Archangels and Devas – Integrating the Solstice Energy – Energy of Upcoming Full Moon – 6-26-15

Integrating the SOLSTICE energy and the energy of the upcoming FULL MOON

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From Archangels and Devas, June 25, 2015

We are still in the process this week of integrating the most powerful Solstice energy so far experienced on Planet Earth. Because of the integration still taking place within your energy body, you will most likely be feeling very tired and needing to rest often. Honor these feelings, as your honor your Body, you honor your Self.

You will also be feeling a lot of negative emotions coming to the surface for release. This is happening within you and also within the Collective, so be prepared to feel these negative feelings and know that all you’re needing to do here is to hold the intention of releasing them.

The best way to do this is to go within and sit in meditation with your Higher Self to regain your sense of balance, and sense of peace and harmony within.

Your Higher Self is always helping you integrate the incoming energy and helping you to release anything that rises to the surface for release, so by being in PARTNERSHIP with this part of yourself, you are in a sense making LIGHT work. You are easing the load so to speak, and learning to CO-CREATE by working together towards a common goal and outcome.

Note that you will also most likely be sensitive to the negative energy being released by the Collective, so hold the intention of using the Violet Flame to clear these unwanted and uncomfortable energies. You can do this quite easily whilst sitting in meditation with your Higher Self.

A powerful Full Moon is expected next week and she will be bringing up more uncomfortable negative emotional energy waiting to be released. This Divine Feminine energy is also helping you to integrate a greater sense of Self Love and Divine Compassion towards yourself and towards the Collective. Remember you are ALL ONE!

During each of these powerful phases you are becoming more LOVE and therefore the need to EXPRESS LOVE is becoming more important. Energy needs to FLOW Beloveds! It is in the GIVING and RECEIVING of this great COSMIC FORCE OF CREATION that you will begin to experience higher dimensions or levels of consciousness, and therefore experience the ABUNDANCE OF LIFE and of LIVING in this NEW EARTH REALITY and the ‘Heaven on Earth’ you have been so eagerly awaiting.

It is ALL ways LOVE Beloveds.

As you’re integrating this powerful LOVE energy, you’re experiencing a greater sense of MERGING with your True Self, your Twin Flame AND the SOURCE energy of All That Is,  in and around you. Therefore, you’re merging not only with your SOUL Self, but with Gaia and the Elementals and ALL of LIFE here on Planet Earth.

And with this you will FEEL a greater SENSE OF ONENESS with Everything and ALL LIFE.

OPEN YOUR HEARTS further to the giving and receiving of more Love Beloveds. You are returning HOME to LOVE, for Love is the heart. The Heart is Love.

We wish you LOVE Beloveds and a magical NEW Day!


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