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Some years ago I posted a series of items of guidance that I had just then received, and which serve to assist in our understanding not just of the dramatic changes that are under way: but also provide what I see as signposts on which one can base a personal ascension strategy. They seem even more relevant today than they did then. So, I am going top post one or two, and see how it goes from there.

Ascension is the process whereby we reverse our ‘fall’ down through energy frequencies over many generations. This long term, systematic lowering of frequencies has been accompanied by many of our natural faculties either being greatly diminished, or disappearing all together. Since that ‘Mayan Calendar’ moment a few years back (which was really about us entering a new time structure), we have started the process of moving back up through those same frequencies. The reverse process is hugely faster than the fall, which took many milennia. The return will, for many of us, be within our current lifetimes. It is the basis on which a completely New Reality for our planet is set to emerge.

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These signposts do not in any way mandate our personal path through this time. Rather, they give us some core issues we can take into consideration as we move through this exciting time to our unique personal plan.

Here below is the core message which I am now re-posting. Hopefully it will give many people a higher context for what is happening as the world goes through its tumultuous re-birthing process, and moves away from the old 3D paradigms – and the many stresses we all experienced – both then and during the current transformational process – as a result. A Golden Age is in prospect. Individuals will move towards adopting this at very different speeds, and where you are willing to be open to what is happening and seek to understand – and have a plan for your own growth into this new reality – you will be at the forefront of the positive developments even as those who resist have ever greater challenges occasioned by their frantically trying to hold on to that old reality which is dying.

May I suggest that, if this information resonates for you, you might a) You print it off so that you can work with it and consult it as you go forward, b) please pass it to all on your mailing lists that you think can benefit, and c) post it on other web sites if you have that facility. In this latter case, kindly credit it appropriately.

Thank you dear reader,

Xavier Hermes


A growing number of you are coming to a realisation that, for you personally, this present reality has little or no further point to it. Indeed, it was created to facilitate a specific part of the human journey, and this element is now at an end. As a result of your awareness of this, many activities that have constituted your earthly reality to date have fallen away, all impetus for them having gone.

In actuality, this is a most important step in the creation of an entirely New Reality, for it allows the old one to finally be discarded. Yet, it is also a considerable challenge for each of you, and for humanity. The ego is going through a transition from being the dominant element in your earthly persona to becoming a co-creator with several other faculties that are only now moving into activation.

When the ego finally lets go and moves into its new role, it will not only have far less influence, but the drives that it represents will be quite differently focused. Ideally, this focus will be one of higher service, the emergence of the so-called ‘Golden Ego’. The essence of this faculty is the role of spiritual navigator.

The Golden Ego will be instrumental in guiding you in the process of balancing the spiritual aspects of your awareness with your well-established material aspects. This is a most important process, for as increasing numbers address it, their combined energies and intent become a primary tool in the emergence of a new consensus for human life on this planet. In turn, this consensus creates powerful new possibilities for the emergence of a new reality.

You may find it helpful to envisage this golden ego as a sphere of six to eight inches diameter, made of bright gold energy with wings that allow it to rise above the constraints of the old earth reality. This sphere resides in, and emanates from, the very centre of the heart chakra. You may also visualise it travelling, at your command, across geography, across dimensions or across time, acting as an extension of your beingness as you move to the next evolutionary stage. Always it remains an intimate part of the whole that is your evolving, incarnated self, and as you become more able in the use of this faculty it gradually allows you to be consciously present in more than one aspect of space/time.

Meanwhile, the old ego form feels itself to be mortally threatened. This is not so, but in order to allow appropriate movement you will need to work with the old ego, and both counsel and support it in taking the new evolutionary path. Otherwise, its resistance will be such that it will continue to spread deep melancholy into your beingness, slowing down the transformational process and causing you considerable anguish.

Your remedy is to seek the higher path, in probability one quite different from that which has gone before, even though elements of the new may have been present. This new path is intended to finally honour and manifest that which, deep inside, you know to be your true purpose for this incarnation, along with delivery of the commitments you made before arriving.

Ask for and listen to your guidance in this, then work to envisage the highest path you can imagine, without taking into account the apparent constraints of the old reality that is dying around you. Be utterly true to yourself in this work, and purpose and direction will soon return. The starting point you have by then envisaged will be just that, for this path will take you far beyond what your long immersion in the old reality has allowed you to perceive as ever being possible.

The path you will have co-created will become the core of your new, fast evolving personal reality, and a vital component in the construction of a new reality for the entire planet.

Guidance 2 (a continuation from the following day)

In order for the new reality to emerge, a new path must be made available for humanity. The evolution of this path will require extraordinary leadership, for it cannot be either dogmatic or autocratic in its delivery. Rather, it represents the reversal of all that has been used to control and separate humanity for millennia, and is a rejection of the false reality that this activity has created around us. This strategy of reversal first requires recognition of the situation that humanity is presently in, and how manipulation through fear and the systematic diminishing of who we perceive ourselves to be has led us to this time of transformation. Thus, we are necessarily in a time of great revelation.

The path that will emerge is, to a large extent, a matter of consensus – yet, left to its own devices, the likely timescales are far too long for this to be an effective strategy in the face of current world pressures and dangers.

In this matter, we now need to become fully proactive as architects of our own destiny. It is essential that the new path be pro-actively facilitated as it is encouraged to evolve. Such facilitation is, in itself, a ministry, the act of an aware priesthood – yet not operating within any religious structure as the term would currently be understood. What is contemplated here is the emergence of the prophesied ‘Church of Love’ as the vehicle for the required form of leadership. Every person who commits to do so becomes a leader with others, working to a common purpose of service and co-creating, both with other humans and with those in other realms who offer us guidance. This is the re-emergence of the right hand path of spirituality, the left hand path being largely synonymous with organised religion. This right hand path is that which has for long been persecuted and repressed as it cut across the wishes of those of vested interest and controlling hierarchy.

In order to inspire humanity to wish to take this path, there are certain key elements that must be included in this ‘ministry’, and its plans.

Firstly, as has said in previous guidance, in matters of true understanding an accurate appreciation of context is all-important. We need to sufficiently understand the present context of the world around us to absolutely know that it has failed us, and that we are being used by a few who have only their own profit and power in mind. In particular, when large numbers of humans are led to explore and start to understand who they really are and their true heritage – knowledge that has for long been rigorously suppressed – then the perceived context changes radically. At this point, vast and positive change becomes not only possible, but quite inevitable.

Secondly, a return to the teaching of Universal Law and principle, so as to renew the basis on which individuals can set their personal standards for conducting their lives.

Third, the understanding that every human can come to experience and embrace higher consciousness and achieve a true gnostic awareness. This is a progressive task, and for most will require guidance, if not instruction.

Fourth is the matter of re-connecting all the knowledge, skills, relationships and experiences of an individual’s past lives, so that they may utilise all that has gone before in making this great evolutionary step.

Fifth is assistance in the emergence of the many ‘magical’ human faculties that, for most, are still only latent aspects of their beingness. This is a major source of empowerment.

Sixth is the matter of achieving balance. This applies to many aspects of the physically incarnated human, and is necessary to enable the physical vehicle to hold the higher energies that arise from following this path.

Seventh is the position of holding oneself harmless in the world, and learning the basis and practice of honouring all aspects of the physical realm.

Eighth is the question of service to others, at this time principally by carrying those others with you as you evolve along the way, and by acting as a catalyst and stimulus for those who are not yet started along the path.

Ninth is the celebration of cultural and ethnic diversity. All that has for long been represented to us as constituting a threat – in order to promote our separation and control – will be globally re-perceived as the rich fount of diverse experience and associated wisdom that it truly is.

Tenth is the establishing of global forums that allow humanity as a whole to address its large scale challenges, and evolve and implement appropriate solutions free from the machinations of vested interest.

Eleventh is the matter of governance across the planet, from the smallest communities to those elements that are necessarily global. New guidelines are required so that all aspects of governance are ensured to be in service to the people. Powerful safeguards must be provided against the destructive effects of self-interest by individuals or organisations who seek to influence or control government to their own ends. Those who serve in public capacity must, themselves, submit to proper scrutiny and the close discernment of the public they serve.

Twelfth is personal consciousness of the physical Universe as a whole, its many life forms, and the wider role to be played by an evolved humanity. This understanding then forms the basis for activating this wider role, in which humanity will work with many other civilisations.


All these elements constitute the early stages of a new path of re-awakening and re-connection with what we already know from our long journey of discovery in this realm. It supports and encourages each of us to strive for full sovereignty over ourselves, and starts the process of self-actuation that enables the next stage of our journey to begin.

The thirteenth element is thus a return to full consciousness. In achieving this we also experience our own multi-dimensionality.

Great care must be taken that no element of this path becomes dogmatic, or evolves into an instrument of control. Many cultures and belief systems will contribute to the defining and refining of this path, and every contributor group is to be honoured for the elements that they bring to the whole. By offering total inclusivity to all those willing to co-create and then walk the path, it will become a mass phenomenon and a means with which to transform planet earth and enable it to embrace the promised Golden Age.



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