ANNOUNCEMENTS COMING! – One Who Serves, Ashira – 3-19-15

Asana Mahatari One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on March 15, 2015)

“One Who Serves”


Greetings to you. Good to be with you as always here. What a wonderful time we are in here now. There are those who have not yet any idea but as has been said here many times here, there are good times coming people. They are just around the corner as you would say here. And from our vantage point we see much. We see all of these things in the works that have been spoken of for some time now.

In many respects these things have been in the works for thousands of years and in many of your lifetimes. Many times you have been a part of this particular process. At previous times you had a part in this great play that is unfolding here. It is unfolding now just as it has been prepared over a great deal of time. As you know, “The plans of mice and men oft times go astray.” Correct? And this, of course, would seem like, from your point of view, but from ours everything is on track. Everything is as it needs to be.

And it was as we gave to the James here, it is as if the gears are coming together here. The gears are starting to come together to turn. One is going to turn and then turn the next and this one will turn and the next and so on. It will be a complete symphony of gears turning here. This is what is in motion here and in the works.

As you know there is an announcement coming and yes, there is an announcement coming. There are actually several announcements coming. Now can we tell you exactly when? No, of course not but they are very shortly now, maybe imminent here. There is more to this entire story, more than that which appears to you. For there are certain things occurring in your external world but you often ignore or forget those things that are happening in your internal world, in your own internal life. It is important to see the differences in each one who is changing.  How much you yourself are evolving here to be what you came here to be, initially.

Each one of you are working on that. You each have your various symptoms that you spoke about. You spoke about this today in your group. And to the one that is having the difficulties that she is experiencing now. All of this is coming together. All of this is part of the expression of the end of the old ways, the end of the old regime. The old regime is fast dissipating and fading away.  As it does so it brings a great deal of discomfort in many aspects because it is foreign to you. It is unique to you. To come out of the matrix as you would call it; to come out of the illusion is very difficult for many because they have become so accustomed to being in the matrix.

It is just as in the movie, when that one who was already freed from the matrix wanted to go back! You see? And this is the case in some aspects when many become awakened but they will become fearful because they realize how asleep they have been for so long. This is what we wish for you to understand now. All is happening inside of you and outside of you, your exterior to you. Of course, all those things that are happening within you are also what you are creating outside of yourself.

That is our message for this time. Would you have questions here for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”?

Question: I have been recovering from late sides Lyme Disease. I am reading the symptoms of Ascension and those that I have been experiencing in my Lyme Disease. Or is it a combination of both?

“OWS”:  Yes. As we find it, it is all part of the process here. To say that it is just Ascension symptoms would not quite do it or be accurate completely. But many are going through this process and this Ascension and it is a part of the portion or part of the whole here.

These symptoms that you are having and others are having, are akin yes, to those many are having across the planet here. You are experiencing this for a reason. It is time now. To let go of all of those things that in many respects have held you back. You are moving forward. As you move forward your body is changing through this process and as your body is changing you are experiencing all these various symptoms. Would you wish to add to this, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”:  You did a wonderful job. I am so excited to be back with you and this group again!

As was said by, “One Who Serves”, I have the image in my mind of the Lyme Disease being a part of the baggage you have been carrying along. As things appear in your body, you want to find a reason for those things.

Perhaps, you could bless yourself with the presence of the Golden, White Light that heals, harmonizes and protects you. As you walk down your path, imagine that you let go of a piece of baggage at a time. As you walk into the future you will see that you are clean of all of your past. You are clean of the past truths you lived in and know that you are walking into the future lighter, stronger and more ready than ever before.

Does that make sense to you? Does that make sense to you? YES! Bless you.

Question: Is President Putin turning into the Light?

“OWS”: Yes. We knew this question was coming from your previous conversation and for putting this into the James’ mind to speak about this. It is important but we are not going to say what his announcement is going to be because we do not want to spoil the surprises here. But there is a great deal that is coming and to speak about this one being in the Light, he has certainly come into the Light. Yes. You can definitely say this. At one time you could say he was part of what you would call the Cabal but when given the opportunity, and it is an opportunity for those have the opportunity to move from their realm of the darkness into the illumination of the Light, is a wonderful opportunity for those that have decided to take it.

Yes. Indeed. This one has decided to take it. Know though that he is still teetering on the fence sometimes where the old ways slip in, the old need to lead a nation and in some respects a world, a planet! This one has a great deal on his plate at this time. He is working toward the Light and many are assisting in this process. Many are assisting from what you would consider, “out of this world”.

Anything you wish to add, “Ashira”?  “No, not at this time,” she replied.

Other questions here?

Question: I am doing the “Aum” chanting and I am wondering if that is the same as the “Ohm” chanting we do here?

“Ashira”:  I will take this. Or would you would rather take this since it is your natural language?

“No, please, you have the floor.”

Actually both of these are the same. The reason for the “Ah—Um” gives you the full extent of your voice as you are very soft as you begin and you build to the full voice as you move into the “um”.

This is used around the world and so is the “Ohm”. What you hear is that full “O” sound that you hear in the middle of the transition of the “AUM”. Dear Sister, whatever you wish to utilize to raise your vibration and bring that balance to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves, it is all the same.

“OWS”:  We wish to add something. Also understand that there is the sound here, the resonance, the vibration that is created. Whatever works for you in terms of that which you resonate too come to this from the “Aum” or the “Ohm” or a combination of this or you can also know that in the Mother Tongue, from Lemuria and such, that it was “Ah Eee UM”. And “AEUM” also resonated with the Gaia herself. It is a resonance that if you would use this even now,  you will feel a connection with the Earth here. Try it and see what happens! “AEUM”

Question: I am practicing a mantra and I am not sleeping at night. I don’t know what is happening in my body. I have been doing a traditional baby mantra to Lord Shiva. I don’t feel like eating either. Is this because of the mantra?

“OWS”:  It is not directly related to the mantra. The mantra is a tool. Always look at it as a tool. There is not a direct connection to the changes that are going on within you.

But it is an aspect of working toward those changes. The use of a mantra is very traditional, especially from where you are coming from, from your understanding here. And it is also a connection from those times in your past, what you would call your past lives here, where you would have these connections several times before.

To utilize this idea of a mantra is something you brought in with you. Yes, you learned it from those of your loved ones here in this time but you brought it in with you, it is part of your consciousness. You see? Do you understand this?

Question: I have had this curiosity for a while. From your dimension, can you see if Father, Source God and Brahma as the same entity.

“OWS”:  To understand in terms whether one is equal to another, you must take this many steps further here. In that all are equal to all. It is not that this one, as you are saying, the God Source, is Brahma or Brahma is God Source. This is no more than you are Brahma or you are God Source.

Because if you look at it from the God Source point of view, there is never any separation. Everything in creation is God Source and God Source is everything in existence. You see? So, it does not behoove one to begin to separate in terms of identity, to individualize you might say.  But this idea of individualization is part of your heritage. So it is not unusual for you to do this but we are saying, and you have asked from our point of view, we are saying what it is to look at things in totality rather than individuality. For that is where you are moving toward. You see?

“Ashira”:  So those of you in this group have grown tremendously. You have become aware of the Archangels and Ascended Masters. You have become aware of terms for God Source, Moth-Father God and Divine Mother. You’ve become aware of the Guardians who have come to be a part of the planet’s changes. You have become aware of so many things and this is just a part of an opportunity for you to shift and to know that all are indeed are One. Just as all of you will truly know that you are Masters who will know your One-ness with all of creation.

As “OWS” says, it does not matter if you see through the eyes of a culture that calls God, Yahweh, or calls the Creator, God. There are other cultures that call God, Brahma and there are other cultures that call God, many different names.

You are moving in this group beyond that consciousness. You are moving into Unity Consciousness, Unity understanding and this is what you are examining now. You are coming to realize that there are many, many different aspects to the one that is called, Mother-Father God. All of you are aspects of that being just as all of those who have served and have become known in legends, stories, myths and religions of people around this planet.  Does that make sense?

Comment: Not yet but I will digest it this week!

New question:

Question: I am interested in how to connect with my Higher Self.

“OWS”:  We can tell you this that as you are wishing for this and working toward this that you are already doing this. It is not so much that there is a technique or a way to do it better because you are already in the process. Your intention alone brings you closer and closer to this.

Do not think in terms of you and your Higher Self being separate, for you are not. You have always been One. You have never not been one. It is only in the mind that has created this because of being a part of this illusion in which you live that has been built on this idea of separation.  So, it is not a way to get back to where you were because you never left it. You see?

Question: Would you please explain on the expression, “I am that I am”.

Oh, my goodness! Ashira would you like to take this one first?

“Ashira”:  Yes, I would be delighted.

“I am THAT, I am”. “I AM that I AM”. There are many ways to say this powerful phrase and what it means is that you recognize your Divinity and you call upon that Divinity, your Oneness with all Spirit, with the Unity Consciousness, you call into being those things that you know are of the higher dimensions.

At this point in time and in the culture found upon this planet, this is an affirmation that will bring you closer and closer to that which one spoke about earlier. More into that connection with your grandeur, your power, your magick. And when you use this, you are not calling out to some deity to come and pick you up and take you elsewhere. You are calling to yourself and the magnificence of yourself to accomplish whatever it is to accomplish and manifest in your life.
Does that make sense? Blessings.

“OWS”:   Yes. And when you utilize this, “I am that I am” you are creating the resonance that you are exactly the same thing as the Creator that created you. It is one in the same!

Question: With this we are completing the circle of who we are with Father God and all of Creation?

“OWS”:  Yes but you are attempting to separate here. And we understand this but it is time now to move toward integration and not separation. Think within you as to coming together, becoming the One. See? This is why we say so many times, “Be the One”.

We are done for our time here. Depending on events that unfold here, there are some surprises coming. So, be expectant.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I shall follow with a message today.

Go outside. Get out from these artificial homes that block all of your senses. Do you not strive bring the outdoors in with plants and flowers, with scented sprays? With colognes? All of those things that bring the memories of the smells of Earth and the touching and grounding of your bodies upon her skin?

Was it not beautiful that in our friend’s story she felt confused and went outside to lay upon the Planet? It was an unknown and unconscious thought but her soul knew to get her down upon the ground to ground her and utilize that energy to help her to connect with the Earth and the stars. Even though she did not understand what was happening, there were thousands around you, Dear One. Caring for you. Loving you and helping you through.

There are things that you still on to, everyone in this group, everyone who reads these words, that are a part of the 3D world. You are not asked to give that up until your part in this world is done. If, at this point in time you need to take the medications the doctors have prescribed, and this is for anyone hearing this message, do it until the healing chambers are here. Do not blame yourself or feel guilty. Know that the “doctors” on the ships and in Inner Earth are all monitoring each and every one of you with love and care and guidance. There are moments in time that you have the realization that you no longer choose to be on this medication or that medication.

We know that there are those of you in this room, that as the last year and a half you no longer choose to eat meat. Or you bless your body and the creature who gave it’s flesh for your consumption, be it fowl or fish or cow or pig. All of these animals have still come to be of service in this way but as more and more people are led We know that many have been led to less meat in their diet.

It is a time of rapid change. Many people are experiencing things that you would like to think of as annoyances or Ascension symptoms. They are again a sign that you are moving forward. That your bodies are moving and your minds are opening. Look for those openings in the planet. Look for those changes. Look for those signs. Look and see in the skies as the clouds take the form of heavenly angels as they bring their resonant songs to this planet. Know that the “Guardian” who spoke last week is bringing a different song, a different frequency.

You are going to begin to start reading about this in the news that you follow. The crystalline bodies will also show up in more news stories and will be part of science news. It is small story still but it is a confirmation story for you because you are aware of this.

All of these changes are in the exactly right time and exactly the right order for what is occurring upon the planet. Those of you who are in this space today and reading these words in your homes, you ARE in the right place at the right time! And your eyes are open. People are there to share with you as you open even more. And you can see the path that is to be walked. You can see the journey that is unfolding. You can hear the opportunities for those who now seem to be in a negative space.

You can listen to those who see the world as coming to an end and you can hear those cracks. You can heal these people through your voice, your communications with them. As those small, tiny cracks form or as the one in this group, it may be as a lightning bolt strikes them in their place. These are all opportunities for you to stand up and be in service.

There are those of your friends, families and neighbors who will be reporting major changes in their lives. They may been fired from a job for which they seemed perfectly suited. They may have had a break-up in a relationship that seemed perfect. There are many things you are going to be hearing from people in the coming weeks.

The Ascension flow from the Tsunami of Love. That gate has been opened completely and fully and we know that you are awaiting the “Event” but know that the floodgates have opened fully. As you hear people discuss various symptoms, various changes in their lives assure them that everything is in perfect order in their lives. They may not see it now but the time is coming and they will see it. As they are in this perceived broken condition at this time, they will soon see the results that will mean something. That is part of the tide that has shifted.

These are exciting times for all and we would ask that each of you that follows our messages, know that in your inner soul you are exactly where you need to be and that these symptoms and signs and changes are for the good. They are for the good. These changes are to help people move into the New Earth, move into the shifting that is on the planet already.

Be ready for great news, all. Be ready for great news and ignore the stragglers that want to drive negativity that is left upon the planet. Ignore those messages of doom and disasters. Embrace all of the good that is coming in the weeks to come, the days to come, even. Know that your path on the journey has just begun as the “New Humans” upon this glorious planet.

That is our message for the day. We give you thanks. We love you and we send you our love and our blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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St Germain – We Are On To The Next Phase – Announcements and Disclosure

St Germain3

Thanks to Indian In The Machine for this Presentation   /   Indian in the machine

Dear world,

Many readers will see this headline and they will scoff with disbelief… and why is that?  It’s because they don’t believe that it is possible that the Light is the dominating force on the planet.  The truth is that the Light is the dominating force in the universe… and earth is now joining the party.

I have shared St. Germain’s message and a message from Archangel Michael and our Heavenly Father that give further insights including the need to prepare for the changeover.

When the banks close… please no panic… how about celebrate, that the changeover is almost upon us.

When the rest of the system crumbles, how about party like it ISN’T 1999, and will never be again.

Instead of feasting on the death and destruction to come, how about getting up-to-date, and helping others to do so?

Our family are here, making themselves known… this isn’t about cute little moments where they briefly appear in our skies… nay… this is leading to a full blown reunion with many different lifeforms, who have come to witness and participate in our transformation and restoration.

We are on the verge of disclosure, announcements… spaceships in our sky… arrests of public figures on all levels… all of that and more, is supporting the ‘magic trick’ of ascension.  The events to come have a purpose… it is the springboard to ascension (where humanity goes from a carbon-based species, to a crystal-based species, catalyzed by the photon belt, which is a large band of gamma radiation our solar system goes through twice every 26000 years, humanity is now splitting into two species, those of 3D and those of 5D…. by the way, if all this sounds crazy, that may mean you are in 3D walking the earth, not really clued in, still believing the illusion is more real than what is:


Part 199, St. Germain’s Call to Lightworkers: Life Post-RV

Part 199, St. Germain’s Call to Lightworkers: Life Post-RV Dear Friends, it is I, St. Germain, and I come to tell you we are planning great
things here in the Heavenly Realm.  The reason we are free to plan these wonderful things is because we are finished with the hard work which led up to the RV.  It is now up to the very competent crew on the ground to make the final announcements to begin trading, and we are on to the next phase – Announcements and Disclosure.There are so many changes coming in such a short time period that you are going to be amazed, astonished, and you, Beloved Lightworkers, will be joyfully fulfilled.  You will feel that your cup runneth over; you will be gratified by the sudden blossoming of evidence everywhere of what has been growing behind the scenes for years.

Once the RV trading is underway, which we expect immediately, we will be on to even better and more dramatic changes.  The arrests of the criminals who have enslaved the planet for their own profit will be coming forth in great numbers – so many you will not believe your eyes when you see dozens who were honored as captains of industry and finance being walked off in handcuffs.  All will be given a chance to redeem themselves, for we are a merciful community here in the higher dimensions, but it will not be done at the cost of holding up the march of real progress for all.

We have worked so long for this, Beloved Ones.  You and I have seen the bright future for Planet Earth and have moved always in the direction of Light.  Our rewards will be abundant, glorious, and ongoing.  Yes, there is much to look forward to after the RV.  It is just the introduction to a complete Shift in the way business is done on Planet Earth.  By this, I do not mean only commerce.  Education, social traditions, political activities, governance – all will be different.

Now, we wish to prepare you for the necessary upheaval which will inevitably result when the financial systems are in the process of changing over.  There will be a short period in which the banking system may shut down, in order to institute the new, fair and  free economic standards which are to be put into place.  No more will every transaction, every trade, every loan be tailored to enrich the cabal which grew fat while the rest of the world was starving.

No more will hardworking people be forced into homelessness; no more will employment or education be akin to slavery.  The human condition is about to change globally, and we are asking you to help usher in this glorious New Golden Age.  You who are reading this are the Lightworkers who felt the rising vibrations and were inspired to invest in the possibility of using your own resources for the good of all.  You will be rewarded tenfold, with the pleasure of giving what you have to support and nurture others who are in need.

You will also find the way open for you when you take action to build, create, form networks and organizations to benefit all.  It will feel as though a weight has been lifted, and the wind is always at your back.  Doors will open for you as if by magic, because the old resistance which was built into the system has evaporated.

Life was intended to be beautiful on Mother Earth’s surface, but it has not been for many centuries.  The abundance that was to be shared by all was co-opted by the few, bringing terrible pollution and degradation to her and causing disease and ill health to become the norm.  You saw the effect of the chemtrails in recent weeks – aberrant weather patterns, devastating drought and crippling snowstorms, all caused by the arrogant manipulation of the natural world.

This reckless poisoning of Earth and all her creatures will never be permitted to occur again.  Your Galactic Brothers and Sisters are neutralizing the effects of this weather manipulation, which was intended to create profit from engineered illness and famine, by creating such environmental disaster that the entire globe would be brought to its knees.  An entire population which suffers from hunger and disease is at the mercy of those in power when those in power are ruthless and feel entitled to their privilege.

You will be astonished by the revelations which will be coming hour by hour over the newly freed media.  The Rockefeller/Rothchild/Murdock cartel will be removed from operations of all the television, radio and print news production, and the world will gain a true source of communication.  It will then be used to honestly inform the population of what has gone before, and what wonderful opportunities lay ahead for all of you.

We have met today with Mother/Father God, Prime Creator, and all the Company of Heaven to discuss how we might bring the information to forewarn those of you who are not given to hysteria or paranoia of the coming difficulties you may encounter during the enormous Shift.  We are concerned that many who are completely unaware of the coming disruptions may become panicky or even violent when the resources they are used to having are limited for a short time.

You have all seen the extreme reaction when people are told there is a large snowfall coming.  Many stock up on enormous amounts of food, water, and emergency supplies at the thought of being snowed in for a day.  These are the ones we are concerned about reaching with the message that all is well, all is being managed and overseen from On High, and there is nothing to fear.  Just the opposite – this is the sign that progress has been made already, and that the new way of life will be brought forth from the rubble of the old, toxic and debilitating conditions.

Here is the concern for the coming weeks:  There may be a period lasting from a few days to a week or two during which the banks will be closed.  Depending on the reaction of the populace, this will have a greater or lesser effect on all other elements of life, like food distribution, the transport and delivery of needed medical supplies, and even the ongoing stability of power, water and transportation.  We hope to avoid any hysteria or panic by preparing everyone in advance to expect a certain amount of disruption and to prepare for it as much as possible.

Ultimately, your own good humor and generosity will provide the needed bridge to help carry others to the other side, to reassure and prepare them for a joyful completion of the process of change for the better.  As long as people remain calm and friendly, resourcefulness and creativity will carry the day, and all will come out of this Shift in high hopes, with their Vision of a new and more humane world alive in their consciousness.

I want to reassure you, Dear Ones, that we have left no stone unturned, no idea left on the table without consideration, and we are resolved that this entire process – even in its enormity – will be accomplished with Grace.  It cannot be done without a certain amount of chaos, but it can be completed without great loss or upheaval.

Consider how much fun you have had on a camping trip when you left behind the comforts of home in favor of living in the natural world, with the pleasures of life in a forest or at a seashore all around you.  Think of the coming transition as something like this – the opportunity to get closer to Nature and to those you love, while relying on your own and others’ resourcefulness.

You may have a day or two without your iphone, ipad or computer.  You may experience a disruption in your cell phone reception or your TV programming.  When all services resume, you will be ready for the massive changes that have been planned for you.  Free energy technology is just around the corner, a gift from your Star Brothers and Sisters.  Opportunities to stretch your mind, offer your hidden skills, and celebrate with everyone around you will present themselves as you discover new pleasures, new friendships, and astonishing news about yourselves, your unique identities and your true path in life.

Yes, it will be a grand adventure if that is the way you approach it.  Of course, there will be some who become angry and upset if their daily routine should change even slightly, if they are inconvenienced in some small way, because their grasp on stability and happiness is defined in terms of “safety” – meaning that they cannot tolerate change in any form, even for the better.

This is where you come in.  You will be called upon to reassure, to comfort and to teach.  You have been reading these messages, finding your way to deeper Heart communication, deeper self-acceptance and Love.  Many around you have not had the benefit of such reassurance, and such training in patience and Faith as you have had.  They will be blindsided by the knowledge that all is not what it seemed and that it did indeed need to be changed, and now.

Like the cabal, many of Earth’s sleeping inhabitants had found a way to remain unconscious of the massive suffering by blaming the victims, or by developing some philosophical or religious explanation for how suffering is inevitable or even preferable.  We are here to show the way to a new outlook, Beloveds.  We will work together with you to maintain stability even as the familiar ground is shifting under our feet.  We will sustain our Vision of Peace, Joy and Justice for all, and so it shall be done.

Never again will any of Earth’s people have to suffer under the oppression of a ruthless despot who gained control by force.  No force will be allowed in the weaponless environment of peaceful diplomacy, fair and respectful concern for all, regardless of one’s former position of power or powerlessness.  It may seem impossible to you to imagine such a change, while you still see around you the remnants of centuries of oppression and disregard for the basic rights of humankind as well as the Animal Kingdoms and the natural world in all her beauty.  How can all this be expected to change in a moment?  By removing all possibility of military might, psychological manipulation through propaganda, and secret political power.

The Forces of Light on the ground and Above have been preparing to step in to shift the balance for many years.  Only now has the energy on the planet and throughout the Universe risen to such a level that the tipping point has been reached.  The era of darkness has ended.  Planet Earth will never see another war, another genocide or another mass suppression of freedom.  It will require the help and Vision of all to create the New World, but we are confident that once the sources of fear and oppression have been removed (as is happening at this moment), the cream will rise to the top, as you might say.

There are unsung heroes, courageous adventurers and industrious Creators on every block, in every house on the planet.  As soon as the pall of fear and the Veil of Forgetfulness is lifted, they will shine, and many will rise to follow their example and yours.

You will feel an enormous blast of Love from the Central Sun which will trumpet the beginning of the Great Change.  The dominoes will fall in rapid succession – Prosperity funds being released around the world, displays of ships from many planets of far-flung galaxies to thrill and reassure those on the ground, Disclosure of the true origins of humankind and other extraterrestrial beings like you, and in short order, Landings which will bring wonders we can only hint at because it is impossible to truly describe in words.

We, your Ascended Masters, helpers and guides will join you at last, as visible and tangible to you as your next door neighbor, and we will rejoice with you.  Along with new sources of food, water and power, we will also bring music, laughter, unending Love and our heartfelt Joy.   And I, your faithful St. Germain, will be happy to lead the parade as we dance and sing our way across the world, from sea to shining sea.  Of course, I will invite all of you, as well as my beloved Lady Portia, to lead the parade with me.

What a jubilee we have ahead, Dearest Lightworkers!  Our time has come at last, and we will lead the way into the new era, singing “Hallelujah” in praise of God’s Love, as we rise together to the Promised Land which is truly our Paradise on Earth.  You will see the Crystal Cities appear before your eyes, your beloved Sananda will indeed return, and you will all find reason to weep with joy every moment of every day.

Walk with me, all Beings of Light.  Stride without fear into the new dawning Light.  The New Golden Age is begun, and we are here to welcome its birth.

I am your Adamos St. Germain, here for you always. I love you without end.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May/Lady Portia on Feb. 23, 2014, 12 am, Atlanta, Georgia.

Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website,