Steve Beckow – Authenticity and Truth – 9-1-15

Sacred unions 55Steve Beckow

We’ve been working for several years now on deconstructing the constructed self. We could also say removing the mask, the false front, the facade.

With that comes a commitment to letting go of manipulation. The 3D way of getting what we want was to push, shove and force others to give us our way. Some manipulations are so subtle that we may not even be able to say what just happened.

The consequence of this way of behaving has been to have us lose hope in ever finding a partner with whom we could have a deep and nourishing relationship. Some of us became despondent and resigned.

As we let go of any willingness to interact with people who manipulate, who strut and preen and sell us their act, what do we have to fill the vacuum which Nature abhors?

We have authenticity and we have truth.

Authenticity is having the courage to present ourselves as we actually are, not as we’d like to be seen. Authenticity is letting go of the image we’re so persistently trying to sell others and standing there only and completely as we are.

Authenticity risks rejection. It asks us to be unwilling to purchase acceptance at the cost of debasing, demeaning, or hiding ourselves. But, by the Law of Attraction, if we insist on being authentic, we draw to ourselves others who equally wish to be authentic with us.

Truth is the means of being authentic. It’s no wonder Archangel Michael calls his the “sword of truth” because truth cuts away pretense.  Truth cleaves the space and releases us from the conditions that plague us and keep us inauthentic.Sacred Partnership 44

Those conditions include fear and shame, guilt and greed, lust and inadequacy. In service to them, we leave our Selves behind and settle for a believable act, a winning number, a good routine.

Telling the truth at a very deep level lets us cut through these conditions and get a glimpse of the magnificent beings that we really are.

Telling the truth is the price of authenticity and, in the end, love and bliss are the rewards.

The Self that we are and the heart wherein the Self resides is redolent with love and bliss. What we fill the vacuum with when we cleave through our own falseness and manipulation is truth. Where it leaves us is authentic. And what we find in that place is love and bliss.

We have the opportunity now to build relationships based on authenticity and truth.  Our relationships, especially if they’re with others who understand and support what we’re about, really do have a chance of success now. I feel a need to repeat that: Our relationships really do have a chance of succeeding now.

The amount of work we’ve all done on our core issues or vasanas, the amount of familiarization we’ve done on the process of being triggered and moving through our core issues can now be taken and applied to our relationships.

When we become triggered, we can stand back, as AAM says, and observe what has just arisen and walk through the matter step by step, committed to leaving no residue, but of having matters be complete.

The vibrations will simply keep increasing until we’re fully cooked. And those around us are also sitting in the soup. The time for reaching out is right now and, due to all the clearing we’ve done in the last two-three years, the chances of success have never been greater.