Ambassador Ehani – Star Visitations – The Galactic Council


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A compiled symphony of various frequencies permeating Earths Third dimensional network. Come take a ride into the beautiful music harmonics and sacred geometry complexion.

The higher dimensional star- worlds are not only watching, but communicating, healing and incarnating within the Earth life system.

” We are a composure of various light frequency signatures that form large bodies of councils within the upper dimensional networks within the multiverse. We come from many worlds and planes of Existence. We bring gifts of healing, transformation and multidimensional wisdom. It is our highest pleasure to assist every energy form on your planet to integrate and assimilate these new cosmic frequencies that are sent fourth from Creator. We are connected with you at all times and we are here to help you learn the language of light which is the form and function of Creation. ” – EHANi

Including beautiful star codes, Extraterrestrial light-ships and craft, as well as some relaxing music.

Beautiful Ambient / Space rock music created by EON TIDE
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Galactic Artwork by Erial Ali:

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