Eireport Blog – Evaluation of newly aligned Gaia energetics is in progress – 4-14-14



Evaluation of newly aligned Gaia energetics is in progress.

Standards of operation have raised significantly.

Stabilizing of Cosmic-Gaia connecting lines is proceeding.

Nova Light Codes currently being transmitted to all consciously involved in Gaia upgrade.

Transitions into “Nova Energetic” mode has completed.




Montague Keen Message – Help Save Divine Energy of Planet Earth – 1-26-14

Veronica and I are both happy and excited that we have managed to bring so many people together from all parts of the world to restore the Divine Energy of Planet Earth. We are deeply grateful to all who readily responded and expressed a wish to come together as one big family of light and love. We have chosen the date: Sunday the 2 February 2014.

We ask that you gather at SUNRISE or at SUNSET: both, if at all possible. Gather at the sacred places or choose to meditate. Use your minds in whatever way you see fit, to bring about the release of energy. You do not even need to leave your bed, as your positive thoughts will add to the mass of energy needed.

We are aware that sunrise and sunset occur at different times in different locations, but those are the most important times of the day in which to carry out this unique exercise. Veronica, and one or two of her helpers, will go to GLASTONBURY in the west of England. She is praying for clement weather. Should there be an attempt to prevent you accessing these places, never mind, just be nearby. You can use your minds, your consciousness, to achieve our aims. Veronica is concerned that it has not been possible to reply to everyone.

Mark will make suggestions in his message today. Every single one of you is important. Everyone can have an input. It does not cost you money, just your time. It is so wonderful to have so many countries involved, all eager to take part. We have created a huge family of like-minded people. This is a first. Let us ensure that this is a memorable event that transcends all barriers of language or creed. Together, we can bring about the changes your planet is crying out for. You are the architects of the future. This event will enter historical folklore and will be recounted over and over again for generations to come. I cannot stipulate enough, the importance of this action.

Be joyful as you come together. Create a massive vortex of energy, all around you, with love and laughter filling the air, as you gather in peace and harmony. This is but the first of many such events. We intend these to be done at regular intervals henceforth. We will guide the way, always working together to create peace and justice, where sadly, none exists at this time. Let not age be a barrier, as you are never too old or too young to create miracles, for this is what you are endeavouring to do on this day.

I ask that you now take time to read what Mark has painstakingly prepared as your introduction to the great importance of ley lines. Welcome and embrace The Magician of the Ley. May he be with you to guide you and encourage an interest in these most sacred sites and the ley lines that make them so. We in Spirit will join you on this day of days, when you take it upon yourselves to rescue your planet, so that future generations can enjoy their lifetimes on Earth.

Together, we will make this happen. Both sides of life working together as never before. To the wonderful people who willingly give of their time to enable our endeavours to be enjoyed by all, please ensure that all countries know the date and time, so that arrangements can be made to take part. Remember that together you are powerful: you are the 99%, so you cannot be stopped. You are the awakened.

My dear, it will not be possible for you to write with me next Sunday, as you will be taking part in the Ley Lines recovery ceremony. Enjoy being with like-minded people.

My love will guide you, as always. Your adoring, Monty.

Mother Mary – You Are Entering a Period of Deep Refinement of Your Energies – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – June 23, 2013



Mother Mary:

Hello my dear ones, I am in awe of your development and your refinement in energy.

Much has transpired and it is ongoing as we speak. The solstice and super moon energies have made a huge impact on your Light Bodies and so you must rest intermittently to encompass and process it all.

Continue to absorb and welcome these energies without expectation and anticipation, but instead with complete acceptance and allowance, joy and gratitude. The more you open, the more transformation can take place. And it is not just in your Light Bodies; it is in every aspect of your world.

Hunker down to make the most use of these energies, dear ones. As I have said, it is ongoing, and much can shift and change within you as you open and receive without monitoring and judgment. Receive it like the welcome rain after a long drought and rejoice in the downpour.

You are entering a period of deep refinement of your energies and many doors will be opened for you in the coming days if you let your guard down and just be in the midst of it without any control of the outcome. Allow only your pure heart intentions to drive it and to sculpt the outcome, allowing any possibility to manifest that is in the highest good of all.

Loosen the reins a bit, and resist controlling the outcome, while at the same time seeing and feeling yourself in the circumstances you desire, always allowing for the details to be formed from surrendering to your Higher Self and Creator for optimal manifestation.

You, my dears, are at the helm and working magic while surrendering to all the possibilities of the Universe in perfect form for all. You are the creators as you fulfill your destiny, and like a painting that is still unfinished, your masterpiece is beginning to reveal itself and be fleshed out and refined as you watch it being completed, always allowing for surprises and illuminations not conceived of in your prior state of illusion.

You, my dears, are the Masters of your Universe, and you are beginning to see all your capabilities now. It will only just multiply in evidence in the days to come. Be prepared for surprises and delight as you continue to nurture yourselves within the coming energies of this significant period.

I am your guide and your supporter in this journey as you open yourself to all that you are capable of, to all that you desire, and to all that awaits you as you illuminate yourselves with these magnificent yet strong energies of late and that are ongoing as we speak.

Each one of you will be encompassing them in the perfect way for your development. The time is now to take down the guards that may limit you to all possibilities and to revel in the free-flowing energy of your new world and disappearing boundaries of your old world. Take off the restraints that are imposed by your linear thinking of the past and open to all that awaits.

You are the master creators of this new free-form world that all of you have had a hand in. Hold back your fears that may arise from allowing things to gel without putting limits on them for the sake of your comfort and reversion to old ways of being. You are protected and safe, so what is to be lost in exploring the unknown just a little more?

I am always here in service and hold you in my Heart,

Mother Mary

 As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

http://www.franheal.wordpress.com (Blog)

http://www.franhealing.com/Current-Channelled-Message.html (Website)

Lisa Gawlas – The Crack In Time And Space – Harnesses Above And Below Energy As One

crack in space and time


www.lisagawlas.wordpress.com / link to original article

What a strange, strange day yesterday was in all aspects of energy world for me.  I finally did a whole days worth of readings the day prior and couldn’t wait to write about it all, that is, until I woke up yesterday and seemed to have zero pulse in my brain.  My phone and internet connection seemed to match my brain frequency too.  My phone wouldn’t hold a charge and even when plugged in, the battery charge was draining not filling.  I forgot that my son doesn’t have internet hooked up at his home (it comes already installed in his tablet) so I had to set my phone to a t-mobile hotspot and use my phones internet to connect, well that was between erratic and non-existent.  I completely missed my first reading appointment yesterday because I couldn’t get the internet flowing and when I did, couldn’t get a strong enough signal to open skype.  Then, as if on cue, my second appointment slept thru her reading appointment and then it was time for class.   Well, strange only got stranger… the moments I was able to keep an internet charge to run skype, skype was doing the strangest things to all of us.   When i got to my last appointment of the day, whatever strangeness was happening to my electronics, happened to my antenna too.  There was zero anything.  Dammit!!

On a positive note, I am transferring my hughesnet internet service from NM to my sons home, so as soon as they install it here, I will be more internet reliable (I pray anywayz.)

But, I have a feeling, the preview we received the day before (thru all the readings) has everything to do with the nuttiness of yesterdays energy!  Let me share:

When my first guy of the day showed up, I was puzzled.  His energy infolded way up in the air, about  feet off the ground towards the right side of my field of vision (spiritual energy.)  His entire setting was made of white and gold energy.  Pure spiritual energy.  The first thing I was able to make out clearly was an image that looked very much like a dandelion that went to seed, only made of gold.  The stem was a solid gold, it had been cut and was laying down across the top of his energy field, that I started to realize was showing us a crack, or an opening that was no bigger than about 12 inches (going with scale of my vision.)  The seed heads were a softer gold, but gold none the less.  I realized that his life has gone to seed and before all these seeds could release themselves, the winds of change have got to blow.  I focused in on the winds, they were not present in his current moment and then my whole energy field moved towards the upcoming solstice.  The winds will be picking up as he (we) move into the solstice energy.  I had to ask him if he was planning something around the solstice and indeed he was going on a trip.  No doubt in my heart, that trip creates the winds of change to start the seeds moving from its base to… where?

My vision became centered on the crack, or opening in the field of energy up in the air.  I realized that crack went down to the ground.  It reminded me of the earth after a strong earthquake and the earth separates itself from itself.


I was now reading from a crack that was a whopping 12 inches wide.  What the hell is this about??  Ask, as you shall receive!!! lol  This is the opening of the energy flow where “above” releases itself to merge and become one with the “below.”  I could feel that energy of this upcoming winds of change releasing all those seeds from his dandelion (spirit) down thru this crack and will find bedding and life in a ground (yet to be seen) below.  His new life seeds.

I tried to move ahead and see what these seeds will produce, not happening.  What spirit said, I suppose I already knew, but, somehow it really hits home when it is so in your face like this.  Spirit does not know what they will produce yet, it is fully contingent on the choices he makes, or doesn’t make, the energy he puts out while making them (choices even as subtle as “what to do today.)

There was a time (a couple of weeks ago maybe) when there was something you/we needed to experience and it was laid out in your timeline of experience, unavoidable.  For me, these were so easy to see.  For those whose consciousness resides in the higher expansion of energy, this is no longer the case.  Our energy and our thoughts/feelings about all we do, is creating the seed energy of our ongoing story and what will come of it all.  The responsibility has been completely handed to us.

Learning to be present and conscious of our energy field, of our true core emotions within every moment of the day (not the surface desires, but the true and real energy within) is crucial on every level of creation.

To give you a clear example, the man I didn’t read for yesterday (smile) but had a wonderful conversation with, is desiring to go visit his family in New Zealand (he is in the US) in August and it “appears” as if his financial flow has been blocked from that journey.  His energy flows to the blocked finances so much stronger than the much-needed trip back home.  (worry, ya know…)  So his lesson (which is true for every one of us) is to move our energy beyond the outward appearance of what appears to be… and focus and live souly within the desire of the heart.  If we see what the illusion presents to us and think that is the reality… it becomes that.

So let’s go to my next reading of this strange day… again, my vision is trained only on that 12 inch crack in the fabric of time and space.  The opening, the blending of the energy of above and below, together, as one energy.  There is a left side (physical life) and a right side (spiritual life) and the flow of energy downwards is the merging of the two energies into one in our created realm of life/experience/matter.  So, imagine the puzzle when my man (it was a man day on the field!!) had these red, white and blue dots of energy that were not connected to create any form, but yet, close enough that I could understand the image they were making.

Imagine a flag strung up and down with a lot of slack in the middle of the fabric and how it will billow out in the center when winds attempt to blow thru it,  That is exactly what his dots looked like on both sides of the crack, leaving about a 2 inch gap in the middle.  From what I understood with his imagery, all the energy is present for his new creation, new life in a highly charged energy field of life, the winds of change are blowing in from both sides of the spectrum (physical life and spiritual life together) he has yet to harness this energy for use, therefore, until he uses this downward flow of massive energy, wrapped in the winds of change… it is kind of on freeze frame.  it’s funny, this morning I get an example of holding the winning lottery ticket within your home and you don’t even realize it, therefore, never really look for it.  Until it is cashed in (used)… it sits there as potential energy and nothing more.

Pesky spirit would not give him the slightest heads up on what he is not doing… because (dammit) this is our greatest adventure of the creator re-membering how creation has always worked.  Of course, the easiest way to know fully what your soul desire is (which is the only way to cash in this lottery ticket) is via meditation… that deeply connected inner space within.  Of course, his team, via my mouth, has been on him about that for over a year… stubborn human!! (smile, hug)

My third reading, a beautiful young lady, was so energetically different… everyone was soooo flipping different.  The only constant was reading the crack (smile.)  She had streams of energy moving from the bottom of her crack in the atmosphere that reminded me of fireworks going off in slow motions.  I realized she had already put the energy of change into her physical life and now the energy itself is already forming, bringing her next new life to LIFE.  She is indeed pregnant with…. well…. with the new energy of life.  But like all pregnancies, it is still developing as her reality.  The streams of energy I seen flowing upwards are the anchor in which her new life will spring.

Ya know, it’s a funny thing… We have become so accustomed to grounding into the earth, and what we MUST do now, if we want to fully live and use this whole energy field, is connect our energy tentacles upwards, not downwards!!  Our root energy should be housed into what we would call the above… so we can fully and completely use it in the below and becomes one real energy.

I know what I am doing in my bath today!! lol

My fourth reading, yet another man… three men in one day is a miracle within itself!!  He brought so much of this crazy crack filled day (giggle) to a fuller understanding.  He started his journey of absolute change last year, moving cross-country, away from every familiar and family member he had, to set himself up on an inner prompting in a new landscape.  He embarked on new friendships, new connections, all spiritually focused to one degree or another…. and has been in a constant motion of change since his move.  Not always comfortable or what he had hoped to experience… but that is the nature of true movement…

Keeping in the ongoing theme of the crack within space and time as well as the energy mixture of red (new earth,) white (pure spiritual energy,) and blue (pure soul express) his energy was like threads or yarn (we did just come off the spinning wheel via the three eclipses) and strung across the left and right sides that just reminded me of a corset that has been loosely strung together:


He has fully placed the energy of change so deeply into his life it is now strung together and as his team said, each day will pull the strings tighter together, creating the seal of energy he has put out for the last year into his new expression of life.  Sealing the above and below into form.  There was a feeling that this will continue… the pulling it all together, thru, at least, the solstice energy.

This was so very exciting!!

What I understood with the conclusion of this very exciting day of reading, to harness this new energy, this FULLNESS of Being in life, with life as life, you MUST honor and move with the winds of change as they flow thru you… no matter how the winds of change may appear and sing.  Trusting that the greatest outcome is happening, even if it appears to be the opposite.  Moving even deeper into the trust of your SOUL!

There is so much more to share, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, my day beckons!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filling the crack with Heaven made real on Earth!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

P.S. Only 2 seats left for:  Reading the Field of Life and Light.  A 6 Week Intensive course that will change the way you see and connect to the world!  Now Forming.  Online class will be held twice a week from June 22nd thru July 31st 10 am thru noon EDT. Click here for more information: www.mysoulcenter.com/6weekclassoflight.html  This will be the last interactive course I offer for some time.

P.S.S.  I was not going to make this public, but this morning, the Guardians… well… they insist!!  We are having a celebration on the Mesa July 20th, 21st and 22nd with drumming and singing and filling the landscape with new energy, of Shambhala thu the human voice and heart on Saturday the 221st.  I have an old webpage that I am going to share here (until i can get webwork done) that lists campgrounds and B&B’s for those who wish to celebrate and sing with us.  Details to come.  I Am so excited!!  Ignore the dates on the webpage itself, like I said, old page, still valid information for the most part tho: http://www.mysoulcenter.com/empoweredgathering.html

www.lisagawlas.wordpress.com / link to original article

Massive Influx of Galactic/Cosmic Higher Light Occurs at this Moment


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Massive movement/transport/influx of Galactic/Cosmic Higher Light occurs at this moment. Broad band of Higher Frequency Light sweeps all surface and inner Gaia realms and removes all remaining shadow entities. Transformation of Planetary consciousness to Light-Intent-Only results from this influx.

Seminal Energies are released within this Higher Light matrix, and establish direction of Gaia to Light-Beingness. All accompanying individual Hue-man entities experience rapid upgrade and expansion of consciousness. This also applies to all Hue-man group entities.

Gaia processing has achieved sufficient awareness levels to accept this current Galactic/Cosmic Higher Light influx.

Aisha North – The Manuscript of Survival – Part 311


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As you have mayhaps noticed, these energetic intermissions seems to be popping up again, as in giving you all a little time to breathe and survey the surroundings before the call to go within and focus once again arrives in the form of some friendly fire, if we may use such a word. For these blasts of energetic balancing tools will feel almost like a fire within for many of you, as they will churn and burn away at anything that needs your attention. Yes, this is not easy going for anyone, but it is indeed a very, very effective way of ensuring your total liberation from anything that could be standing in your way. For you are indeed approaching the moment when you will feel lighter than the light, when the last capstone falls into place, and you stand there complete, ready to take on the task of helping the rest of humanity follow in your wake.

We hear a sigh of exhaustion from many of you at the prospect of being inundated with so much work once your own process has been completed, but trust us when we say that the work we refer to here, is of a very different caliber than the one you are in the middle of completing yourselves. For remember this time, it will not be about personal toil and travail, it will be the in the role of wayshowers and companions to those setting out on the same path as you. And also, those following in your wake will have a much easier time of it, for they will be able to follow the trails you have all blazed trough the densest of jungles and over the highest passes. And so, where you were forced to go slow and literally fight your way ahead, they will be able to pick up speed and race after that much sought out goal in a much shorter time.

It may sound unfair that others will get the express lane towards enlightenment, but again, you have taken upon yourselves the task of clearing the way, and you have done so in a formidable way. For remember, you are indeed the bravest of the brave, the tenacious ones, the ones that were chosen because no one could be more fitting than you to fulfill this monumental task. And you have all shown yourselves more than worthy of this assignment. So again we say, give yourselves ample time to celebrate your journey. You may have a few steps left, but these steps are nothing compared to the long and arduous journey you have already completed.

For some, the rewards are already starting to pour in in the form of bountiful confirmations in every field. For others, they are that close to breaking through the last and final barrier holding them back from hearing the cheers as they cross the ”finishing line”, so there is indeed much to celebrate these days. But in this kind of labour, it is difficult to define your achivements as ”finished”, for as soon as you cross that line of completion, the next phase takes over. But this phase is all about blossoming and growing outwards, embracing your powers and discovering even more of them. In other words, the final stage of going upwards and outwards for as long as you want. For then it is up to each and every one of you to decide just how far you want to take your limits. You are limitless, but you will not access more than you choose to yourself, so in that, it is indeed once again your decision, and your decision only that rules the day. Let us leave it at that, and give you all a chance to digest these words, and to see your own journey in perspective.

GaiaPortal Update – May 9th, 2013


Energetics of Gaia Set for Impressive Changes…

Steadiness amidst chaotic moments is key to Gaia progression through coming days. Energetics of Gaia, in particular, humanity-general of Gaia, is set for impressive changes. Also may be stated as “changes which impress”, or “changes which create an impression”, upon each individual human consciousness. These changes cannot be avoided or swept aside, as they encompass all of Gaia, all inhabitants, of all kinds.

Each Hue-man has prepared for these moments, and will embody the changes, and rise above the chaos of the moment, when it arises.

Out of chaotic moments, comes Higher Order.


 Flowering Energies Emerge from Chaotic Events…


Flowering energies emerge from chaotic events, a both outer and inner. These appear as showering Gaia with “mists of emergence”. Assistance is requested of all Gaia Light Workers to coordinate individual situation energies with the current Gaia  “mists of emergence” energies.

Those viewing thus communication with Higher Vision will understand their roles.

As participation in these energies is individually accepted, global acceptance and participation follows.


Human DNA Mysteries – Mechanics of Ascension

PathToAscention·32 videos

Much of human DNA is still a mystery to science. 97% of your DNA is called “Junk DNA” but in fact it is Divine DNA preparing to activate soon.

George Kavassilas – Transmuting Into Light

geburar·47 videos

The quiet revolution, vibrational patterns, time acceleration, the precession of the equinoxes, Christ-consciousness, ancient calendars, our planet becoming a star, pole shifts, duality, the moon, religion, lifting of the veil, organic openings, the serpent rope, and looking within yourself for the truth are all discussed in this brief excerpt from George’s Red Ice interview in January 2011.

Please feel free to engage in the galactic image above. You may find some interesting creatures among the stars and there may be some ‘cosmic cars’ traveling the ethers as well.

Equinox Gateway Light – Is Here

AscensionIntegration·34 videos

A new form of light is coming in through interdimensional portals and increasing steadily. It is PURE SOURCE LIGHT INTELLIGENCE. This is the activation of Solar Cosmic consciousness that provides the resurrection of our DNA, and moves us into 5D ascension.

For Ascension support, visit http://www.sandrawalter.com

Universal Energy Forecast – Thursday April 4 2013 – Reap what we Sow

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Personal Energy Forecast Videos:

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