CRYSTAL ANDASOLA and ARI KOPEL – Spiritual Pep Talk – Create Relationship With Creator, Connect To Source – Listen To Intuition, It Knows Only Truth – Follow Your Heart – Use Discernment – The Initiate Needs To Move Forward – 5-29-15


Crystal Andasola, Ari Kopel   –   Spiritual Pep Talk   –   Create Relationship With Creator, Connect To Source   –   Listen To Intuition, It Knows Only Truth   –   Follow Your Heart   –   Use Discernment   –   The Initiate Needs To Move Forward   –   5-29-15

Ari Kopel, Crystal Andasola – The Deception is Bigger Than You Think – What You Don’t Know About Ascension – 11-1-14

Ari Kopel, Host




Ari Kopel and Crystal Andasola are back talking about the great deception that is taking place, keeping many of the Light Community chasing their own tails. While many of us think that things are just honky-dory, and we’re one step from a major shift, ascension or “event”, many of us are letting down our guard and getting duped. Some of us are also being severely interfered with by Archontic, Dark Forces that paint themselves as being benign.

Some of us are also having a hard time connecting to God/Creator. And while many of us have had our implants removed, some of us are not doing well with the procedures that follow. Find out why this is happening. Join us for a two-hour rant session that aims to expose this tactic of the dark forces. This show aims to be candid and will hold back no punches!

Ari Kopel – My Strange Experience and Epiphany at Denver Airport

Ari Kopel

I was apprehensive about going to Denver Airport because of all the talk and speculation with respect to it being built by the NWO clan. Believe me when I tell you that I was praying and saying my Kodoish Mantra every minute on that plane, upon touchdown and upon walking the massive airport. I had mixed feelings about whether I wanted to run into that crazy, in-your-face, NWO propaganda mural. But, when the plane landed, I was more concerned about getting my shuttle to the hotel and making it on time to the conference that I was attending.

       The shuttle didn’t arrive on time. I was there waiting and waiting with heavy carry-ons by the baggage claim, pickup area. And I had plenty of time  plenty of time  to observe and feel that airport out. Actually, I had a whole hour to get a “sense” for the…

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Ari Kopel – Ascended Masters – The 144,000 and Taking Action

Ari Kopel

Ari Kopel discusses whether Ascended Masters are part of the fallen construct or truly Ascended. She touches upon the “Truther” movement, compassion vs “taking action” and compares the 144,000 on the planet to the “Navy Seals” of the armed forces. Ari aims in shedding Light onto this subject matter, hoping that those that resonate with it can all be on the same page and step into their Power & Authority in order to claim this planet back. She also hopes that everyone joins forces and collaborates in the effort to transform the consciousness of this world. Ari also sheds light on how the Sinister Forces are all in an uproar right now, creating conflict everywhere, especially within the Light Community, trying to conquer and divide. She discusses how to recognize their tactics in order not to fall into this trap anymore. Conflict and discord brings down the vibratory rate of all the Light Forces on the planet, which is a strategy used to keep us in the Matrix!

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Ascension Protocols Part 4 – Healing at the Cellular Level with Herbs – Susan Page, Crystal Andasola, Ari Kopel

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In this episode of Ascension Protocols, Master Herbalist Susan Page joins Crystal Andasola & Ari Kopel on Shattering The Matrix. Susan will speak about the importance of Herbs and Tinctures in helping to heal the body at the cellular level, allowing the organs to cleanse and to get nourished. Healing at the cellular level is one of the most important things to do, in order to prepare the body to receive the Higher Frequencies.

“We begin by cleansing the bowels and eliminatory channels, then nourishing, rebuilding, and repairing the organs and tissues and purifying the blood. You cannot heal if you have a dirty bloodstream which will just recirculate toxins back throughout the body. Health begins in the bowel. 90% of disease stems from a congested bowel. So the first thing you need to do is a good, thorough cleanse of the bowel.” – Susan Page

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Crystal Andasola – Ascension Protocols – Light Body, Cellular Health – Host Ari Kopel

NOTE: Part 3, Newest Episode Below, follwed by Parts 1 and 2

Part 1

Part 2

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What does it take to prepare us to receive the Higher Frequencies and for us to make the transformation into our Light Bodies? Our new radio show host Crystal Andasola and Ari Kopel have a heart to heart about the importance of having a healthy vessel (body) in order to receive the Higher Frequencies for Ascension. Very important Health Protocols will be addressed with the hope that everyone gets on board and starts tackling those things that have been put in place, by the dark forces, to keep us suffering and to prevent us from reaching our maximum Light Potential.

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Ari Kopel – Ascended Masters – Anchoring Your Light – Taking Action – Let Your Light, Love Shine in the Darkness

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Atona Areyus with Ari Kopel – 10-4-13 – ETs of Light, Archangels, Transformation, Spiritual Awakening , Walking Between Realities Part 2

Part 2

In this episode, Atona continues her “magical journey” with us, as she goes into more detail about her communication and experiences with the Illumined Worlds. These experiences with “the otherside” are what has shaped her understandings of how this world is constructed. Atona’s experiences demonstrate that these Illumined Realms are real and that there is so much more beyond this reality. She brings information that will help us see through this matrix-illusion and embrace the Higher Vibrational Worlds that are simultaneously present and can be experienced when one is open to that.

Part 1

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Atona Areyus joins us on “Shattering The Matrix” for an amazing in-depth discussion of how to walk in between realities and how to make the “Paradigm Shift”. This information will help us see through this illusion and embrace the Higher Vibrational Worlds that are simultaneously present and experienced, as we increase our vibration, expand our conscious awareness and pierce the veil.

In this episode, Atona discusses how she was transformed from a mundane, non-spiritual person to one that was highly sensitive to the Higher Realms. She tells how she was chosen by those Beings of Light to facilitate the Star Link 88 event in Los Angeles. Atona shares her candid, heart-felt story about her journey in awakening and involvement in being an instrument for the Higher Realms. This story is “Magical” and “Inspiring”. It will resonate with most of us on this journey to self-mastery.

Atona works with Students all over the world as a teacher, and works “under-the-radar”. Her stories will re-kindle hope and that “Sense of Magic” & Innocence in all of us. The story is told from the purity of her heart, revealing experiences with Beings of Light that are here to help Humanity. Atona will help us reconnect with that part of ourselves that allows us to break free from the illusion of limitation, and join the Beings from The Illumined Worlds in creating this Glorious New World!

Ari Kopel – Spiritual Protection For The Times Ahead – The Most Important Protection Tool

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Ari discusses Light and Darkness, giving examples of aspects of each and the qualities of each in humanity. The definition of “Work” in the term “Light Worker” is defined and given a more positive and empowering definition. A powerful mantra/prayer is given as a tool to Protect, Shield, Increase Vibration, Transform, Communicate with Beings that serve Prime Creator. Stories in Ari’s life are presented to show how this mantra has been used and can help us in protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

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Ari Kopel – ET Light Beings – Effortless Creation

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