The more this happens the more you will be able to create anything you need.

Question: Do you have a suggestion for those who have a thick covering over their third eye? Maybe some advice like for dummies.

“One Who Serves”
Oh, my Brother, we have to chuckle so much for the thing you say. “Open the Third Eye for Dummies”. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful book? Probably not ready for publishing yet.

Brother, we recall at one of the Advances that you had tremendous sight during that weekend. And it would seem that you are operating in that part of you that is much in that rational side. That side that want to see first before believing as opposed to believing is seeing.

We know that this is a heartfelt question from you. We can tell this. And as you have not experienced that experience from that weekend we would say that you and others you are helping along their path simply need to get in the habit if believing is seeing. Giving into the habit of thinking that, practicing that, creating that in your life.

There are others in this room, on the phone and probably many of those who are reading who have these similar challenges. Who have challenges in seeing in their third eye, in their brains what is to happen. And following through on things such as visualized meditation.

Know what? We would basically say you need practice. We know you don’t like this word but that is the word we are going to use today. Practice. Practice. Practice. That will make perfect. You need to have faith in yourself. Faith in your system because it works! Once you have this down, you will never lose it.

“One Who Serves”
Many of you come to the group to get re-charged and this is wonderful but then you go out into your regular work and you get pulled back down. We have been saying this for some time. You go back up and back down. Like a yo-yo here. It feels like you are not going anyplace here because the world is with you in so many ways. You continue to be held down by the 3D programming.

But, and this is a big but, you are moving through in raising your vibrations more frequently. This is important because the more you raise your vibrations, the more you get up into those higher levels, you will stay there longer and longer. And that is what is important.

You will begin to hear the new term brought up here. “Ascension Language”. We are so pleased that this came out here because it is a new understanding, a new “Ascension Language”. What does that do when you hear that? “Ascension Language”. Doesn’t it feel that you are in higher vibration just in those words?
Certainly “believing is seeing” is Ascension Language, is it not? Saying you are well instead of sick is Ascension Language. You see? All of this is going beyond the programming that you have become accustomed too.

The more that you get into the higher vibrations, the easier and easier it is for you to get back up there. And then stay longer yet. OK?

Question: I learned a new word, “heartricity”. I have a lot laying on my mind right now and would like some guidance around this. How this word may relate to my present circumstances of relating to my family and attempting to help them awaken as I am?

“One Who Serves”
We see so many things here. To start with your family, though your family connection and the idea that you are sharing the awakening you are going through and they are not responding to this. And we would ask those in the group, how many are having the same think happening? Yes, you are certainly
not alone.

You have everything going for you. You do not yet realize it all the time. This is what we speak of. You go up into your higher vibrations during your meditations and you see wonderful things and then the world pulls you back down. All are having this same thing. It all continues until these changes we have been speaking of. This will alleviate much.

But again, it is important to be in the moment at all times. Be in gratitude in the moment and as you are in gratitude in the moment, your next moments will change. They will become what you want more and more. If you allow yourself to be pulled into the old doldrums, this is what will be coming forward. You see?

Bravo! Bravo! We are pleased that you are seeing these things in your life because you are releasing some of these. And as you heard the group support you with their challenge with their family you know are not alone. You can be the most spiritual person and still have these problems with friends and family.

And as far as the job that has been vexing you for weeks and weeks with this group’s conversations perhaps it is time now to look for something different. It is coming to a lot of people in the planet that it is time to leave an old job and find something new. Make something happy. Choose something different for yourself.

Know that we have shared with you in the past that it may not be the time to leave but we would say today, that this is an opportunity for you. An opportunity to let go of those thing which are vexing you. Let go.

You cannot do anything about your children. You can make changes in yourself. Make your life happier within your job. Take the time you need to do that. You will at the end of your week that you have for yourself a much better picture and that alone will bring you into a better space. Does that help?

Question: I have been seeing a lot of figure 8’s I believe having something to do with infinity. Can you tell me about them?

We are so pleased to have you in the group today.
This is a sign of a guide who is with you. We smiled as you spoke of infinity. This is one who is guiding you in the process that you are dealing with now. This is in your own spiritual growth as well as your healing. This is one who is
strong with you at this time.

They will make themselves known to you in other ways too. They are visiting you in dreams and in meditations. So know that you take their light and know
that they are visiting you.

“One Who Serves”
We need to release channel. Please continue on in your daily activities and allow for all the processes to happen within you. And continue to allow for the changes to come over you. And be aware of your ability to hold off any kind of illnesses or diseases or anything of this nature. As you move in to the higher nature, these things cannot get you.

But, as said by one earlier today, there are openings that can occur. And when these occur then energies can come in, of the dark energies, and they can have their way with you. So do not allow these vibrations by staying in those higher vibrations. Then there will be no openings here. But if there are, know that it cannot hold it for very long. You can move through it and not have it be of any significance. OK?

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am Ashira.
I wish to share with you this day all the changes that are occurring on this planet. That are occurring in you, in your lives, in the relationships that you hold, in the jobs that you have. All of these are changing.

For all of those of you who do not appreciate change in your life, you have wild rides coming. Be patient with yourselves. Look at your lives and look at those in your lives and you think, “What is happening here?”

But when you can look at these from the highest point, the highest frequency, take care of yourself. Be sure to come from the highest point of light and love that you can immerse yourself in at that moment.

We know that we speak of being grateful, of giving thanks throughout your days. And we know that there things in the 3D world that may not be enjoyable. That is not your life. Every day you call yourself to the highest good. Riding through those moments in life that are challenges and moving to the other side where it is light and love again.


Have an amazing week.
Our love and our light. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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SANANDA – Time To Sit Back And Enjoy The Show! – One Who Serves and Ashira​​ – 2-11-16


Time To Sit Back And Enjoy The Show ~ Sananda

Sananda, One Who Serves and Ashira​​


Greetings everyone,

Well, we had another great group discussion with members sharing personal experiences which preceded our monthly call with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio. We had a full room of 18 members generating a great deal of energy and excitement along with at least another 10 joining us by conference call. We also welcomed our newest member, Guadalupe.

Things are definitely heating up and you could feel the excitement in the air as we are all realizing that we are getting close to the end of the old paradigm and ready to begin anew. This is looking like quite a month.

As always, if you are planning to attend our next Sunday PFC group and have not yet RSVP’d, please do so now as we are filling up the room quickly and may even need to look for a larger space in the not too far off future. Thank you to Barb for providing us with this transcription (giving Sue a break) and to Moses and Mahendran for their continued support in helping everything run smoothly. Also a big thank you to Anne DeHart for her efforts to make this show happen monthly allowing for a much larger audience to benefit from the wisdom of the Ascended Masters. And finally to Sue for all that she contributes each week. We are truly blessed!

Enjoy and Be in joy and “sit back and enjoy the show”!

Love and light,

Believing Is Seeing!

Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on February 7, 2016


Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


This is Sananda. It is wonderful to be with you here again as we have been each month. It is such a good time to be able to share with all of you, share all of the messages that we have, all of the understandings that we have. But please understand that you also have these understandings. It is not something that only we have. You were born with them, you came in with them. It is just a matter of re-acquiring those messages, those understandings, remembering. You have heard this many times and we wish to say here that the last month we were preempted by our dear brother Sanat Kumara. And certainly I was more than willing to step aside for the message that he brought last time.

And of course that message was that there was going to be a Great Initiation across the entire planet. Many would feel this in many different ways and many have already been feeling this but the major impetus of this yet has not been felt. It is still coming so relax, sit back, and basically enjoy the show. Because it is a show, certainly to those of us who look down upon you, we see this as a show. It amuses us at many times, it saddens us at other times, but we can see that all is progressing as it needs to. All is happening as it has to, to continue to bring about all the changes that need to happen here. And the changes are many, as you have been understanding.

Yes, we know that you are not yet seeing these with your physical eyes but close your physical eyes, let your inner spirit come through, your inner understanding, your inner sight come through. That is how you will begin to see more and more and as you open your third eye, more will come to you and there will be no stopping it once it has been fully opened. So sit back and relax, all is happening as it needs to, all is happening as we have been saying for some time. And even more importantly, all is happening as you knew it would before you even came into this lifetime. Those of you that came in and knew that this was the last lifetime that you would have to reincarnate for; and we are telling you now that this is true, that is the case.

We recently gave a message to James – he has not yet shared it – it came just after his dream state when he was in the awakening, just after his coming awake – and at that time he was given the message that “they have not surrendered but we are taking over.” And we are taking over. There are still some things that we cannot do because of the Prime Directive as you know it, but it is all happening and we are going to be more and more and more moving in and taking, not control because we do not want to take control away from you, but giving you more and more assistance, more guidance. That is coming. Please understand that there is nothing that can stop it now, nothing that can hold it back. The cabal, as you know it, is in their last…we don’t like to use these terminologies…but “their last dying breath.” Even what you call the chemtrails now are dissipating; you will begin to see less and less and less of them. Their funding has stopped, they cannot continue to do this as they were. You may see little glimpses of it here and there but the major use of these chemtrails is no longer going to be an issue. They did not get what they wanted from it and they realize that it is a futile attempt at this point so it will be drying up so this is certainly good news for all. For you will be able to look at the skies and see the blue, the clear skies, feel the energy in the skies once again. This is all over the planet, not just here in this United States, but all over the planet. You will begin to see the skies clearing more and more.

So much is in the works, so much is happening, so much. We are proud of all of you, all of our brothers and sisters, all of our dear friends that have been working at this, working and working to make this all happen. For without you it would not be happening; we could not do it for you, we can only do it along with you. So know that there is nothing that can hold it back and you are going to begin to see more and more and more of the results of your labors as we continue to move on in this year. And it has been given by my beloved, Lady Nada, that this is the year, 2016 – this is it. There will not be a need to go beyond that. We are telling you that now. Unless something incredibly major happens, which it cannot, there is no more concern about this. You will see a great deal, a great many changes, in the weeks and months to come here. That is my message as Sananda.  I will leave you now. All of my peace and love be with all of you as you continue on doing what you came here to do and preparing for the missions that are at hand. (Thank you, thank you).


Greetings to you. This is One Who Serves here and just so you know we are not just one, it is not just a “he” as it is many of us. There are several of us that are considered the One Who Serves – it is a title, you see. So we are here to assist in any way that we can, to be of service. That is what we do.

And we are here to answer your questions but before we do we wish to just share a slight understanding here. It was said that there would be something profound would come in this time here and we apologize that what was going to be is not quite ready yet but it is coming. You are going to see it, it is going to be here. Certainly the understanding from Sananda about the drying up of the chemtrails though is pretty profound, we would think, would it not? So everything is on track, everything is on schedule here – not your schedule but our schedule at least (laughter)- and you will begin more and more, as Sananda has said, to see the changes, and in your tine you are coming to the finish line and everything is going to turn out roses, okay? (Okay) Would you have questions now for One Who Serves and Ashira who is standing by?

Question: I have a question. This is Diana from Phoenix and I would like to know if “Killary” is going to be indicted and if there is even going to be an election? (Laughter)

ONE WHO SERVES: Boy we get right to the point, do we not? We would say to you that, as Sananda has said, “Sit back and enjoy the show,” okay? There is so much that is happening and so much still that is yet to happen and we would say that the idea of the election, as you know it, will never be the way it has been. It cannot continue on in that way; it is, what you call a travesty, at this point. So most of the population is not aware of this, yet but many are; many more than you would possibly think, and are aware that the election process is not what it was meant to be or what they thought it was. So many are beginning to awaken to that and many others, still many though, who are not and are ready to go and cast their ballot and think that they have something to say in it. They have not had something to say in it for a long time. But they will come to the understanding and certainly these things are going to be cleared up and cleaned up, okay? (Excellent – thank you). Do you have anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No I do not think so, thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES: Okay, very good.

Question: I have a question about that – this is Joanna from Phoenix. Really quick, based on what Diana is saying: Are the candidates that are speaking out, that are debating etc., do they know what they’re saying, are they aware of what they’re saying or are they really super asleep?

ONE WHO SERVES:  There are some that are very much aware, but they have to play the game in order to feel like they could be in a position of presidency or Congress or any of these kinds of things; they have to play the game and they know this. So they are saying things that they know are not true in many respects. But isn’t that what you call politicians, that they lie through their teeth and all of these types of things?  Do they not? They are very much scripted, yes. And it is unfortunate, but it is what it is and it is changing and it is going to very much, drastically, change here. Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: I think not at this time thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES: Very good.

Question: I have a question. Greetings One Who Serves and Ashira, this is Kathy. Lord Sananda had mentioned that we will be receiving more and more guidance and help to battle against these cabal and the dark side, whatever you want to call them. Are we expecting like another wave, like the September wave, like a second wave coming through and going into a higher frequency very soon? Is that what was meant?

ONE WHO SERVES: Ashira would you like to go first with this one?

ASHIRA: Thank you yes. Sananda talks about where you are in this very moment in time and yet also a month ago you learned about a Great Initiation. It is not so much that there is a great new spirit of energy that is affecting everyone, or will affect everyone. However, as you rise in your consciousness, as you rise in your frequency, more and more of these opportunities become open to you. More and more of these connections to those of the higher realms come to each and every one of you and everyone upon the planet. This is what we would answer for you is that you are looking forward to more and more opportunities to see and that veil drop, see those connections come to you, see as you hear and you feel all of the newness that is upon the planet. Does that help? (Yes). Yes, One Who Serves.

ONE WHO SERVES: We just wish to add here that the concept of the cabal and them attacking you and the negative energies and everything…we wish for you to put this all out of your thinking process. Do not allow it to come into your understanding. Believe and you will see – and we do not give that lightly. Believe and you will SEE – because if you continue to use the old paradigm of “Seeing is believing” and letting everything happen to you, then it will continue to direct your life in that way. So begin to more and more to know who you are and that you are controlling your life and that no negative energies can come into you unless you allow them. And that is the ticket, that is the understanding here, you have to allow it to come in. They cannot enter your energy field without your allowing it in some way. That is a secret they have kept from you for a very long time but we are telling you now that that is no longer the case; they cannot influence you if you do not allow them to influence you, okay?

Question: I was just…because Lord Sananda had mentioned that we will be receiving more and more help so I was asking if that was what it was. Is it another wave that’s coming in to give us more knowledge, more helpings to raise our vibration higher, that’s all…

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes and Ashira has said that it is not so much of a wave of energy, although that is also coming as well, but it is not so much that that Sanat Kumara was speaking about. He was speaking of a consciousness movement within each individual, okay? (Yes, thank you). Are there other questions here?

Question: I have another question…

ONE WHO SERVES: We also need to go to questions on the network here as well, but yes…

Question: This is Diana and I wanted to know of the five planets that we’ve been able to see in the sky I did notice that at least four, Mars Jupiter, the moon and then there was a very, very bright, bright planet which I thought was Venus. But in the middle of it turned real red and it seemed really huge. Can you explain what I might have been seeing?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes you are seeing what has been called the New Jerusalem. It is in front of the morning star and the evening star, Venus. (Wow it’s huge – thank you). And it will become, to use your vernacular, even huger. (Laughter – can’t believe how big it is now and it’s so far away, wow. Thank you.

Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No we will let this go, thank you.

ONE WHO SERES: Very good. Are there other questions now – we can come to the network now, Anne, if you wish?

ANNE DEHART: Okay well, wow you guys really hit the ground running this morning. Good for you – that was great. Thank you for the good questions. Okay we’re going to move on, asking you to be very concise so we don’t use up the energies of our channels. I’m opening 352 ending in 3047. We’re asking for your first name, location and one brief question. No conversation please. Come on.

Question: Hi Anne this is Rod from Florida. Just wondered if there is anything new on the dinar in terms of whether they’re going to announce a rate on it anytime soon?

ONE WHO SERVES: Ashira would you go first here?

ASHIRA: I will go first and I know that you will come up with information
too. We are not ones who will give you times or dates because that changes from moment to moment; there is so much going on in the background, the background of which is beyond what you are seeing at this time. We will say it is close. All of this is close because it is occurring behind closed doors. And so keep your eyes open because there are lots of things occurring at the same time as well. One Who Serves?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes and we are going to add, as Zorra has said many times: do not sell back your dinar, your other foreign currencies – do not sell it back, hold onto it. It will come forward and be very beneficial for all of you. Are there other questions here?

ANNE DEHART: Okay, are you good Rod? (I’m good Anne). Okay I’m going to close your line. Good to hear your voice and you asked the question for all of us – we appreciate that. I’m moving on now to 843 ending in 8176. Your name location and brief question, come on.

Question: Yes hi Anne this is Henry in South Carolina. I have a source that says that we have a lot of our so-called corporate government…lot of clones out there, even Obama possibly. Can you verify anything of that nature?

ONE WHO SERVES: The idea of cloning is something that has been going on for some time; you would be amazed at how long it has been happening and how many it has happened with. But we would ask you to not be too concerned about that anymore. It is being curtailed, it has been taken control of by the forces of Light, and there is not anything that they can do with this particular kind of technology to continue to enslave and control the masses. So it is not something to continue to concern yourself with. It has happened, it is nearly done with. It has been very secretive and in very secretive areas it can be done in the very deep bases and these types of things but for the most part it has been very much curtailed.

(Well thank you very much I figured that was the case, I just wanted to get it confirmed).

Do you have anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA”: No thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES Okay then we’ll move on here.

ANNE DEHART: Okay, thank you Henry. I’m closing your line and please touch #1 for me, Henry and I see Rod already did, thank you Rod. Moving on to 760 ending in 2986. Identify yourself please and you may ask your question.

Question: Hi, good morning this is Happy. I’d like just to know anything that you haven’t said yet that’s important that may be about whatever is going on in some of the realms. If there’s anything else that you can say that’s important that we need to know.

ONE WHO SERVES: My goodness (laughter) we certainly chuckle at this one because there is so much that has not been shared in many respects but so much also has been shared. We have given many indications of things that are happening behind the scenes and happening as we speak now that are still going on. But it is, again, not to be of concern here because all will be revealed; all is going to come through in the disclosure process as it has been said. The truth will all come out at that time – what is the saying from your X-Files, “the truth is out there”? You are going to get the truth believe me, believe us; we are an “us” – we forget that sometimes. Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No we chuckle here as well – thank you for the answer. (Thank you).

Anne DeHart: Well we’re just doing our best to wheedle something out here. Thank you Happy. I’m going to go ahead and close your line…

ONE WHO SERVES: You can try to wheedle and wheedle as much as you want but we can only give what we can give here. (laughter) We also, you may not understand this, but we have our mentors as well that we have to seek guidance from. And sometimes we are ready to say something and they say “No, no, hold back – cannot say that.” So even here, where we are, it is the experience that we have to hold some things back still.

ANNE DEHART: Well you know I think sometimes that this was the purpose for this last question. Sometimes we understand the rule of the game is you can only answer a question; you cannot offer of your own volition some information. But if we ask a question then that opens up more ability to respond and I think that was the purpose that Happy had. You are still open – I’ll close your line, Happy, if you’ll touch #1. And thank you for trying. (Laughter). Oh I want to ask you a question about something, One Who Serves.

Question: This morning when I was looking at my email I received a brand-new YouTube from a country foreign to us; it doesn’t say where and I think they were mostly black skinned people there. And they were looking at a huge… it looked like a rainbow but it was all solid making it look more like a planet. It was huge and they were in such awe, the people that were watching, and they were quoting Scripture saying that it’s this, it’s that. Can you give us any enlightenment as to what that huge, it must have been a planet or mothership that they saw, can you tell us anything?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes we can say that this is an example of the various glimpses that we have been speaking of for some time here, seeing through the veil, being able to see more and more and more with your physical eyes.

They, all of the expressions that are out there, all of the new understandings that are coming… so these things are going to increase and increase and increase as your statement, your channeling, that you had about what you call the arrival. All of that is still coming – it is going to be very prominent in the times to come. And disclosure is going to happen one way or another whether it comes through your governments speaking about it or whether it comes through full disclosure coming from more of us and those in the ships above, okay? Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No I don’t think so, thank you for asking the question.

Anne DeHart: Okay, thank you. Well everybody I’ll be posting it if you want to see it, it’s quite amazing and looks like a huge rainbow but it’s all solid. It’s big, okay let’s go to 804 area code ending in 2693. Your introduction and your question please.

Question: This is Jimmy in Virginia and I had a question for One Who Serves. A friend of mine noticed that for the first time today for Super Bowl 50 they’re not using the Roman numeral anymore; they are using just the letters “50”. Can you enumerate any on that now?

ONE WHO SERVES: Part of that is the new understanding that is coming from many directions. And you would think that something of this from the sports type of thing which is, yes part of the cabal in many ways, but all of this is a process of change. And in this small respect it is changing but there will be others that will see this and begin to see it in a new light, in a new consciousness. This is a step, you might say, baby steps. Anything to add here Ashira to this?

ASHIRA: Well, we would see it too, the audience or the younger audience is not as familiar with the previous methods of the writing that took place. And so the 50, the “5” “0”, is something that is more broadly understood, more broadly accepted; and again a step into the future. Thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES: We would even add to this – how many of the adults around here even know what “V” and “X” and all of that mean anymore if you think about it?

(We were just wondering if it was part of the Roman empire – with the Roman empire influence on us and that energy fading out as you set into this new energy and new Light).

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes new energy, new paradigm. (We’re all for it – thank you very much).

ANNE DEHART: Okay, I’m back! I had to let the doggie in. Okay Jimmy, thank you, good question – you’re very observant. Alrighty I’m going to go ahead and close your line and I’m opening 360 which is the last hand raised folks…360 I’m opening your line ending in 9642. Your introduction and your question please. Yea come on, who are you?

Question: Hello this is Fran from Washington state and I have a question that might help others as well. For the last six weeks about I’ve had this freezing cold energy around me; it’s like I feel it in my bones it’s just so cold and it comes and goes. But during this last week I’ve had tremendous energy coming in, great pressure in my head, my eyes, my face, neck and shoulders. It’s very intense at times and has been lasting almost a week with pulsating energy in my head and my body. Can you tell me what’s going on? Thank you so much.

ONE WHO SERVES”: Yes Ashira would you like to go first here?

ASHIRA: Yes I will, thank you. Dear one, what we would share with you is that you are simply experiencing the energies that are coming into this physical plane, energies designed to raise your frequency, and your body has interpreted them in different ways and being cold and being warm. But truly this is a source of energy that is coming into this plane of existence and what we would say is that if you could take time to ground yourself in bare feet with mother Earth that would help to ground that energy into the planet as well and you’ll be able to more fully equalize the experience in your body. Does that help?
(Yes thank you very much I do that anyway).
Alright good, One Who Serves?

ONE WHO SERVES: This is part of the understandings that Sanat Kumara gave in terms of initiation or movements of consciousness in an individualized fashion here. So you are experiencing the changes as he spoke of. The beginnings of this, not fully yet, but the beginnings. It will increase for you and it will also come in many different respects and ways for all of you.

So get ready, it is coming. Enjoy; sit back and enjoy the show.
(Thank you for that – I appreciate it. Bless you one and all).

Anne DeHart: Yes, okay while they’re getting brave – the hands are… I thought we were going to have a short show folks (laughs). Okay Fran I’m closing your line – there you go and be sure and touch number one for me please. Rod is back; when everything had cleared he took advantage of it and raised his hand a second time. Come on Rod.

Question: I was watching a like Science or Discovery and it was talking about the evolution of animals and the first one they had looked like a piece of spaghetti with a hole in it and it would suck nutrients out of the environment that it was in and it discovered somehow that it should have a jaw which would help it. And they determined that it took about 50 million years in order to evolve a jaw. And we were talking about an animal that was about 500 million years. Now when our guides talk to us and they say it’s imminent are they on the same time zone that we’re in or does the blink of an eye mean to them 10,000 years. Because looking back over the amount of predictions that have been made, I say it’s a pretty sorry case of failure and may be… Do you get the drift?

ANNE DEHART: Yes we understand – thank you Rod.

Question: Are they in a different time zone?

ONE WHO SERVES: We are in some respects, yes in a different time zone. But more in a “no time” zone; more in a “zero time.” So to understand what you are experiencing here is that time, as you know it, is certainly speeding up.

There is so much that is happening and is in the process of acceleration; so what took before millions of years is done in much shorter period of time. We are talking about a full evolution of consciousness, a leap you might say. And this leap of evolution, the leap of consciousness that is occurring now is going to be very profound, indeed. And you are going to be glad that you are here through it all when it comes more to the ending or what you would even consider the beginning of the next phases.

Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: I thought I was going to have something to add and you are so thorough, I do not. Thank you.

ANNE DEHART: Okay well we appreciate that. Thank you Rod – we’re pretty much synchronized here and I know they’re doing their best to not mislead us timewise; that’s why they’re so careful not to give us any kind of a finite date as we see it. Rod I’m going to close your line and ask you to touch number one. Fran your line is still showing in the question queue – have you touched number one Fran? And let me open 970 ending in 3786. Please introduce yourself and your one question.

Question: Yes good afternoon. Hi Anne and thank you for all for your being here today.

ANNE DEHART: Who are you?.

I’m sorry this is Barbara in Colorado – I’m sorry I forgot to tell you who I was. I was just wondering if you could speak more about the new governance, the new Republic and the kind of shutting down of the IRS and Federal Reserve; specifically the IRS because it seems to be that there is still pretty much an action to try to be very intimidating to a lot of us. So if you could speak more on that and then as it relates to NESARA.

ONE WHO SERVES: We could speak volumes on this particular topic but Ashira would you want to start here on this?

ASHIRA: Well there will be all kinds of changes. We’ve said before that this is the year that all of this is taking place, all of the new governance around the world, the NESARA and the GESARA, relieving everyone of the debts they have had in the past. All of this is taking place now. I am not going to be one who tells you of who is going to step into place in every situation but I will say that if you have money that you are expecting from the IRS turn in your receipts now because it is going to be out the window. One Who Serves, take it from here.

ONE WHO SERVES: And you just took the words right out of our mouth, or James’s mouth here at this time. So everything that you know of when you look up the term NESARA and look it up in the correct fashion, and not to the cabal’s version of it but Forces of Light version, you will find that all of these things that you speak about: the New Republic, the ending of the IRS, the revaluation and global currency reset and all of these things are going to be a product of this particular year that you are in now. It is all coming to an end, it is all going to come to a head, you might say, very shortly these things will begin to show themselves. And as Ashira has said your IRS, what many call the “infernal revenue service” (laughter) is going to be kaput. It is going to be gone as you know it now; there will be a facsimile of it but it will not be the dark and negative corporation that it is at this time.

So we have to pretty much play the game until that all happens I would assume.

That is correct.

Question: And can I just throw in one other thing. If you could speak on mentors – what that will feel like, what that will be like and are they coming soon to assist us?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes in many respects the mentors are already here with you, you just may not be aware of them yet but there are many who are becoming aware of them. They are coming in their dream state, they are coming in their meditation state, in visions and all of these types of things. But they will eventually come to you in a more physical fashion – you will come up to them, they will not necessarily come down to you, so that is something you have to be understanding about that you do need to take action, you need to make a move and it will happen very fluidly as these energies come in more and more. But you will need to move up in your vibrations mainly by letting go of the old programming. We know the discussion here earlier was partially about programming, and we would say to you to certainly let go of all of the old programming, as you can begin to voice the new understanding, the new level of the new paradigm here. Begin to voice that out – that is the “believing is seeing,” all of these things. Begin to voice it, make it come into your understanding, into your life directly. Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: I will add – you asked how can you know them? They will be as good friends – when you meet face-to-face, you know that you will have known these ones who come to serve as your mentors from other times and other places. You will have a comfort of your heart with them, you will be on an equal plane and yet they will have so much to share with you. There will be almost like catching up – you will find this a very enjoyable experience. One Who Serves?

ONE WHO SERVES: Very good, next question?

ANNE DEHART: Okay thanks Barb I’m going to close your line and don’t forget to touch number one for us. We’re moving on to 607 ending in 9400. That’s a good number. Your introduction and question please.

Question: Well thank you Anne. My name is Glenn – I am from New York State and my question is I’m not experiencing sickness per se as towards the ascension; I was having very heavy dreams at night of not so much contact but good will but as of lately I find myself waking in the morning with a lot of anger that I have to push off of me before I start my day. Like I lay in bed and I’m just very angry and violent, even towards my partner whom I love her very much. I have a violent imagery in my head until I get up and make the affirmations of intent, of love and good will. Can you, can anyone explain to me why I’m going through so much turmoil in my waking hours?

ONE WHO SERVES: Ashira would you like to address this is?

ASHIRA: Yes. So what we see with you dear one is that you are processing the energies upon the planet that are in a very confused state. Many, many angry people. And it feels very foreign to you because this is not how you relate to the world. How can you perhaps prevent this from happening? Before you go to sleep at night, share your gratitude, share your gratefulness, share the good things with your partner in life.

And when you awaken in the morning, how do you diffuse this? You get up and once again share what you are grateful for and you process this easily and effortlessly, knowing that this has not to do with you. This flows through you and that you are not holding onto this, you are letting it go. And you’re picking up with the cheerfulness and the love that you have in your heart, in your mind and in your mind’s eye. One Who Serves?

ONE WHO SERVES: And we would add that those who tend to be more empathic would have more difficulty with this because as Ashira has said, the ones who are more empathic will take these energies onto themselves and they must have ways to rid themselves of these energies. And the way to do this, as Ashira has said, is to be in gratitude.

(Okay well thank you for your consideration and your time and for everything you do and I’d like to thank everyone that is listening and tell them to continue the Love, the Light and to continue throwing your energy upwards).

ANNE DEHART: Okay thank you Glenn – I just closed your line. Glenn if you will touch #1, Fran if you’re still listening you have not exited the question queue – touch #1 for me please Fran and Jimmy. No Jimmy your coming up for a second round but someone new is here before you and then we’ll be back to Jimmy again. 817 we hear noise (muffled background noise) – 817 okay I’m going to have to close you because you don’t hear me – okay I closed 817 they’re not attentive right now. Jimmy I’m going to open your line again in Virginia and there you are, come on.

Question: Yeah I wanted to know if y’all could receive…my dreams have been…I’ve recorded over 20 dreams just since the 1st of the year. And I had a dream last week where I had a golden hand of solid gold on my right hand, on the back of it, and I was told that I was one of the golden ones. And the question that I’m asking is that I keep sensing that’s so powerful is the capstone of solid gold on the great pyramid – is it ready to be discovered and put back on the great pyramid?

ONE WHO SERVES: It is not so much that. We’ll answer this second part and then Ashira can answer the first, if you would Ashira, okay?

ASHIRA: Alright.

ONE WHO SERVES: The second part of this is the capstone is not needing to be re-discovered – it has never been lost. It has only been lost to the surface world here. But it has been secreted away, very safe, and it will be brought back to its rightful place once the energies are ready for it, okay?

(Yea, that’s what I thought).

ASHIRA: Alright I will talk about the dream state that you had. This is a time where everyone on the planet is experiencing different types of dreams and the fact that you are experiencing these many dreams, are some of these lucid dreams that you are having?

(Oh very much so).


(I’ve been really aware of going into the ascension chamber, the ascension tube, and several years ago I had a vision where it was called the superhighway; and I’ve been aware that this is the superhighway that we are all wanting to connect to. So through meditation and visions I’ve been going through the superhighway of connecting).

That’s wonderful! So we would just say “Ccngratulations, this is a step in your development of consciousness; this is a step of understanding of who you are and your part in the entire plan for the planet. There are so many who are Lightworkers who have had dreams of various import, of past lives, of future lives, of multidimensional lives and so this is just part of what you are experiencing. And we are very happy for you for the more aware we are on the planet, the more that each of you embodies and embraces that which you receive from your Higher Self, the more quickly it can be available to others as you are called. Does that make sense?

(Yea, it was also revealed as the yellow brick road).

Yes, will we have had experiences in this group with the yellow brick road but we will not discuss that today and leave it for another time. Good luck.

(Thank you, thank you very much).

ANNE DEHART: Oh, that’s intriguing, thank you Jimmy, thank you – I’m going to close your line and we have two lines that are open. 817 we tried you before and you were distracted with noise in your environment so let me give you a second opportunity. 817? (background noise) Okay they are somewhere else. 928 I’m opening your line – 928 ending in 1498, not 1492 but 1498. Come on.

Question: Hey thank you this is Sue in Tucson Arizona and I have a question about a vision that I, or an appearance that I had last week one evening when I was meditating and quiet. What I thought were two, but maybe there were more than two, beings appeared that I felt were probably Zeta Reticuli beings. They looked…you know, they had the large eyes and slanted appearance in their head with almost what some people refer to an insectoid appearance. Could you comment on why they were here, who they are to me?

ONE WHO SHARES: Ashira do you wish to address this?

ASHIRA: I will start. So dear one, how do you feel about these beings being with you?

(Well, I accept them and, you know, was aware that they were present. I’ve been told that I have had a lot of connection in the past with this star system).

Right, well we would answer to you is that in your state of meditation as in your state of dreams the veil has been dropping. And so as the veil drops you have visits from others and they are there to visit with you, to share with you, to care with you. We are not, we do not have any sense of concern in this situation and we know that you also have others who visit you in dreams and in meditation so the connection is that they purely wanted to visit with you and we will let it go at that. One Who Serves?

ONE WHO SERVES: Very good – we do not have anything to add at this time to that.

(Okay thank you).

ANNE DEHART: Okay, the hands are coming back up again and we’ll squeeze until they tell us to stop. Sue I’ve closed your line and you touch #1. I’m going to 303 ending in 1087. Your line is open, come on.

Question: Hi this is Richard from Colorado. I have one question – a friend of mine sent me a photo of a UFO that was taken over McPhee reservoir in Colorado this past summer and they were taking pictures of the lightning and it was kind of on the dark side a little bit, you know, maybe evening. And this large superstructure showed up and it’s a quite stunning UFO with a lot of light underneath – you can almost see through it, a lot of orange light around it, a lot of orange light below it and it’s quite stunning. I’m wondering if you can tell me where it’s from and what the mission was.

ONE WHO SERVES: With these types of questions we cannot directly give where they are from and what they are here for.

(Oh, okay)

Understand that they are a part of the expression that is needed to bring about these glimpses that we have been speaking of and disclosure. So all of this is to be shared with those who are ready to understand it, ready to see it, ready to believe it, all of these things. So do not be concerned necessarily yet about where they are from – all of this will come forward in disclosure time. You will begin to…at first only those that are more human looking that look more like all of us here – these ones will be the first ones that will make contact directly. And then it will switch to more of your Star Wars Cantina type of thing. (laughter)


That was purposeful please understand, all of these things are purposeful. So your movies, many of your movies are on purpose; they are not always for the darkness, not always done by the cabal. Many of them are done by the forces of Light, just somewhat directed by the cabal in certain ways. But this is all going to come forward. This is all we can say on this particular sighting at this time. Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES: Very good.

(Thank you very much).

ANNE DEHART: Okay, well that applies to all of us. We’re going to see these things but we just accept them or ask in our own heartmind to learn as much as we’re allowed to learn at that time. And so we won’t ask about anymore sightings because we are learning that that’s limited. Happy, I’m going to open your line. I know you were on before but you lingered and maybe you weren’t complete so I’ve just opened your line again.

Question: Yea I was just wanting to know if you could give us some, some specific practical events that would occur that would let us know that we’re actually right there on the mark for whatever is, this big shift is going to take place in our world on our globe. Is there any specific things that you could point us towards that would happen that we would know for sure that this is what’s happening?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes we can tell you practicality-wise that when they happen, you will know it. (Laughter). The only way that we can put it at this time because the order of things has not yet completely been determined, and as we say many times, because of man’s consciousness all of these things are altered in many respects. So we can say one thing will occur such as the global currency reset will occur and then the re-eval will follow that. And if we say that, all of you will now be looking for that to happen immediately, so we can not do that because it may not happen that way; it may happen with a disclosure type of thing first or the Event or the series of events or many other… An  announcement of the Republic, all of these things could come and they will come in the order in which they needed to in that particular moment as they are announced.

(Let me ask you this – the fact that there is a stock market process going on in a downward spiral here, is that significant in any way?).

We can tell you to take your money out of your stocks, literally.

(Well, some people make a lot of money…)

There will be no more stock market,

(But I meant is that a significant thing in reference to all these other things happening – that’s what I was wondering if a crash in the market is a huge significator…).

It is a huge significator, yes. (It is). A large indicator.


ASHIRA: I would like to add…

ANNE DEHART: Okay we are getting hands up…

ONE WHO SERVES: Ashira wishes to address this as well.

ASHIRA: One of the benefits of having a group such as this…each week talking about what’s happening in the world helps one to become more aware of everything that is unfolding. A year ago conversations were not the same, two years ago conversations were definitely not the same.

Conversations that take place now are noticing as things that have been expected are unfolding, as things that were expected have started to happen, as things that you might be looking for in a group such as this is talked about on a weekly basis. If you have an opportunity to meet with a group in your area and start to have these types of conversations it will help you feel supported through this, does it not group?

(Yes, yes).

Yes this is a very supportive group of people who have similar ideas, similar belief systems, coming together. And we know that Hollow Earth and all of the Internet has so much, but if you can go into a group, even if you start one yourself sir, start in a group. Have people who will surround you and everybody is watching and everybody can discuss what is happening and you will feel so much more relaxed in the world as it unfolds before your eyes. Thank you. Anne?

ANNE DEHART: Alright that was very good – I hope everybody can take that to heart. You need one strong leader to open the door and invite and then the camaraderie will grow and develop and you will feel so at home with each other. Thank you Happy I’m closing your line, okay? Please touch #1 for me Happy and and Fran and I’m opening 708 ending in 9261. Introduce yourself and your question please. Wait a minute 818 opened somehow – it jumped just as I opened your…you’re not open 708 and I’ll have to close you 818. Okay 708 you’re on. 708 ending in 0171 your line is open.

Question: Oh hi Anne, Hi everyone, this is Loretta from Chicago and I just want to make two comments real quick. One, I finally I got a part answer for Chicago’s financial district – it was announced a few days ago that Chinese investors have bought the Chicago Stock Exchange. So now I am so happy that the cabal from Chicago can finally go bye-bye. And second, I did have questions but because of all the wonderful explanations that One Who Serves and Ashira has been giving us…oh my goodness, I’m so glad that I got on this call today because I have been going in a whirlwind all week from one end to the other because I work for a tax company and I don’t want to be there because I know the IRS is full of baloney. But I have to be there for now for financial means and all week long, as I’ve been doing the tax returns, I’ve been getting a nudge on my shoulder and calling my name. I look there behind me and there’s no one there (laughter) and they said “Just go on and do what you have to do, just play the game and help those that are in front of you, just remain patient and focused and ground yourself. The time is short and it’s going to happen very shortly.” And I just wanted to thank all of you.

ONE WHO SERVES: We can tell you that you are going to be out of a job soon.

(laughter – thank you all so much and I love all of you and I’ll sign off – thank you).

ANNE DEHART: Thank you Loretta I’m going to close your line. Closing Loretta’s line, opening 818…



ASHIRA: Anne we are going to have a conversation here. (To OWS) How many questions do you feel that we are…

ONE WHO SERVES: We are in a good place here, so it’s up to you at this time.

ASHIRA: We would say let us have three…

ONE WHO SERVES: Three or four.


ONE WHO SERVES: Three more.

ANNE DEHART:  I’m going to ask that no one from this point forward touch #1, okay? Loretta if you’ll touch #1 and close your line it’ll give me a better view of who’s left. So Loretta has closed, Fran you haven’t been responding to my request – I think you may be gone – so let me see how many are left. 817 is still waiting, 860 is still waiting, I have 818 open, Glenn is back from New York and Loretta…there Loretta just closed okay…no she’s still there. My goodness. We’re going to ask that no one touch #1 unless you’re closing your line and 818 is open right now. Come on.

Question: Okay this is Melba from California. I have a question for the panel. Last week, it was like Monday or Tuesday, and I was meditating with my partner and the reason we were meditating is that we created, visualizing, two pyramids; a golden white light pyramid, one above and one below, especially in this nation to remove all the dark entities. We created a vortex on top of the pyramids, one above and one below, to destroy all the dark entities, especially the IRS, to dissolve all systems and to remove all the dark ones in there, in the IRS. Two days later their systems were down (laughter). So I’d like to know if that’s our visualization made that happen.

ONE WHO SERVES: We think that you already know the answer and certainly everyone that is listening in also knows the answer, yes of course you intended it, you created it – Believing is Seeing. So it is, you are doing it. Did someone just say “The Force is with you”? (Laughter) Yes it is all happening, please understand, in your intentions; this is why you do this in meditations and in your guided meditations within your group and all of these things, to bring about this consciousness movement across the planet. You are the ones that are doing it! We are helping, but you are really doing it! So know that as you have these visions, that they are real. ​​

This is the creative ability within the higher vibrations. When you move much more into fifth dimension, many of you are already there in some respects, and when you are there, your creative mind, your imagination is everything there. You are going to create everything from your imagination. You “image” it, it will be there. That is what is coming as you enter into your Ascension process.

 Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No that was wonderful. Thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES: Very good.

(Thank you)

ANNE DEHART: Okay, honey, good for you! We all cheer you on and you’ve encouraged others to do the same. Thank you, Melba. I’m closing your…

Question: So it was supposed to be three people, so we asked for the purest light of the Ascended Masters and I believe they were there to assist us. Am I right?

ONE WHO SERVES: You are right. Affirmative.

ANNE DEHART: Seeing is believing, and you’ve proved it to us Melba. I have to close you because we’re piling up. In the beginning there’s nobody and at the end I can’t keep up with them all. Melba please touch #1 and help me keep this cleared here. Let me see 267 I’m going to open…267 where did you go? Uh oh – it jumped, just a minute. 267 is open, come on. Introduce yourself and your one question.

Question: Hello this is Charles from Pennsylvania. In the last few weeks I’ve been getting, probably many have heard the story about the family in Oregon. If I get the story correctly, they have occupied what was called Federal land; I thought they were actual land owners there. And there was a whole influx of law enforcement, FBI, what have you, people were killed and this and that. I don’t know the truth of the story – do you have any truth of this and how the whole fear kind of, could have been dissipated with meditation? The Bundy’s may be a name, of course, that may bring the story to light for you.

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes this is another one of those stories or what you would call false flag attempting to mobilize within fear, to bring about fear, and these things, they try to do these things to continue to do what has always worked for them before. But it is no longer working. They are meeting much resistance in these types of things now and this will continue and eventually it will completely end and die out because this type of energy cannot continue. But it is happening now and there are ramifications that will come from this that you will see and understand as it occurs. So just be patient, do not fall into the fear though. That is the most important thing – do not become ensconced within the fear. That is what they want and that is what you do not give them. Ashira?

ASHIRA: We would say that no matter what side you might place yourself on,  you can find literature that will support it. This is an aspect that is devised behind closed doors and the truth is very hard to discern from a 3D aspect, is it not?

(It is).

You asked about meditation – send love. (Laughter) Send love and that will continue to cleanse the area. And we know that you are not one who is in fear and we know that One Who Serves talks to all across this audience about fear. In this area we would say all of you who are meditating, sending thoughts, send love to this particular situation, alright?

(Thank you very much, thank you).

ANNE DEHART: Okay I’m going to close your line Charles, thank you for the question and please touch #1 to help me keep this…there you go. Now let’s see who has not had a chance to speak yet. We’re having returns but going back to the Oregon, I kind of had a feeling that it was a revelation to those who aren’t aware of how things are being done to land owners sort of to make them receptive to when the New Republic comes in. They’ll see that we don’t want what we’ve got, we want something new (laughter). That was just my own opinion on it. 817 I’m going to try you and if you don’t answer this time I’m going to close your line. (background noise). 817 are you there? Okay I’ve closed their line. Okay let’s see who is here? There are so many…Fran you are lingering although we’ve tried to get your line closed for you, Fran I’m going to try to open your line. Do you need to talk at all? Did you keep your hand up … (Hello I’ve tried 12 times it won’t take the hand down). Okay thank you then we’ll just leave you there and move on and see if we don’t miss anybody here. Area code 860 I don’t believe you’ve had an opportunity yet, come on, ending in 1796.

Question: John Connecticut. Two questions. After announcements, how long will it be until the healing ships show up?

ONE WHO SERVES: After announcements when will the healing ships show up? We can tell you that again, as we spoke earlier, these things are determined on man’s consciousness and how these things will develop and in what order they will occur, will come in. So when you speak of announcements you do not say which particular announcements. Are you speaking of announcements that you are not alone in the universe?

Which is such a ludicrous idea when you think about it (laughter), is it not?

(No, not at all just GCR, NESARA, just the immediate stuff we’re waiting on).

There are many announcements, that’s what we’re trying to say, there will be many different kinds of announcements that will come.

So when these announcements are coming, or have come, it is considered safe, you might say, for our Galactic brothers and sisters to join us, then they will join us.

Question: Okay thank you and my second question is there any way to get beamed up now and come back like after it’s all done? (laughter)

ANNE DEHART: Go to the end of the line! We’re all waiting (laughter).

ONE WHO SERVES: I think everyone wants to get beamed up at one point or another.

ANNE DEHART: Thank you John.

(Thank you).

ONE WHO SERVES: It’s not quite the moment for that yet.

ANNE DEHART: Yes, stick around and watch the show. After all we’ve been through, don’t miss the show now that it’s ready to begin!

ONE WHO SERVES: Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES: We believe that was your last question of the three questions, was it not?

ANNE DEHART: Oh was it three that we were allowed? Oh well, I’ve got all
the newcomers except one – no, wait a minute, that’s not even up so okay the others are returns. Happy is back and Glenn is back and that’s the only ones that are left.

ASHIRA: We will say that it has been a pleasure having so many men on the line today. Generally it seems that this is either fairly even in terms of male and female or more heavily on your female audience. But it has been a pleasure to have so many men join us here today.

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes and this One Who Serves is going to step aside briefly for another One Who Serves who wishes to come in and give his two cents. (laughter) He always wants to do that when he gets the chance so Shanti but another is coming in. (Thank you).

ONE WHO SERVES​ #2: Greetings to you (greetings) yea we sound just like the other one, we know, but we are a little bit more higher energy, frequency rather, a little more excited and that type of thing, but we wish to just… We heard something earlier and we certainly chuckled at it. That was the one who said “the panel,” — that she wanted to ask questions of “the panel.” And she does not know how close she was to what is really happening here. It is not just two here that are speaking or that are even in process here of understanding what is being asked. There are many of us here, so we are a panel, that is certainly true.

Now we also wish to share one other thing that came about in one other question which was speaking of dream and Ascension dream and all of this type of thing. And we wish to share that the James had a dream of this nature some time ago when he was able to step out into the, what is called, the “Ring-Pass-Not.” And at the time, he knew nothing about this and he stepped into the Ring and he was told as he stepped into the Ring to not look back and not tell anyone that he had stepped into the Ring. So what did the James do in the dream? He turned around and said “Hey look at me, I’m in the Ring now.” (Laughter) And certainly… then he could not stay in the Ring, you see? And he could not go on to the next step.

This was indicative of what you will come across as you are moving in this Ascension process. When the mentors say to jump, you jump, okay? That is what you need to do – they will come and they will give much understanding, much help to you as you are ready for it in these times to come, okay? (Okay)

Okay, oh the other thing was that when the James woke up in the morning he did not know anything about this Ring-Pass-Not. He looked it up, he Googled it (laughter) – you know how you Google everything? He Googled it and there it was – Ring-Pass-Not. He learned all about it.

And there is definitely proof of your dreams, there are things happening in your dreams, there is more than you can possibly imagine happening in your dream state. And we would say to you, do not think about that as dreams anymore. Think of them as continuing your life, continuing your journey. This is a part of your journey, your dreams are a part of your journey. They’re moving into a different state of understanding, a different frequency vibration, a different dimension even, you see? So you are having experiences while you’re awake and you are having experiences while you are asleep and they are all part of your greater journey, okay? (Okay).

We release channel now. We just needed to jump in and say that. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One. (Thank you).

ASHIRA:  I am Ashira. It’s been a pleasure to be with you today. Many great questions have been asked, many questions have been answered by all of us who are here to be of service with you. Since the past month has passed Sanat Kumara talked about the Great Initiation and this group has every Sunday come together. Some of you have spoken about the Great Initiation that you’ve taken beyond this planet, beyond the universes. You had experiences.

This one Susan has had experiences she spoke of last week visiting earlier parts of this life and then moving into past lives. All have been part of an initiation. Everyone has had different experiences and you will continue to have more and more experiences as your frequency raises.

You will have more and more of these lucid dreams, these awakened dreams. You will be able to know that you are dreaming and be able to affect the things that you are doing. And then there are also those that know that they are having multilevel experiences, multidimensional experiences. And all of these, all of these are part of your growth, part of that which you are embracing at this time and moving forward with.

In the month to come there will be even more things to share, more things that have unfolded for all of you in this time of awakening, this time of starting from the base of understanding. Many of you will be helping those around you, helping them to unfold even more.

These are great times to be alive, great times to do everything that you have to do. And as we always say to those in this group and those on the phone and all of those who would read these words, “Ask for help. Ask for help. We are by your side; we are there to assist you. The mentors are already speaking in your ears. There are so many who are here on this side waiting to step forward with you to celebrate in the days to come. We send you our peace and our love.”

Namaste. (Namaste)

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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