JAMES GILLILAND UPDATE – Ancient History and Understandings To Free The Soul – by Ascension With Earth – 9-21-17


by James Gilliland
September 21, 2017

We are in the Apocalypse defined as the great uncovering. We are going to realize almost everything we have been told is a lie, half-truths designed to steer humanity off course, hinder human evolution.

Well looks like the double speak is here. The masks are all coming down. No rock is being left unturned and all iniquities will be shouted from the roof tops. The days of tyranny and deception are coming to a close. We are in the Apocalypse defined as the great uncovering. We are going to realize almost everything we have been told is a lie, half-truths designed to steer humanity off course, hinder human evolution. Peoples true intentions are being made known despite the blatant futile attempts to maintain the status quo. If you want to know the truth just take the lame stream medias broadcast and reverse it. Know the agenda of the Cabal, the New World Order and you will see the reasons why there is so much pain, suffering, death and lack on the planet.

The Archon or Draconian grid has been in place ever since the fallen Annunaki aligned with reptilian forces for total supremacy.

To truly understand what has been happening on the Earth you need to know the players. The Archon or Draconian grid has been in place ever since the fallen Annunaki aligned with reptilian forces for total supremacy. This began with Marduk. He is on the face of the dinar. Many religions are based on the bearded gods which is going to be a shock to most religious folks. The Egyptian Gods, Greek Gods, Hindu Gods, Jewish God, many other ancient deities all go back to the Annunaki. All Gods are tied into Off Worlders or Inner Earth beings. Some were benevolent, some were not. This includes the demigods and hybrids between human and Lyrians. The stories of famous demigods were true, they were hybrids, stronger, taller, wiser than most humans. The ancient Lyrians were the root race for humanity and colonized many planets within the multiverse. Yes, some are from other dimensions. There still exist very advanced Annunaki that never fell, they continued to operate under Universal Law many of which reside on the 6th through 9th dimensions. They are exquisitely beautiful and they are returning. Now before you think we are taking away your God reason this, who created them? We are only expanding the image of God to be multidimensional and all encompassing. Omnipresent.








“There was a second attempt to colonize Earth which involved the Pleiadeans – an off shoot of the ancient Lyrians. Over millions of years they adjusted to their planet and became smaller in stature. The Lyrians colonized the Pleiades, Orion and Haydies systems. Haydies is a very desolate desert planet which being sent to was very undesirable. They then came to Earth, Mars and Maldek or Milona as other cultures referred to it. Maldek was destroyed due to internal wars and is now the asteroid belt. The Pleiadeans started the colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria. “

GEORGI STANKOV – Oneness with God – Collapsing Linear Time – Humanity Awakens To Unity Consciousness – Strong Confirmation – 9-23-15



GEORGI STANKOV   –   The Day Of “One-ment” Through Collapsing Linear Time. Strong Confirmation   –   9-23-15




This is the first time I have come across this source and channeller (see below) and I cannot tell you anything about him. But it is remarkable that this unknown to me source independently confirms the delivery of the 9/11 ascension codes of the Source through the PAT on September 23rd that are leading to the collapse of linear time and the creation of Oneness. By the way, the transmission of these codes continued yesterday, September 24th with full force and this was associated with a huge shift. I also confirm the rapid awakening of many people from their zombie-like slumber and the shock with which they encounter this reality for the first time with eyes wide open is tremendous. This gives me an inkling as to how humanity will very soon react when some major revelations will happen.

Yesterday Mike from Florida made me aware of this announcement:

September 24, 2015
NASA to Announce Mars Mystery Solved

Mars true color globe showing Terra Meridiani
Mars true-color globe showing Terra Meridiani.
Credits: NASA/Greg Shirah

(Nature Geoscience has Embargoed Details until 11 a.m. EDT Sept. 28)

NASA will detail a major science finding from the agency’s ongoing exploration of Mars during a news briefing at 11:30 a.m. EDT on Monday, Sept. 28 at the James Webb Auditorium at NASA Headquarters in Washington. The event will be broadcast live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.

News conference participants will be:

·         Jim Green, director of planetary science at NASA Headquarters

·         Michael Meyer, lead scientist for the Mars Exploration Program at NASA Headquarters

·         Lujendra Ojha of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta

·         Mary Beth Wilhelm of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California and the Georgia Institute of Technology

·         Alfred McEwen, principal investigator for the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) at the University of Arizona in Tucson

A brief question-and-answer session will take place during the event with reporters on site and by phone. Members of the public also can ask questions during the briefing using #AskNASA.

To participate in the briefing by phone, reporters must email their name, media affiliation and telephone number to Steve Cole at stephen.e.cole@nasa.gov by 9 a.m. EDT on Monday.

For NASA TV downlink information, schedules and to view the news briefing, visit:


For more information about NASA’s journey to Mars:



NASA news releases and other information are available automatically by sending an e-mail message with the subject line subscribe to hqnews-request@newsletters.nasa.gov.
To unsubscribe from the list, send an e-mail message with the subject line unsubscribeto hqnews-request@newsletters.nasa.gov.

I forwarded this message to Carla and asked her what she gets from her HS about this coming event as I myself had no resonance with it whatsoever. She wrote to me back “I feel a portal.  And its a portal holding great love. It probably doesn’t make any sense but this is what I feel.

Hence the long-awaited date of the last blue moon and moon eclipse on Sept 27 and then the next day may indeed bring some great surprises to humanity exactly as we have expected them for a long time.


Message from the One and Only

Gerald O’Donnell, September 24, 2015


This crucial message from the One and Only was received today, September 23rd, 2015 by Gerald O’Donnell, a day when the portals to the Most High were kept opened and unencumbered as the day of at-One-ment unfolded

Today is an important day in the unfolding of the Creative processes which the One and Only operates.

Today, all the gates which perceptually separate man from his Maker have been kept open, on purpose, so that a flow is restored between the original Source of all thoughts and creative endeavors, and their manifold expressions at all levels of Creation.

This is a unique and important moment, a point of singularity, that allows the One to enter at will the many that are expressing It on all levels.

Creation is at a crossroads between eternal Peace and Life, and final chaos.

In this very difficult period and challenge, the two real final opposite poles of perceptive realms — The One and the many — have to turn around and at long last embrace themselves, face to face, in a final act of Love and Unification, where the One perceives the many as Himself and thence cares for them as Himself, and the many Creatures, at all levels, perceive the One as themselves and thence care for Its expression and manifestation across and throughout their realms of operations.

This final embrace has been long in the making.

Many entities have spoken at length about this era which pertains not only to this Creation but to all Creations at once.

It is the beginning a new era — the Real Creation, the Real Beginning, where man listens to God, and God listens to the desires and hopes of man, and manifest them as they are in tune with His tendencies and hopes for them, as Himself.

A great deal of dislocation, imbalance, and suffering has already occurred in this and many other realms.

Battling forces that have lost all contact with their origins are fighting to impose their will or mode of operations upon others.

Many have faltered and lost their ways and this is becoming acutely manifested across most levels of Creation.

The cry of the innocent and the meek is seldom heard.

The Earth has been pillaged intensively and deeply damaged for her resources, and great instability shall soon ensue if humankind does not correct its ways and balance itself in a loving embrace, face to face, with its environment that nurtures it and gives it sustenance and Life force.

Great and Holy souls have been deeply injured in a final attempt to rescue a lost humanity from a disastrous fate. Many have ceased to speak. Many have departed, discouraged and deeply wounded.

Mankind knows only of few of those, and instead of listening to their common messages, they have rather created stories or legends around their lives and focused far, far more on the stories of these short lives than on the messages that they were trying to convey. And those messages were always asking humanity to unite and love each other, and never ever to engage in unjust combat, battles, and competition against each other.

And the Holy Source of these messages became lost and forgotten as mankind started to focus mostly on the messengers and not on the message. So the messages became distorted in order to fit the tendencies that many powerful men wanted them to reflect.

Many ask if God is now actively causing all the strong convulsions which are ripping humanity throughout this planet. And the answer is: It does not have to do so, since chaos is brought about by mankind and imbalanced energies that have infiltrated this realm and abode in order to keep man separated from its Maker.

The One is only about Oneness, peace, unity, hope, and great Love spreading across all and every creatures.

Barriers are unknown to Its Mind; so are colors, races, religions, or systems of economical and political dreams, for to the One all is but One, and the One sees all as Himself, as One.

The perception of separation is foreign to It. That perception is only given to Its lower elements and creatures, through ingenious systems that allow for such perceptions to exist and operate between facets, groupings and all the points of Light that they encompass.

Were the One to remove these perceptions fully, all the facets, all the points of His Consciousness, would merge into One and fully disappear within Its One Eternal and Infinite Mind.

That is why the reconciliation of the One with the many needs to be achieved in a slow, painstaking but glorious manner, and soon so.

You are running out of perceived time. Although time is but an illusion, steps are not. And within the effects that you are causing, a moment shall soon come, a point, where the full fragile balance of your common biological parent which is the Holy Kingdom of Nature shall start to collapse, rapidly so, and engulf all of humanity without any exception into a very painful horrific period which could culminate in the end of this experience if you, as mankind, do not take immediate steps to let go of your perceived differences and lack of understanding of each other and of your role here and engage fully in all your endeavors and your energies into full cooperation and a great desire to save yourselves from your selves.

You will need to let go of old programs that have shown not to serve you well. You will need to unwind patterns that you keep repeating blindly that have hurt so many so often and that have no reasons to exist ever more again.

You will need to unite across all boundaries, all separations, all cultures, all religions, and break these barriers once and for all in the name of the true Loving Unity that you were born in and come from and should go back to.

You can still do it and when and if you so decide to achieve this Holy goal, the One will manifest healing of your Being, both individually and collectively, and of the magnificent planet of operation upon which you were placed and created from.

And miraculous moments shall arrive where you will feel finally that you are all one family and have this feeling in the depth of your soul as a constant reminder of who you are, where you come from, and where you shall all go to again.

Lay down your weapons, be they on physical planes, or mental ones.

Create only technologies that advance the totality of the human condition in full harmony with its planetary body.

Do not create technologies in order to profit from them only. This is the pitfall of man, to put his desire for profits above the good of all his brothers and sisters.

Return to your roots. Respect the sacredness of the incredible miracle which life is as it was gifted to all of you by the Eternal. Do not soil it. Do not deprave it. It is in the creation of Life that you are co-creating with the Creator.

Focus only on that, on your nurturing this Holy gift and propagating it. Do not cease it from propagating! Do not shorten its span of experiences! Focus on your children. Cherish them more than you cherish your selves and the Eternal will see you for the pillars of strength and love which you are manifesting as mother and father. Do not stop this magnificent experiment!

Believe, in the depth of yourself, that you, together with your Creator, can bring about a higher, far better expression of your creative selves across this universe. And soon, as you engage in that across all the universes, they will sing in unison the symphony of Love of the Holy One manifested across all of His world forever and ever, as your life becomes but the Life of the Eternal and the Eternal becomes but fully imbued with His manifold Lives. And Eternal Life shall then be your fate.

This will be all.

The One and Only

Message From Lord Sananda – Join Us To Create Abundance, Prosperity and Freedom – Cleansing Dark Energies – Channeled by Dr. Kathryn E May – 4-21-14


Dr. Kathryn E May – Live Channeler


Sananda: Join Us to Create Prosperity and Freedom

It was a beautiful day in the valley. The sun was bright in the deep blue sky, with hardly a cloud in sight. The girls were planning a birthday party for their friend, and excitement filled the air. It was a glorious day. All around their table were the flowers in bloom and the sound of water running into the pool. What an idyllic spot to have a party.

We love to see you there on the ground, enjoying yourselves, loving one another. It is the atmosphere which portends abundance, harmony and peace. You see, you have been taught that meditation with the intention of creating something positive is a very effective tool, which it is indeed, but you do not realize how powerful the effect is when a group of people get together to have fun. The simple act of sitting down together to have dinner creates a vortex of Love which will settle into the molecules of the table and chairs, the walls and floors of the house.

Children are especially sensitive to the feelings around them, and can detect the vibrations which are carried within the objects they encounter. Feel yourself as the child you have been, and become aware of the feelings which are stored in the objects around you. Have you filled the atmosphere with Love? Then your furniture, walls and local environment will wear the energy of your heart.

I am describing this phenomenon to you to give you a part of the picture so you can see what we are up against when we talk about raising the vibrations on the planet. It means washing away the dark pockets of energy which remain from all the years of negativity and fear. The old tradition of burning sage was used to clear away negative energies from a building or a person suffering from lingering Darkness.

You may not be aware that your dogs and cats are especially talented at moving energies, to remove negativity by absorbing it themselves, then transmuting it and releasing it to the Universe to be reabsorbed. Cats especially are well adapted to this work. Remember the Halloween pictures which always show a black cat following along after the wicked witch and other Dark beings? It is not because the cat enjoys their company; it is the symbolic depiction of the cat’s natural tendency to take responsibility for clearing away the negative effects of the beings she accompanies. The black coloring represents the cat’s ability to take on the dark energies in order to protect others from it.

There are many species of animals, plants and elementals who are there among you to help balance the energies and restore Light to a previously darkened environment. As of this week, they will become evident in large numbers, bringing LoveLight and joy to all who encounter them, for humankind has passed a milestone of tremendous importance this week.

As Lightworkers all over the globe have awakened to take part in consciously raising the vibration, the long climb out of Darkness reached a turning point. As portals were being cleared, Earth’s crystals were reactivated and ley lines reestablished by various groups working around the world, a tipping point was suddenly reached. It became possible for your Creator beings to complete clearings which would have been impossible to accomplish even the day before.

Most of you are completely unaware of the teams of Masters who are working now, in bodies on the ground, to lift the energies and clear away the remnants of the past eons. You are aware of the residue of dark ideas in your own thinking. Multiply that by thousands, and you have an idea of the nooks and crannies that need to be cleared in Mother Terra’s aura and physical body. Multiply it by trillions and you get the feel of the shared energy on the surface of the planet which needs to be cleaned, cleared and made ready for all to ascend.

You are far more profoundly affected by the ambient energies in your life than you acknowledge. It is why millions of people who know nothing about ascension are now feeling differently about themselves, their work and their environment. You see, the changes are occurring on every level, to every being, whether they agree with it or even notice it. This is possible because of your previous agreement – some call it the contract you came here to fulfill. Long before this lifetime, you knew what you would encounter here and what you would learn from it. You gave your permission to be upgraded from carbon to crystalline for the coming ascension.

We had many fail-safe agreements in place before you entered this life, all carefully considered and agreed upon in the Council meetings with your own committee and with the larger Councils which are overseeing the success of this mission. Insofar as we were able to consider all the possible timelines, we agreed on the steps you and others would be asked to take, and devised back-up plans for alternate scenarios.

You are now being asked to speed up your adaptation to the higher energies because you as a group have succeeded in raising the vibration and jumping timelines with such success that we are now in a completely new place with new possibilities. It is a very exciting time for us here in higher dimensions, because we are seeing the unfolding of events with great pleasure and satisfaction.

Yes, there are still challenges to be resolved, but look how all of you with boots on the ground have been carrying the ball, moving us forward little by little, bringing forth information which reveals the truth about the darkness you have lived with so long. You can feel it in the air – other countries challenging the cabal and its grip on the U.S. policies of creating false flags and starting wars to gain power and access to oil and other natural resources. A new day is truly dawning, Beloved Ones, when countries around the world are willing to align to stop the economic and military iron grip which has strangled whole countries into submission.

It is difficult for Americans to accept that the wars they have given their children to have been nothing but a ploy by the wealthiest ones to create chaos and confusion in order to gain power over others. You do not see yourselves that way, and for the most part, you are not cruel, but many have been convinced of the rightness of what has been done by the powerful propaganda machine which promotes fear of others. Those “others” you have been encouraged to fear and attack for trumped up reasons are always the ones who are in possession of something the cabal covets. Of the hundreds of wars around the planet since World War II, the U.S. has been the instigator in most of these conflicts.

It has taken a great toll, physically, psychologically and emotionally. Being the aggressor while pretending to be the protector of freedom and democracy requires a deep amnesia of past events. It also requires that you close your eyes to the unsavory actions of the secret government which has been the source of these aggressive actions. It is not that all information has been hidden; the Dark Ones have developed a skill for hiding in plain sight. They count on the population to interpret events according to the story line which is fed to everyone through the mainstream media.

I am talking to you about these things today, Dear Ones, because there will very shortly be revelations of wrongdoing which will shock even the most well-informed truth seekers. In coming weeks, it is very possible that other countries will begin to uncover the lies which have been baldly repeated. The most obvious of those lies is the 9/11 tragedy, which is seen as “an inside job” by nearly everyone on the planet outside the United States.

Of course, revealing other countries’ dirty laundry invites a full exploration of everyone’s atrocities. It has been a world-wide conspiracy of silence – “I won’t tell if you don’t” – but there are many in the higher ranks around the world who would now welcome a cleansing and reconciliation, and the opportunity to begin anew.

All of you know from your own experience how difficult it is to acknowledge your mistakes, especially the ones where you were complicit by your own silence. It is time for this humbling and compassionate approach to life on Planet Earth. There will be arrests and trials, and there will be dissension in the ranks as witnesses are asked to stand against those they have been loyal to. It will be a time when cooler heads and warmer hearts will be needed to avoid further bloodshed and unrest.

I ask you now to walk with me on the path of peace. We are brothers and sisters all, and we deserve to share this life on our beloved planet without interference from the forces of greed. It is time, Dearly Beloveds, to rise up, join hands in solidarity, and create the world you have longed for.

Tonight, May 21, 2014, there will be a meditation at 8 PM EDT to focus the energy of millions of people to raise the energy on the planet, to send loving energy to those who are standing in the way of the release of the Prosperity funds you have been promised, and to create the final opening of energetic waves of peace and harmony on Planet Earth. We will meet on BlogTalkRadio.com/ChannelPanel with Kathryn and Anne, and all around the world with groups that will gather for this purpose. It is the end of the Old Era, the time of suffering, poverty and war. We have entered the New Golden Age. It is time for the great wave of joy which will carry the first wave of Ascension of humankind to its completion. Join with us, Dear Ones, to envision the prosperity and the changes it will bring. Focus on the part of the Great Project you will be involved in: see your actions, your feelings of joy and commitment, and celebrate with us the new wave of cooperation, friendship across boundaries, and abundance for all.

As you envision and proclaim the changes, so they will be created and brought into existence. Universal Law requires it. See it vividly in your mind’s eye – the joy of the children who are well-fed and dressed, the water flowing clean and clear for all to enjoy, the resources like food, free energy, transportation and housing available to all, and you among others celebrating, singing and dancing for joy.

It is up to you, each one of you, to make this happen now. Join with us to raise the vibration to such a high level that it will raise all boats, all souls, all beings. Everything you envision now as a group will be created in the Universe, ready to be experienced along the present timeline.

So Be It.

I am you loving Sananda. I join my heart with yours.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, May 21, 2014, 6 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, http://www.whoneedslight.org.

Sheldan Nidle Update – Spiritual Hierarchy – Galactic Federation Of Light – 12-3-13

Via PAOweb.com, With Love …

10 Manik, 10 Yaxk’in, 10 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! We come before you now to discuss a number of subjects. At present, the dark has been watching as a series of events manifest that will change your world. These will transform your global banking system and begin a reset of your world’s currency system. These alterations are to be merely the first major steps in the changes that we have previously discussed with you toward new governance and releasing you from millennia of bondage. Whether it was one that tied you to a fiefdom of some type, or the debt slavery of the last few centuries, these various structures kept you legally fettered to an upper class that regularly abused you and your children. These instruments of slavery are to be lifted so you can become truly free. In that moment, the power of wealth is finally to end, so that you are able to be an individual who is again sovereign and prosperous in body and in Spirit. These events will prepare you for a celebration that will be attended by your spiritual and space families!

With the advent of freedom and personal sovereignty we can freely make our appearance. Since the fall of Atlantis, we have watched you and occasionally even directly guided you. We understood what Heaven was doing, but nonetheless deeply wished to guide you. Thus, we sent a number of Avatars, “Angels” and even prophets to aid you in staying on a pathway that Heaven had decreed for you. The dark’s earthly minions despised us and did what they could to discourage us. These strict censors were only partially successful as we encouraged many great men and women to come forth and expound our messages. As these courageous ones appeared, many sacred secret societies formed to aid us in our various divine missions to enlighten an oppressed humanity. These missions have existed for millennia and currently are leading to the new epoch that you are close to embracing. This time is one in which many divine miracles will happen!

Even though you see only glimpses of what is occurring, stay strong in your belief. Circumstances are coming together to forge a divine symphony that will transform this reality. Be ready to accept what at first can appear strange to you. The dark believes that you are not yet ready to change your ways. This is something that these dark minions cannot comprehend. The Light has created a special scenario that is presently unfolding and this process confuses the dark cabal. Even their many attempts at creating war are failing. Their old ways do not work anymore. The militaries of your world wish for peace to descend on this realm. This is not to be a time of confusion but rather a moment when grand clarity sweeps across this globe. It is a time when agreements that free you of these dark ones will permit you to rejoice at the power of the Light. It will also be a time when you reconnect openly with your brethren from the stars and your family from inner Earth – a moment filled with hope and miracles!

This grand moment of reunion is something we have awaited for many of our lifetimes. You originally came forth nearly a million years ago to form a magnificent stewardship with Gaia. This guardianship experienced deep remorse because of what had happened when the dark had severely ravaged the planets of your solar system. Earth was left as the only world that still permitted humans to reside successfully on its surface. The great oceans of Venus, Mars and even the former world of Pax (Maldek) were gone. They had been banished for a while to the inner realms. The time is soon to come again when these other water worlds will return to their former pristine condition. Then you will split up and resume your stewardships of these other worlds. You are to rejoice in the vast miracles of Heaven and in the utter beauty of these restored worlds. You will forge a wondrous new star nation, shape it and, along the way, revive a multitude of new flora and fauna.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day with news and some blessed information. Events are moving swiftly forward. The major ones concern the monetary and financial system of this realm. We bless those who bring forth a new monetary exchange. This work is the very beginning of the first domino that is to fall. It signals that our secret sacred societies are ready for the next grand transformations. In total, the alterations of this world are a sign of what is to shortly follow. In 1776, Count St. Germain put forth a blueprint of what is now happening. Jefferson, inspired by him, wrote: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

These glorious words set the stage for a change that led eventually to a new concept in governance. Lincoln later brilliantly delineated this concept. “…That this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” This sacred belief that sovereignty derives from the people and that this sovereignty is shared equally by all is at the very heart of what the Divine is currently achieving for you. Any form of slavery is fundamentally illegal and inherent blasphemy perpetrated upon us by the dark. During our many lifetimes that eventually lead to our mutual enlightenment we encountered numerous forms of this sacrilege. We are jointly dedicated to removing this wickedness from this realm. Our devotees are determined to provide you a reality that is truly free of these horrid abominations to the Light!

Dedication to the Light will permit a new reality to be born. In doing this, you are put at the very edge of a transformation into full consciousness. We have long strived to engender this on this beautiful orb. The dark’s reign of subtle terror is near its end. This will bring you an opportunity to fully understand who and what you are. Hence, we intend at the right divine time to come forth and teach in detail what many sacred texts now omit. These lessons are to ready you for a new state of consciousness and you will literally be able to manifest your Angelic “wings.”Our task is to divinely guide and lovingly supervise this transformation. Many sacred Miracles are responsible for this. Our numerous prayers have been answered. We now have spiritual and galactic allies that will lead you to a most marvelous triumph! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we have further clarified what is happening around this world. Great changes are in the works. This transformation brings you the revelation of a grand reunion with your spiritual and space families. This wondrous reunion will swiftly lead to your return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Christina Sarich – Synesthesia: A Multidimensional Blur Of The Senses – WakingTime




Imagine biting into an apple and seeing the color purple, or smelling the salt of the ocean as the touch of a lover’s hand on the small of your back. These types of experiences are called synesthesia: the occurrence of concomitant sensation is a fascinating blend of the five senses – touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight.We’ve all experienced synesthesia to some degree, but, synesthetes (as people are named who can taste the color blue or smell someone’s hand tickling through their hair) have a heightened interplay of neurological synapses that end up quieting some senses and turning up the volume on others.

Forgetting to Distinguish the Taste of Purple, The Smell of Sweet, the Sound of Light

Coming from the latin syn and esthesia (as in anesthesia) those with this forgetfulness to ‘divide’ the world into parts experience it instead, as a contemporaneous blend of lemon zest on the tongue while seeing a Dexter Gordon jazz riff, or touching a piece of fine stationary and smelling a Spring day. Instead of feeling anesthetized through the five senses, they are amalgamated into a tumble of sensual experience.

The brain is a wet, loud, strange place sometimes, and the sensory-motor connections that allow synesthesia to occur are quite fascinating. If to you, Thursday is translucent white and your boss screaming at you the color pale grey, the sound of a symphony tastes like cinnamon and a baby crying smells like wet leaves, then you have synesthesia.

Psychologists, Philosophers, Neurobiologists, Trippers, Painters and Artists with Synesthesia

Neurologists consider synesthesia to be rare, and often abnormal, and in some cases even pathological. Many artists, poets, and musicians consider it to be a gift, and phenomenologists consider synesthesia to be a step closer to spiritual awakening. Some feel that synesthesia occurs due to an abnormal seratonin breakdown. This phenomenon of mixed sense also occurs under the influence of multiple psychedelic drugs. When we are still in our mother’s womb, and up until about four months of age, we all experience sensory input in undifferentiated ways. From cradle to grave, synesthesia can occur in multiple ways.

Regardless of how you quantify the phenomenon of synesthesia, researchers are still figuring out exactly how the brain segregates and correlates information that comes in from external stimulus and becomes filtered through the five senses.

Approximately 100 years ago, being a synesthete was considered tres chic in France and other parts of Europe. In modern vernacular synesthetes have now been categorized by psychologists into more than 50 types. Rimbaud and Baudelaire used the cross-sensory imagery of synesthesia in their poetry and others wrote of experiencing it in concert halls. Notes had hues and metaphors were endemically mixed-sense references. Some say Kandiniski, Van Gogh, and Poe were synesthetes.

Terence McKenna experienced synesthesia in his many psychedelic trips (primarily after experimenting with magic mushrooms and also taking more than 70mg of DMT, familiarizing himself with what has been called tryptamine synesthesia). Narby, Munn, Pankhe, and thousands of others who have experienced Shamanistic rituals have also reported mixed sense phenomenon. James Wannerton of Blackpool, England experiences lexical-gustatory synesthesia, which means he ‘tastes’ words or sounds. In a book by social scientist Cretien van Crampen, Hidden Sense, he points to ways the brain processes information differently in different people:

“When synaesthetes insisted that letters have colors, researchers attributed it to their strong imagination…In other cases, in was felt to be a learned association…Another frequently heard explanation for synesthesia is that the colors of letters are not perceptions but are rather a type of associative metaphor. The word “sea” would thus be associated with a blue color because the word evokes an image of the sea for the inner eye. However, the synesthete may tell you that the word “sea” has red, yellow, and purple colors…

Brain scans of synaesthetes [now]…provide proof of the neurological existence of synaesthesia…In one test, a synaesthetic person was blindfolded and placed in a recording tnnel of the brain-scanning apparatus and wore headphones that produced spoken words at regular intervals…activity in the areas of the brain responsible for hearing and color vision occur simultaneously when a blindfolded synesthete hears a word. Under the same conditions, the brains of non-synesthetes generated activity only in the areas known to be responsible for hearing.”

Universal Common Experience

In a discussion presented by Dr David Luke from the University of Greenwich recently it was offered that “there is a geometric aspect common to many of the psychedelic visions experienced by people in different cultures.’ It doesn’t matter if you are a Timothy Leary devotee, a South American Shaman, a Holy Man in India, a recreational acid head, or a housewife, likely your experience on a psychedelic ‘trip’ will be a complex, interlocking play of shapes, divine geometric patterns and extremely bright colors that are almost ‘alien’ in comparison to the sensory experience of the everyday world.

This phenomenon of synesthesia shouldn’t be so surprising for many people who have premeditated cymatics. It is after all, the study of how sound, ‘looks.’ Evan Grant discusses this in a great TED talks video that shows how to make sound waves visible.  Sound can travel through gases, liquids and solids, and especially our own bodies and brainwaves. It has been proven to alter them, and some of the geometric symbols, like the Sri Yantra, were thought to have been received as a simultaneous visual/sound phenomenon in mediation.

Synesthesia and Super String Theory

So, the question then becomes, no matter what causes our synesthesia experience, are we regressing (as in the womb) or getting closer to a Universal experience of Unity (as we evolve and experience spiritual evolution) where all the senses blend together to describe an Infinite Universe? In yogic terms, once one reaches chittasuddhi, there is often a blending of oneself and others, through both the senses and other ‘strings’ of the consciousness.  From a nucleus of Infinite possibility, a whole experience can blossom forth within multiple dimensions, and not just the one we are currently rooted in with a linear experience of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

If, as super string theory suggests, at the highest levels of existence all things are just vibrating chords of energy tied to everything else, then it would make plenty of sense that smell and touch are interchangeable, as are taste and sound, sight and feeling, and so on. Those distinctions, in fact, might simply be the more gross experience of the dynamics of the more subtle Universe as a whole.

Further, the natural length of scale necessary to test string theory is entirely too small at present. If, however, every particle transmits a force (a boson) and that then makes up matter in the form of matter (a fermion) and vice versa, the symmetry of the Universe is proven yet again, and synesthesia might just be a blending of the senses in much the same way we can empathize with someone ‘else’s’ emotions or taste the sky when we look into a lover’s eyes. The Universe is psychedelia anyhow, to any awakened mind.

If you have experienced synesthesia in a state of altered consciousness or just live with it every day, we invite you to share your experience of it, or related links below.