MARILYN RAFFAELE – The Acturian Group – Security – 5-6-18

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MAY  6, 2018
Marilyn Raffaele

Dear ones,  welcome once again to the Arcturian Group messages.   Know that you are rapidly progressing  into new levels of awareness which for some of you has resulted in discord with family and friends upset and disappointed because you have changed and are no longer the same person they knew and want you to continue to be.
Spiritual evolution  often forces those closest to the one awakening to question their own belief system giving rise to emotions of anger and defensiveness.   Seeing and believing differently than you have in the past  will often “rock the boat” of those closest to you because the energy alignment you previously held with them is dissolving.
Awakening often results in the end of some relationships.  This frequently  happens in families or with friends that are closely in energetic alignment  by a particular belief system,  religious practice, tradition,  or cultural heritage.  It is vital that you never allow some person or group to guilt you into remaining in a state of consciousness you have outgrown.
The purpose of choosing to live on earth is to evolve, and choosing to to remain locked in some particular belief system in order to please others or simply “keep the peace” is a surrendering of personal power. This does not mean that you abandon family and friends unless it becomes necessary which it sometimes does.  It simply means that you stay centered in truth and alert to the temptation to align with any beliefs the group may hold but that you no longer resonate with.   Life becomes  being  “In the world, but not of it”.
It often happens that one’s evolution will simply, gently, and without effort, dissolve certain relationships as each realizes they no longer have anything in common.  This is often the case with those who originally came together for the purpose of completing something unfinished from a past life, and which is now complete.  There are those who try and  make  dissolving relationships continue,  but this can only fail because in order for relationships of any kind to work, there must be energy alignment.
Be not afraid of anything at this time dear ones, for you are witnessing how evolution works.  An individual will receive some deep insight and because there is only One,  those in alignment with that person anywhere in the world may also receive it, This is why it often happens that someone gets an idea for an invention and at the exact same time, another person often far away receives the same idea for the same invention.
Each time a new truth bubbles forth into consciousness,  it becomes part of the consensus consciousness available to any and all.  Over time, many masters have chosen to live lives on earth especially during times of spiritual  ignorance for the sole purpose of seeding  consensus world consciousness with truth,  making it available to anyone spiritually ready to receive it.
Truth is  present in and as every individual,  but cannot become their conscious reality until the individual is prepared and capable of aligning with the higher energy of the truth.  (The Christmas story of the Christ being born in a stable.)
Every soul at some point must open that door from which the “imprisoned splendor can escape”.  Regardless of what many still believe, no one, no master, no “saint”, no teacher or teaching,  no matter how evolved or revered can do this for you.   They can assist you in your choices as  you awaken, but only you can open that door.
Everyday more are awakening,  even if it is simply a growing dissatisfaction with how governments, religious teachings, and corporations have stripped people of  personal power.  Without the need for you do anything outwardly, those of you who go within, connect frequently, and live the truth you know are adding  Light to world consciousness which in turn makes it available to all who are receptive.
Words and actions that flow from an evolved state of consciousness are capable of triggering a new state of awareness for those seriously seeking a higher way for themselves and the world.  Many are on the verge of awakening at this time and those satisfied with the status quo are becoming a minority.   Some who have always lived in fear are now reclaiming the power they ignorantly gave away and feeling comfortable instead of fearful doing it.  You are on the verge of much change in spite of appearances but you must be patient and allow the process.

We wish to speak to the idea of security which in the third dimension  primarily  revolves around vulnerability and separation, concepts designed to keep the majority locked in fear.  The only real security there ever is or will be is already fully present within you.  Safety and security is the automatic manifestation of the conscious realization that there is nothing you need to protect yourself against.  This is your protective work, not the hundreds of material concepts believed necessary for personal survival.
The third dimensional belief system holds that there are millions of people, places, and things you need  protection from–diseases, bad people, dangerous places and anything deemed dangerous by those in authority.   If there is only ONE,  who or what can there be that you need protection from?  What could it be made of if there is only ONE substance?
This truth  will fly  in the face of the many  who still believe they need all sorts of material devices and actions  in order to maintain personal safety and security.  God realization is and always has been the only true safety and security one can  have on earth because a third dimensional state of consciousness can only and will only manifest as forms of duality and separation.
In spite of appearances, violence of any form is not real power.  Having  no law to support, maintain, or sustain it other than the energy of belief,  it will dissolve into the nothingness that it really is when enough people wake up to this truth.  Anything real is held forever in place by Divine Law and if violence was a reality, no one ever would be able to remove or change  it.
You are God and it is time to start seeing and knowing yourselves for who and what you really are.  Does God need weapons and fear order to survive?  Does God fear others who may not look, speak, act, or believe the same way?  Who are these “others” if there is only One?   God is the others.
Imagine God as being wood.   Houses are built,  furniture is made,  and  thousands of  products are created,  but each no matter how unique, always remains wood.  This is the truth about everything–there is nothing not in and of the one Divine Consciousness and it is only the false beliefs of duality and separation that make the world seem otherwise because–YOU ARE CREATORS
You may say;  “But we don’t live in a God governed world and the un-awakened will harm us”.  This is true at this time, and it is wisdom to lock your doors at night and avoid walking down dark streets in violent neighborhoods.  Intuition is very practical and meets the need of the moment.  What we are saying is that as you evolve ever more  deeply into the realization of your oneness with Source,  this attained state of consciousness  then automatically becomes your safety and security.   Separation and  violence do not exist in Divine Consciousness.
Never forget that your own attained state of consciousness  is the substance of your experiences.  A person living constantly in fear, always on the lookout for the “other” ready to harm them,  creates for themselves some form of whatever it is they fear which then in turn validates the fear, causing them to become more firmly entrenched in their illusion.  Every serious student of truth must ask themselves;  “What am I believing that is making me feel this way”?
Guns are simply modern day versions of the swords, spears, and axes of old,  expressing the same state of consciousness  (separation and duality)  carried forward into the present day.  Ask yourselves, do I really believe that I am a Divine being made in the image and likeness of God, or do I still believe that I am just a lowly human subject to and needing protection from everything I have been told is just waiting to harm me if I am not alert and prepared?
Try to imagine the master Jesus, or Gautama the Buddha  carrying  concealed weapons as they went about their work in the belief that these things were their safety and security.  Many will say; “Yes, but the masters were different.”   How could that be possible if there is only ONE?  Every person no matter how asleep in illusion,  has everything that any master has ever had,  the difference being that those called masters were awake.
In these present times  there is more than enough happening to tempt even the most evolved into feeling insecure and frightened but now is your time for learning, practicing, and living what you have come to know is the truth about who and what you are as well as who and what every other person is regardless of appearances.
There is a much bigger picture going on than what you can see with  human eyes.  Many who have been involved in violent experiences or even death chose these experiences for the purpose of balancing some old karmic energy.  For others these experiences are necessary tools for learning because of their having taken similar actions in a past life.
Some slave owners of the past have come back in black bodies in order to learn and experience the other side of things but this is NOT to say that prejudice and racial violence are ever justified. We seek only to add awareness to what is happening in the world at this time in order to help you understand that behind everything  lies the unstoppable evolutionary journey of mankind and Gaia.
It often happens and especially in these times, that an evolved soul will choose  to come in and experience some violent or traumatic event not out of personal need, but solely for the purpose  awakening others.  Their loving choice serves to shine Light on some particular concept or belief  still holding mankind in bondage.
Much is happening energy wise but there remain many still unable to comprehend what is taking place and so revert even more deeply into the third dimensional tools of safety and security.    Be not afraid and never doubt that you are whole and complete, always have been, and always will be. The realization of this truth will allow you to live without fear  knowing that even so called human death is but a move from one location to another, one that you have already done many times.
Do what you are guided to do, always trusting your intuition.   Some of you are not yet spiritually or materially  ready to give up the human concepts of protection and there is no failure in this because to pretend a state of consciousness not  yet attained, is very human.
However, there comes a point in everyone’s evolutionary journey where they must let go of the third dimensional tools,  be they physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual in the realization that everything necessary to one’s  happiness, safety, and security is already present within just awaiting recognition.
Most of you reading these messages are ready to embrace and live out from that higher sense of safety, security, and protection.
Simply hold these truths silently, sacredly, and secretly in your heart.  Ponder them often, allowing them time to gestate and grow stronger until at some point your Higher Self determines you are ready for them to become part of your attained level of consciousness.
We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele – As The Light Increases – 1-29-18 – by Era Of Light


The Arcturian Group

Dear ones, we come to you in love and with a clear understanding of the difficulties facing so many in these times of upheaval and change. Be not afraid, for everything is proceeding according to plan. The intense frequencies of Light pouring onto earth at this time are serving to expose and bring into universal awareness the many obsolete and false beliefs still comfortably residing in third dimensional consciousness.

As the people of the world become increasingly more enlightened, the outer scene will/must reflect this as higher and purer forms of everything. Heretofore undiscovered and advanced ideas regarding government, medicine, education, spirituality, work, environment, etc. will begin to manifest as world consciousness evolves more fully into Light and truth.

These times are forcing many to carefully examine their choices and all who are spiritually ready are being guided to step more fully into enlightenment. However, there remain those who although spiritually ready, are choosing to remain in the third dimensional belief system using the excuse of social position, family, friends, careers, etc. as their reasoning. They tell themselves that living spiritually is too impractical in a “dog eat dog” world.

Many of you are in this situation right now and must make the choice. “Do I really believe what I have learned about truth, or do I not?” Mankind can no longer continue to live happily with one foot in the spiritual world and the other in the material. Third dimensional consciousness and spiritual consciousness have been residing side by side for a very long time. However, this will be no longer possible as the earth ascends into a higher dimensional resonance. It is time to make your choice dear ones, which side will you choose?

Living truth can be difficult in the beginning when appearances seem to contradict everything about it. For a time (sometime years) automatic responses based in lifetimes of programming will continue to manifest without thought, spewing forth as irritation, anger, disgust, judgement, and criticism. Never believe that you have failed when this happens, or go into resistance and self-condemnation, but rather simply and with self love examine the beliefs underlying these responses asking yourselves; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way?”.

Choose some word or action that can quickly shift your awareness out of negativity and into truth if you find yourself reacting in some habitual or unloving way. Quickly bringing to mind one word like error !, hypnotism ! false !, separation !, etc. or an action like bringing your hand to your heart can be the trigger that stops the process and helps you to realign.

A particular word or action in and of itself has no power, but represents your intention to shift out of alignment with an old habit. Choose some word or action that resonates with you and don’t be afraid to change it if it doesn’t feel right. You will know the word or action that is perfect for you by an inner response to it.

Become alert to old personal programming by noticing when and how easily it slips in. Example; You drive somewhere and find there are no parking spots. Without thought, you suddenly find yourself becoming irritated and angry toward the drivers or the owners of the store and by the time you finally get to where you are going, you are carrying energies of anger and irritation, and a sense of separation.

The moment you recognize that some old programming is beginning, use your special word or action. This will serve to “nip it in the bud” so to speak, allowing you to step back, rethink the situation, and access it from a higher level. With time, your automatic responses will no longer reflect old programming but will instead flow from a higher level because you have done the work of retraining yourself to respond with truth.

There often come situations that will leave you upset and fully immersed in old programming. If and when this happens, set aside time after things have settled, to take the event into meditation, examining without judgement, the how’s and whys of your responses. Never judge, condemn, or hate yourself for some seeming failure but rather realize that being on earth is about experiencing and learning, and you are doing exactly that.

In the beginning, spiritual awakening is very basic and three dimensional, built around knowledge, pondering, books, classes, discussion, study, and simple practices. This can continue for lifetimes depending upon the individual. These practices eventually serve to open inner doors that allow the flow of Grace. Grace is the gentle and loving energy of Divine Consciousness capable of automatically dissolving anything not in or of it. The spiritual journey then begins to unfold more through grace, rather than from any specific action. It gets easier.

Living the spiritual life is never acting “holy” around friends, relatives, or co-workers while trying to save, fix, or heal them by pointing out the error of their ways. Those around you never need know the truth you hold within but those receptive will feel it in your energy of love, forgiveness, patience, and acceptance. This is when those who are ready, will be drawn to ask you what it is that you know. These are the ones with whom you can begin to share, starting with just a little at a time.

Even saying the word, “reincarnation” during some ordinary conversation can be the seed that creates a small opening in the consciousness of a person ready for more but who out of fear and tradition still holds himself in bondage to concepts of rigid religiosity and teachings that preach death as being a portal to eternal damnation or a cloud in some imaginary heaven but only if “rules” are obeyed.

Living the spiritual life simply means going about everyday ordinary tasks from a level of truth. It is a monastic life lived without the vows and dedication to one belief system. It is being “in the world but not of it”. Convents and monasteries were necessary when it was the only way to safely live a spiritual life, but this is no longer the case.

It may be the right choice for some even today, but not for anyone who understands that a person carries their state of consciousness with them wherever they go. God is not in a material place, but is brought to that place through the consciousness of some individual or individuals. This is why there are certain places on the globe-chapels, churches, or sanctuaries that continue to hold an energy of peace and love.

A person who moves in order to avoid unloving, mean people, will quickly find them again in the new place. Ponder that.

It is difficult to remain out of judgement when you see the news, but know that living unconditional love does not mean loving troublemakers in the human three dimensional sense of love as being emotion, attraction, and approval. You love with Divine love, which means from a conscious realization of their oneness with Source and the reality of their true Divine Nature in spite of any and all appearances to the contrary.

Unconditional love never means aligning with ideas that do not resonate with your attained state of consciousness, nor does it ever require becoming someone’s doormat, but neither does it give you carte blanche to stand on some imaginary soap box at home or office, proclaiming that you hold the only correct beliefs.

There are many paths up the mountain and all are valid. There are some who need the structure of organized religion to help them focus or get serious about the spiritual journey. Others have graduated beyond any need for others to tell them what to believe and for them to stay would block their evolution. Evolution is an ongoing process and the beliefs you hold now may well become obsolete as you graduate into new and higher levels of understanding.

Certain people or circumstances in your life may seem to hold power over you leading you to believe that you are trapped and cannot move beyond or change something. Realize that anything you bestow power on, be it person, place, or thing, will continue to hold that power until you and you alone remove it. Once power is given, it will continue to act as a power maintaining and sustaining whatever issues are involved simply because it continues to be fed and kept alive by belief and fear.

Know, accept, integrate, and attain the consciousness that the master and all real teachers of truth attained–that God alone is Power. Because you are creators, you endow things with whatever power they seem to have. Nothing but the fullness of Divine Consciousness is or ever can be power, for in reality absolutely nothing else exists. All appearances of duality and separation whether good or bad, are reflections of material sense–conditioned mind interpretations of some Divine Idea.

Each day do what needs to be done. Pay your bills, drive the kids to school, go to work or whatever is required of you, but do these things without giving inordinate power to the outer scene. This never means that you do not step in if needed or guided in the human sense, but you do it with a realization that the one and only real power, is present within you and is the reality of who and what you are.

This is the journey–stepping and falling, stepping and falling until at some point the fabric from which the falling is formed no longer exists. In reality there is no time, but in third dimensional energy awakening seems to be a journey requiring time–time to retrain thinking and learn to see through outer appearances.

Never pretend a state of consciousness not yet attained, but simply practice the truth the best you know how, translating the events of each day into the reality behind them. More and deeper realizations come as you are ready for them because the practicing of what you know has begun the flow. Examine every unpleasant issue in your lives to find what you are still giving power to. No matter how seemingly insignificant something may seem to be, it is important to recognize it because the tiniest bit of consciousness will always express itself.

This is advanced spirituality. This is mysticism and you are ready. A mystic is one who has realized his oneness with Source. Most organized religious groups do not teach the truth of Oneness firstly because most don’t know it, and secondly because they would teach themselves out of existence were people to know they didn’t need them.

You are ready to come out from under the umbrella of domination in every facet of your lives. You are ready to see through the ignorance of an unenlightened three dimensional consciousness that presents physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues as power over you.

Examine your belief system honestly and thoroughly. Find any remaining concepts and beliefs hiding in the corners of your consciousness and shine the Light of truth on them.

It is time dear ones, and you are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group.

» Source – Channel: Marilyn Raffaele

Arcturian Group – Align Only With Your Highest Truth


Dear readers, once again we greet you in love and respect as we witness personal and global struggles. We honor your courage as you continue to unfold into an ever-deepening consciousness of oneness much like a bud opens to the fullness of the flower.

You have become the wayshowers, awake and ready to fulfill your chosen reasons for being here at this time.

We see many of you working to resolve day to day issues as well as to spiritually evolve while still using tools that no longer work simply because you have evolved beyond them. They are familiar to you and still work for those who resonate with them, but most of you have evolved beyond them–you are no longer that state of consciousness.

Every truth that unfolds in awareness must be held secretly and sacredly in the heart and then lived in order for it to fully flower as your state of consciousness. To continue seeking outwardly after you know what you are seeking lies within, will hold you in the past, in beliefs of separation.

You may still be guided to some book, class, or activity important to your understanding, that the book, class, or activity must be seen for what it is, a tool needed at the time but not a lifeline to hold on to forever. Truth is infinite and unfolds forever in new and deepening ways, but truth cannot enter into a mind that is already full. There must be the letting go of what is already known in order for the new to come in.

As wayshowers it is your responsibility to act, speak, and live your state of consciousness. For example, a wayshower (without conscious thought) often demonstrates problem resolution through the love and respect reflected in his life, words, and actions. This, in turn, will be observed by some who have always believed that resolution is only possible through force, law, or violence. A seed of truth has been planted in their consciousness.

Many spiritually prepared individuals are now observing, seeking answers, and new methods of problem-solving. They will see and seek you out because of their readiness. They feel your energy and are drawn to it. Spiritual invisibility is about to change or already has for many of you because you have become Light workers.

Do not panic, for being a Lightworker does not mean you will never again have a personal life or be able to do the things you love. It simply means that you endow every action, interaction, and activity with Light simply because it is your state of consciousness. You still do the every day ordinary things, but now with deeper awareness.

We wish to speak of alignment. The energy yourself align with, you manifest. Alignment means becoming one with the energy of some person, idea, belief system etc., allowing it to be yours–temporarily or permanently. Many of you may be finding that you are having more accidents, little mishaps, and irritating experiences. This is because planetary and personal energy has become very intense, resulting in the instantaneous manifestation of whatever you are in alignment with.

It is important from now on to align only with your highest truth. When you remain aligned with three-dimensional concepts and beliefs, no matter how irrelevant they may seem, it is what you will quickly manifest because there is no unexpressed consciousness. Likewise, where there is alignment with truth (harmony, completeness, love etc.), forms that reflect this manifest.

Begin to use ordinary experiences as reminders–“What belief am I in alignment with that has manifested as…? Am I aligned with current and popular concepts of duality and separation or am I in alignment with truth?” The days of thinking about, studying, and discussing truth while continuing to live out from the old belief system, are finished for any serious student of truth.

What people, places, ideas, beliefs, etc. am I choosing to align with? Everything is energy. You have all experienced being with certain people who leave you feeling drained. This happens when you interact with someone from a place of sympathy instead of compassion, which brings you into alignment with their lower resonating energy and allows them to draw energy from you.

Never doubt that there is an element that feeds on the negative energies of war, violence, and cruelty. When you understand this, you will not so easily be pulled into the dense and long hidden energies that are now rising to the surface of world awareness in order to be seen for the nothingness that they really are, and once and for all be cleared .

You are powerful because you are made of the very substance of the Divine. When you are in alignment with this fact, you will begin to see it manifest in every aspect of your lives. This does not mean that everything suddenly becomes rosy and there are no more problems. In fact, your conscious realization of completeness may very well manifest as something you have long feared to look at but which desperately needs to be cleared.

Let go of constantly seeking for truth because when you do that, you align with the belief that you are separate from it and will always be seeking. You have spiritually evolved beyond believing that some guru, or spiritual teacher has more or is more than you. They are often simply a step ahead of you in their journey. Trust your intuition, for not all teachers are enlightened.

Everyone embodies the fullness of the Divine consciousness, because nothing else exists. It is only the false beliefs of duality and separation accepted into consciousness that form experiences of being less than what each really is. Enlightenment is nothing more than a journey of experiences through many lifetimes that end in finally realizing “That which I have been seeking, I AM”.

“I am that I am.” Let this sacred and powerful truth be your mantra in every situation. It will help you to remember that everything you have sought lifetime after lifetime has always been fully present within. That which I have been seeking, I already am– ONE Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent Reality.

Sacred knowledge carries with it obligation and responsibility and must never be used for selfish purposes as it has been in the past and even yet today. Great karmic burden follows those who misuse truth. However, understand that the creations of the “dark arts” are illusory and need never be feared because they are not in alignment with reality–unconditional love and oneness.

Every spiritual idea of Divine Consciousness is embodied within every soul–abundance, joy, peace, wholeness, harmony, completeness etc. etc. The realization (not simply intellectual knowledge) of this is then translated by mind into forms that are understandable and personal to the individual. Example; A conscious realization of abundance as being an omnipresent quality of Source will manifest in the forms needed by an individual, forms he can relate to. In the world, the Divine quality of Omnipresence is manifesting as ever evolving forms of transportation.

Live, move, and have your being in truth dear ones, for you are ready and are no longer students. There comes a time when the tools of seeking that once served you well, must be let go. In the human scene, if a school student refused to graduate, choosing instead to remain a perpetual student even though there was nothing new to learn, everyone would question his sanity. The same goes for the spiritual school. At a certain point every person must graduate from outer/intellectual paths to the inner where everything new awaits.

Alignment with truth manifests as qualities of reality. Alignment with any thing other than truth can only manifest as and perpetuate illusion.

We are the Arcturian Group.

» Source

Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 4-17-16

We speak to the many concepts humanity in general still holds about God. Beliefs and superstitious ideas regarding the nature of an invisible power took form when mankind was still very ignorant and unable to comprehend real truth.
General consciousness at that time consisted primarily of fear and survival and so these dear un-awakened ones created for themselves things, ideas, or people they believed would have the power to save and smite their enemies–gods who reflected their state of consciousness. These gods were vengeful and violent–early forms of god made in man’s image and likeness.


Concepts of God have remained a part of mans’ belief system from the very beginning when souls came to earth and forgot who they were–spiritual beings dancing and experimenting with matter, then believing themselves to be the matter, and thus creating a veil of forgetfulness.
Every soul seeks someone or something that will satisfy his yearning for wholeness because mans’ true essence has never forgotten who he really is, that he was created whole and complete from the substance of the Divine. The search continues lifetime after lifetime, each experience bringing the soul closer to where he needs to look.
It is the story of the holy grail–years of seeking and searching after which they came home to find it hanging in a tree. The Holy Grail is within, but it is usually only after lifetimes of searching outwardly that the exhausted seeker gives up and finally discovers it has been within him the whole time.
The search has taken many forms over many lifetimes. Idolatry is one form, the belief that there is power in some object, thing, place, or person and then worshiping it. Many on earth are unaware that they are idolaters through their worship of fame, power, or money.
Some still see God as a patriarchal old man in the sky wreaking vengeance on anyone who refuses to follow his strict set of rules. This is the god of the old testament who still reigns for many who call themselves “Christian” in spite of the fact that Jesus declared he was bringing a “new testament”. This is the preferred god of those who love an excuse to criticize and judge others or commit acts of atrocity while staunchly defending their actions with misinterpreted biblical statements. Many in this group declare that only Jesus is Divine, and worship him. This too is idolatry.
Some believe God can be very loving if his rules are not breached. This is still a god made in mans’ image and likeness. Those feeling very “new age” might even allow that this nice god could be a woman. All of you in other lives have lived these varieties of god worship.
Then there are those who in the frustration of seeking and never finding, simply decide that there is no God.
There comes a time at which the spiritual adept must leave behind all the gods made in mans’ image and begin to understand and embrace the Divine reality of all things as manifestations of the one omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent Consciousness that is God. Sincere people the world over to this day still seek to find and worship the God of their own making through rites, rituals, beliefs, rules, and an arrogant sense of rightness about their personal belief system.
Hundreds of journeys over hundreds of lifetimes prepare every individual to consciously awaken at some point. After lifetimes of fruitless seeking outside of themselves, the prepared soul just gives up, often simply deciding that there is no God. This is the powerful turning point, the end of searching outside of oneself which serves to unblock and open consciousness to where everything is–within.
God can never be understood or known with the human mind. There are those who believe that they do this, but God is too vast to be encompassed or understood by a limited human mind, which is why so many concepts of God were created in the first place.
All of you reading these messages are ready to move beyond any remaining obsolete “pie in the sky” God concepts you may still hold. Any remaining concepts can act to block the full realization of yourself as an expression of the One Divine Consciousness which is what you have been seeking over lifetimes.
You are not a little bit of God, you are the wholeness of IT, for ONE cannot be divided. You have been accumulating the experiences and knowledge necessary to understand this, it is what you have been seeking. You are ready to clear and move beyond all accumulated doubt and false beliefs about yourself and God.
Man is still being taught that he is sinful and flawed and must follow some set of rules and rituals in order to be cleansed or he will be punished. Divine consciousness does not embody man made concepts. IT does not recognize what mankind may choose to be dreaming for IT only knows what is real. God is infinitely being what IT IS and all that IT IS is held in place forever by Divine Law.
Ascension is about graduating into a conscious realization of Oneness. It is about knowing that whatever is the truth about God, is the truth about you. It is living from a place of knowing that the One Divine Consciousness is manifesting Itself as every person, animal, tree, and rock regardless of illusory appearances.
Truth is all there is. What you see as the outer, good or bad, is a mind interpretation of some spiritual idea. Everything is spiritual, but is perceived according to each ones attained state of consciousness. There are those who see trees as living Light, and that Light flowing from one tree to the next, while others simply see the tree as wood to be harvested. This is a spiritual universe, peopled with sons of God even though to the human eye,it does not seem to be that way.
Your work now, is to live the truth you know in each moment. Remind yourselves that everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is a concept of a spiritual reality. Enjoy the beauty of the rose, while remembering that what you see, smell, and appreciate is a concept of ever present Divine perfection and beauty–Source continuously pouring Itself forth in infinite variety of form.
Powerful energies of light are pouring onto the planet at this time and are available to all who are receptive. You are ready to begin the next and deeper phases of the journey. It has been a pleasant journey of classes, discussion, and ritual but it is time to go higher now.
An unwillingness to move beyond some outgrown state of consciousness usually results in a “wake up call” experience, not pleasant, but effective.
Living truth can be difficult at first, often resulting in someone choosing to continue being a student. It seems easier when someone is telling you how to be “holy”. Making the shift from student to master must come at some point whether in this life or another, but powerful energies are in place at this time to make it easier than ever before.
As masters, many of you have already discovered that people are drawn to your energy wanting to know what it is you know. Some will only be ready for spiritual baby food, while others will be ready for the “meat and potatoes” of truth. Always use discernment and be guided by your intuition as to which is which. Some can only handle a tiny seed of truth–something as simple as saying; “I think in a past life…”. A tiny seed of truth has been planted which may or may not take root, but that must never be your concern.
Your concern is only that you live out from your highest attained state of consciousness, not holding yourself back in an effort to please some other person or out of doubt that what you know is really truth.
Living truth is often thought of as a choice between enjoying life or spiritually evolving. This concept simply reflects world beliefs of duality and separation. The energy of joy is the closest to Divine energy. Spiritual growth is not the end of having fun, doing the things you love, or being with others unless you believe it. The belief of suffering as a quality of spirituality is a lingering false belief based in ignorance and false interpretations of truth.
Begin the changes you may need to make, gradually. The spiritual journey is not a race, but the loving, gentle, and gradual awareness and integration of truth. One person may recognize a need to gradually wean himself from watching or listening to constant news coverage while another may realize that his habit of continuously seeking to accumulate more “stuff” is just the belief that this guarantees security.
It is usually the small and seemingly unimportant habits that keep one stuck in old energy. By staying alert to whatever people, acclivities, and beliefs no longer resonate with you, you are able to move beyond them.
Free will is a law, forever honored and respected regardless of whatever choices you make. All are deeply loved and admired by those on this side for the courage shown by humans each day. Never is or will there be judgement, for the choice of how you live and believe can never be taken from you.
We simply remind you that the time you have been hoping for is here now, and you are ready. Your hard work over lifetimes has brought you to the brink of a new state of consciousness, should you choose it.
We are the Arcturian Group 4/17/16

ONENESS OF ALL – The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele – 9-20-15


The Arcturian Group message for

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015 by Marilyn Raffaele | ONENESS OF ALL

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Dear ones, you are beginning to see many changes in your world. Try not to hold concepts regarding what those changes must look like in order to be valid, but instead learn to be silent observers of everything around you. Observe peoples’ reactions and listen to what they are saying. Note the increasing furor of politicians scrambling to keep you where they want you, in fear and old energy. Notice how advertising seems to have become ever increasingly loud and annoying.

All forms of old and dense energy are trying very hard to hold on in spite of the ever increasing Light of awareness flooding to earth this time. Those still holding tightly to the fear based projections of un-awakened consciousness are simply unaware and as of yet uninterested in knowing that there are more evolved and easier ways of living.

These dear souls continue to wage intense resistance to change in hopes of keeping themselves and the world in what is known or profitable, using tools that no longer resonate with many. Most of you are discovering that it has become very easy to see through the nonsense… you no longer live at that level.

In your course of spiritual seeking you learned that you were creators and that people create their own situations. This has caused many a serious student to look at the “problems” in his life as spiritual failures, as signs that he was not understanding truth correctly. It is highly likely that every “problem” in your life was intentionally and perfectly created by you for learning and growth. At this point in the journey there are no accidents.

It is time for silence and trust. Give yourselves permission to do absolutely nothing and just be. Old concepts bind mankind to the belief that time spent doing nothing reflects laziness. The result is a world full of people racing through each day who have lost contact with and awareness of their own quiet place of rest and renewal within. Spend time in nature even if only a small park in the city. Seek out the places where you can simply be, without distractions and noise. Learn to just listen to the silence.

In the midst of busy family and working life, finding quiet time is often very difficult. However, if you make the effort, you will soon discover yourself able to center more easily and quickly and that you carry a peace with you throughout your day. There are those who get up in the middle of the night for contemplation and meditation because that is their only quiet time.

Many of you are aware of specific dates being given for the first wave of ascension. Do not hold ascension to a specific date. What this means is that by this time those prepared to move into higher dimensional energies will be doing it. Believing that it can only happen on or by a certain date is third dimensional thinking. Actually many of you are already there or are moving in and out of it.

Do not be afraid, you are not leaving, but are shifting while in physical bodies to a new resonance which you will recognize by a new awareness. This is why the clearing of old energies from this and past lives has been so necessary.

Do not expect to suddenly see all war cease, for there are still many not yet ready to move beyond such third dimensional experiences. However, you yourself will not be in war unless you choose to be because it is no longer a part of your consciousness.

There have been some in the military who discovered after committing, that their state of consciousness had evolved beyond killing and violence and thus found themselves in the midst of intense inner struggles involving guilt, confusion, and a sense of failure. Some of them, seeing no other way, chose what seemed to be their only option–suicide.

These dear ones believed what they were told instead of trusting their intuition and from the experience learned a powerful lesson about personal power and choice. This awareness they will bring firmly intact into their next life when they will be the peacemakers.

Attaining a consciousness of Oneness manifests as a change in attitude and beliefs about so called “enemies”. News is more often than not simply fear propaganda continuously focusing on some “enemy” in order to gain general acceptance from the public for military action and additional surveillance.

Always remember that the “enemy” is also an expression of the Divine but not as evolved as you. Many have incarnated only a few times and through ignorance have allowed themselves to be hypnotized by pictures of separation and duality. Also in ignorance of who and what they are, they surrender their personal power to those claiming to have all the right answers but who in turn use these followers for personal, limited, self serving and power hungry gain. All will eventually awaken as all must, but it may not be for many lifetimes.

Time seems to be moving faster and faster, leaving everyone feeling frantic with the need to accomplish many things each day. This is because energy has become more refined and higher in its vibration leaving less of the old and slower that you were accustomed to. You will find in this new and higher energy, that even though you may seem to have a never ending list of things to deal with, they are getting done more easily and in faster ways. Solutions seem to manifest when needed.

You may be discovering that people, places, and beliefs that formerly caused you to react with criticism and judgement simply no longer seem important. Previously loved films, books, music, magazines,TV shows, some sports, and other entertainments don’t hold your interest as they once did. “Entertainments” that focus on people in judgmental or sarcastic ways has no appeal but is instead recognized to be un-evolved behavior based in a sense of separation.

Arcturian Group wishes you to know that the weather will move into a time of calm. There is coming a time of rest for the world from the struggles that grip so many.

The fires, floods and weather extremes are Gaia’s way of continuing to remove remaining old festering energy required for her ascension. These events are serving as well to awaken many at one time. The old energy of “haves and have nots” is not well served when all find themselves on the same level and dealing with the same issues. All earth experiences in every lifetime have been for the sole purpose of leading each soul eventually into the realization of ONE which is in its purest form, Love.

The refugees you see daily fleeing from violence and war are serving to bring world attention more deeply into a realization of Oneness, that everyone is connected regardless of the language they speak or the color of their skin. This issue is forcing the attention and helping to awaken many who live out from a “not my problem” consciousness and who consider events taking place somewhere else, to have nothing to do with them. These images are also providing a perfect example of how war and violence solve nothing.

Always remember that every soul chooses or is helped to choose the experiences necessary for his awakening. Learning experiences are allowed only as an individual attains the evolutionary strength necessary to cope with and learn from the experience. There are spiritually evolved souls who seem to have one problematic issue after another and wonder why. It is because at this energetically powerful time most of you came with a full list of life lessons necessary for your completion in order to move into ascension energy. If you were not fully capable of this, you would not of been allowed to bring in so many lessons.

We wish to close the message with a few words about honor. Honesty and honor are extremely important when making choices and holding personal opinions. When an action flows from a person’s highest sense of right, (even if he is fully in third dimensional thinking) he is allowing himself to be open to change and a higher understanding of his beliefs and actions.

It is imperative that anyone serious about the spiritual journey be extremely honest with himself; “Am I pursuing this particular belief or action because it makes me feel and look important? Does it give me a sense of superiority over others? Do I not question, but follow because it has always been this way? Am I afraid that if I disagree with family, church, friends, parents, I will be excluded?”

These are questions that anyone serious about spiritual growth must ask themselves with regard to any lingering or rigidly held beliefs about anything. “Do I believe this because it has been revealed to me as truth, or because it is what I have been told? Is fear of losing my credibility as a spiritual teacher, counselor, parent, friend causing me to continue in some belief system that I have outgrown?”

Honor, honesty, and pure intention must be a part of every action taken and belief held if one is to grow and learn and ascend.

Those who really know, hold the truth they know secretly, silently, and sacredly within and feel no need to shout it from the rooftops, or change anyone or anything.

We are the Arcturian Group 9/20/15

Message from the Arcturian Group – via Marilyn Raffaele – 7-5-15

Greetings once again dear ones.

We wish to explain that because so much is happening on the deeper levels, you must be prepared for changes that will soon manifest on earth in many areas. Increasingly intense energies of transformation and clearing are bringing about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual change not only for individuals, but also for Gaia who is a living soul and not a piece of dirt. This information is not given to cause fear, but simply to help you to understand that certain events are vital and necessary in order for mankind to evolve. Know that always, those involved in earth events have agreed on the deeper levels to be a part of the experience.

Never forget that you are not simply flesh and blood bodies living on a physical planet. The time is long past due for mankind to understand, accept responsibility, and correct the damage reaped upon Gaia and all her life forms in the name of greed. As more and more people awaken, change is inevitable, but it often takes a catastrophe or some devastating event for people to even question these things and the question is; Is money worth the continual destruction of life, including air and water?

As changes take place on earth, learn to flow with them, not resisting or struggling to keep the status quo in the belief that “The good old days” were better.

The United State is celebrating a holiday of freedom at this time. Do you truly understand freedom, or do you continue to believe what you are told about how free you are? Look around you dear ones, and observe how society has gradually allowed itself to be deprived of multiple freedoms under the guise of keeping you safe. FEAR is an effective means of control. You need these rules in order to be safe, don’t you…? It is a NEW TIME.

Question everything you have heretofore accepted without question in the belief that anyone in authority must know what is best for you. You are at a point in your evolutionary journey at which you must reclaim the power and trust you ignorantly gave away. Start by learning to trust your inner guidance and no longer acting as lemmings blindly following a just as blind leader over the cliff. It is time for peoples of all countries to stop waving flags and shouting: “My country right or wrong, my country”. It is time to move into a consciousness of the Oneness of all people. It is a NEW TIME.

As a result of many lifetimes lived in the third dimensional energy of duality and separation, a universal ignorance of oneness became the consensus consciousness of mankind. This sense of separation manifests outwardly as the haves and have not’s of the world–some with power, intelligence, and strength and some without. This belief system continues today, allowing those with the most money or strength to control everyone else. Up to now most have simply accepted this. There are still many people who have need for rules and laws and someone to tell them how to live. but for all awakening souls, it is a NEW TIME.

Pause and think before voting for the individual with the loudest voice promising exactly what you want to hear. Question, ponder, and most importantly, go within to experience the resonance of the state of consciousness of the candidate. Feel their energy, listen to the spaces between the words, trusting your intuition to guide you. This is how you begin to reclaim your innate power and move past the hype and noise created by those who would be in power.

This will create a true democracy, which was the intention of the founding fathers for the United States. The United States was founded on deep spiritual principles which over time have been manipulated for personal agendas and allowed to deteriorate from their original high resonating focus. When personal religious beliefs and narrow concepts are allowed to determine laws effecting all but benefiting the few, true freedom is lost and the ideals of a declaration of independence no longer exist.

Many still hold ideas of war with pride. We too honor those who selflessly sacrificed themselves because these brave souls were living out from their highest sense of right. Living out from your highest sense of right is all that is required of anyone. This way of resolving issues has been the consciousness of the world in the past and now. However, it is a NEW TIME.

There is a popular saying; “Freedom is not free”. Freedom IS free, it is the sense of separation and wars that act to prevent it. Violence can never and will never bring peace. They are two very separate energies.

You are ready to experience true freedom dear ones, the freedom that has been ever present as your innate birthright and can never be taken from you for it is who you are. However, freedom can only manifest from a state of consciousness that knows who and what it is–not who and what it has been told it is.

You are not meant to live according to the whims of corporations, organized religions, and big government. You ARE the corporations, religions, and government if you choose to be. This does not mean you must stand in the street shouting and protesting, for often this simply gives an issue more power, not less. It does mean that silently, secretly, and quietly, you begin to trust your ability to make your own choices regarding what you believe. It means working for change–questioning, pondering, going within, and then taking whatever actions you may be guided to take which may simply be to send Light. It means choosing not to limit yourselves to the “acceptable beliefs” of the third dimensional belief system.

Spirituality cannot be separated from daily living for it is one and the same but the world in general does not yet understand this. God cannot be prayed to for victory of one group over another–there is only ONE. Bring your highest level of spiritual awareness to every physical emotional, and mental activity of daily living and you will find more awareness is given for you have opened the door.

Realize that true freedom can only be experienced personally and globally when there evolves a consciousness that all people and all living things are Divine and One within that Universal Consciousness many call God.

Freedom is your soul, your identity, the reality of you as spiritual beings. You can never be separated from it unless you believe you can be. It does not look that way because at this time the world is manifesting a gross ignorance of this. Freedom is the essence of your very being and as this awareness becomes a global state of consciousness, it will manifest outwardly as the peace so many seek, while yet believing that war and separation will bring peace.

Celebrate the birth of your country dear ones, but never forget the real focus and intention that brought it into being. The event of independence that you celebrate on the 4th of July is not finished, but only represents the first layer of many evolutionary steps necessary for mankind to evolve into a consciousness of real freedom.

This message is given as always, with love for you, our sisters and brothers.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/5/15

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The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele – Truth is Being Exposed – 3-1-15

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Arcturian Group

MARCH 1, 2015

We come with greetings of love and grace to assist all who seek change and deeper awareness. We observe that many have already accomplished this; you have done the work and are beginning to see the fruitage of that work.

As Gaia lifts into ever higher dimensional levels, many are beginning to more easily experience and integrate the deeper truths. Concepts previously taken for granted as being truth, have become no longer acceptable to ever increasing numbers of people. Some holding positions of leadership or fame who comfortably spewed lies or acted in ways to enhance their own power, authority, wealth, and self aggrandizement, are being exposed. This is happening because so many have begun to listen to and act upon their intuition instead of simply accepting “bought and paid for” sources of information. You are awakening from the dream.

Always listen to your intuition dear ones. Even if at first you are unable to fully trust, make a mental note of what you receive. Intuitive guidance and knowledge comes from soul, it is you, and will guide you through every situation of every day if you acknowledge and allow it. As you evolve and begin to trust more deeply in your own Divine nature, intuition will simply become ordinary, no longer needing to be practiced.

The world in general has been trained lifetime after lifetime to look outside of itself for answers, guidance, and happiness which makes perfect sense in a world of duality and separation, for most did not realize there was anywhere else to look. However, since duality automatically manifests as pairs of opposites, the results of looking to the outer are sometimes good, and sometimes not so good.

Most of you are no longer of this energy, you have “graduated” and come to know that the outer things are interpretations of consciousness. Mind is the substance of matter. In third dimensional consciousness, the outer is most often formed through human effort–matter manipulated to make it work. However, because there is no law supporting man made forms, there is nothing to hold them in place– a lesson many are painfully learning at this time.

Those who have always achieved exactly what they desired regardless of any harm it may of caused other humans or Gaia, are now finding or soon will find that these manipulative ways no longer work, this type of energy is dissolving. Many who presently sit comfortably on thrones made of ego and self importance will discover that they sit within castles made of sand.

The new and higher resonating energies do not eliminate wealth or power but serve to lift it into higher forms. Abundance is a quality of the Divine, ever present already within every individual and held infinitely in place by Divine Law. The higher consciousness of abundance in all its forms flows easily and infinitely as oneness, love, and service–never a tool for personal selfishness. There is nothing evil or wrong about financial abundance. Like all other qualities of the Divine, through the belief in two powers, abundance has been misinterpreted and thus manifests in the world as either too much or too little. Remember, you are powerful beings, your thoughts and words create, and each time you say; “I don’t have.”, mind interprets that and forms it in your outer experience.

Arcturian Group wishes to discuss change. We observe many who retreat into fear and resistance whenever the familiar dissolves or changes. When old forms dissolve, know that the Divine idea behind the form is still present. Divine Ideas are changeless and are held forever in place by Divine Law. Because of this, newer and better forms of every Divine Idea take the place of that which dissolves–if you allow it.

Example: At one point the Divine idea of Omnipresence was interpreted in human consciousness as walking, then evolved to riding horses, then to horses pulling sleds or carriages. Then came the model T and all that has followed it–Omnipresence manifesting as jet planes, elegant automobiles, and fast rails, and it does not end there, there is no end. Divine ideas never change, what the world lives and sees depends upon how these ideas are interpreted according to the consensus consciousness or individuals. This is what you are lifting into more Light.

There are those who still base their sense of self in whatever perceived qualities of value they have–how beautiful they are, how much money they make, or how fashionably they dress . This is seen in the mindless worship and imitation of the rich and famous. Individuals drawn to imitation are not yet awake to their own Divine Nature, and so have no real sense of self worth. This state of consciousness frequently lashes out through violence because the individual feels left out, unworthy, and rejected. They are frequently are drawn to positions of authority where they are able to act out legally.

Some with a consciousness of unworthiness simply choose to suffer silently, but their energy field often attracts those of a “bully” state of consciousness because both carry the same energy of unworthiness–like energy attracts like energy. Bullying cannot be solved by punishment, but by the attainment of a sense of worth within the individual. These types of issues are usually carried from past life experiences and need to be cleared at their root, not with medication but with truth.

Many fear the loss of themselves in the process of evolution. Over lifetimes of infinite experience as human beings, every person develops a personal sense of self and is usually ready to defend it at all costs. When an individual begins to realize that he must move beyond many of the very qualities he believes to be who he is, he panics. This can be a terrifying experience especially for strong personalities and is the point at which some choose to end their spiritual quest.

Your claim to fame, your personality–you, must be surrendered in order to evolve?? Surely not! What will be left? Nothing? It is at this point that many strong, powerful, and outgoing individuals begin to visualize the holy cards nuns handed out to school children–men and women with eyes raised and hands folded–booooring. Nah!

Never fear losing anything real dear ones, for you only ever release and leave behind that false sense of self you have been entertaining about who and what you are. Nothing real can ever be lost. You will discover that you are still you, now empowered in higher ways of seeing and being as the real aspects of you become stronger and more enhanced. You are becoming a new and improved version.

As evolved individuals, you will continue to live and move and be in the world, but be much less touched by it. You will find yourselves able to enter the fray of work, home, or play, and not be tempted to enter into it. There is no longer anything for lower resonating energies to attach to for your energy field is now of a higher resonance.

This is Lightwork dear ones. You came to awaken, evolve, and then help those struggling to do the same. Forget any dreams you may of had about ascending and then sitting back comfortably as an observer for the rest of your time on earth, or skipping off to a quiet convent or monastery. No, any Light you attain is not only for you, but for the world in whatever ways or places you may find yourselves.

Many of you are beginning to experience all sorts of odd situations because you have become carriers of Light–Light workers. Do not be surprised or put off by the experiences that may start to come your way, for you will be drawn to where you are needed and those who need you (not want) will be drawn to you. As Lightworkers you will soon find that any old concepts you may still hold of “proper, dignified, or correct” go out the window but at the same time you will discover in this work a love for mankind that you did not know you were capable of. Lightwork dear ones, consists of being the Light in whatever form it is needed. It goes with you wherever you go because it is you.

If you have been in some difficult situation (home, work, relationship) you will start to notice that it is unable to affect you as it once did simply because you no longer resonate with that energy or give it power. This often represents a completion of some sort and is usually part of one’s soul contract. Spiritual resolution of some old karmic issue gives an individual freedom to leave the situation, or even find himself somehow removed from it. However, there are times in which these situations are a person’s chosen Lightwork, that is to simply to remain and be the Light. Always ask for Guidance and trust your intuition.

Soon you are going to be seeing more and more change that you will recognize as spiritual. Up to this point you have all wondered when you will see some proof that all the evolutionary ideas are real. Do not expect changes to appear as explosions dear ones, but seek intuitively behind the headlines, and on the faces and in the words of those around you. Examine how you feel about what is going on in the world today versus a year or two ago.

Much of the violence in the Middle East is very old, ancient energy that must be cleared and played out in order for Gaia to clear herself. Your focus must be on spiritual growth and awareness and then the living of it, for you have nothing to offer the world if you remain in the same old universal belief system.

If you are clearing old energies and resolving old karmic situations, allow the process but do not get so enmeshed in them that you spend the rest of your life laying on a couch declaring that you can do nothing because you are clearing. If you are guided toward some action, do it. If you are guided to be silent and hold the energy of Light for some world situation or person, do it. It is a new time in which old solutions and rules no longer work so it is fruitless to keep trying to make them work.

In this new time and new energy, rejoice dear ones for you are very close to seeing a new earth.

We are the Arcturian Group 3/1/15

Arcturian Group – Ascension Message – 9-28-14

SEPTEMBER 28, 2014

We of the Arcturian Group speak today regarding the many changes you are experiencing in your lives and observing in the lives of others. Many have chosen to leave earth at this time, but try not to fret or mourn them dear ones, for it is everyone’s choice in this time of ever increasingly powerful energies to stay or to leave. Many have determined on a deeper level that are unable to spiritually evolve to where they need to be in time to be a part of the higher frequencies of ascension energy coming to earth at this time. They have made the choice to incarnate at a later time into what will be then, established new energies. All are where they need to be.

We speak to those concerned that they are not evolving quickly enough or doing whatever is needed to incorporate the new energies. Be assured dear ones, that once you choose to evolve (through activities of seeking, reading, meditation, and even stating your intention, etc.), you will get whatever lessons, clearings, experiences, and guidance are needed. Do not compare yourselves to the descriptions you may of read in some book about how ascension or evolution must feel or appear in order to be authentic–every person will experience his journey as is appropriate for him. Each one’s Higher Self knows what is needed and when it is needed.

You, the awakened ones, knew before incarnating that these times were to be a powerful and perhaps difficult, but in spite of that were eager to be on earth and a part of it. Whereas in previous lifetimes you may of come in with one or two lessons to learn, this time you understood that it would be necessary to resolve all remaining karmic situations, release traumatic experiences still stored in cellular memory, and awaken into a state of consciousness aware of truth in order to assimilate the high frequencies of ascension energy. The process is not always pleasant as you have discovered for many clearings are re-experienced as they come to the surface.

The problem is that once a soul puts on a physical body, the denseness of physical energy causes him to forget. Children remember for the first few years of life on earth because they still resonate with “home” which is why children often see and interact with spirits and angels seemingly talking to themselves. With time and under the pressures of a third dimensional belief system, individuals begin to identify with the ego self, the personality, and forget who they are or why they came.

It is a time of change for all–those un-awakened as well as the awakened–for the old ways either no longer work, or simply do not resonate in any meaningful way. Foods, friends, and entertainments that in the past were satisfying suddenly feel obsolete and no longer interesting. Relationships or occupations may feel finished. This is because your energy field no longer resonates with the energy field of much you previously did resonate with–you have graduated beyond them. At this point you will either be drawn to these same things in manifestation on a higher level of expression, or they will simply no longer be a part of your life.

As long as there remains any third dimensional consciousness, there will be teachings, beliefs, and solutions based in duality and separation–more is better, you live only one life, death is permanent, you are separate from God and other living things etc.. Many promoting third dimensional solutions are sincere but as of yet un-awakened individuals, offering the best they know. There are others who actually are awakened, but have chosen to serve in this way, working within the third dimensional belief system for those needing this level of help. You who read these messages are ready to move into new ways.

Be alert always to the subtle intrusion of world belief which functions much the same as subliminal advertising. False beliefs and attractive suggestions put forth by those who stand to profit from an ignorant and susceptible society slip effortlessly into minds left unguarded and unaware which is why it is important to stay alert and centered at all times. Limit your news viewing and television shows that represent the lowest common denominators of humankind. Understand that what you accept into your mind easily becomes your state of consciousness and will in turn then have to be cleared at some point.

Be aware, be alert, be awake.

We wish to speak of the energies of conflict so apparent on earth at time. These appearances are the manifestation of ancient energies long stored in the body of Gaia as well as in the cellular memories of certain groups of people. Having long remained dormant, Gaia, with the help of all awakened ones, needs to clear these dense and obsolete energies once and for all.

The fires and disasters you are now witnessing are Gaia’s process of clearing old energy. Ponder the violence and suffering that took place in the settling of the western USA as well as certain other areas of the world. Gaia is a living soul and is dong what she needs to do in order to lift into a higher dimensional energy.

Your job is to see through outer appearances by recognizing their nothingness in the light of the truth that there is NO LAW holding any of these things in place. They have only world beliefs of separation and duality to sustain and maintain them which is why those who stand to profit from violence and war work hard to perpetuate fear and the resulting appearances.

Perpetual war games and manipulation of people are beginning to be recognized for what they are–ploys to instill fear and suffering in order to keep the mankind locked in old energy. These things cannot work in an awakened society. Many are beginning to see through the hype, news, and constant bombardment of negative and fearful information and are moving beyond fear by evolving into the Light of Truth.

Events in the third dimensional world may appear very powerful, but have only the energy of ignorant belief to sustain or maintain them. Yes, they appear very destructive and powerful, but that is the illusion, dear ones. Illusion is never OUT THERE, illusion is in the perception of the observer–everything is perceived according to one’s state of consciousness. In the light of truth, has anyone ever died?

Know that life lessons are set up and agreed upon before incarnation. There are many at this time who are bravely resolving large amounts of personal as well as universal karmic energy through their experiences–they have chosen to serve in this way. Remember, karma is an energy balance, not a punishment.

As awakened beings, it is time to accept the responsibility of serving as Light workers. Once an individual becomes conscious of truth, he cannot sit idle–truth must flow, adding Light to the world’s energy field which in turn helps others to awaken for there is only ONE. When fruit is allowed to rot upon the tree, it serves neither the tree or others, but simply stagnates. As you silently and secretly release the Light you carry, more is given. It is a flow, and this is evolution.

You are the healers bringing change dear ones, you are those who must send unconditional love and Light to these struggling places, people, and activities. Recognize all appearances for what they are–manifestations of a world consciousness of duality and separation. Instead of judgement, visualize unconditional love and light flowing forth to those people and places that seem to have lost their way. Utilize also the powerful violet flame of transmutation but attach no directions as to what any sending of Light is to do, for the energies of Divine Light function as wholeness and completeness and know what is needed.

The energy of earth is quickly moving into a new and higher dimensional frequency despite appearances to the contrary. Your job is to rest in truth at all times, send unconditional love and Light to places and people unaware of Oneness, and then trust.

You create your world so remember to create well and truthfully.

We are the Arcturian Group September 28, 2014

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