JAMES GILLILAND – INCOMING ENERGIES! HEADS UP! – 12-21-19 – Lymerick @ Rumor Mill News

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James Gilliland


Received via email – Lymerick


After the full moon energies with the solar flares and Schuman Resonance spiking at 160 as predicted the Schiff is hitting the fan. Politically the Bar bill is going to be paid but the bar bill is karma accelerating in all walks of life. All institutions have their karma and have to transform, become frequency sp

ecific to these new incoming energies. Political, religious, business institutions even family dynamics will experience a transformative process which can be chaotic. Your souls are screaming to remove you from circumstances that are not aligned with your soul and the awakening and healing process is well underway. These energies are exponentially rising, everything is accelerating speeding up and the best advice we can give is to slow down.

Release the past, do your daily meditation, prayer or spiritual practices and find a good process-oriented therapy. Forgiveness is key, forgive others and yourself for manifesting and magnetizing these people and events into your life. Most important gain the wisdom from the experience and let the wisdom settle in the soul. Now you know what you don’t want, shift into creationary mind and start focusing on what you do want. Setting your intention is key.

Setting boundaries is also key in these times and being responsible means responding to the soul, each has their own unique soul purpose. The narcissist, liars and deceivers are going to become an endangered species. They are on the downward spiral of evolution, their destiny and future will be set by their frequency. It is imperative that we take our power back, sever all contracts and agreements made in error and align with one’s own soul purpose. You cannot remain in subservience in the days to come, the incoming energies won’t allow it.

We have said before the only reason anyone has any power over you is because you want something from them. When you become sovereign you step back into your power. Everything that does not empower and serve will collapse. The chaos we are seeing is the transformative process with Universal Law being the final transformation.

Is Universal Law followed in the political, religious and business institutions? Is it followed in the dynamics with friends and families? Is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all the guidelines in these institutions, friends and family dynamics? The severity of these transformations and chaos involved is directly related to what it will take to come back into alignment.

When you are sovereign, when you have made your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection, you become an anchor, a transmitter of the Creator what every name you want to give it. It is called Buddha or Christ consciousness, others have their names for becoming one with this consciousness and energy. This is the end goal. Everything comes from and returns to this same point. You become the point centered in that point. You can no longer be pulled from that point.

You no longer seek love, acceptance and approval from others because you love, accept and approve of yourself it is unshakable. Neither are you corruptible. Everything else falls away. You are Universal Law. More and more people are coming to realize this and are walking away from all the traps and snares, freeing themselves. They see the monkey trap, how they are trapped and are letting go of the rice. For those who do not know what a monkey trap is it is a coconut with a hole drilled in it filled with rice.

The monkey sticks his hand in grabs the rice and won’t let go. All the monkey has to do to gain his freedom is let go of the rice. The rice represents our attachments to people places and things, material objects. Do you own them or do they own you? Do they bring you joy?

Joy is an emotion independent from material objects. Do your material objects, your house car portfolio establish your self-worth? What happens to your self-worth when you lose them, they are damaged, taken away? We have been enslaved through dependency and debt. In the days to come both will be removed. Enslavement and dependency, even lack are not aligned with Universal Law. They are aligned with Draconian Law and that Law as well as all aligned with it will fall.

Again this incoming consciousness and energy is expanding exponentially and we all need to transform with it. What happens to the monkey that can’t let go? When we speak of letting go we are talking about releasing the past, stepping away from Draconian Law and all institutions that operate under it.

This includes unhealthy relationships anything that is not empowering or aligned with Universal Law. Another word for Universal Law is Unity consciousness. We are one family, our source is one Creator, we live on one planet, we are diverse yet all the diversity exists within the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. The Creator is omnipresent in all life, all Creation and it is time to acknowledge this and act accordingly. This is the wisdom behind the changes.

Two more events coming up is the solstice on the 21st with a major alignment with the central sun. We also have an eclipse on the 26th. Expect change.

James Gilliland

November Energies 2019 – November 1, 2019 – by Sarah Shepherd

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Happy November!

What a year 2019 has been and we still have two more months to go before we can move into the brand new energies of 2020.

October was a time to ground, re-balance and stabilize so we have a strong foundation to take the next steps forward on our journey, which was our key word for last month.

I personally found October to be a very challenging energy as old fears and beliefs came to the surface to be healed. A lot of anger came up for me last month, which is two-fold, one part is to do with what is happening to Mother Earth and feeling powerless and the other part is about not feeling good enough to move forward on my own journey.

I have been working through my fears around “not feeling good enough” and also “not being enough”, which I know a lot of you can relate to. This anger that is coming up is showing me what I need to heal, release, accept and forgive.

I wrote previously, that the last few months of 2019 may be challenging as we are being forced to confront our fears. Anger is a normal part of fear as anger tends to surfaces when the ego doesn’t want to let go of control! If you have been feeling angry or very anxious, as this is another way fear can be masked, then it is time for you to face your fears too!

If anger is coming up for you, please don’t feel ashamed or try to hide from it. Embrace it and know that it is coming up (and out) for a reason! It is showing you that you want to move forward, but you can only do so by walking through this fear. Look underneath the anger and see why you are really suffering.

This is much easier said than done as I am well aware! So, you are not alone if you are going through a challenging time with your emotions right now.

These emotions need to be worked through so we can move through the fear. This opens up our hearts and allows the love to flow. And as you know LOVE is what we are all working towards!

The word Spirit has given us to focus on for November is ILLUMINATION.

Unfortunately, there is nowhere to hide this month and we will keep getting the lessons until we face our fears!!

The intense energy we have all been experiencing that is bringing stuff up to be cleared will continue throughout November and even into December, depending on what inner work we do.

It will be more apparent though up until the 11.11 Gateway as this will be an intense energy period!

I am also being told by Spirit that those of us that face our fears and do the inner work will have some relief from the middle of the month, however if we try to hide the intensity will continue!

November also feels like a wonderful month for abundance, prosperity and manifesting our desires, so there is a little magic in the air too and it is not all clearing and healing work!!

November’s energies will help us to balance our will and the knowledge we all know to be true in our hearts that all our needs will be provided for. This rare energetic balance means that we are able to ask the Universe for what we need, and recognize the solution when it appears.

This energy reminds us that the Universe is an unlimited resource of energy and abundance and prosperity are available to everyone.

We are being called upon by Spirit to remember who we are and that we are enough. Whatever we ask for, we shall receive.

The energy this month can help us manifest our dreams. So, set your intentions well, acknowledge what you have already received with gratitude, and affirm your belief in a prosperous Universe.



JAYME PRICE September 2019 Ascension Energies – Light Language DNA Activation –

Jamye Price

Published on Aug 27, 2019

https://jamyeprice.com/ Read it here: https://jamyeprice.com/september-asce…

Jamye Price, author of Opening to Light Language: Humanity’s Evolution into Multidimensional Communication, is an energy healer, author, channel, teacher and student of life. She created a healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing and also channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are universal languages that effect great healing. For more information about Light Language, Jamye’s book Opening to Light Language offers an in-depth study into this unique and powerful communication.

SOLAR STORM ARRIVAL – Schumann Spike – Energetic Shielding – 8-27-19 – via Ascension Energies


Published on Aug 27, 2019

SANDRA WALTER – Mid-Gateway Check In – Magnetic Shift and Intense Upgrades – 8-23-19

Mid-Gateway Check In: Magnetic Shift and Intense Upgrades


Blessings Beloveds ~

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I AM ocean-side in Ventura at the Disclosure conference right now. It is lovely to see the conversation shifting to unification, and a call for more mass meditations (most in this community are not aware of our three years of SUNday global meditations.) My presentation includes full disclosure on the Gatekeeping experience and interacting with the positive alliances in service to the Ascension.

Kindwhile, our Gateway (August 15-28) is in FULL AMPLIFICATION as Gaia and Solaris shift the magnetics to accommodate the New Earth grid merge which happened last month. The light level is increasing with dramatic intensity, and embodiers are receiving merge codes to assist our Ascension process. We are becoming those open stargates right through our DNA. It may be stimulating one moment and flattening the next (such is the way with magnetic shifts.)

Be sure to get out in nature and join the SUNday Meditations for the weekly code exchange. Focus on peace and highest timelines, please. Let us use the Gateway opportunity to level up all willing hearts. Remember the collective DNA is activating with the release of Freedom codes – for over a month now.

Freedom codes bolster your FREE WILL CHOICE to create your Ascension, and global peace, harmony and Divine Love. They remove the self-imposed barriers as well as any distortions or blocks to the Christed timelines. Now is the moment to make your move – even a small one – toward the life and expression of Love and creativity which you truly are. No. More. Waiting.

I AM on the road for the next two weeks. Here is a list of content – including a free guided Diamond Heart activation – to support your journey:

New Stargates and the mid-August Shift

Article on the August 15 – 28 acceleration. READ HERE

Latest Videos for clarity:

Timeline Shifts, Guided Diamond Heart Activation, Transparency about the Disclosure Event: WATCH HERE

Earthquakes, Stargates & Freedom Codes WATCH HERE

Q&A and Follow up on Bliss States & Disclosure WATCH HERE

SUNday Unity Meditations:

See you in the field on SUNday for our powerful weekly Unity Meditations.
I will lead a LIVE group on SUNday August 25 @ 11:11AM PDT at Dimensions of Disclosure. Connect with us as the heart activations will be very strong.

Private Sessions

One-on-one sessions resume in SeptemberBook HERE

SARAH O’BRIEN – Dark Matter Hurricane – Hits Earth, Gaia, Never Seen Before

Higher Self
Published on Aug 22, 2019

Warning! Dark Matter Hurricane Hits Earth, Gaia, Never Seen Before August 22, 2019 by Sara Obrien thetwinflamepsychicsurgeons.com

Sara’s Original Video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBBRu…

Sara offers psychic healing, spiritual coaching, Akashic Records healing, Lyrian light language, and Arcturian light code activations. Book a session today! https://www.thetwinflamepsychicsurgeo…

You can contact Sara here: Obriensara47@gmail.com

DIANE CANFIELD – Current Ascension Energies Upate – Becoming Our Authentic Self – 8-22-19

Diane Canfield – Blessings Beloveds,

Since the beginning of August we have been experiencing 2 weeks of High Solar Wind without many geomagnetic storms  This heightened solar wind has brought in many ascension symptoms and expansions.

Some of the symptoms have been:

  • Extreme Tiredness
  • Increased Hunger
  • Extreme Blurry Eyes

While these have settled down and subsided the past few days, increased hunger is still in effect.

The Lions gate energy combined with the High Solar Wind has been quite a wild ride. This has been one reason why I have been doing live facebook videos instead of articles. I honestly did not have the energy to sit down and write a full scale article.


The energy that has been arriving has been directed at expanding our consciousness while targeting ” Becoming Our Authentic Self”.

This means we must start to let go of what no longer serves us in order to let our Authentic Self come through. The template of Authenticity will carry us all the way through the Ascension process.

What does it mean to become your authentic self?

It means letting go of everything that is not you from a soul level of awareness. When I work with clients I ask them to imagine themselves as a small child under 6 years old before any programming or conditioning came into their lives.

Before the age of 6 is when we are truly the most authentic. We know what we like and what we dont. We know what we feel and are in touch with these feelings continuously through out the day. We live fully in the moment of NOW and exist to be happy and have fun.Related:  Congratulations Victory to the Light.. 12.12 Portal Aligning

Tip-  When you meditate imagine yourself when you were before the age of 6. Tap into how you felt and your authentic self. Remember your own energy and how it felt then. When you can feel this, you can merge with it and become one with it.

At this age, we have not yet been programmed and conditioned by the school system. We have not yet given away our higher authority to others and given our control over our mind and bodies to others who claim authority over us. In reality there is no higher authority but yourself and your feelings. You soul’s purpose is the highest authority you can attain.

Your Authentic higher self must move forward through the ascension process so you can access your souls purpose. These are both tied into each other. Your souls purpose is why you are here and what you are to accomplish by being here in this reality.

During the past weeks there has been a massive stripping off of layers to attain the authentic self. When you think all layers have been stripped off, even more will come forward to show you it is not done yet. We must welcome this entire process as we move into higher consciousness. No resistance leads to faster merging into the higher realms.


Balance is one of the most important spiritual practices to achieve in this process. We must balance our lives in a way that does not tip the scales too much in any direction. It is important to work, but just as important to have fun. Even spiritual practices over done  can lead to an out of balanced life. With the energies high as they have been this is even more important to incorporate into your lives.Related:  Pleiadian High Council: The Ascension Plan is in Full Activation


Time anomalies continue as the energy propels us into higher states of consciousness. You may think something happened the day before when it actually happened a week ago. You may get dream and meditation messages confused with REAL life. As time all merges together, it can become confusing for many if they are not aware of what is actually occurring.


You may feel when you hear about things they have happened before. This is because Time is bending in on itself. In our consciousness they have happened before because we are heading into the time of no time. Dont worry!  You are not going crazy! Many will soon be experiencing all of this and more.