JAMES GILLILAND – INCOMING ENERGIES! HEADS UP! – 12-21-19 – Lymerick @ Rumor Mill News

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James Gilliland


Received via email – Lymerick


After the full moon energies with the solar flares and Schuman Resonance spiking at 160 as predicted the Schiff is hitting the fan. Politically the Bar bill is going to be paid but the bar bill is karma accelerating in all walks of life. All institutions have their karma and have to transform, become frequency sp

ecific to these new incoming energies. Political, religious, business institutions even family dynamics will experience a transformative process which can be chaotic. Your souls are screaming to remove you from circumstances that are not aligned with your soul and the awakening and healing process is well underway. These energies are exponentially rising, everything is accelerating speeding up and the best advice we can give is to slow down.

Release the past, do your daily meditation, prayer or spiritual practices and find a good process-oriented therapy. Forgiveness is key, forgive others and yourself for manifesting and magnetizing these people and events into your life. Most important gain the wisdom from the experience and let the wisdom settle in the soul. Now you know what you don’t want, shift into creationary mind and start focusing on what you do want. Setting your intention is key.

Setting boundaries is also key in these times and being responsible means responding to the soul, each has their own unique soul purpose. The narcissist, liars and deceivers are going to become an endangered species. They are on the downward spiral of evolution, their destiny and future will be set by their frequency. It is imperative that we take our power back, sever all contracts and agreements made in error and align with one’s own soul purpose. You cannot remain in subservience in the days to come, the incoming energies won’t allow it.

We have said before the only reason anyone has any power over you is because you want something from them. When you become sovereign you step back into your power. Everything that does not empower and serve will collapse. The chaos we are seeing is the transformative process with Universal Law being the final transformation.

Is Universal Law followed in the political, religious and business institutions? Is it followed in the dynamics with friends and families? Is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all the guidelines in these institutions, friends and family dynamics? The severity of these transformations and chaos involved is directly related to what it will take to come back into alignment.

When you are sovereign, when you have made your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection, you become an anchor, a transmitter of the Creator what every name you want to give it. It is called Buddha or Christ consciousness, others have their names for becoming one with this consciousness and energy. This is the end goal. Everything comes from and returns to this same point. You become the point centered in that point. You can no longer be pulled from that point.

You no longer seek love, acceptance and approval from others because you love, accept and approve of yourself it is unshakable. Neither are you corruptible. Everything else falls away. You are Universal Law. More and more people are coming to realize this and are walking away from all the traps and snares, freeing themselves. They see the monkey trap, how they are trapped and are letting go of the rice. For those who do not know what a monkey trap is it is a coconut with a hole drilled in it filled with rice.

The monkey sticks his hand in grabs the rice and won’t let go. All the monkey has to do to gain his freedom is let go of the rice. The rice represents our attachments to people places and things, material objects. Do you own them or do they own you? Do they bring you joy?

Joy is an emotion independent from material objects. Do your material objects, your house car portfolio establish your self-worth? What happens to your self-worth when you lose them, they are damaged, taken away? We have been enslaved through dependency and debt. In the days to come both will be removed. Enslavement and dependency, even lack are not aligned with Universal Law. They are aligned with Draconian Law and that Law as well as all aligned with it will fall.

Again this incoming consciousness and energy is expanding exponentially and we all need to transform with it. What happens to the monkey that can’t let go? When we speak of letting go we are talking about releasing the past, stepping away from Draconian Law and all institutions that operate under it.

This includes unhealthy relationships anything that is not empowering or aligned with Universal Law. Another word for Universal Law is Unity consciousness. We are one family, our source is one Creator, we live on one planet, we are diverse yet all the diversity exists within the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. The Creator is omnipresent in all life, all Creation and it is time to acknowledge this and act accordingly. This is the wisdom behind the changes.

Two more events coming up is the solstice on the 21st with a major alignment with the central sun. We also have an eclipse on the 26th. Expect change.

James Gilliland

November Energies 2019 – November 1, 2019 – by Sarah Shepherd

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Happy November!

What a year 2019 has been and we still have two more months to go before we can move into the brand new energies of 2020.

October was a time to ground, re-balance and stabilize so we have a strong foundation to take the next steps forward on our journey, which was our key word for last month.

I personally found October to be a very challenging energy as old fears and beliefs came to the surface to be healed. A lot of anger came up for me last month, which is two-fold, one part is to do with what is happening to Mother Earth and feeling powerless and the other part is about not feeling good enough to move forward on my own journey.

I have been working through my fears around “not feeling good enough” and also “not being enough”, which I know a lot of you can relate to. This anger that is coming up is showing me what I need to heal, release, accept and forgive.

I wrote previously, that the last few months of 2019 may be challenging as we are being forced to confront our fears. Anger is a normal part of fear as anger tends to surfaces when the ego doesn’t want to let go of control! If you have been feeling angry or very anxious, as this is another way fear can be masked, then it is time for you to face your fears too!

If anger is coming up for you, please don’t feel ashamed or try to hide from it. Embrace it and know that it is coming up (and out) for a reason! It is showing you that you want to move forward, but you can only do so by walking through this fear. Look underneath the anger and see why you are really suffering.

This is much easier said than done as I am well aware! So, you are not alone if you are going through a challenging time with your emotions right now.

These emotions need to be worked through so we can move through the fear. This opens up our hearts and allows the love to flow. And as you know LOVE is what we are all working towards!

The word Spirit has given us to focus on for November is ILLUMINATION.

Unfortunately, there is nowhere to hide this month and we will keep getting the lessons until we face our fears!!

The intense energy we have all been experiencing that is bringing stuff up to be cleared will continue throughout November and even into December, depending on what inner work we do.

It will be more apparent though up until the 11.11 Gateway as this will be an intense energy period!

I am also being told by Spirit that those of us that face our fears and do the inner work will have some relief from the middle of the month, however if we try to hide the intensity will continue!

November also feels like a wonderful month for abundance, prosperity and manifesting our desires, so there is a little magic in the air too and it is not all clearing and healing work!!

November’s energies will help us to balance our will and the knowledge we all know to be true in our hearts that all our needs will be provided for. This rare energetic balance means that we are able to ask the Universe for what we need, and recognize the solution when it appears.

This energy reminds us that the Universe is an unlimited resource of energy and abundance and prosperity are available to everyone.

We are being called upon by Spirit to remember who we are and that we are enough. Whatever we ask for, we shall receive.

The energy this month can help us manifest our dreams. So, set your intentions well, acknowledge what you have already received with gratitude, and affirm your belief in a prosperous Universe.



JAYME PRICE September 2019 Ascension Energies – Light Language DNA Activation –

Jamye Price

Published on Aug 27, 2019

https://jamyeprice.com/ Read it here: https://jamyeprice.com/september-asce…

Jamye Price, author of Opening to Light Language: Humanity’s Evolution into Multidimensional Communication, is an energy healer, author, channel, teacher and student of life. She created a healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing and also channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are universal languages that effect great healing. For more information about Light Language, Jamye’s book Opening to Light Language offers an in-depth study into this unique and powerful communication.

SOLAR STORM ARRIVAL – Schumann Spike – Energetic Shielding – 8-27-19 – via Ascension Energies


Published on Aug 27, 2019

SANDRA WALTER – Mid-Gateway Check In – Magnetic Shift and Intense Upgrades – 8-23-19

Mid-Gateway Check In: Magnetic Shift and Intense Upgrades


Blessings Beloveds ~

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I AM ocean-side in Ventura at the Disclosure conference right now. It is lovely to see the conversation shifting to unification, and a call for more mass meditations (most in this community are not aware of our three years of SUNday global meditations.) My presentation includes full disclosure on the Gatekeeping experience and interacting with the positive alliances in service to the Ascension.

Kindwhile, our Gateway (August 15-28) is in FULL AMPLIFICATION as Gaia and Solaris shift the magnetics to accommodate the New Earth grid merge which happened last month. The light level is increasing with dramatic intensity, and embodiers are receiving merge codes to assist our Ascension process. We are becoming those open stargates right through our DNA. It may be stimulating one moment and flattening the next (such is the way with magnetic shifts.)

Be sure to get out in nature and join the SUNday Meditations for the weekly code exchange. Focus on peace and highest timelines, please. Let us use the Gateway opportunity to level up all willing hearts. Remember the collective DNA is activating with the release of Freedom codes – for over a month now.

Freedom codes bolster your FREE WILL CHOICE to create your Ascension, and global peace, harmony and Divine Love. They remove the self-imposed barriers as well as any distortions or blocks to the Christed timelines. Now is the moment to make your move – even a small one – toward the life and expression of Love and creativity which you truly are. No. More. Waiting.

I AM on the road for the next two weeks. Here is a list of content – including a free guided Diamond Heart activation – to support your journey:

New Stargates and the mid-August Shift

Article on the August 15 – 28 acceleration. READ HERE

Latest Videos for clarity:

Timeline Shifts, Guided Diamond Heart Activation, Transparency about the Disclosure Event: WATCH HERE

Earthquakes, Stargates & Freedom Codes WATCH HERE

Q&A and Follow up on Bliss States & Disclosure WATCH HERE

SUNday Unity Meditations:

See you in the field on SUNday for our powerful weekly Unity Meditations.
I will lead a LIVE group on SUNday August 25 @ 11:11AM PDT at Dimensions of Disclosure. Connect with us as the heart activations will be very strong.

Private Sessions

One-on-one sessions resume in SeptemberBook HERE

SARAH O’BRIEN – Dark Matter Hurricane – Hits Earth, Gaia, Never Seen Before

Higher Self
Published on Aug 22, 2019

Warning! Dark Matter Hurricane Hits Earth, Gaia, Never Seen Before August 22, 2019 by Sara Obrien thetwinflamepsychicsurgeons.com

Sara’s Original Video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBBRu…

Sara offers psychic healing, spiritual coaching, Akashic Records healing, Lyrian light language, and Arcturian light code activations. Book a session today! https://www.thetwinflamepsychicsurgeo…

You can contact Sara here: Obriensara47@gmail.com

DIANE CANFIELD – Current Ascension Energies Upate – Becoming Our Authentic Self – 8-22-19

Diane Canfield – Blessings Beloveds,

Since the beginning of August we have been experiencing 2 weeks of High Solar Wind without many geomagnetic storms  This heightened solar wind has brought in many ascension symptoms and expansions.

Some of the symptoms have been:

  • Extreme Tiredness
  • Increased Hunger
  • Extreme Blurry Eyes

While these have settled down and subsided the past few days, increased hunger is still in effect.

The Lions gate energy combined with the High Solar Wind has been quite a wild ride. This has been one reason why I have been doing live facebook videos instead of articles. I honestly did not have the energy to sit down and write a full scale article.


The energy that has been arriving has been directed at expanding our consciousness while targeting ” Becoming Our Authentic Self”.

This means we must start to let go of what no longer serves us in order to let our Authentic Self come through. The template of Authenticity will carry us all the way through the Ascension process.

What does it mean to become your authentic self?

It means letting go of everything that is not you from a soul level of awareness. When I work with clients I ask them to imagine themselves as a small child under 6 years old before any programming or conditioning came into their lives.

Before the age of 6 is when we are truly the most authentic. We know what we like and what we dont. We know what we feel and are in touch with these feelings continuously through out the day. We live fully in the moment of NOW and exist to be happy and have fun.Related:  Congratulations Victory to the Light.. 12.12 Portal Aligning

Tip-  When you meditate imagine yourself when you were before the age of 6. Tap into how you felt and your authentic self. Remember your own energy and how it felt then. When you can feel this, you can merge with it and become one with it.

At this age, we have not yet been programmed and conditioned by the school system. We have not yet given away our higher authority to others and given our control over our mind and bodies to others who claim authority over us. In reality there is no higher authority but yourself and your feelings. You soul’s purpose is the highest authority you can attain.

Your Authentic higher self must move forward through the ascension process so you can access your souls purpose. These are both tied into each other. Your souls purpose is why you are here and what you are to accomplish by being here in this reality.

During the past weeks there has been a massive stripping off of layers to attain the authentic self. When you think all layers have been stripped off, even more will come forward to show you it is not done yet. We must welcome this entire process as we move into higher consciousness. No resistance leads to faster merging into the higher realms.


Balance is one of the most important spiritual practices to achieve in this process. We must balance our lives in a way that does not tip the scales too much in any direction. It is important to work, but just as important to have fun. Even spiritual practices over done  can lead to an out of balanced life. With the energies high as they have been this is even more important to incorporate into your lives.Related:  Pleiadian High Council: The Ascension Plan is in Full Activation


Time anomalies continue as the energy propels us into higher states of consciousness. You may think something happened the day before when it actually happened a week ago. You may get dream and meditation messages confused with REAL life. As time all merges together, it can become confusing for many if they are not aware of what is actually occurring.


You may feel when you hear about things they have happened before. This is because Time is bending in on itself. In our consciousness they have happened before because we are heading into the time of no time. Dont worry!  You are not going crazy! Many will soon be experiencing all of this and more.

Incoming Energy Waves – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 8-21-19


Amanda Lorence


Not everyone physically feels Incoming Waves, and that’s perfectly OK. It’s not a big deal to not feel them. We are all different and there’s no more than or less than. The main thing is, some of us do physically feel them in detail, and can give the ‘heads up’. In support to All who wish to be informed.

The INCOMING WAVE that started several hours ago, now presents a SIGNIFICANT alteration to it’s now ‘usual’ energetics (received by the human). This current Wave started as typical; so multiple energetic patterns and pulses to many parts of the human body. Bliss sensations is a common experience for most waves when we let go, and relax during an Incoming Wave. But THIS one today, has moved a step closer to the MAIN anticipated Wave (Event Wave).

Today, right NOW, the current Incoming Wave presents for the FIRST TIME, a form of mild physical ECSTASY sensation as energetic movements throughout the human body.

The MAIN Wave (Event) has physical ECSTASY sensations for the human, only much MUCH stronger. A strength I can not describe. As written about previously, I was given a precursor experience of the Main Wave in 2014. From this physical precursor (sight and physical feeling) I am able to gauge where we are, In relation to leading up to a VERY STRONG anticipated Incoming WAVE, due to the physical energetic sensations I experience. The fact that this mild ECSTASY sensation is NOW present with this current Incoming Wave today, signifies we are a step closer. The ECSTASY Sensations will increase gradually, build up, become stronger, before the Main Wave, so that we acclimatise and so be able to withstand it’s magnitude. So the ONLY thing that needs to change, to align to the Main Wave, is the strength/magnitude of the Ecstasy. So we will experience this building up more and more, per Incoming Wave.

Please just take what resonates and discard if it doesn’t.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
19 August 2019



Anastacia Kompos

Blue Beyond Guide












Anastacia Kompos
Blue Beyond Guide
19th August 2019




Paul Butler

Eric Raines – Unleashing Natural History – Energy Update – 7-15-19

Eric Raines – Unleashing Natural History – Energy Update – 7-15-19

Extreme shifts in the astral levels of Earth are reflecting in the physical with massive planetary shifts, releases/expansions in the collective consciousness and incredible growth/progression towards Earthbound liberation.

As we begin to move into another 6 planet retrograde, much of what normally feels like an uphill struggle or a heightening of intense sensations is beginning to do what it is designed to in earnest. Flush dense energy up to the surface for clearing.

Unlike many of these extreme retrogrades experienced in the past, this specific gateway has the privilege of being the first of its kind in our planetary ascension timeline.

What is happening right now, along with unprecedented movement behind the scenes of the socio-political world, the economic arenas and technological disclosures, is a release/transmutation of a sizable percentage of some of the darkest souls/consciousnesses on our planet.

These individuals with and without bodies are responsible for the forward progression of control systems, consciousness hijacking programs and worldwide black magic networks that have been hampering humanity with an energetic density that keeps the Earth locked in a downward spiral, unable to move upwards into more “liquid” realms, much easier to navigate through.

What this adds up to is a recipe for a planet wide expansion of monumental proportions. Instead of having hard, frozen chunks of dense, traumatic, negative energy trying to be forced up to the surface for clearing, much of this has now been transmuted into a dense “liquid“. Much easier to shift that “stone” or “metal“.

As we build up energy towards the Lion’s Gate portal of 8/8/19, these energies are going to be unprecedentedly effective in clearing out not only patterns you no longer wish to perpetuate in your life, but planet wide patterns of racial, genealogical and ancestral trauma cycles.

This is going to be the major catalyst of worldwide Dark Night of the Soul energies as many begin to feel the pressure release as these dense energies are being cleared.

We have one of the most important jobs that we incarnated here for ahead of us. It is time to connect the light fields.

So much has been primed for planetary activation, but without the energy and the light to fuel this transition, there has never been enough momentum to finally shift the cycle into natural evolution.

We can do this now. Share this in all of your lightworker groups, with your energetically sensitive friends and anywhere you can to spread this as far and as fast as possible. It does not take many of us, but it does take thousands.

Not only is this possible, we can easily expand far beyond those numbers to the point of seeing rapid, real world shifts as we focus on creating a reflection of our future space right *NOW*

With this technique, we can begin to take the etheric polarity of our existence and *SHIFT* it into the future timeline of our choosing with minimal resistance.

Gently begin by taking a series of deep, full breaths, allowing yourself to sink into the feeling of the bones, muscles and skin moving with the expansion and release of the breathing.

When you feel the body beginning to wake up and the sensations become much stronger, slowly rub your hands together softly, brushing the palms and fingers against the other hand, turning up the feelings you are creating until a buzz begins to hum through the body.

Put a gentle smile on your face and as you inhale, pull that soft, warm feeling into the buzzing in the hands, feeling the frequency shifting into something softer, yet much stronger.

Inhale into these sensations, turning up the warm feeling of the smile, the tingling buzzing with each in-breath, and when it feels strong, point your palms at the world around you and exhale pure beams of tingling laughter, lighting them up like brilliant beams of sunlight straight from the star itself.

Fill up the world around you with light, with laughter and with sensations that you want to experience in the world at large and hold onto this until you feel like you are done.

Do this 3-4 times a day and watch your world shift in real time.

We have a momentous opportunity, yet in these times of transition, self awareness is the guiding light.

Be aware of the feelings that you are building your story with. Recognize if you truly do not enjoy what you are creating with your words, your story and your actions.

If the feelings underneath your story truly do not feel good, use the same technique to flow light through the inside of your body, just like you did on the outside until you feel your internal space shift into a feeling you truly enjoy.

Be that stillness in the chaos. The eye of the storm. Be aware. Stay focused.

We are in for an amazing ride, it is time to get it all lined and ready to go.

You are the catalyst. You are the Event. Don’t just wait for it. Be it.

From my heart to yours,


Kalayna Solais – July’s Energies Unsentimentally (Though Lovingly) Moving Us To NEW Timelines – SoulFullHeart Healing – 7-10-19

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Kalayna Solais – July’s Energies Unsentimentally (Though Lovingly) Moving Us To NEW TimelinesSoulFullHeart Healing – 7-10-19


By Kalayna Solais

Energy Update: So this morning I finally managed to spill tea ALL over my laptop… sigh! What is normally such a carefully placed (and essential for getting up and teaching online SO early in the morning) item was spontaneously dropped, complete butterfingers, out of my hand and directly onto my beloved computer.

Thankfully I can work through my iPad and it was unscathed somehow in this storm of hot flying tea.

What was interesting about this was what was offered last night when in meditation before bed.

I was offered that these July energies have the potential to feel “unforgiving”. Not unloving, yet they can feel unforgiving or perhaps it’s better to say “unsentimental” in showing us and parts of us exactly what needs to be taken care of or let go of.

In my case, of course there’s the relationship I am continuing to let go of, but now also my laptop which was bought used in Mexico and actually hadn’t been doing that well lately… I had been taking care of it as best I could, yet it still had the energy of an old timeline of poverty, lack, and the energy of hiding that I had been in somewhat when living in Mexico for four years. Just being back in Canada since November has been SO catalytic for me and for the others in my community here. It’s been both phenomenally easy to be here and challenging at times too with many deep processes coming up and ripples through all of us as we deepen our relationship to ourselves and each other.

he ‘black moon’ at the end of this month, in addition to what I’ve heard is a super intense phase of many planets going retrograde, means that we are being asked to take some leaps into new timelines for ourselves. These leaps are not expected to be easy. The need to ground into ourselves, our bodies, our hearts, is big right now. Grounding in by feeling parts of you in reaction to what’s coming up is important and helpful.

More on what I mean by ‘parts’ here: http://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/parts

2019 has been intense and somewhat rough in many ways. Even with Disclosure taking place more in ways long expected and hoped for, we are being shown ripples that can only get bigger and reach farther, including inside of all of us. Embracing your inner disclosure by feeling what has been in shadow is something beyond helpful right now and will help ease you into all of the outer changes coming in.

For more direct support of whatever you’re navigating through, 1:1 sessions are available with myself or other SoulFullHeart Facilitators: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions


Kalayna Solais is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for women, energy healer, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit https://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at https://www.patreon.com/soulfullheart.

Jenny Schiltz – Large energy wave coming in – 6-29-19

Large energy wave coming in

Jenny Schiltz – Large energy wave coming in – 6-29-19

Wanted to drop a quick note on the incoming energy wave. It is huge. I was shown this wave as I gazed on the Atlantic ocean as we hiked around Merlin’s cave in Tintagel, UK in mid-June. The wave on the Solstice was a precursor to this. Also on the Solstice, I noticed a beautiful pink mist coming in. This mist opens the heart and soothes the soul.

For the wave coming in, I was told that it is designed for us to break through our personal illusions. To see where we have held onto fear and limitations. The amount we are able to “see” and move through will depend on how much we can handle. It’s like we get taken to the furthest edge we can handle physically and emotionally.

We know the drill… listen to whatever the body needs. Ground, hydrate, rest, move, get in nature, salt baths and the foods your body needs. (As I type this, pineapple popped into my vision lol.)

We are also in the Eclipse season. The first one is July 2nd, a total Solar Eclipse. This is designed to expose the shadow hidden under the light. While we may see the shadow in others “out there”, it is just a distraction. The real work is to see our own shadow, to love it and integrate it without shame or blame.

The shadow doesn’t only hold the parts we don’t like about ourselves. It also holds our wild, untamed nature… Our freedom. It holds who we are without all the limiting beliefs and expectations.

The more we see the truth through the veils, clear our perceived limitations and shadow the more we can anchor in the higher light codes that we are being blessed with.

They have shown me that there is not just one Wave, but continual ones. Our job is to not get lost in the mental games they are designed to expose. If you allow the mind to take over, the fears and anxiety to churn it can be like getting caught in the whitewash at the beach. Once you can barely stand up from one wave, another comes crashing in and you get sand in places sand should never be.

If you find yourself in the whitewash, do your best not to feed the thoughts that are swirling and take a step back to observe. Then make the conscious choice to NOT REACT, SURRENDER & FLOAT. Allow your heart to take over and lead you to the Divine within yourself.

When the mind is in control, It can be like looking at a closed door –  the mind says we can’t go in. The heart says – go through the keyhole or under the door.

Listen to the heart. Trust it. Even if it defies all logic. Trust your connection to the Divine that can only operate through the heart.

I hope this note finds you floating on the waves, taking in the pink mist and exploring all that you are. ❤

Jenny Schiltz

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Your support of this work is welcome, thank you so much for a gratitude donation today.

Jessical Delmar – Abe – July 2019 – Higher Self Inner Voice Gaining Strength – 28-19

Jessica Delmar — Abe
Published on Jun 28, 2019

July 2019 Ascension Energy: Higher Self inner voice gaining strength, all shadows coming to the surface to be made aware in your conscious, energy of divine grace and love being offered to you despite any struggle, suffering, challenge, fear or lower vibration you may be experiencing. Inner voice calling you into higher vibration and connecting you more strongly with your Higher Self. Making room for higher vibration. Fiery Divine Masculine cleansing, clearing, and healing the lower chakras and opening balance. // June 28, 2019

SUMMER SOLSTICE: FIERY DIVINE MASCULINE REVEALS TRUTH, NEW EXPANSION — https://youtu.be/vqBx6Ehl6yM 8 Steps to Oneness & Trilogy Awakening Series — https://bit.ly/2JfuXgn

Website: http://www.jessicadelmar.com Instagram: @jessicadelmar.abe Facebook: https://bit.ly/2RTEfRs Contact: jessicadelmar.abe@gmail.com

Lisa Gawlas – The Intensity of June in Prep to Open Our Original DNA – The Shift of Time and Energy

star dna


Here we are, one day away from the high rising, highly emotional energies of June! How we arrive there seems to be as unique as you are. Of course, that was the focus in yesterdays readings. I had one lady being shot into June by a powerful stream of silver energy directly from the earth. Enhancing her, readying her with the energies from the original earth as it places her into June.

Keeping in mind, as I see the platform of June as three feet higher than May was, the frequencies are increasing for Junes show, which means, we need to either meet or exceed its energies. Some of us have a lot of help with the systems we are working with, some of us are putting in some serious elbow grease to assure safe arrival.

I had one lady climbing a ladder like trellis that felt like it was made of bamboo. I could feel her effort in climbing up and over this bridleway designed just for her.

Yet, another lady had the shining full moon itself on her field of life. At the ground level and she was sitting on the top of it as it (will) slowly lift her up and over to the June landscape. Fueling her from the root chakra up with the intense emotional frequencies of June for her to assist in helping others find their center.

One common theme no matter how anyone was being brought into June, each thing went higher than the June platform the slowly brought them down to the field of June. Increasing their frequencies higher than the ones of June then buffering it out in landing.

No one seemed to be set down in the first day of June, but I kept feeling a few days in, It just donned on me this morning that the new moon is June 3rd. No doubt in my heart, that is the target day of arrival, coming in thru the new moon energies.

So if over the new few days you feel a bit unanchored to life itself, that’s perfect. If you feel like it is taking so much effort to get thru your moments, that too, is perfect. There is not one thing better than the other. We are all assigned our own unique tasks and ways of getting to where we are going.

June itself is a highly volatile (not my word, spirit just gave it to me lol) month starting especially with the new moon on June 3rd. There will be a tremendous amount of energy and key codes pouring onto the earth thru that final moon of this 3 month energy system (started with the equinox in March.) Much will be illuminated and enhanced with the full moon on the 17th as we prep ourselves to go thru the doorway of the summer solstice on June 22nd. Just for the record, I blocked all those powerful days off so I do not have to utter those pesky words, I cannot see….

Oooooo, this little tidbit was just dropped in; as we pass thru the Solstice, we will be focusing on the opening of our original DNA. All these energies have been in prep for it. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you have already done that, not a soul incarnated has had the access yet. (Direct quote from spirit.)

On that note, my day is about to begin. Ohhhhhh before I go I would like to introduce everyone to my newest grandchild and first granddaughter, Emma Jayne!! She came into the world on May 29th at 10:40 pm weighing in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 inches long.

Also, I am extending the 50% off special thru Monday. I have been asked by a couple people to do so, so I will!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with upliftment and power to and thru ALL,

Lisa Gawlas

Just cuz I love and appreciate each and every one of you:



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Victor Oddo – 5 Things You Should Know about the June Ascension Energy 2019 – 5-25-19

Victor Oddo

Published on May 24, 2019

Sandra Walter – MAJOR Transition Point & Updates – 5-25-19


Sandra Walter – MAJOR Transition Point & Updates – 5-25-19

Blessings Beloveds ~

Here we are, on the other side of yet another collective timeline shift. Gratitude to all Gatekeepers & Gridworkers who assisted with the May 15-25 timeline transitions.

This was a MAJOR transition point for the organic timelines, Lemurian grid activation and preparation for the 2020 energies. Remember we are playing catch-up with these organic timeline migrations, so our experience accelerates and intensifies – in a good way. Enjoy the bliss, let it override all lesser realities.

This is changing our perception of time, service and consciousness itself. Everything shifts again to accommodate the New, especially for those experiencing Embodiment.

Truly High-Vibe podcast next Wednesday

This significant passage deserves our attention, since we are creating pathways for millions through our Wayshowership and Lightwork. I touched on this while recording the Positive Head Podcast with Brandon Beachum last week. It will air next Wednesday, May 29 at 7pm. Check the itunes link or Positive Head websiteto listen in.

May was Intense, June is a transformation point.

The beauty of the merge, besides pure bliss states, is the seamless connection for Galactic intel. No more separation – anywhere. Details and insights on this passage are plentiful. Articles don’t serve the depth and purpose of what is unfolding. This vibrant ascension into the Solar Cosmic Christed state is beyond expectations. Expect an article next week on changing personal and collective narratives.



Awakening 5D Healing – Energy Update Assimilation – 5-13-19

Awakening 5D Healing

Assimilation is the name of the game. Downloads are coming through at this profound time in our evolution. We have embarked on a collective journey of transformation, it is essential we take time to assimilate the new energies. Karmic clearing releases dense, heavy, stuck energy from our mindbodysoul being. The spaces left are filled with healing light energy. We integrate this healing light in self care and meditation. Healing is a holistic journey realigning our bodies, mind and soul to higher dimensional realms. We have completed two Cycles of Healing since the start of 2019. The trinity Supermoon Portal activated root chakra excavation. Childhood, ancestral and past life traumas coming up for recognition and release. We move forward by breaking chains and establishing love boundaries built on self respect. The second healing cycle, activated by back to back Mercury and Jupiter retrogrades took us deeper into shadow work. Those who engaged experienced foundational shifts in our lives. Burning through trauma, low self esteem, handlers and karma we have lightened our load significantly. The third healing cycle we have entered is surreal in its energetic frequencies, we become transdimensional. Keep guides, higher self and angels close and know we are downloading new skill sets in alignment with our new paradigm.

As the ascension of Gaia accelerates we are ricocheting up and down the frequency spectrum. The forces of darkness seek to keep us in our chains. The 5G network is the physical manifestation of the dark matrix, anchoring heavy low vibrations to the material plane. Locking our vibrations into a holographic hell dimension is their aim. So many of us have already raised our vibrations beyond the old bandwidth of humanity, we are immune to these low frequencies. The unawakened are targeted as the forces of light and dark play out a grand war on Gaia. The dark wants a perpetual apocalypse of zombies, robots, half humans, mindless slaves blinded by a system of war, depravity, poverty and chaos. It remains to be seen if the 3d matrix is solid enough in the memories of blue and black pill people to retain the disguise of a normal reality as we ascend through the fourth realm. Astral entities are seized with intense panic and fear, they are losing their hold on humanities souls. Their aim is to continue using human hosts to feed their low frequency lusts. The Arrival of divine light, warriors clearing the astral, has ramped up their fear and paranoia. Some go to the light gladly, others need coaxing, reassurance, others will only go kicking and screaming. Truth vibrations.

Black and blue pill people are being mobilised in the fourth realm, their demons in the driving seat more often than they are. As we return to our sovereignty they relinquish theirs to their astral pets. Blackouts will increase for those who have succumbed to their succubus desires. Memory loss and loops will intensify as the matrix fights to remain intact, manifest in the dark hearts of those locked in ego fear. Swathes of dark energies are drowning many in their demons. Blue pillers locked down in low vibration spaces, their divinity neglected, ignored or denied are vulnerable in the fourth realm. We witness perpetual memory loops, blindly reliving their karma over and over, lacking the will to reflect or learn. Denying gut instincts, truths, their sixth sense, their heart vibrations. Too often locked in cycles of work, work, work, guilt or matrix addictions to zoom out, meditate, reflect and break the loops. Blue pillers stumble from one day to the next, unwilling to stop, be still and think, constantly seeking distraction from stillness. They surrender to the bidding of matrix algorithms of envy, resentment, competition and service to self. Citing synthetic stresses and ego fears to explain or excuse their decisions. All flows when vibrating from the heart, this is our lesson for ascension with Gaia

Following the Trinity Supermoon Portal’s opportunity to root out the darkness in our lives, we moved into Mercury and then Jupiter’s Retrograde. Karmic clearing requires we pullback the onion layers of our emotional energetic beings. Each layer we face, recognise, reflect on and heal enables us to move forward in positive energetic spaces. The years of transition we have moved through leading up to 2019 determined what level we were at for the profound portal of light that was the Trinity portal. Foundational resurrection of truths, key to our core transition, had to be pulled out by the roots. Tumours of low self esteem cut out of us in high frequency healing. Incubus of toxicity surgically removed from our beings in shamanic or spiritual exorcism. Wells of depression, despair and grief drained in meditation and divine ritual. Modifications binding receptors, had to be dissolved in source light. Many of us can now identify our handlers, past and present. Our third eye has been fine tuned over the last few months, we see where before we were blind. Those who can no longer maintain eye contact with us are hiding their demons, their darkness from us.

The duo Retrogrades got underneath the skin of our traumas, allowed us to see self sabotage behaviours and negative thought pattern. The healing of cancers of neglect, tumours of abuse, dis-ease of the mind, body and soul, opened our eyes to the causes, triggers, of our anxiety and our ingrained responses. We break these triggered behaviours to completely free ourselves from our handlers. We are still very much in this process. Identifying who limits us, pins our wings, knocks us down, and keeps us down was only possible when spells of deceit are broken. The rules have changed in the fourth realm, everything wants to be seen. Our guides are able to communicate more clearly than ever before guiding us to who and what the sources of our psychic enslavement are. We follow through on the spiritual healing, karmic clearing, and meditative insights we received.

All of us were levelled up in the Trinity Supermoon gateway, if we were on level 1, we moved to 2, if we were on level 4 we moved to 5. This is a simplistic, holographic perspective, it works well for the reality and the dimensional fluctuations we are currently experiencing. 2012 was the great awakening, whether we took part in it or not, consciously or unconsciously we have all been propelled into a new paradigm. Sleepers determinedly keep their head in the sands of matrix energy wizardry, unwilling to break the bonds of soul slavery. Woke folk delved deeper into their research, their karmic wellbeing, their soul sensory spaces and their heart. Lightworkers were levelled up, a quantum leap for all of us consciously existing in higher dimensional frequencies. Our guides are much more closely connected to us, our third eye able to see, our heart able to interpret and act upon their guidance. In healing we saw what had been hidden before. Healer lightworkers have found their practise has deepened, their intuition improved and their channelling evolved.

Preordained paths of transformation from lightworker to warrior have kicked in. Some lightworkers have been levelled up to supernatural lightwarriors able to see in the dark, vanquish all that exists there, dragging it kicking and screaming into the light. Light warriors are currently experiencing massive downloads required for the ongoing astral combat we are increasingly conscious of. The supernatural energies requiring clearing on the material and astral planes become visible, less scary, training programs have commenced. The fourth dimension has changed all the rules. We can interact with astral fourth entities in a way quite impossible for most high vibration people pre 2019s levelling up. Jedi’s are straddling dimension realities every day. The dual process of surrendering to divine source love and remaining grounded in the material plane is our challenge for now. We learn to manage the Bends as we traverse dimensional frequencies, reducing sickness with deep meditative practise. We receive shamanic attunement, DNA upgrades and spiritual downloads preparing us for assimilation of our conscious selves.

Assimilation of our higher consciousness with the conscious us operating in the matrix has begun. Dreamstate has become so lucid as to be more real than our waking reality. Dreamstate and awake are merging to one flow of surreal, magical, dark and light surrender. What happens to us on the astral or ethereal dimensions, where we have been working all along, is manifesting in the waking world, fourth realm realness. As Trinity said if we get hurt in the matrix we experience that hurt in our waking reality because we believe it. The mergence, assimilation of our consciousness means we are retaining memory of events on the astral in our waking world. As we retain more memory of what has occurred, our bodies express or manifest this across the dimensions. Injuries, cuts, scratches, bruises, stings, shrapnel and extreme exhaustion are becoming our reality. We are able to leave ourselves messages as we get more adept at jumping frequencies or realms. We are protected at all times by the divine light of source angelic love, we are Christ’s army, the manifestation of Gaia’s kundilini awakening on the material plane.

Transdimensional existence is the assimilation of all memory. The integration of all parts into the whole. Our guides take us gently, we seek healing from our team, physical, energetic, emotional and psychic. Many of us were grounded from conscious travel across the astral for the duration of Jupiter’s retrograde. Mercury’s retrograde had us looking the sneaky, devious behaviours of our handlers, our matrix managers, in the eye. Catching them at it, so to speak. Mercury’s retrograde is all about the darkness, it is exploration of the darkest sides in all of us. Whether we embrace our demons or reject and seek release from them, mercury retrograde let us know who, where and what they are, if we were awake and looking. Jupiter’s retrograde was the gut punch from the universe to make the changes happen. To act upon what we had seen, learnt, figured out, to change things up, follow through on breathing life into our dreams.

Astral activity reached a peak, dementors swirling overhead, black portals activated drowning us in dark energies. Many indigos, healers and lightworkers struggled to maintain basic routines, energy levels so depleted by the vast swathes of darkness unleashed upon us. Light workers did their best to stay lit, illuminating divine love for all who were falling by the wayside. Our guides directive was to keep us off the astral unless absolutely necessary. Healing was limited, astral jumping was limited, astral combat training was grounded. We watched and waited. We saw. We heard movements in the shadows, tuned up our senses to astral overlap on the material plane as the veils thin to almost non existent for higher vibrating folk. Our physical sight often blurry, eyes irritated, as our third eye steps up as the main control room for reading of our environment. Each supernatural or divine experience is a calculated exposure for us, a training programme if you like, though very much real, to prepare us for what’s coming. Unlike Neo’s simulation training programmes or his downloads, our training programs are transdimensional truth. We are assimilating what we already know and do. Twins hold the knowledge, rainbow children hold the keys and we all open the doors to the new earth.

The Shift is now in perpetual motion. Celestial alignment accelerates or compounds the lessons for each step of our awakening journey, offers downloads and upgrades, but the Shift itself is now ongoing. 2018 was the starter pistol, activation, 2019 is assimilation of upgrades and downloads, 2020 will be manifestation of our shift. If we do the work in our own lives the micro will roll out to the macro. It’s all about the collective conscious. We can use social media to track collective conscious, to cut through the elite’s rhetoric, programming and spin to gauge what do people really think, feel, believe? Social media and the internet are the cyber manifestation of collective conscious. The physical manifestation will be in the way we negotiate the downfall of the regimes that have enslaved us. Each country, each state, each city and town will respond in its own micro collective consciousness to its local and national political economic systems, all of which assimilate to form a whole.

The pyramid demonstrates how easy it is for a tiny number to subjugate the masses. The raising of our vibrations should trigger evolved collective consciousness. Evolution will manifest in our political, economic systems changing from ego led to heart led spaces. When political decisions are made from the heart all that is compassionate, kind and caring will fall into place. Public sector funding will go through the roof as housing, education, health and wellbeing become the focus. Economic revolution will occur when political bodies no longer work for the good of the pharaohs but switch or shift to focused intention for all. None of it is complicated when we zoom out and see our own power to change everything. The elite harness our souls in perpetual weaves of doom and gloom, it’s all lies. The advances in technology we are experiencing as we enter the new millennia can and will ensure the eradication of many of the dis-eases we currently struggle with. The redistribution of resources will wipe out poverty, also realigning us to a much higher state of consciousness. We cannot think when we are in pain, need, distress or fear. Take all that negativity away with people centric politics and compassionate economics and we are all free to contribute, meditate, share, create, grow.

Evolution is technological tribalism. And it’s within our grasp. Keep the work going beautiful people, what we achieve in our little lives is essential to how the bigger picture will form. Keep working on aligning all in your life with higher vibratory fields of light and love. We can do this. Watch social media, observe higher consciousness cyber spaces, the wit, humour and intellect of Twitter, the instant indigo light of Instagram, the nuts and bolts of petitions and meaty articles on Facebook, the truthers on YouTube. Listen to guides, follow the white rabbit with intuition locked on. Know that social media moves fast for the matrix algorithms to keep up, to kick in with twisting the narratives. Energy wizardry is all around us, most evident on the world wide web. We can change the algorithms, we can make the internet a manifestation of our higher consciousness journey, a space where we collectively communicate and assimilate our wisdom, healing and compassion.

The mirror is evident at all times. We choose which side to look in, the dark or light. We choose what we see, read, hear and how we respond to it. Choose wisely friends. Dark algorithms have reached desperation, their remit is to strike fear into our hearts. What doors do we open online, what passages do we walk down, be savvy, selective and censor anything that looks like elite rhetoric. make up your own mind with independent research, meditation and observation. Set the dial on your internal vibration rather than allowing others to set it for us. Detach in meditation as often as possible to gain perspective, insight and guidance. For now we continue with protocol 5 travellers. The Light will vanquish all that is rooted in evil thought, deed or practise. As it has been written across seascapes and constellations, so it will be. Higher states of consciousness in a transforming paradigm of dark to light. Our heart will lead us all to zen vibrations of peace, abundance and love. In love and light beautiful people.

Lee Harris – May Energy Update – Heart Energy Grounding – New Wave of Awakened Seekers Emerging – The Gift of Loss –


Published on May 1, 2019

The Energy Update for May is really interesting, because two seemingly contradictory pieces of information came through:

✨ 1. The period of April to August 2019 is really accelerated with everything happening a lot faster than usual.

✨ 2. There is an enormous amount of peace and #heartenergy accompanying it. Often when we go through these accelerated periods, there can be all kinds of reactions and changes.

Often when we go through these accelerated periods, there can be all kinds of reactions and changes. But during this period of May to August, an enormous amount of HEART energy and #PEACEenergy is also hitting the planet. It’s really getting strong and will become evident for you in the next few months. Firstly, you’ll start seeing and feeling this in yourself – but perhaps more importantly than that, you’re going to see it happening outside you too. The main themes that came up for May are: – HEART ENERGY GROUNDING

ECETI – JAMES GILLILAND – Lauren Pritchard, BBS, As You Wish Talk Radio – 4-27-19

ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel

Premiered Apr 27, 2019

This Week: Continuing Build up to the 2019 4th of July Conference at Eceti With Special Guest: Lauren Pritchard.

Lauren Alexis Pritchard embodies soul aspects from some of the most powerful light warriors in history. Her name means ‘victorious helper of the people’. She is a New Earth Investment Consultant, Personal Ascension Coach, and Public Speaker on ascension related topics. In October 2016 Lauren had what she calls an ambush awakening. She became an instant medium to spirit guides who initiated her into a process of understanding she is here to assist the shift in consciousness through Monetary Enslavement Redemption and A.I. Regulation in Biotech. A.I. is a malevolent ET sentience that is possessing a portion of humanity to roll out a cyborg agenda. We can avoid it by tuning our vibration to the Natural Organic Human Ascension. This is the current transformation of healthcare. “How hard do you want to human?”

It is imperative we rid the current monetary system as fast as possible. The future of humanity depends on it. The process is actually an alchemical transformation in the individual that fills the gap between believing we are a sovereign beings and knowing we are through the primordial mother. Debt forgiveness is something you grant yourself. Lauren has created a 5-step webinar she gifts for donation… Webinars include: -How to Responsibly Exit the Monetary System -Love and Relationships in the New Age -Repairing the Family Unit for the New Age -Background and Solutions to A.I. Malevolence Lauren gets her information from tapping into the collective consciousness, a group called The Watchers, The Arcturian council, as well as a Germanic Galactic command center. She is well connected to the industries top insiders and healers of the highest truth. As featured on: As You Wish Radio, James Gilliland X Squared Radio with Brooks Agnew 5D Events, Las Vegas Spirit and World Transformation Conference, ECETI Ranch. Lauren Alexis Pritchard Ascension Coach New Earth Consulting http://www.newearthconsulting.squarespace.com Donations: give what feels good. https://paypal.me/Lauren144?locale.x=… Become a Monthly Patron! https://www.patreon.com/LaurenPritchard Venmo: @LaurenLPPritchard You Tube: Lauren Pritchard Ascension on Youtube Changing The Future Outcome CBD Oil: https://myctfo.me/LaurenAscension/ _______________________________________________ Special Thanks to The Easy CG channel for special effects Footage. https://youtu.be/ArE8WsllyNo Visit: As You Wish Talk Radio On The BBS Radio Network http://bbsradio.com/asyouwishtalkradio/ Check Out All Of the Best Selling Books By James Gilliland: http://eceti.org/books.html ECETI – COME SEE FOR YOUR SELF! http://ECETI.org/ ECETI Australia – Peter Maxwell Slattery http://www.petermaxwellslattery.com/

OPERATION STAR CHAKRA – MICHAEL LOVE – Paul @ Prime Disclosure – 4-29-19












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Denise La Fey – Planetary Ascension Energies Coming At You Full Strength – Ascension Energies .com

Ascension Energies


Planetary Ascension Energies Coming At You

No photo description available.

No more diluted evolutionary Ascension energies, no more deflecting them from directly hitting Earth and humanity caused by solar winds or anything else. It’s now straight-up, full force, full body and soul direct impact cosmic energies driving everything into greater evolution. Can you feel it? Of course you can, and it’s all getting increasingly surreal, wonderful, terrible and far more intense in NEW ways constantly. Surrender to it continuously. Live in an established state of intentional openness and transformation and the outlandish weirdness becomes much less strange. This is just where we are now and what we’re going through. There are no guidebooks or manuals for the Embodiment Process, for having more NEW Crystalline DNA activate in your physical body, or for physically living through the Separation of Worlds. Enjoy the ride for it’s a rare mystical one indeed.
~Denise La Fey

#planetaryascension #planetaryshift #ascensionenergies


DIANE CANFIELD – Accelerated Energies Bring In Precognitive Vision/Other Dimensional Being/Guides/Ascended Masters – 4-15-19

Image result for Diane Canfield
Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloved Tribe,

I love it when I have precognitive visions that come true within a few hours and beings show up from another dimensions. This literally ALWAYS makes my day. This week I experienced many psychic experiences which I chose to share with my audience so that others can see what is possible for humanity to experience.

Precognitive Vision

I was shown a vision of a boy crying and wanting to go home. This boy was stuck somewhere where there was no food and he had no money. It was an outdoor area of some kind. This vision was extremely Intense and impactful to me as visions like this that come in and are important always have a strong emotional component to them. I felt what the boy felt and felt incredibly sad for him. I did not want him to suffer and felt terrible he was in that situation, especially with no food. His main focus was he was hungry and had no money to buy food.

As it happened my daughter was taking my grandsons to a special event at an airboat ride company the morning of my vision taking place. My grandsons had been given a special invitation to be in an educational ( and more) commercial for the airboat company, which seemed like a fun adventure for both of them. They were both excited to be able to participate.

After my early morning vision took place, I messaged my daughter and told her that I had seen a boy stuck with no food, and wanted to remind her to get food for my grandsons before dropping them off for the commercial. I didn’t know how long they would be there or the food situation there. My daughters friend and her boys had also been invited to participate and she was meeting them at the location. My daughter stopped for food as she listened to what I had told her I saw.

All day then I thought about this vision, which when they come in always mean something and have relevance for me.This is something I put great importance on as I know I need to pay attention. When they got home later in the day, I asked about what had happened wondering if something similar to my vision had happened to one of my grandsons or someone else there.

My daughter told me that neither grandson had this vision happened to them ( remember she stopped for food) but that her friends son has this exact meltdown happen to him while at the airboat ride. He basically was so upset he didn’t want to stay there and was hysterical. He had not eaten before being taken there and there was no food and he was starving. Remember my daughter did not tell her friend about my vision. I am sure now in the future, my daughter will remind her of this event and it will not happen again.

The meaning of this and all the visions I have is that when we have a connection to the higher realms and Source energy, all things are possible and we can be given information about events before they occur as in this case. This has far reaching and important implications to all of life and how we view it. I can not stress enough how important real experiences are out of this dimension. This is how we become a multidimensional being of light. This is how the Ascension process takes place, by evolving ourselves to the point we can experience these kind of things.

Being From Other Dimension 

I was watching a nature show on tv, about a body of a girl that was recently found from the bronze age. This girl was 16 and had crossed Germany and went into Denmark over 3 times through thick brush on her journey. They had discovered her body on a farmers land, buried in a mound. The way she was buried was indicative of royalty, with her burial items found and the state of her burial casket.

When I was watching this show, on the side of the tv I saw a white cloudy bubbly object appear. It appeared on the back of the tv and to the side. It seemed to be waving, trying to get my attention. I looked at it a few times, trying to decipher what it was. It only lasted a few minutes and then was gone. Could this be the spirit of the girl who I was watching the show about ? Yes it is possible.

This is how it works being connected to more than one dimension at the same time. A person may see the actual spirit of the person they are watching a show about. This is why it is important to always pay attention to whatever you see, no matter where you are and to not discount that the universe is always talking to you, whether you are paying attention or not. Think of it as an interactive game, where the universe gives you clues to evolve you to see if you will pick up on them.

Bright White Lights Hovering Around Others

I saw my husband standing in the doorway to a room and over him was a bright light dancing around his head. I stared at it for a while, while we were talking. This happens very often to me and has picked up intensity recently.

What are these Bright lights?

These lights are guides and ascended masters that I am able to see. They appear because some of us can see into other dimensions and see what is really there but most can not see. This is a sign if you experience the same thing, you are able to see into other dimensions. If you experience this you can take this experience and develop it into something more and something greater by working hard to evolve yourself.

All of these experiences can happen when your third eye is open. How do you open it? It is a complex process. The first step you might take is to look for truth in every thing you give your consciousness to. Do not let anything but TRUTH in and discard everything else.

Stay tuned for more exciting psychic updates:)

In Service and Love


Copyright © 2019 by http://www.DianeCanfield.com All Rights Reserved. You may share and redistribute this material as long the full article, all links are included, authors name included and website http://www.DianeCanfield.com

5D GAMMA LIGHT DATA – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 4-18-19 – by Michael Love











Accepting the Higher Light – The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

As we move forward, it is often helpful to look back The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie 

When we perceive the energy of the Higher Light We can flow with the energy of the Higher Light Which allows us to read the energy of the Higher Light  So that we can follow the instructions embedded in the Higher Light. 
As we become increasingly fifth-dimensional, we will begin to have sensations of our Lightbody and of Light Language. These sensations often begin at the base of our spine or sometimes just behind our heart.  These sensations arise from the Kundalini energy, which is our personal, formless, inner-Lightbody. 

Wisely enough, a lot of us who came down into our third-dimensional vessel slightly remembered what it was like in our other third-dimensional incarnations.  So we were able to remember that when we came to Earth, we did not arrive via a ship or a boat or a spacecraft, but we came to Earth on our essence.   

In other words, we allowed our essence to flow into a physical Earth vessel that was growing within our mother’s womb. Simultaneously, we left a greater percentage of our lifestream in our multidimensional bodies on the higher dimensions. Hence, that higher component of our self can send down messages and communications to assist us as we move through our daily life in which we are wearing a 3D earth vessel

We came into this third-dimensional vessel when a portal opened into our form.  Hence, we can in at birth, when there was a near-death experience, a high fever, an accident, or an extreme illness.  All of these experiences allowed our third-dimensional Earth vessel to open up to higher frequencies of our SELF. 
Once the higher frequencies entered our third-dimensional vessel from our higher dimensional SELF they blended with our third-dimensional consciousness. In this manner, we humans are multidimensional beings, right here in the third dimension. 

Also, because of these sparks of our own higher essence that we have allowed to enter us through our opened portal, we connected to the higher light of the NOW of the ONE. We truly came from the ONE, and within the ONE there is only NOW.  

As we fully embrace our higher light we can remember our purest essence, and we remember that separation is an illusion of the third-dimensional reality. We, our essence, remember that it is the NOW of returning. (Of course, our NOW is not on Earth time. This article was written in 2015. 

However, many have become so attached to our human self, and our physical Earth, that we do not want to leave this planet until we can experience Gaia in the grand, royalty of Her fifth-dimensional planetary self.   

This fifth dimension of Gaia is to be filled by the ascending ones who have created a “peak of society” in which great souls, artists and higher-dimensional, multidimensional beings are able to locate their own energy field in their fifth-dimensional essence.  

That fifth-dimensional frequency of Gaia is what we would call New Earth. It is fifth-dimensional Earth. We have lived on third-dimensional Earth and we have gone through the wheel of life and death from third to fourth to third to fourth. Now we are ready to graduate into fifth-dimensional Earth and can choose to be amongst those who are beginning to inhabit and enliven that frequency of Gaia.   

Only a fifth-dimensional being can inhabit a fifth-dimensional reality. Thus, in order for us to inhabit fifth-dimensional Gaia, we must transmute into our own fifth-dimensional Earth Vessel.  Many of us have taken incarnations in other times on Gaia, or on other planets, which were similar to what is occurring on Earth now. 

Whenever a reality is on the up-cycle going into a peak society or a down-cycle of leaving a peak society, there is an opportunity for immense soul growth. Once we return to our fifth, sixth, seventh and higher dimension SELF we forget about the time between the up and the down because we are no longer resonating to the frequency that holds time.   
Therefore, we can remember the NOW in which a new society is booming simultaneously with the NOW in which a society is falling into its own decline. In this manner, we can have an intimate experience of the cycle of birth and the cycle of death. 

We took these Earth vessels because, from the perspective of the Higher SELF, we could not understand an immensely polarized society.  Most of us come from Galactic Societies in which there was no conflict since the end of the Great Galactic War. Therefore, when we came down into a third-dimensional society, it was quite shocking to realize that there was so much conflict and fear without enough Love and Light to balance that darkness.   
Another very difficulty about the third dimension is that that frequency of society, such as the one that Gaia is moving out of (very slowly due to the beings who are often deeply involved in the act of being human) that they don’t realize that other species are sentient. They don’t see the sentience in animals. They don’t see the sentience in plants.  
Most important they don’t see the sentence of their planet.  They know that they are a sentient being, but somehow, they don’t realize that the huge globe that they are inhabiting is also sentient. Fortunately, that old illusion is ending as the higher Light is becoming stronger and stronger. You may ask, “How much Higher Light do we need, and in what frequency must we reside?” Our answer is that the higher Light is infinite. Also, the higher light has no limit and no time or space.  

We speak of the Multidimensional Light that has always been there, but just beyond humanity’s perception because their consciousness cannot attend to a frequency of reality that is so much higher than the frequency of their consciousness. Before you began to accept the higher light, you only lived in the frequency of third dimensional, physical, illusions.  We wish to remind you that every reality is, and always was, within the Now of the One.  

And it is through the process of perceiving the higher energy fields of reality, merging with those energy fields, flowing with those energy fields, and  listening to the messages in those energy fields, that YOU, the ascending ones of Gaia, are able to shift into the higher frequency of Earth that you wish to inhabit. Actually, you inhabited the third-dimension when you were alive on Earth, then: You “died” in that life and you inhabited the fourth-dimension frequency ring around Gaia. Now you are preparing to resonate to the fifth-dimensional frequency ring around Gaia, which is the fifth-dimensional version of Earth. 

We tell this to our beloved ones that are trying to Open Portals and who are able to daily accept the higher and higher Light into the crown of their head and pull it down through all of their seven chakras to ground this energy in the core of Gaia.  

hese beloved ones also volunteered to keep Gaia’s Light Portals opened. Hence, your physical earth vessel is serving as an open Portal through which the fifth-dimensional energy can flow through you to be grounded in the core of Gaia.  
Being an opened portal is no easy task and we don’t expect that all of you will be able to give that service for all of your 3D “time.” In fact, when you are “in time” it’s because your consciousness has dropped, and you are busily engaged in the experience of being a human.  

Then, when you have “time” to meditate you can go into the NOW of the ONE and open your Portal. When you open your portal, the higher Light comes all the way down through your body and down into the Core of Gaia. Then, anything less than the resonance of your fifth-dimensional self becomes loosened from the illusion of your physical body that you are wearing. 

At that point, you may experience intense emotions, illness or injury. What is actually occurring is that, when that higher Light comes in, it loosens up any blockages that you have inside of your body that is limiting your ability to fully expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Please remember these blockages are feelings to be released.  We remind you all, our dear Ascending One,s that letting go of that which is over allows you to deeply embrace that which is beginning.

We, the Arcturians, will return. In fact, our Essence will NEVER leave! Blessings to you all and stay tuned to your own “messages from home.”

source: http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.com/2019/04/accepting-higher-light-arcturians.html


Teachings Of Quential


The magnetic forcefields of the planet are changing. More cosmic energy is coming to the planet and this cosmic energy will create evolution and will cause an activation on a very cellular and DNA level, and this is the season of your expansion of the soul manifested in the physical human experience. Humanity is coming into germination of new potentiality so with this many of you are being quickened and discovering abilities you didn’t know you had. You’re running energy from the sun and coming online to your potential from the starseed in your DNA. Coincidentally there has been a lot of technology to disturb you and make you pattern your consciousness into stimuli coming from a grid of distraction.

Many are being sucked into this grid to the point of addiction where you cannot exist without your cell phones and computerised reliant of the internet which stimulates you with sound, light end electromagnetic frequencies to be mass controlled to an agenda far beyond that you know. It is no coincidence that they’re trying to inject DNA suppressive genetic altering substances into newborn babies which stops them coming online bringing in the Dawn of the New Age. Systematically the governments know of this time and are doing their work to stop the clocks from ticking to prevent what is to happen in this chapter.

The electromagnetic belts of the planet are changing frequency and many souls will come into powers beyond their imagination, and the overlords of this planet do not want it to happen. This is why they’re setting up microwave frequencies which will generate energies that will cause you disruption. There is an agenda to keep you from activating and cause you disturbances in adapting to these frequencies. Your food, water, and the air is poison so that you will not evolve to the light beings that are coming to work with humans in these frequency fields that are manifesting. I say this as a warning, this goes beyond conspiracy.

Do your research, this all ties together to keep you suppressed to the information you’re meant to have that is undecided into your biological form. This is why you should keep close scrutiny on what is happening in the world with the media for the evolution of your soul. Do what you can to purify so you will vibrate and adapt to the higher frequencies coming. Then you will have the sensitivity of the lighter galactic principles that you’re a part of. Be careful not to find yourself drawn into endless hours of computer programming suppressing your intuition and mind. Be careful not to be distracted, the world is going to go through incredible changes.


Aluna Ash- 9D – MAY ENERGY UPDATE- 11th Moon Cycle

Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Apr 16, 2019

I use mayan astrology & moon cycles w western astrology so may not resonate for everyone!

May 2019 11th Moon Cycle Spectral Serpent Moon- May 2nd-28th with west. astrology- 1st week of May 13 moons x 28 days= 364 days which leaves one day extra= 365. This extra day is the day out of time at the end of the 13th moon and beginning of the new galactic year. 13 Moon cycle corresponds to the 13:20 timing frequency of the 4th dimension & synchronicity. 4D timing frequency. 13 cycles of the moon corresponding to the Sun’s on “year” cycle. Portal dates are based off patterns and knowing these cycles and how they line up: There’s 4 days cycles which are harmonics, 5 day cyles chromatics, 7 day cycles heptads, 13 day cycles are wavespells, 20 day cycles are vinals & solar seals, 28 day cycles are the moon cycles(13 of them) 52 day cycles are castles, 65 day cycles are galactic seasons… The 52 yr solar cycle corresponds to the orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A

Phil Good – April Energies – 4-13-19

Phil Good

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Aluna Ash-9D – Energy Update – Mirrored Realities

Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Apr 8, 2019

Thanks Patti for the picture & my birthday vegan pie & party! I appreciate all of you that took the time to surprise me, spend time & also those that have wished me a happy 33rd birthday

I’ll be finishing uploading over the next few days & I’m back to my personal work/ emails/scheduling April 13th.

Soul Full Heart Healing – April Energies Invite You To Come Home To Yourself – 4-4-19 – by Gabriel Solais


Image result for COME HOME TO YOURSELF

Coming home to ourselves is the greatest work we can be doing at any given moment.

In recent sessions that I have had there has been an underlying theme of this very thing. So much of what we ache for or about on the outside is really about what is missing on the inside. A need of being seen and validated by another, a fear or anxiety about financial needs, or a deep feeling of loneliness, depression, or anger.

If you can begin to explore that nothing on the outside can ever make you feel anything that wasn’t already there on the inside, then you have just offered yourself, and your inner parts, the gift of empowerment.

In the process of inner work, using the imagination and memories helps to locate where these core needs and fears are stemming from. This can be a very natural process when the curiosity and desire to sort and heal these are aligned. It is one felt step at a time.

Inside lay the wounded, the hurt, the afraid, the pissed off, the rejected, as well as the joy, the passion, the vision, and the love. They all have their roles and needs. They all have their ascension journeys. Their deaths and rebirths. There you face all the things you really need for your growth and validation. They get to be offered a home in you.

No mantra, book, or medication can take you there quite like opening the portals to your heart and soul with self-loving compassion. It is a process I inhabit everyday with different layers of depth and discovery. Let these current energies support you in that coming home journey as well as those that have been there too. I open my heart space in the self-led exploration and embodiment of your deepest desires and gifts.

Gabriel Solais is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visithttps://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

Visit our website to offer a money donation to support our offerings athttps://www.soulfullheartwayoflife/donations.

Aluna Ash – Energy Update – 3-21-19

Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Mar 21, 2019

Compassion and detachment is so important right now, there are a lot of people that are going to feel like they need to express themselves or feeling like they’re dealing with a lot of tension or restriction in different areas of life… you can be the shoulder for someone just dont allow it to affect your energy & thoughts.

Everyone will be experiencing things differently- everyone’s body reacts differently, but I’ve noticed that there are a lot of similarities that we have all been sharing. I only share this stuff so hopefully it resonates with someone who may not realize that other people are going through very similar experiences. But I dont have all the answers😁 If this message or the other messages on this channel do not resonate at all, that’s fine too!

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