Méline Portia Lafont – August Gateway – The Sirian Star Gate of Allowing – 8-4-17


There is a new series of upgrades, influxes and downloads to be integrated during this month of August. With the full Moon in Leo on the 7th of August , the Lion’s Gate on the 8th of August and a Total solar eclipse on August 21st there is a lot to unfold, Beloveds. Ready or not, it has already started and continues to amplify each moment as we speak.
August feels like a tremendous powerful month of gateways, and on a personal note, this is why I was “activated again” to start writing and channeling in these energies just for this purpose. I noticed other Gatekeepers suddenly start sharing and writing again now that August has arrived in our calendar year, like we have been called and activated again to do some energy work.
All are called to do so and to come forth in unity, and with unity I speak of unity within your SELF, so that you all can be the perfect conduits for this powerful stream of energy. This time the energies of these portals during the August Gateway are even MORE powerful than other years due to the continuous amplification and through passing the threshold of consciousness awakening.
August 7th – Full Moon and partial eclipse.
The advice is given by the Arcturians to lay down during the Full Moon of August 7, 2017 because of the integration of the Aquarian lineage and star Gate. Nevertheless whether you can witness this partial eclipse or not, the energies are the same for any of you around the globe. It is about integration of this Moon Presence which lies activated in the house of Aquarius. Everyone knows that the Aquarian energies are liberating energies towards freedom, as the Aquarian battles to stay free and self relying.
Integrating these Aquarian energies will awaken the potential and the opportunity to free yourself from sets of emotions that have been withholding you. Simultaneously it will awaken and activate the strength and the desire to go on a new adventure and dive deeper and explore new worlds on a higher level. A need and a desire for new things and new fulfillments may come about.
This all will be empowered by the energies of Leo since we are in the Lion’s Gateway and in the month of Leo.
August 8th – Lion’s gate
The Beings from Sirius are emphasizing to be in great balance and centeredness towards and during this gateway. As the full Moon and partial eclipse of August 7th is part of this gateway, it amplifies big emotions on top of the already amplifying energies that are streaming through our vehicles from this Lion’s gate.
The opening and activation from Sirius will be present all the way during the month of August and continues to be so till early or mid September I am told. This means that the energies of Sirius will be in great alignment with Earth and each of you here present. There is A LOT of power behind this one, Beloveds!!
The Sirian Star Beings are showing me that there lies a potential of higher awareness in the lines of possibility as a great opportunity. It is one we should take and be grateful for because it is a trigger point and a setting for this world to evolve in better ways and terms than it has been up until now. These are such powerful energies that you can only imagine a microscopic point of this event as it is a wave of Star Beings and energies which are of a Bright Golden nature.
You can only sense this to the fullest of your capacity when being in the least resistant modus, preferably without conditioning or any other form of resistance. It is thus allowance which keeps you in the best interest and brings forth more peace.
It will certainly be felt on the physical level since our vessels are being triggered with a lot of Light quotient. Its magnetic effect on our Magnetic fields of this core is tremendous!
The Star Beings of Sirius are only wanting to help us to be empowered, to be self aware and self innovating. It is like a fort choosing it’s King to guard and take care of it because it knows and trusts this King to be the right one to do the job. So are your Vehicles choosing you for your King Template to descend and activate so that you are self sustaining and taking proper care of your vehicles. It is a higher consciousness and awareness which keeps the body informed and nurtured with information in the form of codes and frequencies so that your vehicles can handle the higher vibrations and make the transformational shift and vibes along these higher energies.
That is what this Lion’s gate is about from my perspective, given as codes from the Star Beings of Sirius. Their energy represents power – strength – confidence – loyalty – healing – empowerment – discernment – energy – trust.. It is an upgrade for our body vehicles which in itself demands a lot of energy from you. Thus seek not to be active around these time frames – just Be still in whatever is most comfortable for you at this time and be through allowance without fear nor condition.
Drink plenty and even more water than usual so that your vehicles can find the energy and strength it needs – so that the energies can flow with more grace.
The Star Beings of Sirius advice us to use the following crystals for best integration during this gateway:
  • Citrine
  • clear quartz crystal
  • Amethyst (as a catalyst)
  • Pink aura quartz or pink quartz (soothing, reassuring, for stress and anxiety, healing the heart, for self trust an trusting your instinct)
If you do not have any of these crystals, do not run around to get them. You can visualize or call up the energies of these crystals to be with you.
Total solar eclipse on August 21st
This happens to be the greatest opportunity gateway of all in this time frame. Are you ready for new beginnings? And if so – what are these for you? What will you plan? What are you willing to do to bring this all about and what are your steps? There will be a need for great change, so are you willing to follow through?
The fact that this eclipse is just above the United States, states clearly that this energy of renewal – opportunity is needed for change to come about in that part of the world. Although the energies of the eclipse are for ALL of this world – and will be integrated by each on this planet – there is a deeper focus and reset continuously being funneled to and supported by the United States of America. There are definitely some things and changes about to happen in that place of our Beloved World. It is needed too.
Support is thus granted and given, Beloveds, this is what I see clearly and that I am being given at this time by the Star Beings of Sirius. And that is what this Total Solar eclipse will do – start – activate as an energy.
For the rest of the world, this Eclipse contains the same message for all: what are you to begin anew and what are the changes you are willing to make to get to where you want to be or are to be as a higher consciousness and conduit onto this world? New alignments and many great opportunities are awakening here from this Eclipse and these go deep into your core!! It will trigger a lot to consider and be open to.
As for now, I will continue writing more from now on. After being guided to a sabbatical year – this being said to me in July 2016 – I have completed this year and this was the reason for me for remaining in a low profile. Just now as August started I was reactivated again to write and share.
This brings me to a new tool which is available as of now. It has to do with Sacred Codes of Merlin which will consist of 4 Archetype activations or Body Templates. The first 2 are the so called“ Archetype and Body Template of the Wizard – Magician” and “ Archetype and Body Template of the Master” and they are finished and available on my website:www.melinelafont.com
Have a blessed and most Magical August Gateway Beloved Tribe!
Méline Portia Lafont



Ascension Gateway – Spring Equinox 2013

AscensionIntegration·34 videos

Intense energies, discernment and recommendations for the jump in frequency this month. Apologies for frowning into the bright SUNlight – it is a beautiful spot. Gratitude to the blackbirds for the soundtrack.

I will have a guided meditation this week, to keep everyone focused as the interference frequencies trigger the lower levels. The awakened collective is larger than the distorted HUmans pushing the buttons on these pointless programs. Stay in your KNOWing, your Heart, and in gratitude for the journey. Amplify the higher vibe and the lower vibe has *no choice* but to rise.

For services and Ascension support, visit http://www.sandrawalter.com

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