Arcturian Ant – Meditation – The Universe Inside

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Just a vid on meditation. hope it helps in some way. enjoy

-432 hz frequency music link here…

Arcturian Ant – Extraterrestrial Contact – Arcturian Energy


ARCTURUS ANT·48 videos

I have had telepathic communications with the beings which originate from the star of Arcturus. As they naturally operate on higher dimensional frequencies, these inter-dimensional beings are masters in the art of healing and teaching. I have had past lifetimes within these societies, and as a star seed embodied on this planet, I was assigned to re-connect with my star family.
These beings, which are completely telepathic, loving beings of radiant light, observe me, and assist me whenever I ask upon their help.
They refer to themselves as the Arcturians ( simply because they originate from that star system, in actuality they represent themselves with a very intricate holographic symbol which most humans would not be able to decipher, understand or comprehend. therefor they represent themselves as the A’s. )

Any question, message me or ask below. namaste

Arcturian Ant – Extraterrestrials from Andromeda – Alex Collier Contactee – 1994 Interview

ARCTURUS ANT·49 videos

Arcturian Ant – ETs Assisting Earth – Arcturian Message – Assimilation of Universal Knowledge

ARCTURUS ANT·48 videos

Benevolent multi-dimensional extra-terrestrials originating from the star of Arcturus, divine expressions of energy which have been assisting us for many thousands of years.
These beings exist within the higher spectrum of light, and connect within large collectives of energy. These beings are unified with a federation of worlds, as they travel the galaxies to assist other star systems in many different ways.
This video is a channeled message, part of a series of videos forming as manuals for personal and planetary evolution. Informative and deeply trancedental. They express their nurturing love towards humanity, as they express ideas of how we can raise the collective frequency of our planet. In these series of channeled messages, they also welcome you to integrate the information of their own civilization, and many aspects of their universal wisdom. Check out the playlist on my age for the other parts (1-5)

Arcturian Ant – Activating Higher Vibrations – Ideas of Merkaba – Light Body – Altered States of Consciousness,

ARCTURUS ANT·48 videos

Truth on the concept of light body, multi-dimensional awareness when vibrating on high frequencies, alot of people seem to misunderstand this idea so i speak about it in this video.

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Truth On Ascension – Arcturian ANT

ARCTURUS ANT·48 videos


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