SOULSTICE RISING – Ascension Notes – Unity Consciousness – End of Duality – 5-2-15

Soulstice Rising

Unity Consciousness…the end of duality – 30-Apr-2015


Realize that all are in different phases of their Ascension. What is shared here is the …potential …of all sentient beings. So look truthfully at where you truly are, and then take a step forward. …

Most important is for you to be honest with yourself. for it is essential for your true rising as a Divine Being of Love. Being authentic is being true to your Soul. your Divinity. Your life will reflect to you your truth. If one is defensive, it surely is separate ego attempting to hold them back in the old. If one is judgmental, then that one is also of the old, anchored in the duality of right/wrong, love/hate, good/bad and so forth. The potential of Now is that duality is dissolved and Unity is the way of the highly evolved being. And it is true that we are anchoring more and more of our Higher Selves. our Newness. There may be those in your life who will rebel against your New self. Let them, while you maintain your loving kindness, realizing that all have a choice. The schism between New and old is quite prominent now and as you disengage from battle, you strengthen the New within you. If your separate ego is begging you to engage to prove something, either ignore the urge to be pulled back into old behaviors or write it out. Journaling is a powerful healing tool.

Since the eclipses, we have slowly but powerfully moved more and more into our new space. For those reticent to address some of their deeper core issues of dross, it …may …have been a difficult time. When one ignores what surfaces, it only goes deeper and continues to create life. It will resurface again and again until it is accepted and released. It takes Awareness, Acceptance and self-Responsibility to do so, and most do not like it when these things surface. Why? Because it is of the old and our natural state of being is Love. Yet, it is truly essential to let go of all that is not Love. not simply ignore it. Ignoring does not release it. It will continue to create circumstances in order to get your attention. Since we are holding more Light and more Love, the old issues will become more and more painful, for the old duality cannot coexist with Love.

Regardless of what is occurring around you, realize that you are in a whole New life. If you are not conscious of this, you may continue to act as if you are in the old life of duality, which of course, keeps you in that tenuous state of straddling both worlds, which can be quite confusing and detrimental to your ongoing Ascension. Know too that when you are in proximity of lower energies, you may feel confused and doubt your worth. This is the time to be strong in your Love. To do this, you may have to disengage from others as well as from the outer world. Yes, the outer world can tell you what is still within to accept and let go & or what to empower. Because we are so much more in the New, the outer can actually erode how far we’ve come. This disengaging, if we choose to do this, allows us to be stronger in Love and to strengthen the foundation of the New. When you are firmly in the New, you want to only be with others who support your New You, rather than have it be chipped away with subtle judgments and other lower energies of duality. Love yourself enough to step aside and not engage or fight, because that does nothing but empower the dark.

On May 3rd we receive more anchoring of the New through the Full Moon of Wesak. This upgrade will help us balance, even with all the changes happening in personal and global life. Remember that we are building, step by step, our New lives of being Love. Be patient with yourself and stay in the Moment without old expectations or busy-ness (which keeps you from receiving the messages that help you move forward). Every event in your life, whether in a dream or waking life, has a message for you. Nothing is random. All is designed to move you forward. Resist nothing and go deeper within each event to receive your message. It could be what is still left to review and a choice to change or it could be a new way of being or a new direction. Be the Compassionate Observer, detached from what your mind wants to do & put it in a box of old understanding or experience and see what message you’re receiving. All occurs for your highest evolution. Of course, it is your choice to disengage or to dive deeper.

Since the eclipses of March and early April, we have continued to receive downloads of high dimensional Light to help anchor Unity Consciousness (the end of duality). Solar activity has helped with this and now that the sun is being rather quiet does …not …mean that we’re not receiving high dimensional energy that flows from our Galactic Sun as we receive through our own sun the downloads from Source. When the sun is quiet, there is a deeper transformation occurring, much like the deeper and quieter movements of Earth. It affects our deeper, unconscious core beliefs, so it is a deepening of our transformation. And when it seems all is at a standstill and quiet within us, it does not mean we have stopped growing. Much goes on beneath the surface, whether it is us, the Earth or the sun. Stillness is not only a time of integration and rest, it is also a time of really deep shifting.

We are moving into a time of more Wholeness and Peace. There is more observation, rather than attachment. As you maintain your center, you integrate more of your Christed Self, so remain observant, yet detached, from what is occurring in life. Be of Compassion, which is detached Love. It is a Love greater than the smaller love that we have known, which is strife with expectations and hoped-for end results. Real Love has no judgment, attachment or expectation. it is neutral and it is Who we are. Since 1987, we have slowly dismantled the old paradigm and have very slowly and perfectly created a new foundation that is built of Love & help, and we continue to build and we continue to dismantle any of the cracks or weak places of which are not solidly Love.

During this rather short period of time, relatively speaking, we have brought forth the Divine Feminine as we have let go of the rougher edges of the masculine patriarchy. The Divine Feminine is all about Unity and Love and Flow. The patriarchy was about duality and push/pull and separation. Feel the difference within you and you will know where you are. It is not either/or, for that would be more duality. it is a gentle movement that helps the patriarchy become One with the Divine Feminine, a marriage of God and Goddess Unity Consciousness.

As we continue to shift, so does Gaia. We are not done yet and neither is She. Remember that when the Earth releases energy, She reminds us to do the same. As we shift. She does. as She shifts, we do. Stay in your Center of Love without attachment to what is good or bad, but rather be in Acceptance that all is in Divine Order.

~ ~ ~

Kara Schallock – Ascension Notes – Soulstice Rising – 1-11-15


Tomorrow we have the opportunity to receive a really powerful download of high dimensional Light (you probably are already feeling it). This is connected strongly to the 11-11-14 “gateway.” (I am guided not to use human terms such as “gateway” and “portal,” as these lock the energies in a box and are finite. Instead, by not labelling the energies, we allow them to be free-flowing, much like it is essential that we be free-flowing.) If you want to remind yourselves about the 11-11 “gateway,” here is the Ascension Note: This 11-11-15 also adds up to an 11, as did the 11-11-14. There has been a continual flow of high vibrational energy since then and now culminates in anchoring the higher energies. Because of this, many are experiencing physical manifestations such as headaches, skin eruptions, sleeplessness and other manifestations that are aligned with each unique Ascension pathway (Ascension is not a generalized, cookie-cutter phenomena).

While many have gotten attached to “we arrive in the Golden Age in 2015” phenomena, as I mentioned in the last Ascension Note, there is no separation between years, for time is human-made. Higher Truth is infinite, timeless and free-flowing. So “last year” flows into “this year” without demarcation. What you were working on “last year” continues, only on a higher level.

With the energies of 1-11-15, there will likely be some very deep old energies bubbling up for release. It can cause some real shakeups in your life, especially if you want a predictable life. In the higher realms, there is no predictable or controlled life, so the most important thing you can do is to flow with it all. And trust that you are safe and guided. Self-care is guided and letting everything go is one way to just Be. Meditation helps you stay in the Moment, which truly is the only place to Be! Let go of the past and the future-tripping. And release anything that bubbles up that is not Love, especially anything that takes you out of the Moment.

For those of you who have been on your Path for a while now, you may see things that definitely are not of the 3-D. Trust what you see and feel. And know too that nothing is in black and white. Some feel like they are complete with the old and only in the New. We are in a continuum of energy. We are in the New for sure and we still will be releasing the old. This is part of being multidimensional…being in more than one place at a time. Some days you will feel so light and free and other days you will feel as though you have bottomed out. Don’t judge it and have Patience with it all and have Patience with yourself and others. There is also more of a valley between those who are walking their talk and those who use the buzz words of Ascension without being what they speak of. Just remember that everyone is exactly where they need to be, and it will shift.

During this powerful time your New Blueprint, heightened DNA and expanded Pineal Chakra are activated even more, so that you will receive more Aha’s!, see more colors and feel yourself vibrating at times. We continually rise higher in vibration and consciousness and a big part of this time is to have our lives reflect it. It does no good to be Light and still act and react in the old way. Be congruent with all aspects of life. Be in your New Integrity; not in rules, but in your Heart’s knowing. Because we are rising more in Light, anything of the old will be more pronounced and feel really really uncomfortable. It may feel as though you have no choice but to shift the thing that is creating the discomfort; be it a job, a relationship, a belief or a way of being in the world.

We are moving quite quickly now. This is because the more dross we release, the quicker we move. As we stay in the Moment and stay focused on being Divine Love and merge more with our high dimensional Souls, we can let go of our “ain’t it awful” old attitude about personal and global events. If you find yourself fixated on what is wrong, you then create more of that. And if you find yourself doing that, bring yourself back to center. You can take a deep breath into your Heart, while you place one of your hands on your Heart (or High Heart). This brings you back to center quickly and easily. You can also call to your Higher Self/Soul and merge as One. You can always ask for assistance, for it is always there for you. Keep your vibration high and let go of any drama or chaos or “bad news.” As you do, you will flow more easily, receive higher Light more easily and will notice how indeed it instantly shifts your mood. Check in often with yourself and see where you are. Are you resisting or flowing?

As part of your self-care, which is self-Love, take much alone time to disconnect from lower energies. The more sensitive you are, the more you will feel the energies, especially now, and will need that quiet time to assimilate the New energies. Whether you are aware of it or not, your energy affects others. And since we are the wayshowers of merging Heaven and Earth as One, it is important to take care of ourselves. If you are exhausted, it is because you need a break, since you are doing much to raise the vibration and consciousness of Earth. And know that your own frequency is much higher now and will become more so.

There is also an empowerment and balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within. You will not want to keep silent nor hold yourself back any more. You will want to take action on your guidance, while letting go of any end result. The Divine Feminine raises you in vibration and consciousness, while the Divine Masculine anchors it within your body, making you strong and clear. In this way, you can be out in the world without feeling swallowed up by it. And this also helps you stay in true Balance.

If you are guided to do Ceremony on 1/11, then do so, making your intentions strong, which means to follow up with taking action on your intentions. Remember, 11 is a powerful master number. It is the number of the Visionary. With this 1/11 energy you empower the Visionary to be the Master Manifestor. What do you want and how do you want to feel? Let go of the details and focus instead on how you want to feel in your manifested vision. Elevens also let you know you are not alone, for it is a time when all the Angels of the Divine Light and Plan are with you in Love and Support.

Kara Schallock – Soulstice Rising – Ascension Notes – The Equinox and More – 9-19-14


– 9/18/2014  ~ by Kara Schallock

The Equinox is at 8:29 p.m. MDT on September 22 and this is followed by the New Moon on the 24th, further empowering this particular boost in Light. Oh my gosh, it certainly has been intense lately, hasn’t it? Anything you’ve been attached to or had expectations about has gone up in an ethereal mist. And certainly this has been for our evolution into being more than we’ve allowed ourselves to be. While you may not know why a certain thing occurred, let go of the need to know what, why, where, who or how since these are egoic questions and simply accept that all is aligned for your highest good. This is being the Flow, and being the Flow is absolutely essential if we are to be truly anchored in the New.

To align with the Power of the Equinox and Moon, join in the energy. Have the intention of receiving. If you’re guided to do a ceremony or ritual, know that that empowers you to receive and transform. There is great movement with these two events. There is more expansion as well as the potential to leave certain things behind. And, of course, there is more Awareness. This Awareness is like someone wiping the sleep from your eyes to show you where you have stunted your growth. Much of the past is up for review. This includes not only this lifetime, but other lifetimes as well. You do not have to go back to resolve. View it with Compassion dispassionately and then let it go, staying in the New Now. The potential of the Equinox and New Moon is to move into a higher sense of Love; into higher consciousness. The energy will be huge and electric and is a gentle (or not) push to make more changes in your life (your choice). It is action-packed. First you Be and then you do. All doing is guided by being and feeling. Doing without guidance is blind.

The Equinox is another jumping off place. Picture yourself standing on a cliff and then flying off in Trust. Before you jump, take stock of where you’ve been so that you can see yourself clearly without illusion or self-deception. Drop any labels that ego constricts you with and allow yourself to be free to expand. Yes, that may seem really uncomfortable for it carries with it a sense of being lost (an illusion). You are not lost; you are simply floating on air carried by Angels, while being grounded to Heaven and Earth. Open up to a new vision of yourself. Realize that you are moving step by step into a higher and more Soul-aligned you. If it makes you feel more secure (for surely insecurities are so present now) to have one of your Guides hold you, then do so. You can ask them what the most powerful thing that limits you is and then let it go in a big red balloon. Watch and feel what happens.

Realize, too, that as you connect to the Equinox and Moon energies you are joining with millions of others lifting the Earth up in vibration. Let go of struggle, suffering and pushing. These are all fear-based and elements of resistance. Be in the Moment and trust that everything is Divinely orchestrated by Source, Soul and all Divine Beings of the Divine Light and Plan. Know that old energies are clearing from you…if you are willing. When you trust, you become clear about your next steps, focused in the Moment, of course.

As we move toward the Equinox, notice how much New is in your life. This may feel very raw as so much has been stripped away (by you). Being in this vulnerable state of being is when the greatest growth occurs. And know too that your physical body is changing. Yes, many have experienced lots of “Ascension symptoms” and bemoan that. And yet, with all the changes, letting go and shifting, doesn’t it make sense that our bodies shift as well? Our DNA has shifted to a higher degree of Light and so our bodies reflect that. If you are one who complains about your physical shifting, that does no good except to resist the changes. We have the ability to heal/whole ourselves and yet few believe this to be true. So there still exists a dependency on others for healing. Yes, we’re shifting into this powerful place of self-wholing, so that it may not be readily available to you because of your belief that you cannot possibly do that. We’re in the process of shifting that belief now. We’re shifting from being carbon-based to crystalline-based. And it will take as long as it takes. We can facilitate the process if we choose…by realizing that each one of us has the Power to self-heal/whole. After all, if we truly know we’re spiritual sovereign beings and are Soul-merged, doesn’t it stand to reason that we are capable of seeming miracles?

Another area in which we have gotten stuck is to be proud that we are empathic. Let me share that as we have shifted from head to Heart, being an empath has been important. It has helped us feel more and become more sensitive. And it also created a tendency to take on others’ energies. Now, in our new phase, we can let that go. We do not have to take on others’ energies and in fact, it is important not to do so. We are fully Heart-centered now (at least that is our current potential). Being empathic is truly necessary as a step to being fully in the Heart, but we are not to stop there; we are to continue to evolve into being Love and powerful in Love. When you are at that point where the only “protection” you need is Love, then you can let go of empathic tendencies. Meanwhile, have boundaries as we continue to shift into being fully Heart-centered. Check within to see where you are. If you are still taking things personally, you are still in transition from head to heart. All is in Divine Order and Divine Time, so don’t rush it; honor where you are in this Moment. It is the best way to evolve.

Let go of what lowers your energy and focus on the magic of the New. Do not hold on to anything or anyone. Let things flow naturally. You needn’t work hard to attain a certain way of being nor do you have to work hard to “keep a relationship.” That is of the old. Be the observer and allow things to unfold naturally, which indeed can be a challenge if you must be in control and have a need to “make things happen.” Trust. Be the Compassionate Observer. There is no losing or winning; just Being. Stand tall and Be. This is the Path of the Spiritual Warrior.

This is a time when we are learning a lot about self-love. Ask in each moment and situation, “How can I be more loving to me?” This is not selfish, for when you come from a full cup of Love, it spills over to others. So when you are loving to self, you are loving to others. If it is not perceived that way, that is not on you; everyone has perceptions based on their consciousness. Many still blame and that is fine for them, but you needn’t take part in that old way of being.

We are so full of Light and New that it no longer is an option to lower ourselves in any way to please others. Focus on how you want to feel and be that. Remember that the New is about Flow, Joy and Ease. And remember how very loved you are. As we embrace this new level of Light that is coming in on the Equinox, empowered by the New Moon as well as much increased solar activity, you will notice yet another shift in you and on Earth. Your new foundation will be strengthened and you will experience a new level of Balance.

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~ ~ ~

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Soulstice Rising – Ascension Notes – A Powerful Influx of Multidimensional Light – 9-3-14



A Powerful Influx of Multidimensional Light – 9/3/2014


“On this day, September 3, we begin yet another powerful phase. Some call this a gateway and yet, that is an old term as we are to move beyond labels. So suffice it to say that it is an influx of high dimensional energy that is weaving through us, awakening any dormant Soul Codes, which are actually Source Codes. What this means is that this energy awakens and empowers our Divinity. This further awakening will flush out any area in which we do not believe that we are powerful sovereign beings of Love. Then this is immediately followed by another even more powerful download on the 9th (9/9), empowered by the Full Moon on September 8. The current upgrade takes us up to September 9th, then on the 9th another one begins. It is essential you stay awake, aware and grounded and set your intention to receive.

During this time, each who wishes to receive, will have their Christ Consciousness, which is Source Consciousness, more empowered. For those just waking up, it is the beginning of activating their Christ/Source Consciousness, which brings great Awareness into what is not aligned with Soul. This Light, beginning today, accentuates anything that is not balanced or is in disarray. As each purposefully receives this Light, it flows through the body and then moves into Gaia for an upgrade of Her New Earth Grid. So stay open, remove any resistance and doubt and know that you are exactly where you need to be for the higher purpose of raising the vibration of Earth and those who live in your area. And know too that there are leylines throughout Gaia and by flowing this Divine Light into your local leylines, they travel throughout the globe in an interconnecting web. Intend only the highest evolution for all.

As part of your evolution, the Light will show you where you are holding yourself back in limitation. It takes Courage and Commitment to be willing to let go of mental constructs, comfort zones and those who are not moving forward out of fear. These folks love to point out all that is wrong in the world and in others as if to make themselves better and higher than others. This is a trap of the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. Speaking of the 4th Dimension, do know that it is much like the 3rd Dimension in that it is quite dualistic and is rife with entities and psychic energies. I stay completely out of that place and rather, focus on higher dimensions of Love, Light and Unity. I choose not to prolong duality in my own space and, as you know, each being chooses their own path. While I honor each path, I don’t have to partake in it. And so Discernment is key here.

I notice a great many are still very focused in their intellect, craving more and more information. This is why it is important to read with your Heart and then decide if it keeps you in dualistic thinking or unified feelings. Stuffing the head with information prolongs the process. It is my intention that you feel beneath any words I share and not simply read with your intellect, for each letter I write is filled with Light and Love, which helps each to evolve more into their Heart and Soul.

Many feel as though this whole Ascension path is taking way too long; that surely they must be finished by now. Yes, it has been long and will continue and then there will be a new level of Ascension to begin, for Ascension is infinite and ongoing. So take a breath and be patient, stay grounded in the New Now without wishing it was over. Some just want out and certainly that is a choice. Please remind yourself, if this is you, that whatever is occurring within and around you is for the sole purpose of evolving; this is what you signed up for before you chose to incarnate onto Earth at this time.

Many are fully in the New and the old life seems a distant memory. These folks are completely detached from dualistic drama, focused only on their Ascension Path and forward movement. When one is completely immersed in their spiritual evolution, they see the Truth and that Truth is Love and they know that everything is perfectly aligned in Love. Each day is exciting to see what it will bring, which is based on their consciousness. So truly Ascension is an inside job. And as you choose to put complete Faith in your spiritual evolution, everything else falls into place…much like a tuning fork. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your Joy factor? What is your Passion (for unfolding and ever-changing life) factor? This will help you see where you are. If you are wishing and hoping for something different, you are not fully in the New. When fully in the New, you are Joyous in What Is. And when one surrenders to What Is, it allows more shifting into the New.

Do you still think Abundance, Joy or Love exists outside of you; as something to get or hope for and not your natural state of being? If so, this energy that is present now will help you shift that, if you choose. When you truly know that you are Abundance, watch how life shifts, for you then have aligned with the Soul Essence of Abundance as your birthright. And whatever Truth you hold within will be manifest “out there.” If you say things like, “I can’t afford this or that” or “I wish I could do or have that,” etc; you are aligning with lack consciousness. If you have meditations and dreams of being in a beautiful place and/or receiving something of personal value, know that your Abundance Consciousness is being upgraded.

Know too that the Light we are receiving is multidimensional. There is no need to focus only on the 5th or 6th Dimension, as we are multidimensional beings, receiving Light from whichever dimensions we are ready for…from the 5th through the 13th. Perhaps there are some of you even receiving from beyond the 13th; yet the 13th Dimension is really the highest for our current Earth bodies, generally speaking. This multidimensional receiving will upgrade the knowing that you are Love and nothing else and you trust the process and willingly release all that is not Love. It is the Light of Agape Unconditional Love. It holds no judgment and no duality. While you observe duality in the world, you are not attached or driven by it. There is no fear, no control, no wishing or hoping. There is only Wholeness; only Love, Compassion, Understanding, Patience…basically all the Soul Essences and life reflects that.

As we receive this wonderful Light, there is a quickening of the release of old energies. It goes easily if you do not resist. If you attempt to keep things in place, you may very well feel it is all so painful. Remember to be the Flow. And do know that you will receive only as much as you are ready for. If you are ready, and certainly many of you are as indicated by how much of the old you’ve released, there will be new perceptions (away from duality like good/bad, easy/hard, low/high, etc.) and new revelations, as the Light does bring forth more Awareness and more information (probably in the form of feelings, colors and symbols; not words usually). There will be a new or expanded Awareness of New Life and what that means to each individually.

As a multidimensional being, you may receive a lot of creative ideas and may be overwhelmed with what to do first. Let it sit for a while and see what is shining the brightest and where you find yourself vibrating in Joy and Passion. You see, because we are on Earth, things need to be done one at a time in a linear fashion (unless you want to be scattered and ungrounded), while the higher dimensions continue to flow in in multiple ways, constantly creating. Taking the new inspirations forward will be different too. In the old, we would market and advertise. In the New, all is based in consciousness. You bring to you what you are.

By now, you probably feel so very different from who you have been. Just remember that there is no right or wrong or shoulds or should nots. Flow with your own energy and stay in the Now. From there/here you will be guided. It is an amazing passage we’re in and each day brings more opportunity to be more. It’s best to flow with change, for that is the New Way of Being.”

~ ~ ~

I post small inspirations on my Facebook Page between writing the Ascension Notes, if you’re so inclined…Ascension: Soulstice Rising.   A note about my Facebook page: Facebook is now charging us to have our posts go out to all who “like” the page. So, now only a small percentage have my posts end up in their feed. So, be sure to go to my page often, as I post every day.  If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!
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SoulsticeRising – Emerging from the Cocoon – Ascension Notes – 7-27-14

Cairns Birdwing Butterfly Emerging from Cocoon

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Emerging from the Cocoon 7/27/2014

Yesterday, July 26th (and actually for three days now), we have had a huge download of Light, which unveiled more dross, especially physically. Sleep may have been very disrupted, as our Souls and Guides were working very hard to release more of that which is not Love. This has occurred globally as well, so while much Light was brought through, it may feel as though things are worse. Yet, if you are truly awake, you know that this is the dark before the Light and if you go deeper beyond the surface, you will see that Love is evermore strong…much stronger than any fear or discomfort you may feel.

We are in the dark of the Moon and so there is a pulling inward and things move a bit slower, so that we may integrate this influx of Light and be more present with what we are creating. If you are focused on how bad life or the world is, you create more of that. If you are focused on creating New Life, then that is what is created. It is all up to you. There are still so many who look outside themselves for some kind of Peace. They want others to tell them what to do and when things will be better. And yet, no-one can do this for you, because it is essential we listen to our own guidance. All another can do is to affirm what you already know deep within. So take your Power back and be your own guide and authority. Be discerning. Feel your way through. Meditate.

Keep your focus positive and on moving forward. You have all you need to create your New Life. Everything within you is operating on a New level; you have your new blueprint in place, your chakras are operating on a higher level, your cells are vibrating faster and yet many still are acting as if they are still in old life. How do you shift the focus from the old to the New? By focusing on who you are now and acting in your New way. This means you let go of judgment, gossip, us/them, “ain’t it awful,” and anything that lowers your vibration. We’re in the eye of the needle now, so don’t let the outer world dictate to you how you feel. Choose how you feel and how you act and think. Are you living the life you want or do you tell yourself why you can’t change it? Nothing happens to you; it is created by you.

We are in a powerful and creative time. Go within and ask what you want to create. Just remember that in the New, all is created from essence. So let go of trying to control the details and focus on how you want to feel and be that in everyday life. Managing the details or making something happen is separate ego’s job and it simply doesn’t work anymore. When you are the Flow, you allow yourself to be guided by your very own GPS…your Soul. How can you tell the difference between ego-thoughts and Soul Guidance? Pay attention to how it feels. Ego will be convoluted and get you in a tailspin of endless details and questions of what, how, when, where and who. Soul guides more gently and it is simpler in nature. You will find yourself automatically taking a step and you might not even know where that step is taking you, for Soul only guides in the Moment.

Your Heart/Soul very well may have new dreams for you. Feel it. Do you get excited with inner Joy and Passion? Take a step toward it. Remember, things shift as you do. Life must match your vibration, so truly all you have to do is to keep your vibration high and the details take care of themselves. As you meditate in your Heart or High heart, you strengthen Soul and expand your Heart-knowing. The Heart is the gateway between the old and the New and is home of your Divinity. As you strengthen your Heart, your knowing (not hoping or wishing) becomes powerful and from there you access great Clarity and then you know what step(s) to take for ultimate Fulfillment. Of course, all is in Divine Time.

We have had back-to-back gateways and downloads and we can see how different life is now. So many changes! Many of these changes have been in physically shifting our bodies, which is not all that comfortable. Just know that everything is for your evolution into being Soul-merged. We have lifetimes of struggle and pain and all of that must go, so that we finally vibrate in new bodies. Some folks experience drastic body changes, while others are not as dramatic. No matter, each is on their own Ascension Path and each path is unique to each person. Some have lots to release; others not so much, depending on the work they have been doing through the past few lifetimes especially. However you experience your awakening is designed to take you to your fullest and truest path as an Ascended Earth Master (master of self; not of others). We must consciously and purposefully engage in our own process and not compare our path to others’ paths. Remember too that it may be easier to stay in the old ways simply because it is what you know; yet, you will not be fulfilled doing so. Take a look at your life; where are you not fulfilled? Is it because you’re holding onto/controlling your old life, fearful of making a change? Let go; surrender and let your Heart guide you to where you belong. Allow Bliss to be your constant companion.

Through this particular gateway, if you want to label it as such, we shift more into Joy and Creativity. Before now, we have worked really intensely and because we’ve worked so diligently, we get to create more of our New Lives. So while many of us have felt squeezed and heavy, tomorrow at the New Moon, many will begin a new lighter and creative phase. Oh Yay! We are emerging from a difficult place, where many have thought themselves crazy or dying. We get to lighten up now. The whole month has taken all we have been experiencing over the many previous months and wrapping them into one big one for our potential New Lives. It has, and continues to be, been important to be grounded and centered, for this eases the huge shifts that have been occurring. Of course, there’s another big one coming at our next Full Moon and yet its energy is for creating and empowering our vision for self and Gaia.

Be Grateful for all the blessings/blissings in your life, no matter what they look like. Give thanks to your Soul for nudging you along and give a big hug to your ego, who is joining us, for without an ego we have no body with which to experience all the blessings. Be thankful that through it all, our consciousness has risen to Source consciousness. Be thankful for the Clarity you now have. Let go of work and struggle…these are of the old. In the New, we play, we flow, we glow, we share, and we find Joy in the simplest of things. We celebrate our Newness. We disengage from the 3D world even more, and see the silliness of it.

Being with others who have decided to stay in the old is less painful and more entertaining, for we have also let go of our attachment to how others should be. In the New we take ourselves much less seriously. We let go more of the rules we have for ourselves…we relax and in this breath of Freedom, we wonder why we’ve worked so hard at it all, when we know that ease is the opening that allows Love and Grace to enter.

So have fun with it all. We are emerging from our cocoons. Look around at the wonder  while your wings dry and unfold.