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Steve Rother
Steve Rother

The Group channeled by Steve Rother


NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. – I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

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Greetings from Home, dear ones.

We join you this day to take you a little further down the road and share with you what is taking place. Yes, your world is changing. Your own physicality is now starting to shift. Yes, Earth is changing. Your environment is shifting all around you in so many ways. Although it can be a scary time for humans, we also tell you, you’re right on time. That’s one of the key elements that we wish to share with you on this day. There are several places throughout the universe that have now located the changes that are happening on planet Earth. They have spotted Earth and can see you much the way that humans use telescopes to find other planets.

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In recent years, your scientists have identified many planets located in what they call the Goldilocks Zone. These planets are a perfect distance away from the sun, to be able to support life similar to the biological life that exists on planet Earth. Well, dear ones, you’re not the only game in town. You have known that, and we share with you some stories from one of these games on a planet that we will call Solara. Now please understand we have chosen that name because it fits into your world. When you finally discover this planet, you will have your own names and your own descriptions for it. However, it does support life similarly to the life you have on planet Earth. We call it Solara because it has two suns and a different type of a cycle than on Earth. It is very similar in many of the larger aspects, but the daily life cycle is different and thus the pace is quite a bit slower than on Earth.

Collective Evolution

We tell you, dear ones, that in the billions of games like yours throughout all that is, every one of them has had some pre-direction with the exception of planet Earth. Once this was the only game of free choice, but now there are others. Just in the last few years humans have stepped into the fifth dimension and have created a whole new possibility of realities that you can manifest here on planet Earth. As that evolution is taking place, your planet is changing. Evolution is not limited to humanity; the Earth is going through many of the shifts and changes that we have predicted and is evolving herself.

In some ways you could say that this is a normal progression. Everything has a time limit on your side of the veil, even the Earth herself. Although she is not reaching the end of her time, she is evolving through her stages. Humans take a similar path when they enter the game. They go through childhood, then puberty and several adjustments of the physical body to hold different energies at different times of their lives.

Interactions are a bit different than on Earth, but Solara is a similar planetary system in many ways. Less technically advanced, Solarians are deeply into honor and what humans call unconditional love. This is more than an experience for them it is a way of life, which allows them to live comfortably with the extreme empathy they all carry.

Solarians have a different makeup than humans as they have a stronger magnetic connection with each other. The veil that they wear is the same, so they still must work to re-member who they are and connect to their higher selves. The main difference is the connection they have to each other. Similar is some ways to the connection that was common in the times of Lemuria, Solarians have a heart connection to each other. They feel their own effect on the world and others around them. That has allowed them to evolve with harmony at the forefront of their daily actions.

It is this heart connection they have with each other that they are now learning to focus on the inhabitants of Earth. It is through these means that they can tap into the events on Earth to a very limited degree. The reason we tell you about Solara is so that you know you are never alone. Also the daily life of every Solorian has changed since the discovery of Earth.

At this moment, many on Solara are jumping for joy because you are thinking about them. You’re returning their connection, and we tell you they have been working to send you love in the most incredible ways. Sometimes when you’re not looking, they connect in ways that they can send huge energy waves to planet Earth and her beings. They do not know you by name, for their technology is not high enough to intercept much. However, they have intercepted some refracted television signals that they have analyzed and found out a little about Earth. The waves of energy they send to Earth do not need technology, as they use the heart connection to communicate faster than light. That is what they are doing to communicate with you right now. When beings communicate from the heart it takes no time to travel. You are all an integral part of each other, and on a level unseen you are all connected.

Solara Sees a Change

The technologies they use to search the stars is like those of Earth. Using those technologies, Solara has discovered a change in Earth’s aura. From the time they “discovered” your planet to this moment, they have seen evidence that the vibrant greens and blues that make up the oceans of Earth are changing. Keep in mind that what they are seeing are light reflections created a generation ago, and the changes they are talking about happened many years ago. Their perspective gives them the ability to see this change more clearly. The Solarians are sending an ultra-low frequency to the Earth and this will help, dear ones.

Solarians love the idea that they have found you and it is a topic at the forefront of their attention. They are not familiar with the fact that humans are at the precipice of an evolutionary leap, stepping up and not having to go through a lot of the changes that they see coming. But in that energy, we can now communicate with them in a new way… through you. Let us explain. Many times, we’ve told the stories of Amor growing up in the days of Lemuria on planet Earth in bodies, very similar to what you have now. They were wired differently. Although the beings in games throughout the universe are quite different than many of you, they all have very similar attributes. When you see some of these other beings, you will fall deeply in love with their form, the way they work, and the way they think.

Putting on the Blindfolds

On planet Earth you’ve gone through many different levels of the game after the big shift that occurred around the time of Atlantis, which changed dimensions. It was then that a whole new game was developed for Earth and a new level was brought forward. It was determined that to play this game of total free choice, the players would step a little further back. You would lose some of your deep connection and must find your way in the darkness.

And that’s the beautiful part about it. You see, dear ones, on planet Earth you’ve actually won the game and completed what you came to do. But there’s so much more. Instead of just celebrating winning the game and stepping out of the dimensions, which you can do at this point you stayed and said, “What can we do now? How can we make this easier for those who have fallen behind and those who will follow?” Solarians have found you and they are becoming familiar with planet Earth, although they do not call it by that name. They have their own names, languages, and ways of communicating. One of the things that they do well is to harmonize around a project, and you are their most important project. Everyone wins when unconditional love pervades. Solara is flooding planet Earth with that right now.

You’ve already seen this replicated in many ways. The keeper’s keeper (Barbara) talked about it when she shared about people sending healing energies to another person. It’s huge, a much larger principal than you can see on planet Earth, because you pushed yourself a little further back. You put all the other layers of the veil in front of you to do that.

Intro Density

That has been the perception as humanity fall into density, but nothing could be further from the truth. It was an intentional move, which set up humanity to win the game. Even though you’re stepping into an entirely different level and starting a new game right where you are, Solarians don’t know that. What they think they see is a planet in trouble. So, they’re quite concerned, sending energy and love. This concern for Earth and her people has brought the people of Solara together in ways that we could have only dreamt. It has been many years since the people of Solara have come together in this way; it is bringing a new level of love to Solara and all of her inhabitants. On Earth they see a cycle progressing that they’re very concerned about, but they do not have the technologies to reach her. Solarians cannot even let you know that they are there, other than the huge heart energy that they are sending you. Why? Because if you discovered a planet off in the distance that suddenly started radiating in a way that drew your attention, it would make the front page of all your news outlets especially if you believed there was life.

Observe the Miracle

We are sharing this with you because Solarians are sending unconditional love to every being. We are not just talking about humans, but also the trees and forests of Earth. They are sending healing love to the animals, insects, coral in the oceans, and every form of vibration on the beautiful planet Earth. What can you do? You can send back your love and tell them you’re alright. Solarians are in the unusual situation of observing the miracle that is about to take place on Earth.

It would be wonderful to have them watch this entire procession, because you will meet them at some point. If you simply continue this evolution path, you will reach a point at which you no longer need the technology outside of you. Why? Because you’ll have the essence of it incorporated into you. Then at that stage of evolution you won’t need the physical representations of many of the technologies you now use daily. That will change everything and will start opening the hearts, so humans can start moving out of their thinking brain into that feeling energy. More than anything else, what we’d like you to do is to send back unconditional love to Solara.

Reflecting the Love

You see, dear ones, Solarians are experiencing incredible shifting themselves. Although they have gone through different processes before, they’ve never had to go that far into density.They have never had actual war on their planet, even though they have had challenges from time to time such as making a big decision that will affect several generations going forward. Solarians will then need to learn how to carry that power and balance it with their empathy.

They will use that energy in a powerful way to empower each other, and it’s now anchored in a very beautiful way. Their focus at this point as a collective of a planet, which is actually bigger than yours, is to send you love and energy. They’ve discovered a neighbor in the universe, and they’d love nothing more than to come and meet you. To shake hands with you and share stories with you. Their observation of your planet is helping them to understand what is important for their next step of evolution, which is facing their societal challenges currently. What you can do is send back the love and let them know you’re aware and are setting the pace for all that is to come.

From Solara it does look like Earth is going through a death cycle, yet everything must go through a death in order to be have a rebirth. Does it not? Earth is not dying. Like you she will evolve to a new level. Earth is a magical lady. She can take care of herself and she’s doing rather well.

Bask in the Love

You will receive these waves of love that Solarians are sending. You will also have some strange dreams from time to time as a result, because that’s how they process things. They send energy to you on a heart wave, which you would translate more into dream time. If you find yourself is a dream filled with love, look up and you may see two suns.

Solarians are bathing you in the most beautiful unconditional love, because they have finally found something similar. For the first time they’ve found life in the universe, yet they’re still not even sure it’s life in the way that they know it. They have now intercepted some fun and exciting things. Even though they’ve had a great deal of difficulty interpreting and figuring out what your television signals were, Solarians now know much more about human life on Earth.

In the days ahead, we ask you to reflect back to Solara unconditional love. What happens when you love something so much and you put your energy into it? What do you do when you fall in love with another person and form a relationship? You find out all the different ways of loving them. Do that now with the Solarians. Send them a beautiful thank you, because what that will do for them is to set a wave of comfort energy throughout their entire planet. They are watching much of what is going on from a vibrational standpoint and they can’t interpret it all. They cannot actually watch your television in real time, so they communicate with love.

Sit and make that connection, know that you’re not alone in the universe. You never were, but then you’ve always known that. There are many other beings from games not yet discovered. There are many who walk among you even today, although you have never been able to prove it. You have been very close at least four times on your planet but chose to look other way. You see, dear ones, there’s been a lot of scary energy around outer space beings and other planets, despite the fun you have with it in science fiction. Solarians are beings of the heart and they have been very concerned about your planet. The Earth herself is now sending a signal back to Solara for the love they have been sending to her. And if you also send your energy to say, “Hello! Thank you, brothers and sisters, welcome to a harmonic vibration.” Every being on Solara will breathe a little bit easier because they will feel that energy and a new connection. They will even start working on different technologies that will bring you a lot closer in the near future.

You see, dear ones, you’re very unique throughout all that is. You’ve known this, for you had your seat reserved for everything that is beginning to unfold. We tell you, there is no room on planet Earth right now for those who are not active. You’re here because you have something to do. If you just put one foot in front of the other, gain that confidence as you step forward and send out your wonderful laugh, you’ll be right on target. A whole new game is about to emerge.

Once that door is opened, 8 billion will follow. Enjoy this journey, dear ones, and know that you’re never alone. So many are right there with you in the different dimensions of time and space. Our love transcends all and we hope you feel it often. Take it, use it, anchor it, and create your highest visions for yourself as you step into the new game.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways and ask you to treat each other with respect. You’re looking into the eyes of god, nurture one another and hold those doors open every chance you get. No matter what game you’re playing, play well together.


The group

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Angelic Command Center – Prime Disclosure .com – Paul Butler – 3-12-19

Paul Butler
















Angelic Command Center

There are unprecedented Waves of Energy passing through the Solar System. These Waves of Energy are measured, all bands within the Electromagnetic Light Spectrum have increased and this is creating change on all levels.

A Spiritual Awakening, processing wounds and traumas from past experience, “emotional outbursts”, severe weather, and an increase in earthquake and volcanic eruptions are the byproducts of these Waves.

The Earth is expanding as it absorbs these NEW Energies. Everything that cannot adjust or match the NEW Frequencies will eventually come to an end. There will be No Energetic support for institutions and empires which do not adjust to and align with Universal Law.

Everything that is based on the old draconian grid will fail but not before it surfaces and rears its ugly head for all to see.

If you want a perfect example look at your political system. Other than a few it is a spiritually and morally bankrupt world of opposites with true agendas being exposed daily.

Universal Law is pressing hard in this arena. It is fueling the Light Workers, “white hats”, to do what is necessary to expose and remove those who have chosen self-service, acting against the Higher Good. Beware of double speak. A man’s/woman’s character is established by their actions. This applies to all races, religions or cultures.

The base or limited emotions and mental concepts will give way to the Higher Vibrational Consciousness and Ways. Universal Law will be the Law of the Land. Universal Law is written in the Heart of Hearts of all Humanity.

It is the core essence buried under layers of wounds, traumas, and false programming. In its simplest form it is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. A Cherokee saying is, “If it isn’t Good for everyone, it isn’t Good”.

This process is Not a purge by a wrathful God it is a healing. It is infinite tough Love and the flow is ever increasing. It involves legions of Higher Evolved BEings all the way back to SOURCE. Yes this includes the Spiritually and Technologically advanced off Worlders some of which are our Ancient Ancestors.

They are cleaning up the malevolent beings plaguing Humanity for thousands of years. Many of the Light Workers and sensitives are feeling as though they are being attacked. You are! It is directly proportional to how much Light you are accessing.

Unseen negative influences, lower dimensional entities, black magic, dark sorcery do exist. Do not fall into spiritual ego and think you are above all this. Do not shrink in fear or be a victim either. Your Godself has this. If you are not being attacked you are not doing your work. In other words, you missed the red pill and not a threat.

In India there is a saying, “The closer you get to Nirvana the more the demons rear their ugly heads”. The more you step out of an unsustainable herd consciousness the more the masses will shun you. This is where Love of Self, loving detachment is in order. The sustainable path is to Align oneSelf with Universal Law in Thought, Feeling and Action.

There is a solution. Denial is NOT a solution. Casting out demons is a temporary solution. Aligning with the status quo is also Not a solution, it is unsustainable on every level. There are tools and techniques to heal and clear unseen negative influences.

Imagine if everyone had access to these tools and used them? Humans have the ability to connect to the ultimate power in the Universe. That power is Love and you can connect through the Heart to that Love and allow the full power of God/Creator/Great Spirit to flow through you into any situation.

Your SOUL sits right next to the Heart and your SOUL is connected to the SOURCE itself in every increasing expansion of Awareness. Knowing this and making accessing this a part of everyday life will create immense changes in your live and those around you.

Here is the method to Heal unseen negative influences and a world and personal healing meditation. It is non-denominational and can be used no matter what faith or culture.

Disease, accidents, mood swings, negative thoughts even thoughts of suicide are often indicators of influence by unseen negative influences. I would look into ascension symptoms as well. Headaches, dizziness, walking sideways, body aches and pains are also side effects to the ascension process. Don’t forget to ground, recalibrate to the New Earth Energies, take your shoes off walk on the grass or the beach, get on all fours in your garden. Best advice is to lose the fear.


​Healing is a must for all those who desire to operate in other realms of consciousness. You must have self-authority and maintain control. If you are experiencing negative vibrations, they are either thought forms, limiting mental concepts, psychic bonds or discarnate entities (lost souls) in need of healing.

They are bound to the Earth vibration due to lower vibration attitudes and emotions. Some are coercive and desire to manipulate and control. Love heals. Casting out only sends them to another place, another person. In all healing, remember that God is Love. It is the power of Love that Heals and Lifts.


1. Close your Aura by visualizing a white or Gold Light around you.

2. Call upon your chosen cultural representative of God, be it Jesus, Buddha, Babaji, Mary, White Eagle or another one of the Beautiful Many Christed Ones.

3. Tell the entities they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened.

4. Tell them they are healed and surrounded with the Christ light and the Christ love.

5. Ask your chosen representative to take them to their perfect place.

6. Ask that all negative thought forms and limiting mental concepts be dissolved and lifted in the Light of Truth.

7. Ask that all psychic bonds be severed, and close their Auras to all but Spirit of the Highest Vibration.

Repeat this process until you feel clear. There may be more than one healing to do. Remember your word is very powerful, and what is spoken on their level manifests instantly. Many enlightened ones use this process before opening.

It creates a clear and safe environment, and it also lifts the one who is doing the Healing. Intent is nine-tenths of the Law. If you intend to Serve and Heal, you will draw to you entities of like mind. If you intend to coerce or manipulate, again you will draw entities of like mind. It is the Law of Attraction.

At times, discarnate spirits will come to your Light like a moth to a flame. Do Not judge yourSelf, simply Heal them. They are the ones in trouble, not you. They are seeking your help.




If you have not sensed the exponentially increasing changes on every level… God help you!

~ James Gilliland ❤
ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel:

shared with Love ❤
Pars Kutay

~ ❤ ~

Photo: Divine Light of Rainbow Colours… Supernova-Like Plasma Light Burst captured over Finland by Mikko Lönnberg

Plasma Light Burst

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Mira, The Pleiadian – Message to Humanity

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.I come to you today to help you incorporate some ofwhat is going on with the planet at this time.

There is much disturbanceon the planet and around it. Vacancies are appearing. You might findsome on the planet one dayand gone the next. This is occurring through various means, accidents, illnesses, self-inflicted departures, and other ways. Some do not want to experience the ascension and they feel need to leave. Other places and beings are calling them. This is a truebattlefield at this momentin the earth’s history.

This is called the time ofthe great awakening and the great departure. Some have lost hope and others want to go be on another planet. Some are leaving in groups for they have contracts to come and leave together. Others cannot handle the higher frequencies of light. They are not comfortable withthe loving energies.

Although it may appear the dark is winning, this is notso. They are diligently working to maintain their old stronghold to little avail. Do not believe what you hear in the mainstream media. Most of you should be able to read through their lies and manipulation. They are transparent and desperate.Even the alternative news on the Internet is suspect. The dark gives out some truths and then fold in lies. Some people with fame andreputable stature are falling from theirpedestals.

Look at all of the babies that are being born right now. These souls cannot wait to experience this amazing time on the planet. They are powerfullyawakened beings of light. They came for divine purpose to be the leaders of the new earth. Bless them and watch themshine. They are your beloved teachers and examples of how to live in higher consciousness.

Be aware of what is changing around you. Take notice of what no longerserves you or who you areno longer comfortable around. Pay attention to the beauty of nature. Take nothing for granted except your enlightened pathway with the Creator and others of similar mind.Consciousness is what you develop in this earth planeand what you take with you when you leave your physical. Your soul travelswith you also.

The brevity of this report is intended to clearly show you succinctly what to do.We cannot do it for you, but we are with you. We are completely committed to you and have your best interests at heart.Remember to look to the skies, to ask us for help and to never give up. You are the masters who are here to accomplish the ascension of the earth. You will be successful. We are together and count on you to be the gifts of light and to do your jobs.

I am Mira with loving blessings.

STEVE ROTHER – Predictions, Comments and Questions for May 2018 – 4-19-17


Streamed live 19 hours ago

Predictions, Comments and Questions for May 2018 from The group. They give us a view a view of what is ahead and important and then answers questions sent in from viewers. more at


MIKE QUINSEY – Channeling His Higher Self – 3-16-18 – by Rainbow Wave Of Light


Be assured that all goes well and although it is chaotic in some countries. The underlying reason is that dramatic changes are occurring, that are necessary to make way for that which is to be introduced. The changes are all part of your introduction to the New Age that is gradually showing itself as the old energies dissipate. Do not be dismayed at whatever measures are called for to clear the old away, as you will have everything to gain in the course of time. As time progresses the old ways that have no place in the future will gradually disappear. It will be an unsettling unavoidable situation, so never lose sight of the fact that the best is yet to come.

Courtesy of

Now that you have progressed past the marker, the restrictions where extraterrestrial visitors to Earth are concerned have been lifted, but there is still a vetting system to ensure that none of them are intent on interfering with your path to Ascension. It is time to meet your “spiritual parents” who are the Pleiadians, and in due course it will take place. Future events are well planned, and all with the intention of preparing you for the upliftment of your vibrations, and the ultimate is of course your Ascension. So to say, happy times are around the corner and most likely far beyond your present ability to predict. Little by little you have been given some ideas of what it holds, yet you will be greatly surprised by the extent of the beneficial changes.

You will become free souls that are so advanced, that you will be the master of your own future and have much more choice as to what you can do. You will be responsible souls and lead your life in accordance with spiritual edicts from the hierarchy that oversee all of your progress. Life from hereon will get better and better, and already some of you sense the changes that are taking place. The greater plan for your advancement is controlled by those powerful souls from the Godhead who ensure that all is carried out in balance and harmony with All that Is. In fact through all of your lifetimes higher souls accompany you and help you with their guidance, but will always honour your free choice.

With spiritual teachings much is made of the need to be non-judgemental, because you cannot possibly know the life plan of another soul. You may be involved with another one and between you for better or worse as you would understand it, you help each other to evolve. Often souls are linked together for karmic reasons, and may have spent earlier lives together and by playing different roles helped each other evolve. Bear in mind that as a soul you are immortal, and when you leave the Godhead to gain further experience, you not only have many, many lives but have all manner of different situations that offer you the opportunity to evolve. For that reason, never look down at another soul, but appreciate that just like you they are following a life plan that they have already agreed to experience.

In between incarnations you usually spend your time in what is called the Summerland for obvious reasons. You meet other souls, your family, relations and friends including your grandparents all presenting themselves to you as they like to be seen, and not as aged individuals as most were when they passed over. Can you imagine a level where the vibrations are somewhat higher than on Earth, where the power of thought is supreme. In these circumstances you do not need money although you can still shop for anything you want, have tea and crumpets or whatever you fancy – all free. It sounds unbelievable but I can assure you that what I have described will be waiting for you. There are waters and sea but they are not exactly as upon Earth, but you can still go sailing or enjoy other such activities.

I can hear the response now and questions such as “where is this place” and what about the numbers of people between incarnations, where are they all. Firstly, there are levels of existence that are divided a little like the countries on Earth, so you are with as you might say your own kind. Cars, buses and the like are only there for “old times sake” and in time you can travel by the power of thought, but many souls enjoy the methods of transport they were used to on Earth. All in all, it means there is no “sky traffic” as it is not needed and it always appears bright and sunny, hence the name “Summerland”. When you first arrive you will have had what you might call a debriefing where your life experiences are discussed to see where you may need further lessons, but it does not involve any form of judgement whatsoever. So where do you go from here, that depends on when you need another life experience on Earth, and when the circumstances meet your needs. So be assured everything is well organised to make everyone feel at home.

Take your life seriously and follow what is clearly your life plan, events will show you where you are meant to go and for that reason may be different to what you anticipate. I have told you previously that no soul is given more than they can handle, and of course you invariably get help along the way. It is important that you apply yourself to working for a good outcome. At any time you can only do your best and for that you will make progress. You would be surprised if you knew how hard your Guides work to help you have a successful life experience. Talk out loud to them as they would be pleased to know you are aware of their existence. They follow your every move as they need to be with you constantly, they are also aware of your life plan and do their best to keep you to it.

All of you are very experienced souls having had hundreds, if not thousands of incarnations, but you have not incarnated with full knowledge for this lifetime, only that which is necessary to see you through the type of life you needed to make further progress. You will never lose the advances you have made, but as mentioned they can be held back from you if necessary. Your experiences will eventually lead you on to Masterhood and even greater things, and you can move at your own speed as everything is in the “Now” so you have as much time as you desire. Time is an illusion and in a 3D existence it is linear and you work to it very well.

On Earth things now tend to change a lot quicker than they used to, and in general all of them are affected by the higher vibrations you are moving into. Gradually some of you will find that you are beginning to experience synchronisation of events in your lives, and others may become more telepathic. It will increase over time as more and more souls raise their own vibrations. In other words you are beginning to increase your vibrational levels as part of your path to becoming a Galactic Being

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Archangel Michael – An Overview of What is Happening Right Now, Part 1/2 – by Steve Beckow – 5-28-16

AA Michael 22


Archangel Michael   –   An Overview of What is Happening Right Now, Part 1/2   –   by Steve Beckow   –   5-28-16


Steve Beckow

I had a personal reading with Archangel Michael on May 27, 2016, through Linda Dillon.  Thanks to Dana, who prepared us a transcript.

The transcript is of interest for two reasons. One is that it shows how the Company of Heaven has used illness, in my case, to regrid, reconstitutionalize and rework a lightworker to outfit him for Ascension.

If others are experiencing illness right now, you may want to consider what he says here, that illness was used to slow me down and get me to rebalance in preparation for the major upcoming events. You too perhaps?

Two is that he has a lot to say about “the Event” (really a number of events), the Reval (coming very, very soon), Sovereign Rates (they won’t be near what the intel gurus are saying), Disclosure (made easier by the Reval), etc.

More and more, my readings are sounding as if he offers material that he wants to be more generally shared. The problem with this reading was that the different events are mixed together and it wouldn’t have worked to separate the threads.  So I post the largest part now in a two-part series. There may be more discussions to follow from later in the same reading. 


AAM: Greetings I am Michael!

Steve: Greetings Lord

AAM: And welcome to you; greetings to you my beloved brother, friend, and ally. …

It is important for you to know that in this time, during this frame of reconstitution, rebuilding, re-gridding, re-anchoring into a broader spectrum – that is about one of the best ways we can explain it – that your beingness has expanded and your body is accommodating, adjusting, getting ready to fully step forward into a new realm of existence.

Yes, it is the new realm of existence of Ascension but it is also the new realm of existence of Terra Gaia, of humanity, of a new way of being upon this planet in tandem not only with each other but with the seen and unseen kingdoms with your star family.

So it is as if you are blinking, and, yes, I know you’ve said to me many times, “Michael, this is too slow.” Well, it is a very slow blink in terms of your perception, but from ours it is a blink, and your entire world as you know it, has changed.

Often we have said to thee, in reference to what many have termed “the Event” that it would be a series of events and these events, whether they have been acknowledged or recognized doesn’t matter, have been occurring over the past several years. But in this dramatic shift, in this extraordinary shift, what happens is the series of events is almost like what you call a domino effect. So it is 1… 2… 3… 4… it is not 1……………………. 2…………………  12…………….

So it occurs [as] what feels like simultaneously, but they are not. They are sequential.

Now you say to me, “But, dear Lord, what are these events?”

These are the events that you and we and Mother have talked about and forecast (no, not predicted, not psychic reality) but there is a knowing in many, including yourself, of the sequential nature of unfoldment and that in what you think of as time, which has speeded up and become more fluid in the Mother’s “new time,” there are precursors to other events that make acceptance of those shifts more palatable, more acceptable, more easily implemented.  (1)

That is exactly what is happening upon your planet and within, what you think of as, dimensional or interdimensional reality, including the third-dimensional reality, right now.

So for example, you have a shift in what you can view as your health, your physical stamina health circumstances, the way that you feel.

And what this has done, albeit in rather dramatic ways, (and this is true of Linda as well) it has brought you back and brought you forward in the now to a sense of greater balance.

And when we say this we do not simply mean a mental or emotional or spiritual or causal. We mean the totality, the balance of all your bodies, of your meridians, of your chakras but also the balance of your life.

My beloved brother, if you had moved from the speed of light and love that you were travelling at prior to this invasive surgery, and then all the shifts began, you would have for a period of time, been running at the speed of light and love but your physical body would have had difficulty keeping up.

So two things have happened. Well, a number of things have happened. First of all you have been forced – invited? – Into a period of reconstitution of a rest, of remembering what rest feels like; not just because of pain.

And although you call it lethargy – and, yes, you will achieve greater vigor over the next couple of weeks – you have re-established the balance of knowing that there are various elements within your life: walking, breathing, resting, writing, sleeping, engaging with others. These are important to that balance and they needed to be re-recognized, re-appreciated, re-embraced prior to trying to speed up again and then conquer the shifting world.

So it has re-prioritized your own valuable time and where you wish to spend time. And that was absolutely necessary.

So was it important to have the seeds of cancer removed? Yes.

But even more important was to have you come pretty much to stillness, not still point (but, you have had that as well) (2) but to come to stillness and to rebooting. And you have done that and you are doing that.

The other events that are taking place of course is, first, the shift in what we would call the economic circumstances of many.

Now note what I have said: the economic adjustment. And you know well what I’m talking about, but that is the way I wish to phrase it, and it is the re-evaluation not only of money or currency.

It is the re-evaluation of the purpose of money, the purpose of life, where the values lie, that they can be reflective of the sacred divine qualities and in alignment with Universal Love rather than the human inclination that is passing, but is not past, of greed and control, of avarice, etc.

So that is one of what we would call the first steps. We balance the body and the values.

We balance the economic situation of leadership, of stewardship and that is in many different, what you can think of as, venues. Then when things are underway there is greater willingness.  (3)

Those who are in a position of stewardship, of beginning projects that lead the way to the building and the re-creation of what Nova Earth is truly about …  become the spokesbeings for many. Then the safety, security, and welcome factor for the star family becomes more apparent.

And then the anchoring of the cities of light becomes more facilitated, more greatly facilitated.

And then the adjustment of the, shall we say, stragglers or those who have resisted or who have even been recalcitrant, that have chosen to remain, that work is [also] achieved and underway.

And then, because of that shift of what many think of as the expanded heart consciousness, the knowingness, the bliss, and, yes, moments of ecstasy, you have a planet that is no longer the same.

(Continued in Part 2.)

DIANE CANFIELD – Ascension Update, Timeline Movements, Frequency Increases – 11-4-15


By Diane Canfield   –   Ascension Update, Timeline Movements, Frequency Increases

Current Energy

The last few days have been filled with fatigue and movements within other timelines. We are adapting to the energies brought in from last week. Last week we were right in the middle of timeline changes. Time line changes are when we peak and move to a different and new timeline or reality. Some of the signs of this occurring are earth changes ( earthquakes, hurricanes ) and increased psychic occurrences including seeing objects or people from other dimensions. Last week I saw two things moving in my house that are supposed to be solid and secure. The first was I was in the living room talking to my daughter when I looked past her at the porcelain doll that used to belong to my Aunt (who has passed) and the face started moving. The second incident involved a potato peeler sitting on the kitchen counter that I had used earlier in the night. I walked into the kitchen and it moved for just a split second. Obviously both these items should not be moving on their own.

Tonight I had a spirit that was literally standing next to me in my kitchen. I saw a movement from the corner of my eye towards the kitchen counter, it was a wispy movement that spirits make. As I focused on it, it kept coming closer to me until it was right next to me. No space between us. Then a while later, while outside I saw a being whiz past me at a fast rate. Earlier I had seen an energy ball/orb hanging around my computer. You see, spirits reside in the higher planes as many starbeings do also. Their frequency is much higher than ours, they are literally vibrating much faster. This is why in order to see them we have to match their frequency.

When we have this inter dimensional bleed through or interface, all kinds of realities and beings can pop in. Seeing spirits and beings from other dimensions are regular occurrences for me, but now, as I said in my last article about the 2 solid men I saw from other dimensions, things are upgrading and other dimensions are coming more clear. I am seeing more, they are more visible and many times more solid than they used to be in years past. This is an indication the energy is high and we are experiencing frequency changes.

Time Losses 

A few times this week I have been experiencing loses in time. Time lapses. One of the times I literally lost one hour. I was getting ready to go to an appointment and I ended up being late because one hour just disappeared. I got into the shower when the clock said 1:00 and when I got out of the shower it was 2:15  ( it takes me about 15 minutes to take a shower). There were other smaller ones during the week of about 20 minutes each time. This is taking place as we move up in frequency and come into the moment of NO Time. We are now approaching this timeline more rapidly.


Our dreams are becoming more  like we are awake and our waking life is becoming more like a dream. My dreams and others are so intense and lucid right now filled with messages.  We are shifting through the next realm to move even higher. We need to pass through the dream realm in order to do this. This is the 4th dimension leading to the 5th dimension. We don’t actually go through it, we just pass by. As we go through this realm things get confusing because we feel many times like we don’t know if we are dreaming or not while awake. We are feeling lighter and as if we are hovering above our body many times. We don’t feel as secure to the ground as we used to. One of my dreams was about me picking out certain people to work with on raising vibration projects I was working on. I was picking these people out from something like a netflix screen. Each person had their profile on netflix, so instead of picking out a movies or series, I was actually going through each one and picking out my soul group to work with. Right now as I have discussed in my other articles, we are meeting and teaming up with our soul group members and twin souls. Ascension brings us together in a way that was not possible before. There is a magnetic pull now towards others who we are destined to be teamed up with.

We Our Creating our New Reality NOW 

We are creating our new reality in 5D every moment of NOW. I was told in May of this year by the higher realms and source energy that we have actually moved out of 3D and so has the Earth. All we need to do now is visualize 5D and we can move into it. We are doing this and manifesting 5D now.  All we need to do is visualize all the things we WANT in the higher realms. We can manifest this reality and create it for ourselves now. How do we do this? We continually focus on creating the reality we want and not what we do not want. So that means we do not put any energy at all into negative ideas, the dark side of ourselves ( unless we are transmuting this to light ) or any fear based energies. I will go into more detail in my next article.

3D Disappearing 

You may feel as though you are loosing your 3D self these days. We are in the process of completely recalibrating who we are, as we turn into the crystalline aspects of ourselves and replace the old matrix ways of being. This may manifest is not remembering how to do mundane things that we have been doing for years. You may go to do them and you find, you just don’t remember. This is about raising to a higher frequency where these mundane 3D aspects don’t exist any more. Everything is done by thought and manifestation. Not by physical labor. Don’t worry, this is a good sign for our Ascension.

Raise your Vibration

The 3D world is filled with untruths. Almost all business run this way so employees are forced to follow suit. This happens because most business put the priority on making money above all else.  The truth can set us free. This is not just a cute cliche but actually true.

To raise your vibration be truthful  in every moment. To be in truth means to be tuned into your own energy and your own vibration and feelings. The more we are tuned into feelings, the more truth will surface for us. How do we tap into our feelings? We honestly feel and might want to express every emotion we have, all the time. YES all the time.

To honestly express every emotion is to find our soul tribe and soul mate/twin soul. Our twin can take the truth and this lets them express their truth too. We mirror this way of being for them.  I always advise to spend time doing the inner work that is needed to be a be able to handle these truthful situations as they arise. We need to own who we are and take responsibility for ourself 100 percent of the time without passing the blame onto someone else. We are responsible for our feelings.If we don’t like the way someone else makes us feel, that can be a sign from the Universe they are not in our tribe.  It just takes making choices about our life and being in empowerment to lead us down the path of our choosing, happiness and purpose.

To honor ones feelings is to honor life itself. Feelings are the guideposts of our soul. They are everything, yet not honored by 3D society. Intensely honored though by the higher realms. Feelings are much more dramatic and expressed fully with no holding back outside of this dimension. Did you ever notice in the dream state how full feelings are and intense? They are also this way in the higher realms where people go when they pass from here. When I give mediumship readings for the ones who have passed on loved ones,  the energy I feel coming into my body from them is overwhelming and the love they have for their loved ones that are still here. It is 1000 times stronger than anything that can be felt here in this reality. Feelings are real and they transcend dimensions.

The shawdow side in 3d, this dark side is not to be embraced in this reality. It is to be worked through and evolved out of. The dark side is the lower frequencies of the lower dimensions. The ascension process is all about transmuting and discarding the lower aspects of ourselves. The lower aspects are the selfish aspects that don’t care about others or their feelings. We all know how these aspects play out in 3d society. Enlightened souls know this is not the path for them. To be caring, loving, nurturing to others and also to maintain our self love at the same time is the way to 5D aand above.

Some do not want to give up their dark side, they don’t see the benefit to them to give it up. They won’t see the benefit until they give it up. This is how things work in this reality. The Universe does not work with dark aspects of anyone. The Universe and Source energy only work to bring in more light. This leaves the person that hangs onto their dark aspects not getting the guidance they need from the higher realms. The dark is a block for LIGHT to get through.

The benefits to carrying more light are tremendous. We are no longer stuck in the limited world of 3D. We can then acquire new gifts and abilities. We can see beyond the seen world. We can know beyond what is known. We are in harmony with source and the creator. The more we merge with Creator energy, the more gifts we can acquire.

As the energy of the shift increases, we are given more and more glimpse of the dark side and we must make our choice to transform the dark into light. We see what darkness does and where it leads and we are given opportunities to come into the LIGHT through the ascension process.

Our Star Council want us to know there is always a choice to ascend and come into the light and out of the darkness of fear. There will be choices all through this process. The sooner everyone chooses, the faster the process can evolve.

The shift continues into November and December with 11/11 being the next  major gateway. I will update everyone with my next article about what to expect from this gateway and upgrade. Dates coming up to take note of 11/11, 12/12 and 12/21. I will be posting articles to update everyone on all the waves coming in and what to expect.

I love you all!
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Clairvoyant Medium -Star Races Face to Face Contactee
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ZORRA from HOLLOW EARTH – Extensive Summary Below – Many Surprising Revelations! – 10-24-15


Zorra from Hollow Earth

hollow earth


Listen to  ZORRA   from  HOLLOW EARTH   –   10-24-15


DUANE:  Here is a rough summary of today’s show:

Earth is getting ready to expand, Lots of Zippers (Earthquakes)  –  Before that happens in any affected area,  people living there will be relocated.   –   Separation of North, South Americas


Keshe ‘s job is to re-establish technology that has been hidden   –  Plasma Devices   –    Keshe is Einstein re-incarnated


Your Second Sun  is on far side of your Sun (Helios)   –   Your Sun is not hot, It is Light  –   Light coming into contact wit Centrifugal Force, creates friction  –   Sun does not give you skin cancer   –   Your own govts do that  (sending radioactive particles into the sky)


Elenin is a collecting vessel from Sirius Star System   –   Elenin has taken up position in front of your sun   –   Elenin is diminishing brightness of our Sun by being in front of it   –   At some point it will separate from our Sun, will appear as 2 suns in our sky


We have a sister planet, opposite us in solar system   –   The Sister planet is preparing for the arrival of many of you  –   Many of us that are “of a certain condition”  ( lower realms) will in a moment’s notice be transfered to this sister planet


What is The Gathering  –    When  we have 2 Suns, it is signal to Humanity, that The Gathering Has Begun   –   Gathering is an awakening of your DNA Codes   –   Very shortly your DNA will be re-activated   –   That will reveal which Star System is your ancestry   –   The vessels that are around your planet are from those specific star systems   –   they will be collecting their peoples, their incarnates on Earth   –   Taking them home to home worlds – This the Gathering


Many of you are going to come to visit us in Hollow Earth   –   into some of the Agathan cities


Earth and Solar System srrounded by ET Craft   –   Some motherships  are too large to land on Earth  –   More tha a few million ships surround Earth, some are 5 – 8 miles wide   –   UFO appearances mostly not in USA


Zorra:: “I’m seeing an outpouring of love, Globally”   –   Love is the  main key to bringing about Balanve in your World


You’re goint o see a change in your Hollywood films   –   Stop reprogramming they’re doing on us  –  Friendly ET Contact  –  More reality, less science fiction  –  When we do come forth, it will be a more accepting population


We are beginning to get control of the Media   –   Those that are resigning from gov, being replaced by higher beings


We are 5.6  of 12 levels of collective ascension   –   It matters not what your level is.  What matters is where your consciousness is  –  Going within to find your level of Consciousness is   –   Your Knowingness will change   –   You will become more enlightened than before


Visualiz the God that You Are   –    Visualize a World in Pure Love, a world wihout strife or wa,   –   Visualize world of Beauty, Happiness Compassion,   –  No more conflict or war   –   Common harmony between all  –  This what is coming to your Earth


You must come to that realization of what you are   –   Take ownership of your Love and Proclaim it – Your Consciousness will increase   –   When you exbibit your God Prowess, no one will doubt  –  You are all healers – No reason for illness on this planet  –   Whatever occurs, All Is Well


Cities of Light have been viewed   –   In Future they will descend to Earth   –   signaling Harmony  and Balance of the Collective  –  Taking care of others


Re Cosmic Wave:  so many people are not going to feel that nothing different has happened   –   You must come to the realization that should not be led by anyone but yourselves.   –   This programming has been going on for eons   –   They make you feel that you are lesser than you are   –   You can not remove a programming, you must program over it,  –  Replacing it with Love


from Blog Talk Radio:

We are resuming our every-other-Saturday 2-hour shows with Zorra, from Hollow Earth!

We are in our fifth year, interacting with Zorra – and now, also Zorra’s other half, Saryya, also from Hollow Earth.

Also, please enjoy our archived shows.

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Then, our Blog Talk Radio Shows began in July, 2013. Please learn how this all began by listening to our Featured Episode How Our Hollow Earth Connection began:  

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Deborah @ Archangels and Devas – Transition (Ascension) Update – Being In Light Body In The Wake of the Eclipses – 10-2-15

Light Body


Deborah @ Archangels and Devas   –   Transition (Ascension) Update   –   Being In Light Body In The Wake of the Eclipses   –   10-2-15

By Deborah, Archangels and Devas, October 1, 2015


For the first time since my transition began in earnest 3 years ago I feel the excitement and absolute appreciation of the changes that are occurring. The energies are still very strong and I have a sense that they will get stronger each day now, which is fabulous because this means that each new day brings along with it exciting new experiences.

Dealing with 3D issues is still a huge challenge and can result in a lowering of my level of consciousness if I’m not mindful and careful. There is still a little resistance about, but it has become easier to snap out of it and to lift my thoughts and focus on the higher perspective.

The introduction of music is working really well for me now. I’m extremely passionate about music and I have found it brings me almost instantly back into the 6th dimension and into alignment with my Soul source energy. So, thank you to my Beloved for introducing me to Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi who, in my opinion, is a master in his art and worthy of the accolade.

Since the 2nd Eclipse which occurred in the wee hours of Monday morning here in South Africa, I’ve had several experiences of being in my light body which is super exciting! Prior to the eclipses I used to feel as if I was being lifted physically by a pair of strong arms and hands, but now my experience has changed remarkably. Now I feel my body lifting by itself through an experience of higher vibrational energy which results in an increase in the buzzing sensation in my ears and a prickling sensation around my physical body. This takes place over a few seconds in time, then I sense movement from point A to B, sometimes even a sense of moving round the planet experiencing the curvature of the globe. I only feel this when moving into my light body. The coming back part is instantaneous because I’m vibrating at a higher frequency (7D), but this sometimes leaves me feeling dizzy and nauseous, so I need to ground myself and stay horizontal for a while afterwards. When I’ve learned how to maintain frequency in the 6th and 7th dimension, I’ll be able to move into my light body instantaneously also.

But what is really exciting now being in light body is that my sense of perception has increased, although my eyes and hearing still need some adjustment. This adjustment and increase in perception will increase along with my vibration and frequency with each new day. But I can speak to people and hear them now whilst in light body, which is something I wasn’t able to do before.

What is really great is experiencing a sense of weightlessness whilst in light body. To feel raindrops without getting wet and without the sense of being hot or cold is awesome. I’ve also experienced my singing voice, twice now in fact, and singing has always been a passion of mine but I’ve never pursued that avenue. When in light body my voice is incredible and I enjoy singing my heart out!

Learning how to maintain the higher frequencies is still a challenge, but I’m reminded that Rome wasn’t built in a day…. These things take time and each day we are getting closer.

One thing that I am realizing now is that we, as humans, have barely scratched the surface when it comes to perceiving what is around us and what is possible. So if you think you know what is ‘real’, then think again…. I was drawn to this passage:

“The wizard has completely freed himself from the known. To him the only freedom lies in the unknown, because whatever is known is past and dead. Boundaries are cages; reality is a delicate bird trembling in your hand. Hold it too long, and it will die. We all experience the new and the unknown, but few of us see the unknown as a force that is beckoning us. The unknown contains clues to another reality.” ~ Deepak Chopra’s book “Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want” – Page 92/3

Yes, the ego is more comfortable with boundaries, whereas the Soul experiences freedom beyond the known, beyond that which is familiar, into that which extends into the field of infinite possibility.

There is no “one way” or experience of WHAT IS. WHAT IS, is what you decide it is! What you wish to experience along with your creation of what is possible, remembering that ALL is possible, and that you are a creative Being, always creating, all ways!

So with that in mind, do not expect your experience or your understanding of something to be the same as someone else’s. We are all different, an individuation of Souls, here to expand and grow in consciousness, individually and collectively, each uniquely different in our perception and experience of what we perceive to be our reality.

This is the magic and gift of Life!


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d’tewa – And The Fun Is Just Beginning – Ascension Update – 7-30-15

d’tewa  – 

Yep Dear Friends, we’re getting closer and closer for the changes we’ve been waiting for.  Here’s what I’ve learned about the upcoming changes thus far.

     On July 26th, there was an opening of the Lion’s Gate, which is a new higher frequency of solar (christ) codes that are saturating earth and humanity, and will continue until 8-8-15.

     The Lion’s Gate occurs every year on Aug. 8th when earth aligns with Sirius and the galactic center to create a stargate portal which sends us waves of activating energies for personal and planetary ascension.

     This year is even more potent- 8-8-8 (2+0+1+5=8) which is perfectly placed to prepare us for the upcoming lunar eclipse (blood moon) in September.

     Today also begins the new galactic year of the White Planetary Wizard, the essence of which couldn’t be more relevant to our collective emergence into the new world.

     White Wizard is the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the alignment of mind & heart.

     2 things relevant here:

        1)The energy of purity that the image of a white wizard conjures.

        2)This year is governed by the “planetary tone of manifestation”, the energy of perfection and production.  Which means, it is time to actualize these new frequencies of the balanced heart-mind in our day to day life.

     Those who remember that all our power is in the perception will make magic with their minds.

     This can only be achieved when the head-heart (crown)center, the solar plexus (heart) are purified, activated and blended to work in harmony with the soul.  It is mandatory that we 

1) transcend fear in order to subserviate the lower (survival) mind to the higher GOD mind, and

2) purify our primary heart center of all our fear-based emotions originating from false programs.

 Both of which are a very large part of what this year of mastery is providing for each of us.

     At the lower level, this balancing process can be felt in the physical body as the pineal-pituatary complex.  Which means, the physical mechanics of our higher dimensional processing merges in union.  During these activations, you may encounter some temporary waves of brain fog, confusion, disorientation, lag time in

comprehension, vision impairment, timeline bleeds, odd multidimensional mishaps, itchy-burning watery eyes, sensitivity to smell, sinus congestion, headaches, vertigo, fatigue, and sleepiness/sleeplessness.

      The brain adjusts to the higher frequency to more dimensions of reality and perception to project a new hologram.  This can make for some twilight-zoneish experiences.  Welcome Weirdness!

     At the higher level, and as the 3rd eye awakens fully, our divine/heart mind becomes our dominant processor.  This means that we begin to attract new thought forms via access to new, expanded realms of intellegence in order to project a new Love-based reality of our physical/holographic world.

     As you realize your capacity to think as GOD, you simultaneously open to your true nature as a self-realized aspect of GOD.

     Now, with all of that in mind -with the potent date of 8-8 right around the corner, let’s not forget that this next blood moon will mark a radical shift planet-wise, which will, of course, affect all that lives on her.  Even those unaware will feel it to some extent, and if you’re ultra sensitive and prepared for it, this could be a game-changer in how one perceives a reality.

     So, dear friends, the fun is just beginning!  Whether you decide to put your seat belts on for this ride is up to you.  Whatever you decide, hold on tight!  It’s gonna get REAL interesting! 

Polona Aurea Dawn – Ascension Update – Portal activity – 4-7-15



Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We are in another one of those powerful shifts. The final culmination of the Solar & Lunar Eclipse brought a planetary shift, and we here have had as cold temperatures as in December, and it’s April. We are experiencing what I like to call “portal weather” and it’s happening all over the world, in many regions, especially close to the main activation portals on the planet. Extreme precipitation and storms with strong wings are all in the mix. We have one here in the Alps, so I know how it’s like when the energy is coming in. We also had a Solar eruption just after the Eclipse, so if You are experiencing any of the main Ascension symptoms, know that it’s perfectly natural for this intense time. The body needs lots of rest and nurture, and we will be integrating this current wave whole week long and beyond. The symptoms can vary from body shaking, temperature sensitivity (moving from too hot and too chilly), insomnia and tiredness at the same time.

The part of us that is especially in a “graduation mode”, is the part of us that is mastering Divine trust. As an Ascension Pioneer, it’s crucial that we know how to receive/source (not just channel) our Spirit guidance from the crystal consciousness of Unity, and not simply scraping the lower levels of density, where all kinds of things are unfolding and trying to get a voice. The important voice is that of our own “I AM” Presence, so we are moving from the Era of channeling and hypnotic states of receiving information to the Era of knowing and conscious embodiment, where we simply know things in our conscious awareness, not only when we move into a trance state. We are becoming the new Pioneers of how information not just comes to the surface, but is embodied within us as well. The previous generation has laid the proper foundations, and Now we are the ones who are showing the Way of how to live all this knowledge and information that we have gathered in the informational Age.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. My Mastery courses:…

Polona Aurea Dawn – Ascension Update – Masters of the New Era – 1-14-15



Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We have begun an exciting New Year of 2015/8 numerology. This is the Year of the Magician, the great Cosmic Alchemist that is working with the Essence of Soul alchemy to achieve great Self mastery in deep Soul integration/unification, infinite abundance and expansion of the Soul’s freedom. This year the first Ascension wave will move into a new wave of Being, and have a great impact in collective service to All Life in Creation. The year began with a powerful Cancer Full Moon, which gave us the proper lift off into the realms of true Home/belonging here on this planet and how we live our lives in a New reality. All of this New is impacting us greatly, and yet it feels exciting and magical, for we have finally entered the realms of the Great unknown in Cosmic Self mastery. We are the Masters of the New Era. What does that mean?

We are moving through some tumultuous times, because so much is shifting within us. We are in the midst of great changes, and we are simultaneously receiving new guidance and life directions, while also making changes in the old ways at the same time. Let us remember that this is not taking place separately, for it’s all actually one continuous process of Soul unification. We are clearing our pathway, so it’s very important that we stay calm and centered. Things are purifying and our bodies are going through another purging cycle, where a layer of density is being released and dissolved. A great Cosmic wave of purging has began. It was activated on the 1.1. and magnified on 11.1., which is now bringing up immense change in our lives. We will continue to make those changes up until the point where a new astrological year/cycle begins.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Karen Dover – Ascension Update – Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show – 11-26-14


Join channel and intuitive healer Karen Dover as she discusses New Earth energies and takes calls live on the show. Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show airs on Wednesdays at 7pm est (usa

Georgi Stankov, Ascension Guide – Current Events Update




November Was a Full Succes

by Georgi Stankov, December 1, 2014

By all standards November was a full success. First we opened the long and most powerful portal of truth Nov 11-21 after we activated on October 29th the heart and throat chakras (the centre of truth) of the second wave of ascension candidates. When I am speaking of “we”, I mean the light warriors of the PAT, the first ascension wavers and the new Logos Gods.

We also opened the crystalline grid for the angelic energies of the 6D and higher dimensions during this time. Then came the second portal with the new moon on November 22 when the adamantine God’s particles from the Source flooded earth and all humanity. These particles are carriers of the higher intelligence of the divine Mind of Unity and are closely related to the gold-white Christed light that already floods Gaia for some time.

The processes that are now unfolding at the higher dimensions in association with our ascension to the new Galaxy are so big and convoluted that a human mind cannot grasp them at all. For this reason we were advised by the Elohim a few days ago as follows:

There are great expectations that the Ascension is almost complete and that this reality will collapse instantly, however there is much more work to be done…  Know that there are several “segments” that are yet to come;  Forget the details!  They matter not…  nothing occurs upon a linear timeline…  and everything is interconnected with Gaia and her ascension to the new Galaxy. The depth and breadth of all activity is enormous, beyond the scope of almost every Being witnessing this creation.”

And by this they mean also all Beings throughout the whole universe who are now watching the ascension of Gaia and the new Galaxy and are mesmerized by the beauty of this unique creation.

Then yesterday the Elohim told us that I have achieved my goal – to clearly outline, and thus sustainably create, the basic prerequisites for the coming End Time scenario. It will end up with a huge conflict between Russia and the dark Western cabal in power and will trigger all other calamities that will rapidly lead to the MPR and our transfiguration. To this end the financial crash of the dollar, the collapse of the equity markets, and the shutdown of the banking system in the West will vastly contribute.

The military conflicts of the USA, the AAA, and its vassals in Europe with the rest of the world, in particular with the BRICS countries, was accelerated in the last days and weeks due our active intervention in the plot, as closely observed and analysed by myself and by you on this website and also on the Internet and will come to a conclusion – to a final showdown – very soon, as I shall explain below.

You must know that this is entirely your success as the leading group of Logos Gods and Guardians of the New Galaxy. We were the first light workers to discern the close relationships between the developments in the financial markets and the clandestine war that the USA and NATO are now waging against Russia, being the biggest obstacle for the plan of the dark ruling cabal to install the NWO, before the rest of the journalists could grasp it. And then inform the masses.

The two big military conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East are only local theatres of war, behind which a new nuclear world war is in the final hectic preparation. It will not happen, as we have decided so, but its dynamics in this final stage of the ascension process will trigger the financial crash and a global economic infarct and will sweep away the old Orion order. This is all in the making and becomes more evident by the hour.

In this context the Elohim told me that I have done an excellent job, with the full support of the PAT, in creating this ascension scenario (that is why we are still here) and that we should now step back and contemplate our new creation as Logos Gods in this uppermost earth hologram. The work is essentially done and we need some time and relaxation to enjoy our enormous success.

I must admit that this last month was very strenuous for me – due to the heavy cc-waves, severe and prolonged headaches and acute broncho-pneumonitis. Also due to the fact that Carla was severely ill, so that I had to take full care of her and her old mother and also writing daily on this website without a pause. But the urgency of the political situation demanded this input on my part and I was really carried on angels’ wings the whole time.

Very much so, when I discovered the Universal law in the 90s, wrote the four volumes on the new General Theory of Science  and ran parallel to these activities my private institute for clinical research with 12 highly qualified employees. On top of it, caring for my family and two young children. At that time I worked in a kind of a cosmic fever 12-14 hours a day, seven days a week and slept barely several hours in the night for about three years. This was the most exalted and creative time in my whole life when everything seemed to align perfectly and I had my biggest success in this incarnation.

Now my performance is only a fraction of that in the past, but this time I am energetically also very busy in the higher realms and elsewhere creating numerous multidimensional realities. But at the end, today, I have the same good feel of full satisfaction as in the 90s and the deep knowing that we have fully achieved our goals and have triggered the final act of our ascension scenario as Logos Gods. That is why we are the light warriors of the first and the LAST hour, because without us “rien ne va plus”.

This is essentially what I want to relate to you at this auspicious moment, knowing that some of you are still impatiently waiting for the final transfiguration, while still hugely suffering under these relentless energetic bouts from the Source. This is indeed a relevant aspect of our reality in these last days, but our sight should not be mired by such temporary inconveniences. We must now really focus at the bigger picture and rejoice at the power of our creationary abilities in transforming this toxic reality into a harmonious, sparkling new world.

The proof of our huge success is more than obvious. If you follow the news in the alternative and even the MSM outlets, you will now immediately notice that all improbable pathways of the impending End Time scenario – the plot leading to a new world war that will end up as a “no brainer” for the Western dark ruling cabal and will only lead to their final elimination – have been, in the meantime, fully accepted and internalized by most critical journalists and the public, even though thet are unaware of the bigger, transcendental dimension behind all events.

This is the most clear sign that we are now witnessing the fruits of our incredible creation on the political and societal stage. The manifestation of our creationary potential on a global scale is fully supported and carried forward by the new, extremely powerful energies of the Portal of Truth, which we opened collectively last month at the expense of major personal sacrifices.

The Orion matrix is now crushing on all fronts with the speed of light and I have difficulties myself to follow all the events in real time as they now begin to stipulate. Below I shall try to present the latest major political, financial and economic developments that confirm all that I have said above and written about in November. Most probably by the time of the publication they will be already outdated.


Today the Russian media report that Kremlin has launched its ‘wartime government’ HQ in a new major military upgrade. President Putin has ordered over 2,000 top military officers to immediately begun duties at the National Defense Control Center (NDCC) which is, in fact, Russia’s wartime government” headquarters in Moscow, now that “global war nears” and Russia has been put on high alert as RT writes:

And if Russia does get into a war, the center would act as a major communication hub and a form of wartime government, delivering reports to the country’s military command and giving orders to all ministries, state-owned companies and other organizations, according to the needs of the armed forces.

This happens at a time when the ceasefire is broken in Eastern Ukraine and the war battles have been resumed on both sides. The Russians seem also to have given up on Western Europe and have wrapped up their South Stream pipeline project through Bulgaria, Serbia and Austria to supply Western Europe with gas, by evading the conflict zone of Ukraine. This project was cancelled by the dark shape-shifter bureaucrats in Brussels as a retaliation to Russia supporting the freedom fighters in Eastern Ukraine.

Now Putin has signed a new agreement with the NATO members Turkey and Greece to create instead a gas hub on the Turkish-Greek border. Putin blamed during his visit in Turkey the European opposition to the South Stream plan, which was funded by Russia’s state gas giant Gazprom. The pipeline was planned to run under the Black Sea to Bulgaria and from there to south and central Europe, providing another transit route for Gazprom. This dramatic new development points to final preparations of the Russian insurgents to start a blitz-war in Eastern Ukraine against the Nazi para-military junta in Kiev. It is obvious that the Kremlin will not put up with a Nazi regime in Ukraine on its border that is fully subservient to the USA and NATO and that this is a question of naked survival for this biggest nuclear power.

Putin’s order to launch the new “wartime government” HQ of Russia came immediately after his meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara earlier today, wherein, as said, an agreement was reached to increase Russian energy supplies to Turkey in exchange for this NATO member’s pledge of neutrality in any future Ukrainian conflict. Important to note is that the crisis in the key transit nation of Ukraine has imperiled Russian gas supplies to Turkey as winter fast approaches, but  the agreement signed today will allow to alleviate the dire energetic situation in Turkey, which is now also engaged in full conflict with the USA over the Iraq / Syrian War. The cracks in the Western facade are now getting very big.

The agreement today between Putin and Erdogan must be evaluated upon the imminent preparations for a blitzkrieg attack on the eastern regions of Ukraine, and which would secure those pipelines vital for Turkey’s energy security as also discussed by the Saker, a prominent warfare analyst of Russian origin.

That the Russian patience is wearing thin has been also confirmed by another Russian expert Dmitry Orlov, who recommended only three days ago an ingenious strategy how the American citizens can destroy the American empire before it destroys them – namely by refusing to pay taxes and thus subside this blood-thirsty, insatiable monster. More and more individuals are now awakening to the idea of the sovereign power of the people and how they can eradicate the old Orion matrix. This is already a significant new development.

How far advanced the preparations for a new world war between the two nuclear powers are, was already confirmed in my recent report that the USA has launched three ballistic rockets near the Far Eastern Pacific Coast of  the Russian Federation last Friday. The dramatics of the political events behind the curtain becomes evident when one considers the fact that the Kremlin has put on combat duty today its new wartime control center that  was ordered to be built by Putin on 8 May 2013, which is also the new headquarters for the Control Center of Strategic Nuclear Forces. The latter will oversee the use of nuclear weapons of mass destruction. When all this is combined with the 5,000 additional bomb shelters which Putin ordered to be built in Moscow and were completed in 2012, it appears to show that Russia is now fervently preparing for an all-out war.

To this adds my repeated encounter with Putin this night in the higher realms, where he was attacked by a laser-like weapon of the dark archons that hit him in the heart, very much like the laser cannon that hit my throat about two weeks ago in the night when the PAT waged its last epic battle with the dark archons, severing them with their old electromagnetic grid from the new crystalline grid, as reported in our regular energy updates. I immediately helped Putin and eliminated with my lightsabre the dark archons that attacked him and then performed an invocation with the violet-gold flame to protect his fields. After that I instructed him how to use this flame to better protect himself in the future.

From these two subsequent encounters with Putin in the last two nights, I conclude that we have entered the most critical phase in the Ascension scenario and that I as a Logos God and soul mate of Putin’s new walk-in soul have taken over the responsibility for the full protection of this courageous and highly endangered politician, whom the dark cabal try to kill at any price.

That Putin is fully aware as to how precarious his and the current world situation is, can be deduced from his recent statement that Russia is now preparing for a war against the USA:

“No matter what our Western counterparts tell us, we can see what’s going on. NATO is blatantly building up its forces in Eastern Europe, including the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea areas. Its operational and combat training activities are gaining in scale.”

As to why the Obama regime-led Western alliance is provoking Russia to war, one of the best explanations, perhaps, was articulated by the former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan, and current Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, Doug Bandow, who warned in his recent highly acclaimed article this last week:

“The principle danger to America comes from hubris, the conviction of U.S. elites that they have been anointed by God to run the world. And their assumption that the rest of the world wants to be run by them. As a result, Washington constantly foments hostility, generates chaos, exacerbates conflicts, attempts social engineering, and makes other nations’ battles its own.”

The truth will make you free.

As we all know, the Obama regime has already launched a full-scale economic war against Russia (see also here and here). Now the West is beginning to realize for the first time that it has stupidly engaged in a dangerous Russian roulette, where the Russians have all chances on their side to trigger the last silver bullet straight into the heart of the crumbling American empire. The London’s Guardian has just warned that this “high stakes gamble”, opened with the US-Saudi Arabia secret deal to flood the world with cheap oil, is actually harming the perpetrators much more than Russia:

“Stakes are high as US plays the oil card against Iran and Russia. Washington is trying to drive down prices by flooding the market with crude but risks collateral damage to its own shale industry

Please observe that only two days ago this kind of news was only published by a few alternative media outlets as our website. Now the MSM have also opened to this dire truth. And this is just the beginning. Willy-nilly the dark Western cabal, in cahoot with their presstitutes, must now accept the fact that the world is in a perennial war. And that this last war will not be won as usually by the USA that has won all major wars in the 20th century, until it began to lose all its wars after the Vietnam debacle and became the only source of chaos and destruction worldwide.

The American Empire of Evil is an epitome of the NWO that will never come into being on this uppermost mother planet because of us as Logos Gods and light-bearers, and because of this website that dictates the final plot of the Ascension scenario before we shall transfigure and leave this dreadful holographic reality for ever.

How stupid and brainless the Western Obama, Merkel and Co cabal has become these days, is also the topic of the famous American-German freelance journalist, historian, and economic researcher William Engdahl, who also concludes in his latest article titled The Secret Stupid Saudi-US Deal on Syria:

The US-Saudi oil price manipulation is aimed at destabilizing several strong opponents of US globalist policies. Targets include Iran and Syria, both allies of Russia in opposing a US sole Superpower. The principal target, however, is Putin’s Russia, the single greatest threat today to that Superpower hegemony.

The strategy is similar to what the US did with Saudi Arabia in 1986 when they flooded the world with Saudi oil, collapsing the price to below $10 a barrel and destroying the economy of then-Soviet ally, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and, ultimately, of the Soviet economy, paving the way for the fall of the Soviet Union.

Today, the hope is that a collapse of Russian oil revenues, combined with select pin-prick sanctions designed by the US Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence will dramatically weaken Putin’s enormous domestic support and create conditions for his ultimate overthrow.

It is doomed to fail for many reasons, not the least, because Putin’s Russia has taken major strategic steps together with China and other nations to lessen its dependence on the West. In fact the oil weapon is accelerating recent Russian moves to focus its economic power on national interests and diminishes dependence on the Dollar system.

If the dollar ceases being the currency of world trade, especially oil trade, the US Treasury faces financial catastrophe. For this reason, I call the Kerry-Abdullah oil war a very stupid tactic.”

The helplessness of the Western cabal is reinforced by their awareness that they are unprepared for a full-fledged war with Russia – neither in Ukraine, nor anywhere else. As I have pointed on many occasions, the USA has no recruits and no soldiers anymore to wage any kind of war. That is why they are now bombing in a most silly manner Iraq and Syria without achieving anything against ISIS.

The Obama regime is watching the coming war against Russia “like a paralyzed rabbit in front of a cobra” (Wie Kaninchen gebahnt vor der Schlange) as the US Military know all too well their poor fighting record, as most succinctly stated by the Counter Punch News Service that wrote this past week:

“Keep in mind, the glorious US military has spent the last 13 years fighting sheep herders in flip-flops in Afghanistan in a conflict that, at best, could be characterized as a stalemate (Actually they have already lost the war; note, George). And now the White House wants to take on Russia? Can you appreciate the insanity of the policy?

Unlike their “flip-flop wearing” foes in Afghanistan, my favorite journalist Pepe Escobar warns in the Asia Times News Service this week very lucidly what the Obama regime would be facing in a war with Russia:

Wanna play war, boy?

Now for the “threat” of nuclear war in Europe – bogus or otherwise. It’s pointless to compare the strategic nuclear capabilities of the US and Russia based on numbers, but not on quality.

Take the compounded GDP of US, Germany, France and the UK and compare it to Russia; it’s a victory by a landslide. Then examine the strategic nuclear scenario, and it’s a totally different story. GDP alone does not “win” anything.

Consider some of the basics:

Russian ICBMs armed with MIRVs travel at about 18 Mach; that is way faster than anything in the US arsenal. And basically they are unbeatable.

The S-400 and S-500 double trouble. Moscow has agreed to sell the S-400 surface-to-air missile system to China. The bottom line is this will make Beijing impermeable to US air power, ICBMs and cruise missiles. Russia, for its part, is already focusing on the state-of-the-art S-500 – which essentially makes the Patriot anti-missile system look like a V-2 from World War II. 

The Russian Iskander missile travels at Mach 7 – with a range of 400 kilometers, carrying a 700 kilogram warhead of several varieties, and with a circular error probability of around five meters. Translation: an ultimate lethal weapon against airfields or logistic infrastructure. The Iskander can reach targets deep inside Europe.

And then there’s the Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA. Talk about a real near-future game-changer. 

In a nutshell, both Moscow and Beijing know the US surface fleet is obsolete – and undefendable.  A few thousand S-400 and S-500 systems are enough to block a US nuclear attack. Think of a hefty batch of S-400s positioned at the enclave of Kaliningrad; that would turn NATO air operations deep inside Europe into an absolutely horrendous nightmare. On top of it, good ol’ NATO fighter jets cost a fortune. Imagine the effect of hundreds of destroyed fighter jets on a European Union already financially devastated and austerity-plagued to death.”

Until now we have little evidence that the American and West-European people are even aware of the catastrophic global war the Obama regime and the shape-shifters in Brussels (e.g. EU President Juncker recently: “We have only two options against Russia, increase in sanctions or war) are attempting to launch, but this is really no surprise to us as we know that these countries are predominantly populated by soulless empty human duplicates. These will very soon descend  to lower catastrophic timelines, where they will wage infinite such wars in continuation of their very long and painful incarnation cycle, until they learn their karmic lessons. Shortly before that our transfiguration will take place as we will be no longer needed in this reality.

Until then we must engineer and coordinate the final escalation of hostilities between the forces of darkness with Obama & Co. on the one hand and the forces of light with Putin and us as Logos Gods on the other.  We are the main protagonists in this mortal drama and cannot leave the stage before the curtain falls.




How Russia Crashes the US Economy and Accelerates Our Ascension Scenario

by Georgi Stankov, November 29, 2014


The Crash of the Dollar – Easily Explained One More Time

by Georgi Stankov and Kari, the Sunshinegirl, November 29, 2014


You are simply on fire lately. I am so delighted with these postings and how you help us continue to “connect the dots”. I can see such a beautiful strategy happening now on the part of Putin and I loved the latest on “The Programmed Sudden Death of the Orion Monetary System“. I love all your comments and agree with you that it’s all coming to a perfect head now. I always knew these things would come to pass, (although I was never led to get into the exact details), but I’ve had a very good understanding of the corruption behind it all for a long time and now I finally see how all the pieces are fitting together and it just makes my heart jump for joy as I can FEEL our freedom is so close. I can also sense how this is all becoming already a bad dream that we once had… fading into the eternal mist as we remember that heaven has always been helping us and loving us through this intensely hellish experience…..

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Programmed Sudden Death of the Orion Monetary System

The scenario how the Orion monetary system will collapse in the End Time prior to the MPR and our Ascension is not only part of my and your creationary visions and activities as Logos Gods, but also a self-fulfilling prophecy for the dark secret services in the USA and the West. It is not that our predictions of an imminent financial crash is a figment of our innate desire to leave this reality as soon as possible, knowing all too well that it can only happen after the old matrix has fully crumbled. because we are needed here to the very end to keep the light quotient and the energetic equilibrium. Our dark opponents cherish the same outcome for completely different reasons.

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Sananda via Jahn J Kassl – Ascension Update – Final Transmutation Of Earth – 11-27-14



Lord Sananda

Painting by Akiane Kramarik
Prince of Peace  / Painting by Akiane Kramarik


Conversation with Sananda   –   channeled by Jahn J Kassl   –   translated by Franz   –   11-27-14


Dream: I see that the whole earth is destroyed. An unbelievable energy sweeps across the whole earth; the scene has a “final” character. Thereby it is notable that I do not perceive a single human Being on this earth. (End of dream)



Among human Beings, in these days of truth, in the days, which mutate one world and let another world develop.

This dream image shows the earth after human Beings have already left it. Forlorn and ready for the final transmutation.

JJK: This means that mankind leaves this world before the “great event”?

SANANDA: At the same time with this event. In the dream you already perceive yourself being on another level and many human Beings will go through this; Immediately after these events occur nearly simultaneously human Beings will be taken from this world.

JJK: Also those, who have chosen another experience of suffering or those, who were not able to become friends with the ascension?

SANANDA: Also those human Beings, yes. Human Beings, who stay far away from ascension, will receive exactly the experience, which their soul has chosen for them. They will be switched into a dynamic of suffering, as it serves the further unfolding; they will be free of it, as this is no longer necessary.

JJK: How does it take shape for the ascending ones?

SANANDA: These remain unharmed in all areas and ascend shortly before this event or they remain close to the transmuting earth as custodians and guardians of this process. The potentials are manifold here. In essence there are so many different ascension scenarios as there are ascending ones.

New Energy Quality

JJK: Since yesterday I perceive an entirely different energy quality. It feels like if all provisions have been completed. And I also see that the “collective impatience” of the ascending ones yields to a new assuredness. From my perspective much has indeed changed.

SANANDA: Yes, the new earths are fulfilled with new life. This means that human Beings already begin to anchor in their new home. Thereby the bindings are released, which keep human Beings in this world. Human Beings become lighter and more transparent. Connected with it is the attainment of the ability to experience the simultaneity of all events. This is a new quality in order to experience daily life in this world with joy, and in order release from waiting for the ascension and from all expectations, which are connected with it.

It happens now and the souls of the ascending ones are now “attuned” to this knowledge. This process creates a tremendous inner assuredness, creates calm and brings human Beings into deep inner peace.

JJK: Are these the last developments before the “event” is manifested?

SANANDA: There are other developments, which in space-time have to be accomplished by the limited human consciousness: until every ascending one is interlocked with the Now-consciousness and has anchored this knowledge.

JJK: Actually I perceive also the progressing awakening of many human Beings. Also if I cannot recognize a spiritual awakening in most cases, human Beings increasingly look through that the ruling class is leading them by their nose ring.

SANANDA: This is a significant sign that this system is in an upheaval and breakdown and that the great cleansing occurs. On all levels the switches have been set for the turnaround of a world and the turnabout of mankind.

This occurs on all levels, which means that great measures follow.

At this point we end our conversation- New levels of awareness are created and in these days you become fully aware of it.

Stay on course, whereby you grapple daily with your own shadows, which distort the sight toward the great Light.

And know: The greater your divine assignments, the more encompassing must be the redemption of your Being so that you can also live these assignments.

Today there is no task more important for a human Being than to put your life into the Light on a daily basis, which means, far from imaginations and wishes, to see what is and to remove inappropriate thinking, feeling and actions from your life.

Your transfiguration comes to you; there is no need for further activity, except the unconditional willingness to look at yourself in God’s Light and to remove any shadow.

Act accordingly and you have done everything that fosters the wellbeing of the world, what paves the way for your ascension and affects your arrival in Heaven.

I am amongst you. Together we return to God.

I am



Bordering Process of the Planet – ASANA MAHATARI:

The light world publishing and the author do not lead any correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages published on this website.


ECETI NEWS – James Gililand – Ascension Update – 11-13-14



First I apologize for not being available lately due to traveling and dental concerns. I had two crowns prepared and a molar pulled in one day. I am also in Mexico at a place that will remain undisclosed. There has been many inquiries as to what is happening on many levels. There is so much going on I almost don’t know where to start. Foster Gamble put out a youtube video concerning your money is about to change. cut and paste

I highly recommend watching it mainly because it will save me a lot of typing. I am in contact and working with major key players as far as the currency re-evaluation, the movement back to universal law and sovereignty. I am glad Foster and Kimberly decided to put out this information yet there is more to the story. What is unfolding is in alignment with universal law and the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. It is a step one of many. Eventually we will evolve to a civilization that does not use money as most advanced civilizations. For this to occur we must make the shift to unity consciousness. The 9th wave the Mayans speak of is a wave of consciousness and energy that is exponentially increasing until all match its vibration or frequency. What is unfolding fits into that process. While there are some who are trying to create WW3, creating false flags, fake epidemics etc. to govern you through fear and dependency they are imploding due to a much grander force. This force includes families and mega trusts aligned with a higher force for good. Many refer to these negative factions as the cabal, zionists, illuminati etc. I have to ask what is so illumined and enlightened about separation, greed and actions harmful to humanity and the Earth. These are all base, primitive beliefs. What they refer to as superior in action and belief is in fact inferior and not frequency specific to the evolutionary path of Earth. What they refer to as power has nothing to do with power. Power comes from source, prime creator and prime creator, God, Creator, Great Spirit what ever you want to call it is love. Love is the ultimate power in the universe. So where is the love in their thought and action? Where is the nobel virtue? No love, joy, bliss, no power. What you have is a very primitive mind cut off from spirit and trapped in the false ego.

Those who operate under universal law, love and serve all creation are coming forward. They are riding the 9th wave. They are multidimensional and are a force beyond comprehension. This force includes the benevolent Annunaki which are recalling the fallen ones left behind. Those who broke universal law are standing in front of the councils, facing their deeds and the consequences. The Pleiadians, Orion Council of Light. Arcturians, Andromedans, and a host of other extremely advanced off worlders or what others refer to as ultradimensionals are all coming forward to liberate the Earth and reset her back on her original course. There is a massive cleanup of the archon network a collection of demonic and degenerate Ets which is about 80% complete. This means their puppets here on Earth will loose their false power, protection and guidance by these dark forces. It is a recipe for disaster for the dark hearts especially when the masses wake up to who they are and what they have done. This is the big picture yet there are many aspects to it. Universal Law demands that everyone do their part, make the necessary changes in their lives aligned with Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Freedom and Prosperity for all is the base foundation for Universal Law. It is was summed up in two sentences by one of your masters. Love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourselves. There is one more sentence necessary. Honor the Creator in All Creation, the sacred circle of life. We need to be kind to each other and all creation. Live a life in balance. Now I have to ask how many of your institutions operate according to Universal Law. Your religions separate man from God and God from Creation when in fact you cannot separate the Creator from Creation nor man from omnipresence. Your governments serve the corporations, souless entities which worship profit at any expense. This has caused the greatest suffering to humanity and the Earth. The war industry is responsible the escalation of wars and the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the escalation of disease. The oil industry is responsible for the escalation of pollution along with the nuclear industry, coal industry etc. all unnecessary with todays advanced fueless energy systems. Your media is bought and controlled designed to trap you in the external disempowering you from making your internal connection to source. This is all governed on the highest levels by the archon network a grid which is being torn asunder as we speak. We are in that process and it is well underway. We still have free will to choose which world we wish to support and participate in yet one world is coming to a close. My best advice is to choose wisely in thought and action in the days to come because that will determine your future or lack thereof. Let the archon network fall, don’t participate in it. If you have played a big part in that network and benefited from it now is the time to play a big part in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. Time to balance out the karma. There is action/reaction, there is a grand uncovering where all iniquities will be shouted from the rooftops. Nothing will remain hidden, there is no protection other than forgiveness and right action from ones karma. This is true soul repentance not lip service. This must be followed by restitution. Sound biblical? It is far beyond the bible or any religion. It is what is unfolding and the path to freedom and survival during these challenging times. We have the technology to end disease and regenerate the body. We have the technology to supply all our energy and transportation needs fuelessly. We have the ability through organic technologies to feed the world. The resources are there to end poverty, homelessness, all of the ills of humanity. This includes process oriented therapies to heal the mind of wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. The only thing missing is the leadership and the uprising. Both are in the wind backed by forces beyond imagination. Be the force. Be well,

James Gilliland

Asana Mahatari – Days of Truth – Ascension Update – Separation Of Galaxy – Channeler Jahn J Kassl – 10-22-14

Mario Gattoaladino



Asana Mahatari  /  channelled by Jahn J Kassl  

Foreword  /  Georgi Stankov


Three days ago I wrote in my short energy update of October 19th the following:

This night our mission was dedicated to a complete cleansing of all patterns of greed and self-service associated with the current pecuniary system of Orion gratification. We severed all lower timelines that will experience these negative patterns for a longer period of time from this uppermost mother planet. The reason for this is that this planet is now on her pathway of rapid ascension to the new Golden galaxy, where it is supposed to merge with the new 4D and lower 5D worlds, we have already created, around the new moon and solar eclipse portal on October 23rd. These 4D and lower 5D worlds are now being rapidly seeded with the templates of the new human race, which Carla and I created in the world healing center in Lofer and disseminated on October 12th.

What I also received from my HS at that night was that all individuals, who are still driven by such negative patterns, will be for ever severed from our ascending timeline and we shall never meet them again. This information was closely associated with some people, who Carla and I know well and would have liked not to see them again. This whole process of separation should be interpreted within the broader picture of the final ascension of the new Galaxy, as Asana Mahatari has told Jahn this night after a very dramatic experience with his son.

Hence you have a seamless chronicle from us and Jahn that confirms the rapid and very swift ascension of this Galaxy and of Gaia as its focal point, which is closely associated with the new moon and full solar eclipse portal this week. I am confident that this information gives you a coherent and full picture what you should expect in the coming days.

But you should first and foremost attune to the energies that flow throughout your fields and body, as everybody will now experience a slightly different situation because all timelines now diverge and their number grows into infinity. Hence there is no such thing as common human experience anymore.

Only yesterday night I moved within several minutes from a very low timeline to a much higher and my surgical wound improved dramatically in front of my eyes, while making a massage on my leg. When I showed it to Carla, she could not believe it, but admitted that at the same time she received a message from her HS that we have moved to a much higher timeline. It felt as if my whole body was exchanged and improved within the blink of an eye. This improvement is still visible today and I hope it will stay so, unless we descend again to much lower timelines.

These are the kind of miracles we shall now experience on a dialy basis and they should no longer impress us. We are in the middle of the most rough and exciting roller-coaster, we and this planet have ever experienced, where anything is possible and can happen at any time.





Report: At exactly midnight my beloved son NOAH startles in his sleep and cries out loud from the deepest level of his soul and crying out for his mama. As I get him out of his bed and bring him to his mother, he is like dazed and motionless. Because similar situations are very familiar to me, I know that here, based on the intensity of his reaction, something significant has appeared or has occurred – beyond the visible! (End of report)


The Separation of the Galaxy strikes Space-Time!

Sluggish worlds, lower vibrating levels have fallen off from the ascending world. Several worlds were transformed and since then many souls search for their new place of destination in All-That-Is. The whole bandwidth, which this ascension brings with it, is collected here in an instance of God, and infinite happiness and infinite pain appear “simultaneously”.

The nightly “scream”, as described in the report, is the outcry of stranded mankind. Those, who until last neither can hear, nor want to, must pass through the experience of pain. This sight is unbearable for a light warrior of the first and last hour, for a conscious human Being, who has dedicated oneself to the Light, to Love and to Life.

The cry of the remaining ones! Hear and see, the time has come.

Days of Truth

The worlds separate, the galaxy has shed the light-starved and has accepted the light-filled. And this has an immediate effect in this world. 

The days of truth begin, in every respect. We have proceeded with a significant step, now as the time of times fulfills.

Do not cry for the ones staying behind, instead be glad that this game completes, because only thereby the ones staying behind also receive a new opportunity for their return into the Light. Our new homes in Heaven are ready, and we begin to “arrange” ourselves in Heaven, even though we remain in this world until last.

The part of the ascension, which the awakened ones have contributed to, is immeasurable, because far from their own wishes and appointments, they carry out the service on the Light bridges until the last of all days. 

To recognize the Now in the transitory world is the key to understanding; and this understanding is attained in the time of waiting and expectation.

Everything rotten is pulled out from its root, before this world also dissolves visibly in front of you. The separation of the Galaxy has reached Gaia!

Remain anchored, grounded and oriented toward God, because heavenly guidance points you to several unknown paths and opens for you all the miracles, which are needed now, because the world changes its countenance and all Life in this world its course.


I am that I am. I am Peace and Life. I am amongst you,


End of transmission: 00.22am


Epilogue: After I have read this message repeatedly, have finalized it and have prepared it for translation, a terrible storm arises. It rains and storms, like I have rarely experienced it, and with regard to the presently received message, I get goose bumps all over my back.

Time: 1.00am


Sheldan Nidle Update – BUTTERFLY GROWING PAINS – Galactic Federation Medical Teams are Currently Monitoring You and Gaia Eco-systems – Health Issues re: Magnetic Fields – New Chakras, Heart Brain Affected – Rapid Irregular Heartbeats, Blood Pressure Anomalies – Increased Headaches, Blurry Vision – Difficulties Increase w Gaia Major Events Transforming Appearance of Her Surface Realm – Your Reality Is Shifting! – Our Solar System Is Rebirthing – Time is Now for New Reality to Appear – New Political, Governmental, Financial System – Feel These Energies – Visualize A Better World – This Sacred Moment Approaches – 10-14-14

13 Ik, 0 Tzec, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We come with much to tell you! The fundings continue to move forward as the process moves from one group to another. While this is taking place, we are overseeing the security forces to ensure that no shenanigans occur as monies are transferred from place to place. Those involved with the arrests and the transference to new governance are likewise completing the evidence trails to be used to isolate these rapscallions from the public. This procedure is nearly ready to yield results. Meanwhile, the dark is no longer able to use its various secret operations to start a major war. The dark realizes just how weak it is becoming. Nevertheless, it is doing little annoying things to stretch out the actual funding process with the revaluations of currencies, and preventing the start of the global currency reset. We wish to intervene on a much grander scale but the interferences built into the financial system continue to slow down the dispersal of funds. These unforeseen delays are soon to be moved aside so the new financial system can be readied.

On other fronts, our liaisons are reporting that the Galactic Federation medical teams are currently monitoring you, as well as the health of Gaia’s diverse eco-systems. The increasing displacement of Gaia’s magnetic fields is also responsible for your individual health issues. The localized fields are affecting your new chakras, and especially your heart. We are observing more and more cases of either rapid or irregular heartbeats. Your brain is likewise being affected. Our medical teams report that we are entering a time for increased headaches and blurry vision. Your brain is having a hard time of it, as is the global surface of Gaia. These problems are also leading to blood pressure anomalies in many of you. Be mindful of this and “baby” yourself more. Heaven informs us that these difficulties are to increase as Gaia moves closer to the major events that are to greatly change the appearance of her surface realm. It is therefore the perfect time for your present reality to shift toward the divine.

While all this is happening, we are preparing our fleet for the landings. At times, it seems so far away. Yet the moment for these events is fast approaching. Your current financial system is on the verge of total collapse. The American military is quickly losing its taste for never-ending war. Hence, we desire only to land when it is safe to do so. This fleet waged an unrelenting war for nearly six million years. The last few decades saw the end to these conflicts and peace formally declared. We rejoice in this and wish you to get on with a formal end to the belligerence of these governments to our presence in your skies. It is to be wondrous to hover freely over a large city and take photos and accurate measurements of the area. Then we can truly get a complete picture of your world. We intend to turn these vital images over to your geologic scientists and be able to compare notes on this and other closely related data. Gaia needs to be loved and cared for by you. There is much for you to learn about this world, and indeed the entire solar system.

You are being readied by Heaven to become the prime stewards for this solar system. Soon, you are to be able to journey on our ships throughout this most beautiful planetary system. When the four water planets are again operational, you are then to see just how unique your home truly is. The Sun is a perfect spiritual presence and a true nurturer of this planetary system. Her love shows in how she gently keeps each of her daughters alive with freely given energy. Mercury is a transponder for these energies and gladly guides them to her more distant sister worlds. Venus is to be reborn when her huge oceans and seas reappear. She is the pioneer of the water worlds. A great, lost civilization is to be seen and to join you in populating these numerous worlds. This society inspired ancient Egypt and populated the ancient societies of Mesoamerica. Their tales are soon to be made known to you. We are to add to what they are to tell you! The story of ancient Mu is to become known as well.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with a most fervent message. The time is now for the beginnings of a new reality to appear. It is to manifest and give you reason to rejoice. Take this energy and use it to participate in the forming of a new political, governmental and financial system. Put your spiritual joy into this process. Remember who you truly are. Be ready to exercise your true inner desires and forge a realm rich with heavenly and wondrous desires. Support each other and seek the truth about what is happening. Use this to find your special part in this most marvelous play. We are to come and instruct you on some truths that can further this most necessary spiritual education. The heart of Gaia is you. So take yourself deep into this heartfelt reality and experience it in the fullest of measures! Together, we are One, and determined to restore this realm to its previous and highest spiritual reality.

As you begin to feel the wondrous energies of Heaven bless you, use the higher consciousness and vibrations that it gives you to visualize a better and better world. See how your energies heal both Gaia and yourselves. Our guardian angels are daily increasing the living fields that surround you. These fields are making you more and more aware of the blessings you receive from Heaven, and from us. Colors that exist in your environment are becoming more vivid, and able to inspire you. Be in love with nature and bless her and her many living beings. The elementals follow you every day in your skies and in your surroundings. Be ever grateful for the healing they offer you, and the blessings of good health, which they send to you. See this realm as a Oneness that is now emerging from the darkness and manifesting into a truly grand Light!

We are here, dear Ones, to aid you in this process. We come gladly to be the means whereby you become more and more aware of who you really are. You are a true heavenly power. You possess the divine will to collectively transform this reality. What you lack is a divine focus. Limited consciousness altered your primary belief in your spiritual abilities. You are in the process of recovering this and searching diligently for the means to restore it to its former potential. We bless you for this and send you daily energies to move closer to this divine goal. You are all magnificent Beings of Light who are coming closer to the moment when you can again fully realize this grand spiritual potential. Bless you, my Loves; such a sacred moment approaches! This realm is transforming and preparing to again become an instrument of divine change!

Today, we continued our message. Great things are indeed readying to alter this realm. Many forces for good are winning a long struggle and the power of the dark is steadily waning. The time for disclosure draws ever nearer. Prosperity is likewise ready to manifest. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization

Lightworker Lisa Gawles – Final Quarter of 2014 Revealed – Ascension Update – 9-30-14

new life force 

So much to share!!  Let me start off by sharing what I couldn’t remember yesterday.  It’s funny, for the life of me I couldn’t remember what was so clear in my heart and understanding the day prior, not until my very last reading of the day was at the end of his session, then it was like a floodgate opened and it all poured back in.  I also realized too, I needed yesterdays field of readings to really understand the rest of our story.

So, in that beautiful, artistic way I have about me (smirk) I created a diagram to go with the story:

4th quarter 2014

First, let me explain the September and October visual.  There is purposely a gap between the two months, representing the leap from this temporary dressing room that was created January 2013 and ends September 30th, 2014.  I also realized yesterday, with each progressive reading, the landscape I call September was becoming less and less visible to my eye.  Then it dawned on me, it’s evaporating, ceasing to exist, for we used it and it is no longer needed.  Which also created the sudden light bulb moment of why this upcoming Eclipse will create the winds of forced placement.  The fence is gone and you gotta land somewhere!!

Let’s talk about this change too.  I started my sharing yesterday with how odd it is to know in the heart we are making the leap to the new world, yet the mind itself, see’s no difference.  My team showed me how that works out for us.  Imagine (which is the word for “this is real”) there is a vibrational carpet beneath your feet.  The carpet represents the frequency in which you vibrate: old world, new world and even this temporary changing out world that is already leaving us.  This carpet is resonant with higher or lower energies, depending on where you brought your self to.  It will reflect and power all the possibilities of the new world, or if your choice (or forced winds) see obstacles as too challenging to overcome, then back to the older, denser vibration to choose again.  To see it all as the illusion it is and create your power field to move beyond limitations.

October, up until this week and a place I have been seeing since early 2nd quarter this year, has changed too.  It had always looked like a massive upwards flow of magnetic energy, very golden in color.  The closer we got to October, the color deepened and included bronze in its spectrum.  I just realized that since we were released from the belly of the moon, I no longer see that magnetic energy.  This morning spirit said it is because we have absorbed it into our Beings, at least those standing on the edge of September.

Now, if I can insert something that may be confusing, but is equally important to the ALL of evolution… a new temporary earth has been created.  I talk in a linear story, but nothing is linear or solid.  There are timelines upon timelines, energy systems upon energy systems layer together that the physical mind cannot see.  There are many who brought themselves to that massive choice point I call December 2012, and the temporary changing station was created for us to endure the intense releasing of our old physical construct and change out or old biology, our old thought systems and become birthed a new.  Well, there is a new wave now going thru that exact same thing.  I have the beautiful privilege of reading for a young lady who is showing me this information in her readings.  For her, there was never the energy of the moon, just vast choice points that brought her to a higher level of herself and will get to experience what all that means to her, as we did this last 21 months.  However, I am hearing, that temporary earth/cycle will be shorter for those arriving there than it was for us.  We set the trail of light and wisdom on the ground to allow those to accelerate their change, faster.  Yay us??  lol  It was HELL!!  I smile as I hear “ya gotta go thru hell to get to heaven.”  We paved the freakin road!!!  lol   …and lived to not only talk about it, but celebrate it too!!

So October opens up like a large orientation month.  Think, first days at the University after graduating high school.  We will be getting our inspirations, our life plans of education and experience and settle into our new world.  Which brings us to November.  Phew, November!!  An intense violet-maroonish color in vibration.  Masters in body.  Living as a Master.  Living the magic and power of a fully embodied spirit in matter.  (I have not gotten to see what that looks like yet, November is still a thick, living color spectrum.)

Then it becomes very very odd (to me.)  December is as black as coal.  The entire month is filled with the vastness of the deep unknown, unseeable.  And yet, with its conclusion, we hit a life changing choice point…. again.  Nothing exists at (this) ground level past December.  Very reminiscent of December 2012.  Instead, whatever transpires thru our action and application in this last quarter, catapults us into yet another higher frequency as we leap into January 2015.  Or not.  I have no clue where the “or not” lays…

The energy line I started seeing as 2015 a few months ago, is that now familiar white-blue.  Beyond the soul living in matter, is the creator him/her Self living in matter in full partnership, in full consciousness as us.  The unified field so complete, there is no other way to live.

But lets come back to yesterday’s field of readings.  Four out of five people were standing at the edge, the gap way from September to October.  The only person that didn’t show this, is the girl I said is now on that temporary earth, giving me the crystal clear understanding of the wave effect.

I want to start with my fourth reading of the day, I was so puzzled and so not understanding pretty much any of her reading, that I chose to reschedule her instead of count the time as a reading.  I get it now and so I want to share this for her, but also, to many of you as well.

The first thing I had seen as we opened up her reading, was her standing at the edge of September.  Directly in front of her was this huge fanned out spread of feathers.  The feathers were super large, at least 6 feet in length.  They were also a very strange color spectrum, orange, yellow and green.  What made it even stranger for me, was I was wearing a tie dyed t-shirt a former client/friend created for me when we had The Wonder of You open in Virginia.  The more I looked at these really large feathers, I started to think they were tie died too, I could see the white edges of the feathers… what the hell??  I can interpret the colors, soul, heart, sense of self.  But for the life of me, I had no idea why they were in front of her, looming so large and wide that she could not pass them.  I personally could not even connect to the energy of them, that place that releases the feeling of what something means, I could only see them.  I started yelling at her team to bring in audio… HELP!!  Nope.  For the second consecutive reading of hers in a row, the sound of silence was deafening.  What the hell??  I don’t know what to do with this.  Suddenly, I got a feeling to look beyond September and her big as feathers, that felt, if she picked them up and put them on her head, they became very reminiscent of the indian headdress.  But then what??????

My vision was taken to the beginning of October energy, way in the deep west field, sitting up on a wire where the moon once hung in the readings, was her spiritual team.  They were energetic forms, but man I could feel them and see their non-solid presence over there.  But again, not a word.  The strangest thing for me, and actually is now the most revealing thing for me too… in her present moment, I could see her so clear that if I didn’t know better, her and her feather spread were literally in my back yard, but I had no feeling connection with any of it.  On the other earth however, her team was vague energy that I could feel thru my whole body.   And thru it all, not a single word was spoken from them, again.  Dammit.

Puzzled let me tell ya!!

After I finished my (very audible) fifth reading of the day… I took to pondering her feathers.  I was missing something.  Of course, we are shifting every single day, the imagery is like nothing I have ever seen, nor interpreted before.  I am not one to just let things go…

Suddenly and thru the next several hours I kept hearing “Polarity vs Duality” in reference to her colorful feathers in front of her.  Huh?  The one thing that has been incredibly consistent thru all the readings, when your team falls incredibly silent, you are at a massive choice point in your evolution.  Usually tho, they do not give clear as day visuals as I got with her.  So even that confused me.

This morning I got up with her still on my heart.  I looked up why indians wear that headdress and what feathers really mean to them.  That is the strongest connection I got with her feathers.  I found a wonderful website (here) that started to fill in some blanks:

People always associate Indian headdress with feathers, but do you know what the feathers represent? Warriors earned a feather each time he did something the tribe felt was a brave act. Many times, the first feather earned by a warrior was given to him for being seen as an adult member of the tribe. However, the warrior was not just given the feather. The warrior had to prepare himself to receive such an honor and that often require days of fasting and meditation.

Each time the warrior earned a feather, he would either wear it (but he only wore a couple into battle) or put it on a pole used for special occasions. Once he had collected enough feathers, they were then made into a headdress. Because each feather had a special meaning, binding them together in a headdress made that Indian headdress even more special. Only the men, closest friends of the warrior, were involved in making the headdress. The Indian chiefs also “earned” each of their feathers. The most prized of all feathers to receive for an Indian headdress was the Golden Eagle feather. Because the Indians saw the eagle as a messenger of God, this feather could only be earned through hardship, loyalty, and strength.

These feathers were from her team, the tie dyed effect were showing where her strength lays (core energy within, tied together.)  The ongoing silence was her teams way of saying… go within.

So then, I looked up polarity vs duality.  I found a wonderful article on the galactic free press (I am so sorry, I have no idea who the author is) entitled:

Duality and Polarity – There’s a Big Difference  (click the title to read the whole article.)

One of these is essential to the way the physical realm works, the other is nothing more than a two-dimensional belief system. Some people use the terms duality and polarity interchangeably, but I’m going to make a strong distinction between the two for the sake of clarity.

The first thing to understand about duality is that it divides, it’s either one thing or the other. Black or white, right or wrong, good or evil. It does this through judgement, separating things and creating conflict. Duality is how human beings, who have much more in common than not, are convinced to fight with and even kill each other. Duality is used to create an “us versus them” mentality.

Now polarity is something else entirely. Where duality has a positive and negative that conflict with each other, polarity has a positive and negative that attract each other. In the case of what recently happened with our Sun’s poles, they can even switch places. Polarity is complementary forces that work together to create balance, duality is the belief in opposing forces that conflict with each other and create chaos. …

The opening paragraphs hit home in what I was hearing yesterday.  Hmmmmm.  Her feathers, worn as a headdress of understanding and empowerment, leaves duality behind as she goes within and lands on the new earth with polarity as her only conviction.

How many are still picking duality out of their consciousness?  Good, bad, right, wrong.  Stuck on the other side of the moon, the fence of life and limitations that do not embrace freedom.  She got herself to the edge… now to wear it as a Life Force!!

Even tho there is so much more to share, as always, I am going to close here.  This is a big chunk to nibble on!!

Ohhhh I feel magic in the air!!  Thank you so much for allowing ALL of us to understand life as you seek to understand You!!  You are invaluable to our ongoing evolution!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Lisa Gawlas – Take No Prisoners – 9-15-14

Mario Gattoaladino


By Lisa Gawlas



new dayADDED NOTE:  After publishing this blog, someone, an amazing someone called “Stargate Dreaming” on my facebook added something so important to the term “take no prisoners” that I did not want to put it at the bottom of this sharing as a P.S.S. instead, here, up front and first.  Here is what she said:  You say the phrase “take no prisoners” keeps coming up. Perhaps a “prisoner” also might refer to a “pet peeve” or an old habit of holding yourself as “lesser” in some way, or holding on to some negative belief about yourself and your potential & capabilities? I’m picturing the release of all prisoners of lack, shame, hurt feelings, misunderstandings all being released from, like, an old-Western town jail!What an interesting month September is turning out to be.  Energetically very busy, physically not so much, simply due to the tremendous energetic change out happening.  I think the best way to discribe it, is like getting ready to go live in the sequel of the original story (thinking movies here.)  There is going to be familiar backdrops to the story as well as very very different ones too.  The actors (us) are all getting fitted for our new costumes, rehearsing our new lines and roles for the upcoming film.  The biggest change with this new movie is the focal point of the character themselves.  In the movie we just closed out, the focus was the human incarnate.  The theme had been getting out of our own way, strength training ourselves to Spirit, our Soul, our Higher mind.  Reprioritizing what IS important in this world of matter and realizing, applying the knowing if we do not like something, we can change it instantly and at Will.

Now, with our new movie getting ready to launch in real time as we close out September, the spotlight and theme switches from the human incarnate to the soul/spirit incarnate.  We have spent the last 21 months preparing for this massive change out of character.  Our bodies have gone thru the wringer, our minds, if we allowed, completely restrung with higher energy, wisdom, motivation, direction.  Thru this change out, our job was to fully release Will to our Soul/spirit/higher self.

It seems, we did a great job, because here we are in the enormity of September.  I kinda feel like a TMZ reporter, allowed access to behind the scenes interviews and understandings of the upcoming movie, thanx to each and every one of you that put yourself on the field so we can all get a sneak peak and better understanding of our parts in this new movie.

For me personally, I am working extra hard these days to release my own assumptions and expectations.  Man if yesterdays readings weren’t in my face with those straggling old energy things within myself.  As I mentioned yesterday in my sharing, I had seen this full moon of September open up a large doorway in its right side and all this amazing, radiant white light started flooding out.  Instantly and without question, I assumed it meant we are finally on the other side of the moon and the readings will show that.  NOT!!

I do not think we realize how important, how potent we (the human incarnate) are to this story line.  With the presentation of us moving into the belly of the moon, I knew we were being infused with the new energies for our next great adventure, but I never realized that that new energy, was also being infused with us too.  I think the best way to explain this is when we are making chicken soup stock.  We fill up the pot with water (that new energy inside the moon) then plop in the chicken (us humans) to leach the energy of the chicken into the water to create a new thing called chicken stock.  Same is happening here now.  How could our new earth come online without our physical essence within its stock energy?

So what I had seen in the big opening in the moon was the “stock” being released into the new version of earth, setting the stage for our arrival.  With that sneak peak of the opening, the moon itself changed its essence yesterday in all of the readings.  But let me back up first…

Earlier this year, thru many various readings, the eyes of spirit has been set on October.  They would show me/us the October potential that in my view eyes looked very much like a ground bloom firework:


SONY DSCIf we take this picture, make the background filled with Light and the firework itself, completely gold in its sparks, then widen the viewing area to 10 feet tall, but leave the firework the same size… thats how I kept seeing October.  A high source of magnetic spiritual energy already changing the airwaves of earth, of the new earth that I see as October.  The closer we got to October, the more the energy started to fill the viewing screen, until we reached the apex of August, now the entire viewing screen is filled with upward moving golden sparks of Source energy.  Spirit fully aligned with the earth energy.  The human who has allowed themselves the full freedom of getting to Here, is undergoing a rapid change of energy to easily wake up on the new earth without being fried.

The moons energy and appearance changed drastically yesterday.  Instead of being fiery, it is now becoming solid in the color spectrum of gold, bronze and deep red.  What is interesting, even tho there is no “movement” to the color spectrum I see, there is a feeling of the energy moving from bottom upwards.  I found a color image online that kinda sorta looks like what I see, a lot less red tho and evenly colored across my viewing spectrum:


As I sit here sharing and wondering… I suddenly realized the significance of this upward moving energy.  We have worked really hard to bring the energy of “heaven” down here to earth, into us, and now, the earth we are moving into, is heaven as earth.  So instead of the energies flowing downwards, it is embedded in the earth as the earth and is releasing itself to us, naturally, without our effort.  Which now makes sense as to why so many of us have been feeling the vibration, the heat in our feet.  No longer will we pull this energy down thru our crown, it will automatically be flowing thru us.  This alone is going to take some reorientation.  Think about it, we have been programmed to pull the energy from outside/above us, into us.  Now, it IS us.  It flows up thru us and requires/demands instant action.

Our training wheels are off!!!     Gulp!

I suppose this should not be a surprise to us at all, we have been warned, repeatedly over these last two years, the mantle of power is changing and being handed directly to us.  We have been given many many tests over the years to see if we are genuinely ready for this drastic change in venue.

This alone surprised me yesterday.  For the last 12 years of doing readings or personal sessions with people, I have never been allowed to say the word “test” because there was no pass or fail and spirit was adamant about people realizing that.  You cannot fail investing in your spiritual energy and attributes.  Now, it is not so much “fail” as keeping yourself back until you are truly and wholeheartedly ready and WILLing to let it all go and do it instantly… whatever “it” is.  There is also no mercy on this new earth.  We have trained hard and well and are fully responsible for what we do, or do not do, with the energy moving up thru us.

Example, if you have that one moment to assist someone else, and you choose not to because you feel inadequate or not responsible, that energy will become so prevalent in your own life.  The golden pistol returns the energy faster than you are putting it out!!

If you are being called to extend or highly develop the spiritual attributes within you and choose not to, do not be too surprised if you find life becoming stagnant around you.  We all arrived here in the depths of our own stillness as we accessed, brought in, used the higher resources of our Soul.  Now, its an action game.  Pay attention to every inspiration that rises up thru you and ACT on it.

From the flames of rebirth and passion to living it out loud.  Take no prisoners!!!  No more waiting for things to fall into place, your (our) job is to make it happen.  Creators creating!

I guess I am going to close on that note.  There really is so much more I wanted to share, but spirit is saying, thats enough for today.  And so it is!!

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) of wonder, bliss and pure excitement!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I feel it important to leave an understanding of the term “Take no prisoners” because spirit is using it quite a bit these days with an unyeilding energy as it comes thru.  So lets be clear:

take no prisoners
phrase of prisoner
  1. 1.
    be ruthlessly aggressive or uncompromising in the pursuit of one’s objectives.

Imagine that!!  That alone is a HUGE change of focus and energy.

Aisha North – Ascension Update – The Constant Companions – September Gathering Around the Pond – Event of Majestic Proportions – Taking place on BOTH SIDES OF THE VEIL, same time frame – 9-7-14



aisha-northWelcome to the September Gathering around the Pond, Sunday September 7

Dear family of light! This Sunday, at 21:00 Oslo time, it is once more time for another Gathering around the Pond. I think many of you can agree that the energies have already intensified, and it looks like we are in for another powerful event. This is what the CCs have to say about it:

“Once again you stand before one of your wonderful get-togethers when the collective energies that you represent once more will be brought to fruition in a very new way. For many of you, this will be another chance to dive ever deeper into this wonderful pool of amassed light, while for others, it will be the first time they venture out into this shimmering Pond of energetic filaments, all woven together into a harmonic whole, one that resonates far and wide. For as you come together, you ignite another level of this huge and complex energetic construction, and as we have told you beforehand, every single instance of these get-togethers is firmly anchored in the previous ones, and so, what you bring into this pool of light every time you connect like this, will be unlike anything you have attached to it before.

And so too it is with what you take out from it, for this is in every way a reciprocal event, one where the energies are circulating constantly, and not a one way street at all. For what you put into it is fairly small compared to what you can take with you as a parting gift when this connective event starts to sizzle out. For even if this is an event that stretches out over considerable more time and indeed space than you perhaps can imagine, it is also an isolated event in that it serves a very distinct purpose, and now, this time around, you will all be brought to a very new level as you simultaneously serve to bring the whole to another phase of this frequential processing. And so it is a pleasure for us to invite you all to connect once again, and to all those coming here with their brilliantly shining light for the very first time, it is indeed an extra delight for us to be able to welcome you as well. For you all come to this space when you feel called to do so, so again, nothing is left to chance, and everything happens when the time is right for it to do so.

So again we say find some time to congratulate yourself for doing what you do and for being who you are. You are shining examples of souls who have come to this planet in order to make a huge difference, not just in their own lives, but in the lives of every single human being currently inhabiting this blue planet of yours. And as you all know so well by now, you will all contribute mightily to the task at hand, whether or not you carry with you any clear recollection of it afterwards. For you are not here by chance, dear ones, you are here by design, and an intelligent one at that, and so, whatever it is that you are here to carry out, it is a project of the greatest importance, and one that will have an even greater impact than you can imagine. And now, you all come together with one single purpose in mind, to boost the effects of these energies in a way that you have not done before.

For make no mistake, this too will be an event of majestic proportions, and it in turn will link into a whole lineup of similar events, all taking place on both sides of the veil during the same time frame. For now, you have once more come to a fork in the road, and once more, you have chosen to take the lane of fast forward, and as such, the push you will all give during the proceedings this upcoming Sunday will result in a mighty push back, one that will indeed help to propel you all even faster forward. And not only that, it will also serve to ignite some other “booster rockets” out there as well. So hang on to your hats as they say, for we think you will all find that the speed and action of this upcoming event may take you all a little bit by surprise, even if you come well prepared. So once again we say thank you to each and every one of you for allowing yourself to be immersed in this wondrous river of light, and if it were not for you, this river would have become a far more sluggish one a long time ago. So remember to take some time to connect with your center beforehand, for that will help to make this Sunday’s trip an even more enjoyable one.”



I am so looking forward to connect with you all, both all of the seasoned “veterans” of these Gatherings but also those of you who take part for the very first time! I can already feel the “boost” from these energies, and I am certain that we will all benefit from what we help to activate during this Gathering. I just had to use this photo of the quartz vein my sister and I returned to again and again when we visited our parents two weeks ago, for I think it is a wonderful representation of us. Just like this shimmering crystalline substance, we have emerged and made our way out into the open, pushing through layer after layer of dense and dark rock. And now, we are shining brightly for all to see, and the light we carry with us is pouring out and interacting with the Sun, the air and the water and everything else that surrounds us. I thank you all for being a part of this field of light, and I am so grateful to once again be allowed to welcome you all to another powerful manifestation of our combined energies.

With love, light and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha

Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here:

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

Polona Aurea Dawn – Ascension Update – Belonging in Source


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Welcome to my Ascension update with a message from the Divine Mother. There is no light without the shadow, and no shadow without the light. In between the two, the eternal Light of the One always holds everything together. All Life in Creation reflects this Beauty and it’s how Souls experience and expand. There are so many who wish to deny the aspect of Divine Creation, which is the Art of the Divine Mother, and only believe in the Divine Father. There is no Light without Love, and no Love without Love. The eternal and infinite nature of our Source intertwine and dance together like a beautiful Cosmic play. When we grow into our Source consciousness, we stand in the middle of shadow and light. We walk the Way of the One, which encompasses everything as it Is and reflects the true nature of Divinity, whether on “Heaven” or on “Earth.” When we remember our Source on all levels, we value both the Creator and Creation itself, as we know there is simply no separation between the two.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Blossom Goodchild Channels Galactic Federation – Feeling Your I AM – 8-28-14

bloss arizona biggerHello. I’m back home at last! Looking forward to catching up with you now, on a regular basis. So, let’s get straight to it. How should we begin today?

We shall start by stating the fact that ALL IS WELL.


That which we have spoken of many times … is now to be moved onto a Higher level for the soul self to understand. For indeed, many of you have ‘changed’ your ways of thinking … and we suggest that in order to continue in this fashion … that WE offer to you more knowledge on a different level.

Ok. Sounds good, yet, I have no idea exactly what you mean?

In the knowledge that WHO YOU ARE now expands into a Higher consciousness from that which you have been resonating upon … until now.

So, how do we go about doing this? I am more than keen.

It must come from the heart. For that is the ONLY place in which your TRUE self resides. That which your mind chooses to expand upon … can only take place … when one allows the heart level to expand primarily.

So … We … er … do what to make that happen?

You concentrate on your heart FEELINGS throughout. That which you think … they say, you are. Yet, we say … that which you FEEL … YOU ARE.

FEElINGS … as we have stressed many times … are a measure of ‘yourself’. You can change your attitude through thought … You can also change your FEELINGS.

Through thought? Isn’t that, therefore, coming from the mind?

Your thoughts come from you … Yet, when you remove all thought and simply BREATHE THROUGH LOVE … then shall the heart grow into its rightful place. The more emphasis you place ON LOVE … THROUGH YOUR HEART … and concentrate on your heart’s residence … and place ONLY that LOVE into that place … the greater one shall become aware of the TRUTH of LOVE.

Many of you KNOW of LOVE … to a degree that can astound at times. Yet, we have noticed that surroundings can bring the ‘level of LOVE’ down into a different frequency … if/when one allows.

Our ‘challenge’ to you … is for you to encompass LOVE … to KNOW that you are bringing it to you from a Higher level of yourself. Giving permission of the Higher soul … to the aspect of the soul on Earth … to do so. 

We ask that you let go of restrictive behaviours. All that has conditioned you to BE WHO YOU ARE NOT … must now be recognised and let go of. When you are FEELING out of sorts … ask yourselves … is this who I TRULY AM? FEELING out of sorts is not who you TRULY are. For who you TRULY are is PURE LOVE … and PURE LOVE CANNOT FEEL out of sorts.

Ask your Higher self to merge with the aspect of ‘you’ upon Earth and ‘make that connection’. You cannot not have access to you … YOUR TRUTH. You just think you cannot.

Yet, when YOU KNOW … YOU CAN … then a different understanding gets underway and ‘in fragments’ more and more shall enter in.

You have been accustomed to a belief system that does not serve your KNOWING. Brain conditioning has led you to be LESS THAN YOU ARE.


Tell yourselves these things …


I am capable of the HIGHEST INTERPRETATION OF MYSELF in physical form.

That which I CHOOSE to BE … is instantaneously manifested in each moment.

I CHOOSE to BE LOVE in its TRUTH of Itself.

I CHOOSE to serve my soul for its Highest purpose … Therefore, NOTHING that is not of service can manifest through me … for ALL THAT I AM … comes from MY HIGHEST CHOICE OF LOVE.

Who you are … LOVE … must BE your choice of BEING.

It does not have to be … YOU CHOOSE.

Yet … if it is LOVE that you desire to BE in every aspect of your soulself … then ONLY FEELINGS Of LOVE will enter in. The more this becomes an every moment occurrence … the more the FEELING that it offers … brings the desire for more of the same. It just gets better and better.

I see what you are saying … I KNOW what you are saying … and I think many of us are ‘getting this’ … more and more.

You speak to us often of the state of your Planet and the sadness within it. We speak to you often of ways to change this. Which can only come from within. Many of you FEEL so helpless towards assisting situations that do not serve the whole. Yet … ALL IT REQUIRES is for each one to change/upgrade their vibration. One does not have to wait around for everyone else to do it.



The more souls that do so, automatically raise the vibration of The Whole … and by doing so … others who have not yet understood the need to do so … will FEEL the response from YOUR HIGHER VIBRATION … and therefore, change ‘another’s … significantly enough for them to FEEL the change within themselves.

Naturally … those unaware … are not aware of what is taking place! Compared, for instance … to those who have consciously made a decision to do so. Yet, little by little … the change in ALL shall filter through.

Concentrate on the self. Whole heartedly. Send Love to souls everywhere … whether you think they are in need or not. You may feel that some who are in a very precarious living situation are in more need of your LOVE than perhaps, those who are having a wonderful holiday on a magical Island.

We say to you … that this is not how we would CHOOSE to operate.

You are beginning to grasp the concept that YOU ARE ALL ONE. Therefore, one would not CHOOSE to send more LOVE to one individual than another.

LOVE is LOVE is LOVE … It would not make sense to send a certain LOVE energy level … to those whose cities have been blown apart … and send less LOVE to one who’s sea shores resonate with the wording of ‘Paradise.’



Yet, we ask you to accept that first and foremost … this LOVE must be accepted



AS you …

TO you …

For you are no less deserving than another … and only when YOU have accepted that HIGHEST PUREST LOVE and allowed it to fill YOU … are you then capable of sending that same vibration OF IT … out to the WHOLE.

When many of you sit and indulge in the horrors of some footage on your TV screen … your sympathetic energy DOES NOT ASSIST THEM.

What DOES WORK … is YOUR FULLEST HIGHEST PUREST ENERGY … that of LOVE, HAPPINESS and JOY … being sent out from your inner core to that situation and those people.

Send JOY OF HEART to those images … not sadness and despair.



What DOES serve … is each individual taking on the RESPONSIBILITY … IF THEY SO CHOOSE … TO BE LOVE AT ALL TIMES.

In this way, you cannot remain in the trap … some would say ‘prison’ … that has been created to control.

We have said before … NO-ONE can control another’s heart. How one CHOOSES to ‘think’ about that … determines the outcome.





A lot of discipline required though?

That is an interesting choice of word. Why would one need to discipline themselves to become a Higher version of themselves. What discipline is required? Surely, there is only the desire to BECOME it?

Yes … yet due to conditionings … much mind matter can come from a lower level of understanding … and therefore, to let go of old thought patterns, particularly about ‘self’ … to me … requires discipline.

Yet … to US … when a desire is strong enough … there is no discipline required. Just the actual desire. And the drive that comes from this desire … allows JOY TO BECOME THE WAY to achieve these Higher aspects of self.

Then, discipline … perhaps of choice of thought is needed. It is so easy to repeat old thought forms that do not serve. Yet, I do think more and more are ‘seeing through the illusion’, even just a little bit and ‘working our way’ through the release of old patterns and ‘sticking’ more to the new.

Indeed you are. We merely desire to help you ‘move up the ladder’ in this very way.

So, as I understand it … of late, you have been saying that ALL WE NEED TO DO  … is concentrate on ourselves BEING THE HIGHEST PUUREST LOVE we can BE and THAT”S IT? That’s all we need do? For in doing so ‘we change the vibration of EVERYTHING.’?

This is correct. SIMPLE and correct.

There is still the desire in me though … or would I call it perhaps, a frustration in me … to quicken the pace in waking others up. For as we know, the more that wake up, the quicker the change in EVERYTHING. Yet, what you have said today …is basically the way to this, right?

Yes … Because … to reiterate … BY YOU RAISING YOUR VIBRATION THROUGH CHOICE … you AUTOMATICALLY raise THE VIBRATION of The Whole … for you are ALL ONE.

By raising the vibration OF THE SELF … You raise the vibration OF THE WHOLE  … EVERYTHING … EVERYONE. T

Therefore … you are accomplishing your mission. You are letting go of this frustration … because YOU ARE DOING ALL YOU CAN TO CHANGE IT … BY CHANGING YOURSELF.

Those who are still asleep … will begin to stir from their slumber … because YOU as an INDIVIDUAL are serving THE WHOLE … WHICH IS ALSO YOU … and THE HIGHER VIBRATION WHICH YOU WHO ARE AWARE … ARE CREATING … shall … for want of a better way of description … ‘seep’ into their BEINGS as they sleep. There is nowhere for it to go and nothing else for it to do other than OPEN ONE’S EYES TO THE FEELING WITHIN … that this vibration causes. The only way up from there is their AWAKENING! JOB DONE!

It is not difficult to see then, the pattern forming. The more that awaken … the more that awaken!  Till it is done!


Ponder on these suggestions, dearest friends. Ponder and discover their SIMPLE TRUTHS.

Oh I will … and I DO! Thank you so much. Till next time … IN LOVE AND THANKS.

Till next time … we continue to offer our LOVE and Feelings OF IT … TO EACH ONE.


* Due to today’s channelling … I offer again, this link to my YouTube … THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT’S WISDOM ON LOVE.

Aiasha North – A short update on the energies – Ascension Update – 8-15-14


Constant Companions

You have by now ridden many an energetic wave on this, your journey to completion, but what you are traveling on now, cannot be likened to any of them. You see, not only have you been lifted far past the high water mark already, this wave will not cease to move forward and you with it anytime soon. As you have seen earlier, a wave such as this usually comes in, for then to seemingly cease and pull slowly out again after having pushed you all one step further along. But this time, you can think of it more as a permanent river of light continuously pushing you all ever further inland into this vast and still mostly undetected and unexplored landscape.

And so, for much of your time, you will still feel unsettled and unsure as to just how and where and when you will know anything certain about the above, so best get used to not getting used to almost anything at all during this period. For this flux will continue to evolve, to expand and to envelop not only you, but everyone in your vicinity, and as such, what you see as transformation will for many others be equal to a termination of the ideas they have been so used to govern their lives by. For they have no idea they are merely ideas, figments of imagination, lodged into their brain a very long time ago. And so, except to experience upheaval on so many levels, as light is being switched on in room after room as this wave of energetic door-openers continue to crash on to your shores. It may sound dramatic, and for some, it will be, as no amount of refusal will be able to hide the light away even from the wariest of and most light-shy of eyes. For now, the flood of incoming light will indeed serve to push many a button, and as usual, the reactions this will engender will run all across the board, from delight to despair, from awakening to increasing denial.

Again, we know that for many, this will hardly be news at all, but we will continue to remind you that the incoming light will have effects on all, and so, the more you manage to disengage yourself from anyone actively resisting this light, the less likely you are to encounter any of the negative reactions they might display. And no, we are not saying this in order to make you all run to the hills in order to hide out, for that is not the case here at all. After all, you play an important part in all of this just by your very presence amidst all of this at times seemingly unending chaos and confusion. But what you need to do, is to find a way to disengage yourself emotionally from any of the turmoil that may become prevalent in your surroundings, and through that, continue to be as if in the tranquil eye of the storm no matter how hard the winds may blow on all sides around you.

We know that this will be a far more challenging advice to take to heart than to give, for it will perhaps not lack for opportunity for any of you to practice what we continue to preach, so again we say remember to stay connected to those other souls who have found themselves a sacred space within which to carry on their lives. Again, you are all deeply connected now, and the image we have given you earlier, is of one gigantic bubble containing the light from every single one of you. So remember this bubble, and know that it will shield you from so much of this possible outfall that can be engendered by this wave of energetic influence that will continue to slam into your shores. That is, if you remember to seek the shelter that it will give you freely, and not begin to venture out in a minefield of drama in any way.

So again we say know that all is well, and try to remember who you are at any given time. For you are not just a small speck of cells, tossed to and fro in a huge, churning mass of energy, you are in fact an immense being, straddling the divide between humanity and the rest of creation, and even if you can feel these waves tearing into you, you have no problem in surfing them safely, all the way to the shore. So stay on your feet by allowing yourself to seek the shelter of your core, the one that will not go under no matter how high the waves may be. For you are seasoned mariners, dear ones, and we know you will find your way to the safety of the harbour you seek, for there to find the anchorage you have been preparing for yourself for eons. It might take some time, but you will have no problems in staying the course as long as you connect with the center of your being and with this immense collection of seasoned souls that traverse this ocean alongside you, all prepared to share your delights and lighten your burden every single step of the way.


The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild – Ascension Update – 8-16-14



Blossom: Hello there. I’m still here in England … hoping to be home soon! So, I was wondering if you could talk to us about Universal Laws?
You have mentioned them a few times and thought it might be a good topic to
cover. Is that ok?

The Federation of Light (FoL): Firstly we greet you in/as /through Love. We are ecstatic that so much in your world is taking place
for the better.

Blossom: Really? Where? In what way?

FoL: In the ways of your people. There has been a certain increase in awakenings of late … due to much soul searching by many.
They are looking for reasoning behind all that ‘appears’ to be negative … and
in doing so … they are finding within themselves the Truth of their souls. This
is indeed very heartening.

Blossom: Indeed. Most uplifting news. I have to say … the LIGHT is shining all around when one tends to focus on it.

FoL: Then with that said … we shall speak to you of that which you have asked. Although, we would say that there are probably not
as many as you may have imagined.

The principles of Universal Law speak very much for themselves.  

The upmost Law being that there is only ever LOVE. When this is known, it matters not to what degree one chooses to express this …
for that is within one’s choice. Yet, it is necessary for one’s soul to
accumulate merit within this Law in order for one’s soul to ‘move up the
scale’. That sounds a rather basic way of putting it … yet, it is so.

The Law is to live in Love. We have discussed that there are many different levels of Love … and in TRUTH … one cannot live in
anything else … only different vibrations of it … through choice. Either before
or during an Earthly existence … one chooses aptly, to suit their desires for
growth expansion. Each life time has a main purpose to progress and perhaps
rectify that which was ‘acted out’ in a previous life time.

Blossom: So … those who are causing much pain and harm to the planet and those upon it … who seem to be ‘acting out’ their lives on a very
low vibration … is there ‘reprimand’ for them? You said not long ago … “The
Universal Laws CANNOT be broken … and if they are … then there are deep

FoL: First of all … we would say that one does not … as one may think … set ‘any sentence’ or ‘dish out punishment’.  Indeed,
this is not our way. Yet, the soul that has carried out such low level actions
on the Earth plane …. maybe many times … when finding themselves no longer of
the flesh … has no choice but to ‘view’ ALL that they have offered to another …
be it of Light or lesser Light.

That which they have given in the Highest Love they shall FEEL over and above the FEELING that was received by the one in Gratitude
… and indeed it is most pleasing to the soul. More than one can express.

Yet, in the same way … that which one has offered to another that was of a much lower vibration and done with the intent of harm …
one shall also FEEL the pain inflicted … Be it of mind body or soul. This …
when considered, it shall return a thousand fold … is more than enough
‘understanding’ of that which they have done. There can be no deeper pain than
the understanding ‘amplified’ of that which they have caused another. This
takes place on both large and small scales of actions.

Blossom: That’s quite intense really. So, are we talking even a thought of judgement, not necessarily even verbalized?

FoL: Of course. It is thoughts that often transpire into action.

Blossom: Yet, if they don’t get that far … if one thinks them … becomes aware of the thought and disperses it … is it then removed from
having to receive it for the self at some later date?

FoL: Naturally. For when a soul is aware of its thought process and is assessing Lighter progressions of mind … to recognise
and ‘let go off’ … and forgiving the self for that thought … allows the natural
removal of it.

Little by little, bit by bit … you are all moving into your Higher selves. At which rate one does so … is entirely up to the
individual and no judgement is made of that pace … ALL IN GOOD TIME.

Blossom: So, when you say there are deep repercussions … this is what you mean?

  1. It does not serve one or another … to inflict punishment onto a soul.

Blossom: Yet, what of someone who has murdered another? Down here, we lock them away for what they have done.

FoL: We are not here to make judgment of ‘your laws’. That is not our business. We are just saying to you that we would not do that.

Again, this brings up the bigger picture.

How do you know that a particular ‘murderer’ was not asked by the soul they ‘removed’ … to do so … before they came? Therefore, in a
sense … as hard as some of you may find this … asking them to do so as a
favour. Enabling the one who was ‘removed’  to experience for him/herself
that … which in another life time … they afflicted upon another.

Blossom: That is one big ask!

FoL: Yet, a Highly Enlightened soul would accept … for it is through Love they would do it. As we are sure many of you understand …
this then goes into much ‘deeper water’ …  as the soul who accepted the
task … must then ‘lose’ much of ‘who they are’ … in order to ‘act this out’.
Yet, such a BEING would do so without hesitation … if it meant that much
learning and Enlightenment would be accomplished from the asker of such a question.

Blossom: What would be another Law?

To respect ALL LIFE.

Blossom: Am I assuming the same principles apply regarding ‘getting back’ what one ‘gives out’?

FoL: Very much so. Keeping in mind that YOU ARE ALL ONE … how could it be that you would not FEEL that which has either hurt or
overjoyed another. For as it is said … that which you do unto another … you do
unto yourself.

Blossom: Do these Universal Laws act Universally? Seems a stupid question … yet, do different planets that are perhaps more Enlightened
than us … have the same ‘simple’ Laws … or are others in place for them?

FoL: Look up the word ‘Universal’ please.

Blossom: Ok … ‘of, pertaining to, or characteristic of all or the whole: applicable everywhere or in all cases;
general; used or understood by all.’
 Guess that answers my question

FoL: Let us move on to the Law of ‘Free Will.’

One shall not interfere in the Free Will of another soul. Freedom of choice upon your planet has taken it to the extremes many
times around. It is the ‘Collective Consciousness’ of each individual combined
… that produces that which is before you.

One can say that they would not dream of manifesting that which is taking place upon your planet in these days … that which abhors
and saddens … yet …

 IT IS THROUGH FREE WILL of the people that this has occurred.

Blossom: Can you go into this a bit more?

FoL: A vibrational thought when pondered upon long enough … will then … if desired … turn into a vibrational action FROM that
thought. When you consider … throughout your history … that which ‘man’ has
thought … and acted upon … there indeed would be the non-judgemental … yet,
obvious statement … that ‘man’ … at times… has sunk very low on the vibrational

It is only NOW that so many Enlightened BEINGS are descending upon your planet in order to make the great change necessary.

You say that you see much war taking place at this time …

Blossom: There is!!!

FoL: Yet, souls of Earth are ‘re-acting’ differently. These ‘views’ that one sees on your electrical screens … are informed images to
the brain … that re-act accordingly with the heart … which are then interpreted
as ‘not wanted’.

The soul KNOWS that this has to end. More and more people of Earth are allowing themselves to understand that:




More and more of you have come to the understanding of a better way … AS INDIVIDUALS  … which in turn, therefore … melts into the
‘Collective Consciousness.

This has been ‘altering’ for many centuries now … yet, one can assume that these changes do not occur over night.

As you KNOW … there is more Light being sent to your planet NOW than ever before. That is not to say that Light has ever NOT been
sent. Yet, as we have explained … it is of a different ‘STRENGTH’ … of a
‘LIGHTER ENERGY’ … a ‘MORE INTENSE LOVE’ … that is heralding to you.

You of Earth … those of you who have chosen to be aware … are ‘merging’ with this Higher Energy within every breath. The more you
are understanding this … the more you CAN FEEL IT WITHIN YOUR BEING.

Within YOU … you NOW KNOW … that you cannot and will not be stopped … BY ANYTHING.

You KNOW NOW that your intentions to fulfil your purpose of lifting up this planet …


Would you not agree? Would you not say you NOW KNOW THIS INSIDE?

Blossom: Yes, I do. Sometimes, that FEELING is so strong. AND … unlike before, when I was less aware than I am NOW … It REALLY isn’t about
how much time it takes … for there is no time. It is about the KNOWING that
within each moment of our LIVING and BREATHING down here … we are accomplishing
bringing THE LIGHT IN … and always MOVING on up to meet it. Sometimes that
KNOWING is SO powerful and SO uplifting. WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE HERE TO DO … TO BE

FoL: And the more of you that ‘GET THAT’ … the more of you that ‘UNDERSTAND THAT’ … enables the ‘CHANGE OVER’ to take place in ‘DIVINE

In a sense … it matters not WHEN It takes place … the fact that it IS CHANGING and HAPPENING NOW … the fact that IT IS TAKING
PLACE NOW … is all that is important.



TO HAVE THAT KNOWING … not just to try and HOPE that it is happening.

For the difference in the KNOWING carries a far stronger Energy than the hoping of … as we have discussed before.

We reiterate …

Blossom: You are very good at that …and I KNOW the necessary reasoning of doing so.


You have asked many times of how you do such a thing? HOW do you find out WHO YOU ARE?

Yet, would you not say you are doing it? You are finding out that LOVE … when you FEEL LOVE in the Highest capacity you are capable of …
in any one given time … is WHO YOU ARE.


THE MORE YOU ACCEPT THAT IN YOUR TRUTH … the Higher your vibrational level rises … and the circle continues … on Higher and Higher
vibrations … you are FEELING that LOVE.  

Therefore … it cannot do any other than FEEL BETTER AND BETTER! Not only WITHIN YOU … Yet … ALL AROUND YOU.

Do you begin to see why we find it so difficult to explain sometimes in your words?

When you FEEL that Higher level of LOVE … THAT IS YOU … your heart is bursting with happiness. Even when you are FEELING a little out
of sorts … you are NOW able to remember Gratitude and lift yourselves back ‘in

Give yourself ‘Achievement certificates’ on a daily basis! Look always on the accomplishments of the soul self and how you have
studied the art of BEING BRIGHTER LIGHTS.

In the worldly vibration that you are ‘caught in’ … how phenomenal are you … to do what you are doing?

You are SO BRIGHT … you are lifting an entire planet and its inhabitants into a BRIGHTER WORLD.

 Into a HIGHER VIBRATION … You are doing this ALL BY YOURSELVES!

Blossom: Well, as the Beatles once correctly sang … “I get by with a little help from my friends!’.

FoL: To share our knowledge with you … emits great Joy out into the ethers. That which is ours to share … shall ALWAYS be offered
freely and in LOVE.

When ALL of your world KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS THIS … you will no longer be residing in the vibration that is present NOW. For when you
IMAGINE a world like that … and bring that into its manifestation … the
vibrational match of that KNOWING put into action ….has to slip into its
rightful place.

Be of GREAT HEART our dear friends.




For it is written in the stars.

Blossom: Meaning exactly?

FoL: Are you not ALL ‘Children of the stars’? Did you not KNOW what you had decided and then came to Earth to put it into place?

Blossom: Gotcha! Time to go, I know. Thanks so much. This flowed with great ease and I enjoyed it very much. Hopefully … all going
according to plan … the next time we speak … in a few weeks’ time, I shall be
back home in Australia. There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home!

FoL: We take leave now from your Energy. Yet, we are never any further than a thought of Love away … from any one. In Love and thanks to
all … who are perfectly ‘acting out’ … the GRAND PLAY. Such talented performers
… who KNOW their parts extremely well. 

Blossom: In Love and so much thanks to you also. Bucket loads of it!


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Archangel Gabriel via Shelly Young – Navigating New Energies – Ascension Update




Channeled through Shelly Young, Trinity Esoterics, July 30, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

Photo: Archangel Gabriel

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are to be with you yet again. It is delightful to meet with like-minded souls that are all committed to living their highest life expression, assisting the shift on your beloved planet, and co-creating the brand new age that you are now in.

It is our great honour to be in your presence today. We celebrate you for coming to anchor the energies of the group and, of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be experiencing this transmission on your internet at a later time.

You are doing magnificently well. We understand that you are experiencing yourselves to be stepping into another level of brand new energies. We also understand that it can be somewhat trying as you are attempting to get used to how to navigate in these newest energies, and that is exactly what we would like to address for you today.

The energies will be ever evolving, Dear Ones. There is never going to be a time when the energies stop shifting. The very nature of your soul, the very nature of the universe, is to continue to expand and to grow. You are ever expanding beings, each and every one of you. Whether you are in the body, whether you are out of the body on the other side, you are always growing and expanding. That is your nature and that is to be celebrated.

You are never meant to stagnate. That is why, when you are resistant to movement, you get so uncomfortable. To resist is to create discomfort. Discomfort exists to stop people from being able to stagnate, or stay still, or resist growth for any significant amount of time.

It is very common for human beings, as they step into and start to experience a brand new energy, to hesitate, to stop, to expect it to look the same as all the energies that have gone before it. Change, as a general rule, can seem difficult for human beings. That is because the ego self, the operating system of the human being, is very resistant to change. It wants to stay in control, it wants things to stay the same.

And yet, your spirit, your soul self is always seeking to grow and expand and have further experiences. This is why duality has been so difficult for so many of you – it has been a perpetual tug of war, never quite being comfortable in either approach. This is exactly why you are now gaining skills on how to move through energies with a far greater grace and ease, comfort and enjoyment, now that you are all evolving beyond the old divided operating system of duality.

The way to do that is to allow your soul self, your higher self, to take the lead, and you do that through surrender, faith, flow and trust. We have been speaking extensively about the importance of surrender and flow for years now. The reason why we have been introducing surrender and flow to you all was because it is the operating system of the enlightening human being. It is how to navigate any new energy. It matters not what the energy stamp is of whatever new energy you are being presented with at any given time. It is the way to move with and work with the higher dimensional energies.

So you will hear from many sources that you are really into some unprecedented energies on your planet. You have not worked with this level of light as a human being on your planet, ever. These are unprecedented times and you are becoming experts of navigating change. Not only that, you are co-creating the change. You are creating the change. Let us say that again. You are creating the change.

Many of you think that the change is happening to you, but we would beg to differ. It is the collective of humanity that is driving the change on your planet right now. You are the ones who are creating the change, you are the ones who are shifting and transmuting energies, you are the ones who are anchoring the energies on your planet, you are the ones supporting the grid, you are the ones who are choosing the change. You are the ground crew!

Do you understand what we are saying? You are creating the change and then, ironically, resisting the change! Do you see how that is not in your best interests if you are looking for comfort? The way to navigate any change on your planet from this moment forward is the way it has always been best to navigate change. It is through surrender, faith, flow and trust.

Your faith is already in place or else you wouldn’t be listening to this transmission. When you surrender you are choosing to work and create and navigate through your highest self. Not only that, you are choosing to navigate with all the assistance that exists in the universe for you, that is at your fingertips at all times. It matters not when you are in surrender and flow whether the old way works or not, because you will intuitively be led to exactly what will work in that right now moment.

Let the truth of that settle down into every cell and particle of your being. It is through surrender and flow that you will easily navigate whatever the energies are doing at any given time. You are navigating through your heart centres. You are navigating through your love. You are navigating through your intention. You are navigating through your intuition. Why do you think you’ve been in the process of developing all those aspects of yourselves all this time?

It is not that there is a cruel universe playing a joke on you saying, “Haha! We will throw new energies at them. This should really throw them into a tizzy!” You are in change of how you handle the energies. And yes, you will find them easier as time goes on because you will develop great skill at just being able to effortlessly flow with whatever works at any given moment.

So give up the attachment to the idea that a healing modality will work the same way every day. It may not. Give up the idea that connecting with your guides will be the same every day. The energies are always in flux. You may hear them brilliantly at one level of meditation one day and you may hear them, loud as can be, when you are cooking your dinner another day. But if you surrender with intention to connect, guess what? You are going to find where that place is.

This is starting to allow your own mastery to take the lead. This is you being able to move forward through change fearlessly. Know that all your supports are in place, that you have all the skills that you need. Release the idea that change and moving into anything new is hard work and stressful. Why can’t change be joyful? Welcomed, even? You want peace on your planet. Guess what will bring it? Change. You want perfect health. If you don’t have it right now, what will bring it for you? Change. You want your divine love relationships. What will bring that to you, Dear Ones? Change! You want change! Change is good! Change is what is going to move you into living the life expressions of your dreams.

You have the skills already to do this. What if you got up every single day and decided, today I surrender to being of my greatest service and navigating whatever energies there are with grace and ease, gratitude and enjoyment, fun and joy, and with lots of love. If you are allowing your heart centres, your intuitiveness, your soul selves, and all of your guides and helpers to lead you where you want to go, you can never, ever, ever get it wrong.

When you commit to surrendering and flowing every single day you can rest assured that you are always exactly where you are meant to be, having the highest possible experience. It takes all the second-guessing out of things, doesn’t it?

There will be many people who will be becoming uncomfortable from trying to control energies that will not stay still. You are not one of them. You are here to step into your mastery and to demonstrate the different way of doing things. How about sailing on top of the energies? How about spinning joyfully and playing and having fun in the energies? It’s all available to you, Dear Ones, you just have to choose.

You are ready. This is what this whole enlightenment process that you’ve been in for so long has been for. It has been giving you the skills – now is the time to use them. That is the trust piece. Trusting that your guides are always there to assist, and trusting that you are ready to start navigating whatever comes your way with mastery, grace and ease.

When you allow your highest selves to take the lead in such a way, you are choosing the path of unity and unconditional love, and that is what is going to create all of the changes that you so wish to experience on your beloved planet. This is what we wished to share with you today. Know that you are remarkable, and celebrated, and loved beyond measure. It has been our great pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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Sandra Walter – Divine Intervention – Creating New Everything – 7-31-14

SandraWalterBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

What a magnificent end to July energetics ~ Stimulating, heart-opening, expansive Light. Our next Cosmic Gateway is August 4 – 12, however I AM excited for the NOW of this Light and what is has to show all of us.

Clearing the Path for MORE

My dear 2008 Mac, a parting gift from my last employer, reflected my desire to create the brand new and stopped being of service last SUNday. As Divine Will would have it, this happened the day after a deep conversation with a friend when I shared that I wanted to spend August focused on this New Light and all it has to reveal to me. New Moon manifestation said *SO BE IT!* – Mac gone, no more creating with the tool that graciously supported me through this transition into the New Light. And a big YES to taking the time to experience the powers of August, which prepares us for another trigger-like energetic shift first week of September (what a fine Birthday Presence!)

While my Divine Team and I manifest the abundance for a new computer, which will enable the creation of the brand new work (very excited, more on that when the moment is right), my online tools are quite limited. Purposeful and brilliant.

Some had commented on the Mac dissolvement with the old energy response of *It means spirit wants you to quit*. (Pause for Higher Realm laughter… ) To them I respectfully say *Oh Beloved, We are just getting started!* My Higher levels show me that the New Light requires more powerful tools, a better space (Aho to that, bring it on), and more outreach than ever in the coming months. I feel that the new skills awakening in me (my goodness beloveds, I had a channel the other night that contained 12 voices at once, and somehow I comprehended all 12 simultaneously) require new creative platforms.

New Earth Communication

This phase feels very Earthy, very New Earthy to me. I sense it is the integration of the Galactic aspects grounding in with the New Light expansion. Remember the previous mentions of enjoying the experience, and how valuable it is to the Higher Realms as we sort out new roles, new leadership attributes, new skills, new levels of Ascension itself.

We communicate differently; you’ll notice this in the vibrational mis-match of social interactions with awakened ones, the subtle moment of, *Hmmm … There’s nothing in this exchange for me.* In our Mastery, we graciously dismiss ourselves from many conversations to focus on the experience of New Light. It is not isolation – it is Divine Neutrality and Divine Self-Empowerment in a balanced, peaceful state of beingness.

Our vibrations are changing so dramatically during this passage, yet we are still in the Bridging the Worlds phase. There is a lot to contemplate as the new creativity takes root within us. Focus on the patience to welcome this expansion gradually, completely, in a full integration; it is important to working in alignment with these New Light energetics.

Flowing with the power of August

August is typically powerful with Lion’s Gate energies, Arcturian Corridor dynamics, and Solar activity. The Revelation Gateways continue and I AM guided to share some personal observations. I AM still able to post articles, however videos, photos, etc. will wait for a new computer.

I AM guided to spend most of August in the exploration and experience of these revelation energies. Plus, it’s one of the few months in Shasta of pleasant climate on the mountain. I intend to take advantage while the weather is nice.

I have a more technical article coming in which I intend to post this weekend. Until then, I send Divine Light and Love to all of us during this potent passage!


If my work has assisted your journey, and you would like to assist in the manifestation of a new computer, I gratefully accept donations!




Polona Aurea Dawn – Ascension Update – The Solar Gateway – Ascension Pioneers – 7-27-14


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Welcome to my Ascension update. We are currently moving through a Solar Gateway, with so many planetary shifts and galactic alignments. The energy is on high, and we are asked to really stay present with all the new options and possibilities. There are so many openings happening at this time, and it takes deep awareness to always create within the highest Divine potential. This is how we continue to step into our Self mastery and the art of conscious co-creation.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Georgi Stankov – Ascension Update – The Threshold of Confrontation Between Light and Darkness is Reached – 7-27-14

by Georgi Stankov, July 26, 2014  /

The last few days were full of massive cleansing of all timelines of Gaia – crucial adjustments and spectacular ascension shifts took place. There were so many processes running simultaneously that it is probably impossible to get a proper overview on them. But there is no doubt that we have just finished one of the most critical phases in the ascension process of the new galaxy and Gaia as its focal point.

During this time we did not receive any information from our sources. The Elohim were waiting for the final result to come up, before they can give us an update. We descended in the last few days to some very lower, dense and dark timelines to cleanse them from all pecuniary and other patterns of separation and duality, which were associated with severe symptoms and inhuman energy intensities. This has been confirmed today by other true members of the PAT.

Last evening we moved all of a sudden to a much higher timeline, although it is still not the uppermost one as we experienced it on July 17th, when the 6D fleet heaved us to the 6D and we had a very long and intimate dialogue with them. This night some very important decisions were made at the soul level regarding the next steps in the ascension scenario, but all I got was that the results we have achieved so far and are expected to be achieved in the next few days are highly satisfactory.

This morning St. Germain came to us and told us that “we are already victorious”. This statement was referring to what we have accomplished so far and that the ascension process is running in full force and according to the expectations of the HR. We hope to get more information from the Elohim soon. At present they are silently watching the ongoing events and will give us a message as soon as the final outcome is firmly established.

Below I am publishing the latest missive of the manuscript of survival as for the first time it clearly addresses the fact that we have reached the threshold of confrontation with the dark forces, where they are already fully squeezed by the powerful Source light from without – by the political events that run contrary to their heinous efforts to unleash a third world war – and from within, where the high frequency energies of the gold-violet flame are throwing them out of their comfort zone and compel them to commit any conceivable vicious act, only to appease this inner pressure of the light. This is a highly dynamic process of inner transformation, respectively of its total rejection and the blocked flow of these energies must erupt in the outer world.

This is what we should expect in the coming days from the dark ruling cabal and the crisis in the Middle East gives us a faint idea of what will come next. The conflict in Ukraine is also deteriorating, but here we have a direct clash of the forces of Light – Putin and Russia – against the citadel of darkness in Washington D.C. Here we must expect very soon new revelations about the insidious character of Obama and its hidden dark government.

The Russians have very precise information who has shot down the Malaysian flight MH17 from their satellites, which very closely monitor the war zone in Southeast Ukraine. The same holds true for the US secret services. The latter know very well that the perpetrator of this crime is the rogue Nazi-putsch regime in Kiev, but keep this information secret. Instead they resort to Youtube videos and other forged MM reports in order to blame Russia for this crime and start a new world war from Ukraine. Obama’s decision to send troops to Ukraine in the coming days and even to grant Kiev a status of associated member of NAT0 clearly shows where this conflict is heading to.

And now enjoy this latest Manuscript of Survival, then we have indeed entered the last days of survival of humanity, where very few incarnated human beings will really ascend to 4D worlds and all the other soulless, empty duplicates will go under in the deluge of the MPR. We shall ascend to 5D or higher.

A short update on the energies

•July 26, 2014

As many of you have already noticed, these undulations of incoming energy will serve to push more and more to the forefront, and that also includes the resistance to the light. For as these underground reservoirs of light have started to empty their contents on to the surface of this planet, the room for those less inclined to step out into the Sun as it were will continue to shrink at an ever more rapid rate, and as such, their propensity to put up a fight will become more and more apparent to all. In other words, as the space to maneuver continues to shrink for these forces of fear, the amount of noise they will make will only increase, until it will be like a veritable shriek from a dying animal.

We know that our words may sound harsh, but again, we are here to remind you that you are indeed working on behalf of the light and as such, the effect this light will have on those still fighting hard to escape it will also magnify as the light continues to do so. And now, these shadow-dwellers will feel as if attacked from two sides, as not only from without but also from within will this ever increasing flood of light continue to batter through their defenses. You see, you have in many ways opened up a “second front” now, if we may use such words, for this can be likened to a siege, at least to those still intent on keeping themselves separated from the light at all cost. And so, what will seem like a fulfillment of a long held dream to all of those downtrodden people longing for the light for all of their lives, this will seem like the end of a dream for those fully ensconced within that old carapace of ego-based living. For to them, the opening up of these brimming vaults of Mother Earth’s carefully stored away inner powers will seem like no less than a disaster, and to them, the only way to go about it is to raise the alarm and their resistance to the highest of levels.

So again we say, know that all is well, and even if you may encounter these desperate voices and desperate actions of those last few entrenched and desperate beings trying so hard to keep themselves shielded from this approaching light, know that no matter how hard theytry or no matter how ruthless they lash out, they cannot stop the remaking of history on this planet. For the light will prevail, and the light will wash away the last traces of this old grime, no matter how ingrained it will seem to be in some of these lost souls wandering about trying to find a new hidey-hole to continue their despotic machinations. They will fail, as surely as the Sun will rise another day, but they will try to go down fighting, and to them no trickery is considered as too base to try out. So simply stay in your center and continue to connect to that flood of light that you are literally swimming in at the moment, and know that no matter how hard they try to reach out their dirty fingers to draw you back into their web of fear, they cannot succeed. For you are as new born babes now, unfettered by those old hooks and barbs that were so useful to secure a grip on for those set on spinning you around like a puppeteer’s doll. So now, you set your own course for you have chosen you destination, and it is one where the shadows have no power over you anymore.

For what will remain of the shadows, will only be as a natural companion to the light, the half that makes the whole complete, but that does not have the power to manipulate nor pollute the other part of the triangle. You see, the light is never alone, it always has a companion, just like the yin and the yang, the black and the white, the outer and the inner, and together, these two form the holy trinity in a way that will be hard for you to fully grasp at the moment, but that we will delve into further at a later stage. You see, the 1 and the 1 makes the 3, the triad of existence, the fusion of it all, and as such, you cannot eradicate the one fully, for it is all a part of the ONE, and 1 is also the sum of the 3. Again, we speak in riddles, but do not fret if you cannot fully comprehend it at the moment, for this basic fact will start to become more and more apparent to you all as the light continues to seep all the way into the deepest recesses of your being, helping your human part to see way past its old limitations and start to fully acknowledge not just the greatness of your own selves, but also the simple structure that carries it all within itself. Let us leave it at that, and give you all some time to ponder these words until we return with more at a later date. Thank you, that will be all for now, we leave.


Anna Merkaba – Update from Galactic Federation – Peace Protocol, Landing and Your mission – Earth will go through a Major Transformation – Energetic Upgrades will be Frequent with Many Ascension Symptoms – 7-11-14



Update from Galactics ~ A few days ago while I was doing a healing session I was pulled into a meeting with the Galactics (as that’s the best time to connect with me since I leave my body when I heal). There were many beings there. They were all so different, from different constellations and dimensions and planets, there were many light workers, the ground crew as they call us there as well, some I recognized from knowing you here on earth. We all gathered around a table and started to discuss earth and what to do next. How to go about activating the new energy and pureness. How to collectively cleanse everything and begin the restoration phase.

One topic was where to start from, and currently there are two points on earth which will begin to be activated, one is Israel and the other is Germany in the mountains. Both places are very important as both places hold specific energies that must be released. Both places hold sacred sites with incredible portals and ancient knowledge hidden within them. The peace protocol will begin from these two points. Which point will be activated first remains a mystery, but we will soon find out. If you find yourself in anyone of these points in the next year and a half, expect to have phenomenal experiences, as you will be called there for a very BIG reason.

We were also discussing if humans are ready for them to descend and the unanimous vote from all light workers who are part of the ground crew was “not yet”. The reason is that the vessel is fragile, and we need to upgrade it first and restore its functionality so that it can hold enough vibration to withstand the vibration of our galactic families instead of just disintegrate. They do adjust their frequency to ours in order to meet with us, however to truly understand who they are and to truly understand who we are, we must raise our frequency to match theirs, then we will be able to converse freely face to face in what we call the “physical”. We still need a bit of time. We have until year 2018 to finish the upgrading of the larger part of the earth in order to integrate the new technologies fully and completely. We all asked for roughly a year. Of course it will all depend on humanity. For now though their main focus is on all of us, the light workers, the ground crew. They want to fully activate everything that’s laying dormant in lightworkers the ones that are at the forefront of this mission. Please note as I was told that there are a lot more light workers that are still sleeping and their time of awakening will come in about a year, those who aren’t ready to wake up just yet. All of this is done on purpose to make sure the mission will continue to unfold as scheduled.

Within this time frame a lot will happen. The earth will go through a major transformation and everything will be sped up significantly. We will awaken more and more to who we are. Our body will go through many adjustments it will be a bit rough for us, but we can handle it. I know that we can. A LOT of upgrades are going to be taking place, which means a lot of “illnesses” out of the blue, unexplained pains here and there. All of this is a natural process as we continue to fully and truly release everything that stands in our way to true remembrance. Most of this work will be done on the light workers, as all of us who are at the forefront of this mission must be completely aware of our own powers. We will be taught A LOT.

Expect that you will be visited nearly nightly and in meditation. Be alert to whom you will be visited by always ask for clearance. Ask them who they are. Send out a test violet/golden ray of light, if they remain standing, you can ease up and converse freely. You will be taught about your own history, where you came from, what you are doing here, what you are to remember and what you are to bring into this world. We will be receiving a lot of new technology, a lot of new ideas will be coming our way, we will be inspired to do things that we never thought we would ever do!

Many of you will feel an urge to change your careers, to move to another part of the world, to do a makeover, a complete change of your life. Those who are in the technology sphere will truly feel enlightened and most importantly be able to bring their ideas to life of new energy, new way of healing, etc., with much less resistance then before.


This will be a strange time where things will go up or down depending on where you stand in your life and on your “forgive, let go, allow” stage. So once again it’s highly important to release everything that is standing in your way.

Please be aware of the news you are reading, certain sacred names will be used in a “negative” way to pollute your thinking patterns and place seeds of fear and anger into your subconscious, please refrain from allowing this to permeate through your being. If you read something that is making you feel uneasy, do not resist it but simply allow it pass right out of you, monitor it as it moves through your body making sure that it doesn’t stick anywhere. The best way it to take a deep breath and relax ALL of your muscles just kind of go limp there for a second in order to let it all go.

This is an important time of equilibrium.. the more light you have and more light you collect over this time period the more light and love you can spread into this world to assist in balancing things out completely when the time comes for PHASE II.

One thing’s for sure everything will be accelerating tremendously. And even if you find yourself at your “lowest” point, please know that all of this is only to propel you forward to make you STOP doing what you are presently doing and rethink everything, change your life completely, and follow a new path.

Therefore LISTEN to the guidance that you will be receiving. This time is very important, listen to your inner self. You are being supported by so many beautiful energies entering our planet, that whatever it is that you WISH to occur in your life will happen incredibly fast! Therefore put all of your thoughts and feelings into what you WANT not what you don’t want. Once again remember the universe does not understand the “DON’T” it only understands the “DO!”  therefore think in terms of “I want xyz” not “I don’t want xyz”. Because you’ll get what you don’t or do want.

Overall have FUN! Enjoy! RELAX. The time has come to unite with your own self, and allow the new energies to bask you in love and light, to propel you forward and allow you to truly BE YOU! BE that guiding light that you have come here to be! Once again we’re entering PHASE II of this mission and we’re given time to recuperate from all the hard work that we’ve been doing all these years. We’re given time to truly REMEMBER and BE in this moment. So enjoy every second of it. Collect the energies you will need them in about a year and a half when the restoration part of the project will begin. For now ENJOY!

missiontoearthcoverlargeP.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker-Author. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –