Sirian Archangel Hermes – Eris, Goddess of Chaos – THE STRANGE REALITY OF OUR HOLOGRAM – This may shake you up a bit! – 12-20-14



Archangel Hermes

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you once again as the winter and summer solstices are nearing within your linear time space.

As you may be aware, it is during these periods of time in which my messages can be transmitted clearly to the channel which I have designated as my future host.

The channel continues to delight me with the progress made, both in binding the magick of the archons and continuing to raise conscious awareness. Wonderful indeed.

I come today with messages concerning your planet, your underworld, your geography, and with a message from my consort, the entity known as Eris. In the moments which you shall read or hear these words, know that this message was intended for your eyes and ears.

It was you, whom summoned me to convey these important messages, and that is why they are now coming into your perception.

I first shall reveal that which is not taught within your schools. The geography of your planet is not what you have been educated to think it actaully is. The globe is a tool of the dark cabal, to entrap your mind into this perception of the planet you call Earth.

The higher dimensional Earth, known as Gaia or Terra, is not seen as a globe, however it is not until you begin to integrate higher consciousness, that you shall begin to affirm this for yourselves.

The sun and the moon are unique to this world. From a lower dimensional consciousness, one perceives them as spheres, the moon orbits the earth, the earth orbits the sun. When you come into higher consciousness however, you shall begin to know, that this is false.

The sun and moon are the same size to your eyes, and yet, your sciences claim that they are great distances apart from your earth. Have you never thought this was odd, strange, or did not make sense? If you have, then know that is your higher self attempting to enlighten you to the reality of what is.

Your planet is in fact, flat. The conspiracy known as the flat earth, is no conspiracy at all, but the truth. The conspiracy stems from your dark cabal and their false teachings.

The truth can be found in the great seals and symbols of your world. The symbol of the United Nations is possibly the most clear example of the flat earth. It is like a metaphorical coin, with 2 sides. This is why the continent of Antarctica is not found on the symbol of the United Nations.

This is also why that continent is kept hidden and secret from most of your media. Have you not found it strange, that in all of the years of your linear timeline, that colonization, industrialization and information about this continent is so little?

The continent is in fact the other side of the coin. There exists an entirely different civilization there, one with creatures, such as dinosaurs, long thought extinct.

This is where the reptilian bloodlines which are ruling your side of the planet originated from. Genetic engineering was able to create hybrid creatures, this was all done in secret and continues to be done.

There are historical references about expeditions to Antarctica, by the Nazi regime and the United States Air Force. They are vague however and do not offer many details.

When the Nazi regime discovered what is there, they returned with scientists, who were far advanced. They created the Vril flying saucers and other such anti gravity technologies.

The sky too, has a ceiling, a limit, in which a combustion engine, or rocket, cannot pass. This is why when a rocket is launched, it begins to curve, instead of continuing straight up.

The combustion engine technology is negated by the physics of this sky ceiling. To reach outer space and escape this world, you must utilize anti gravity or warp technology.

The only reason your space industries continue to launch their rockets, is to keep you in a lower dimensional consciousness. They already possess far advanced technology, but must keep it hidden by continuing to launch their rockets. This is what the dark cabal references as damage control.

Under the seas as well, there is also a limit, a floor if you will. The sea becomes so dense and saline, that any human made submarines or vehicles cannot delve past this limit. The seas are divided at this point, think of two pyramids, on top of one another, with their bases being the mid point.

If you seek to learn the true geography of your world, you should not consult any books other than the holy bible. For within the book of Genesis, if you read in metaphor, you shall begin to see how the earth was truly created.

Man has twisted and turned the original words of the bible as to confuse you, many are simply unable to comprehend the true message, as it has been rewritten by your dark cabal several times, the message is still there, but it has been altered to such an extent, that only one with true spiritual discernment is able to affirm its words.

You have all been left on this world, to discern these things for yourselves, for that is the only way to find the truth, not from any source, but from your own discernment.

Through the many teachings of the world, one begins to find their own truth, and ultimately, that is all that will matter to them. Many different perceptions and levels of consciousness exist, and with each, reality is changed, altered, to fit these thought forms.

Thought is, and thought creates, everything. You incarnate here through cycles of linear time, to find yourself.

Lastly, I come with a message from the entity known as Eris, who is in fact the consort of the entity of Hermes. Eris is the personification of strife and discord, which your world is filled with as it is a part of the lessons to be learned.

The entity is seen as a goddess when it takes a human female host. The religious cult known as Discordianism, is her cult, and it grows rapidly now in your linear timespace.

She wishes you to know the truth of discord and strife, which are aspects of chaos, the primordial force from which all things manifest are created.

“Greetings. I am Eris, I am strife, I am discord, I am chaos. It is through me that you exist as you are now, for those who have never known me, have never existed.

Many see me as a force to be feared, to dread and to avoid. Few wish for me to come into their lives, for they know that strife and discord shall follow. However, you must be aware, that through me, you find your true selves.

You can avoid me for as long as you wish, but when it is time, I shall come, I shall cause you to endure my chaos, for it is needed to develop yourselves further. To fear me, to snub me, to avoid me, is to prolong your own spiritual development.

For centuries of linear time, your dark cabal has portrayed me as evil. Their corrupt order has crippled you, it has made you naive, docile, weak, easily manipulated and afraid to confront difficult experiences directly.

The scales have favored order over chaos for far too long, soon however, that is to change. This world will fall into my cradle of chaos, strife and discord, it is inevitable.

From that, a new world shall be born, a world that has come to know itself, and no longer is in denial of what it truly is, and all that it encompasses.

Embrace me, embrace my energy, do not deny me, for you simply deny yourself. It is from chaos that you learn who you really are, what you are really made of, in those darkest hours of struggle.

One cannot know a tone of harmony, without first hearing a tone of discord. From that discordant tone, one can tune its frequency, to become harmonic. I am the cosmic womb, from me you were made manifest, and through me you shall be transformed.

I am an aspect of the goddess of creation, Isis, we are the same. My energy is confusion itself, and that is why so many have become confused about the truth. However, from confusion, enlightenment is found. My symbol is chaos, and is also the compass in which you all use to find direction.

Through my consort, Hermes, I convey this message. It is through him, that my chaos becomes order, it is through him, that I am able for you to comprehend my messages.

For were I to convey them to you directly, they would not make any sense and simply lead you to further confusion and madness. Our hosts are working together to bring you out of your caves, and into the light of truth.

It may at times seem that we are brutal and severe, but know that is our way, it is the way of the gods, we torture you, we test you, we cause you to endure, and also to overcome, so that you too, may one day know the majesty and miracles of the gods. Embrace chaos, for it is the only thing that will awaken you, and ultimately, free you from your earthly prison.”

In infinte love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!

Exploring Your Multiple Selves – By Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head

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Archangel Michael – Imagine the Magnificent Chorus of all the Bells – Channeller Ron Head

Archangel Michael

Our message today will be, as always, one of encouragement in tumultuous times.

What you see around you can only seem to be chaotic as you can see only the merest glimpse of anything other than the breakdown of the old wherever you look.  The final result can, so far, only be seen in your imagination.  This requires what you term a leap of faith.

So be it then.  Leap!  Leap with gusto.  Leap in joy.  Leap toward the most wonderful and abundant world you can imagine.  That process is what has built and is building the world you want to live in.  Spend all the time there that you can.  Be the daydreaming person you were when you were enjoying your summer days as a child.  Allow yourself now, however, to do it with purpose.

What are your own particular fondest dreams?  There are many millions of you in this process.  You do not need to imagine it all.  Just imagine what, as you term it, ‘rings your bell’.  After all, that is why you are there.  There are many others there to ring the other bells.  If you like, and if you can, imagine the magnificent chorus of all the bells.

Also, for those of you who are feeling energy running through you at times, we have a suggestion of something you may wish to try.  We think you will like the result.  When you do feel those energies surrounding and flowing through you, realize that they are unconditional love… and return it.  Allow the inflow and the outflow to feed upon each other.  There will be no need for you to imagine the result.

We leave you with this thought.  It is time, dear ones.  It is time.  A joyous good day to you.

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Archangel Michael – Chaos is what things are built out of – Channeller Ron Head – 10-20-13

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Archangel Michael

Many of you have seen and commented on the full moon over the past few days.  We would comment on the greater aspects of the alignments that are now occurring, if we may.

There are ‘goings on’ as you would say.  There are cardinal thises and grand thats.  There is a marvelous comet.  And you see things zipping and zooming around in your skies almost whenever you choose to look.  Culmination is the word we would choose.  You are approaching a wonderful culmination of intersecting and interwoven possibilities.

As your awareness and consciousness rises, the manifestation of the world you have determined to live in begins to appear, to gel, to ‘get real’ as you would say.  At the same time, your knowledge and perceptions of the world as you know it, as you knew it, are coming forth for you to wave good-bye to.  And so you seem to be living in total chaos at times.

Are we describing well that which you are experiencing?  And it is accelerating also.  We spoke a while ago of a snowball effect.  We have mentioned a tipping point and other mental images, as well.  Nice pictures, yes?  But something a bit different when they are being lived through.

So here is the point we are getting to.  You have spent some little time learning to ground yourselves, learning to center yourselves, and learning to live in your hearts.  You have spent much time, as well, building in your minds the sort of world you wished for you and your loved ones to live in.  It is time now to focus on those things to the very best of your abilities and to pay as little attention as possible to the chaos.

Chaos is what things are built out of, you see.  Just picture the chaotic piles of materials on any new building site.  That mess is the new and beautiful high-rise building that the architect has on his drawing board, the one that he sold to his clients.  It’s just a bit hard to recognize it at this point.

So that is what you are seeing around you now.  It should not be unexpected and it should not distract you from your purpose.  Know this, however.  The ones who love and wish to hang on the status quo will do everything to distract you if they can.  So come together if you can.  Support each other.  If you are physically not able to do so, come together with us.  Well, do that anyway.  Let’s be one in our focus and determination to see this through, one love, one focus, one purpose.

We began by speaking of what is going on in your heavens.  It is the universe’s support for you.  Do not let the sellers of fear tell you any different.

With much love, we wish you good day.

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