ALMINE – Living as an Ascended Master – Pathway to Ascension with Almine, Part 7 – 12-1-17

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Published on Feb 9, 2012

How does one live as an Ascended Master and what can you expect? Almine delves deep into this subject and also touches upon: No point of arrival. The known, unknown and the unknowable. Destiny of Ascended Masters. Compressed time. Balancing doingness and beingness. The true unknown and experience. Odes of Solomon and Esdras. Belief systems and miracles. Programmed behavior. Innocence and living in the moment. Cooperation with life. Meridians. Life force center. Opposition to life. Black magic and imposing your will. Linear time and tension. Chakras and resistance to life. Shame programming. Changing within to change without.



ALMINE – A Meditation – Coming Home to Yourself – Living from the Core of Authenticity – 9-20-17



This meditation, originally created to work with the Haaraknit, can be used to find your center. Living from your center is the key to authentic living.



Almine – December, The Month of High Magic


In this video Almine touches upon the importance of going into the depth of our roots, and the integration of the realities of inner space (“death”) and external space (“life”) as resurrection

Almine – Resurrection, Transcendence, Transfiguration –

Resurrection, transcendence, transfiguration, and the key to understanding God’s Will. ( Almine in Toronto.
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Almine is a renowned and inspiring teacher whose essential message applies to truth-seekers of all kinds. A unique Trailblazer and Mystic-Visionary, Almine is recognized as a spiritual master, powerful healer, gifted orator, prolific author, unique artist, and talented singer. Many individuals, across the globe, have been drawn to her comprehensible delivery of advanced sacred teachings, as she has traveled the world offering transformative messages empowering individuals and enlivening hope. In her presence, people have experienced profound healings through grace, deep abiding compassion, and awakened into states outside of duality.
Riddle of the Heart

In each of her workshops, Almine reveals the newest and most cutting-edge pertinent information, holding that as we change within, all of life changes as a result. According to Toltec teachings, this principle is known as “the riddle of the heart”, which holds the idea that we each stand as pivot points for life and impact the whole through our conscious intentions, aware decisions, and responsible ways of living. As such, the scope of Almine’s work is deep and far-reaching.

Some of the themes covered in Almine’s wide expanse of teachings include learning how to interpret symbols in one’s dreams and environment, cultivating an enhanced awareness and mastery during the dream-time, developing a stable and balanced inner family, and living a life of excellence beyond polarity, among many other rich topics. Almine’s work delves into the spiritual realms of cutting-edge shamanism, mysticism, alchemy, and the non-dual—where no one else has gone. Her work is inclusive and contemporary, transcending form and historical traditions to reach the realm of timeless Essence. Interview ( 2014-10o-02
Something that distinguishes Almine from other illuminated masters is her emphasis that there truly is “no arrival point.” Life is a constant dance of evolving awareness in “Changeless Change.” Thus, the different stages in the process of awakening, such as God-Consciousness or Ascended Mastery must even be advanced, according to Almine. She, herself, has progressed through these stages in what was previously known as peak spiritual evolution and realized that for life to progress as a whole, she would have to move forward rather than remain locked in such expanded states of awareness. Almine lectures about the temptations and traps of addiction to certain states or “spiritual highs” that can box individuals and limit their exploration of true self-mastery. She emphasizes, instead, an inspiring road “to no end” and the path of humility by releasing any claim to fixed knowledge and through careful and honest self-examination.

Throughout history, it has been shown that many of the well-known mystics and sages have withdrawn from society and chosen to live hermetically. This can be understood when one fathoms that words become inadequate to describe experience in the realms of the unfathomable. Almine, however, perceives it is the dawning of a new age, in which people can select to live a life of mastery while continuing to engage with the world, remaining operant in day-to-day activities, and simultaneously flourishing and excelling in one’s life.
A Fierce Warrior of Truth

Almine’s kindness, humility, and cutting-edge spiritual teachings are unparalleled. Her teachings emphasize living a life of quality, depth, and heart. Almine is more than that, too, however—she is a fierce warrior of truth and remarkable in her devotion to clarity in an uncompromising way. She is not concerned about “fitting in” or being popular, if that means pretending to be small or compromising one’s excellence. She challenges us to release the very notions of what we project or even assume to be “holy”, such as the association of white robes with purity, reminding us that one’s true authentic expression is what is most sacred and important, as it is aligned with Infinite Intent.

The revelations in Almine’s material have brought forth answers to questions that have puzzled philosophers and scientists for ages, shedding light on human existence, our divine origins, and the evolution of life as we know it. Pouring countless devoted hours into her work, Almine is passionate in her upliftment of existence. Wormhole formation, Arcturians.

Almine – The Gift of Duality


Almine illustrates the ways of observing that are the gift of duality, and how to apply this to the challenges in our life.

Seer Almine – Art and Music of the Hidden Realms

Almine Wisdom·197 videos

In day 7 of Almine’s course, ‘Interdimensional Communication, she transmits messages from the Fauns, the shyest beings of all. On day 8 Almine presents a visual meditation to ‘activate our magical eyes’ and promote the vision of the hidden kingdoms. This video is a selection from the interdimensional meditation and features the language of the Fauns.…

Almine Wisdom – Beliefs Are Your Jail Cell

Almine Wisdom·195 videos

n elaboration on the ‘Realms of Magic’ – the outer three rings of our DNA to which mind has hitherto inhibited our access – Almine relays a brief message from an angel who identified the geometry of belief systems as that which traps awareness.

Recorded during the Shamanic Men’s Retreat 2013; complete video featured in Almine’s Entering Godhood III –

Almine – Visionary, Seer, Inter-Dimensional Traveler – Interviewer Alan Steinfeld

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REPOST – Ascension User Manual with Almine

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Almine – Her Epic Tale of the Creation – The Fall-How the Dream Began – The Thought That Fractured the Infinite

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Almine Wisdom·179 videos

The Thought That Fractured the Infinite Part 1

In part 1 of this revealing series, Almine discusses The Infinite Before the Dream, How the Dream Began, The Birth of Illusion, Space, and Linear Time, The Formation of the Flower of Life Spheres

This series of Youtube videos contains some of the most advanced metaphysical concepts ever uncovered. Finally the truth of our existence is revealed in great detail.