Archangel Michael – April-07-2013

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My dear friends, tomorrow is here. — channeled by Ron Head…


You have reached the end of a short period of rest, which we gather from our channel, you really were not all that comfortable with.

It is time now for you to assess the tools available to you and to determine what your contributions will be. Are you truly ready to begin? If it all breaks loose tomorrow, can you say that you truly are ready? Because, my dear friends, tomorrow is here.

We have stated many times through our trusted channels that this season would be the time in which things would be ready to begin, and they are. We have said that we awaited a certain point to be reached and a signal to be given. There is now no further reason to wait.

But there is one teensy consideration to take into account. What will you do? It need not be something as grandiose as, “I will change the world!” But you should know by now what you love to do and how it might contribute to a better place for all. There are, after all, several billions of you to make such contributions. And there are right now, many millions of you ready to start.

So look deeply into your hearts and simply declare “This is the start!” It takes no more than that, my friends. This is the start. Perhaps add frequently, “Is this helping?” A good question to begin with, don’t you think? And then, dearest ones, if it is not, make a change.

And do a thing for yourselves, please. Start giving yourselves credit for being worthy and deserving when we tell you that you are. Think. The universe had many trillions of volunteers to come and do this job. You are here. Why is that, do you suppose? Stop wasting your valuable energies beating yourselves up and apply them to the task at hand. Not all of you do that, by any means, but far too many do. Not only is the past long over, not only are you the only one concerned with it, but you are needed now to do much greater things.

Look around, not outside, but in your hearts, and realize that the only judge in sight is yourself. Even assuming that there was once something that you needed to judge yourself for, and there was nothing there dear one but illusion, forgive it. Drop it. Let it go. Your Creator has long since forgiven you. Won’t you do the same?

Now! Look out at the future and see how much brighter it appears. You see, all of that past taught you many, many things. You are expert in many of them. You are. Don’t worry. They will surface when needed. Just begin. Make today better. Imagine that happening by a power of millions. Do it again tomorrow. Here we go, dearest angels. Here we go.

We will speak again soon. Good day.

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Mary Magdalene – April-07-2013 – Galactic Federation of Light

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Dear friends, dear men and women,

It fills me with joy to be with you on this clear morning. We are old friends. Our paths have crossed in time and space many times before. Feel our old friendship; we are part of the same family. Cherish for a moment this feeling of familiarity, of coming Home.

Simply relax and let go of all tension inside yourself. Visualize how the tension flows into the Earth and is neutralized. Feel how your body relaxes and becomes heavier. Receive the healing energy returning from Mother Earth and let it encircle your feet and your legs and flow into your waist and belly. Feel supported by Earth; you are safe.

Feel the rhythm of Earth; it is slow and steady. This is the rhythm you seek. Your soul comes from a different realm, and when it descends it has to adjust to the rhythm of Earth. Your soul has to dwell in a body and has to learn how to use a mind, and it can become confused because of that. The soul is on a learning path. It is not just you as a human who is learning, your soul is learning and growing as well.
In your soul, you carry painful memories about being on Earth and, therefore, it is not evident to you that you can trust Earth and surrender yourself to it. There can be a blockage in your body preventing you from relaxing and feeling safe here. This blockage is an energy, it is not something just physical. In reality, this blockage was not caused by Earth, but by what happened to you in the human world: the negativity you experienced here, the pain of rejection and not fitting in. This has made it difficult for you to feel at home here.

I want to remind you of the true nature of Mother Earth. She is an angel herself. Think of the beauty of the forests, the oceans, the flowers. That is the true nature of Being on Earth, and you are part of this majestic reality. You are like a flower yourself, but a flower cannot open unless it is firmly rooted. You have to feel at home on Earth in order to be able to express yourself, your light. So I now invite you to connect to Earth, the angel that she is. Feel her energy deeply within your body; you are her child and you can relax.

Imagine you are now walking in a beautiful place in nature. It can be a forest, or near the ocean, or in the desert, and make this vision very real and alive for yourself. Feel the elements of nature, the wind, the sun, the air. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Then sit down and put your hands on the ground. Allow Earth to affect you, to heal you, and to remind you of your partnership with her. Your soul wants to be here, even though your soul has been wounded on Earth, especially by the fear and the struggle that is present in human society. But as a human being, you are also connected to nature and to the harmony and the rhythm that is there. And if you embrace nature, both without and within, you can clearly hear the message of your soul.

So you are still sitting on Earth. Feel how an energy comes to you from above. You are very well able to receive it, because you are now connected to Earth and her energy. These two energies are meant to be together. Let this energy from your soul now shine on you like a sun. Just enjoy it for a moment.

Often, when you connect, or try to connect to your soul, your mind interferes. You want to have concrete, practical information about your life. But to receive real information, you have to first shift your consciousness, because the need for information, the need to know what to do often arises from fear. You first have to relax completely and be in a state of alert fantasizing or imagining. So go into that state now.

Imagine you are completely free, not bound by the laws of human society. You are an angel, and like a butterfly you go from flower to flower. Ask yourself: “What gives me joy in my life?” Do not think of the results it brings to you, just focus on the feeling of joy and inspiration. You can receive inspiration from very simple things like taking a walk or having a quiet moment for yourself. It is important that you recognize the language of your soul. It does not speak in an obvious voice that you are used to. You are used to speaking very sternly to yourself. You criticize yourself a lot. You have a mental picture of how you should be and you constantly compare yourself with it and feel that you are failing. But it is in fact the judging that is the real problem. This type of judging, or this tone of voice, does not come from nature.