ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, ARCHANGEL GABRIELLE’S NEW GRID – BRINGING GREAT NEWS! – 12-13-17 – Anchoring the Human Collective – by Ashtar Command Crew .net

What this new grid does – what this ‘upgrade’ does – is that it is anchoring the human collective as well in the energy, the values, the qualities, the existence – the new realm of existence – of seventh-dimensional reality, and that is the reality of heart consciousness, it is the reality of love, it is the reality of Jesus Sananda – and many of the ascended ones.

At Archangel Michael’s behest, Andrew shares this beautiful Channelled Gem from his personal reading with Linda on December 6, 2017.


Archangel Michael: Greetings – I am Michael,

Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome. Welcome my beloved friend, ally, brother. Welcome to this Council of Love. Welcome to this Circle of One. Welcome Home!

And I speak of peace in the unity of One. And I do not merely mean in the unity of One above as in our Source – beloved Mother/Father/One – I also speak of the unity of One as one race of Gaians, one race upon your planet, one community of lightworkers and loveholders, one community within this solar system, one community within this universe, one community within this omniverse.

The horizons of what it means to be human, of what it means to be Gaian and the anchoring of that energy in form, particularly with the new re-anchoring of new grids of humanity by my sister, Archangel Gabrielle, comes to the forefront in redefinition, expansion and, might I even say, explosion of what it means to be in human form – angel in form – at this time upon this beloved planet.

And I mean this, my dearest friend, in the very practical terms of what is possible, what can be accomplished, what can be brought forth, what is desirable, what is necessary.

Our beloved Mother has said to you and to many, time and time and time again, how you know love is through the expression and the experience of love upon this planet that is anchored very firmly – not in the fourth or the fifth or the sixth – but in the seventh-dimensional reality. Because it is anchored in the seventh-dimensional reality does not mean there is not fluidity to exist in all of the twelve dimensions available to the human experience.

But what this new grid does – what this ‘upgrade’ does – is that it is anchoring the human collective as well in the energy, the values, the qualities, the existence – the new realm of existence – of seventh-dimensional reality, and that is the reality of heart consciousness, it is the reality of love, it is the reality of Jesus Sananda – and many of the ascended ones.

In practical terms, what does this mean? It means that what you are capable of bringing forth, of co-creating with us, literally explodes. Yes, we know that we have used this term ‘expansion’ time and time and time again, and expansion in this instance does mean explosion. And I use this word not in the way it is used in the human vocabulary of war, but in the implosion/explosion of energy that catapults you forward into the truth of who you are, into the human expression and experience of who you really are, and into sacred union with all of us.

Expansion has come to be thought of as more organic, a slower process, and that is why I use the term explosion/implosion. It is to connote that the energies that are available to you to bring forth creation of what you desire in every single realm is not available, it is not coming, it is not soon – it is already anchoredwithin you and within the human collective.

So I bring great news this day! And yes, I am asking you to share this news.

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Video and Transcript   –   Archangel Gabrielle   –   Cooperation Comes Before Love   –   4-11-17   –   Golden Age Of Gaia

Video and Transcript   –   Archangel Gabrielle   –   Cooperation Comes Before Love   –   4-11-17   –   Golden Age Of Gaia

Channeling ~ Archangel Gabrielle: “Cooperation Comes Before Love”

Saturday Conference Call, April 1, 2017

Channeled by Linda Dillon, The Council of Love

Description: Archangel Gabrielle shares the true meaning of cooperation within the collective culture to move into the unity of Love and Peace.

Greetings, I am Gabriel. I am Gabrielle, lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One. And yes, sweet angels, beloved beings of light, children, servants, companions of our dear Mother, welcome.

I come this day to speak of a very boring subject, and that is the subject of cooperation. It is one of those low-key areas that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but I intend to bring your attention to this.

What is cooperation? It is an expression and experience of love. It is a practice of love. It is bringing into form, into your experience of being alive, what it is like to be divine.

You see, cooperation is very important to us, to the Mother. There are more realms, more universes, more realities, and although you are in a reality that is defined by twelve dimensions and twelve planes within each of those dimensions, there are many dimensional realities as well. But, I think to start with, 144 and the 13th Octave is plenty to deal with. And in all of this there is the essence of cooperation.

Love is the welcoming, the embrace, the acceptance, the true understanding and wisdom of yourself and yes, of others, but only, beloved ones, once you have discovered and truly expanded into that reality of who you are.

So, while I come to talk about cooperation upon this planet and throughout the universe and amongst each other, I first begin with cooperation with your sacred self.

Dearest Joe, you asked about what are you supposed to do with your physical body? This is a question that has plagued human beings for eons…Okay, I’m here. I’ve got this form, now what am I supposed to do? And of course, our answer is always the same…it is to enjoy your physical experience.

You are angels in form dancing upon a planet which is an archangel. You have been given everything and at the same time, you have been given one of the greatest challenges ever.

You have come upon a planet that has basically forgotten the meaning of cooperation, of generosity, of sharing…not individually but as a collective culture…and you are being asked to heal that. You say, “Well, what about love?”

And what I suggest to you, dearest hearts, is that before the full love comes, comes the cooperation.  In discussions of language, your star family has shared with you that before Saedor, which is full disclosure and heart speaking, comes Perro, which is speaking in facts.

Cooperation straddles the two. What it does is gives you enough information that you are able to see yourself and others and to put that in a context that allows you to proceed. But you cannot proceed, not in the way of the Mother’s plan – which is really all we’re concerned with – you cannot proceed if you are not in full cooperation with yourself because then you are over-extending and robbing Peter, literally, to pay Paul and that will never work.

In many traditions of many religions, self-sacrifice has been seen as a mighty virtue. What I suggest to you is that when you are sacrificing yourself, you are turning off the spigot of love and you are turning off the connection to your higher self and your universal self and to your body. Why would you wish, in any situation, way, or form, to compromise your beloved sweet self?

Cooperation means that you proceed in ways that fortify, nurture, surrender, take care of, the totality of your being so that you are sufficient; that you have enough energy in order to proceed with your mission and purpose which is always going to be in concert and interaction with others, whether it is one or one billion, it matters not. Energy is required and if you are starving yourself, self-sacrificing yourself, because you feel that this is saintly, then child you have truly gone down the wrong path, you have gone down that rabbit hole.

Now, I am a practical archangel, that is what has made me, given me the privilege of being Central Administrator of the Mother’s Universe. So, I say to you, “What does cooperation mean to you and what does it look like, particularly with your sacred self?”

It means, beloved one, that you are listening, paying attention, and actually responding. Many of you say, “Well I listen to myself, to my higher self, to my universal self, to my body all the time.” To which I say, “Bravo! You are doing stellar work.” But sweet angels, after you listen, after you receive the information, after you receive the messages – either subtle or dramatic – how do you respond?

When you are tired, do you rest? When you are exhausted, do you say, “One more hour?” When you are literally dying to go outside, take a walk and get a breath of fresh air, do you say, “Well, I will have to wait for another day because I’m busy now?”

When your children want to play, can and does your body agree or have you let it fall into disrepair, that you are no longer limber or energetic enough to get on the floor and roll around? And might I suggest, even if the children aren’t around or available, that you get on the floor and roll around just for the sheer joy of it? Cooperating is cooperation with every part of your being.

Now, not all of you are fully in touch with the reality of your interdimensional being. Not all of you are in touch, fully, with your sub-conscious or unconscious. What I am asking of you, what I am suggesting and pleading with you is if you listen even to the conscious messages, that your higher self, universal self is constantly feeding you and your body is feeding you, your emotional body is feeding you, your causal body is feeding you, your mental body is feeding you, and responding with kindness, generosity, gentleness, then you will have the necessary balance, the groundedness, the integration to go forward.

And from there you can jump into your inspired self and go forth to what you truly want to do.

But this level of cooperation with your sweet, gentle, brilliant, magnificent, expanded self is necessary…yes, necessary. Your integrating levels of energy that are incomprehensible to you…I do not say that in the way of denigration, I say it at the level of energies that you are holding and integrating, anchoring, and expanding into.

You do not have the science base to explain or to understand. So, if you were a nuclear physicist you would come close. But you have heard me, child, talk time and time and time again about the implosion/explosion, and that is happening at a catalytic rate constantly, right now.

You’re preparing…you say, “Gabrielle, dear Gabby, I am sick and tired of hearing you talk about preparation and clearing!” You are preparing. You are in readiness. And what that means, sweet angels, is you have need to be in a clarity and a purity of association, cooperation, integration, love, with all parts of your being.

Because it has never been that the Mother has said, “Go, go my sweet angels and be in form. And by the way, don’t pay any attention to your form, just concentrate on the spiritual. Yes, you will have emotions, but pay no attention to that, pay attention to the spiritual or pay attention to your body. Oh, you will have brilliant, magnificent thoughts, you will discover the meaning of the universe, but don’t pay attention to that.”

No, it has always been all of the above. And it continues in ways that are far beyond the current past experience of humanity…to be all of the above plus, plus, plus, plus. I bring this to your attention as your sister, as your guardian, as the lily of love because I care and love you so deeply. I do not want you to get to that starting point, to hear the gun and start to run and fall down after five minutes because you have not cooperated with all parts of your being, you have not expressed the love, the surrender, the acceptance, the welcoming to all pieces of who you are.

So, if there is anything, for any reason, because you thought it was taken care of, because of fear, because of anger, because of trepidation, any of the old reasons, if there is anything that you feel that you have not addressed, take a moment and simply fall in love, cooperate with what is rising to the surface, what is gaining your attention, what has been waving out of the corner of your eye.

In this deepest level of cooperation, beloveds, you are cooperating with the Mother, with the Father, you are cooperating with your piece of the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. You are cooperating with the entire Council of Love that is at your beck and call, we always have been; we are in sacred union and we are cooperating more than you know.

And from that level, a fundamental foundation of peace, because that is what cooperation is, it is the bringer of peace. From that you create a family, relationships, communities, cities, nations of peace. But where there is friction, where there is constant chaos, there is not creativity, there is only tearing down and destruction. So, turn inwards my beloveds, turn to the brilliance, turn to the softest yellow with a tinge of blue, and practice cooperation.

Go with my love and go, sweet angels, with my joy. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Archangel Gabrielle – Who is the Council of Love? – Channeler Linda Dillon – 1-22-16

Linda Dillon

Greetings, I am Gabriel; I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome, welcome my beloved family, lightworkers, loveholders, pathfinders, wayshowers, healers, teachers, channels, and just plain ol’ folks, for we are all equal.

Yes, there is splendid diversity and that is the expression and the glory of the Mother. But never has there been a hierarchy, child, and we are all in equal measure and in equal measure of Love.

I come this day to speak to you of this Council of Love of which I am primary spokesbeing. It is my honor. It is the blessing that the Mother has bestowed upon me at the very beginning because this Council has been in existence that long…and I do not simply mean the beginning of the existence of this beautiful planet of my sister and cousin, sweet Gaia, I mean the very beginning.

I come because it is time to renew your acquaintance. The depth of our relationship has need to grow and as spokesbeing, as Archangel, I desire and am charged with the responsibility and the promise to make this allegiance and alliance stronger than ever.

You know that this explanation will never change, that the Council of Love is God’s sacred alliance composed of angels, Archangels, enlightened saints, the apostles, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, the ascended masters, the sacred prophets, and those beings that have simply evolved, ascended into sheer energy.

The purpose of this Council is the transmission, the instillation, the infusion, of divine radiance…we have not spoken enough about this…divine radiance and Love, into each of your hearts, into the hearts of all beings who choose, who wish, who desire to align and receive. And let me say to thee, there is no being upon this or any planet, within any galaxy or any universe that does not desire Love. So, we are most certainly an equal opportunity Council.

We are the messengers of One, of Father/Mother One/All, of unified Godhead, and there is only one message and that message is Love! That is why sweet Albert’s work and words are so important at this time, because he is reminding you, he is helping you remember, and some of you hearing for the very first time that there is only really one essence and pattern throughout, and that is the essence and design of the Mother, and that is Love. Does it have a multitude of faces, of qualities, of divinity? Yes. But all of these are expressions and experiences and transmissions, activations, alignments of Love.

Now, you may think that this is a very simple explanation of who we are and we know that there is a tendency upon the planet to say “well, you better keep your mission statements brief”, and so we are in alignment with that. But in fact dearest hearts, let us suggest to you that our mission and purpose is extensive but also flows far beyond sweet Gaia, but you are the focus of so much attention throughout the multiverse, throughout the omniverse at this time. This is the destination that most are paying attention to. It is a favorite destination and vacation spot for many of your star family, the ascended masters, those of sheer energy that you see dancing and visiting and assisting.

The restoration of Love upon this planet is Ascension. There are many explanations of how and where and when and what Ascension is and looks like and feels like. So again, in the spirit of simplification, we tell you that Ascension, individually and collectively, is the experience, the anchoring, and the embodiment of Love, in its totality, in its divinity, in its expression, in its actions.

Now you say to me, “Gabby, what on Earth does that mean?” And what I suggest to you, as an Archangel that is often considered quite vociferous, is that what it means is you accepting the truth of who you are. Long ago we have, through this channel, said to you that the keys to heaven are Love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance.

Now you may take that as an explanation of what does the embodiment of Love look, feel, taste and smell like. It is not simply to be kind, although kindness is a much underrated quality upon your planet and elsewhere, at times. If you are loving then you are kind, you are gentle, you are considerate, you are compassionate.

It is the practice, it is the action, it is the intention, it is the stillpoint, it is putting yourself completely, consistently, eternally, infinitely, in the expression and the experience of Love. It is bliss, it is ecstasy, it is common sense, it is being grounded. It is not being a space cadet walking around and doing nothing.

Have you ever heard one of us – Archangel, angel, guardian, ascended master – say that we are hanging out and relaxing because we feel overwhelmed? Of course not! Now, are there times –  yes, even as Archangel – that we feel overwhelmed by what we witness, not only collectively as death, disease, destruction, despair, war, hatred, greed, lust? These are distressing.

But what is overwhelming to an Archangel, to me my beloveds, what is overwhelming is when I see or witness or know that you have forgotten, or lost, or do not believe, that you are the essence of Love. That is a tragedy. It is an illusion but it is a tragic illusion because [love] is the truth, the essence, the totality of who you are.

And this is why I have asked to speak to you in this manner this day. We, of multitude that you can not even begin to imagine, are the Council of Love. We are the messengers, the instillers, the transmitters, the infusers of Love. Now, we have job descriptions that are infinite and yet extraordinarily simple during this extraordinary time of change. When you feel even a whisper that you have forgotten Love, about how it feels within…note that I say to you in discussing Love that it is the experience and the expression…I am talking about the within and the without…it is absolutely necessary for you to have the knowing within every fiber of your being that you are Love. And it isn’t a mental process or construct. It is a deep knowing of who you are. And then that expresses because you can only express who you are.

So, if you are feeling less than, then your expression is less than. If you are feeling ignored or isolated or separated or betrayed, then that is your expression. Even though you try and hide it under a mantle of kindness it does not work. So, when you know that you are not knowing and feeling and experiencing the Love, turn to us. Of course, turn to the Mother, the ultimate source, the supreme source of Love, the pattern of Love, the essence of Love. But we, we are her work force, we are the messengers.

So, you may turn to your favorite person, your favorite being…yes they are people – St. Germaine has been a person, Jesus has been a person, many of us have incarnated for a couple of moments as people…we know what it is and it feels like.We are not ignorant of your situation.

So, I come this day to plead with you, to absolutely plead with you to come and turn to us and allow us to fill you with Love. Now you say, “Oh that’s okay; I know that I am in the Love.” Dearest hearts, you have only just begun; there is always more.

So, on behalf of the Mother in the honoring of who you are and the honoring of the divine, the Mother/Father One, can you let us do our job? Could you call on us, the entire Council of Love and let us fill you and bring you to a higher realm, to anchor your feet firmly in the 7th dimension of Love? We are not waiting.

Months ago, let me be clear … August 15th … five months almost to the day, child, we have told you of the expansion of the 13th Octave, the most precious gift that we have ever been honored to bring forth. What have you done with it? It is sitting there waiting for you…as are we.

Please let us be in sacred union. Let us be in sacred partnership. We have always been family. You are as much an integral part of this Council of Love as we are. Let us work, play, laugh, and explore the possibilities and potentialities and actualities of creation together, right now.

Go with my Love and go in peace. Farewell.

Source:Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted

Transcript: Archangel Gabrielle – Today’s New Realm – The Role of the Empath – Channeler Linda Dillon – Host Suzanne Maresca – 4-26-15

Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal


Suzanne Maresca: Today we will be hearing from Archangel Gabrielle on the subject of what may seem at times like extreme energetic sensitivity. Many of us have been experiencing heightened awareness of our surroundings, and the experience can leave us wondering how to integrate the feelings that come with that.

We will also be discussing those who came into this world with the ability to feel the hidden emotions of others. Before ways are discovered to discern one’s own emotions from that of others, the energies can feel quite overwhelming. I didn’t catch on that my daughter was an empath until she was about nine years old and that realization improved our experience immeasurably.

There’s so much to talk about on this particular topic because it’s like we really are changing and growing in every moment. I have certainly wondered how we are supposed to navigate this with our increased sensitivities. It’s still very dense and difficult here.

But I also feel that part of the integration of who we are puts us… I just have this vision of a shield of knowing around us, that this is not all there is; that we have a physical form but this is not all we are. And we are certainly not subject to energies; it’s what we give power to. So this will be an interesting conversation.

Linda Dillon: This will be a very interesting conversation; and I think it’s a very timely conversation because we can’t on the one hand say that we are lightworkers, love-holders in the middle of our Ascension process, and then want to turn off the very gifts that come along with that.

SM: Exactly. If I may, I know you have an announcement to make as well, but I’d like to announce a new show that InLight Universal is launching tomorrow night at 9 EDT. I’ll be hosting and the show is about creating a space for heart-centred expression and sharing. Really, it’s an opportunity for all of you brilliant listeners to come and shine your light as well. We are all expanding our awareness and our aspects and skills and this is a way to share what’s in your heart.

If you want to be part of that, it’ll be posted later on how to participate in that. So just check out the InLight Universal site or Golden Age of Gaia. And you have an announcement too, Linda…

Linda: But I also wanted to say, Suzi, that I think it’s brilliant that you are creating a space where people can simply call in and have conversations, because I think one of the difficulties that I know you hear about and I certainly hear about is that as lightworkers, love-holders, we so often feel isolated; that we either live in areas or neighborhoods or cities or towns or families that really don’t want to hear, or aren’t interested in the same things, topics that we are interested in really talking about. And in fact, we can drive them crazy wanting to talk about it.

So having a platform and having a place where you can talk and have this kind of a conversation is wonderful. So congratulations on your new venture.

Suzi: Thank you. I’ve been very guided and I feel perfectly placed.

Linda: You are, we all are! And my announcement is probably at the other end of the spectrum and it’s about a webinar series that I have been very guided to do, and tried to avoid, but with absolutely no luck! It is brought to you courtesy of the Divine Mother and it is on Core Issues. And let me tell you, dear friends, that if you think that you have cleared your core issues… if I was a gambling person, I would say, “Not!”

And with this Third Wave of the Tsunami of Love, our issues are coming up again, because we are transforming…we are completely transforming our energy, our grid. Our very DNA is transforming. So if there’s any of that deep seated, dark … I’m not talking about vasanas or surface issues, of the things that you’ve worked on clearing for the last 20 years. I’m talking about the real core stuff!

And this is the thing. It’s coming up and it’s what you have always known is there, and it has barred you from fulfilling your fondest dreams, aside from serving the Mother, aside from creating Nova Earth, aside from being lightworkers… you know, the real basic stuff like, “What’s in it for me?”

Well, let me tell you. All of you that I talk to and hear from who want those sacred relationships, who want to bring some kind of financial security or abundance into your lives, or good health, or good family relationships… all these things that you’ve been working on, and you feel like sometimes you are just banging your head against the wall. You can see it out of the corner of your eye but you haven’t ever really been able, in physical reality, to wrap your hands around it and to own it.

Well, guess why? It’s your Core Issues that are barring you from doing it. So this is going to be a really intense webinar series: a very interactive forum, deep meditations, probably a lot of laughter and a lot of tears, and four sessions over five weeks with yours truly in a classroom situation on the computer.

The webinars are recorded so you can go back and look at them time and time and time again. We are starting on May 9th, and it’s Core Issues. And I for one say, “It is time for us to let all of this go.” So come to the Council of Love site, and read up. See how you feel, look inside, and if it’s there, please sign up! Thank you!

SM: Thank you! That is a labour of Love, Linda, because I understand you are following the direction from the Mother and it is pretty much hard to say “No.” It’s not impossible, but I’m also focused, and I know that there are so many of us focused on bringing this all up and eliminating the things that keep us from realizing our potential.

And sometimes, even when we’ve done the clearing, there can be a little residue left over in terms of habits and memories, and a lack of something to replace the cleared thing with – like a good behavior to fill the bad behavior space. We just don’t know sometimes…

Linda: Yes, and the thing is, if you are continuing what you have termed ‘the bad behavior’, it’s because you haven’t gone deep enough and really looked at what’s inside that’s keeping that pattern going. It’s just time to let it go.

I’ve had great discussions with Isaac, my husband, about this. I wanted to call it ‘Purging Core Issues’ and he says, “Oh, that sounds so negative and so harsh. Why don’t we try ‘transforming’ or ‘transmuting’?” But it’s getting rid of this stuff.

And, of course, at the end of a class, once we clear all this stuff, what we’re doing is bringing us into this new theme, this current theme of balance, of really being the embodiment not only of the Mother’s Love but of our Love, of who ‘We’ are.

So it already is a wild ride because how the Council works with me is they walk me through a course, every little step of the way before I get to teach it and share and facilitate the process. So I have been in the thick of this ever since Mother Mary appeared by my bedside and said, “Do it!” It has been a wild ride for the past week!

Let’s talk briefly about what it means to be an ‘empath’, because I think both of us have huge, personal insight and experience. And while, of course, it’s always wonderful to talk to Archangel Gabrielle – and I know She has some insights for us – it’s also important that our fellow listeners understand that we’re right in the thick of it with them as well.

I know that one of the things I’ve experienced, because I am an empath and telepathic, is that for a long time, when I ran into people and once they knew what I did – what’s interesting is that they didn’t really want to get close to me because I think they thought I was going to ‘read’ them.

And, just like you, that is the last thing on my mind or in my interest. I think like many empaths, I have a ‘no trespassing’ sign posted on me, and I post a ‘no trespassing’ sign on other people, because I don’t really – unless there’s a purpose and an invitation, or you have contacted me – I don’t want to read your energy.

I do read the energy when we have something terrible happen like a plane crash or a nuclear spill, or something in nature… I really feel it. But I’ve learned over the years to keep my shields up so that I am not like that sponge and absorbing anything because that’s not how you want to live.

But at the same time, as I was getting ready for this and Gabrielle said, “You know, coming in as the Creator Race, coming in, in our Mastery, it is part of our Angelic Starseed Self that we do. We are empathic, telepathic, because that’s where we’re going. So it’s not something you really want to completely eliminate or shut down. You just want to make sure you’re not carrying it in a way that’s hurting you.

SM: Yeah, and to learn to navigate and know what’s yours and what’s not. Sometimes we make an assumption that other people can see and feel what we can see and feel, and that is absolutely not true.

And without any guidance, an empath in this world would feel… Oh my gosh, it would be just so difficult if you have no support around you and you’re feeling everything. Thank God for the internet because people can do searches and find things that way. A lot of people have found the Golden Age of Gaia site just doing searches, looking for something that makes sense in this world.

But once you understand that you are picking up on other energies, you can start to practice the discernment of knowing what’s yours and what’s not yours. And that’s actually good for everybody, no matter what level of sensitivity you have.

Linda: That’s very important, because that’s one of the reasons why I have that ‘no trespassing’ sign. If you’re an empath and you have difficulty navigating this – as I think about how I do that, let me talk about that briefly. You and I both, Suzi, live in places that aren’t in the middle of a city, and we have both psychic and private space, nature, around us.

Isaac does, I would say, 95% of all our shopping. I thank God I have him because one thing I do not deal well with is grocery stores, with the lights, with the energies, with the whole situation. If I have to go to a mall, for example, I choose a time like a Wednesday morning when no one is there. I have my list. I am in, I am out [laughter] and I am done!

I think I shop for 99% of my clothes in one small store where I know the sales lady and I don’t have to deal with anyone else! [Laughter] So I’ve made these unconscious adjustments in my life. I don’t go to rock concerts because the energy is too bombarding… anything like that.

So you have to sort of adjust your way of navigating so that you don’t feel that you are being bombarded or invaded, and learn to put up that shield of protection.

SM: As I witness my daughter and the things that she goes through, I realize that I may not be as empathic as she is and subject to it. But I am at least as sensitive, if not more so, but in different ways. Being that I was born at the time that I was, into the family that I was… I’m not sure what made it so that I could maybe withstand a little bit more than she does in terms of going to a mall.

I’m not really sure what the mechanism is, but I do feel it has something to do with the expansion of my awareness, of why I’m here, what I’m here to do… shifting into the whole Oneness idea, being One energetically with everything – it really helps me a lot.

Like if I go out on the hammock and I’m meditating and there’s leaf-blowing going on, or somebody using a chainsaw even, or traffic going by, I don’t even put in my earplugs because I’m just thinking of all the sounds as just part of my reality, and it sort of fades away and doesn’t bother me.

Linda: Good, because if we are part of the Unified Grid… increasingly they refer to us as ‘Gaians’, not as ‘Floridians’… [Laughter] What do you call people in New Jersey?

SM: [Laughter] I could make a joke but I won’t…

Linda: [Laughter] … but if we’re in this Unified Grid, like you say ‘of One’, then the more that we’re in that energy, we realize that the ebb and flow of the higher vibration will carry us through, and that the lower… what I tend to call ‘the drama energy’ will disappear. So take heart!

SM: Take heart, that’s right! Oh my gosh, everything is changing. It just feels like another world from two weeks ago even, specifically before the equinox; I feel like everything has changed for me…

Linda: Everything is shifting every day.

SM: Every day, it’s true, whether you’re feeling it or not. Perception really is everything.

[Meditation from 18’20 to 22’05]

Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Archangel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, Archangel of Communications. Welcome, my beloveds. Welcome to this Council and to this time of enormous change, for it is a time not only of sea change, it is a time, yet again, of Tsunami.

And so, for those of you who are empathic, sensitive, telepathic, it is an increase in this wondrous ability. Yes, of course, as with all gifts, you learn, you come to understand in the Truth of your own magnificence how you employ this gift, the same way you learn or remember how to employ your voice, your vision, your 3rd and 4th and 5th eyes.

Sweet angels, the abilities that you have brought to the planet during this time of change are far greater than you are even imagining in this moment, and they are opening and expanding increasingly. So there is not a chance – let us put it, that it is highly unlikely in the intention of the Mother, that your talents, whether it is sensitivity, empathic or telepathic, are going to be shut down or shut off. That is not the way.

You come forth as New Race; you come forth as the reembodiment, the reincarnation of the Creator Race. What does this mean?

We have spoken of it before, of the talents and the abilities to create and co-create. But part of knowing how to proceed is also being able to key in, to understand the fields – not necessarily even of the individual, although there are times when that is desirable – but to be able to key into the pulse, the mood, the emotional awareness, the mental acuity, the readiness factor, the spiritual elevation, the spiritual maturity of the human race to proceed.

And then, because you have this information, you are able to communicate to the collective, to groups, to individuals, where they exist, where they are stationed, where they are anchored. If you begin speaking French to a baby, chances are they will learn to speak French and they will adapt. Languages and telepathic communication are already present in the infants.

Think of the number of situations that you encounter. Children know. And it is only through what you have termed ‘the socialization process’ that this wondrous ability to communicate has been turned off. Well, it is not in the highest good of the collective or the individual to turn off this spectacular talent.

How you manage this ability to communicate, because that is what empathic knowing is – if you are communicating field to field, field to larger field, field to the entire unified field, field to the collective, field to the Universe, to your Star brothers and sisters – this is how they communicate.

So what you are doing is able to adjust how you speak, how you communicate, body language, eye language, smile language, in all of these ways, because you have the advantage, dear hearts, of knowing. Not assuming, but of knowing where people are: what their difficulties are, what their blockages are, what their thoughts are, what their troubles…or what they assume to be troubles, are.

And you may send until it is perfectly second nature. You are sending to them what is appropriate, welcome, and that is a very important clue: what is welcome and what is available. Now, it is not intended unless consciously invited… you are not inviting that energy unless it is a perfect, welcome again -match to come within your field.

Yes, the channel has spoken of posting a ‘no trespassing’ sign, and actually that is something that I in fact taught her until it became second nature, and that is what I suggest to many of you: you put up your shields that Michael has given you, you enfold yourself in the cocoon of pink and gold, and you use every ability to stay within your bubble, within your Seal of Solomon, so that you are not feeling in any way compromised. That is not the gift. And what is happening is this turning the gift of being empathic or telepathic or sensitive into a curse or a nightmare, and that was never the intention.

So the energy that is coming within you, because you are heartfelt individuals; the empaths are heart-centred already. It is not that you need to learn to become heart consciousness. You are already there. So what you are doing is you are doing the outflow. And you have a very clear stop-gap for the backwash or the inflow, because it is not necessarily for your highest good. You receive what you want to receive and nothing more and nothing less.

Now, I know that you will have a number of questions about this, dear Suzanne. Where do you wish to begin?

SM: Oh [laughter], I thought you would be going on for more! Okay. Well, I imagine the question on our minds collectively is how long this can go on that our sensitivity is increased while this world is still entangled in chaos? Like it’s more than just feeling other people’s emotions; it’s everything that’s going on.

And as we have more sensitivities, it can become a little more difficult. But what needs to happen feels to me like an integration of all our parts; that we truly understand that the full power of the Light is ready to come through us when we can successfully release all that no longer serves, all that does not have Love as its core. But maybe that’s different for everybody?

AAG: It is not different for everybody. In fact, it is identical for everybody.

Now let us explain. And that is why we say, “This is not going to stop or reverse.” And the sensitivity – and let us simply use those three terms interchangeably – the sensitivity is only going to grow as you become higher or more interdimensional, as you become more anchored in your heart awareness and consciousness, as you embody and become the living flower of the Mother, the blossoming tree.

These sensitivities are only going to increase. Now, is there chaos and mayhem upon the planet? Yes. But we are not suggesting that you allow, yes ‘allow’ that energy to enter into your field. So what you are doing is staying in the highest vibration, the vibration of Love, and the vibration – can we use that term, because many of you will understand it – of ‘self-containment’.

So that what is going on out there with the progression of the human race – as they resolve and come to an understanding that the mayhem does not serve them – that you are not participating. In your outflow, you are sending the energy out because you are observing it, you are the observer, you are the discerner of that energy.

It is not that you are blind. We would never suggest that because that would be in denial. But what you are doing is you are observing, you are discerning, you are sending targeted energy and Love where it is needed, but you are not taking it in.

That emotional trauma-morass-chaos-mayhem is like a cancer that has need and is being healed. And it is being healed by the Mother’s energies, by the increase of her gifts of Clarity and Purity and Grace. It is being healed by each of you that send Love. But you are not going there because it does not exist. What you would be doing is throwing yourself into a past reality that you have only recently escaped. That would be the most foolhardy thing you could ever do.

So what you do from your bubble is you observe, you discern, you send, but you anchor in the Unified Grid of Love, of One, of the reality of your true Self, and the truth of the collective.

So, we have not talked about this before, but what you are doing when you are entering into that Unified Grid is you are also connecting with the Higher Self of all of those beings that are perhaps still acting out. So you are connecting with the collective in an entirely different realm and dimension. And that is where you wish to be.

As a sensitive, if you enter into that foray, into that war zone, it will hurt you. It is that simple. You will feel like your circuits are being blown apart. You will feel the pain, the suffering, the anxiety, and that is never our recommendation.

Even those of you who work with our beloved Michael, Mi-cha-el, and travel with him in your night work, you go and you send and you insert Peace, and you anchor Peace, and you infuse the hearts of those that are engaged in various forms of violence. But you do not inject yourself and start participating in the violence. You would never get back to your bed! That is not the way in which to proceed.

When you are healing – I use this example because so many of you do healing work – you allow yourself to be the vessel and the energy passes through you, picking up your bright delight, and sends into either the environment, the individual or to Gaia herself, but you send it… you do not ‘pull out’ in the sense that you bring it into yourself, the disease, the agony, the sorrow, the pain. You would never do that.

So when you think of yourself as sensitive or as an empath, what you can start to think of yourself as is a Master Transmitter. Many of you are beacons – most of you. It is your second nature. You are beacons and you are anchors; you are pillars of Light in this time of transition, but you are transmitters. Yes, at times, you are also transmuters, but you are absolutely, as empaths, transmitters, and the transmission is outward.

You may collect pertinent collective information, but you view it only as information. What is extracted before you bring it in, before you allow it even in the edges of your field, you extract emotion, you extract ego, you extract what you can think of as recalcitrant, resistant or ‘dark’ energy. So all you get is information. Is this clear?

SM: Yes, it is. Something else that’s occurred to me is that it’s only what is true right now is what matters. So in this moment, if you are not experiencing… like the situation around the world: what is true for you in this moment is what to pay attention to.

But that also brings me to, say, environmental things that would be impinging someone’s sensitivities, for example, smells and loud sounds. We can protect ourselves to a certain degree, but we don’t live in caves and there are other people around us that have practices and things that might bother us. Would you have anything to say about those sorts of things, sensitivities?

AAG: You yourself, sweet angel, have indicated a wonderful way because it is the Truth of the Angelic Realm. When you conjoin into the One, the… if we can call it ‘the disturbance factor’… will go from 10 to a 1 or 2. Now will it completely disappear? No. Because it is also part of your beingness, those irritating smells, irritating sounds, discordance. Discordance is abrasive, and discordance is exceptionally abrasive to the empath.

And so what you are going to do is, as much as possible, is you conjoin into the reality of the One, of that Unified Grid, and you avoid situations that you know are going to bring about that discordance. Now, you live in a world – silence – unfortunately…it will be restored, but as you have said, dear Suzanne, we are talking about the ‘Now’. Silence used to be quite literally golden.

There are very few places upon your planet of sweet Gaia where there is true silence anymore. And even in the places of the grandest beauty, in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of the Himalayas, in the deepest forest, there are still sound waves that were not there and that were not intended to be there. So that will come.

But to address your question – the irritating, abrasive sound, smells, even the observation of certain behaviors, has need to be toned down – put mufflers, cocoons, all around you. That is why I have suggested: see yourself in a cotton candy cloud and you are inside the cloud, that you have this soft, absorbent material all around you.

So not only are you in your bubble, your bubble is filled with the cotton candy, your shield of titanium is outside your bubble, and then there are many more layers of the cotton candy outside of that, so that those sounds are passing through many, many layers to come from a 10 to a 1 or 2. Because they cannot, in this moment. Are they dissipating? Yes. Have they dissipated? No.

SM: Right. Well, to what you’ve spoken to, my feeling is that one of the first things that sensitive people need to do is to embrace their sensitivity and say, “This is who I am and I love who I am, and I accept this; and I know I will find ways to navigate this world and be my beautiful, sensitive self.”

AAG: In all ways, it is about loving yourself. And to be a sensitive, to be an empath, to be telepathic is a gift. And it is… think of it as being a step ahead on the evolutionary chain. You are wanting to go to the higher dimensions where telepathy and the unified Love and the field is all there and available, where your 3rd and 4th eye are completely activated, where your vision and your auditory channels are wide open.

But to be in that space, in this very moment, you are a step ahead of the collective. But you are part of the evolutionary jump. So for you to not enjoy it as the gift it is and to Love yourself as the extraordinary being that you are, as the transmitter that you are, would be very sad.

SM: Yes. And what’s coming to me too is also to shake off the labels that have been put on us through life. Maybe our families were uncomfortable with our sensitivities, and we’ve been ridiculed for it and all that sort of thing. That needs clearing too. Anything that anybody’s told us about how we are, if it’s at all negative, to be able to transcend that and clear it. So the clearing and the acceptance of our Divinity is key here.

AAG: It is the acceptance of your Divinity, the acceptance of your magnificence, the acceptance of who you are. In another conversation that you have had with this Council, and you have talked about physical adjustments – of becoming younger, of becoming the beauty of who you really are – and the first step in that has always been the embrace of who you are in this very moment.

So the beginning point for all beings: empaths, sensitives, telepathics begins with the loving of who you are in this moment.

Now let us talk of something else that is exceptionally important, and I would be remiss if I did not bring this to the forefront.

For the empaths, for the sensitives in your New Realm where we are asking, inviting, begging you to step forward into action, to be the observer-participant… and that applies to all beings, all lightworkers, all love-holders, and we hope, the entire human race. For how else do we create Nova Earth? But, let us speak of this.

For the empath, the most important elimination, restriction of all, is the elimination of drama. It will never work. You will be in a world of misery if you do not, first and foremost eliminate drama. Drama has been the addiction of the human collective in the old third, and it has taken many faces and had many qualities. And they have all been aberrant.

So, one of the first things that an empath must defend, eliminate, exclude, expel from their lives is this drama. Now there is wonderful drama that they can become, you all can become re-addicted to. And you have spoken to the channel about this as you began today.

The daffodils peaking their yellow heads up through the ground, the leaves on the trees unfurling – this is the drama and the beauty of Gaia. This is the gift. But the drama of pain and suffering and sorrow and hurting and greed and lust and lack and cruelty… there is no place for it in the human collective, period.

But to the empath, to even glance in that direction… it is going to destroy you. So you must, and you will not hear us say ‘must’ very often, you must let it go.

SM: Yes, indeed. Well, this has been very wonderful, very very fabulous. I was wondering if you had anything else to say in closing?

AAG: Sweet Angels of Light, Starseeds, Earth-keepers, empaths, sensitives, let this be one of my final comments.

In the human collective, there is still this quality that is not charming and it is called ‘jealousy’. There are many who are jealous of your qualities. Now we are transforming this, you are transforming this, to admiration. Admire this wondrous capacity that you have and know that it is shared by the Angels, the Archangels, your Star family, the Ascended Masters and the Mother Herself.

Admire who you are and share freely. Be the transmitter that you came to be. Do not sit in exclusion, but sit in temperance of what works for you. And shield, cocoon, and send, not receive!

Go with my love beloveds, and go in Peace.

SM: Beautiful, thank you Gabrielle.

AAG: You are welcome, sweet one. Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Sierra – Turning Point Prayer – 11-11-14




I am so very tired today. It comes in waves, this deep weariness, often accompanied by mild nausea and dizziness. Transforming from caterpillar to butterfly is quite a journey!

I love this message from Archangel Gabrielle. When I started reading it, I looked at my watch: 11.11!

I will pray with intent at 11.11 every day. I was deeply moved by Archangel Gabrielle’s words: ‘Never doubt the miracle of Spontaneous Evolution as a creative possibility for the fifth dimensional shift on the planet. Asking for miracles at this time is very appropriate.’

‘Each prayer raises your vibrational frequencies and could be the one that unleashes the critical mass for Spontaneous Evolution…Imagine that your prayer is the turning point.’

Love, Light and Laughter, fellow Ground Crew members


The Rainbow Scribe – Archangel Gabriel – 11-6-14


Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as expansion. When one’s consciousness expands, one’s experience of life then becomes richer, deeper and more real. Without the limitations that one used to place on one’s self, life opens up and becomes enjoyable. One begins to see people as friends instead of enemies and to see challenges rather than impossibilities. There is more clarity in everything that one does and life radiates with unlimited possibility and aliveness. When one expands their consciousness, one starts to blend into reality and to flow with life instead of against it. They realize that they don’t need to do or get anything in order to be themselves. They know all about themselves and what makes them happy, joyful and confident and because of this knowing, there is freedom and a vivid clarity instead of confusion in the choices that they make. They experience more ease instead of struggle in their daily living. They get more done and they feel better and live a more authentic life.

An expansion of consciousness takes place in one’s life which is part of the essence of one’s entire experience of life. The process of expanding one’s consciousness brings a sense of connectedness with all of life. With the expansion of consciousness comes new ways of seeing reality. This changes everything. One sees things that one could never have conceived of before. Old philosophies and religions suddenly appear naive and give way to a far more profound understanding. A profound transformation in one’s consciousness, in one’s way of understanding and interacting with reality takes place. Expansion is the inevitable result when this occurs because that is the direction that all human consciousness as a collective is currently headed. All of humanity is beginning to love and accept themselves and each other in ways they previously thought was not possible. They are finding freedom from fear and are experiencing a return to a full awareness of their eternal being. They are beginning to live in a full vibration of love and self-acceptance, and they understand that there are no limitations except those that they place upon themselves.

Each individual becomes aware of their creative capacities and their radiant potential. They become aware as humans with finite identities to relate to their infinite identities and divine essence. They become aware of the energy of consciousness. They strive to embody the awareness of their higher self which is the energy of the cosmos within each individual and is the dormant energy within them that expands their awareness. A new clarity brings expansion of their perceptions. They understand the effect and impact of an action before they take it. They see they have a choice whether to act or not to act. Their mind awakens from its long nap and they stop living in imaginary realities. They become committed to their purpose and to their service to the world. They see, sense and enjoy the abundant pleasure of life which has always been available to them. They begin to understand the reality of the unlimited power that is the essence of their soul. Their gifts are integrated into their everyday behavior and actions and their talents become a practical part of their human life as they awaken to their potential to create good in the world around them.

Each individual is empowered to make more daring choices and each has the energy to create a bountiful and exciting life. They step beyond their perceived conscious limits into the expansion of their capacity to realize their divine origins and identity. They bring all aspects of their being – their mental faculties, their emotional energy and their physical structure into balance, alignment and equilibrium. They expand their capacity to express, to experience, and to share their infinite self. They begin to release their attachments to the familiar and to the past, to the fear of change and the unknown, to limited and restrictive beliefs and self-destructive habits. They let go of old feelings and wounds and the feeling that something is lacking or wrong with them. They heal their wounds with the power of love which gives them the experience that they are complete and whole. Their wholeness and expanded physical foundation helps them deal calmly and gracefully with the mental, emotional and spiritual facets of their lives. They recognize what is real and uncover that which is important to them. Their inner compass leads them toward their goals in order to live their life resourcefully and passionately.

The expansion of knowledge becomes real wisdom only when each individual has experienced it in their own heart, their own mind, their own body and their full being. It is the experience of this integrated wisdom that sustains and consistently supports them. It is through experience that positive habits are formed. It is through experience that the horizon of their awareness is broadened. It is through experience that they radiate joy, express creativity and embody spirit in their everyday human life. As they discern this truth at the core of their being, it gives them the ability to follow the path of their heart. When they are able to act from their heart-felt truth, they experience fulfillment within themselves, success in their lives and bliss in their existence. The joy of acting from their truth is one of the sacred gifts of being human and they realize that there is nothing more wonderful than feeling good in all aspects of their lives. The establishment and expansion of a conscious relationship between their personality and their infinite soul strengthens their radiance which gives them a greater capacity and expanded impact in living a rich and fulfilled life.

As I take my leave, may these words bring expansion and understanding within your mind and heart.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.

Archangel Gabrielle – Gender Equality is Critical to Your Ascension – Channeler Linda Dillon – Host Steve Beckow – 8-13-14

Archangel Gabrielle

An Hour with an Angel, August 7, 2014, with Archangel Gabrielle

Graham Dewyea:  Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.  Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone. Our guest today is Archangel Gabrielle.

So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow:  Thank you, Graham. And welcome, Archangel Gabrielle.

Archangel Gabrielle:  Greetings. I am Gabriel, I am Gabrielle, lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One. Welcome…

SB:   Welcome to you…

AG:  … welcome, my beloved ones, and thank you for inviting me.

SB:   Yes.

AG:  You wish to speak this day, in this hour, this time, this evening, about what I would term gender equality.

SB:   Yes, please.

AG:  The channel is correct insofar as this is one of the collective core issues ― of hatred and control, and, yes, of fear, of isolation, of abandonment, of separation ― that the human collective and every person, every single person upon the planet, is healing or has healed, come not only to peace with, but truly integrated the balance. And it is one of the areas that is key, a critical key, to your ascension, again, both individual and collective.

Let us begin. It is a push and pull situation that begins with the balance of the individual, with the deep recognition and embrace of the divine masculine and the divine feminine in perfect balance ― yes, up and down, shifting at different moments, but in complete harmony with the divine self.

There is no creature, no kingdom, no being, no humanoid structure that does not embody both the masculine and feminine of themselves and of divinity, of the One. And that is the beauty of this creation, and that is the beauty, the harmony, the sweetness, the gentleness, the strength of each of you, my beloved friends. It is glorious that you carry both.

Now, when you have chosen this incarnation, this embodiment, you have also chosen your gender. And you have chosen your gender for a whole plethora of reasons, one of which is your comfort zone. For many of you, you simply prefer, enjoy to a greater degree, being male or female. And is it not delightful that you choose?

Now, there are very few ― and I mean a handful ― of human beings, whether they are starseeds or hybrids, Earth-keepers, who have not incarnated as male and female, because it is part of that coming to wisdom, to enlightenment, to know the experience, the joy, the challenges, of both realities.

So it is not for your understanding to say, “Well, I am male. I am always male.” No. At some point there would have been an incarnation as the alternate, shall we say, gender.

So that healing of what you call gender inequality, begins, my beloved ones, and ends with the internal balance of your sacred selves. It is part of that sacred union that you have with yourselves, and it is the full embrace, the love, the appreciation, the living in both sides and not creating cement walls or barriers between your masculine and feminine. It is the sheer joy of having both, regardless of what gender you have chosen.

When you do not have this sacred balance within your own being, how then, my beloveds, do you have that sacred partnership with the Mother/Father One/All/Source?

Now, it is truth that most of you tend to lean either towards the masculine or the feminine aspect ― which is all one anyway ― of the Source. But still it remains that you are in relationship with both.

Now, that is one of the reasons, other than to simply please you, that I have chosen this day to introduce myself as Gabriel/Gabrielle. I exhibit, as you well know, in both forms, as spokes-being for the Council of Love. I come forth as Susanne and Michaela, Gabrielle, the lily of love. It is the feminine side.

But as you well know, it is in perfect harmony and balance with the masculine. And many prefer, and I take certainly no umbrage, that you call me Gabriel, for I answer to all entreaties, and I am honored ― honored, thrilled ― to be at this juncture of our sacred partnership. Because when you are in sacred partnership with us, it is also the masculine and feminine.

Now, my beloved Steve, you know that we have had conversations about this issue of hatred.

SB:   Yes.

AG:  It is a difficult conversation, but it is of truth, and it is a conversation followed by action that has need to take place upon the entire planet. There is a love-hate relationship in many instances, and in many instances veiled, literally and figuratively, of males against females, of females against males, of females against females, of males against males.

What is this hatred? Well, you know it is the lack of self-love. It is the lack of self-worth. So much of gender… we will not call it inequality, we will not call it disparity; let us call it what it is ― hatred. Because when we use such a strong word it will evoke the emotion that has need to be brought to the surface and cleared.

There is this love-hate. The males and those who have chosen to be male in this lifetime have this admiration, this ecstasy, this love, and this discordant jealousy for the woman who can bring such ecstasy, bliss, intimacy, nurturing, caring, and who can bear life.

So often, there is this disconnect in the male gender, and now we are talking the collective ideation, belief system, even the archetypal structures, is that they tend to forget that they are the givers of life as well. But there is not the demonstration of that bringing forth, of the creation.

So there is this admiration, this true love, and this jealousy at the same time. And in that there is this discordant energy that says, well, let me prove that I am stronger, that I am the master, that I am slightly better than or incredibly better than.

Let me keep you in your place. The other issue that arises ― and it is both the masculine and the feminine ― is this belief system that intimacy, sexual union, the joy, the bliss, the ecstasy of sexual union, is not a blessed gift from Mother/Father One, that the desire is seen as lust, that the body is seen as unclean, that the very act of union is seen as something dirty.

And that has need to be changed, because it is the gift. It is the gift that not only takes you out of your body to experience, momentarily, the true feeling of bliss, of ecstasy, the release of form, and at the same time anchors you firmly in your body, because it is a physical experience of joy.

It is not merely mechanical. It is only now that many of you, my beloved lightworkers are truly understanding what the merger of energies in sexual union truly entails, that blending of your fields. It is a gift, and it is one of the gifts of being in form. It is not merely for procreation, for the bringing-forth of life. It is a gift of joy. It  is a gift not merely of physical release but of knowing, passion and tenderness and physicality, of knowing your body and another’s body.

Is it an act that is sacred and to be honored? Always. But it has never been meant to be seen or viewed in this belief system that is held subtly and actually ― and we will talk about that ― and something that is disdainful, something that is less than, something that is to be hidden away in a corner.

Because when there is this view of sexuality, it exhibits, as you see, as gender hatred, as trying to suppress and control the woman. And you see it in very hideous ways ― of mutilation, of rape, of subjugation, but you also see it in more subversive ways ― of wage inequality or job inequality or the imbalance in the value that is given to tasks. And it is still very prevalent all over your plan: “Oh, that is woman’s work,” meaning that that is less than, is simply not the case. But it begins with a balance within. And then, yes, it spreads out.

Now, I know, sweet angel, that you have many questions on this issue. So I will not steal the floor. Where do you wish to begin this night?

SB:   Well, I wanted to mention at the outset that what you’ve just said runs counter to some very strongly held religious points of view, and I think, particularly, for instance, of a Hindu text called Tripura Rahasya, where a quite strident view of sexuality is given.

So it’s not just among people who are discriminating against women, but it’s also among people who regard themselves as having the spiritual truth that sexuality is unclean, etc. So it’s quite a radical point of view that you’re putting forward right now.

AG:  Yes, it is, dear heart. But you know me. I am the radical archangel.

SB:   [laughs] Well, only you would tackle such an issue head on, I’m sure.

I’ve found, Archangel Gabrielle, that when I talked about crimes like acid attacks, honor killings and bride burnings or dowry deaths that some readers wrote in and said, “My gosh, I didn’t know that was happening in the world.” And at the same time, often in the human-rights literature, the literature’s a year behind. It’s very slow in catching up with what’s happening in the world.

So, I wondered if you could review the situation of women in the world ― what crimes and acts of persecution are happening, what are women enduring around the world? If you could start with that, to kind of give us a view that’s probably much more accurate than we see down here, I’d appreciate that.

AG:  Let me speak of this, and I am pleased to give the up-to-the-minute news.

SB:   Okay.

AG:  But it is twofold. On the one hand, there are enormous emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual strides that are being made, both by the women themselves ― because, do not forget, when I have begun I have spoken of women hating women, hating themselves and holding many of the same views of the religious or political context. Let me put it that way.

There is an awakening, male and female, of the balance and the role that women have come to play not only upon the planet but in this role of ascension, of the shift and the creation of Nova Earth. There is in some areas what we would call mutilation (1) and the attitude, the underlying attitude that women do not deserve to experience orgasm or, by inference, lust. This is still a very strongly held belief system, particularly in Africa. So this continues on.

And while it is improving, it has not improved to the point of, if we could use St. Germain’s term, “liberation and freedom,” and what that entails of course is the freedom of choice.

So you cannot view this as either black or white, but it is the absence of freedom of choice and the underlying attitudes towards the women, the girls, that is unloving.

Acid attacks are significantly down, as are deaths, either because of dowry or widowhood. Let me be specific about that. There are still far too many women who extinguish their life force by placing themselves on funeral pyres because they feel not only that their life is over but that their joy and their purpose is over with the death of their spouse, that their position within the family or the community, but mostly because of the broken heart. (2) So that is still transpiring, although it is decreasing.

The significant decrease is in the number of women who feel that they have to ― again, this issue of choice ― throw themselves on a funeral pyre because it is expected of them. So it is not so much that they wish to leave their form, as they do so because culturally or religiously it is anticipated. So that is an area from our perspective of massive improvement.

And the reason we see it as significant improvement is that these women, most of them older ― we’re not talking about brides here ― are seeing that they still have great wisdom, compassion, knowledge, value, to bring to the planet, to their families, to their communities.

So there is an awakening of that sense of self-definition, not male or female, simply self-definition outside simply being a spouse. And that is also true all over the world, that there is a growing sense of older women coming to realize that their wisdom is valuable, that it has need to be shared, and in fact in many ways these wise women, through the ages of experience, and love, are seeing  that they are a bridge to the new children of Earth. So it is not even so much that they are acting as a bridge to immediate grand children or great-grandchildren. The new children of Earth.

So there is a very tight and significant bond between the elderly ― and it is true of the males of course as well ― and the new children. The acid attacks, as we have said, are significantly down. The rapes are continuing, and the resulting deaths of those girls, but again, down by about, oh, we would say 50 percent.

An area that has need to be of concern to everyone, to the global citizens that we have spoken of, that we have all spoken of, is the younger women who are simply being killed, murdered, for their dowry. So that this becomes a practice. Not merely a practice in India, it is a practice in many, many countries. It may not be called dowry, but it is the same issue.

It is that women who bring wealth or value to the male, to the groom and to his family are being killed so that another can be chosen. So it is avarice, it is greed, and it is the sense of entitlement. Again, it comes back to the hatred, that there is a belief system ― and it is seen not only in the dowry deaths – there is an underlying belief system that one has the right to take another’s life.

This is grievous. Because it overrides any sense of honoring another’s path, another’s divinity. And you may say, or some may say, “Well, is this karmic?” And I remind you, dear hearts, that you are in a period of karmic dispensation, and it is ― and now I will be radical again ― too easy to invoke the laws of karma, to either say, “Well, that is her karma,” or to say against the offending person, “Well, he will entail karma for that action.” And so it is left up to the heavens, to our side, to address it. That is not of balance, and that most certainly is not of Nova Earth.

Now, one of the things that you are all witnessing and have need to very actively witness is that these issues of gender hatred are at the surface, that they are truly not only being recognized ― because they are on the surface ― for what it is, but that people of every faith, of every walk ― no, not the majority, but still declared and undeclared lightworkers and loveholders, however they define themselves, are recognizing and saying, “These issues have to be addressed.” The subjugation of women does nothing to reflect the divinity of the Mother, the divinity of the person or the co-creation of Nova Earth.

So while many of these atrocities are decreasing, the issues of the subjugation and the hatred are at the surface so that they can be seen, acknowledged and eliminated.

Do you understand what I am saying?

SB:   Yes, I do. I’ll let you continue, if you’d like, or perhaps, let me put this out now and you can answer it in the course of your remarks. How do we stop this? How do we stop these acts in the world? I know the tsunami of love is raising it to the surface, as you said, and it’s coming to the surface to be eliminated, but in those areas where it doesn’t get eliminated, what can we do to stop it?

AG:  It is time for all humans, male, female, to take action. And it is taking action in a variety of ways. Yes, of course, the most subtle, the beginning point of balancing within your masculine-feminine and loving yourself, and loving the masculine and feminine in every other person. But now we are talking about political, social, financial, cultural, religious action.

There is a commendable, in some ways, hesitancy on the part of intelligent, informed, educated, sensitive, caring human beings to comment ― or to take action, as I would put it ― to comment on the belief systems, the cultural underpinnings, of a group different than your own. So let me again be the outspoken one. There are times when, say, a white, Anglo-Saxon male will feel ― and you know, because you have felt this, dear heart ―

SB:   Yes.

AG:  … feels, “Am I politically or accurately correct in commenting on the institutionalized subjugation of women in the Islamic faith?” In the radical, very conservative Islamic faith. Is it my place to do that, because it is not that I wish to appear ― because I am not ― dishonoring of the faith.

But when the translation of the faith, which was love, which was equality, which was the balance and the harmony between the genders has been lost, when it has become politically and socially a practice, and a practice of harm, then if you do not speak up, who does?

Now, this is an issue all over your planet. And that is why we come back to this declaration of global citizenry. The global citizen, the citizen of Nova Earth honors the diversity, the richness, of cultural, social mores, belief systems, but not where they are cruel, not where they are harmful, not where they are not honoring of the individual, of the family, of both genders. Because subjugation of one group, of another group, whether it is gender or effective religion, does not elevate. It brings everybody to a very low frequency.

So it is a matter in the most gentle but strong ways to speak out, to inform, to educate, and to take not warring action, because that is exactly what is already going on, and our purpose with Michael is the elimination of war in every single form and the anchoring of peace within one’s heart.

You cannot have peace in your heart if you are involved or engaged in demeaning, dismissing or harming another, either actually or through a belief system. This is not kind. This is not of your divinity.

So how does it stop? It stops by the people of Earth, of this beloved Gaia, saying “no more,” in writing, in speaking, in addressing the public, in informing. Because one of the greatest issues is the untruth or the half truth that much of this gender inequality is buried under.

Is that clear, dear heart?

SB:   Well, it is, but let me ask you a further question, and this, for me, is a very important question. In human-rights decision making we speak of tests ― what is the test for the legality of this? And we have a situation that may serve as an example here.

There was a controversy over women wearing scarves in schools in France. And, so, now, of the women who wear scarves, some are wearing scarves because they feel they have to, because they’re obligated to, because they’re forced to, but some are wearing scarves because they want to.

And so when the French authorities said, “There will be no wearing of scarves because it’s a religious insignia and our schools are secular. There will be no wearing of scarves in school,” some women came forward and said, “Well, we want to wear scarves. This is part of who we are.”

So, what is the test for when action should be taken to defend human rights and when action should not be taken to defend human rights? Because if you ask some women, they may not want to say, “I appreciate your help,” they may say, “Well, you’re going to get me into worse trouble than I already am.”  No one wants to cause that. So what is the test? How do we get below that?

AG:  The test is, “When is human free choice interfered with?”

SB: Well, how can we know that with women who may be scared to say, “My free choice is being interfered with”? They may get beaten. They may get kerosene poured on them and be set on fire. There could be all kinds of things that that happen to them.  I actually don’t know how to deal with the situation. Because we may be causing the women more trouble then they had to begin with.

AG:  Yes. You are not asking ― let us use this example. The woman who wears a scarf not because she wants to, chooses to, but because she lives in an environment of fear, of feeling less than, knowing that there will be punishment meted out of various kinds, including social rejection, which is very important.

So the issue isn’t to make that woman go without her scarf at all. The issue is to get underneath to the belief system that somehow the women have need to hide their beauty, their sexuality, to stop being the temptress, that they are invulnerable, that they are chattel, that they are less than.

So it is not the action of wearing the scarf. It is not even the choice to wear the scarf because of belief or because of subtle threat.It is the under-pinning belief that the women are less than.

SB:   So work on that, then?

AG:  That is what you send the love, the light, the energy to.

SB:   Hmm. Now, did you enunciate a really clear test in this whole area? Is the test simply, “Has the person exercised freedom of choice?”

AG:  And has the person exercised the freedom of choice truly, because they are living ― and we know you don’t want to hear this, but ― they are living on Nova Earth. That is how you are creating it.  In these subtle and not-subtle-at-all realities within which women and men are being required to operate, are the barriers of hatred and control being eliminated?

Now, we are sending Earth not merely the Mother’s tsunami of love, not merely her gifts of grace, but we are intervening ― where we are permitted ― on all kinds of levels ― and you may see this as a very mild example, but to us it is significant. When a man wakes up in the middle of the night and he sees the angelic goddess, the beauty, the blessing, the gift, the intelligence, the warmth, the strength of the person who lies next to him and realizes, “I have no need to feel threatened by this woman. I honor her as she honors me.”

And so the mutuality of the honoring has need to be present. And if it is not present within the individual, in that place of balance, then it is not present. But you often ask, “What are you doing?” Well, I will tell you ― we are awakening many in the middle of the night for that very awakening, to eliminate the fear.

Now, the next step in the human arena is for that man who may be part of a religious or a cultural environment that still holds the antiquated view, for him, with support above and below, to be able to say something as simple as, “If  you wish to wear a scarf, go ahead. If you wish not to, go ahead. Because, my love, I honor the totality of who you are ― your spirit, your insight, your understanding, your path, your choice.”

SB:   Okay. Thank you. How can we discern choice in a repressive environment? Now, I think of the many movies I saw of Jewish people in the Second World War and a Red Cross person would say, “Are you being well treated?” What could they say? No, they weren’t being well treated. They couldn’t say that because they’d be further ill treated if they did.

So, now, applying that to our modern circumstances where women are repressed and face repression if they answer honestly, how do we go about establishing free choice in such an environment?

AG:   You first of all go about establishing free choice in the higher realms energetically, spiritually. That is how it anchors. There are too many who have said, “In the name of spirit, or force,” with many names, “we declare that this is truth.”

So that what you are doing with us is working in the higher realms to eliminate ― yes, use the law of elimination, use the law of transmutation, use the law of balance, of change, to change that entire group in terms of their view, so that those individual awakenings then can begin to blossom and come to the surface so that the woman actually feels, in practicality, in what you think of as your dimensional reality, that she has the right to declare her choice without fear.

But it is working with the group and what the group believes, with the group energy. And we will continue with the awakenings, one by one by one by one, thousands and thousands a night. But let us go back to the situation of the scarves in France.

This is abuse of political power.

SB:   Which part is abuse of political power?

AG:  The decision to say, “We are a secular system and therefore you have no right to your belief system.”

SB:   All right.

AG:  … or to an expression, an outward expression, whether it is a star of David or a cross, a scarf or a turban, it matters not. It is an abuse of political power to say you must adhere completely to [religious] neutrality. That does not honor the diversity. That is like saying, “Everyone must dye their hair brown.” “Everyone must wear a school uniform.” It is reverting back, not forward.

So it is not simply on one front that you work on this. You also work on the energy, both actively, in the decrying the abuse of political power, which cloaks itself as equality, and it is not!

SB:   It’s very tricky. Human rights are ensured by denying freedom to some people in the name of freedom for other people. There’s freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion only because some people are prevented from beating other people up or exercising other forms of violence against them. So human rights are actually supported by intervening in the social process, stopping some people from harming others, right?

AG:  Yes, but there is a middle ground.   And that middle ground is where violence does not live. Violence, period, is not permissible.

SB:   And what of the violence of the human rights defenders? To put somebody in jail? Is that what you’re referring to?

AG:  There is a difference between taking someone who is committing violence and then removing them and putting them actually in a situation that supports violence. When you take someone and you put them in jail ― and we understand there are many steps to the reformation of the human systems, but they can happen much more rapidly than you think – but taking someone who is committing violence and putting them in a violent environment that supports the use of violence does not resolve the issue.

SB:   Okay. Well, lots more to discuss.

AG:  We will, dear heart!

SB:   Thank you. Thank you for coming today!

AG:  Go with my love.

SB:   Thank you.

AG:  Farewell.

SB:   Farewell.



Archangel Gabrielle via Linda Dillon – The New Beginning – Meditation for Tsunami Of Love – 4-19-14


Follow along with the meditation that brings you into your heart to receive the answers to pertinent questions for these times…then listen to what Archangel Gabrielle shares…”Welcome to this time, the time between what you think of in so many ways as passage, or Passover, the time between death and resurrection, the time to listen.”


Anchor in your heart and go deeper and breathe in with the Blue Diamond and on the exhale feel yourself going deeper and deeper into your heart. Now take another deep breathe, in through your nose, of the Pink Diamond and on the exhale go deeper into your heart. And now a deep breathe of the Gold Diamond, canary diamond, and exhale into the Gold Flame and feel, at the base of your tri-flame, how these three flames are braided and united and go to that spot where the three flames are connected. And go deeper.

Go deeper into the center of that emerald green, through that pin-prick of light, through the portal of your heart, into the interior realm, into the void, into the Stillpoint. And feel yourself, deeper, feel yourself in the silence of that beautiful black velvet energy and above you your tri-flame still burning brightly.

Now ask yourself and just listen or perceive or use your fingers or your muscle testing, but this answer is for you, not anyone else…“Have I ascended already?” “Am I in the Tsunami of Love?” “Is the Shift occurring right now?” “Has the big unfoldment started?”

And if you got “no” to any of those questions, just go back and ask the “when” question because the “when” question is also specific to you. So, “Have I ascended? When?” “Am I in and an anchor of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love? When?” “Has the Shift begun? When?” “Have the massive big changes evident, clear, upon the planet begun?” When?” And take that information that is Archangel Gabrielle speaking directly to you and cherish it and trust it; we don’t need to always understand everything…it will become clear, but tuck it away and trust it.


Greetings, I am Gabrielle, I am Archangel Gabriel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, welcome my beloved family. Welcome to this time, the time between what you think of in so many ways as passage, or Passover, the time between death and resurrection, the time to listen. Our beloved Mother, that goes by many names and many faces, but there is only One, speaks to us of the Tsunami of Love and do you know, dear heart, I am known as Central Administrator, but I am also known as the Communicator, the Announcer, and I bring my Trumpet of Truth this day. And I blow this horn from the four corners of the universe, no, not merely Gaia, and it is not to announce the end of the Earth, but to announce the New Beginning. It is to announce recovery, rediscovery, it is to announce sacred union, it is to announce the Tsunami of Love which begins.

Anchor yourselves firmly my children because you are the breakwater and you are the circle that can play and ride the waves of the tsunami and to show the collective that there is nothing to be fearful of. How can one fear Love, let alone the Mother’s Love?

It is upon you, it does begin. Anchor yourself deeply within the heart of Gaia and anchor yourself in the 13th Octave and become the screen through which all light, all love, all energy passes, that you may be washed clean and that you will do so, also, on behalf of billions. The bath needs to take place. There is too much residue and you, not merely you who listen to this call this day, but you, the human race, the collective of humanity, of earth-keepers and starseeds and hybrids, you have announced yourself as ready, willing, able, prepared and eager to go forward.

We take you the way you are. We wash away pain and suffering, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, but particularly, the first relief you will feel is the physical. You will feel buoyant in the waves.

Go to the seashore, go to the mountain tops, go to your back yard, go to your bedroom, it matters not, the tsunami will find you. And it is not merely a cleansing, it leaves behind the imprint, the residue of love that it will fuel you, support you, integrate you and help you make that quantum leap, individually and collectively.

Beloved ones, the time is now. Your star brothers and sisters are amongst you. Look not only to the skies but to each other; look to the ground, look to the treetops. Prepare yourself to receive the abundance of your birthright. The time is now.

Go in peace, go in joyous celebration, go in deep gratitude, go and play with the fairies, my dear hearts. You are blessed and you are the blessing. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 04-19-14

© 2014 Council of Love



Archangel Gabrielle – Ukraine, War is always about a power struggle – Getting to the Root of Conflict – Hour With An Angel – Channeler Linda Dillon – Host Steve Beckow – 3-7-14

archangel Gabrielle

Ellen has blazed away to bring us Part 1 of An Hour with an Angel in which Archangel Gabrielle tells us what’s really going on in the Ukraine and what will be not allowed to happen.

Tomorrow we’ll publish Part 2, on gender inequality. You’re welcome to submit questions for next week’s continuation of the discussion of gender inequality. I’ll leave comments open here or you can submit them to “Contact Us.”

An Hour with an Angel, March 6, 2014, with Archangel Gabrielle

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Gabrielle. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And welcome, Archangel Gabrielle.

Archangel Gabrielle: And welcome to you, dear heart. I am Gabrielle, lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One. Welcome to this time of union, of reunification, of discovery and recovery, of becoming and being.

You approach many topics this day, but remember also the qualities of the Divine Mother, which are constancy and continuity, and the Divine Feminine continues on in all of you, as do these qualities. And do the qualities of all the divinities, above and below, sit within thee? Are they available to you? Do you engender them?

My beloved ones, of course you do. And this is a significant shift. It is the shift from division, from competition, from jealousy, from control, to unity, connectedness, community, balance. So I am pleased that you have asked me here this day.

SB: Thank you. If I may ask you, just before we turn to the subject of gender inequality, I’ve been getting a lot of email from people who are very, very much afraid of what’s happening in the Ukraine. Some are afraid that it will cause global war, some worry that it will cause a scuttling of the global currency reset, and others are worried that it will cause wholesale economic collapse.

Could you talk to us for a few minutes, please, about what’s happening there and what its impact will and won’t be, please?

AAG: I would be happy to. First of all, we do not ever minimize any situation in which conflict, confrontation, violence is present. And understand, dear heart, it is not a matter of who is right or who is not, because, where there is violence, there is no right or wrong.

And you say to me, “Gabrielle, how can that be? For we fight for freedom, we fight for liberty, we fight for fairness and equality.” And, dear hearts, I understand that. But, where there is violence, you eliminate the presence of what creates peace on Earth.

Now, Michael has spoken to you, my beloved brother has talked to you, about all of this coming to the surface for clearing and the desire within the human heart for the ending of all conflict, all violence, all war. And it is true.

People, human beings, the collective and the individuals are tired of mayhem. But it is fitting that we speak of this, especially when we are speaking about gender equality, because it is also based on that lack of balance. And it is based on that lack of balance of one party believing they have the right, the inalienable right, to control or tell another, in any way, shape or form, what is acceptable, what is freedom, what is allowable.

The human race, the collective, is at a point of evolution, and that is why I have pointed out that it is unity and community, change and shift that are the themes of your time. But it cannot be done at the expense of another. That is not acceptable, above or below.

But let me also suggest to you, my beloved children, that it is also not acceptable to sit and worry and worry and worry, and to decline or descend into fear. Because what does that do? Well, what it does, dear hearts, is it lowers the vibration, not only of the energy that you are working with, and that is which is available to you, but it lowers the vibration of the entire planet.

You are the lightholders, you are the love-holders, you are the showers of the way. So if you are descending into fear and chaos and concern, then what you are doing is you are not holding up your transmitter, your torch. You are not ringing the freedom bell.

And so what you are doing is you are putting yourself on an even playing field with those in the chaos. So I ask you, is this troublesome? Yes, absolutely. Whether there is a situation in a private home, whether it’s spousal abuse or child abuse or elder neglect, that is cause for concern. And when there are nations warring, that is cause for concern.

This is not going to deteriorate into what you think of as a global war, conflict, situation. Let us call it what it is, and of course what all war has been about, and that is a power struggle.

It is a power struggle where the wills of people are being tested, and the demand for freedom is being tested. You say, “Well, yes, Gabrielle, that is all very well and good. But when you have a small Volkswagen or Fiat against a monster truck or a tank, there really is no competition.”

Do not forget not merely the story or the myth but the power of David and Goliath. It is not always so that those with the larger power are those that end up in control. This will not be permitted to deteriorate into a European war or a global war.

Now, are there many players flexing their muscles? We would be hard put to find any that are not flexing their muscles. But in a way this is beneficial, because everybody who is not at the table, but in the room, is showing their particular level of interest and wanting to remain a global power.

This is not about riches buried under the Black Sea. Is this a factor? Yes. Is the access to other waterways a factor? Yes. Is this about oil and petrodollars? Yes. But it is primarily about several powers who wish to obtain and maintain global dominance, flexing their muscles.

At what point does the global community simply turn and say no, and declare that those at the table or in the room hiding in the corners, that you may have an interest, but you do not have decision-making authority.

Is this creating a situation? Because it is in Europe that makes many nervous. Because of the memories of recent war, of recent mayhem? Of course it does, and in a perverse way that is one of the benefits of having this situation arise on, what you think of as, the European continent. Because people are aware of what it can lead to.

It is ironic in the saddest meaning of the word that you have had war, devastation, mutilation, killing, subjugation in its worst sense of the word, in the Middle East for decades upon decades. And it has been observed, there have been billions and billions of dollars spent upon these wars, and yet still there has been no resolution, and no one, no superpower or other power, has been sufficiently concerned to, in a higher-dimensional, love-dimensional, star-dimensional way, truly negotiate peace.

This is abhorrent, and continues to this day. It continues in Africa. It continues in Latin America. And yet because it is in an area of primary interest, monetarily and otherwise, this gains status. So, let us use this. You, my beloved lightworkers, and we, the Company of Heaven, your star brothers and sisters, let us use this situation and see the power mongering, the positioning, the greed and jealousy, the desire for control and manipulation — let us see it for what it is and call a halt to it, once and for all.

There is much discussion especially in the lightworker community that this is a situation where Obama and Putin are working behind the scenes to arrest the cabal.

Let me assure you, my beloved ones, that is not so. They are all working in self interest. And if it should defeat the cabal, isn’t that even better? But that is not the purpose of this. It is national interest and an ego that demands that their status be recognized. It is working for self-interest that is against the will of some people and against the will of others.

Long ago this is one of the primary lessons that your star brothers and sisters learned the hard way — yes, during the intergalactic wars, with massive devastation of planets, of entire populations, of sectors . And they have learned there are steps to peace.

There is a process to achieve peace within and without. And it requires setting aside what one would think of as self-interest. And that self can be a nation or a group or an individual, because it is an acknowledgment that war and devastation, conflict, mayhem only lead to self-destruction. In the end, and I’m talking very short end here, it accomplishes nothing.

How can anything be accomplished when there is blood running in the streets? And you’re — “Yes,” you say, “well, there is this faction and that faction, and there has been some controversy about who is doing what.” Raise the vibration. The Mother herself has given not merely you but all upon the planet her gift of clarity, of purity.

You can see through this! This is a ploy for power and nothing more. And this is a ploy with many players of the old third dimension trying to maintain their position and reality. And it is not permissible. It is not allowable, not in any dimension or scenario, and certainly not in the scenario of the Mother. As her central administrator, I tell you this simply will not be permitted, to degenerate to this level.

Now, does it take away attention from what many are focused on in this moment? Which is, shall I call it abundance program, or financial equality? Yes, it does. And why does it do that? Again because much of the impetus behind financial institutions, governmental and inter-governmental, international institutions wanting to have revaluation of various currencies has to do with the value of goods. Do not delude yourself that where they are concerned it is of a higher purpose.

Their focus is on the value of goods and particularly the value and the need for oil and gas.

So Russia believes that they are in a perfect position not only to claim territory, not only to stand strong for what they call their people, but also for the access to the Black Sea. And they can hold the rest of Europe hostage because they have the oil and gas.

Now, there is manipulation here, with China, with Iraq, with Iran, with much of the Middle East, and the United States. Now, you say to me, “Gabrielle, you paint such a dismal picture! I wish I had asked to speak to Michael!”

I do not paint a dismal picture. I am simply pointing out the shenanigans that are going on behind the scenes and the manipulations that have been kept from the populace, from the collective, for far too long. War, any form of war, in any place upon the planet, whether it is fought with aircraft or submarines or tanks or machetes, is no longer acceptable.

Now, you know, my beloved ones, we always say to thee, we do not interfere with free will. But the free will of your collective that is being heard on high and throughout the galaxies is that you desire peace, that you are tired of this type of conflict that ravages your hearts, that gives you sleepless nights. You are becoming — and we are proud of you! — more and more balanced, but in that balance you are also becoming more and more unified upon the grid of Gaia, upon the central grid, upon the universal grid. And in that you feel the pain, you feel the discord upon that grid. And it hurts you. It upsets you. And I know that is why you have turned to me this day.

So I am asking you, as Michael would ask you, to hold the vision of peace, of negotiated settlement that honors the freedom of choice that every person, hybrid or human, is entitled to. If you are to look — and I invite you to do so right now with me — at this area called the Ukraine. But we have spread it far wider, into Europe, towards China and Russia, centered over the Crimea; we have placed the golden grid like a netting, like a netting of protection your star brothers and sisters who have been bathing the entire planet with pink, have intensified.

So through this golden netting is floating the pink mist of peace, of harmony, of calm.

It is not the blue of the Mother because what we are doing in this sacred partnership is igniting the pink diamond flame of each person’s soul self, their universal self, their truth, their soul design, helping them to know their clarity. For some, because of the way that humanity has trained its way — that is the only way I know how to put it — when people have their backs against the wall, they feel that they must fight their way out of that corner, that they must react in violence.

Now you, my beloved lightworkers, you know this is not necessarily so. Look to Gandhi. Look to the Dalai Lama. Look to Mother Teresa. There are many human examples of how to deal with power and force.

I know I have gone on, but let me tell you, we — the Mother herself, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron, I, Sananda — all of us are asking you to hold the vision, the vibration of peace. We are in sacred partnership. And often you say to us, “Show us. Show us that we are in sacred partnership.” Well, let us do it in this instant together. Let us change the energy of discord, disruption and violence, into negotiated settlement and peace.

[End Part 1]

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Heavenly Blessings Radio – 12 Divine Rays – Archangel Gabrielle – 2/18/14

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The 12 Divine or Heavenly Rays are crucial in embracing our spiritual foundation the essence of who we are. In understanding the ray(s) upon which we travel, we gather information about our sacred self and our mission and purpose, not only for this lifetime but throughout all timelines. Each Ray has its own unique color and qualities, special attributes that you elected as you emerged from the heart of the Mother.

Come and join us for an interesting and exciting discussion of the Divine Rays. Learn how the rays relate to your chakras, your star brothers and sisters and the Divine Hierarchy.

Archangel Gabrielle – Ascension to A Higher Octave – A Game Changer by Steve Beckow – 2-4-14


Archangel Gabrielle: Ascension to A Higher Octave ~ A Game Changer
Channeled through Linda Dillon, Feb. 3, 2014

As part of the incredible shifts that are happening right now I share with you the channeling from Archangel Gabrielle to the New You Webinar group on the most significant change in our Ascension process – or our understanding of the Ascension process. Are you ready to join us?

Good Morning My Sweet Annas – angels of the Lord, servants to the Mother, sisters of my heart. I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, and Messenger of One.

I call to you, dear hearts – I call to each and every one of your hearts. I beckon you to join with me in creating Nova Earth and your New You. When I have said you are the re-patterners, the re- griders, the wayshowers and bringers of Nova Earth what have you thought I meant? What have you understood as I have sent my clarion call to your heart?

Dear hearts, you are the visionaries, you are the ones that are re-plugging humanity into a higher octave. This is not simply about Ascension, child. This is about taking humanity out of the framework of enslavement into a higher octave, beyond what humanity has ever known. You are the heralds of a new age – an age in which the Mother redefines what it means to be human.

Yes, I have wanted you to learn and understand the old – not merely to slip the bonds of the old third dimension but to fully grasp the entire span of what has been available to humanity – 12 planes and 12 dimensions. I want you to know and comprehend that so that you may fly free with me into the new, the new experience of what it means to be human.

Never do I chastise but child, humanity has been short-sighted and not gazed beyond the possible. The Mother’s power is infinite and so is yours. You are mighty creators, creators of a new way of being, of a new understanding of what it means to be in form – and out of form.
Gaia has birthed herself as inter-galactic over a decade ago. And now, sweet angels of light, it is time for you to do so as well.

How you do so is by surrendering, becoming the angel warriors that you have always been, by joining with your star brothers and sisters and the legions of angels that surround you.
You do so by coming with me into the void and remembering, claiming and embodying your true divinity and essence. You are the New You – you are the New Human.

You are the fulfillment of the Plan and the beginning of the unfoldment of the New Plan – the next chapter, the next unfoldment, the next adventure.

Yes, I have beckoned to the strongest of the strong, the gentlest of the gentle, the most gifted, the most courageous – I have beckoned to you.

And you, sweet heart, have answered. Thank you.
You are the finely tuned instruments that have noted the changed in the floor of the ocean as the Mother’s Tsunami of Love has begun.

You are the ones who see the wave on the distant horizon. You are the warning bell and siren – not of death and destruction but of the gift of Love.

As the Mother’s Messenger I say to you this day, the tsunami has begun. You do not need to fear for that is of the old. Welcome the waves – you are courageous, you are blessed and, dearhearts, you are ready. I am with you – not as lifeguard but as tour guide to this new adventure of Love. I am with you in all ways, always.

Go with my Love. Farewell.…


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Archangel Gabrielle via Linda Dillon – New Year’s Message for 2014


“Archangel Gabrielle’s New Year’s Message for 2014,” channeled through Linda Dillon, Council of Love, December 28, 2013, at | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

So, what are you working on this year? We have been encouraging you to begin the creation, not only of the New You, but of your new life, of Nova Earth, of the Cities of Light, of the affiliation, of the cooperation, of the creation of new paradigms, not only belief systems but relationships, not only nation to nation, person to person, but galactic to galactic…but mostly for you to work, to play and to create in JOY!

Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings, greetings, beloved one,. I am Gabriel, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, welcome. And dear hearts, you are not simply on the cusp and within the realm of the solstice, you are within the realm of wholeness, not of becoming but of being in the fullness and the presence of your totality of who you are.

Now, I’d like you to remember what I am called. I know you are all in a love affair with my brother and twin, Mikhail, and frankly, child, so am I. I am Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, so this day, this night, I come to blow my horn, to blow this trumpet of truth to make the clarion call and to declare, not only peace without and upon the planet, above and below with your star brothers and sisters, with those within, with Gaia, but with each and every one of you and with your sacred self.

Yes, earlier this day I have gifted you my Golden Bubbles of wholeness, my bubbles of Joy. Dear hearts, it is time to play. Creation comes from play, from the sense of ridiculous, of dreaming. Michael has been encouraging you to dream big for years; well, I am standing by and waiting to see the results. And dear hearts, so are you!

Is that not what you have been saying to us all year long? “Show me!” Well now I am saying this to you, “I will show you and you will show me. You will show us the magnificence of your splendid design and what you, my beloved ones, are choosing to bring forth during this time of completion.” Now let me emphasize this…This is the time of completion!

I am Central Administrator, I am the heavenly bureaucrat, the administrator for the design of the Mother and of course I work very closely with Sanat Kumara, with Raj, and with the fulfillment and the unfoldment of the Plan, not only of Gaia but of each and every one of you.

I say that you are in the time of completion. We have been speaking to you, my beloved ones, of this time of stepping forward, that the waiting is over. We have been encouraging you to begin the creation, not only of the New You, but of your new life, of Nova Earth, of the Cities of Light, of the affiliation, of the cooperation, of the creation of new paradigms, not only belief systems but relationships, not only nation to nation, person to person, but galactic to galactic.

It’s time for you to realize that not only are you angelic star-seeds but that you are, in actuality, masters and that your star brothers and sisters are waiting, not only to assist you, not only to shake your hand, but to embrace you and to share their love, their knowledge, their wisdom. Yes they come to help and I would suggest to you they have protected and held Gaia in a protective cocoon so that she did not wobble off into deep space for hundreds and hundreds of years and that means, beloved ones, that they also held you.

So now, are you ready to embrace one another? Are you ready to embrace the masters who have been very keen, excited, and if you can think of divine anxiety, anxious to walk with you, to talk with you? We are archangels, we have a very different form than you do, but do you think, sweet angels of light, that we do not wish to be seen, to be experienced, to share our essence more and more deeply with you? It is our fondest dream, it is our creation, for us to be in the fullness of our sacred partnership with you is what we have waited for, it is what we have worked for patiently, some more patiently than others…I have never been one known for her patience.

We begin anew so as we come, my beloved friends, my family, we come to the time of completion. But this does not mean an ending because in that time of completion comes the time of new beginning and that is what this unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan is all about. And it is not some distant date in the future; it is in what you and we consider the now.

Some of you are asking if this solstice is more important than the 2012 solstice. Let me explain…This solstice could not occur without the last solstice. Now, there has been this push and pull, in fact, quite a delightful debate about events vs. process, events vs. evolution, so this solstice, this opening, this time of completion, this new beginning, this new wave, this new oceanic reality could not have taken place without that opening, without Gaia claiming her rightful place, without each of you consciously or otherwise saying, “We will go as a whole.”

So think of it as a progression; so is this a progression and the direction and the timing that you have been yearning for? Yes. Is it more important than last year? No, it is simply the next step and it is also part of the process that you have been engaged in as humanity, not only for millions of years, but since you began the process of 11-11 in ‘92, 12-12 in ’93, all the equinoxes, all the solstices. All of this has been a progression and low and behold here you are at the finish line and the starting gun.

The Council and the channel has spoken of surrender and sometimes when we look at this word, you will know as you work with me more there are times when I can be quite a picky archangel, so it is surrender to what? It is surrender, not only to the One, to the Source, to the Mother/Father; it is also surrender to yourself. So, what does this really mean? It is a surrender of struggle; it is a surrender allowing the final dissipation of the old 3rd dimension.

What does this mean in practical terms? It means something that you have all been asking and praying for; a sense and a practicality, an application in every sphere of what you think of as ease. Your existence as Nova Beings, as masters in form, starseeds in form, angels and archangels in form, was never intended to be difficult. And we mean this in the practical sense of a growing ease within yourself, within your homes and I mean this…let me be very clear…physically, mentally, emotionally balanced and that means a growing wellness and a release of dis-ease, of finance, of struggle with money, and realizing that your acknowledgement and surrender to your spiritual currency, your innate value throughout the omni-verse, defines your financial abundance.

And what you think of as physical wellbeing within the financial realm is not defined by some bank president or financial institution. It is defined by your sweet self. So [you are experiencing] a very rapid growing ease with what you think of as money, a letting go. And when we speak of letting go of financial hardship, let us also say this, we are talking about you individually and we are talking globally. We are talking about nation-states. We are talking about the crumbling of institutions that have not been based on integrity and ethical behavior.

Now, are they going to crash? No, because we do not engage in drama, grand drama, and neither do you.

Politically, you are seeing the shifts already. You are seeing not only the cracks in the institutions, but you are seeing the groundswell, the grass roots rising up of the populace saying that we demand our freedom and our equality…we are in charge, not you! You are seeing those in positions of power begin to speak more openly and freely about such matters as secrets, what has been hidden, what has been dirty, what has been cruel, what has been painful, your star brothers and sisters – their arrival.

You are seeing it even in what you think of as the quasi-political, which we would call religious, realms. One of the things that we have asked the channel to speak of this year is the rise of even the papacy. Pope Francis is a gift to your planet and that will have a ripple effect that will change the face of what people think of as faith vs. religion in the upcoming year.

There is not one area, particularly communications, of which I happen to be the archangel-in-charge, that will not be significantly altered. You have already mentioned the issue of being able to communicate telepathically, of knowing full well what others are thinking and perceiving and feeling and being able to communicate on a whole different level. And that is also in preparation for communication with your star brothers and sisters.

It is the emergence, not only of a common language, but of a form of communication that allows many to communicate not only in a higher realm, but in a clearer realm because the use of human language, which we have no desire to eradicate, it is beautiful, it is colorful, it is descriptive, but it is also very sneaky. Do you notice how you use words to hold back, to shield yourself, to protect yourself, to hide behind? Well that will disappear because the clarity of how you feel, how you think, and the purity of how you share that is coming to the forefront.

This is already the tsunami of love. It has already begun. So, these are the things, what you are really seeing is the intangible translating to the tangible. That is what 2014 is about! You will be working on completion.

Now, long ago I have told you that all you need, I said, to get home, was love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness and balance. Well, dear hearts, you have worked through the list. Now, that does not mean that that list disappears: that is your foundation. So, what are you working on this year? What is this completion and new steps that I speak of? It is literally completion of the old; so it is a transition. You have mentioned moving houses; yes, I have certainly been listening in to this entire conversation; in fact we all have.

When you first are informed that you have need to move houses, that there is a transition underway, you shake your heads and you say, “I don’t want to move, I love my home, I love my nest” and then you move into the new house and it is ten times better. It has the space and the closets and all the amenities that you have been wanting, designing, desiring. And you say, “Oh, okay yeah, I really like it here.”

That is what you are doing, not literally, although many of you will be moving house, many of you are being re-positioned, but you do not need to worry about that, you will know when you are being re-positioned. But what you are doing, think of it in very practical terms and then in global terms, build from your self up rather than waiting for the top down because, dear hearts, that is not going to happen.

So, what is it in your life, in the very practical, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical life that you need to bring to completion? And when I say completion I do not mean that you have to kill off anything, I do not mean that you have to have death, I mean completion.

So, for some of you it is finding that place of peace with your finances, with your abundance, with your health, with your relationship, with deciding that what you want to do, what is your passion, how is it aligned with your mission and purpose? What are you going to do for the next chapter?

And in order to begin the new, in order to actually be moved into your new house, you have to pack up and clean and make sure that all the dust bunnies are removed. That is what you are doing in a global sense and in a personal sense.

Now, does this need to be drudgery? Does this need to be harsh? Let us be clear…we do not want, we will not hear of it being harsh! The explosion of letting go, of surrender, of release can be very big, so there can be sound and tears but it does not need to be hard. There is a difference my beloved ones between allowing us…Mikhail and Jophiel and Raphael and Uriel, there is a difference between allowing us to lift away your burden and allowing the tears that you have stored for millions of years to come forth and truly having to work and slave at it.

Allow the transition and completion to be gentle, to be kind, to be filled with the Mother’s grace. All of you have been far too serious, which is ironic because Sirius is, in fact, a planet of play. But never the less, you have been very serious in your deliberations of how to go forward. That is one of the reasons I have introduced my playful, joyful, bubbles of gold. I want to see you play and to see how easy it can be to simply step into the joy and to allow them to be the catalyst as they pop and foam and grow and float and remind you of your own sacred orb and of the joy that rests within.

So, what are you working on this year? It is a very very heavy, serious assignment! You are working on your Joy, you are working on your unity with each other, you are figuring out how you what to work and play and create together. That, dear heart, is your assignment!

I would be remiss and heaven knows I would not like to be reminded by the Divine Mother, I would be remiss if I did not say and I speak now directly into each and every one of your hearts, I speak directly into your sacred seat of your soul and your tri-flame; “We are so proud of you. You have endured. You have not only been brave and courageous. You have embodied valor. You have embodied patience and you move into wisdom and knowing and the holding, embodying truth and love. You have been phenomenal and we will never, ever leave your side. This is a sacred union that we formed with you long ago. Think of it, my beloved ones, as having long, lost family that has just shown up on your door for the Holiday Season…oh, and I forgot to tell you that we are moving in. You are loved! You are valued! You are honored! You have done it!”

Go with my love sweet angels and go with my golden radiance of Joy. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 12-21-13

Archangel Gabrielle – Live Channeler Linda Dillon – Universal Administrator – An Hour with an Angel – Steve Beckow Interviewer – InLight Radio

Archangel Gabrielle   –   Live Channeler Linda Dillon   –   Universal Administrator   –   An Hour with an Angel   –   Steve Beckow Interviewer   –    InLight Radio   –   Click To Listen

Archangel Gabrielle is our guest this week on An Hour with an Angel. We’ll explore with her her work in creating, organizing and administering universes.

We’ll explore what an archangel can and cannot do when working with a society of humans, with free will.

We’ll ask her for her insights into the context of Earth and its ascension in the broader scheme of the universe.

We’ll ask her to discuss with us the role of the beings who have chosen to be on the Earth in this time of shift in the bigger context of the unfoldment?

We’ll ask her to describe how, when prosperity begins to flow on the planet, what that will look like. We’ll ask her to describe the various streams of prosperity and how it will reach people.