Four Keys to Ascension-Grounding by Szuson Wong, Ph.D.

Grounding and Chi Exercises by Szuson Wong (DVD)

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Szuson Wong presentation, Sunday, April 27th, at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Ascension is not about leaving the Earth, rather it is about living in the New Earth and in the New Heaven right here, right now, by grounding the 5th dimensional energies and by transforming our carbon-based bodies into crystalline bodies. Grounding the 5th dimensional energies in our Heart and in our Dan Tien allow us to operate from our Seat of Power in co-creating and manifesting our dreams and visions.

Szuson Wong, Ph.D., international teacher, speaker, author, intuitive/energetic healer for over 25 years, empowers people to live from the heart and to fulfill their spiritual destinies. Szuson assists clients in co-creating new identities and new scripts of love, joy, and abundance, by grounding the 5th dimensional energies, through meditation and spiritual practices as shared in her energetic healing DVD, Four Keys to Ascension-Grounding and Raising Your Vibration with Chi Exercises and her book, Guardian of Gaia. More information at