ANGEL RELATIONSHIPS – Interview with Annette Bruchu – via The Edge – 6-1-18

Annette Bruchu

Picture, if you will, a 4-year-old girl who is in the water at her swimming lesson. She knows that in order to pass the class, she must be able to swim out to the middle dock. But this girl, young Annette, didn’t have the encouragement or confidence to swim that far.

Enter divine intervention.

“I went under water and did not surface, and an angel lifted me up and the life guard had time to rescue me,” Annette said in an interview with The Edge. “That was my first (encounter with an angel) that I remember, though the connection has grown increasingly over time.”

Annette Bruchu lives in Stillwater, MN, where she runs her Helping You Heal Center and Grow Center. She is known for her aura photography, but she also teaches classes on how to develop your intuitive abilities and how to be a better healer.

She also offers guidance on how to trust and grow our angel connection. Her book, Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven, was just published and in it she describes a cosmic shift that is taking place, pulling the higher realm of the angels closer to humanity at a time in which both angels and people desire to be closer.

“A wonderful phenomenon is happening in heaven and on Earth,” she writes. “Angels want to prove their existence, and they are reaching out to connect with us more than ever. Likewise, here on Earth, people are learning more about the angelic realm and the roles and purpose of angels in our lives.”

Annette Bruchu

The Edge spoke with Annette about angels and her new book that is the perfect resource for someone who wants an angelic connection.

What is the purpose of angels?
The purpose of angels is to have that connection with us so we can change and grow. They help guide us to wisdom. They help guide us through lessons in life and emotions. They talk to us through our gut so we can not live in regret. They intervene with us and they prepare us. They recharge us, and they also make a plan with us.

A plan?
They make a plan with us. So, when we rest or take a nap, sometimes that is when we are planning our next step through our dream, our transcendental process. They love to plan with us.

Do angels assist every human being on the planet?
The answer is if we are willing to believe that they are important to us, they do. Every human being or mere mortal has an assigned angel to them. Not everybody knows how to trust them, however. But, the answer is yes to that.

So the angel assigned to us is our guardian angel?
That’s correct. A guardian angel has the vantage point so we can have that free will to live in healthier ways and be more motivated and the outcome is better than we expect.

After your experience of the angel helping you in the water, how have angels helped you in your life?
Many ways. They have given me daily assistance. They have spoken to me and I’ve heard their words. They have a great impact and a solid impact on my life.

For example, driving down the highway the other day I heard their voice three times to go a different way. However, it is up to me to trust that voice, which I did, and I avoided a car accident. That’s only one example. The other day they told me something about a person who came to visit me and asked a question about headaches. The angels said, “It is her premolar and the outside of her enamel has a crack in it.”

Angels speak to me with words and they speak to me with messages of thought. They are very unique and very brilliant, in more ways than not.

In general, how do angels help all of us in our lives. In your book, you mention assistance with emotions and sickness and providing direction. Are the number of ways they can help us unlimited, depending on what our circumstances are?
Absolutely. They are very encouraging. I always say the bottom line is very basic: talk to them, set an intention, tell them what you want, or to choose whether it is material, spiritual, healing. They will lead you in a better outcome. The trust that we build is key, and as the miracles of the angels intervene and you follow that gut feeling, it is amazing.

I’ve worked with many serious situations and by following my angels’ guidance, came through with a great recovery and out of turmoil. It’s about having the patience to really hear or listen to them through your thoughts or your heart or your soul, however you recognize the connection to the angels. Some people say they just feel.

By reading a book like yours, we are given information about angels, but the next step is having that direct experience with an angel. Is there a certain mindset that you need to experience them directly?
A lot of people say you have to meditate and you have to be relaxed, but I say as long as you have them fused to you as they do and are to me, and pay attention to your thoughts, the reaction is much better. Angels will intervene under stress. They will give you a head’s up in a dream state.

In all our busy-ness, why are people always aligned at the right place at the right time? Through opportunities, the angels will move them or assist them. I do see that people are becoming more sensitive. They are definitely raising their energy and vibration. They have fed their spirituality and their intuition for many years now and the key is to balance out their thinking and trust more of their feeling.

So many people over-think the angel communication and add a lot of doubt to the process. In hindsight, that’s how we learn to listen to our angels and access that expert information. The connection is softer. They will never let you down.

You talked about the angels being fused to you. Is the key to develop a daily relationship with them, as your book implies: angel relationships?
I say it should be daily, it could be hourly. I don’t walk around with my fingers touching each other and wondering, “Are they with me? Are they with me?” I pay attention to thoughts that pop into my head and I don’t wonder where they’re from. I take notice of the randomness of what is happening.

Signs, for instance. Many people are attracted to listening to signs and looking for signs, and when they look for the signs that can be a great effect, and actually a fun way, to help them smile, to be more peaceful, to be more insightful. I say the tips of the angel wings can touch us often and kind of nudge us, but so many people worry about things that they shouldn’t need to pay attention to or worry about.

I’m always awestruck when somebody comes in to our center and they are over the top with excitement that something made a difference. They listened to their intuition. They felt it in their gut, and they simply made that shift. So, the book will speak to us for a lot of growth in a lot of troubled times.

It’s true that angels will not take action unless we ask them to?
Well, that comes with the free will that we were gifted at birth. So, when we hear them and react to them, they will assist us. I don’t know if that’s fully the truth because I’ve seen many boatloads of miracles happen and a lot of people didn’t believe in spirituality. I do think they are enthusiastic to help us. When we have a mission or a purpose in our life to fulfill, I think they can accelerate that motion and not be afraid to make a phenomenal change without us even knowing it.

Are there cases where consciously we may not be asking, but maybe on an inner level we have that connection that we’re not aware of? And someone who may not believe in angels or believe in spirituality may have an active relationship with an angel without knowing it consciously?
That’s very possible, and probable. They are connected to everyone in every way. Many times the angels will sit back and just observe situations. I’ve seen angels sit back and just file their nails, hoping that I can increase my awareness from a different perspective. They’re trying to reach out and connect with us more than ever, and they’re hoping somebody else can acknowledge them or hear their guidance. They try to influence us over logic and fear.

They must have a lot of patience with us, because on some level we must seem like we are asleep most of the time, people who are not conscious of what’s going on.
Absolutely. I think they have a great deal of patience and imagination, but yet they are able to use their voice in so many ways. Have you ever heard three times in one day through your friends or people crossing in front of you or a stranger mention an inspirational idea to move forward or to change that job? They will use other people’s energy to get that message to you, so you get very excited, like, “Oh, I get it now!”

So it’s almost like the angels are conspiring, “Hey, I can’t reach my guy. Can you reach him through your person?”
That’s right, absolutely. To me that’s a phenomenal way in which they can warn us or heighten our awareness of a situation. They’re always there for us, and I think they’re extremely patient.

What inspired you to write the new book, Angel Relationships?
It was my belief in angels and how we are fused, how they are fused to me, and their expertise of knowledge is so encouraging and they are supporting so many people. Every day I meet a lot of enthusiastic people who have such a strong effect on me, and I try to teach them that they also have help and support through their own angels, to get rid of old stagnant thinking and to look at things in a new way and really assess the inspiration of this angel relationship. I see that people are growing in a positive way and they want their life to be simpler. To me, that’s very important. I always tell people to really be compassionate, trust their sensitivity, and keep their lives simple.

The inspiration came in many ways to write this book, but I hear so many people asking, “How do you do this? How do I trust?” The first thing I say is, “Don’t doubt.”

Does that create a block in our connection with them when we have the doubts and fears in our mind?
I don’t know if creates a block, but it does not accelerate the motion of hearing their voice. The angels will have to work harder at their unique way of inspiring us, but angels will find a way. I don’t know that it will block their motion. Doubt is doubt. I say I’d rather see people with confidence 100 percent than confidence with 99 percent. That 1 percent can always be that, “Yeah, but….”

Many books have been written on angels. What sets your book apart from the others?
Everybody has unique talents and gifts and we’re always influenced over time to use our logic over our intuition. Many people view common sense as coincidences and I say it’s God’s way of staying anonymous, as Albert Einstein stated. Angel energy is both empowering and limitless, and I encourage people to choose and embrace their spirituality and their intuition, because over time angels will show us how we can have a better life, how we can discover smiles again, laughter again.

I say, stay connected. I try to share different ways of meditation, experiences of adaptation and growth. It’s more than just talking about that we have an angel. It’s how to have a solid understanding to connect with them. My book is designed to help you to know your angels through meditation, and to call them in in times of trouble — but not always at times of trouble, but also during times of celebration.

Tell our readers about the angel messages in your book.
All my life I’ve been receiving angel messages of protection, voices of love, and I jot down these angel messages as a reminder that maybe they’re for me, maybe they’re for others, but I do share them. These angel messages give me hope and guidance, as well as for other people.

So many people live with anxiety and fear. There is a simple recipe to do it better. Angel messages remind us to pay attention and don’t forget that they’re there. They are always keeping us moving forward so we don’t jump from the boat too soon. Hang in there another day. The encouragement of these messages is to be kinder.

Angels look at our life as 3D and we look at our life as linear. So when they give us guidance through words and inspiration, they have a better behind-the-scene perspective of our life. That’s why I urge everybody to not over-think, but to slow down and listen to their connection of kindness.

When you were speaking I was thinking about how angels are so often described as performing miracles, but potentially they assist us millions of times throughout the hours and days and it’s the subtle things that go unnoticed by most people.
The subtle things can go unnoticed by people. Once you start clearing up and seeing those subtle things, then you will be able to use them in miracle situations. I work with a lot of serious situations faced by clients — double lung transplants, for example, which is very serious. I call upon the angels to be present with their procedure and bring them miracles.

The angels can help our people and clients navigate through life and life challenges, however they also have a healing effect, calming us down in ordinary day-to-day situations: “I’m glad I got gas now,” “Well, I’m glad I didn’t accelerate through that yellow light.” They can communicate with us on every level we can imagine.

What do you say to somebody who says, “I’ve asked my angels for help and I’m not getting it. They didn’t help me in such and such a situation.”
Well, maybe they did help them through the situation and still someone feels they were let down. That might be that 1 percent doubt that I was referring to earlier. Maybe it was a karmic experience. It depends on the situation, of course.

Do you talk about archangels at all and what role they have compared to other angels?
The archangels are in a sacred space and they have a lot of assistance in other angelic realms. They are part of the team, and they are simply very powerful. In the center of my focus I call forth “The Angels” or “The Voice of the Angels” to encourage me. I don’t have to be specific — archangel, specific angel, guardian angel — I just call the angels in general.

What message do you want to leave with those who read your book?
The overall message that I would like to leave the readers is that the angel relationship is a match made in heaven and it’s filled with guidance, that we can grow and bond with our guardian angels, or our Heavenly beings, that we can better discover the signs and how to navigate through out earthly challenges.

A healing effect takes place when you have completed the angel book, knowing that our angels have devoted their Heavenly energy and higher intelligence to us mortal humans, that God created the angels for a specific purpose, so that we would not have to walk alone on our path. I hope many readers expand their angel communication and their awareness.

Where can people find your book?
You can go to my website, and click on Angel Relationships Book, or the link for Amazon to order it. It is available nationwide in stores and bookstores near you, or you can come to the Helping You Heal Center in Stillwater and we will have it here, as well.

What final message would you like to leave with our readers today?
It’s wonderful to know that Heaven is filled with a lot of guidance. It’s wonderful to know that intuition is nature’s way of providing our subconscious with advice that will guide us through our lives. I hope everybody enjoys reading Angel Relationship, A Match Made in Heaven to improve their intuition and their growth.

For more information on Annette Bruchu and her book, Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven, visit




MELANIE BECKLER – Angelic Crystals – What’s The Connection Between Crystals and Angels? – by Love Has Won – 1-11-18


By Melanie Beckler

Crystals are the incredible manifestations of light in the physical. They’re well known for their many healing properties, the consistent vibration they maintain, and even for their ability to help you to strengthen your connection with the angels!

But have you ever wondered, or thought about crystals as angelic beings themselves!?

You may have heard the quote from Nicola Tesla recognizing crystals as living beings:

“In a crystal, we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being.” -Nikola Tesla

Another brilliant scientist (and clairvoyant) named Rudolph Steiner took this idea of crystals being living beings a step further. Steiner theorized that crystals are actually the physical manifestations of real angelic light beings.

And just for the record, I deeply resonate with this theory.

If we take a step back for just a moment and look at what angels actually are… Messengers of the Divine… We can then look at crystals in a new light.

Are crystals messengers of the Divine? I say yes!

Crystals carry and bring us the Divine messages of vibration, sacred geometry and energy into the physical through their embodiement.

Crystals are perfect sacred geometric formations, fractals of the infinite light of the Divine manifest in the physical. They embody in the physical the higher qualities of Divine light and Spirit as pure fractals of the infinite light of Source. In other words they are the geometric Divine blueprint manifest in physical form, and through our interaction with them, they can help us each to more fully align with our unique Divine blueprint.

Crystals As Angelic Beings

Robert Simmons shares in his book Stones of the New Consciousness (which I highly recommend) that we would be served greatly in understanding crystals to view them almost literally as angels.

He shares that “Crystals pattern of structure and behavior are much more orderly than ours and closer to the Divine originating forms. Crystals are like angels, faithful “messengers” of the Divine word (or what I might call the Divine blueprint).”

I had to hold myself back from doing cartwheels when I read this because it was so complimentary to my own knowing and intuition of crystals as angelic beings of the mineral kingdom.

Crystals are always embodying their highest blueprint of Divine perfection, and when we tune into crystals through meditation, we’re able to receive their guidance, the powerful energetic attunements they offer, and their profound support and healing.

Like angels, the stones are “messengers,” carrying divine vibrational patterns into the physical realm for the benefit of humanity and the world.

When we work with these angelic crystal beings, we can help to manifest their qualities (the “messages” they carry) in each of our own lives.

We become more crystalline ourselves and aligned with our highest Divine blueprint as we learn from our Angelic Crystal guides, and anchor a new level of our light and true divine nature in the physical, here and now.

Crystals Associated With Angels

Whether or not you resonate with the very idea of crystals being angelic themselves…

It is undeniable that Crystals and Gemstones all carry specific healing vibrations.

And there are certain crystals that are incredibly effective in helping to bring you into vibrational resonance with the light of the higher realms, there are crystals that are incredibly supportive in journeying into the inner realms to meet your angels, and crystals to connect with spirit guides.

Beginning to work with crystals is easy.

By carrying crystals in your pocket, wearing them on a ring or pendant, or placing them on your bedside or at your desk they will consistently broadcast a specific and uplifting vibration for you to tune into.

You can also take this a giant leap further by connecting with the light of your open heart, and invite the presence of your crystals to connect with you through your heart center.

Crystals That Promote A Strong Connection With Angels

The following stones are ones which I have personally experienced and found to be beneficial in coming into vibrational resonance with angels so you too can connect and work with the angels for healing, spiritual growth, guidance, and wisdom.


Selenite vibrates with the pure energy of white light, higher consciousness and divine love. It is very peaceful, calming, and its appearance is luminescent.

Selenite will help you to quiet your mind and enter into a peaceful uplifted vibration where you will be able to connect with the Angelic Realm.

It also clears other crystals and transmutes negativity back into light.

If you are ready, Selenite will help you to remember the psychic and spiritual gifts of your Higher Self!

Learn more about selenite here! 


Apophyllite is a naturally powerful energy enhancer. It’s joyful and light presence helps to open the interdimensional doorways to the highest realms, and when connecting with angels, apophyllite will enhance and compliment the healing energies.

Apophyllite carries a very high frequency so it is compatible with the vibrational frequencies of the angels.

Apophyllite will also work to activate your Third-Eye and Crown Chakras, which will help you to translate the spiritual angelic realms into conscious understanding.


Seraphinite is a powerful angelic crystal that can help to energetically attune you to more deeply and profoundly experience the angelic realm. This beautiful green stone serves to open and activate your heart, to activate your ascension column and to connect you with incredible Divine light and healing.

Seraphinte is also hugely supportive in linking with your angels, by clearing any energetic blockages and helping you to lift in vibration to open to powerful angelic experiences.


Amethyst is abundantly available, and inexpensive  This protective and calming stone has an incredible spiritual vibration.

Amethyst transmutes one’s lower nature into the more highly refined aspects of their higher potentials. Amethyst is a physical representation of the Violet Ray of alchemy and transformation, and works to cut through illusion and enhance psychic abilities.

Excellent for meditation, channeling, experiencing angels and spiritual growth.

Amethyst clears the aura, facilitates decision-making and brings common sense, healing, divine love, inspiration, and intuition!

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz provides strong cleansing, grounding, and centering energies. It enhances dream awareness and channeling abilities and is great for meditation.

It dissipates sub conscious blocks and negativity on all levels.

Smoky Quartz helps with endurance, relieving depression, and being more in touch with the universe.

Smoky Quartz is calming and will even protect you from negativity around you so that you can confidently enter within to connect with your angels.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is well known to be a love stone due to it’s beautiful and loving vibration. Rose quartz will help you to open your heart chakra.

An open heart not only allows you to experience greater love and connection with others, but will allow you to directly link with the realm of angels too.

Open your heart and allow the love of the Divine to flow through all areas of your life… Rose quartz will help!


Emerald is a wonderful stone for healing the heart chakra, which is essential in experiencing the angelic realm.

Emerald is a stone of infinite patience and inspiration. Emerald aids in the alignment of subtle bodies, enhances dreams, meditation and helps you to receive deeper spiritual insight.

Emerald represents the potential of divinity within us,  and brings prosperity, love, kindness, tranquility, balance, healing, and patience. A strong emotional balancer and heart healer to assist you in linking with your Guardian Angel.

Celestite and Angelite

Celestite and Angelite are both wonderful stones for working with and experiencing the angels.

They are of similar origin with slightly unique vibrations.

Both encourage spiritual development by promoting clairvoyance, increased vibration, and are closely connected to the angelic realm.

The stones do not connect you with your angels for you, but they will assist in increasing your psychic and spiritual awareness so that you can directly and consciously know the blessings of the spiritual and angelic realms.


Moldivite is one of the few crystals which is actually of extraterrestrial origin.

It carries an incredible high vibration and will assist you in elevating your consciousness to the highest dimensions of the spiritual realms.

Moldavite will also assist in opening, clearing, aligning and energizing your chakras which combined with raising your vibration, is the key to experiencing your angels.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone of protection.

Black tourmaline works to absorb negative energy within or around you. It will help to dissolve internal, mental, and emotional blockages that may be preventing you from connecting with your angels. It’s also wonderful for dispelling fear and negativity, that can block you from seeing and experiencing the presence of your angels too!

Learn more about black tourmaline.

Angels And Crystals!

Honestly, I’ve yet to meet a crystal I didn’t love, and so this is by no means an all-encompassing list!

There are many additional crystals which will help you relax, meditate, open your heart, increase your vibration, open your chakras, access psychic abilities, experience your angels and more!

I love working with crystals and angels, together and independently.

I always recommend tuning into your intuition when choosing which crystals are right for you!

With new crystals, I always recommend you cleanse them with white light, assistance from your angels and sage or salt water if you wish. Then tune in, meditate, and make a conscious connection with the crystal for yourself, as this is the best way really experience and know each crystals vibration, attributes and gifts!

Learn more about cleansing crystals here! 

While associated with different dimensional planes of existence  Crystals and Angels are wonderfully complementary.

With intention, crystals can be programmed to work with the Angelic Realm. With practice, crystals will assist you in lifting your personal vibration so you can experience angels for yourself!

With love, light, and blessings!


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Messages from Ann & the Angels – Trust the Journey – 12-6-18

Image result for Angels

Image Source

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your lives will unfold in the most miraculous ways this year if you can trust that everything around you is conspiring to lead you to greater love. 

The things and people that inspire you are like beacons guiding you to greater love. Allow yourself to follow your heart even in things that seem insignificant. If you want a cup of coffee, stop and get one. You never know who you might meet.

The unloving souls and challenging circumstances are like canyon walls that guide the water to choose an easier path.Allow yourself to lovingly move away from what hurts or upsets you towards what feels more loving. Stop trying to save, fix, and change those who haven’t asked for it, and instead allow yourselves joy no matter what those around you choose. You will become the beacons of love and joy to guide those who are ready.

Your unexpected circumstances and changes in plans occur when the Divine sees something better for you than you might have asked. Avoid tantrums when things don’t go your way, and trust the adventure. Be open to spontaneous change. Attempting to control anything or anyone too tightly only leads to frustration and stress. Planning while allowing for change keeps you on a grace-guided path.

If you believe in love, you’ll see the love, and receive the love. Trust the unfolding adventure of your lives dear ones. You are always exactly where you need to be to learn what you wan to learn.

In the Real world, when you someday awaken from this earthly dream, you will remember that everything is, and always will be, all about love. Indeed there is nothing else beneath it all. Why not allow yourselves this love right here, right now? It is always present, beckoning you back into its embrace, whispering gently, “This is who you are.”

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

— The Angels
©2016 Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved.

DEBORAH FAITH – FaithAngel Whisperings – Peace And Good Will – 12-25-17

dove of peace eraoflight


Deborah Faith

I was sitting this morning pondering my life experience and wondering if I should try to find a job again so that I can have peace of mind knowing my rent is always going to be paid on time. The truth is even if I wanted ‘a job’ which I don’t because it would make me as miserable as sin, I can’t get one. Not in this country anyway. I live in a 3rd world country where 45 million black people are clamoring for a job. Most jobs are given to ‘previously disadvantaged people’.  No one wants a 56 year old white skinned South African woman. That is to say, no one except God…thank Goodness!!!

So there I was sitting hosting my very own pity party, as my Pleiadian sisters would call it, when I heard the softly spoken words,

“You can have what you want, if you follow Me.”

You see God knows what I want more than anything is to serve Him. I truly love my work, although I don’t see it as ‘work’. It is a joy to be of service, to offer the work I do and to receive so much love and gratitude in return.

“The more you allow Me into your life, the more I can do for you.”

The trick is to get past the ego and the fear of the illusion that there is not enough, that we are limited in some way, shape or form.

I know these things, and God knows I know.

God exists within you whether you know and accept It or not. It is how much you ALLOW this Holy Presence into your life that determines your life experience.

My friend Mary from California was going into the store the other day and came across a homeless man. She asked the man, “Can I get you something?” and to her surprise he said, “I would love a turkey sandwich.” So she got him a turkey sandwich and God’s Will was done.

The absolute best thing about being in alignment with the Will of God is the blessed FEELING this action affords you. There is no feeling like it. It quite supersedes all else. It brings peace in the Heart, a sense of Good Will and an overwhelming sense of belonging, not to mention the gooey feeling of love that just oozes out from within you. All of Heaven rejoices at even the smallest act of kindness! And WE, you and I, are the benefactors!

You see, the Throat Chakra, that precious energy center, is governed by the First Ray of the Will of God, which is also the Blue Ray. And when you think, speak and act out of love, you are using that energy center in the way in which God intended it to be used. When you use it to blame, judge, complain etc., you misuse it and create discord in your life experience. And so God’s Will cannot be done.  Needless to say, the throat chakra is the most misused chakra on the Planet today.

People are fond of saying, God will provide. That can also be read as “Gods Will provides.”

Yes it does. But who do you think God is?

You are, all of you, instruments of God. YE ARE GODS! You act out of His Will when you speak His words, and think His thoughts, act in His Way. The more you follow your Heart, the more you become an embodiment of your Divine and Holy Self – your divinity. This is what it means to embody The Way of The Christ on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Today is the Eve of Christmas, the 24th of December. It doesn’t matter if our Beloved Jeshua was born tomorrow or not. That is of no consequence. What does matter is whether you strive to embody HIS WAY of Life, the Life that He came to demonstrate to us over 2000 years ago.

The First Ray of the Will of God is the fastest way to achieve Mastery and freedom over your life, both in the physical and spiritual.

So, think before you think… yes I know it takes some practice. Don’t let your ego host any self-pity parties for you! Think before your ego thinks, speaks, and acts. And then act in accordance with what will bring you the most joy, peace and happiness on this blessed Earth.

We wish you all a blessed and peaceful Holy day.

With all our Love,


» Source – Channel: Deborah Faith

MELANIE BECKLER – Spiritual Ascension Stages – 7 Levels of the Ascension Path Revealed! – by Ask Angels .com

Image result for MELANIE BECKLER

7 Ascension Stages Revealed

The ascension process is what you go through as you transition from being solely focused on the physical as a 3D limited physical being into full awareness of your spiritual nature, power and light.

As you progress through the levels of ascension, you reconnect with your open heart, gain a greater sense of purpose and awakening, and merge with your higher selves. This stepping back into complete oneness and connection with divine source light is truly beautiful.

Learn more about the different stages of ascension here:


The first ascension stage is self-examination. This is where you begin to question the external world around you. You ask questions like “Who am I really? Is there more going on here than meets the eye? Is there more to physical reality than society, the media, and maybe even my family are telling me? Why am I really here? There must be something more.”

Spiritual Study

After reflection comes study. You begin to ask questions and search for the answers which carries you into stage two, which is spiritual study. Diving into spiritual books, research on the internet, enrolling in courses, or going through guided meditations, channelings, or programs. You use what you are learning to answer the questions, “Who am I really. Why am I really here? What is really going on?”

Stepping Into Being of Service Towards Others

You’re beginning to understand more of who you really are and how you can give back to the world. You’re beginning to gain a mastery of some spiritual concepts and ideas. You’re then sharing them with others. This is where the cycle of learning and teaching unfolds.

As you step into service on your path, you’re still learning, growing, meditating, looking inward, and doing what you can to reconnect with your light. You realize that serving others is a very large part of why you are really here.

This service comes from the heart. It’s not an attempt to get anything from others. It’s simply because you’re waking up, you’re on fire, and your heart is opening. You want to serve, assist, and guide others as you continue to progress on your path

Heart Illumination

Through your service to others and your continued clearing away of limiting beliefs, emotions, and past negative patterns, your heart actually opens. It becomes illuminated and filled with divine light. You literally become awakened through your heart center.

When your heart is open, that light is able to rise upward, opening your throat as well as your ability to listen to divine guidance and hear in the realms of spirit. It continues to rise into your third eye, opening your psychic sight or intuition. It continues up to your crown so that you can experience your direct connection with source and begin living life with the heart-based intention to continue to be of service, shine your full light, fully awaken, and embody all that you are.

You are now living life in a state of love. You are flowing forth forgiveness, tuning into gratitude and choosing love in every moment. This means turning away from fear, from the lower vibrational emotions and experiences, and embodying love. Through this, you embody the full light that you are.

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Becoming a Way-Shower

Becoming An Ascension WayshowerThrough your spiritual and psychic gifts, your intuition and a deep knowing of who you really comes into focus. Your service is empowered. Not only are you able to serve in a way that is more joyful, abundantly rewarding, and fulfilling for you, but you’re able to more effectively serve, love, and help others.

This is when you step into the next stage which is truly being a way-shower. You live life with an open heart, and through your service you step forward to be a representative of the message you are teaching.

Not only are you learning and teaching, you are now embodying, shining forth, and sharing from your open heart.

Embodiment of Your Crystalline Divine Blueprint

This is the Christed state. You embody the Christ template, which is your awakened self.

In this stage, you are unifying all layers, dimensions, and aspects of yourself. You bring Christ consciousness into your life and live this. This is how you are the way-shower.

In this state, you’re flowing with bliss and ease, you’re naturally serving others, and you continue to grow and ascend.

Reuniting with Source

This is a full multidimensional manifestation. This is so far beyond physical. It’s incredibly vast and expanded. I do not know of anyone alive at this time in this full embodiment of source consciousness and presence, but this is where the ascension path is headed. This is where embodying the divine in physical form is available and where we are as ascending initiates. We are all returning to this pure full source light connection. After this, the next stage is outside of a physical expression. It’s about leaving the physical body and returning fully to source.

Maybe at that point, you want to become a star or enter into another galaxy or any other number of things. You are fully returning and reuniting with source and entering a new journey; a new existence.

The Christ Consciousness Template

Christ consciousness is a template that we are all able to ascend into. Just as Jesus Christ fully embodied this Christ template, so can you and I – in this lifetime. We can fully embody our crystalline self.

I’m not saying you’re becoming Jesus here. I’m saying you’re becoming the fully awakened version of you.

Embodiment of the Christ consciousness template is like a beautiful snowflake. There’s no two manifestations of Christ consciousness that are the same, just as no two snowflakes are the same. How I embody my fully awakened crystalline self is different from Jesus, is different from you and that is what makes this ascension process so beautiful and exciting.

Each of us awakening to our full crystalline light looks totally different. Your skills and gifts are different than mine. There’s room for us all at the top.

Together, we are creating the new paradigm of earth where we all are Christed, awakened beings living in harmony, raising the vibration of this planet and truly loving life. We are experiencing a new paradigm that has never been seen before. This is a golden age that’s vibrant, awakened, crystalline, and entirely new. These are the steps on the path as individuals. And when we all take them collectively, magic is what unfolds.

With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler



The Role of the Guardian Angel – by We Signed Up For This – 11-4-17


We are conjoined and united. And I do everything – and that is a lot! [chuckles] – that I can to assist you.

Belle’Anna, Elle’s Guardian Angel, wishes that all might enjoy her message on the ‘Role of Guardian Angel’ which is not as yet fully understood. Elle joyfully shares this Channelled Gem from her reading with Linda on October 11, 2017.

Greetings, I am Belle’Anna.

And there are many of us who have wished to speak this day [laughing], but I always want to reach out and touch you quite literally.

You know in the depth of your being of my ever-presence and the ever-presence of many of us. But this is my mission, this is our mission, and this is our purpose.

Think of what I say. In the beginning, as you know, we have emanated as One from the Heart of One, and then there has been fission and individuation and the birth of uniqueness. But in that uniqueness – as in human DNA – the energy, the pattern, the genetic code of the Mother/Father/One is not only omnipresent, it is undeniable.

The human beings are finally catching up [laughing] with some of this understanding!

But in that individuation, in the forward thrust of our missions and purpose, has been my promise to the Mother and my promise to you – and your promise to me and to the Mother – that you would grant me, that She would grant me, the honour and the mission of guiding you – and yes, at moments, at different times, and certainly ‘danger times’ as human beings tend to think of it – of overlighting you, of sweeping you out of the path of danger.

The role of Guardian Angel is not fully, even now, understood. And really, it does not need to be. It is an organic, evolutionary understanding of these various forms, at which you are certainly engaged in, of partnership. But we have been – and are – and will continue to be in this sacred conjoined mission together.

I do not have an overriding mission other than “Elle” – or the many names by which you are/have been known because all beings upon your planet, and elsewhere for that matter, have been known by a dictionary of names! [Laughter]

I am by your side in all kinds of ways, both within what you think of as the human, interdimensional, 12-dimensional reality, or outside of that. We are conjoined and united. And I do everything – and that is a lot! [chuckles] – that I can to assist you.

Now there have been times – and you know fully what I am speaking of – when you have felt that I have not been by your side, or I have not rescued you, or I have not had your best interests at heart, or I have not responded in the way that you have deemed desirable. But I also do not answer to the ‘personality’ or the ‘lower vibratory rate’ that you have experienced from time to time!

And I do have two bosses – and the big boss is the Mother [laughter] and I always follow Her guidance!

We are in the dance and the dream of the Mother and we are in harmony now. And we are in the magnificence of this unfoldment that you are peeking at and embracing with Gabrielle’s joy and with Archangel Mi-ka-el’s peace. You are fully engaged! Now that does not mean, from time to time, you are not distracted by affairs of the human – and we are glad that you do not engage actually in many of those affairs of humanity because they are a distraction.

What you have done in terms of blessing, healing, assisting the full departure of these beloved souls slayed, murdered, victimised, martyred in Las Vegas is you have laid the pathway – the golden pathway to Heaven. You have not spent your time lowering the vibratory rate and thinking “oh, this is terrible, this is so discouraging, this is awful, this is the cabal, this is violence…” No.

You have raised it, you have healed it and you have unfolded with gratitude, thanks and healing, the next chapter. And that is what humanity is being begged, pleaded with to do: to look at it and say, “No. This cannot continue. Let us take the practical/etheric/spiritual/human next steps because this does not serve – and that these deaths cannot be in vain.”

Yes, it is a soul contract and a fulfilment of that soul contract for which we bless them and welcome them home heartily. But the purpose of that sacrifice is the unfoldment of the New – not to engage in the old of ‘who’s to blame or who’s at fault’.

So, you are doing the Mother’s work – and I am assisting you.





MELANIE BECKLER – A Short Angel Message for You Today – 10-7-17 – by amparo alvarez – by Ashtar Command Crew



The doors of opportunity are open for you to elevate your life experience by simply inviting more light into your life. 

The process for this is simple:

Choose love.

We repeat this simple guidance often yes, and for good reason. 

It is love that creates the pathways for new levels of light to appear. 

Love welcomes light into your body, which activates your DNA, raises your vibration and brings you into harmony with the gifts and Divine possibilities in store. 

Love is a state of being… 

Not an action… 

And yet when you are in a state of love, your actions become inspired… Which opens you up to even more of the blessings of the universe. 

Let yourself fully enter into each and present moment… And open to love. 

Let yourself feel, be, experience and embody the love that you are… 

Opening your heart, and opening the pathways to receive the new levels of light, and experiences of Divine frequency which are your birthright. 

As the light fills you it may bring to the surface the shadows, fears, and tensions out of sync with the new levels of Divine possibility you’re being called to step into. 

So you can align with your highest Divine blueprint, soul purpose, life mission, and the full depth of why you are really here now. 

To align… Love what appears. 

Breathe as emotion, or past memories rise to the surface and lovingly and boldly choose to let them go. 

Release into the light whatever harshness from beneath the surface is revealed. 

And with this… 

Your vibration raises more. 

You release the need to be seen a certain way, to fit in, or base your worth on the reactions of others. 

You choose to stand in love, aligning with and shining in accordance with the fullness of the light being you are because you recognize your role. 

Your unique opportunity to contribute to the collective transformation unfolding in this great age of change. 

By simply being present. 

Embodying love… 

And welcoming all that the new levels of light have to reveal to you. 

About what is really possible. 

About what you’re really here to be, and see, and do… 

Understanding fully who you are by stepping back from the perspective of your mind, back from what you think is true, and the way you think things are… 

And with love in your heart and light in your field stepping into the unknown… 

Into the simple experience of being and embodying your full light. 

Where you can here call forth the highest potentials for love, joy, peace, and co-creation to manifest in your life and to ripple out far beyond you across the Earth. 

Calling forth and anchoring the new. 

The new paradigm yes. 

The new Earth indeed. 

The new possibilities for an awakened humanity to co-exist, co-create, and to vibrantly and harmoniously thrive…

Begins with you. 

With this moment… 

With a simple breath… 

A choice to shift… 

To enter in… 

To be and breathe and shine… 

The light of love.  

Letting go of all that no longer serves you and all that you’ve outgrown. 

Boldly stepping into the new landscape of Divine light and infinite possibility… 

Which can only be fully revealed… 

By standing in love. 

We are with you, loving, guiding and supporting… 

But it is you who must make the choice in each and every moment to return to love… 

And to consciously choose to embody your highest light.

And shine.


I hope this is helpful for you! 

With immense love, light, and gratitude,