Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – RAINBOW WAVE 2 – The Event Integration – Energy Update – 8-17-18 – via Rose Rambles dot org

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Published on Aug 17, 2018

“You are in a process of full integration of 4th density consciousness of full transparency. 3D to 4D. Twin flames are beginning to merge in waves with astral body linking and telepathy linking through a harmonic synchronization. This is the beginning of the next phase of the Twin Flame and Freewill Ascension experiment for the human evolution on this planet. The time and location for your experiences are orchestrated by the higher 5th dimensional electronic self. Many of you will begin to directly communicate with the higher aspect of yourself in connection to your astral forth dimensional non-physical body; your persona and your third dimensional Avatar physical body; ascension vehicle. Through purging you have released old prep programs while integrating information for the Galactic human template to pull forth your 5D timeline in a physical experience.” -Arcturus Transmission

Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – The Event – Ascension Waves – Multi-colored Mist – Guidance – 7-1-18

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Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D



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Published on Jul 1, 2018

The Event experienced consciously by many and unsciously by all in March 2018, was to anchor the next wave prior to the Event or solar flash. This wave will be experienced by all. It begins with a pulse or energy wave which can be seen physically as a misty cloud. It looks purple-pink. You will see this wave move through the enviorment and through all matter as it is only light & sound. When it is seen, it will reach you and your enviorment within minutes. You will have the intuitive knowing just prior to the wave of energy moving through the body. A solar flare will follow this wave/mist.



Published on Jul 3, 2018

This energy is little crazy, try to stay balanced. you will begin to experience your thoughts and emotions manifesting in timelines beyond visible light frequency, which is rapid manifestation. Programs in past experiences connected to the third dimensional Consciousness are being dissolved in removed through this Eclipse season, a lot of you are feeling this energy now

ALEXANDER – Most Powerful Waves are Here – How to Deal with Them – 6-13-18


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Published on Jun 12, 2018

Most Powerful Waves are Here, How to Deal with Them June 12, 2018 by Alexander Alexander’s Original Video can be found at:… You can contact Alexander at:



THE BIG WAVE FOR 2018! – New Earth News – 5-28-18 – Celia Fenn @ IN5D


by Celia Fenn,   Guest writer,

So as we enter the first few days of Gemini, I have to say I am feeling better than I have in a long while.

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The energy waves are still rolling through, but the intensity has leveled out for me, although today was another one of those technicolor HD days where everything seems brighter and bigger and almost overwhelming. Now I just tell myself this is 5D and that its all ok.

I think in the next few weeks as we move towards Solstice we will continue to ride these waves of “adjustment”.

The “Big Wave” for 2018 will start picking up energy around the 26th and 27th of July as we move into the Lion’s Gate. This will be accompanied by a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius/Leo. And yes, it will be a special one.

Apparently, it will be the longest Lunar eclipse of the century at 1 hour and 43 minutes. I feel pretty sure that this will allow for an absolute tsunami of Diamond Light to start the Planetary New Year and open the Lion’s Gate Portal.

Oh yes……things are about to get really interesting in this shift.

Remember to breather deeply and enjoy the ride!

This is the New Earth coming in and it promises to bring us a New Life and a New Dream.

Release the old and old expectations and be open to embracing the New in all its forms and in all its blessings!

Celie Fenn

About the authorI will be offering an introductory level course into the basics of Shamanism this month. If you would like to know more please click here.

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Blue Dragon Journal – One Ascension Level up! – What the different Waves experience – Wake Up Experience – dreamweaver333 – 6-21-17

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Found at Blue Dragon Journal One a Ascension Level up!

What the different Waves experience by Vera | Jun 20, 2017 |

via One Ascension Level up! What the different Waves experience – Wake Up Experience — dreamweaver333

Vera Ingeborg – Current Energies and Symptoms for the Different Ascension Waves

By Vera Ingeborg Note: By no means does this blog intend to put stamps or labels onto people and put some people over others. No one is better or worse, as we are all part of the whole. The categorization used in this article is only there to help understanding symptoms and the awakening […]

via Vera Ingeborg: Current Energies and Symptoms for the Different Ascension Waves — Blue Dragon Journal

THREE Massive Tidal Waves Are Coming And It’s Not What You Think! In5D May 15, 2016



by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

I recently had a dream where I saw three tidal waves. For most people, dreaming about a tidal wave can be very traumatic but in this cream, I saw it quite differently!

In my dream, I was at the beach and I saw this huge tidal wave coming my way. I turned around to seek shelter in a beach house when I noticed another tidal wave 10x bigger than the first one coming up over a mountain in the opposite direction. I went into the beach house as the waves converged over me. At no point in this dream was I ever scared or frightened. While the waves converged above me in this beach house, I could stick my hand through the window and touch the water.

Eventually, the waves resided, so I went outside only to see another tidal wave coming over the mountain, so I go back inside the beach house until it resided again.

As I got out of the beach house, I remembered that my truck was parked up on the mountain, so I went up there to find it. Once I got to the top of the mountain, there were a number of people milling around, but the energy there had changed to something quite peaceful and relaxing. The energy felt completely new as well. At this point, I woke up.

In typical dream analysis, a tidal wave may mean that there is something very overwhelming going on in your life but because there was no trauma or feelings of fear, I looked at this dream from a metaphysical standpoint.

Water is a mutable energy. It can be solid, liquid, or gas. If you think of a tidal “wave”, the wave can be viewed as a wave of energy This is what I feel the dream is portraying to me.

There is a huge wave of energy arriving that all of us will be focused on. In the meanwhile, another wave of energy will be coming from the opposite direction and will converge with the initial energy wave. At that point, something magical will happen! Whether that’s moving into the next stage of spirituality, becoming a lightbody, or something else is unknown, but it will be MAGICAL!

The initial wave may be something similar to what Paul LaViolette calls the Galactic Superwave or it might be one of the cosmic wildcards that I mention in the In5D article, Beyond Imagination! The Cosmic Wildcard.

In dream analysis, a house or a car is you, even if you are in that house or car. When these waves came, I “went within” the beach house or in simpler terms, I went within myself when the wave of energy arrived.

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I often get visions before I fall asleep. A few months ago, I had a vision where I saw a person standing in front of me. It could have been myself or someone else. In an instant, a huge flash of light engulfs the planet and all you can feel is unconditional love for everyone and everything. AT that point in time, NOTHING else matters. If you have any fears, worries, or issues, they’re GONE!

I get the feeling that the tidal wave dream and this vision are related to one another. Perhaps at the point of convergence, the white light will engulf the planet?

I wish I had a time frame for this but it all feels like this will happen in this current lifetime. The sooner, the better!

Have you had dreams of tidal waves? If so, please tell us about them below!

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Gregg Prescott <a href=Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work relentlessly in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year. Please like and follow In5D on Facebook as well as