Higher Self Protocol 1

By We Love Mass Meditation

In this article, we are going to introduce

a protocol that can assist people on this planet

to utilize the connection to their Higher Selves,

and to anchor light to their physical selves

in such a way that balance and Harmony

is flowing in all planes of existence.

via Higher Self Protocol 1 — The Event Chronicle

Anchoring Light into the Global Love and Gratitude Grid



Join us in anchoring Light in Wells and Water Systems, Communication Towers, and Satellites to not only transmute, but transmit Love and Gratitude through these systems anchored into the Global Love and Gratitude Grid

Through your assistance in anchoring this grid, you become more conscious of your surroundings and ability to transmute harmful energies into something that benefits all

By taking part in this process, you will become part of the consciousness of this grid


~ Know with your I AM presence that you are a creator, and it is your inherent right to co-create a world of higher vibration and light

~Holding a space of Love & Gratitude in your heart, Simply visualize a column of Light (from Source, Creator, God) into and through our intended source*object, and anchor that Light into the Earth

~ Connect this column of Light with all others in this consciousness grid of Love and Gratitude

By connecting these columns of light, we create a grid to consciously connect our intentions for the greatest good of all beings throughout time and space


Utilize Skype to enter the Sacred Seat of the Heart. Learn the Trinity Breath, and then utilize the Three Breaths to find the Seat with the Sacred Space of the Heart.

Here is the link for the Trintiy Breath, as given by The Elders Three… http://theeldersthree.sharepoint.com/…
and a shortened version…..
Take a deep full breath in, bringing in the beloved Earth energy, take another deep full breath in, bringing in the Sky or Star Lake energy. Then take another deep full breath in and mix these two energies with the god energy of YOU! Did you feel that shift in you? Things are not as they where even a day ago. This is causing chaos and anxiety in many humans and spirits. Remember the Earth Sky You Breath to shift yourself back to peace. Make a conscious effort to go to your heart center and flow with these changes. From your heart center you can flow with the changes of this earth and you, without becoming involved with the chaos and anxiety. Be especially kind and supportive of yourself in the next few days. Be in love with yourself as we are in love with you.

We are The Elders Three here in service to you in these great and glorious times!!


Archangel Michael – You’re Anchoring Light Upon the Planet – 6-27-15

AAMichael  - red

Archangel Michael

In the course of looking for material on “stewardship,” I came across the following passage in my readings with Archangel Michael. It was so helpful that I decided to post it as one piece.

The occasion was Graham Dewyea’s creation of Light Stewards, which led to a discussion of stewardship.

“Yes, we understand that in many ways you feel at times that you are stewards in training but that is incorrect. I do not say this in a way that is intended to intimidate you but you have not been in training for some time.

“What you are doing is anchoring Light upon the Planet, upon Gaia in various undertakings, each specific to a little area, a piece of the puzzle but collectively you are responsible for a very large piece of that puzzle.

“So when I suggest to you that how you do this – yes, of course there is the individual work, there is the anchoring of Love, there is the anchoring of your Divine Creative Creator Self and the Knowing of that spark within, the acknowledgement and the activation – that is the individual work but then when you are also coming together as stewards, you are acting as activators, catalysts for the activation for that Divine Spark within others.”

The “individual work” is the work that faces all of us forever – to know who we are at essence. It’s the work that lightholders and loveholders specialize in. We also do that work but not to the exclusion of lightwork.

“Well, how do you do this? You do this by the adherence to consciousness, to heart consciousness, to Love, to the Divine Qualities, by not reverting back to drama, to chaos, to old patterns or behaviors. I need to emphasize to you, I am not saying this in a critical way.

“The drama, the chaos, the old Third Dimension can be exceptionally seductive. It is not only familiar. It is tried and true.’

The drama feels good. It’s exciting. It’s absorbing. It’s challenging.

If we were honest with ourselves, we’d acknowledge that lust feels wonderful, delicious. That’s why it’s been so enduring, even though Earth civilizations believe they’ve “grown up.”

Anger and hatred feel powerful. Enacting treaties between others against a common “enemy” feels reassuring. It’s hard to pass these ways of being by, especially, as AAM says, because we’re so used to them.

However, the results of us acting from lust, anger, hatred, etc., decidedly don’t feel good. The lost friends, broken relationships, left jobs, etc., testify to the fact that the New World will not be built on these qualities.

Which wolf do we feed?
And, at last, having had enough of the difficulties and disasters that arise, we cringe each time we feel lust and anger. And then finally, because they’ve been ignored and abandoned, those feelings begin to subside. We’re feeding the good wolf rather than the bad wolf.

I’m sitting across from a mother and daughter in a coffee shop, near Granville Island in Vancouver. They’re ripping apart one man after another. Judging, feeling superior, dismissing people with a word – how powerful we feel!

“That is why it has endured so long and why so many fully embraced it with both arms, legs, bodies, minds.

“So will there be situations where you catch yourself flirting with the old Third. Yes, my friends, there will be and what do I ask you to do?

“I ask you to take out your sword and shield, to deflect it, to cut it away and then with me and with each other to laugh, not in a cynical, sarcastic way and not in a way that is dismissive because this is not about being dismissive and saying, ‘Oh don’t worry, that’s all right’ but it is also not critical.”

Many of us don’t want to be bothered by other people’s complaints. Dismissing them with “Oh, it’ll all work out” or “There, there. It’s OK” is designed to close the other person’s complaining down. We don’t want to listen to others; we mostly want them to listen to us.

Our desire to be listened to and avoid listening to others is insane. There’s no give and take and such an unbalanced way cannot endure. Sooner or later, people recognize what we’re doing and drift away.

“It is observing, standing back, saying ‘Whoa, that was a close call. Look what we were doing?’”

I’ve never been able to achieve this degree of separation from my upsets!!! But I’d love to achieve it.

“And then individually and collectively going forward, adhering not to what I lay out to you, not to what the Mother or the Universe or the Universal Law lays out to you, but to what you know is the Truth of conscious, loving behavior.”

The truth of loving behavior is known more fully the more we know love. It seems to me that we can (virtually) never actually know love fully; there will always seem to be more to go.

When ordinary love yields to transforming love, leaving the latter by yielding to drama and chaos becomes ever more painful and carries a higher and higher cost.

It’s not hard then to know what the truth of love says.

“It is what your hearts, your minds and your bodies yearn for. This is the most significant shift of all. It is the ability of you who have chosen to be stewards, leaders, to show the way. And that is how you do it.

“So it is not training. It is not giving each other permission to slip up now and then. It is by very consciously, not in a restricted way but in a full-hearted embracing way, going forward together. Is that helpful?’ (1)

Yes, very, Lord.

Going forward together as part of a team is orders of magnitude harder than going together alone. How to have a team agree on goals and outcomes, how to keep people moving forward – without falling back into control and coercion paradigms – is a quandary whose solution is not generally discussed or known.

Now the Company of Heaven is making up for that deficiency in discussions such as these.

Apparently we trained for lifetimes to do the jobs we’re doing now. The training wheels are off and we’re now feeling the energy and strength to do increasingly larger work coursing through us with each new wave of the Tsunami of Love.

Channeled material used here is copyright by the Council of Love, Inc., 2015, and is used by permission.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, through Linda Dillon, Nov. 21, 2012.