ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Secrets Of Self Mastery: Book 6

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STEVE BECKOW – I Survived the Tsunami of Love – 6-29-17

Some insights just keep on unfolding – or unpacking, if you like.

The significance of what happened to me on March 13, 2015 just keeps on unfolding for me.

I’ve told the story so many times, release me from having to repeat it please. Suffice it to say that my heart explosively opened on that day and a torrent of love flowed through me.

For scholars, I knew the explosion happened when the kundalini reached the fourth chakra. But it did not occur to me that this was “spiritual awakening” or “stream entering.”

Archangel Michael later explained that it was. And looking back on it, I can also see how it would have been.

I expected to see a light or a form of God. Looking back on it, it makes perfect sense that it would be an explosive experience of love.

The flow of love that passed through me then was a torrent. It swept away all … not impurities so much as all concerns, anxieties, cares, anything that gripped my mind and tensed up my musculature.

My awareness expanded as a result of the event. As did the area of my field of compassion. I expanded in every respect.

I am only going on memory of it now. All experiences short of Sahaja fade away, leaving only a memory and a trace. In my case, the trace is that my heart remains slightly open so I have wisps of an experience that used to be a torrent.

What is my point in talking about a torrent? My point is that this was, I believe, an experience of the Tsunami of Love.

What the Mother is talking about? This was an instance of a person deriving the full benefit of it, seeing it in its own native splendor and desirability, etc.

If I were writing for the National Enquirer, the headline would be “I Survived the Tsunami of Love.

Survived it? I was gifted by it. I regard March 13, 2015 as my Birth Day.

Before it, I didn’t know what love was. I went 68-odd years not experiencing love in my life.

After it, I was submerged in love, gushing with love, bursting with love. I lived in complete satiation and satisfaction, a geyser of love going off faithfully.

It did not come with a handbook. It did not come with a list of terms and their meanings.  I had no words to describe what just happened to me.

I had to name things as best I could. What distinguished this brand of love from all others? This was “transformative” love. Why? Because it transformed the circumstances, rather than being transformed by them.

Later I learned from AAM that it’s Fifth-Seventh-Dimensional Love. And then I saw others calling it “real” love and “true” love, etc. Finally the Mother and AAM agreed it could be called “sacred” love.

Communicating what had just happened created a terrific communicational problem for me. I hope the ensuing discussion was useful. You saw spirituality on the fly there.

You saw clearly how a person can have an enlightenment experience and not know what just hit him. You saw me struggle with what happened on that day, with my attention permanently fixed on its outcome – the flow of transformative or sacred love in me.

I needed to make sense of what just happened. Even Michael allowed me to do that. He only fed me details a little at a time. And the sense I made of it just keeps on unfolding. It’s been very useful to put the pieces of the puzzle together somewhat myself. It’s been a useful exercise.

So, yes, I survived the tsunami of love. Sure, there are endless manifestations of that tsunami. Some are having energetic experiences of it. Others may be talking to animals. All these may track back to the tsunami.

But I can speak with complete confidence from my experience of it. The only thing that dies from this tsunami is our fears and worries. The only possession left to us when we walk away from it is endlessly-flowing, ever-sweet, and totally-satisfying love.

Archangel Mchael – via Ron Head – Allow the Full Potential of what is Yours to be Accepted – 4-21-14


Michael and the Councils

We have communicated with you now, through this channel, for over two years.  You have been an audience that has both grown and remained loyal as the clarity and purpose of these messages have grown.  Some have expressed dismay that the messages have become fewer even though lengthier.  At times this has been due to much other work which has been begun, and this will not be changed.  We have, however, been quiet here for almost this entire month.  We have allowed you to assimilate and to have a respite from the energetic tidal wave, at least as much as possible.  Most of you have chosen to continue seeking whatever information that you could find anyway, and that is a good thing.  It shows your determination and dedication.


Now we return.  This will be a rather short message, but not an unimportant one.  The new sources you have found, or in some cases, come to rely more on, are telling you of the immense import and the impending change that is now upon you.  We are here to tell you now that this is absolutely true.  The universe is gifting you with an alignment of energy which has not been seen before.  And the result of that will be what you have not imagined before.  We are not giving you a warning.  We are giving you an accolade.  We are extending our sincere congratulations.


We do have one last thing to recommend to you at this beginning of your ‘wild ride’.  This is what you have asked for, prayed for, and worked for many, many lifetimes.  You know by now that many of these things do not come to your physical selves without some discomfort.  You know also that your nature is to feel discomfort and doubt when things begin to change around you.  You know that there are those around you who are sure to sound all the alarm bells and raise all the fears that they are able.  We therefore wish to remind you to visit your deepest inner selves and be in a place of acceptance, gratitude, and knowing that the result of all of this will be what you have intended and nothing else.


It will be the tiniest of beginnings, and yet, what occurs for each of you has the potential to be amazing.  Open your arms.  Open your hearts.  And allow the full potential of what is yours to be accepted.  Let gratitude be your watchword.  It will not be so long now before we speak again.  Good day, dear friends.



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