TRANSMISSION From TransformOtion QHHT – The Event Is Coming – Darkness, Rapid Change, 3 Events – Leaving the Planet After the Event – Courtesy of Rose Rambles dot org – 4-28-19

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Published on Apr 26, 2019

This client came to the session expressing that he wanted to leave the planet. He felt as though he is just waiting to transition.

As soon as I took him into the “past life” energy was pouring through his body as many beings started to clear density from his body. He was shaking and shuddering as LIGHT was blasting through his system. He was having difficulty sharing information. An entitity was blocking his throat. As soon as I cleared it from his system, loads of information began to stream in about THE EVENT.

There will be two mass exits from the planet. The first one happening at the event. Some groups of starseeds will leave the planet as well as souls who have decided not to participate in this LOVE VIBRATION. Those beings will be reprogrammed and relocated to finish their karma.

Immediately following this event, we will have the ability to manipulate time and energy. We will be able to travel in a blink of an eye. We will begin coming together in a unified way to balance Gaia as she shifts.

A second event, seen as a wall/veil/curtain, will happen about 6 months later that will help us see into other dimensions and realities. Another event, a calm blanket, happens after that to soothe and calm the energies.

Another event, a calm blanket, happens after that to soothe and calm the energies. LOADS OF ANGELIC SUPPORT and ET support during these times. THIS IS IT EVERYONE! THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! ETA: Late June: This client received 22, 23,24ish…Done by the 26th… We are so thankful for those of you who donate to support our work. If you would like to donate to us you can do so via: Paypal: Venmo: TransformOtion Portland​ Support Me: Stay Connected with Us: Our Website: and FOLLOW MICHAEL’S FB for current updates: Youtube:… Instagram: trans4motion

SANDRA WALTER – March Waves and Strong Shifts Anticipated

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Sandra Walter


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The Progression of Waves – last week of February, mid-March and end of April – are strong and purposeful. The initial February influx is now complete.

Geomagnetic storms were strong as the influx arrived. Note the clearing and realignment effects in your own lifestream. The more intense the energies grow, the more we shed the old. Weep it out, dance it out, sing it out … let the light change you. Notice the changes in your awareness, fields, heart and Embodiment. There is a softness, creativity and wisdom to this level of Divine Surrender.

Activations are intensifying to reflect the next level of Lightbody merge. Embodiment is accelerating (along with everything else) and new experiences are stepping up. Personally I had a brand new experience of Lightbody merge last SUNday during the Unity Meditations. A brilliant shimmering, scintillating, very psychadelic birthing-a-star sensation radiated from the heart outward, through the body and lightbody levels. It was beyond anything I have felt before – and that is saying a lot. I welcome it to happen again!

Wave Two: March

These influxes, like all waves this year, do not step down. There is no pause on the cosmic currents. Get outside and breathe, anchor, reset. The acceleration has a purpose on many levels, including collective trajectories.

Grounding is to the New Earth crystalline realities; more of a Lightbody merge than a dense anchor-to-the-old-core dynamic. You feel those denser realities dissolving; there’s nothing to anchor to. Let the evolution of the heart center connect you to all that is, to the ascended realities. They feel different; surrender to the new sensations.

The progression increases in frequency, with palpable jumps during the New Moon March 6 (8:05am PT), Solar activity around March 13-17, and through the March Equinox on March 20 at 2:58pm PT. Equinox is a key moment for influxes and outpourings of new light because of its balancing qualities. We also have a Full Moon on Equinox (6:43pm PT) which will make it a very powerful moment for balance and rewriting realities.

New relationships, partnerships, co-creations and Teams are forming to align with new Embodied expression and our new skills. This regrouping is related to Contact, Embodiment Light Signatures (collective amplification through co-creation) and working in tandem with the higher realms in a more direct way.

Akashic Deletion

Akashic distortions are being cleared – for years now – and this is accelerating to accomodate the collective Ascension. Inorganic experiences here are overwritten to align past, present, future flows of the organic timelines. We see this in our lifestreams; the memory and associated emotion with traumas, drama, or uncomplimentary experiences dissipates.

This is also related to astral collapse, the thinning of the veils which allowed for the illusion of separation. Our dream states are clearly reflecting this re-organization of timelines and experiences to accommodate higher realities. Bizarre and busy fragments from several lifetimes and parallel possibilities are sorting themselves out. The collective subconscious is getting cleared of the distortions and programs of the past, to mend the flow of past-present-future with the organic timelines of Ascension. This is a reflection of the resolution happening on a Universal level.

Plasma Waves

Positive photonic-encoded plasma waves arrive in March which support the new experience of pure unity consciousness, without the distortions of the past. This is cosmic-level support of our Embodiment, and Embodiers will be having some very strong positive experiences as these influxes intensify.

We have just begun to experience higher levels of Unity Consciousness, how it feels in the body and how to utilize it in alignment with Divine Will. A very exciting passage, happening in tandem with the dismantling behind the scenes. Brilliant. Remember we hold the balance, the calm in these collective storms. These waves will make it easier; surrender to the transformation.

Reactivation of the Ancient Sites

For the past few years, Gatekeepers/Gridworkers have been reactivating the ancient sites within Gaia (underground, unexposed structures). These ancient structures were placed in Gaia by us specifically for the Ascension, and guarded by our Galactic levels.

These sites and portals are already connected to the crystalline New Earth grid system. As with many of these premeditated sites, they lay dormant for best-case-scenario, or the point on the future timeline when Ascension would take place. We have arrived at the activation moment. The core magnetic shift of Gaia over the last few months serves like a combination lock, allowing these flows from her crystalline core to outflow through these awakened Inner Earth/ancient underground node points.

Several of these portals are connected to ancient crystal beds and aquifers, as well as sacred stone structures underneath the surface. These are not travel-related stargates, they are gateways which bridge the worlds and create more cohesive unification as we merge with Ascended realities and our higher levels.

They will assist with the first contact initiatives, the rainbow bridge DNA, and crystalline pathways to New Earth realities. A great outpouring of light from Gaia, and a way to outflow the intense stimulation of her SUN-like core as it receives these photonic waves. A delivery system and stabilization mechanism. If you are called to assist with these activations during collective Gatework, that list is at this end of this article.

Self-Qualified for Trinity DNA Markers

Trinity DNA codes are being collectively activated, which brings brand new sensations in the body and Lightbody. Trinity DNA, the path of the Ascension or Solar Cosmic Christ, is a reflection of the Deity Self, the OverSoul or I AM Presence. Our collective Embodiment calls forth Trinity DNA markers, which are a collective Divine HUMan DNA signature, triggered by Unity Consciousness, Positive Photonic plasma influxes, and Gaia’s light level.

This expansiveness and great-unknown vibration can also cause anxiety or self-doubt. This is our Mastery challenge. Balance. Consistent alignment with Love and Service. Remember how vast you are, dear hearts. Hold the Light high.

Elementals and Unity Consciousness

Remember that the elementals are a reflection of the healing unfolding on the planet right now. The elementals are evolving into pure unity consciousness, just as we are. They are affected by our vibration, and once again… Embodiment changes everything.

We touched on this briefly during the First Contact retreat. The elementals can show us where portals and gateways are activating. Sometimes they are used to get us accustomed to large objects overhead (cloudship appearance). They show us where Gaia is rebalancing, especially with the core magnetic shift this year. Elementals work with us as we move into unity consciousness. A divine reflection of our collective progress.

Water is the most sensitive and easiest way to deliver healing, restoration and light codes through the elementals. As science has demonstrated, water is susceptible to thought and emotion. It works in tandem with DNA and glands (pineal, pituitary, thymus, etc.) in our bodies to connect us with cosmic stargates, our higher levels, cosmic light influxes, and intel from other star systems.

Gaia uses water to heal. Think of all of this precipitation like white blood cells rushing to a wound. Balance and restoration is taking place. Remember this as the elementals behave in unusual ways. Always pull back to the bigger picture; we are experiencing a complete transformation of these worlds in a very brief period of linear time.

As we move into unity consciousness, this cleansing/healing activity is reflected in our own bodies – we cry. Most of you understand that and having a good cry is an excellent way to let more light in. It sheds the old and makes space for new light.

Much is occurring behind the scenes, which causes ripples in the collective emotional fields. There is a sense of relief as well as sadness for what has occurred. If you have been weeping without cause, it may be a reflection of the intense global cleansing activity. Not just transmuting on behalf of Gaia, but becoming One with all that is. We become one with this healing activity and allow it to clear our cells, DNA, and energy fields. You will also feel immense joy, so the tears may be in celebration. It is a joyful birth! Try not to ponder the why or judge it, and surrender to however the body needs to interpret the healing.

Opportunities for Unification this week

With so much unfolding all at once, and an acceleration of the energies and events evident, we may create stability and clear pathways for all willing hearts.

– SUNday March 3rd: 3-3-3 SUNday Unity Meditations. Gatekeepers opening for the New Moon, and sharing the 3-3-3 Trinity keycodes for Embodiment. Join thousands for our weekly meditations and operating at New Earth level. After three years of practice, the field is strong and our collective experiences are profound. Participate and help to spread the word. Details at

– Wednesday, March 6: New Moon at 8:05AM PT.

– SUNday March 10: Unified Gateway Opening for the March 13-17 influx andSUNday Unity Meditations. Pacific Daylight Time begins; check your time zone converters.

– March 13-17, flowing through Equinox: Second in this series of waves. More Solar activity anticipated, and crystalline grid amplification as we focus on reactivation of the ancient sacred portals within Gaia.

– March Equinox on March 20 at 2:58pm PT. Equinox is a key moment for influxes and outpourings of new light because of its balancing qualities. We also have a Full Moon on Equinox (6:43pm PT)

Upcoming Events

Exploring Mastery, the new monthly webinar and online community, begins Saturday March 9. Details HERE.

Abundance Bag items for our Crystalline Convergence event in Sedona will be accepted through March. Infinite gratitude to all donating gifts for the Tribe. What a Divine and generous collective we have. Review the details HERE.

It is a profound passage for all of us. Embodiment is a unique experience, unlike anything that came before on this path of Ascension. To witness and feel yourself merging into the Higher Self, while simultaneously maintaining a lifestream of a fading lower Self…truly brilliant. I AM forever grateful to share this journey with you, Beloveds.

Blessings and gratitude to everyone leveling up in beautiful ways in this Now. Sending Divine LoveLight and strength to all of us for a reality-shifting passage. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles – It’s Ramping Up! – via dreamweaver333 – 10-28-18

Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – RAINBOW WAVE 2 – The Event Integration – Energy Update – 8-17-18 – via Rose Rambles dot org

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Published on Aug 17, 2018

“You are in a process of full integration of 4th density consciousness of full transparency. 3D to 4D. Twin flames are beginning to merge in waves with astral body linking and telepathy linking through a harmonic synchronization. This is the beginning of the next phase of the Twin Flame and Freewill Ascension experiment for the human evolution on this planet. The time and location for your experiences are orchestrated by the higher 5th dimensional electronic self. Many of you will begin to directly communicate with the higher aspect of yourself in connection to your astral forth dimensional non-physical body; your persona and your third dimensional Avatar physical body; ascension vehicle. Through purging you have released old prep programs while integrating information for the Galactic human template to pull forth your 5D timeline in a physical experience.” -Arcturus Transmission

Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – The Event – Ascension Waves – Multi-colored Mist – Guidance – 7-1-18

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Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D



Thanks to Winging With Whitehawk

Published on Jul 1, 2018

The Event experienced consciously by many and unsciously by all in March 2018, was to anchor the next wave prior to the Event or solar flash. This wave will be experienced by all. It begins with a pulse or energy wave which can be seen physically as a misty cloud. It looks purple-pink. You will see this wave move through the enviorment and through all matter as it is only light & sound. When it is seen, it will reach you and your enviorment within minutes. You will have the intuitive knowing just prior to the wave of energy moving through the body. A solar flare will follow this wave/mist.



Published on Jul 3, 2018

This energy is little crazy, try to stay balanced. you will begin to experience your thoughts and emotions manifesting in timelines beyond visible light frequency, which is rapid manifestation. Programs in past experiences connected to the third dimensional Consciousness are being dissolved in removed through this Eclipse season, a lot of you are feeling this energy now

ALEXANDER – Most Powerful Waves are Here – How to Deal with Them – 6-13-18


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Published on Jun 12, 2018

Most Powerful Waves are Here, How to Deal with Them June 12, 2018 by Alexander Alexander’s Original Video can be found at:… You can contact Alexander at:



THE BIG WAVE FOR 2018! – New Earth News – 5-28-18 – Celia Fenn @ IN5D


by Celia Fenn,   Guest writer,

So as we enter the first few days of Gemini, I have to say I am feeling better than I have in a long while.

Thanks to

The energy waves are still rolling through, but the intensity has leveled out for me, although today was another one of those technicolor HD days where everything seems brighter and bigger and almost overwhelming. Now I just tell myself this is 5D and that its all ok.

I think in the next few weeks as we move towards Solstice we will continue to ride these waves of “adjustment”.

The “Big Wave” for 2018 will start picking up energy around the 26th and 27th of July as we move into the Lion’s Gate. This will be accompanied by a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius/Leo. And yes, it will be a special one.

Apparently, it will be the longest Lunar eclipse of the century at 1 hour and 43 minutes. I feel pretty sure that this will allow for an absolute tsunami of Diamond Light to start the Planetary New Year and open the Lion’s Gate Portal.

Oh yes……things are about to get really interesting in this shift.

Remember to breather deeply and enjoy the ride!

This is the New Earth coming in and it promises to bring us a New Life and a New Dream.

Release the old and old expectations and be open to embracing the New in all its forms and in all its blessings!

Celie Fenn

About the authorI will be offering an introductory level course into the basics of Shamanism this month. If you would like to know more please click here.

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Blue Dragon Journal – One Ascension Level up! – What the different Waves experience – Wake Up Experience – dreamweaver333 – 6-21-17

Courtesy of Wake Up Experience

Found at Blue Dragon Journal One a Ascension Level up!

What the different Waves experience by Vera | Jun 20, 2017 |

via One Ascension Level up! What the different Waves experience – Wake Up Experience — dreamweaver333

Vera Ingeborg – Current Energies and Symptoms for the Different Ascension Waves

By Vera Ingeborg Note: By no means does this blog intend to put stamps or labels onto people and put some people over others. No one is better or worse, as we are all part of the whole. The categorization used in this article is only there to help understanding symptoms and the awakening […]

via Vera Ingeborg: Current Energies and Symptoms for the Different Ascension Waves — Blue Dragon Journal

THREE Massive Tidal Waves Are Coming And It’s Not What You Think! In5D May 15, 2016



by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

I recently had a dream where I saw three tidal waves. For most people, dreaming about a tidal wave can be very traumatic but in this cream, I saw it quite differently!

In my dream, I was at the beach and I saw this huge tidal wave coming my way. I turned around to seek shelter in a beach house when I noticed another tidal wave 10x bigger than the first one coming up over a mountain in the opposite direction. I went into the beach house as the waves converged over me. At no point in this dream was I ever scared or frightened. While the waves converged above me in this beach house, I could stick my hand through the window and touch the water.

Eventually, the waves resided, so I went outside only to see another tidal wave coming over the mountain, so I go back inside the beach house until it resided again.

As I got out of the beach house, I remembered that my truck was parked up on the mountain, so I went up there to find it. Once I got to the top of the mountain, there were a number of people milling around, but the energy there had changed to something quite peaceful and relaxing. The energy felt completely new as well. At this point, I woke up.

In typical dream analysis, a tidal wave may mean that there is something very overwhelming going on in your life but because there was no trauma or feelings of fear, I looked at this dream from a metaphysical standpoint.

Water is a mutable energy. It can be solid, liquid, or gas. If you think of a tidal “wave”, the wave can be viewed as a wave of energy This is what I feel the dream is portraying to me.

There is a huge wave of energy arriving that all of us will be focused on. In the meanwhile, another wave of energy will be coming from the opposite direction and will converge with the initial energy wave. At that point, something magical will happen! Whether that’s moving into the next stage of spirituality, becoming a lightbody, or something else is unknown, but it will be MAGICAL!

The initial wave may be something similar to what Paul LaViolette calls the Galactic Superwave or it might be one of the cosmic wildcards that I mention in the In5D article, Beyond Imagination! The Cosmic Wildcard.

In dream analysis, a house or a car is you, even if you are in that house or car. When these waves came, I “went within” the beach house or in simpler terms, I went within myself when the wave of energy arrived.

Related article: Top 40 Dream Symbols, Interpretations, And Their Meanings

I often get visions before I fall asleep. A few months ago, I had a vision where I saw a person standing in front of me. It could have been myself or someone else. In an instant, a huge flash of light engulfs the planet and all you can feel is unconditional love for everyone and everything. AT that point in time, NOTHING else matters. If you have any fears, worries, or issues, they’re GONE!

I get the feeling that the tidal wave dream and this vision are related to one another. Perhaps at the point of convergence, the white light will engulf the planet?

I wish I had a time frame for this but it all feels like this will happen in this current lifetime. The sooner, the better!

Have you had dreams of tidal waves? If so, please tell us about them below!

Click here for more articles by Gregg Prescott!

About the Author:
Gregg Prescott <a href=Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work relentlessly in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year. Please like and follow In5D on Facebook as well as

ASCENSION WAVES – Archangel Michael via Christine Preston – 4-16-16


ASCENSION WAVES   –   Archangel Michael  via  Christine Preston   –   4-16-16


This is Archangel Michael. It was in April 2015 that I first announced to Christine that the Solar System had not penetrated the Void, nor the Stargate, as she had read in a book by Sheldan Nidle published in 2000 that this was expected to take place in the year 2012. The Solar System had penetrated the Photon Belt in January 1996 but plans had been delayed because we wanted to convert more souls to a higher frequency of vibration so they could continue to exist on Earth. This is a world in transition and it is being lifted up to a higher dimension in the sense that physicality will still exist but in an exalted way, much like what you think of a Garden of Eden, or Paradise. Its elements will be purified from pollution. All its atoms will be returned to their pristine original condition. Upon this hologram of physicality there will be other layers of higher dimensions which were previously removed. Your bodies will undergo further DNA change and the system of chakras that is for communication and other functions will be further developed and some connections will be made, so you will recover a memory of who you are. You will enjoy receiving knowledge from your Elder brothers and sisters, Galactic beings who are assisting with the process of this Ascension.

So on September 28, 2015, something that had been expected to take place in December 2012, finally happened, but in passing through the Void, a term for a flux of energies that act as a barrier between the 4th and 5th dimensions, you did not experience the sudden removal of certain elements that have no place in the higher dimension. If the shackles of your own creation had been stripped off from you suddenly, it could have been painful. A protection was provided around the Earth so it could go in the Stargate. It was a forcefield that was global and at the same time individual. You are in a transcendental machine that activates and accelerates your consciousness. There was positive response to the activation and there were negative reactions. The layer that acts as a barrier between dimensions has the purpose of preventing the Dark ones to infiltrate heaven. Christ consciousness also is a crossing line, so to speak. When you acquire virtues you soul is molded according to a blueprint that has been called a Christ Self, or Light body. It is mirrored in the material world. Eventually as you enlarge your influence you create the 5th Kingdom of the physical angels. Various changes have been carried out upon your physical structure, such as the conversion to the crystalline structure, and one of its benefits will be in relation to permitting the use of the Light chambers which have a healing effect and restore the body, turning back the clock.

A first group referred to as the First Wave did ascend by entering the Void in September 2015. They had built a solar garment of ascension for the process and it was their antakharana bridge. They went through portals then returned and discovered after some time that they could reach new heights of feelings, or bliss, particularly when in meditation.

Now the energies are at a peak again in March 2016 and there is going on, in this Solar System, the largest operation that has ever involved celestial beings. The Gamma radiations that are expected will be twice as powerful as in 2015. A second wave of souls will be following in the footsteps of the first group and the technology provided by the Blue Avians will reduce the trauma or difficulty of their ascension. As to the first wave of souls they are riding the summit of the tsunami of photon light and gamma waves. They are also preparing for Ascension being pulled forward towards the 6th dimension in consciousness.

I am Archangel Michael and something that I have said in my recent message through Michael Love needs clarifications. I have said that I am the Son of a Prime Archangel Michael and his Consort Faith because the Archangel Michael that I AM is the Christed consciousness of the Prime-Archangel Michael who brings the Will of God from the High Council of Nine, or of Heaven, to the material world for manifestation, but has to reach down through many layers of dimensions. A soul extension for the function of incarnating in the physical world is traditionally referred to as a Son, or Daughter, of the Higher Self. I am a manifestation of this higher aspect of myself, and have used this symbolic terminology. The Jesus of the New Testament referred to his Father in Heaven in a similar cryptic way. His statement ‘My Father and I are one’ remained obscure to theology. He also lowered himself through many layers of dimensions, but took incarnation within the human kingdom.

A few times I said to Christine ‘I am not the Archangel Michael that you think I am’ to bring up the subject, and she thought I was testing her. But she had considered the possibility of this reality and it didn’t matter to her. The Archangel Michael that I AM is a Christed Archangel, but I am the Higher Self of her Ascended twin flame André because he is a soul extension of myself. He ascended some forty years after the end of his last life in 1972. He also was the French author Chrétien de Troyes who wrote Arthurian legends stories in the medieval age. He was assigned to his twin flame’s guardianship to assist her in the Armageddon of the psyche while she was at the receiving end of astral attacks before she started acting as a messenger for the Great White Brotherhood. Being on the other side of the River of Life he is able to pull her up and I am also causing her ascension by irradiating her with light. I am irradiating the Lightworkers with love and light, and I work with them to accelerate them in the same way upon the path of the Ascension.

In the Book of Jika which has just been published on a video, I have noticed there is a sentence referring to a Trinitarian law and that parents could only have one child, either a son reflecting the image of his father, or a daughter reflecting that of her mother. The original sense must have been lost in time. It seems to relate to the fact that a soul extension reflects the image of its Higher Self. A daughter is a soul extension of the feminine complement. She cannot be an extension of the Archangel, but only of the Archeia. A son can only be an incarnation of the Archangel. The Higher Selves can have these soul extensions, or incarnations, on Earth, or on other worlds, or they may have been recalled, or have ascended.

The Archangel Michael that I AM is overshadowed by a higher aspect of myself who attends to the needs of this Galaxy and beyond. As the Galactic beings that we are, who dwell upon the dimensions which you are about to reach in consciousness, we like to present ourselves as equal to you, who are sons and daughters of the Great Central Sun, not as superior beings. We are however symbolically fathers and mothers of the soul extensions that you are, and fortunately, you have grasped the wonderful significance of the mystery of the feeling that you have when you feel the contact in the heart with the Higher Self that you really are in the core of your being. It is a spiritual experience that is impossible to describe. Some Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, and Galactic beings have already incarnated to take part in the Ascension. Some, like André, will come into physicality by the manifestation of a body created by Will and technology, not as a baby, but as a person who will appear as an adult, and no, we don’t clone for that purpose. Some Galactic beings are in the physicality of a higher nature and will lower down their vibration to join you. I am also in a body but it is an etheric form.

You are constantly rising upon the ladder of consciousness and levels within the dimension in which you dwell. The love that is between us is supreme because we are you, and you are us. We irradiate your beings with the light and love of our hearts. You surrender and this love circulates in the movement of the figure eight. It is infinite.

I AM the higher Archangel Michael who compels me into action, who works through me, and I leave you in this love that is infinite in intensity and time. It is the wonder of Ascension.

CHRISTINE: Thank you Archangel Michael for this instruction.

By Christine Preston

Reporting On Ascension Waves In5D – Cosmic Awakening Show ( – Diane Canfield with Michelle Walling – 9-25-15

cosmic awakening show

Join Host Michelle Walling as she interviews ascension teacher and psychic medium Diane Canfield about the recent waves of high vibrational energies that are coming to the planet. Diane is able to feel the waves as they come over her and is reporting everytime a wave is experienced. She has stopped doing readings at this time in order to focus on this time in preparation for ascension as well as to be able to receive downloads and report what she is experiencing. Some of the topics we cover are:

-What was felt up to September 23, 2015, and what was felt on September 23, 2015

-More key dates to come

-What are time slips?

-What downloads have been received and any instructions, if any

-How to develop your psychic skills

-What her NAE (near ascension experience) was like on May of 2013

-What it will feel like for those who will choose a light body

-What are the other ascension choices?

How to prepare for ascension waves

-How to process the waves and increased energies

-What ET messages has she received up to date about ascension

-How CERN is being stopped

and much more!

Check out Diane’s website here:

Check out more information on the following alternative media sites: