Mira of the Pleiadian High Council – Channeler by Valerie Donner – April 2014



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Greetings I am Mira,

I am pleased to greet you today and to share some of what we are doing in the Earth Council. We are committed to making periodic reports to apprise you of our progress.

There is a lot of progress at hand. We have added additional volunteers to assist with the process. Everyone wants to lend a hand. We know that some of you feel overwhelmed so we are bringing in extra help. Everyone loves you and loves the Earth. We want only the best for you.

We know that many of you feel blocked in some ways in terms of your desire for change on the planet. In some ways change is happening overnight. We see how quickly you can shift your thoughts and re-create. In other ways we know that you are increasingly aware of what needs to change.

The Light is shining upon the dark far more than ever before. This dredges up areas of focus that speak to each of you. Some of you want to magically change the old self-serving ways with the sweep of a magic wand. In the future you will be able to do things like this. Right now what needs to change the most is being highlighted.

There are many priorities that we are working on with the first being your safety. Our scientists are addressing the increasing Earth changes. It is like the Earth has to take some deep breaths to release. She doesn’t want her children to be harmed in any way but she also needs you to pay attention to what is going on around you.

As a child your parents had to tell you not to step in front of a car and we feel like we have to remind you also to pay attention to the signs of change. It is always necessary to listen to your inner guidance. This need is urgent. If you feel a call to leave a place leave. We can’t do it all for you.

There is a large influx of Light that is so powerful that it can be blinding for you at times. We say this is a time when you need to go within and let the Light touch your heart and every cell in your body. This allows the rising consciousness that comes with the Light to intergrate within you.

Sweeping changes will be overhauling your old systems. We support this work for these old ways have not been serving you or the planet. This is all making way for us to appear before you and be with you in a closer connection. We are already with you but in not so obvious ways.

As things continue to shift on the Earth we drop ideas into your consciousness for how improvements can be made. We would like to see much more equality on the Earth so know this is part of our focus. Changes are being made in this regard.

You will have ample opportunities to participate in the restructuring of life on the Earth. This is an important current of energy that is sweeping across the planet. There is a template for this already that is surrounding the planet. You have to tap into this consciousness in order to make the energies accessible and so that they can be anchored into the new Earth.

We will have new assignments coming to you as we continue to progress with the Ascension process. For right now we ask that you remain positive and that you help each other along the way.

We are all a part of a massive team of Beings who have only your best interests in our hearts. We love you and encourage you to stay on track with your work for much progress is being made.

I am Mira from the Pleaiadian High Council in service to the Earth Council.