Asana Mahatari via Jahn J Kassl – Scrutiny of All Human Relationships

Asana Mahatari

Asana Mahatari

channeled by Jahn J Kassl, January 5, 2015

translated by Franz

Stunning, how precisely and almost simultaneously the divine dramaturgy functions these last days of Truth and Revelations.


Beloved Mankind! 

Human relationships and friendships will again be scrutinized for their degree of truth and deep value.

All levels of human living together reveal today their actual substance, will be liberated from any pipe dreams and lies, and will be seen for what they really are. Whoever until today has given the lie the priority and disdained the truth, will now be disabused of that notion, because the “Great Wave” Inundates everything and all, who have built their houses on sand or close to the water. Partnerships, friendships, ties and relationships will be subjected to further and more profound scrutiny in these days.

This is necessary, so that human Beings, to whom it may concern, will be fed into the suction of the ascension, which is impossible without a redeemed Being. In these last days of mankind only those, who are committed to the truth, are a good servant for this world, and who act free of self-deceptions. Now human Beings unveil their actual value, their true strength and identity.

The new energy quality on this earth makes it possible that human Beings are flooded by the divine Light in a so far unreached manner and in a so far unreached intensity, and appear in their actual garment, their true energetic condition. Never before in time has this fact that human Beings now truly encounter themselves, been more precisely true than today.

And this means the end of every incomplete relationship or relationships built on deceptions – and this on all levels of human living together, whereby the relationships between nations on this earth are included. Self-perception and reality drift apart for many human Beings and now events are affected, which enable an opening of awareness. 

The actual tragedy of a light warrior of the first and last hours is, if he is subjected to space-time without recognizing it himself, because the quality to look at oneself in the naked mirror has been lost or has never been acquired.    

The comfortable life in earthly securities exerts such a subtle power over such human Beings and they neither know that they do not fulfill their assignments, or that at the end of time they themselves will stay behind unfulfilled. Now more and more human Beings face this fact, those, who have entered into this world with high assignments, those, who were richly fitted with “talents”, and who are unable to live accordingly or are unwilling to apply it.

It is what it is. The new energy floods this world, breaks through barriers and blockages, and brings forth a new human Being. This time of times is intensive, truthful and penetrating. Everything that has been put on its head is adjusted, everything that is sick will get well, and everything that is ignoble will be refined; in those, who are still ready for it before the end. And we are talking foremost about the light warriors of the first and last hours, who do not live according to their divine assignments, which brought them to this earth.

While the great number of human Beings has made its choice, the very small number of those light warriors, who have gone astray and still carry a spark of truth in them, will now be awakened.

The transformation energy reaches their hearts and transforms their Being, because it is up to the awakening of this scattered number of light warriors in the last days of the world. These human Beings are consistently and uncompromisingly guided to their assignments, until they awaken, so that new strength flows to the Masters among human Beings, and in order to fulfill the ascension. The departure nears for all Masters of this time, who have stood with their Light against the rough-and-tumble of this time.

And the departure nears for those, who in the last instance will leave the wheel of time. 

We enter into the Kingdom of Peace of the Creator and we attain Glory in God. Eternally.

I am


Asana Mahatari via Jahn J Kassl – Most Powerful Transformation Has Begun! – by Georgi Stankov – 12-19-14

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Asana Mahatari  /  Chaneler Jahn J Kassl, 12-19-14

translated by Franz  /  Foreword by Georgi Stankov


Since the opening of the heart chakra and the centre of truth (5th chakra) of all second wave ascension candidates (old and very ripe souls), we are on a steep ascension spiral that includes in the first place the elimination of all dark, low vibrating patterns that have allowed to conceal the truth in the current 3D matrix.

One should always bear in mind that from the upper 4D and fully from the 5D upwards, there are no secrets at all, as all beings enjoy immediate and complete cognition at the quantum multidimensional level. At present the Source energies that flood this uppermost mother planet, and in particular the adamantine particles of God’s omniscience, create the same energetic conditions of unvarnished truth.

This new energetic situation has much bigger repercussions than many of you can envision. We have now entered the epoch of absolute truth, where any heinous deed or thought of the dark cabal will be immediately recognized as such by all other people. This will happen not because these people have made such a huge leap in their spiritual evolution, then this is not possible for most of them given their still rather unripe soul age. But these new energetic conditions of unvarnished truth prohibit the existence of any secrets in this new emerging higher frequency holographic reality, so that the dark cabal will automatically begin to expose their egregious nature without being able to hide it by any means whatsoever, as this was the case in the past.

There is a fine line to draw in this semantic definition. The dark cabal were always heinous and highly criminal. However, in the past there was a resonance between their egregious deeds and the low emotional and mental vibrations of the masses, so that the true nature of the dark cabal could not be revealed to the masses.

For me and some other light warriors with a clear and open mind and heart that vibrate with the highest frequencies of the Source, this was an obvious fact for many, many years. However the moment I expressed this opinion loudly, I was immediately ostracized as an arsonist and troublemaker. Later on, in the New Age movement I was accused to be of the darkness as I simply exposed this darkness in their thoughts and deeds.

Only a few days ago the Agarthans told us not to pretend to like this reality as this will hinder our ascension – it is the most toxic reality in the whole multiverse. Were it different, we would not be here to help ascend it.

And this is the bottom line. Most of the crimes of the dark cabal could not be revealed as such because the masses were insusceptible for this fact due to the lack of any moral and ethical principles and were guided exclusively by old Orion-tainted prejudices and false beliefs. They put up with this reality and even liked it for the most part as long as they were allowed to stay in their comfort zone based entirely on primitive survival instincts. True morality and ethics is a very rare human virtue, which only very old souls can possess, as these principles always resonate with the highest frequencies of the Source -actually they are generated from God’s divine mind.

Due to these unfavorable energetic circumstances, there was no way to reach the minds and the closed hearts of the people, just as I was unable to reach the locked, perverted minds of the scientists, so that they be able to understand the universal truthfulness and the great aesthetic beauty of the new Theory of the Universal Law, which comes directly from the Source. In other words, the revelations were there all the time, but the perceptiveness of the masses was not there to internalize them and trigger a powerful emotional reaction of indignation or even wrath with respect to the appalling conditions of life on this planet.

Now this time has arrived as the whole matrix has profoundly changed. As the Elohim told us two days ago, the old electromagnetic grid has been completely severed from the new crystalline grid of this uppermost mother planet and of Gaia as a whole. This would say that the old lies and deceptions of the Orion elite have no power over the minds and hearts of the people as they are no longer energetically supported by the crystalline grid. The dark elite is now completely severed from this grid and only exist as empty shells that commit shadow fights with their imaginary foes.

In their collective insanity the dark cabal naturally want to engage the rest of humanity in their madness and this futile and extremely pathological mental expectation will be the cause for their ultimate demise, which is now very near. The obvious discrepancy between the weird, wishful thinking of the Western elite and their presstitutes as to the real situation in Russia and around the world and what other more open minded alternative journalists and experts observe can no longer be denied or neglected. The complete lack of common sense and their inability to perform a reality check is now becoming so evident that this fact alone discredits them fully and paves the way for their imminent demise. The masses do not want to have leaders that are insane and even more stupid than themselves. This is applied Machiavellianism.

Since one week for instance the Internet trolls have stopped harassing me as they lost all their arguments and imagined credibility and realized that they only understand  “Bahnhof” (railway station, which means “nothing” in German slang), when they read my website and are now becoming ridiculous beyond any measure with their idiotic comments. The power of the information and the complexity of the assessments of the current situation on this website made them feel like cretins, which they have always been, but now for the first time acutely realized it and could no longer bear this truth. Hence they disappeared. This is what will happen with the dark ruling cabal very soon after their last stooges have left the scene.

The same process is now unfolding with the ruling cabal behind closed doors and Putin is the catalyst for this exposition of the “naked kings” with his open and sincere presentations, as his marathon press conference yesterday, which you can watch in English here, revealed:

And then read any of the Western MSM on this press conference to see for yourself the blunt distortions of his long presentation. In other words, the truth can no longer be hidden, no matter what the dark AAA cabal try to instigate.

This time the revelations that will sweep over the masses will not be based on  their intellectual achievements, as is the case with all wayshowers such as the light warriors of the first and the last hour. The revelations are now a simple function of the new high frequency Source energies which we began to introduce with full force this year and in particular after we introduced the gold-violet flame of transmutation, healing and ascension in May this year. Other flames followed. This website is a seamless chronicle of these significant energetic events.

In this context, I would like to give you another convincing example that everything that we have achieved so far and has been reported on this website can be now registered even by crude material instruments of the Orion science. Watch please this video below to see that the Voyager 1 has registered three energetic “tsunami waves” in interstellar space, which are representative for three major episodes in the current, ongoing ascension history of Gaia:

The first tsunami wave was on October – November 2012 when we prepared and opened under huge sacrifices the stargate 12.12.12 and 12.21.12. You can go back to that time and read all the articles associated with the major ascension test runs we accomplished during this time. With the opening of the stargate by the PAT, Gaia entered the New Age. Now we are in the third year of this New Age.

The second tsunami wave was in April – May 2013, when Carla came to Germany and we single-handed created the first seven 4D earths. This was the start signal for creating infinite new holographic timelines of Gaia that contributed to the dilution of darkness and her step-wise ascension. This process is ongoing to this very day and since the beginning of 2014 has increased in speed. Gaia is now expanding with incredible velocity and has become the core of the new Golden Galaxy, while we – the new Guardians of it.

The third tsunami describes the period between February 2014 till now, exactly the time when I came to Vancouver, Canada and opened together with Carla the Infinity Portal in White Rock. Since then the expansion of our creation is unlimited and this is now registered by the Voyager 1 with its very crude means. Here you have irrefutable scientific evidence that everything we now create and has been reported and published on this website is based on sound scientific evidence, even though this 3D information cannot reveal the complexity and beauty of our true multidimensional creationary activities as Logos Gods.

In this sense, the following message of Asana Mahatari does not tell us anything new as we feel this “most powerful transformation” for a very long time. But it is still a great consolation to have this confirmation one more time.



King and Waiter

Dream Scene I: I am the host and/or the king of a party. All human Beings must pay their respect. Some human Beings are familiar to me, others not. What I see are consistently unbelievably ugly human Beings. Only rarely do I see human Beings with a pleasant outer appearance. Naked or in a state of undress, with worn out clothing, ducking their head in homage, they pass in front of me. One man surpasses all of them, standing in front of me with his own shit and urine dripping from all body orifices.

Scene II: I see how I serve these human Beings, who have just paid their respect to me as a king, as a waiter and I take their orders. Thereby I have mostly the task to point out proper behavior to these human Beings. Human Beings do not know how to behave and I even have to tell them how to sit properly. (End of dream)


These scenes show what kind of quality the present transformation work has. Due to the new vibration, which has captured our world and surrounds it, nothing can be hidden anymore.

Human Beings and institutions appear in their actual condition. This pertains to all and everything, what until today has established itself in the last niches, where the Light has not penetrated until today. It also pertains to a few human Beings, who impersonate themselves as light warriors of the first and last hours, yet still have not proved themselves of this quality.

„King and Waiter“ mean, only those are a king, who carry out their position in service to human Beings and whose kingdom is mankind. And indeed, it is a service and a great merit, to hold up the mirror to human Beings, so that they can look at themselves and can recognize themselves. And today, this task falls to the actually awakened ones. Just by itself and without having asked for it. 

Because those, who serve as a light tower, not only offer orientation, but are experienced and rejected as a threat by those, who have committed themselves to darkness.

Each awakened one serves as a mirror to human Beings and this has an effect in the most diverse daily occurrences: Light penetrates darkness and human Beings see themselves. Some experience this as a blessing, many as a nuisance. God’s time of Grace fulfills and completes in these days. Again the chaff is separated from the wheat, until all levels have been redeemed due to this process, and have been perfected.

In summary: The transformation work continues and reaches now a so far unique intensity. What has been hidden until today becomes visible and in most cases, this is an ugly and rarely a beautiful sight. 

A new energy quality has reached this world and thereby new possibilities for transformation become possible. Nothing can be hidden from the Light of the Creator and in the mirror of Masters in human Gestalt, the walking kings of mankind; this time is truly over.

In the coming days and weeks this brings great upheavals, changes in society and in the environment of individual human Beings. Much is rearranged, much is brought together or is separated; it is the time of far-reaching transformation  and the truth.

Everything and each human Being unveils now their true value, and from now on it is impossible for human Beings to remain invisible and undiscovered with their unredeemed issues. The sword of truth does its work, whereby all deceptions and lies are removed, so that human Beings recognize themselves in their own mirror image. 

The most intensive and most powerful time of transformation has begun, for those, who until now have cleverly hidden their true Being. 

This fact paves the ground for individual and global ascension and what seemed impossible so far, becomes possible: Ascension, Transfiguration and Assumption.

I am with this world. I am amongst human Beings.



Asana Mahatari – Arrival Gift Of The Creator – 9-27-14



Asana Mahatari: Arrival Gift of the Creator
Jahn J Kassl
Jahn J Kassl


channeled by Jahn J Kassl

translated by Franz

27. September 2014

Report: In the Sauna two men talk about a house eviction, which in these days happens in Vienna, and which has been reported in the media. Thereby the men give an insight into their worldview; a lack of love and empathy are the most salient characteristics. I think to myself: “they will still experience a lot, before they recognize” and “there is still a lot of work waiting for us” as we return to the 4D levels. And actually I have zero ambition for it…., in the locker room I hear another two men babbling dumb things and my thoughts from before return: “Much work that is waiting for us.” (End of report)

Beloved Ones,


New Orientation of Assignments

After we have done the work on this level and have returned into God’s Light, a new determination and new orientation of your assignments takes place!

Nobody of the future ascending Masters is obliged to implement under all circumstances a decision, which was made under very demanding conditions and from the viewpoint of a limited human point of view. Know: As today, you, who are standing in service in the middle of this world, say that you would never return, because you lived what you came to live for, as soon as you attained perfection, this decision will be newly looked at and will be supplemented with an encompassing viewpoint.

As you say today that your task is to serve this mankind “eternally”, this will also be subjected to a renewed consideration; in the all-knowing of your consciousness and after you are perfected on all levels.

This truth describes the arrival gift of the Creator, to human Beings, who have affected unique, outstanding and immeasurable things, because they have completely transformed a world and with it a whole galaxy, and have uplifted it.

Therefore do not feel bound by decisions, which you make with regard to your further assignments here on earth. These altogether will be newly looked at in God’s all-knowing Light and will be newly oriented, so that for you it is fulfilled, what on all levels of your Being strives for fulfillment. Now to the short scene, which Jahn describes. Indeed much work waits for those, who have chosen this, because the different 4D worlds are, the lower they vibrate, a true challenge for every enlightened one. This scene reflects a world that lacks empathy and this kind of human Being can actually be found in great numbers in this uplifting world. This fact means that there must be very many discharges, because the separation of the galaxy, whereby star after star enters into the new world, is equivalent to the redemption of this lack of love. With every planet, which enters into the new galaxy of Light, certain issues in this world will be redeemed. Everything is truly interconnected with each other.

In these days it is of great value not to give in to any illusions, because the number of human Beings, who can describe themselves as Saints of the old days, is, even though it increases, very, very small. Until the end human inexperience (young souls) predominate, the human ignorance (human Beings of middle soul age) or the fear of change, because what has been achieved wants to be preserved or the incomplete transformation is viewed as completed. (Light warriors and older souls, who have lost their orientation).

These three components determine the modes of action of Light Beings, who we all are. This galaxy transforms and stars take a new place in Heaven. And with each “separation of a star”, new transformation energy flows to the Mother planet of transformation, the earth, which you know and call your home.

Meaning, the discharges become more massive and ever more regions of the earth are reached by the planetary and societal transformation. Until also this world falls into the suction of the magnetic upheavals and the final events, according to God’s instructions. We are a great and invincible power. We have emerged from God’s origin and now we return to God’s origin.

The Light has prevailed! Never in time has this truth been so visible, as now, because the pillars of the world are removed and are sinking down.

The game is over and Life begins! The illusion has ended, Love, joy, peace, kindness and grace – affect everything and are everywhere.


Together with mankind I return into the Light. With the Masters among you I decamp in order to build new worlds, in order to exploit new realities.

I am that I am.

The golden-violet flame of transformation is my instrument, which I offer to every human Being, as soon as he calls on it and is ready for it.

I am that I am


Christ Consciousness 9 – HERITAGE FROM ATLANTIS:

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Asana Mahatari – Ascension – The Final Phase


Asana Mahatari

it is obvious that this unique process of ascension has been expanded and enriched again by an essential facet. The “obligatory program” is finished, now follows the “freestyle program of ascension.”

Indeed  all the now newly created holograms of the upper 4D earths are either equipped with “walk-ins” or “incarnated” by high angelic beings who have never incorporated into a physical body, in order to keep the energy and to promote the ascension of the people who are present there.

Many beings could not be considered for (incarnation) for this “time of all times”, this is now done in full scope, and it happens that the dark ones are now being starved of energy at the levels of 4D, because they will not find the necessary number of 500 thousand human souls in all upper 4D holograms.

The slavery is over. Only the lower 4D levels and all 3D levels were seized in various grades or completely by the dark machinations. A one-time grace period has begun. Continue to have faith.

It is important, and this justifies and requires all your questions with which you come to us, it is important that you understand why now this new “time loops” are created and why the ascension of many, who are so desperately waiting for this event, will occur within this kind of dynamics.

All new holograms are inhabited, incarnated with souls and equipped until enlightenment can unfold at these levels. The ascension of the light warriors of the first hour, those who have fulfilled their specific orders, remains unaffected by these facts. Affected are only those who have yet to do and act as a man among men, in physical and yet “unfinished” nature. It is also important to know that nothing has been changed in the individual orders, these will only be reaffirmed or made known to you now, because the waiting for the salvation is grinding down the will of anybody who does not know the causes of the waiting.

This first message on this new (ascension) dynamics should lift you up, because truly, worlds are now ascended and worlds go under.

Your orders, beloved Jahn, go on initially in a “linear” fashion before the linear structure is removed. This requires that you be patient, and as a master of this you will perform very well. We will contact you again about this and other new developments. We are close to you and we are with you.

The ascension process goes into the finale of the final phase. We have performed our obligatory program and now we get the opportunity to present in the finale freestyle program once again all our abilities, the love and devotion to this divine project.

Many angels have never looked through the eyes of a man, they know not what a physical body feels like, and this is now made possible and accomplished at the upper 4D earths. With this, the universe expands again and the dark forces are deprived of the ground for their ill-doings on the here mentioned levels of being.

The process of ascension receives its “fine-tuning”, in the manner that the wishes of those are met, who were not originally approved for the journey on this earth because they come from other planes of existence or because the number of incarnated souls was met for this time of change on the earth.

This means the true completion of the ascension process, since even those potentials that were previously unaffected, can now be considered. Be ready – anytime, stay true to your orders because the great cosmic bow is now completed.

In infinite love


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