Arcturus Ant – Musical Love is all You Need – Sitar, Saxophone


Life is not about what you get, its about what you give.

Instead of having what you want, want what you have.

Love is the substance that holds the universe together.

Music and dance unifies all of us. Let us dance together through the tough times, Love heals and its the food for the soul.

Song: Pharaoh sanders- Soledad

Here’s a poem I recently wrote:

Timeless being, extending through an interstellar sea,
Non- locality, our energy was always free,
Like nebulas and galaxies, spiralling infinity,
All of creation embodied light,
Eons passing by, earth in galactic flight,
Sacred mother in cosmic motion,
Like veins of rivers, great bodies of ocean,

Life flows,
It knows.

Playground of elements, gravity and fields,
Biodiversity encapsulated by the planetary shield,
Travelling with starry waves,
Rotations and spins,
Harmonics pave the way.
Sun, moon, and solar system friends,
Like mixing colours, intergalactic family blends,
Falling spheres, colourful beads,

As if god playing a game, universal jewelry,
Falling around the sun,
Her heart beats the electrical drum,
Many life forms sparking to life, all having fun,
Mother Earth

Like a librarian, her garden holds great knowing,
Before books and paper, plants contain the code,
Sacred scriptures, extended pathways and roads,
Organic flower geometry and crystalline geodes,
Her consciousness is universal,

Life flows,
Flowing ,
As It knows

Divine architecture,
Pathed by angelic forces,
Colourful birds and wild horses.

She carves and creates more than any craftsman,
open terrains, deposits of gold over the land,
Yellow buildings, insect hives,
Conductive forms come alive,
Like a tree, organic lightning,
The lungs and capillaries, breath with ease,
Blood streams and nerves run by electricity.
Ionized lightning, zapping quick,
Moving upwards, extending as plant sticks

Roots of trees,
Vibrant hands of plants,
Feel no pain,
Natures silence provides light and rain.

Shamans, healers and priests walked the lands,
pyramids erected, with toes and hands,
wisdom and knowledge highly respected,
Within galaxies and star systems,
telepathic minds in temples listen,
Cosmic internet, Purple Third eye glistens.

Life flows,
It knows

Coming online, masters meditating on floors,
Within sacred structures, Pyramidal communicators,
Hyperspace is the telephone, the heart is the key,
Mission of the soul set free

Intelligences in ascended realms observe,
While earth evolves, in its wobbles and curves,
Twinkling starships dazzle in unison,
Federation of worlds welcoming Earth
Advanced light beings share love and light,
Occasionally incarnating as Buddha or Christ.

The galactic heart is found within,
The peace is beyond
Brotherhoods and monasteries.
Through the swirling of hurricanes
Is the third eye centers,

All is one,
Under the sun,
Spiritual wisdom revealing,
Layer and layer,
To the center,
Eye of the hurricane,
Within your center is where you flow,
Light reveals, eternally present,
Earth glow, now we all know.
Still flowing,

Arcturus Ant – Healing Music – 432HZ DNA Repair Mode


432hz vibrates on the principals of golden mean.

Relaxing 432hz music which can be used for studying, healing, meditating or sleeping!

Arcturus Ant – Healing Music – 432 Hz DNA Repair Mode


432hz vibrates on the principals of golden mean.

Relaxing 432hz music which can be used for studying, healing, meditating or sleeping!

Arcturus Ant – Nature and Fractal Geometry


was bored so felt like creating a video. its been a while,

i hope you guys enjoy 馃檪
Just some inspiration, from one fractal to another.
Also, sorry for the shitty mic quality.

My imac- picks up on the humming of the computer itself.

I’ll sort out a new mic soon.
Thanks for understanding.

Arcturus Ant – Starseed Visions


Intergalactic missionary awakening to greater self. Speaking on some info on visionary states and experiences within other civilizations

Arcturus Ant – The Ego And the Higher Self


Surrender yourself to the stream of infinite intelligence.
This is not new age philosophy. This is quantum physics and scientific truths that all energy is extended from the singularity of experience.
many times we get identified with the third dimensional, mental counterpart of our existence, often creating drama, static and separation in our lives.
But to remove that static, seperation and limitation, we must focus our consciousness from the perspective of the singularity, the still, ocean of electromagnetic potential that holds all of infinity.

Don’t resist the stream. Flow. Love is the key to higher guidance.

Arcturus Ant – The Ego And The Higher Self – 7-25-14



Arcturus Ant – Transition and Transmutation – 6-27-14

Arcturus Ant – Meditation Music, 13hz Mental Healing, Crystal Bowl Tones


Arcturus Ant – Extraterrestrials Among Us

Arcturus Ant – Clear communication – Social Intelligence – Interacting with Other Humans


Its important that we develop clear techniques of communicating with other Earth humans. it ain’t always easy. We are all learning.

Remaining open and loving during conversations. it is also important to not be reactive in situations as this lowers the vibratory frequency of the experience and makes it difficult to communicate.

Energy is light and sound. Light is the source and sound is the emanation.

Arcturus Ant – High Vibrational Crystals, Stones – Further Raising Your Vibration


A video of me explaining about high vibrational crystals which enhance the electromagnetic vibration of the energy field.

= High Silica Content =
= High Water content =
= advanced geometric Internal lattice =
= Cluster growth/ tablet formations =

Some High vibrational crystal types
– Quartz
– Elestial Quartz
– Super Seven Quartz
– Danburite
– Phenacite
– Moldavite
– Selenite
– Blue kyanite
– Apophyllite clusters and pyramids

Arcturus Ant – The Laws of The Sun – Spiritual Movie


Awesome anime, represents the light within us all.. has some great spiritual messages.

:: Earth and ancient civilizations ::
:: Multidimensionality::
:: Dark ages, Gold ages ::
:: Golden Teachings ::
:: Earth transformation ::

Ryuho Okawa

Japanese Animation

Antonio Qorri – Arcturus Ant – Knowing and Flowing – ConsciousMatrix Interview

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson interview Antonio Qorri. (Arcturus Ant on YouTube)

ConsciousMatrix interview

Arcturus Ant – Flowing and Knowing – Receiving and Transmitting Light


Sol emanates its fractal nature.
You are an extension of the sun. Brought fourth by sound frequencies, you are the instrument for receiving and transmitting light.

Arcturus Ant – Wisdom of the Heart


Just a few words of my creative input.

empower yourself with the connection you make with yourself first.
through connection, you analyze and re-configure.
redirect the energy, depending on the creative input of your consciousness.

All energy is omnipresent.
Energy cannot be destroyed or created, it can only transform and transfigure itself into geometrically faceted realities.


-Arcturian Elder in human form.


Love to all.

Arcturus Ant – Inner Peace – Silent Witnessing – During Time Of Chaos


Portal to the timeless essence, some words and frequencies to open the silent observer within yourself.

One love

Arturus Ant – Let go of your judgement – Your love is what counts


Just a few words. Love to all and I hope it helped in some way.
-Many blessings!


UFO crafts – Mothership Footage – Advanced Extra-terrestrial Technology – Arcturus Ant


Extra-terrestrial beings have been observing, assisting and interacting with planet Earth ever since the beginning. Different ET beings, with different agendas and purposes of their visitations. Extraterrestrials of many different species have interacted with Earth in its past.

These beings of magnificent wisdom, have assisted humanity in many different ways. They have helped us to understand the importance in sacred geometry, and universal knowledge which is formed around love and understanding of creation. Encoded knowledge is information that is conveyed in signs and symbols and we can find this understanding all over the world.

This flavor of information is becoming popular, as millions of humans are being contacted each year, due to the shift of consciousness that is occurring on Earth.

2012 dec transition into the age of enlightenment as Earth energies being to become more apparently encoded with fifth dimensional information.

These beings exist within the higher spectrum of light, and connect within large collectives of energy. These beings are unified with a federation of worlds, as they travel the galaxies to assist other star systems in many different ways.

These beings in their space vehicles, will sometimes materialize into the third and fourth dimension, so our eyes are able to see the craft. These crafts are based upon electromagnetic propulsion, that is why you often see them pulsating and glowing with lights.

I have had on-going contact with inter-dimensional beings. These contacts include telepathic downloads of geometric information, being taking upon lightships, being observed and healed with high frequency energy tones.

Arcturus Ant – ETs Assisting Earth – Arcturian message – Soul Evolution and GOD force


Benevolent multi-dimensional extra-terrestrials originating from the star of Arcturus, divine expressions of energy which have been assisting us for many thousands of years.
This video is a channeled message, an introduction for the series of ” Teachings from the Arcturians ”. Which is a series of videos forming as manuals for personal and planetary evolution. Informative and deeply trancedental. they express their nurturing love towards humanity, as they express ideas of how we can raise the collective frequency of our planet. In these series of channeled messages, they also welcome you to integrate the information of their own civilization, and many aspects of their universal wisdom.

PART FOUR – Earth Transformation and Energy Systems…

Arcturus Ant – Dealing with Emotional Blockages And Energies Of Earth Transition


Many of us have emotional blockages which are surfacing into the physical consciousness due to the earth changes which are forcing all past programming, and useless thought-forms to the surface to be configured into the recycle bin. We must evolve with clean, pure thought and we do this by letting go of all emotional attachments

Arcturus Ant – Crop Circles Decoded – Powers Of Creation Throught Sacred Geometry – Positive Alien Messages – Truth of Universe


Thinking that we are alone is rather pathological.

Crop circles are beautiful messages created through the high frequency resonating fields of electromagnetic technology.
These messages are direct forms of evidence that we are not alone.. and that there are intelligent beings who want us to awaken into greater forms of consciousness.
These beings exist within the higher spectrum of light, and connect within large collectives of energy. These beings are unified within federation of worlds, as they travel the galaxies to assist other star systems in many different ways.

The flower of life, metatrons cube and the phi spiral are very important patterns which are connected to all things within our physical universe.
There are other concepts which these ET’s are trying to show us, some of which include the solar system alignment, positive spiritual messages and usage of free, clean energy ( which can be derived from studying sacred geometry, magnetic fields/torus fields )

There is a POSITIVE federation of various star races which have come to our planet to observe the progress we are making.
There are ALREADY contacts occurring on a individual level and within small groups of people.

I suggest checking out a few sources of information:
– Dr steven greer and his experiences on extra-terrestrial contact and the technologies which are limitless, clean and free.
Dr steven greer has filmed ET contact and has created a movie called ”Sirius” where they reveal how this subject has been suppressed by the mass controllers on earth.
Check him out on youtube!

Also, here is a link to a great video on cymatics.…

Check out my other videos, as they are related to this highly intriguing topic.
Thank you and namaste.

Arcturus Ant – Maintaining connection with higher vibrations – Transformation from darkness to light


Arcturus ANT – Wake Up – Manifest Your Reality – Create Your Surroundings


Just some verbal expression of what i feel.
Create your reality with love, compassion. Feed the soul with wisdom and higher frequencies. Breath and acknowledge the ISness.

You are an aspect of me. I am an aspect of you.
We are one, and so we shall grow together, collectively, with the unified consciousness of the planet, snowballing, accelerating in consciousness as we do so. peace and love brothers and sisters hope u had a good day =)

Arcturus ANT – How to Meditate – Connecting to Higher Consciousness


鉁 I speak about how to meditate and the benefits of meditation. How can we expand our consciousness? how can we feel peaceful and aligned? MEDITATION is the key. 鉁
I hope you guys enjoyed the video, take care!
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Arcturus ANT – Activating higher vibrations – Merkaba, Light Body, Altered States of Consciousness

Truth on the concept of light body, multi-dimensional awareness when vibrating on high frequencies, alot of people seem to misunderstand this idea so i speak about it in this video.

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Arcturus ANT – ET contact experiences – Past life recalls – Arcturian Collective


I have had telepathic communications with the beings which originate from the star of Arcturus. As they naturally operate on higher dimensional frequencies, these inter-dimensional beings are masters in the art of healing and teaching. I have had past lifetimes within these societies, and as a star seed embodied on this planet, I was assigned to re-connect with my star family.
These beings, which are completely telepathic, loving beings of radiant light, observe me, and assist me whenever I ask upon their help.
They refer to themselves as the Arcturians ( simply because they originate from that star system, in actuality they represent themselves with a very intricate holographic symbol which most humans would not be able to decipher, understand or comprehend. therefor they represent themselves as the A’s. )

Arcturus ANT – 鈥 鉁 CRYSTAL HEALING – ALL about crystals 鉁 鈥


鉁ntonio speaks on crystals and metaphysical uses.鉁

Information on vibrational frequency, crystal science and crystal spirituality. some information on some of my own crystals also.
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鈥⑩樈 鉁 鈽 鈥
~Love and Light from Arcturus~

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