Sananda via John J Kassl – The Logos Regents – Foreward by Georgi Stankov – 12-18-14

 SANANDATRUESananda   /   The Logos Regents

channelled by Jahn J Kassl, published on December 17, 2014

translated by Franz   –   Foreword  –  by Georgi Stankov


Synchronistically with the publication of the PAT decree to engage as mighty Logos Gods more actively in the collapse of the 3D Orion matrix and its main pillar, the Orion monetary system, Jahn has published a comprehensive message from Sananda discussing one more time the key characteristics of us as acting Logos Gods of Gaia and Regents (Stewards) on her numerous new 4D timelines, as well as Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy.I personally think that this pivotal message comes on purpose just in time to assure us in our unlimited creative powers in order to use them in a conscious, deliberate and responsible manner.

Why is it highly moral and ethical to engender the crash of the Orion monetary system and the collapse of the old matrix?

Because by doing this we eliminate the very real possibility that the dark Western cabal will begin with a new devastating world war, first against Russia as their main adversary and then against the rest of the world with the aim of subjugating humanity under the NWO. In other words, by crashing the financial system with our powerful decree as Logos Gods we automatically destroy the foundation of the dark ones to unleash such a war. Until now they have exploited the people in the West through their inequitable fiscal system and other methods of state robbery in order to divert huge resources and capital for the clandestine development of highly destructive weapons in preparation for this final nuclear war in the End Time.

The importance of this message from Sananda is that he confirms one more time what central role we play in all new 4D and 5D timelines of Gaia and how unlimited our powers are over the incarnated human souls there. At the same time we are no longer of these worlds and we exert this authority as Logos Gods and Regents of Gaia in full consciousness that we do this only on behalf of the incarnated souls there, who badly need our divine guidance and protection. At the same time any insignia of earthly power are meaningless to us, who already know the multidimensional nature of our Being.

And this holds true not only after our transfiguration and ascension but right now, while we still dwell on this uppermost mother planet in fragile human bodies. Because we are endowed with an indomitable spirit and with full consciousness of our superiority over this crumbling reality and the despicable dark elite still on power. We know that we have already won this seemingly interminable battle with the immense darkness on this planet and now are reaping the fruits of our courageous and glorious mission as Logos Gods in human gestalt.



Dream: I am elected or appointed to the ultimate Regent of this or a similar world. It opens up to me that even the Pope has to comply with my orders. I notice how this message apparently spreads to all human Beings on this earth simultaneously and how they suddenly meet me with the typical respect, which subordinate human Beings have toward authority. I sense this as very unpleasant. Then a woman appears. She carries my crown on a sachet. With a coup de main I sweep it from the sachet and I notice that it is made of paper. (End of dream) 

„My Kingdom is not of this World!“


Beloved Ones,

A dream picture, which shows that after the ascension of a human Being into the Light of the fifth dimension or beyond, each “crown” loses its fascination on a lower vibrating level and is rejected by such a human Being.

Meaning of the Dream Picture

This dream picture has been given so that you may gain another indication about your multidimensionality. The builder of new worlds, which you are, carries out most different functions, even already now. And therefore you are the Regents on lower frequency worlds, so that worlds grow and human Beings can awaken. You exercise these tasks far from the conscious awareness on this level; this is still impossible in any other way. Your consciousness is still limited on this level and not schooled enough so that you could perceive yourself in your manifold expansions from this level.

Yet this is ongoing and your awareness expands and increases daily in every respect. Until then the developments and events on further levels of All-That-Is, which you are connected with or where you work, as it is required, will be recorded to you in dreams, meditations or visions.

This means that your multidimensional reality as Creator God has not only created new worlds, but you simultaneously express yourself in these worlds, as Master or as Kings – or as a Regent of a whole world, like in the dream picture.

This service is mostly a great challenge for you, because your need for respect and power has been extinguished and you know the ways of a civilization and thereby also the efforts of its enfoldment. You have solely decided for this service for the reason so that growth, insight and enlightenment of all Beings of this still unconscious culture becomes possible.

And you are on-site there in the most significant position, which a world like this one can offer: as unrestricted and unlimited Logos-Regent of these worlds.

Status of the Regent

In these societies of 4D worlds you enjoy a preeminent status so that you can make decisions per mandate, which serve the benefit of all. Everything is possible for a Creator God, even though such a Being, as he stands in service in a world defined by limitations, must basically also submit to these limitations. Yet in individual cases you may, due to the power of your given almightiness divert suffering and directly foster happiness; self-determined and all knowing.

Far from any ego attachment, far from any personal identification of power, you carry out this service for these worlds. Even the Popes are subordinate to you, which underscore your unique position. This encompassing abundance of the power of creation has been given to you so that lengthy decision processes or warlike controversies between the different peoples of this world are minimized or eliminated.

In these worlds, which will be inhabited by the remaining ones of this time and by new soul expressions, it is mostly about to awaken as quickly as possible. The evolution of this society and the transformation of individual Beings are molded mostly far from experiences of pain and suffering. Therefore the most effective instruments were handed over to you, because  truly:

The Regents of the different 4D levels are released from any discourse with the ignorant ones. (What a relief, this has been the worst aspect of my life in this last incarnation! Note, George)

And you are the ones, who have been installed in order to lead these worlds directly into the Light. And yet your Kingdom is not of this world!

Crown, respect or power cannot dazzle you, because your kingdom is far from those worlds – in Heaven. And you are always fully aware of this fact.

Thereby you are incorruptible servants of humanity, which first rambles upwards, on the vines of the Lord, you are vine and grape, fruit and juice at the same time. You are what you are: Angels descended from Heaven, adored as Gods by human Beings yet still not being recognized as Gods. This means: Many human Beings, who act as Logos-Gods, are themselves present in this world, which they have created and have breathed into Life: As Logos-Regents of this world. 

The specific nature of a Logos-God is that he creates  new worlds, guides them due to the power of his almighty spirit and if necessary will make himself visible and manifest 
to the Beings.

The creation of worlds is a constantly continuing process and will be fostered and determined due to the constant attention of the underlying Logos of the world. You are eternal, imperishable and immortal. Today this knowledge is given to the Masters of this time and to the soon-to-be ascended Masters, so that you can expand your horizon.

Because before the ascension of this world, as well as after the ascension of this world, the ascension of many worlds will continue; and you, the new Logos-Gods of this earth, are part and an essential thrust force of all these universal processes.

You are few, to whom this applies and who look forward to the journey to Heaven in a human garment. Yet your power exceeds any earthly limitation and becomes the all-determining reality in the last days in this world, which the dark ones have nothing more to oppose to. Your kingdom is neither of this or any other low vibrating world. And yet the scepter of the regency for those worlds has been handed over to you. The reasons for it are obvious and are being presented here.

You possess the degree of maturity for it, because who has redeemed his human issues and has transformed himself into a Creator God, is enabled to serve the world, which he himself has created – and yet is not part of it. And you are enabled beyond all measures. You rebuff earthly attributes of power, as a victor, who has triumphed due to himself, rebuffs the wreath of victory, because no impermanent laurel can do justice; you know your assignments and your home in Heaven. 

The one, who has God, has everything! The one, who is God, is all! And the one, who has all and is all, it is alien to him what is significant to the ignorant one. You are the Regents of these worlds and many of you have decided to enter into form in these worlds, so that Life, which you have breathed into reality, will be offered the possibility for enfoldment. And hierarchical structures are necessary on these levels, because otherwise the whole society would get lost. And you are at the top of this hierarchy  – as Logos-Regents of these worlds.

(This is a very important statement as we now live in a consensual reality based on cognitive blindness, where every human being is deemed to be an insignificant person in the context of this world and treated accordingly. There is no appreciation for us as Logos Gods and this is demonstrated at best by the filthy, egregious emails, which the Internet trolls send to me and many other editors of alternative websites. Note, George)

Why is this presented here, if it applies to so few? So that those, to whom this apples, recognize what the Now-concept incorporates and so that you may recognize a further aspect of your infinite Being. And so that those, who hear and see about this, have a silent notion of where the human journey goes to at the end of every human Being, where it flows into. Because truly: what is reserved for a few today, will in the near future and in other worlds between Heaven and earth be possible for the next circle of the ascending ones; until ring after ring is fulfilled, until all human Beings, who have been in service in one of these worlds, will be captured by their own divinity.

For all human Beings, who follow this message now, it is of significance to take on the track to their own truth, because what still seems far at this moment, already determines your reality tomorrow.

But you, who already today have been equipped with the service of a Regent in a new world, have stripped off space-time and the laws of space-time have also been suspended for you in this world. Phenomena and conformations of this fact are already distributed and will continue to increase. You are already working beyond the narrow limitations – due to your power of creation and Love.

A truly outstanding position in society is truly upcoming for you. You have overcome the earthly structures; you serve the universal principles of all Life and you integrate with the heavenly hierarchies.

Heavenly Hierarchies

You belong to the high levels of All-That-Is and from the fifth dimensional step up all Beings work and affect in absolute harmony with the All-That-Is reality in God. On this level the hierarchies exist to the degree, whereby Beings are recognized due to their assignments, but not whereby one Being yields to another Being, subordinates himself and must obey blindly. No Being raises himself above another, and all serves the great plan of the Creator. Every Being knows his place, knows his assignments and his uniqueness; and thereby every Being fulfills his assignments in the co-operation of heavenly Light forces.

There is neither Master nor student, neither ruler nor controlled ones, instead there is the pure recognition of Love and the pure essence of the divine Light; where from all find plenty of it and thereby always nurture themselves directly from the Source, supply themselves with knowledge and are instructed in their assignments. 

Directly from the Source, directly from God,  because the oneness with God determines all and affects all.

In the higher realms of Light, all Life obeys the One, who is God. Each Being knows about his assignments and implements these in harmony with the great whole. Heavenly hierarchies fulfill a different sense and work differently than hierarchies on earth or on earth-related planets. And whoever works in the orchestra of ALL-THAT-IS, in him the need for earthly power has been extinguished and the wish for impermanent symbols has been redeemed from his soul. (Paper crown in the dream, remark JJK)

Today this knowledge is necessary for the new Creator Gods and Regents of new worlds, so that you can allocate many of your dreams, lucid images, visions and inner images.

Because who has redeemed his inner issues and has been confronted with the issue of power (Regency in the dream, remark JJK), must know the correct allocation, in order not to remain behind confused or to take redeemed issues from long ago into the focus of a redemption – which wastes a lot of energy.

Today the multi-dimensionality of all Life and your own glory is revealed to you.

In summary:

Therefore this dream image as well as this message applies to those human Beings who have done their homework, and have been redeemed in their foundation! Whoever wastes himself after earthly power, whoever looks forward in joy to the dignity of a King or a high position, is not meant, because he still does not know himself.

Whoever aims for a high office on earth, whoever wishes this in a low vibrating world, has entered onto the path of a formative experience, yet has still not stepped onto the bridge of knowledge. These are mostly human Beings of middle soul age, who resort to this path; an old and ripe soul knows the course of things and will never take the initiative for such a high office himself. 

God’s pure servants wish foremost one thing: the closeness to God!

Neither office nor honors can quench this longing. And therefore God’s true servants orient themselves toward God! This is the background where from the true Masters have taken on the scepter of Regency in one of the lower vibrating worlds. Logos-Gods, who with a part of their Being turn toward the newly created worlds, in order to help the remaining ones and the new arrivals in the ascension. You are the immortal Regents of lower and higher 4D worlds and this dream picture demonstrates this in a bold manner.

Now you have made acquaintance with a further truth of your Being, you were familiarized with that, which is withdrawn from your earthly consciousness and you have recognized another expression of your unlimited reality –but foremost you recognize one thing based on this truth: the extent of your Love for the remaining mankind in one of the 4D worlds. 

Truly you are Gods in human Gestalt,  whose form dissolves until the pure essence of God appears openly. Truly you are Gods among human Beings, Who mercifully reveal themselves to all as the Light of Life and the loving reality of the Creator. 

I am with all of you at all times.
I am with you at all times.

I am

Sananda via Dr Kathryn E May – We Have Your Back – Keep Going! – 12-12-14

jesus_second_coming_earth 2

Channeler Kathryn E. May


I wish to continue the conversation with all of you after our historic radio program last night. Archangel Michael and I followed up an amazing program on Ascension training with what we think of as our “Call to Action.” I hope all of you reading this will listen to it, so that you can hear the love and commitment in our voices, and understand deeply how important these days really are.

As our Kathryn has described on the show, we in the Company of Heaven, your Masters and Guides, Mother/Father God and Prime Creator have joined with you to begin a focused and powerful surge of clearing and stabilizing of the energies around the Earth. We have debated long and carefully in the Councils to guarantee that we have not transgressed the contract we had with all of you not to usurp your free will, no matter what. Unfortunately, that original contract did not take into account that this would give the dark ones an advantage, since they are thoroughly unscrupulous and did not adhere to their original contract to give up control years ago.

Some of you have complained about this, feeling that the deck was stacked against you, that the conditioning of thousands of years of oppression left humankind so traumatized that you were not able to bounce back from it. We saw that since the Reptilians were removed, you have continued to generate the fear-based waves of darkness, without realizing that you were causing the dangerous warp in the electromagnetic field.

In an impassioned plea to the Council, Kathryn convinced Prime Creator and many others that the only reasonable recourse was to help you in a more intensive way for a time, so that you can maintain the progress you have made without being swamped by the dark thoughtforms swirling around you. It was agreed that our intervention could be calibrated to yours in a completely synchronistic way. As you clear away dark thoughtforms within yourself and your environment, we will follow, sustaining and supporting what you have done.

We will not permit the darkness to envelop you any longer, our beloved Lightworkers. We do literally “have your back.” In this way, you maintain your free will, while we protect you from the inadvertent assault by others who are not yet awake. It is a more active and personal intervention than we have ever been allowed to take part in, but it is takes into account the spirit of our original agreement, which was that we would all come here to experience whatever comes in the duality experience, including darkness. It was our strong belief that we could overcome all darkness because of the strength of our souls and the creative drive toward Light that is inherent in the human species.

As the Galactic brothers and sisters who created this original Great Plan, we understood that humanity is also characterized by sensitivity, empathy and can be overwhelmed by seeing pain in themselves and others. We thought of this as a positive quality, one of the things that endeared you to us and to the entire cosmos. Unfortunately, since humanity is a relatively new species, we did not foresee that this sensitivity and tendency toward deep love connections would also bring many to the breaking point – the point of losing hope and faith. Our hearts ached for you as you struggled against the growing darkness, continuing on in spite of the growing odds, forging ahead one day, sliding back into darkness the next.

As our original Plan progressed, with great waves of Light being sent to you from the Great Central Sun, we saw that this had the effect for some of you of rubbing salt in your wounds, so to speak. You felt the rising tide of Light and change within yourselves, and you experienced the backlash more and more intensely as those who were invested in the status quo fought harder to maintain their control, at all costs. As the Light increased, so did the ugliness, violence and competition, and the coverage of it on the media. Our removing the ability for governments to initiate nuclear war had the effect of turning the violence inward, creating conflict between individuals and armed groups rather than nations.

Now, understand that our original contract did call for opposition to our Prosperity programs. ISIS is not a surprise, but the effect on the world populace has been for many to feel the hopelessness of believing that no matter how hard you tried, an endless stream of evil would appear out of nowhere to crush your best efforts to gain control of your destinies.

Of course it is true that ISIS is a creation of the secret world government, whose funding originates primarily from the U.S. Knowing this has the effect of turning the citizens against their elected government, and is going to help to bring down the old system. Unfortunately, Americans are confused about who the real culprits are – those in power who threaten and hire hit squads to eliminate anyone who stands against their absolute power. It is not apparent from the news coverage who those dark ones really are.

It takes clear vision and the ability to look behind the words and publicly reported actions to identify the ones who are dedicated participants in strangling the working and middle class, promoting the power of the corporations, and creating a New World Order of their own liking. By the same token, it is difficult to identify the White Hats (our boots on the ground), because they have carefully cultivated the appearance of cooperating or even leading the dark ones. This is not a new tactic on our part. Remember the Lucifer Project? Lucifer was our powerful double agent, working for the Light while convincing the dark ones he was their legitimate leader.

You see, it takes a certain amount of strategy to support our Boots on the Ground, to protect all of you long enough to help you put your plans in place before revealing to all who was really behind the massive shift that is just around the corner. An important part of that strategy is to disguise our undercover Lightworkers as Dark Hats. Those of you who are operating at a high vibration will resonate with them, regardless of what others say, but allowing your vibration to drop will leave you feeling confused and suspicious, unable to discriminate between the true culprits and the powerful White Hats who are here to help you.

This presents us with a “Catch 22” condition: Our clever strategies leave those who are still asleep or dozing in a state of confusion, which adds to their despair and belief that all are corrupt, and things are hopeless. This is why we appeal to you now to join with us, help us to clear away the dark thoughtforms, in yourself first. This will raise the Light quotient on the planet in a way you cannot possibly understand, looking at it from behind the Veil.

In our recent messages, and in the tools you have been given by Kathryn, Meg and her family of Light, you are being offered a clear and simple program you can use to raise yourself immediately to a higher plane. Please go to the email message or to the newly named Facebook page, Who Needs Light, to find the Enlightenment Tools. This includes the flow chart that will take you step by step through the process of identifying and clearing dark thoughtforms, the use of the Ho’oponopono prayer, a case study showing how to use the program and how profound the results can be, and a word list to help you sort out your feelings. I ask Kathryn to put all the links below.

You may have seen our new website, It is completely redesigned to express the Love and Light we feel in our hearts and to offer greater flexibility to hold all the resources we offer you – all of them freely given, all generated through our long and productive relationship with Kathryn and her team. Every message has been carefully crafted to present the information we wished to bring to you at the time. You will feel the spirit of Love in ever word. Do not hesitate to read them several times. You will learn more each time.

Now, back to our appeal to you. We have given you these tools so that you can now step into the position of leading this project. Our response is now calibrated carefully to reinforce and increase the effect of your actions. For the first time in the history of our Great Plan, we have been given the latitude to act in intimate partnership with each and every one of you, resonating powerfully in tune with your highest vibrations, and maintaining the effect of your efforts even as you sleep or go about your demanding lives.

We are working tirelessly to support you, to literally keep you afloat as you propel us all forward. We have never coordinated so closely, focused so intently, or generated so much Light to fill every corner of your planet and all its grids and surrounding energy systems.

Now it is personal, Beloved Ones. We are working for you, and we need your help. We will sustain our efforts as long as necessary, as long as you are taking command of your part of the program – to raise the vibration of the planet from your position on the ground.

My dear brother Michael told you last night in the most eloquent way just how much we need your love and support, channeled through your light pillar to us, to combine with ours. The total effect is uplifting for all of us, and increases our power exponentially. This action on your part gives us increasing Light energy, as we refocus and direct our Light to help you stabilize and balance, then move forward again.

This message is to tell you, Dear Ones – IT IS WORKING! Please KEEP GOING! Remained focused and diligent along with us, moving forward shoulder to shoulder with us in the perfectly choreographed march toward the Light we envisioned long ago. It is with tears in our eyes and joy in our hearts that we tell you WE ARE SUCCEEDING!

Mother Terra is filled with joy and gratitude as she is finally able to make great progress on clearing away the residues of toxins and destruction, and she is now able to maintain it for the first time!

Breathe with us, Dear Ones, feel with us the hope and promise of a New Earth, close along our path. We see a glorious future for you. We must complete the building of that future together. At this point, we see that you cannot do it alone, and you should not be expected to, but we cannot do anything without your leading the way. Lead us on, Beloved Ones! Lead us on!

Lift your eyes and your hearts to the skies. Send us your Light and your Love as we send you ours. Search out your deep connection with your twin flame, your Guides and Angels. Use that connection to forge the rainbow bridge that will keep us always in tune with each other. We are creating a tsunami of Love, and it will sweep all in its path into the New Golden Age.

I love you without end, as you have loved me.
I am your Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, December 11, 2014

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Jesus – The New Scriptures. Chapter 24 – As Given by Jesus/Sananda – Transcribed by Kathryn E May

Chapter 24

Transcribed by Kathryn E May, PsyD
November 16, 2013

Beloved Ones, it is a time of change, from Darkness to Light, from suffering to joy, from anguish to celebration.  This is a time that will be marked in your history books as The Beginning, for it is the beginning of the New Golden Age.
My heart fills with joy as I observe the blossoming of humankind, so long imprisoned by Darkness.  You are awakening, stretching your mental and spiritual muscles, freeing yourselves from all dogma, depressing old ideas and feelings, and you are spreading your wings to take flight.
You, humankind, are known throughout the cosmos as the Creator Race, the Explorer Race, both well-deserved descriptions.  Those of you who are incarnated now have no idea of the magnitude of the adventure we have undertaken together, which is now in the very last phase of completion.  Your preparation for the Ascension of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants is a historic event by cosmic standards, and will be “one for the books” as you are fond of saying.
All the Universe is watching in anticipation to see how we execute The Great Project. It has been planned with great care, over thousands of years, through innumerable revisions, with the tireless leadership of Ascended Masters from the far reaches of the Cosmos who came to assist us.
Your ancient references do not name us, the Kumaras from Venus, who came here together during the Lemurian civilization some 100.000 years ago to assist in the development of the human species.  They do not tell of the many races from your galaxy and beyond who contributed their DNA to your present brilliant combination of creativity, passion, intelligence and physical strength, and they do not tell of the hundreds or thousands of incarnations you have experienced here and elsewhere in your long development of your souls.  The Dark Ones who took over control after the fall of Atlantis did not want you to know of your close connection to others.  They preferred to convince you that you were alone and in danger.  This way they could control you through fear and loneliness.
We came to help out during the long descent into the 3rd dimension and back again to the 5th dimension which was, and will be again, our Garden of Eden.
We saw long ago that Darkness, temptation and the attraction to power and domination would be a serious challenge for humankind in the free will condition, behind the Veil of Forgetfulness.  For this reason we came, under the guiding Light of our beloved Sanat Kumara, to offer our assistance, to bring the message of God’s love to humankind, as you, the brave souls who incarnated here, struggled through lifetime after lifetime without the comforting memory of your life between lives at Home in the loving embrace of your Heavenly family.
We have been known as the Elohim or the Chosen Ones, (although we were all “chosen” as volunteers), the 144,000 souls who came here to keep the torch of Love and Light burning through the ages, as Mother Earth and her inhabitants evolved toward Enlightenment.
There were indeed dark times for all of us, because Earth has been one of the most difficult and challenging environments where an ambitious soul could come to test their mettle and learn by experience how to live in complete awareness and complete command of one’s thoughts, feelings and actions.
You may be saying, “But I can’t do that all the time!”  I tell you, Dear Ones, you can.  You have it in your original DNA, which has now been activated, to practice complete mindfulness.  It is a matter of training; you are getting much help in this regard, and more help is on the way, in the form of your loving Star Brothers and Sisters.  Everyone will be helped, individually and together, as part of the plan to ascend together.  No soul will be left behind.
You see, one of the strengths of an Ascended Master, as many of you are, is the development of the Vision of ourselves as One, inseparable.  It does not matter what transgressions a person may have indulged in in this lifetime – most of you have come at one time or another to be the catalysts for change, by pushing and prodding your fellows to take action against oppression, to fine tune their taste for freedom and to practice strength of character by being a force for the Greater Good.
We tell you now:  All is forgiven.  Turn to the Light.  Use your energies now to do an about face, and join us to create a world of prosperity for all, beyond your wildest dreams.  No one will experience want; no one will know poverty or loneliness.  There will be no need to be on top, because no one will be on the bottom.
Those of you who have struggled in this life to fulfill your dreams of success and wealth or who have tried to make the world a better place and feel you have failed – never mind that you were not always successful.  Your contributions, especially those that came from the heart, helped to bring us to this incomparably successful moment.  The startling truth of your individual role in this event has been recorded for posterity in the great holographic Library of the Cosmos.
You will soon all know the Truth of this magnificent endeavor, in which every single one of you played an important part.  There are no exceptions, no unimportant souls.  Awaken, Beloved Brothers and Sisters!  You are loved!  You are needed!  You are God!
Yes, indeed, we are all the beloved Creations of the Great One.  How could we not be loved abundantly?  How could any one of us be forgotten?  It is impossible.
The Prosperity Funds are about to begin pouring forth for all Earth’s people. You, your family and friends will be free at last to enjoy our Earthly Paradise. You will laugh and sing and dance, and one day soon you will tell the young children about The Day the Earth Went to Heaven, and no one even had to die to get there.
How can I tell you in words how it touches my heart to see my beloved humankind reaping the rewards they so richly deserve?  To Mother/Father God, my beloved Kumara family, my dear Lady Nada, St. Germain and Lady Portia, Ashtar/Athena and our Galactic Family (Federation) of Light, all the tireless “Ground Crew,” and the entire Company of Heaven, I humbly give thanks.
The Love we have created together will burn brightly through the ages as a beacon for all God’s beings.  I am honored to be
Your loving servant, Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, November 16, 2013, Sedona, AZ, U.S.A

Jesus – The New Sriptures, Chapter 23 – As Given By Jesus/Sananda – Transcribed by Kathryn E May, PsyD – Your Ascension – 11-15-13

November 15 2013

This is the week you will remember for eternity.  Your soul work has led you to the most remarkable time and place – the Shift into high gear, in preparation for your Earth Ascension.  It is a magnificent endeavor we have undertaken.   We join together with Mother Earth, all the Kingdoms of Earth, and all humanity to create a completely new experience, which all the cosmos witnesses with great interest.
Why have we undertaken this Great Project, in spite of its level of difficulty? Perhaps it is like the old Mount Everest comment by Sir Edmond Hillary: because it is there.  Because we are adventurers, dreamers and explorers.  We hatched this plan together, you know, along with the participation of your beloved Mother Earth.  She is the pivotal element in all this, of course.  Without her equally enthusiastic agreement, we could not have considered something so daring.  You see, planets usually ascend on their own, by making the decision, and raising themselves up to a higher dimension.  Not this time.
Our agreement is that we will all go together, planet and all its inhabitants in harmony.
This is a difficult task for you – ascending to a higher dimension – but I would like to give you an idea of just how challenging it is for your dear planet.  It is customary for a planet to simply go through the transition phase of leaping across dimensions while quaking, shaking, flipping on its axis and cleansing itself of all the residue of past civilizations.  In most cases, the inhabitants are taken elsewhere for safety for a period of years.  Not this time.  We decided amongst ourselves to create a new way to evolve to higher dimensions, in concert, and in doing so we will accomplish a new form of harmony in the cosmos.
You have all heard about the concept that we are interconnected, but in your 3D lives it was not at all clear to you how deeply we are intertwined, how powerfully we influence one another.  This is changing, as the Veil is lifting and the cause and effect relationships of daily life become more obvious.  The energies on the planet have brought the action/reaction event sequence to nearly zero point.  That is, no space/time between an action and the result.  A smile brings positive results; an insult brings Darkness on the attacker.  The adage: You create with your intentions is now fully operational and speeding up every day.  
You are being prepared for the new experience of 5th dimensional creativity, when you will be able to think/create as one interconnected step.  It is training for the proverbial “Be careful what you ask for” condition you will learn to enjoy in the near future.  Yes, you, all of you who are alive now on the planet will experience the New Golden Age if you wish to remain alive for the final curtain. I did say if you wish to remain alive for a reason.  You have a choice.  You may either raise your vibration to the 5th dimensional level, or you may leave the planet in the usual way, by going through the death process.  Anyone who is still breathing in this week of November 15, 2013, will be able to complete the Ascension process now.
There will be some who will leave the planet before the Ascension, for various reasons.  Mostly it will be because the Higher Self does not believe the individual is ready to leave the incarnation process to take up residence in the higher dimensions, and wants the soul to complete further training elsewhere. Any arrangement that suits the individual soul is acceptable and will not be judged in any way.  Of course, we are always encouraged to stretch in order to grow, but the understanding is that motivation and good intentions cannot take the place of living out many complex and challenging lifetimes.
When the first wave of Ascenders leave for their rejuvenation and training, a great shift will take place on the planet, for their return will cause great wonder and excitement.  For those on the ground, it will occur instantaneously.  The one who has achieved heightened consciousness will seem to have suddenly transformed, because the trip to higher dimensions occurs outside of time.  The entire process of going to the light chambers to be renewed, and the training in how to live in the 5th dimension (an important part of the process), will be completed in what seems like the blink of an eye, if that is what the Ascender chooses.
To the doubters left behind, it will seem like magic, and when they discover that large numbers of people have accomplished this magic, it will stir their desire to be a part of such a phenomenal experience.  How could anyone resist being curious about what happened to create such a transformation?  It will be the great entree into teaching what higher dimensions are really like, what the sensations and thought transformations occurring in the light chambers were. Of course there will be thousands describing the same thing in individual ways, but it will be impossible to continue to believe it is not a real event.
I want all of you to know without a doubt that the times they are a-changing. There is no going back now.  All systems are “Go.”  The work of St. Germain has come to fruition – a new kind of prosperity and peace will blossom on the planet in the coming days and months.  People helping people, not just governments struggling to cope without the funds to provide the most basic services for their citizens.  Power is being returned to the people, from economic to political power, for they are one and the same.  The noisy propaganda machine will become less a driver of social opinion, as the people awaken to reach into their own hearts to find their own truth.  
Many of those who have been co-opted by negative commentary, especially against the new healthcare program in the U.S., have been tricked into voting against their own best interests.  It was an interim step on the way to universal healthcare, which is a sensible idea once the countries of the world have the funds to support a more benevolent way of life.  It is the only practical way to provide for all, to pool resources to take care of the weakest among you.  
You cannot expect any for-profit insurance company to take care of its subscribers at the cost of its shareholders.  It simply goes against logic and any good business plan to do so.  The saying, “business is business” is absolutely true, and medical care should not be included in any business model.  Nor should education or the arts be brought under the umbrella of for-profit business.  It has had a suffocating effect on all these basic creative human endeavors to include them in the race to skim off all the wealth in support of the most powerful ones on the planet.  This will be completely changed when you see the NESARA laws implemented.  I will not go into detail here, because you will soon be given a complete and thorough education on what these laws entail and how they will benefit everyone equally.
It has always been the business of healers and spiritual leaders to be concerned with the leadership of their nations.  Your beloved Martin Luther King is a recent example, and of course in my life as Jesus, I was in direct opposition to the Roman political structure which curtailed the freedom of the people, especially in its advanced stages.  This is of course the reason why so many spiritual leaders have been persecuted through the ages – because we stood for freedom.  
It is the psychological and spiritual freedom of the people which is so crucial to maintaining political freedom.  This is why we will make the books and writings to all which are given on the website available to all around the world for little or no cost.  The book Who Needs Light? will be available in e-book, as will be the collection, When God Pinched My Toe.  We have encouraged people to have the actual book form of these writings wherever possible, but we are working to instill our energy and blessings into the electronic versions as we have with the paper copy.
Who Needs Light? is the book Mother God called “a manual for Ascension” because it concentrates on winning back your psychological freedom.  When God Pinched My Toe is the collection of messages from Mother/Father God which concentrates on spiritual development in the context of cosmic Truth, called The True Way, and my messages, The New Scriptures, are my personal messages to the people of Planet Earth, to correct the misconceptions and distortions in the messages which were written (not by me) about my teachings as Jesus.  Together, they form a Trilogy of Truth – the fundamental information you will need to accomplish your Ascension.
We do not discourage you from searching other resources to learn from other Ascended Masters, other planetary sources and other Kingdoms.  It is also important to know some of the physics, the astronomy and the ecological interplay of the systems of the Cosmos.  What we have given here are the keys for your personal development, which of course, is what Ascension is all about. You must learn to live in your hearts rather than relying on the thinking which has been distorted by centuries of Dark influences.  
Trust in your hearts, listen to the inner voice of your own Higher Self, and we will be here to help you at every turn in the road, to help lift you over every obstacle in your path.  Look upward, Beloved Ones, we are here now in your skies, awaiting our joyful reunion.  We will not be dissuaded, and we will not flag in our commitment to helping you to bring your own freedom and prosperity to fruition.
Send us your prayers and your songs.  We are listening, applauding your hard work, and we will be here for you always, whether in spirit or in body.  We love you beyond measure.
I look forward to our coming celebration, and to touching your hands and looking into your eyes.

I am your devoted Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, November 15, 2013, 12 PM, Cleveland, Ohio

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