ARCHANGEL GABRIEL via Shanta Gabriel – The Life Stream of No Limitations – 4-26-18


We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week’s issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel reminds us that our dedication to the Higher Power working in our lives shifts us into a stream of Divine Consciousness where we become powerful co-creators.



When you dedicate your life to God, you move into the Lifestream of Pure Consciousness where there are no limitations.

Shanta GabrielI love the idea of a Lifestream of Pure Consciousness. I even find the word Lifestream very inspiring. To me, it means that there is a mighty River of All Creation that flows through us at all times.

We can use this energy to co-create a new reality for our lives by aligning ourselves with the higher frequencies of Divine Consciousness and immersing ourselves in the flow of this Lifestream.

The hardest part is to trust and just allow ourselves to relax and receive from this loving presence of Divine Energy in which we live, move and have our being.

Whenever I face transitional times, which is very frequently nowadays, I find it helpful to rededicate my life to God. I do this sometimes with great formality, and sometimes it is a part of my daily intention. I know that my life flows much more gracefully when I make a loving commitment to allow the Divine Power to inspire my actions. Again and again, I turn my daily life over to God and ask to be guided throughout all that is transpiring in my world.

After my spiritual practice, when my vibrational frequencies are uplifted, I can then pray for the world and feel a resonance in my heart that tells me that I have indeed stepped into the infinite flow of the Lifestream where there are no limitations.

Divine Presence:

I offer all that I am and all that I do to the power of Divinity working in and through me. I ask that any sense of burden in all aspects of my life be uplifted and carried on the Wings of Pure Love by the Angels guiding me. May I be in harmony with the Divine Flow of Infinite Wisdom and trust that all my needs are being taken care of, now and always.

May all beings awaken to the depth of love and wisdom within their hearts. May all the waters of the world be purified, allowed to run free and find sacred balance. May the trees be honored and respected for the life that they offer us.

May all the world leaders find wisdom and love in their hearts and take care of their responsibilities to serve the people in Divine and perfect ways. May all the animals be blessed, cared for, and respected for all that they give to the world. May all humanity live in balance with the Earth.

May we all be blessed to live with Grace and Ease in the flow of Divine Creation!
And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
April 22, 2018


ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – Absolute F.A.I.T.H. – Finding Answers In The Heart – 4-13-18

AA Gabriel 999

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By Archangel Gabriel

Writings from Heaven on Earth=Heart

I am ArchAngel Gabriel, I Love you all, It is time to wake up humanity.

As a collective you have chosen to live in the illusion of pain and suffering. It is not the reality that God created. God created Joy, Bliss, Love Connection, an all perfect reality. You have the choice to purge the illusion from yourself and hold the sacred vibration of heaven within your body/Heart, that is the true journey. This is what the TRUE Lightworkers do, most Lightworkers that you find in 3d are fake MotherGod has called them “Fakeworkers” Mother is Heaven on Earth it is a state of being/consciousness that comes from living/Acting in the heart and it is only manifested through acting upon it and not thinking at all…… Imagine no thought!

WOW! No thought is Heaven. Ego thought is hell, literally. Everything manifests perfectly when we act from the Heart, the synchronicities/ magical moments are unknown to most, we must live in the UNKNOWN to experience this Heavenly wonder. The experiences here in Mothers field have the effect of leaving you speechless. You experience constant Rebirth/Transformation over and over. This is Our True Essence, continuing on forever, constant expansion. It is impossible for you, nor me, to understand this because infinity cannot be fully grasped, especially from the mind. Infinity is an experience of feeling, something Humanity has been deprived of by the stupid old dumbass, dipshit non-existent cabal.

Love is taking over EVERY SINGLE INCH of this planet. No human will be unaffected. It’s “get with it or get out,” time. All that will remain on the planet is the True Lovers And Givers. Is that You? You are far more capable of self-healing than you have yet to experience. You always have the Angels with you even in your lowest lows, how many of you beings co-operate with your Divine Guidance? God has given everyone the key to Heaven, it has been with you ALL along, it is right in your heart. WE ARE THE KEY and yet so many are not BEING the key to Heaven that they truly are. YOU ARE ALL THE KEY TO HEAVEN ON EARTH. You simply need absolute F.A.I.T.H (Finding Answers In The Heart) to access the Heart space,  as ANY resistance you come up against MUST BE PUSHED THROUGH. If you feel resistance to a person, situation, task, event, emotion – then you have a wound that is blocking you from FULL FEELING IN THE HEART. Resistance does not exist. In True Reality, everything is known, felt and trusted. PUSH THROUGH AND STICK WITH ANYTHING YOU HAVE RESISTANCE TO.

When one fully commits to this journey the Angels FULLY enter your life instead of lingering there while you are unaware. Jesus said “come as you are” she/he (There was/is a female and male Jesus ,Mother/Father of Creation) are here again offering the way home into the light. Ego has infiltrated all who choose to embody it. Heaven or hell, it is your choice. Have fun everyone.

Love you all.

Anything that makes you unhappy is ego, tests are blessings

ArchAngel Gabriel


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SAINT GABRIEL – Expect the Unexpected – via Genoveva Coyle – by We Signed Up For This – 1-20-18

There is great wisdom and reward at the end of any undertaking that is soul directed. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, archangel of light, lily of love, trumpet of the truth, messenger of the one, and bringer of the news to you all.


I am here to spend some time with you and to celebrate your progress, your advancements and your newly found freedom, for this is what you found once you started shifting and stepping into that magnificent and powerful New You. You have found that you have and always have had that freedom to live life in joy and lightness regardless what happens around thee.

You are refining that knowing that you can choose to see any challenge as a great opportunity to experience new avenues and to learn more about life in general. You have moved out of clinging and fighting for the illusion of the safety of the status quo into enjoying the journey of constant changes and readjustment to your lives by flowing smoothly with your soul’s desire and direction.

And that is because you have shifted from that feeling of powerlessness, limitation and survival mode of the third dimensional and old selves, and discovered that you are able to co-create anything that your heart desires. It is exhilarating for you to see that you can at last create and bring into manifestation quite easily abundance of all sorts and a harmonious reality in which you feel so at home.

This journey is not meant to be traveled sitting low and ‘safe,’ or asking for assistance only when you become greatly overwhelmed and exhausted. This current lifetime was planned to be full of unexpected events, great twists and turns and wonderful surprises if you decide to take action when prompted to do so, if you make up your mind to live your life at your fullest, trusting that you are being guided and directed lovingly to follow only the path of light.

You want peace and calm, you do want harmony and joy in your lives, but that doesn’t imply lack of action and movement, for you can be quite peaceful and at the same time you can enjoy a roller coaster ride with all the ups and downs when you are fearless and worry free.

And yet this example is extreme, but at the same time also simplistic, for your lives are so much more complex and interesting, indeed way more soul fulfilling than a high speed kiddy ride. That is so when you choose to look at everything that is arising on your path with excitement and curiosity, with eagerness to see the lessons and then to find the treasure that is hidden behind the obstacles and the trials that confront thee.

Your experiences of the extremes of the duality, and mostly on the “negative” side, are not meant to be avoided or felt to be unpleasant or a sign of you deviating from your divine plan. For the most part you only need to acknowledge their existence as a probable occurrence in your life. You need to be willing to look into and perhaps briefly experience them, but not to immerse yourselves deeply or worse, to sit with them too long, thereby anchoring your dear selves into these kinds of scenarios.

Joyfully take the pearls and the lessons of the experience, and then see the great expansion and freedom that it brings to you, for as we say to thee “there is great wisdom and reward at the end of any undertaking that is soul directed.”

Expect the unexpected, follow your knowing and the directions of your heart and light, and then see miracles unfold gracefully in every moment of your life! I will close this message now and leave you with abundance of love and golden bubble of joy!


By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

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ARCHANGEL GABRIEL via Shanta Gabriel – Accept What Is – Allow Change to Occur Around You, Without Attachment – 11-27-17 – by Golden Age Of Gaia

AA Gabriel

Dear One,

When we suggest for you to accept what is, we mean to be lovingly aware of all situations occurring in and around you — both personally and globally. This means to accept the appearance of what is occurring, without judgment.

There is a greater truth underlying all things, no matter how it appears. When you accept a situation as it is, it allows you to release any attachment to having it be different. It is this attachment that can cause you pain.

Just as a child grows and blossoms when in an atmosphere of acceptance and love, so does our world become more expansive and creative when we bring to it this energy of acceptance. When we try to force a child to do what we want, when we have great attachment to his or her behavior conforming to our idea of what is appropriate, the child’s energy is restricted. There is no freedom to express the expansiveness of individual creativity.

This also happens to the adult. When there is too much judgment about behaviors and actions in the world, there can be no free-flowing expression of the creativity and love inherent within each person. This does not mean to be tolerant of behavior that is destructive. It means to be aware of the way things appear, to remember the greater truth, to ask for the qualities we would prefer to have manifest, and then to release our attachment. This allows God and the Angels to begin to work in and through all things.

When you release a person or a situation to Spirit, you allow them to be in the Divine Flow taking them to their highest good. Know that even though you have prayed for the greater good, you do not know precisely what this will look like. This is where faith comes in. No matter how something appears, if you have prayed, that prayer is being answered.

It does not assist things for you to be attached to the outcome. Know that Infinite Intelligence is working, creating change in the direction of balance and harmony. If there is more that you can do, trust that you will be guided to know this through your intuition.

Acceptance and Allowance are two of the greatest powers available to you. These two energies free you to live in the expansiveness that is your divine birthright. When you are in Alignment with the Divine working in your being, you have an expanded perspective about life, there is greater freedom to express the dynamic, creative qualities inherent within you. There is greater love, for yourself and for all others. You also will feel connected to your Higher Self, which brings about great joy. It is as the Master Jesus said, “Know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Accept what is and allow change to occur around you
without attachment.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
November 26, 2017

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – Filling Yourself with Divine Love – via Shanta Gabriel – by Forever Unlimited – 11-6-17

Filling Yourself with Divine Love,

by Archangel Gabriel By Shanta Gabriel

| November 3, 2017

Dear Ones, You all need quiet space away from your busy lives.

Even small amounts of time taken with great intention

will give you the energy you need to thrive in your life.

Filling your inner cup with Love …

via Shanta Gabriel: Filling Yourself with Divine Love, by Archangel Gabriel — Forever Unlimited

Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel – Creating New Foundations, So You Thrive in Changing Times – 5-15-17 – by Blue Dragon Journal

Originally posted on Forever Unlimited: Creating New Foundations So You Can Thrive in Changing Times By Shanta Gabriel | May 13, 2017 A Transmission from Archangel Gabriel Dear Ones, There are moments in life when you need to acknowledge the Power working through you and dedicate your lives to something greater. In times of challenge…

via Creating New Foundations So You Can Thrive in Changing Times By Shanta Gabriel | May 13, 2017 A Transmission from Archangel Gabriel — Blue Dragon Journal

Archangel Gabriel – Don’t Hold Back Your Love – by Era Of Light -2/2017


Many people hold back love because they think it is a limited commodity, that there is only a certain amount that they have to give. This belief occurs when a person is has not yet discovered their own divinity as an individuated aspect of Source energy.

When you come to the realization that not only are you born from love, you ARE love, and that not only is it an infinite resource, it is your truest, best feeling expression of self, you become comfortable with allowing it to flow. From honouring that truth of self and that alignment, it becomes easy to move into unconditional love.

If you see people who are practicing separation and conditional love, realize they have not yet discovered their own divinity or the abundance of love they are and have access to. They are still in the pain of the illusion of separation from Source, and are experiencing themselves as limited beings.

Hear us when we say that their experience of lack of love is in no way powerful enough to choke off your experience of an abundance of love. They are simply individual choices of self expression based on what they accept as their viable options. All people would choose love, alignment, connection, and peace, if they truly believed it was available to them.

This is why, especially during times of great change, it is vital to express yourself from your own truth and beingness. It is by embodying what you have discovered for yourself that you show others different potentials that are available to them, too. When you walk in peace, love, honour, and acceptance, you make others aware of possibilities and options that they may not have ever considered, which leads to growth and expansion.

That is what the pioneers have always done – made others aware of greater potentials and options that are available, and that is exactly what the enlightening human beings are doing on your planet as you continue to shift and evolve.