Archangel Michael – Ascension Bodily Changes – Steve Beckow – 9-15-14


I’m reviewing some of the readings I’ve had with Archangel Michael and at points he suggests matters that he wants to be shared with readers. The following point he made in late 2012 and asked that it be shared.

“It is important to take the time to adjust yourself, to get used to a different sense of being. And then to be refreshed.

“Now, I have to tell you, and yes, you can share this with your readers as well, the sense of physicality and being in the physical body, when you are in the Fifth Dimension, is very different insofar as so many of you have been exhausted. And it is because you have been getting used to holding these vibrations and frequencies. …

“But when you are in the Fifth, you will feel… so full of vibrant energy. You will feel that you could go for days without sleeping, and just go on sheer energy.

“There will be a greater sense of well-being, that your body is humming, that finally, not only — because every person is progressing at a different rate, this is an individual process – but the general statement is your organs, your brain, your functions, your bodily functions, your circulation will begin to function in alignment with the perfection of your design.

“Now, if you were to take [a chemical substance], you would think, “Oh, I can go for days, and I don’t need to sleep.” What we are offering is brotherly advice. When we said you need a holiday, we meant it.

“So take time to sleep, to rest, because what you also will experience in a rest state and in dream state is very conscious sleeping and expansion and what we would call exaltation.

“So don’t skip sleep. Your body is adjusting. Even though you think you are in the Fifth, think that you are home, your new home, and can go forever, be gentle with your bodies.

“So take time to rest. Take time to lie — yes, even at this time – bring a blanket, lie on the beach, stare at the stars, feel the sun on your face and the magnificence of the blue sky.

“And also note, I have not spoken of this… The sky will appear and feel different. I will not explain how, because you will discover how. I am now planting the seed to give you the impression. Just pay attention to the sky. It will appear and feel different.”

Perhaps I can offer one example of the sky looking different from a later reading. One day I went outside and the Sun was perhaps twice its usual size. I was amazed. It was so brilliant and powerful. I wondered what in the world had happened to it and asked AAM about it.

Steve: I went out yesterday and looked at the Sun and it was just like a spotlight. Is there something happening with the Sun?

Archangel Michael: Your vision is changing. The Sun is fine.

S: Oh, that was my vision changing.

AAM: You are seeing more and more clearly, dear heart. (2)

So the things we observe in the sky may have nothing to do with the environment but may have everything to do with us.

I asked him in another reading what the sense of exhaustion I was feeling at that time was and his reply is informative.

“It is the feeling of releasing what you have carried around for centuries and centuries and thousands of years. It’s the sense of being so exhausted with the old reality that it simply feels, at times, overwhelming. And it is a feeling that you cannot fight it any longer. You cannot top off your wellspring, as it were. It is a matter of surrendering the old and then gently, softly, embracing the new.” (3)

Our native abilities are emerging at this time, as you may have gleaned from recent messages from sources like Hilarion and the Arcturian Group. And not everything we see will be happening outside of us; some of it will be happening inside.