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Andy Bojarski – How To Go Inside Your Heart

Andy Bojarski

This video talks about entering your heart space to help you connect with your higher self, angels, arch angels, ascended masters, high light beings and Source.

Andy Bojarski – 100 Questions and Answers – Energy and Healing

PictureHello, my name is Andrew Bojarski and I am a Usui Reiki Master energy healer and I am born under the sign of Aquarius.

Please allow me to provide you my spirituality background so that you can better understand who I am.

In 2010, I was awakened spiritually.  Back then, I was intuitively led by my higher self to a spiritual teacher / healer in Australia.  Her name is B. Devine.  B. Devine has many spiritual self-help videos on YouTube and various articles and channelings that she posted on her web site.  I read everything that she posted and watched all her videos as my thirst for spirituality grew.  And I eventually became friends with her.


Awakening to Higher Love posted on August 22, 2013 by Andy Bojarsk


Hi everyone, I wanted to try something different.  Below are 100questions and answers to help you understand healing and energy a little better.

Rather than just writing this out in paragraph form, I though this would be easier to digest in a question and answer format.

Let me know if you like this format and I will continue it.  Also, I will be holding healing classes where I will be teaching energy healings for those that are interested.  I will have a new post about this shortly.  We need healers at these times and this is a wonderful way to be of service.

The classes will be very detailed and hands on where I will go over everything in great detail with respect to what I do when I perform energy healings.  I think you will all love the classes as you become wonderful energy healers.

If you are interested in an energy healing click HERE.  If you would like to read energy healing testimonials before obtaining an energy healing, click HERE.  Scroll down for the 45 questions and answers.  Sending all of you lots of love and many blessings..



1. Q.  Do we have an inner and an outer aura?

A. Yes.

2. Q.  What do the inner and outer auras follow?

A.  They compose the energy field in which you live and they follow the contours of your physical body.

3. Q.  Why is it that you get sick?

A.  You get sick because of an energy leak in your outer or inner aura.

4. Q. Can anyone heal?

A. Yes.

5. Q.  What does it take to heal?

A. A willingness or intention to heal.

6. Q.  What is the energy or life-force called that surrounds us?

A.  Ki energy or prana energy.

7.  Q. How does a person get healed?

A.  The healer projects Ki energy into the person getting healed thereby healing that person.

8. Q.  What are the three major sources of Ki energy?

A.  Sun, air and ground energy.

9. Q.  What is sun prana energy?

A.  This is solar prana that is absorbed by the body.  It is basically the sunlight.

10. Q.  What is the ground prana energy?

A.  This energy is from Mother Earth.

11. Q.  How does ground prana energy enter us?

A.  Through the soles of our feet.

12. Q. What is air prana energy?

A.  It is the ozone prana energy and we receive it from deep breathing and slow breathing.

13. Q.  What are energy centers called?

A. Chakras of the inner and outer aura.

14. Q.  What is the inner and outer aura called?

A.  Our ethereal body.

15. Q. Do trees exude a lot of excess prana energy?

A. Yes.

16. Q.  What can a sick person do to get well?

A.  Lie down under a tree and verbally request the being of the tree to help you get well.

17. Q.  Can Ki energy be projected to another person for a healing?

A. Yes.

18. Q.  Do people that are depleted of energy tend to absorb energy from those people that have an excess of energy?

A.  Yes.

19. Q.  Why is it that you feel tired or drained after you hang out with someone for no apparent reason?

A.  Because that person may have absorbed your energy.

20. Q.  How does an energy healer verify where the sickness or energy leak in a person he or she is trying to heal?

A.  By sensitizing the finger tips and eyes so he or she can feel and scan the aura of the person being healed.

21. Q.  Do you need to close your eyes to heal?

A. No, you just need your intention.  Just concentrate on this.

22.  Q.  Is regular meditation advisable to be a healer?

A.  Yes.

23. Q.  Should treatment of a healing begin with a prayer or invocation?

A.  Yes.

24. Q.  Does soothing music help to heal?

A. Yes.

25. Q. What helps the body heal itself?

A.  Relaxing the mind.

26. Q. Should you focus on the pain and try to remove it when you are sick?

A. No.

27. Q.  What should you do when you are sick?

A.  Ignore the pain and divert your attention to something that is pleasant.  This will speed up the healing

28. Q.  What else should you do if you are sick?

A.  Drink energized water (that has been sitting in the sun) and recuperate under a tree.  Also contact a spiritual guide by visualizing.

29. Q.  What visualization should I use to help remove my pain or discomfort?

A.  Visualize that you are in a beautiful garden among beings of light.  This visualization does not need to be very clear and it will help divert your attention from your discomfort allowing your condition to be improved and your pain should be gone.

30. Q.  Is there a vital energy in the human body that is responsible for the maintenance of your physical health?

A.  Yes, there is an energy field that exists around your physical body that sustains life.

31. Q.  Do all of us have an aura?

A. Yes.

32. Q. What determines our modes of thinking, our emotional states and the quality of our health?

A. The movement and quality of circulation, rhythm and purity or Ki energy.

33. Q. What exactly is matter?

A.  It is nothing but condensed energy that is in continuous transformation.

34. Q.  Are we our body?

A.  No.

35. Q.  Is a new world taking birth?

A.  Yes.  This world already exists and its energies are coming out into form and so many people are already beginning to attune to this energy due to their higher states of consciousness.  They are part of this world already and they are citizens of this new world even though they may not know it consciously.

36. Q.  What gives meaning to the effectiveness of energy healing?

A.  The existence of the energy body, the etheric double, and it’s interaction with the physical body.

37. Q.  What is the main factor to good physical health?

A.  Restoring the flow of Ki energy.

38. Q.  Where does disease first appear?

A.  In the energy body before it manifests itself in the physical body.

39. Q. Is there an intimate connection between the physical body and the energy body?

A.  Yes.

40. Q.  Can you get a cure in the physical body by treating the energy body?

A.  Yes.

41. Q.  How is disease currently viewed in this 3d world?

A.  1.  Either as a punishment for sin – the Christian belief or 2.  Based on western medicine holding the view that disease is caused by bacteria, germs or viruses which alter our psychological functioning or defense mechanism, or by emotional stress or psychological problems or 3.  That disease is believed to be caused by an infection or allergen or some breakdown in psychological functioning and that all you need to do is remove or neutralize the invading mechanism or stress inducing situation or agency, and presto, you are cured.

42. Q.  Do all diseases respond to the above treatment?

A.  No, as most, if not all, medications have side effects.

43. Q.  What disease view is neglected by modern medical science?

A.  Reference to the energy body that we all have and its crucial role in the causation and the treatment of disease.

44. Q.  If you prey or make invocations, do you become a divine healing channel?

A.  Yes.

45. Q.  Do you need to be a clairvoyant or to be born with healing powers to heal?

A.  No.

Andy Bojarski – Energetic Healer

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Andy Bojarski – My Higher Self – You are the Divine Presence – 1-15-14


The Divine Presence is within you.   It has always been inside of you and it will always be inside of you.

You have a relationship with Source and Mother / Father God where you are always merged with Source.  You are the eyes and ears of Source.

Source sees all through you.  Source is You.  When you accept this truth, you will no longer need to look for anything outside of yourself.  All is within yourself.  All answers you seek are within yourself.  To know God is to love God, to love God is to love yourself.

When your love yourself, you connect with the Divine Presence, you connect with God within you.  That is where God resides, within you.  Whenever you start looking for outside confirmations, you are losing your Divinity, your Divine Essence, as you are giving away your control and your freedoms to others to dictate your life.

Do not ever feel that you have to do something or be something.  Do not let others tell you what you have to do if your intuition is telling you something else.  Always go within for all your answers.  The Divinity in you will always guide you as an extension of your Higher Self.  You are that Divinity.

As the Earth continues to shift energetically, more and more energies are coming to the Earth which is causing a lot of people to awaken.  They are not understanding what is going on.  They are asking questions and they are feeling lost.  They do not understand why they are here and all seems to be falling upon their shoulders as time is sped up. This is the time to go deep inside.

To go and find and accept this Divine Presence inside of you.  You control your life.  You are the Creator of your life.  You decide what happens in your life.  There are no accidents and you dictate the flow of your life.   You are always projecting all of your thoughts and feelings and emotions to the outside world.

These feelings, thoughts and acts are then mirrored back to you to show you YOU.  Do you like what you are seeing?  If not, it is time to go inside and change within.  It is time to maybe have more love or more compassion or more gratitude, for Self and others.  All of these things are now coming up to the surface more and more as the cleansing of humanity has started.

Please understand that we are all Once Consciousness, one love. We are all one body of water and you are a glass of that water here on Mother Earth.  How clean is that water?  Is it pure?  The water must be cleaned before it can be poured back into the body of water.

You do this by doing internal work.  You do this by understanding and accepting that you are Divinity in a human body.  What powerful creators and light beings you all are.  Honor this truth and make the changes within to change the reflection of the mirror that is projected to you by others.  You can do this by being humble, by having a heart of gratitude, by forgiving others and loving all beings.

Make peace in person with all the people that you are not talking to.  They are all beings that have Divine Presence in them as well.  How would you respond if God was in front of you?  Would you be mad or would you love God?  Would you be humbled?  The way you respond to God if God was in front of you is the way that you need to respond to every being around you.

Respond with love to all beings, regardless of the barriers and the pain and hurt that was caused to you.  Let the past heal all of your wounds and make up with everyone.  Make the effort.  If they are still bitter and do not want to talk to you or are non-responsive, that is on them.  But you have cleaned your glass of water.

You have released this pain, this suffering and suppressed anger and bitterness that you have been holding in your cells and shoved under a doormat thinking it is gone.  Beloveds, it is not gone.  It must be dealt with.  And it is so easy to release.  Allow the duality to flow off your shoulders.  When you are mad at someone, that takes away from you loving that someone.  Everyone deserves love.  Everyone is love.

You cannot take your bitterness with you or any separation that exists.  The Divine Presence within you sees no anger or separation, or criticism, or judgment or lack of forgiveness.  It does not matter what the barrier is or what the pain was that has been caused. It is an illusion of the duality that you are living in that is now going away.

Make peace and thank everyone for the experience and the lessons that were taught to you by them.  It is time to cleanse and to forgive.  Lack of forgiveness and a closed heart will not allow your light to be elevated that is needed to ascend.  But do not worry, you came here with the main purpose, and that is to ascend, and ascend you will, if this is your choice.

To do this, love the Divine Presence within you and accept that you are the Divine Presence.  When you do, the love will flow from your heart towards God and every step you take towards God, God takes two towards you.  Cry if you must as crying provides such a release.  Look within and you will find all the answers.  Remember that the mirror is so precise.

All is reflected back to you showing you the lessons that you still need to overcome.  It is only when the drama in your life stops that all your lessons are learned.  See the Divine in every person that you interact with, with every animal, with every tree.  All is Source Consciousness and all is love.  There is always an energy transmission with every interaction you have.  Interact with love and grace and compassion, humbleness and gratitude.

The person you are talking to is the Divine Presence as well.  Talk to them as if they are God and watch your life change as you will then have your heaven on earth.

Andrew – Love

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Saint Germain – Channeler Andy Bojarski – Teleportation Will Change Your World – Energy Projection of the Heart

Andy Bojarski

Hello everyone, this is Andy Bojarski.  I normally only channel my Higher Self.  However, I was asked by Saint Germain (who’s energy came in very strongly) to give this message regarding teleportation that is coming soon to Mother Earth.

He stressed the importance of this message and asked that I share it on our website with all of you…There is a second part that I will post tomorrow or the next day as I do not want to have a post that is too long so I am breaking it up into two posts.

The second part discusses what you have to do to be able to teleport yourself.  I hope you enjoy these posts…

“Greetings family of light, it is I, Saint Germain.  I am so honored to speak to you in this beautiful NOW moment in this space that you are in.  So much is now unfolding in your reality.  You have heard this before by so many.  Yes ascension is marvelously moving forward because you are marvelously moving forward.  All is always Divinely perfect.

You are creating everything, and what a beautiful creation it is.  But let me tell you, so much more is moving forward.  So much more awaits you.  So much more will soon be here in your conscious existence because you are all creating this.  You are all master creators by Divine Birth, by Divine Right!

You are all beings of light and love that are so loved and so guided by so many.  Soon, teleportation will be here.  You will be able to teleport and literally move your physical body and energy to wherever your desire on beautiful Mother Earth.

This will happen by thought and energy projection of the heart, your heart.  Just by closing your eyes and thinking of a place that you want to be at, you will be there.  Think how wonderful that will be.  Where will you go first?

And you will be there in physical form like you are now in physical form reading this message.  This is where ascension is taking you.  This is what love allows you to conquer.  When you conquer the ego, you conquer your emotions and you find Self.

When you find Self, you find your Divine I AM Presence within your heart and realize that you are a Divine Being with Divine gifts of pure Love.  And Love is all there is dear ones.

Teleportation will have drastic positive effects on your planet and for you individually.  I want to tell you now how your world will change because of teleportation.  Here is what is viewed in the upcoming timelines as probabilities and possibilities due to teleportation and the current ascension that is evolving at this Now moment:

1. Your transportation system will be completely changed and shifted.  Cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, trains and ships will no longer be needed.  These modes of transportation will become obsolete and will no longer be mass produced as there will no longer be any demand for these.

2. Companies that produced these products will no longer exist as there will no longer be any demand for these mobility products.  Why take a flight and be stuck in a plane when you can just think of where you want to be and just be there in an instant?  Yes, that is coming.

3. Companies that make smaller parts of these mobility items will also become obsolete.  There will no longer be a need for tires, or headlights, or any parts that make up these vehicles, for example.

4. All service related industries related to these mobility items will become drastically decreased or nonexistent.  There will no longer be any need for pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, taxi cab drivers, maintenance personnel and mechanics, tow truck drivers, car dealerships, or any workers in airports, including airport security.  All of these will disappear as the demand will be eliminated.

5. All parking lots and airports will be demolished and greenery and landscape will take its place as there will not be any need for parking lots or airports.

6. Hotels and the hospitality industry will become drastically changed.  Hotels will not exist as they do today as there will not be any need to stay the night at any hotel.  High rise hotels will become a thing of the past and will disappear.  Hotel service industry jobs will be eliminated, like maid services, butler services, and shuttle services.

7. Your roads and freeways will become ghost towns as there will not be any need for cars.  No more traffic jams, no more being late for anything, no more stress, no more missing family time due to being stuck on the road.

8. All communities will be redeveloped.  All roads and freeways will become torn down and replaced with greenery and landscape honoring nature.

9. There will no longer be any need for driveways in your homes as cars will no longer be needed.  Homes will also be redeveloped to accommodate more greenery and landscape eliminating driveways.  Parks and greenbelts will flourish.

10. All light and traffic signs will be eliminated and taken down as there will no longer be a need for these and strip malls and shopping centers will be reconfigured eliminating any roads and driveways allowing for more greenery and landscape.

11. All car traffic accidents will be eliminated avoiding injury.  You will live in a stress free, pollution free environment and have more time for you and your loved ones.

12. Pollution will be drastically reduced as these modes of transportation will go away eliminating unwanted exhaust.

13. The demand for oil or gas will be close to nonexistent and all major oil companies producing companies will no longer be around.  Your local gas companies will be a thing of the past and be torn down and replaced by green lush landscaping.  Gasoline will no longer be needed as fuel for items that no longer exist.

14. Drilling for oil and oil consumption will be basically nonexistent as the demand will not be there.  This will prevent governments from exploiting other countries for their natural resources.

15. All global borders and walls will become nonexistent and there will be no differentiation between countries or citizens as all will become One community on Mother Earth. You are all One, you are all One Consciousness of Love.  There will no longer be any separation or prejudice as you will be resonating at a higher frequency of love.  Passports will be a thing of the past as will any governments agencies dealing with immigration.  Immigration and customs will be a thing of the past.

16. Traffic tickets will become a thing of the past as will lawsuits dealing with car accidents and personal injuries.

Dear souls, there are so many changes that teleportation will bring to your world that I have not mentioned.  Do you see how one single gift that all of you possess will change your world?  Teleportation is a Divine gift that all of you dear souls have.  It is your Divine right.  However, only the purest hearts can access it…”

I will post the second part in a day or so.  This second posting discusses what you have to do to be able to teleport.  Sending all of you love and many blessings…

On a personal note, I am all moved into my new home, the energies in my home are feeling good to me and I will start energy healings again.  I will be in contact with all of you that still have asked for an energy healing in the next few days.  Thank you for being patient with me and for your support…

Love – Andy

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Andy Bojarski – My Situation and Equinox Energies – Awakening To Hgher Love

Sorry if the audio is not very strong.  Forgot to turn up the volume higher when I recorded.  Hope you all can hear…Sending all of you my love and many blessings…

Love – Andy

Andy Bojarski – How to Invoke and Use the Violet Flame – Awakening To Higher Love –

Violet Flame


Awakening To Hgher Love

Hello Everyone.  I have made a short video on how to invoke the violet flame.  This was shown to me by Saint Germain a while back during one of my energy healings.  Please scroll down to view it.

It is very effective and it can help you transmute and transform anything that does not serve your highest and best good or anything that is not of the highest and purest white light.  I am sending all of you lots of love and many blessings as always…

Also, please feel free to add your name to the love bomb meditation list.  You can do this by leaving your name and where you are from in a comment below.  Click HERE to read about the love bomb meditation and to view the list of participants.

Andy  –   I am an Usui Reiki Master energy healer offering energy healings to anyone that is interested.

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Andy Bojarski – Grand Sextile Merkabah Meditation – Use of the Platinum Gold Ray

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Andy Bojarski – My Higher Self – Ascension – Relationships – Energies

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