Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians Message to Gaia’s Portal Openers – Returning to the Corridor By Andrew Eardley – 2-4-15

Pyramid 2We appreciate all that our volunteers to wear an Earth vessel have undergone and are striving for.

We further appreciate all that you have shared with humanity and with Gaia. The power of your Unconditional Love, Multidimensional Power and Infinite Wisdom has been an immeasurable gift to planetary Ascension.

We know that as you awaken enough to realize that Ascension is a possibility, you remember that you are already ascended within the myriad expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, your gifts become even more pure and unconditional, as you realize that there is no “pay off” for your labors.

Dear Emissaries of Light, within your NOW your are coming into the culmination of your process which is often titled “the darkest night before the dawn” stage of Ascension.

As always, you are the portal openers who go before the rest. When one is a portal opener, they are the first ones in. As you first enter into that which has just been opened, you meet the resistance of what we call “the clash between realities.”

You are actually leaving the 3D reality. Thus, you must find your way through the lower fourth dimensional Lower Astral Plane. Within this lower plane rests all the effluvia of darkness that has reigned over Gaia for more of your “time” than you would want to know. Within the lower Astral Plane you will meet all you have not yet completed.

This final phase of your Ascension back to your Multidimensional SELF is what all the Higher Egyptians had to complete before they could become a Hierophant. There are similarities in all Earth cultures, but that information was open only to the High Initiates. Beloved volunteers to ascending Earth, you are now High Initiates.

You stand on the cusp of returning to your SELF, but before you can proceed you must consciously face and conquer ALL your own darkness.

RaHoTep, will tell the story of his Final Initiation.

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I had learned that the Final Initiation Room was somewhere deep below the surface of the desert, exactly below the apex of the Great Pyramid.

Finally, we came to what appeared to be a dead end. A stone wall was before us. The Priests did not seem dismayed by this turn of events and formed a semi-circle in front of the wall. While I stood off to the side waiting for what would happen next, each of the Priests began to sound a tone, which I thought must surely arise from the core of their Souls.

At first their toning seemed random. But gradually, a pattern could be discerned until there was a crescendo of beautiful harmonious tones. As the singing faded into the surrounding darkness, it was replaced with a low rumbling. Gradually, the wall began to move to the right. Behind this simple stone barrier was a pair of magnificent and ornately carved golden doors.

As the doors were slowly revealed, I knew that I had seen these doors before in my meditations. One of the Priests approached the golden doors and placed one hand on each door. The doors were so well balanced that with just the slightest push, they swung open into a huge room. The Priests gestured for me to enter. The doors quickly closed behind me. Again, I heard the low rumbling of the wall covering all traces of the sacred initiation room.

The brilliance of the room blinded me. I had never experienced such illumination while in a physical form. Slowly, slowly, my eyes grew accustomed to the light, and I began to survey the room. This room was not of my Egypt.

There were domes and pillars studded with lapis, emeralds, rubies, diamonds, amethyst and jewels I could not identify. Colors I had never seen were painted upon the many carvings, statues and figurines that seemed to move as if they were alive. Somehow I knew that everything within the room was very ancient and had a life force greater than anything I had ever known. This was architecture I’d seen only in my inner journeys to Atlantis.

The large center dome sheltered a smaller pyramid that was a vibration of light rather than a physical structure. Anubis and Thoth, the ancient Egyptian Gods of Initiation, stood within the pyramid on either side of a large sarcophagus. The sarcophagus was mounted on a stand of pure gold with silver steps leading up the right hand side. The sarcophagus was made of a substance that I had not seen before. I knew instinctively that this substance was not of this planet and had been given to Earth millennia ago by its first inhabitants.

The sarcophagus was ornately carved in the same non-Egyptian manner as the walls around me. I sensed that although the sarcophagus was opaque, it could become translucent if the proper alterations were made by the observer’s mind. Anubis motioned for me to enter the sarcophagus and Thoth nodded in agreement. Again, there was no verbal communication. The journey from the doorway to the silver stairs was the longest journey of my life. As I climbed the few stairs I realized that if, indeed, I lived to descend them, I would not be the same person as before.

I lay down inside the sarcophagus. The substance was hard as stone and yet smooth and warm as skin. I felt as if I were re-entering the womb. The flat, stark walls seemed to slowly mold themselves around my form as I settled into the sarcophagus. I don’t think that I could have moved even if I had chosen to.

Then Thoth leaned his head over the edge of the sarcophagus and spoke three questions to me in an unknown language. I did not know what the questions were, but I intuitively knew that they were indeed questions and that my survival depended upon my answering them. I sent a call to my Inner Guide, Radula, as I saw the lid of the sarcophagus slowly enclose me in my tomb. Silently the lid was fastened tight to signify my transition. I was alone.

If I stayed in the tomb too long I would die. There was little oxygen inside, so if I were to keep my physical self alive, I would have to raise my consciousness to the higher dimensions so that I could feed it with Spirit.

I knew that I would not be able to leave my body through my third eye as I had done many times before. I searched inside myself for a portal to use to free my Spirit from the confinement of its physical form. I began to feel a deep fear arise within me, but I willed it away. I must not allow myself to experience an emotion that would drop my consciousness!

“Where is the portal to your Higher SELF?”

I now understood the first question. I remembered the chanting of the Priests outside the stone door. I could not use my voice, as there was too little oxygen to waste, but I felt the vibration of the toning just as I had with the three Priests. Since my consciousness was not limited to a human voice, I was able to sing all three parts at once. The melody and frequency calmed my fear and further raised my consciousness.

I found myself concentrating on a doorway inside my head, at the very core of my brain. As I continued to tone, something solid, like the stone door, began to open, and behind it were the very same golden doors I had seen upon entering this room. These doors opened inward. Once again I stepped through them and felt them quickly close behind me. At first I saw nothing but golden Light, which embraced every cell and atom of my form and consciousness.

Then slowly, off in the distance, I saw a vortex beginning to form. It began to swirl, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. It was gold, silver, blue, violet, and the other colors that I had first seen in the room outside the sarcophagus. I felt a pull to step into the vortex, and with my decision to do so, it was suddenly just before me.

I fell into the core of it and found myself spinning faster and faster through timeless space. At first I was dizzy, but then the spin became so intense that I felt totally still, yet at the same time, it felt as if every cell and atom had quickened its vibration in response to the spin. Then, with a pop, my spin stopped and I found myself in the midst of a great void. I had become fifth dimensional and all was calm.

“Where is the Crystal City?”

With the second question, there was a golden Light before me, which became a golden form – my Divine Complement. She came in the form of a woman since I embodied a man. We embraced in deep reunion and Love. She looked into my eyes and whispered, ‘I will take you Home now’.

Then we were on Venus. It spread out before us with all the beauty and harmony that I had remembered from deep within my Soul for all of my lives. My heart opened in a burst of Light and Love that would have exploded my Earthen body had I been in my third dimensional consciousness. I saw the mists of Venus all about me. I saw the flora and fauna of my beloved Home as they floated about me in loving welcome. With their every movement, harmonious colors and sounds echoed their motions.

A welcoming party formed a pathway that led us to the main entrance of the Crystal City. My Divine Complement slipped into my form as we became One again for our homecoming. Translucent crystal gates swung wide as we approached them, and a golden path lighted our way to the heart of the city.

The Golden Wisdom Temple was set in glimmering splendor at the end of the path on top of a hill. The doors were open, awaiting our entry. Even though we could have instantly willed ourselves to our destination, we enjoyed the journey and the community of others, so we chose to travel in the same swimming/flying motions as those around us.

Eventually, we found ourselves standing in front of the mighty Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos for Earth and Regent of Venus. Rami Nuri and Djwhal Khul, as his advisors, stood on either side of him. The Divine Complements of all three flowed within them. They were androgynous. They were complete!

I bowed before them and Sanat Kumara handed me a jewel. The jewel was unlike anything I had ever known. It was more a vibration than a substance, yet it had beauty and form. I took the jewel in gratitude and held it within my heart.

My Complement and I spent what seemed a lifetime on Venus. We lived and loved and died. And then I began to feel a pull. I knew that the pull was my destiny. It was Earth. It was calling me to return to my third dimensional life so that I could fulfill my destiny there. I had to return in order for the body to live.

The sadness of that realization shook my very Soul, but I remembered my commitment. I had said that I would stay on Earth. Therefore, I had to return, before it was too late to save the life of my Earthen form.

The sudden density of the sarcophagus was a shock. How could I have returned so quickly without even a goodbye? And then my heart felt the Love of my Home and my Divine Complement. Yes, there was no goodbye, for I would hold them in my consciousness, but what about the sarcophagus? There was even less oxygen and now I was fully physical.

“How do you open the sarcophagus?”

The third question was translated in my heart. Yes, in my heart was the answer – the jewel – the vibration of the jewel would raise the lid. And then, as I focused my attention upon the jewel within my heart, I heard my first physical sound since the three questions were spoken to me a lifetime ago.

The sound was of the lid of the sarcophagus slowly rising. I felt the oxygen rushing to my rescue. Like a newborn infant, I took my first breath and sat up.

“You are free!” I heard Thoth say in Egyptian, my native tongue.

Dear Initiates,

I thank you for listening to my story. In closing, I encourage you to remember that our greatest enemy is the fear that we have hidden deep inside. If that fear can be brought to our awareness, it can be loved free. Please, accept now the greatest lesson of my life: Love is stronger than fear, and Spirit is alive in all matter!

I NOW direct you now to the Arcturians, who guide us all into the Light.


* * * * *

Dear Portal Openers,

We the Arcturians, thank you for returning to our Corridor. You have volunteered to return to Gaia, not for your personal Ascension, but to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Therefore, you shall go through your personal initiations within the “sarcophagus” of your own making.

Beloved Portal Openers, you have completed your own experiences within the 3D Matrix and have returned to a form to assist dear Gaia to Her experiences.

Gaia longs to expand into her higher expressions in the same manner that She has assisted the ascended humans within Her long planetary history. Many of you who were able to ascend beyond illusion and return to your higher expressions of SELF have returned to assist the planet on which you returned to Lightbody.

Just as RaHoTep had to face many challenges before he could begin his initiation process and final Ascension, Gaia is facing many challenges before Her initiation process. Gaia has provided you with a physical home for myriad incarnations. It is time for all you who are holding a form within this NOW to think first of the planet that you have used and abused, then consider your personal return to SELF.

We remind you, our dear, courageous volunteers, that YOU are magnificent, Multidimensional Beings. You did not come to Earth in this incarnation for your personal gain, but to rescue the planetary Mother who provided you with a home for myriad incarnations. Please remember your pre-birth contract and act upon it NOW.

Gaia needs you. What are you DOING to assist Her?

Perhaps you would like to answer this question in the comments section?? I will start. And thank you to all of you who share your perceptions. After all perception IS creation.

“Where is the portal to your Higher SELF?”

“Where is the Crystal City?”

“How do you open the sarcophagus?”

(sarcophagus is that which you cannot leave until you have learned what you need to learn)

Gaia needs you. What are you DOING to assist Her?

The Arcturians Message to Gaia’s Portal Openers – Returning to the Corridor. Channelled by Suzanne Lie.

Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – Message from Home – 11-5-14
Our dearest Family and Volunteers to Earth,
We are sending a special transmission to you because we want you to know that “It is the NOW” to remember your true SELF who resides eternally in the higher dimensions of reality.
We have shared a long and beautiful path with our human representatives on Earth, and we are here to tell you NOW that the difference between your third dimensional reality and our Multidimensional reality is transmuting from a wide crevice into a narrow portal.
Therefore, you will increasingly be able to connect with us in the manner in which we communicated before you forgot your true, Multidimensional SELF.
Because you have been downloading the higher frequencies of Light into your consciousness, your Multidimensional thinking is returning to your conscious awareness.

However, whenever you fall into the third-dimensional illusions, you forget your Multidimensional SELF and your Multidimensional thinking. Then, your Multidimensional family feels far away.
Sometimes you may even doubt if we are “real.” Therefore, we are asking that you, our Earthly representatives, fully merge your human consciousness with your Multidimensional consciousness, so that you can remember who you really are. We will begin by reminding you how your third dimensional brain has fooled you into believing that your physical life is the only “real world.”
Our higher dimensional messages enter your consciousness via your Pineal Gland, which is able to translate the Light-codes of our higher dimensional message into Multidimensional messages.

Your brain then runs these Light-codes through your belief system to determine what is “real” and what is “not real.”
You 3D brain will attend to what it believes is real and ignore that which it believes is not real.

Meanwhile, your Multidimensional mind sweeps through the many versions of your reality, searching for something or someone that resonates to a higher frequency that feels “real.”
There is a portion of your consciousness that remembers something, but it often feels as though is covered by the 3D veil of illusion, which it is. How do you see through the illusions to find the “real world” you are seeking? The answer to that question is that you remember that YOU are the creator of your life.
What you believe is real is determined by your state of consciousness. And your state of consciousness is determined by the Light quotient that is programmed into your human brain.

The Light quotient programmed into your human brain is determined by whether or not your physical brain is connected to your Multidimensional mind.
You Multidimensional mind receives and stores the higher dimensional messages that are embedded in the Light-codes of our transmissions to you, our “Away Team” on Earth.

Fortunately, YOU are the programmer of your human brain. You determine what is REAL by choosing your state of consciousness. Then, your state of consciousness determines what frequency of our Multidimensional messages you can consciously acknowledge as a component of your reality.
Your physical brain, which functions much like a computer, will only compute that which you consciously acknowledge. Fortunately, the downloaded information is still in your brain and “saved” in a file in your “unconscious” or “superconscious mind.”
If you do not have conscious access to your unconscious or superconscious mind, you will not know that you have received these important messages. It is in this manner that many of our dear Emissaries to Earth become lost in the illusions of the physical reality.
To our dear Volunteers on Earth, the physical world appears very loud, bright and chaotic. Since your true SELF is accustomed to a higher dimensional reality based on deep serenity, peace and constant unity with all life, the intensity of your physical perceptions can easily override your higher dimensional perceptions.
Then your physical brain determines that the physical world is your “real world” and your true Home in the higher dimensions as “just your imagination.” Of course, your imagination is actually your Multidimensional mind, which is being overshadowed by your physical brain.
Therefore, we remind you, our “Volunteers to Earth,” to allow your pineal gland to be the portal through which your Multidimensional mind can communicate with you through your physical brain.

With this connection, you will remember that your imagination is REAL and that your Multidimensional mind can be the creator of your thoughts, emotions and reactions to life.
Dear friends and family wearing Earth vessels, we remind you that during your briefing before you decided to bi-locate into your Earth vessel your were warned of the addictive quality of physical life. This addiction arises from the density of your physical form, which echoes your every thought and emotions through your Earth vessel.
You, dear Volunteers, are accustomed to a body of Light that flows with the ONE like a kite in your third-dimensional sky. Because your natural state is that of flowing within an envelope of Unconditional Love, you are highly sensitive to any fluctuations within your flow.
When you resonated to our higher-dimensional world that was infinitely safe and loving, this sensitivity was an asset. However, when you bi-located into your physical body the very sensitivity that was an asset in your true reality became frightening when you were an infant and a burden as you matured into an adult.
Because you are innately sensitive to all life, you are easily wounded by the harshness of the physical world. Then you may comfort your wounded Self with a drink, food, drugs, money, anger, etc.

The list of addictions goes on and on. Beloved Volunteers, we reach out to you with our hearts to ease your pain, as well as with our minds to tell you,
“It is the NOW” to begin you return HOME to your true Multidimensional SELF.
We feel how much you miss us, as well as your higher dimensional reality. We also miss you, except that “miss” is not the correct term because your higher expression of SELF is with us in the ONE. This is why we said that you “bi-located” to your physical form, rather than you were your “born” to your physical form.

You have never left us! You are also with us in your higher dimensional form.
We lovingly remind you that we live in complete compassion and total understanding of your emotions, as we share them within the NOW of our joint reality.

We feel your sense of separation, which is the third-dimensional gift that you share with us.
Separation may not feel like a gift to you, but you are providing us with infinite experiential information about how to assist our Grounded Ones who are preparing for personal and planetary Ascension.

Through your open portal, everyone that you help shares his or her lessons with us. Also, through your opened portal, we can connect with everyone that you touch in any way.
Because you have volunteered to be an open portal to the higher dimensions, we, your higher dimensional expressions, can utilize your portals to personally assist everyone with whom you come in contact.

Furthermore, when you serve as an opened portal to the higher dimensions, you are showing others how to serve as portals, as well.
Also, the Light and Love that flows through your portal is eagerly accepted by Gaia’s Elements of earth, air, fire and water.

Hence, your mere presence on the body of Gaia’s planet supports and assists Gaia in Her Ascension process.
We conclude our transmission by reminding your higher dimensional SELF is infinitely HERE with US. Thus, you all open portals of Light with your heads in the Stars, your feet grounded on Earth and your hearts projecting Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love into your daily life.
Blessings from the Arcturians and all the members of your Galactic Family

Suzanne Lie – Awakening With IlliaEm – Continued Communications, Part 1–4 – 9-4-14

SuzanneLieAs the “future” we have longed for becomes the “NOW” we are living, it is natural to look back at our beginnings. I had a long meditation with IlliaEm this morning in which there were no words and no visions. There was only a feeling of being alive with pure light and unconditional love. These feelings reminded me of my own awakening in the early 1990’s.

Within the innocence of our first multidimensional experiences, we are open to receive the foundations for our return to SELF. In this series I will share my first encounters with IlliaEm and the illumination I received because I was brave enough to believe in myself.

I have communicated with many people about their awakening process, which usually includes a great deal of secrecy. “What if they find out what I am doing?” we cry, not even knowing who “they” are. Perhaps it was “just our imagination,” which sounded better than, “maybe I am just crazy.”

No, it was not safe or recommended back then to be open with our inner experiences. We were the vanguards who entered into a new world that only we could perceive. Fortunately, I had just finished my PhD in Clinical Psychology, so I was pretty sure I was not crazy.

However, I was NOT ready to come out of my psychic closet for many years. Therefore, I became “Suzan Caroll,” which was the name I chose to “protect my own innocence.” It took all the courage I had to continue my inner journeys into the unknown.

I am sharing these journeys now in the hope that others who are on the cusp of awakening can find the safety to turn around and look inside their SELF. I began this process with the blog “From the Past into the NOW” and will continue it with “Awakening with IlliaEm.”

I left off with my entry of 8-30-95 in which I “remembered” first leaving Arcturius in response to Gaia’s call for help. On 10-21-95 I continued my communication with IlliaEm.


Beloved One, We, IlliaEm, return to communicate with you,

You have remembered leaving Arcturus. Now, we ask you to remember, ‘being Arcturian.’ Feel now the experience of your Arcturian self.

Dear IlliaEm, when I close my eyes to allow my mind to calm and my body to relax, I can feel myself as a star. My body is made of light. In fact, I look like a star that a child would draw. I have two legs that come down from my middle and two arms that go out from the middle and a head that comes up from the middle.

However, I do not have the definition of form that I have in my third dimensional body. Also, I am androgynous. No, I am more than androgynous; I am beyond the definition of sexuality as it is known on Earth.

When I meet other members of my pod, we merge into one person for a greeting then we return to our individual vessels. These vessels are only individual if I look at the brightest portion of our emanations. If I look more closely, I find that I am connected to all the other members of my pod by a dimmer emanation, which is similar to a gossamer wing.

This wing is a network that connects all of us and gives us a group consciousness beyond what my Earth consciousness can even imagine. I know that I am totally connected to the other members of my pod, who I perceive as the other members of my SELF.

Through our network, we are in instant and constant communication with each other. We can communicate with all forty portions of ourselves in the same NOW; or we can communicate with any one individually. We are in preparation for our departure, but I am now realizing that, just as we are departing, we are also staying.

We are bi-locating. The core of forty will infinitely remain constant as a grounding force for our universal travels. However, since our sense of being on a planet and being on a starship is the same, “staying” means the component of our SELF who holds the space while our extended SELF is bi-locating.

Since we are beyond the limits of time and space, this is not impossible. We can easily be at two, or in fact many, locations at once. We can also travel away for a very long “time,” and when we return, it will be as though we never left. The difference is that we have a new experience within our beingness.

I am now experiencing our preparations for our journey to Venus. We will go to Venus before we go to Earth so that we can learn how to lower our resonance enough to enter into one of the physical vessels on Atlantis. We say our final good bye to the portion of our selves that is staying by going into a group stasis, which is like sleep on Earth. In this manner we are joined together as ONE unit.

Since we have decided to create cycles similar to what is known as day and night on Earth, we can use the “night”, or inflow cycle, to join into one consciousness and journey to the higher dimensions of ourselves. In the “day”, or outflow cycle, we separate into the forty different portions of our selves.

In this manner, we can ground our higher experiences into our seventh dimensional Arcturian planet while we learn to be of service to others on our plane, as well as to others on the lower dimensions. I now feel us going into our inflow cycle to gather all instructions from our higher selves and to gain our final briefing before our adventure. I am unable to remain conscious during this briefing. I can only retain a feeling of the messages.

Almost two months later:


Beloved IlliaEm,

I felt you in my meditation. It has been ten days since very bad accident occurred with two of my family members. This is the first time that I have been able to really meditate. I know that you have been with us throughout the entire time. However, I was so absorbed in the third dimension that I have not been able to be conscious of your presence. Allow me now to hear the words that I felt during the meditation but could not understand.

Dearest Suzille,

You have unconsciously given much of your life force towards this challenge, which is why you have been so tired. Do not be concerned as we are replenishing your life force with a frequency of energy of a much higher vibration than the one that you lost. The crisis of a near-death experienced is one that will be, and is being, experienced by many now and in the immediate future.

The old vibration must be accelerated. In doing so many portions of your reality at that lower vibration will disappear. The challenge that each of you will experience will allow you to choose what is important in your lives and what can be released. For you, dear Suzille, the lesson was clear. The fear of loss of things must be released, as it will cause your death.

Does that sound harsh? Yes, it is. But what death do I speak of? I speak of the death of the inner world that you have known. Fear is a very powerful creative force and if you fear anything, you will bring it about. The human body is a “thing.” It is not of spirit or of a higher dimensional vibration. It is of the same vibration as a car, a house or money.

It you fear the loss of any of those things you will indeed lose them, as well as the human vessels which uses them. Dearest Suzille, we need you to maintain your physical form in order to assist Lady Gaia until her transition is complete.

If at that time you desire to release your clay vessel, then it can be sacrificed to the Mother. In the meantime, it is still necessary for your loved ones to keep their vessels for the same purpose that you have chosen to keep yours.

Remember dear, that the anchor (your human earth vessel) will raise the ship (Gaia’s planet Earth). Stay aware in your third dimensional “anchor” and extend this awareness all the way to myself, IlliaEm. In this manner shall you realize the true multidimensional being that you are.

Note from Sue,

I pondered whether or not to put in this entry, but we have all had to face challenging events in which we can lose too much energy and endanger our health, as well as our ability to perform our mission. Therefore, I have included it.


(Entire message from IlliaEm, so I will not bold the type here. My comments are in italics.)

Happy New Year dear Suzille,

I AM IlliaEm, here to speak with you again. I was with you on New Years Eve as well as last evening. Yes there is something that I wish to tell you. I wish to say my dear, that your work shall be continued in this New Year. Do not fear nor worry that your destiny will not be fulfilled.

Be patient, for patience allows you the creative time to sprout your deepest subconscious self so that you can gradually blossom in your physical world. I spoke to you yesterday about how each of your “incarnations” is actually a point of perspective into physical reality.

Imagine that each of the many incarnations you have remembered are experienced as a shining ball of light. Some of these “lights” are much dimmer than others, and some are brighter. These balls of light encircle Lady Gaia and have roots that run deep into the core of Her being. As you heal any life or reality, you serve to heal The Mother, as well.

See how your Soul can look through these points of perspective to see and experience physical incarnation in a different fashion. And, see how your Oversoul can look through all of these points of perception at the same moment. When you can experience your lives from the perspective of your Oversoul you will return to being your true multidimensional self.

Also, as you know, your Multidimensional SELF can simultaneously experience life on the higher vibrations at the same moment as it is experiencing it in the physical. In fact, that is what you are doing as you communicate with me. I am your ninth-dimensional self. Therefore, as you communicate with me, you can perceive all your multidimensional experiences from the first through the ninth dimensions.

(Note: I am still not aware of that level of perception.)

Eventually, you will learn to associate with me so deeply that I can share my vision with you and you can gradually begin to experience reality as I do. This is a very long process and one that should not be rushed or you will not be able to maintain life in your clay form. Be patient, and allow me to teach you how to make the gradual assent through all the higher levels of yourself.

(Note: Wow that is good to know. The “patience” that I used was totally forgetting the message. I wonder how many times I have done that? )

There are many mysteries that I can reveal to you. You will be able to experience these mysteries as totally real through your writing. And through your writing you will be able to share that view with others. This is your highest destiny, my ONE. Continue your healing and you will be able to manifest it.

I complete this message with a meditation:


See before you a Golden Door.

How big is this door?

Place yourself directly in front of this door.

Can you feel the heat of this higher vibration as it emanates off the door?

Can you hear the buzz, like a million fireflies?

Are you ready to enter this door?

Are you ready to remove the illusions that have clouded your vision of the Truth?

If you are ready to enter the door, please step towards it.

As you move closer to the door, it seems to move closer to you.

Feel the call in your heart for the door to open.

With your mind, see the door open and step through across the threshold.

Feel the transition in your body.

You are glowing now.

You are covered with, and made of, the same golden light as the door itself.

Take a long moment to adjust to this new way of being.

Feel that you are lighter than air and buoyant as a feather.

Your movement is only in your mind, and your physical body is perfectly still.

Patiently await your Guide.

As your Guide approaches you, focus only your feelings.

Your guide now leads you towards a Circle make of even more brilliant light.

The Circle is filled with complete stillness and the faint whisper of a celestial choir.

You must enter this circle alone.

You must find within yourself the unity and guidance that you seek.

Remember pure love and complete commitment.

Remember TRUTH.

You are in the center of the circle now.

Two ethereal ladies in pink come forward

and remove the invisible “Veil of Illusion” from your face.

You hear the voice of your inner Guide.

What is your Guide saying to you?

Listen with your heart, your consciousness and your body.

Feel the message as it caresses your heart…

Expands your consciousness…

Transmutes your body…

Release ALL doubt and love your SELF.

Only then will you understand that which you have always known!

Arcturian Message via Suzanne Lie – The First Landing



From   Aquarius Paradigm

Arcturian Message – The First Landing. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. September 24, 2013.

The first landing is the landing and interconnection of your multidimensional mind with your third dimensional brain. The brain is completely encased within the skull, but the multidimensional mind is just above your brain where it resonates to the fourth dimension and beyond. Thereby, the aura of your physical body is the primary connecting device between your third dimensional brain and your multidimensional mind.

Once your multidimensional mind has fully “landed” and interconnected with your physical brain, your Earth vessel begins its metamorphosis into Lightbody. This metamorphosis is much like the shift from a caterpillar to a butterfly, in that it is not a transformation in which a new element has been added. Instead, it is a transmutation in which your body is aligned to a higher frequency of resonance.

This higher frequency of resonance always existed in the higher frequency, but it was not visible to the limited perceptions of your Earth vessel. As the energy patterns of your multidimensional mind begin to interlace and interact with your physical brain, higher dimensional perceptions come online to your human consciousness. However, you are only conscious of these perceptions while you are in a higher state of consciousness.

In a low state of consciousness, which is created by fear-based thoughts and emotions, your Earth vessel is filled with adrenalin and is on alert for any incoming danger. Therefore, all attention is placed on the physical world. Conversely, when you are in a higher state of consciousness, which is created by love-based thoughts and emotions, your Earth vessel is filled with endorphins.

These endorphins amplify the sense of joy, love and wellbeing that first initiated their release. While you are in this state of consciousness, all is safe in the world. When you feel safe your consciousness expands into the higher dimensions, which allows you to move beyond the confines of your daily life enough to consciously perceive glimpses of the higher dimensions.


In this state of consciousness, you are able to expand your perceptions beyond the normal human “visible” field into the higher expressions of light in the ultraviolet range of the electromagnetic field. At first, you will likely perceive the fourth dimension, as you have become accustomed to that reality via your dream life.

Your physical Earth vessel is living within a hologram in which everything resonates to the limited range of the “visible” electromagnetic spectrum. One of your greatest challenges in your process of Ascension is to release the habit of believing that the physical plane is the only reality. With the release this habitual thinking, you can begin to remember that you are not your Earth vessel, but you are wearing your Earth vessel.

You have many realities in which you hold/wear a higher frequency vessel, such as a Pleiadian vessel, a Sirian vessel or an Arcturian vessel. Yes, we Arcturians have long ago released our need to wear a vessel. However, many of us have “landed” within the forms of Earth vessels. In fact, many of us came to answer Gaia’s call for assistance at the fall of Atlantis knowing that we would continue to take Earth vessels until Gaia could fully transmute back into Her fifth dimensional expression.

Our contract is now up, and we/you can return to our true Arcturian, Pleiadian or Sirian form etc. However, your consciousness has worn an Earth vessel for many incarnations. Thus, your consciousness will need to go through the process of remembering how your multidimensional Light-based form feels as opposed to how your third dimensional matter-based form feels. It is the landing of the multidimensional mind that will facilitate this process.

The human brain resonates to the small “visible” field of the electro magnetic spectrum and cannot read data of higher frequencies unless you expand your consciousness into that frequency. The landing and interconnection of your multidimensional mind is your personal portal out of the 3D hologram, as it serves as a “control tower” high on a mountain that can transmit and receive higher frequencies of Light.

Living in a hologram means that you are living in a world of Light that is structured to resonate to the aforementioned “visible” frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. As your connection to your multidimensional mind progresses, you will begin to remember your higher expressions of Self in the myriad realities of the higher dimensions. Since your Earth vessel is holographic, you too are made of Light. Hence, you do not need to create or activate your Lightbody.

You ARE a Lightbody right now resonating to a lower frequency of Light. Your physical brain projects out the frequency of Light that illuminates your perceptions of that frequency. However, as you expand your connection with your multidimensional mind, your conscious and unconscious communications with your higher expressions sends you information from your higher dimensional realities.

This information is constantly reminding you to raise your state of consciousness into the ultraviolet spectrum to re-activate your innate perceptions of the higher dimensions. Your physical form can only perceive the third dimension. However, when you expand your consciousness into your multidimensional mind you can create a conscious connection with one or several of your higher dimensional Selves.

Via this connection, your higher expressions of Self can easily perceive fifth-dimensional Gaia and send those perceptions to your Earth vessel. Your higher expressions can also download information into your consciousness. However, your physical brain is incapable of receiving, storing and understanding this frequency of data. Therefore, you must expand your consciousness into your multidimensional mind in order to consciously receive and understand this information.

With a higher state of consciousness, you have the ability to perceive the fifth dimensional reality in which you NOW live. However, first you must deny your brain’s belief that the only “real” world is the physical world and the higher dimensional worlds are “just your imagination”. This restructuring of cognition can only occur when you clear your 3D computer brain of low frequency, fear-based data.

When your computer is full, distortions occur when you attempt to add new data. This is the same situation with your human brain/computer. Hence, old memories of fear, anger and sorrow that fill your memory banks must be cleared to create the necessary “space” for your physical brain to interconnect with your multidimensional mind.

These old fear-based emotions also create a “drag” on your consciousness and limit your ability to maintain a high enough state of consciousness to consciously use with your multidimensional mind to commune and interact with the myriad higher expressions of reality. Fortunately, these fear-based experiences and memories are stored as energy patterns. Therefore, they can be released, not even as memories, but as patterns of energy.

For example, take a moment to connect with your physical brain so that you can perceive the energy pattern of fear. Do no become attached to the cause, situation of emotions of this energy pattern. Merely observe the color, density and movement of an energy pattern of fear. Do you see how this energy is dark, dense, sluggish or completely immobile?

Feel this fear-based energy pattern in your physical form. Do you understand now how this energy dampens your state of consciousness to trap you in third dimensional illusions? Can you see now why the remaining beings of darkness continue to create fearful scenarios to lower humanity’s consciousness?

Fortunately, you have the antidote to all fear, which is Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love resonates to the highest frequencies of Light. We ask you now to direct your attention into the energy field of Unconditional Love. Do you see how it is filled with myriad octaves of Light?


Observe as the energy pattern of Multidimensional Love swirls towards the higher worlds into an ever-expanding vortex to create a living portal to your Multidimensional Self.

Now we ask you to place your fear, your anger and your sorrow into this beautiful, infinite vortex. As you allow these fear-based energy patterns to escape from your conscious, unconscious and subconscious brain, heart and body, see how the dark, dense energy pattern of fear disappears into the swirling Light of Unconditional Love to be transmuted back to Light.

This swirling Light of Unconditional Love also neutralizes any danger by surrounding your with the protection of your own higher resonance of Self. Within the safe envelope of Unconditional Love, your body releases the endorphins that expand your consciousness back into your multidimensional mind.

Additionally, the higher Light streaming into your planet from the Galactic Center is constantly entering your physical form. This resonance of Light is extremely uncomfortable to all fear-based energy fields, and serves to flush them to the surface of your consciousness. Emotions feel the same way leaving your form as they did when they entered your form.

Therefore, remember to tell yourself, “I am not having these emotions. I am releasing these emotions.” With this knowledge that the higher Light is purging your memory of fear-based files, you do not need to remember these situations or partake in the purge in any way. Just call in Unconditional Love to assist with the purging and surround your Self with the higher Light.

Hot-air Balloon

Your form is much like a hot-air balloon

  • First you release anything that is so heavy that it will diminish your flight…
  • Then, you are unhooking the balloon from the ground and taking off into the skies…
  • In this manner, you are releasing the third dimension from the lowest frequencies up…
  • As the weight of your inner darkness/fear diminishes, your journey into the “skies” of the higher worlds escalates…

To assist this process of transmuting darkness into Light:

  • Listen to the fear-based energy patterns that tell you that you do not deserve to…
  • Send these dark energies the Multidimensional Light of Unconditional Love…
  • Observe as these energy patterns transmute within the Unconditional Love…
  • Feel how your Earth vessel becomes lighter and purer with each release…

You are expanding into your higher expressions of Self by releasing the lower frequency memories that have trapped you in the illusion of the third dimensional world. In this manner, you free that which has limited your consciousness so that you can consciously participate in the landing, docking and interconnection of your multidimensional mind into your third dimensional brain.

Once your multidimensional mind is fully integrated with your physical brain, you will be in constant connection with the higher expressions of your Multidimensional Self. You will then be able to release your attachment to the limitation and separations of the 3D hologram and find your portal out of the holographic program and into YOU, the programmer.

We are the members of your Multidimensional Self

We are YOU

The Arcturians and the Galactic Federation of Light